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Oct 16
The new Corsair Force Series™ MP510 SSD.

Corsair's newest NVMe SSD breaks 3GB read-speed barrier for under US$70

The Force Series™ MP510 is Corsair's latest NVMe M.2 SSD with 3rd-generation x4 PCIe. Even its lowest storage configuration achieves over 3,000 MB in sequential read. Its 960GB model also has this level of write speed. The MP150 line may also start at about US$66.
Mate 20 Pro (left) vs. Mate 10 Pro (right)

The Mate 20 Pro is Huawei's answer to the iPhone XS Max

The Mate 20 Pro will compete directly with the iPhone XS Max and it's checking all the right boxes thus far. We run through all the major changes from the last generation model to see how it stacks up against Apple's flagship alternative. Can Huawei's latest stand toe-to-toe with the best from Apple and Samsung this Holiday season?
Huawei Honor 8X Android phablet now available in India mid-October 2018

India finally gets the Honor 8X

The HiSilicon 710-powered Honor 8X is now ready to take on the Indian market, where those interested will be able to get it for the equivalent of US$203 (4/64 GB variant), US$231 (6/64 GB version), or US$258 (6/128 GB). and the official Honor India store will sell this handset starting next week.
Google Pixel 3 XL Android phablet leading the DisplayMate ratings

DisplayMate finally welcomes a non-Samsung king, namely the Google Pixel 3 XL

After many Samsung Galaxy flagships succeeded in grabbing the top rating on DisplayMate, a welcome and unexpected change arrived. The new leader of DisplayMate's top is the Google Pixel 3 XL, which stands out thanks to its impressive color accuracy and excellent performance in high ambient light.
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Android phablet hits 1 million units sold in South Korea (Source: Samsung)

Samsung has sold one million Galaxy Note 9 units in South Korea in less than two months

Although it took longer than its predecessor needed — 54 days instead of just 48 — the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has managed to reach the one million units sold in its home market. However, this is better than the performance achieved by the Galaxy S9, which needed 60 days to hit the aforementioned milestone.
Samsung's new Auto brands (Source: Samsung Global Newsroom)

Samsung introduces the Exynos Auto and ISOCELL Auto brands for automotive applications

Although Samsung has been providing solutions for the automotive industry for a while, it had no dedicated brand for this market. The new Exynos Auto and ISOCELL Auto come to fill in the gap and "to bring cutting-edge application processor and image sensor technology solutions to the road."
Silicon Power Share C200 power bank (Source: Silicon Power)

Silicon Power releases three new power banks

More compact than Silicon Power's previous power banks, the new Dash C50, Cell C100, and Share C200 feature a high-quality Lithium-polymer battery encased in a plastic body. These accessories come in black or white, are capable of charging two devices simultaneously, and provide a capacity of 5,000, 10,000, and 20,000 mAh.
Watch Huawei unveil the Mate 20 Pro via livestream here (Source: Huawei)

Update | Watch Huawei unveil the Mate 20 Pro via livestream here

Catch the reveal of the Mate 20 Pro and more as they happen. The OEM is expected to announce firm retail prices and availability of the long-rumored flagship alongside other potential products and technology including the 7 nm Kirin 980 SoC.
Google product line-up. (Source: Google)

What Google got right and wrong at its Made by Google event

The Made by Google event for 2018 has come and gone. Always an exciting time on the calendar, it certainly had plenty of hits, but it also had some misses. Read on to see what we think Google got right and what it got wrong.
The device looks even smaller in the Golden State Warrior point guard's hand. (Source: Palm)

Verizon launches the Palm mini-smartphone device

The American telecommunications company Verizon will be offering the new Palm “mini-smartphone” device that has been developed by a start-up backed by the huge Chinese multinational, TCL. The diminutive companion gadget has been designed to be used in conjunction with an existing larger smartphone. The Palm is expected to be made available in November, with a price starting at US$349.
Oct 15
LG V40 ThinQ now up for pre-order in the US mid-October 2018

The LG V40 ThinQ now up for pre-order in the US

The massive 6.4-inch, Qualcomm Snapdragon 845-powered LG V40 ThinQ that features a tri-camera setup on the back and a dual selfie shooter is now up for pre-order in the US for prices that start at US$899.70 (US Cellular) and go up to US$979.99 (Verizon Wireless), but various installment plans are also available.
Adobe Premiere Rush CC is now available as part of the Creative Cloud subscription. (Source: Adobe)

Adobe MAX 2018 | Adobe launches Premiere Rush CC for YouTubers on the go

Adobe announced at its MAX 2018 event that Project Rush is now ready for prime time and will launch as Premiere Rush CC as part of the Creative Cloud suite. Premiere Rush CC brings the best aspects of the desktop Premiere Pro experience into an easy-to-use mobile app that allows for pro-quality edits and easy sharing onto social media platforms.
Adobe Photoshop CC will soon be available on the iPad. (Source: Adobe)

