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Intel Arc 7-Cores iGPU

Intel Arc 7-Cores

The Intel Arc iGPU with 7 cores is an integrated graphics card based on the Xe LPG architecture (similar to the dedicated Arc GPUs, but with a focus on efficiency). It offers 7 of the 8 Xe cores (112 Xe Vector Engines), 7 raytracing units, 7 samplers and probably also 4 pixel backends.

The Arc name may only be used if at least 16 GB RAM is used in dual channel mode. Otherwise, the iGPU is only called "Intel Graphics" and is also significantly slower.

According to Intel, performance has been doubled compared to the previous generation (probably still in Alder Lake).

The iGPU supports DirectX 12 Ultimate (probably DX 12_2 like the desktop Arc GPUs). The graphics unit also supports XeSS AI Super Sampling.

The media engine of Meteor Lake is in the SOC tile and supports up to 8k60 10-bit HDR encode and decode of MPEG2, AVC, VP9, HEVC and AV1. The display engine is also in the SoC tile and supports HDMI 2.1 and DisplayPort 2.1 20G with up to 8K60 HDR.

The GPU Tile of the Meteor Lake chip is manufactured at TSMC in 5nm (5N process).

Arc LPG Series

Arc 8-Cores compare 8 @ 2.3 GHz
Arc 7-Cores 7 @ 2.2 GHz
Graphics 4-Core compare 4 @ 1.95 GHz
CodenameMeteor Lake iGPU
ArchitectureXe LPG
Pipelines7 - unified
Raytracing Cores7
Core Speed2200 (Boost) MHz
CacheL1: 1.3 MB
Shared Memoryno
APIDirectX 12_2, OpenGL 4.6, Vulkan 1.3
technology5 nm
DisplaysHDMI 2.1, DisplayPort 2.1 20G
Date of Announcement14.12.2023
CPU in Arc 7-CoresGPU Base SpeedGPU Boost / Turbo
Intel Core Ultra 5 125H14 x 3600 MHz, 28 W? MHz2200 MHz


Performance Rating - 3DMark 11 + Fire Strike + Time Spy
3.9 pt (12%)
3DMark Vantage
3DM Vant. Perf. total +
3DM Vant. Perf. GPU no PhysX +
3DMark 06 3DMark 06 - Standard 1280x1024 +
Cinebench R10 Cinebench R10 Shading (32bit) +
Cinebench R11.5 Cinebench R11.5 OpenGL 64 Bit +
Cinebench R15
Cinebench R15 OpenGL 64 Bit +
Cinebench R15 OpenGL Ref. Match 64 Bit +
ComputeMark v2.1 - ComputeMark v2.1 Result