Adobe MAX 2018 | Adobe announces full Photoshop CC for the iPad

At its MAX 2018 event today, Adobe announced that it is bringing the power of desktop Photoshop CC to the iPad. The new Photoshop CC for iPad is completely redesigned for a touch-first experience and enables all functionality found in the desktop version including support for editing PSD files and layers. The app will be available for download in 2019.
No need to blush when carrying a pink Surface Laptop 2 around. (Source Panos Panay/Twitter)

Surface Laptop 2 blushes in new color

Microsoft executive Panos Panay has taken to Twitter to reveal a new color for the Surface Laptop 2: blush. The device already offers potential customers a range of colors to choose from, which includes platinum, burgundy, cobalt blue, and black. Unfortunately, unless you happen to be in China, then it’s unlikely you will get your hands on the pink product.
The Pixel 2 and 2 XL will not be able to use the Pixel Stand, among other new Google things. (Source: Android Police)

Whole load of new Pixel camera functions not coming to older Google phones

During the Made by Google event, the presenters of various new Pixel 3 and 3 XL features promised that at least some of them would also be ported to their predecessors through software updates. Now, however, the company has confirmed that new camera gimmicks such as Top Shot will not be among them.
The HTC Exodus logo. (Source: cryptbuzz)

HTC Exodus, a blockchain-powered phone, to be released next week

The Exodus is HTC's first foray into blockchain for smartphones. The device is rumored to appeal to crypto enthusiasts and gamers, and may rival the similar Finney phone in many respects. New reports indicate that it will be released on October 22.
Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 now available for Xbox One (Source: Xbox Wire)

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 now available for Xbox One

The latest installment in the Black Ops series is finally available for Xbox One at US$59.99 (Standard and Digital Standard Edition), US$99.99 (Digital Deluxe Edition), and US$129.99 (Digital Deluxe Enhanced Edition). Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 comes with 14 multiplayer maps, a battle royale mode, and three new Zombies adventures.
The iPad Pro line may be refreshed with a super-thin 2018 model without many ports. (Source: Apple)

Next iPad yet again rumored to sacrifice 3.5mm jack for slimness

The next Apple tablet, which is likely to be the 2018 iPad Pro, may be even thinner than its predecessor. So thin, in fact, that it will not be able to accommodate the headphone jack any more. This leak comes from a relatively unknown, yet heretofore accurate, tipster.
AMD's new Polaris 30 GPU, the RX 590, shows up on 3DMark. (Source: TUM_APISAK on Reddit)

AMD Radeon RX 590 shows up on 3DMark, shows less than 10% improvement in scores over the RX 580

An entry for the upcoming AMD Polaris 30-based Radeon RX 590 has been spotted on 3DMark by noted leakster TUM_APISAK. The new RX 590 is shown to sport higher clocks and is said to be using the same GDDR5 memory subsystem as the current Polaris 20 cards. Overall, the leaked benchmark shows conservative performance improvements over the RX 580.
A new BIOS update is now available for the Acer Swift 3 powered by AMD Ryzen.

Acer Swift 3 powered by AMD Ryzen gets BIOS update to remove 256 MB VRAM limitation

A BIOS update is now available for Acer Swift 3 SF315-41 series laptops powered by mobile AMD Ryzen APUs that updates the AMD SMU version to 2.11. This removes the 256 MB VRAM limitation for the integrated Vega GPU and allows it access use 1 GB of system RAM as the video buffer. While the new option is indeed welcome, it hardly makes any difference when it comes to practical usage.
Lenovo Yoga C930 already shipping in Germany ahead of schedule, review to come soon (Image source: Lenovo)

Lenovo Yoga C930 already shipping in Germany ahead of schedule, review to come soon

Lenovo is late to its own party as even retailers have the flagship Yoga C930 in stock before the official OEM launch. We can confirm that some retailers have been shipping the latest Lenovo convertible to consumers earlier than expected.
Oct 14
The putative OPPO R19. (Source: Weibo)

'OPPO R19' leak hints at in-display selfie cameras as a thing in 2019

A recent leak attributed to IceUniverse on Weibo shows a phone with a display showing a tiny camera pore in its upper edge in place of a sensor-bar or notch. This image appeared alongside the text "OPPO R19" and the date 2019.3. It may indicate how screen-to-body ratios may be improved in the phones of next year. .
Renders of the Mate 20 Pro. (Source: GSMArena)

The Huawei Mate 20 Pro is set to be significantly more expensive than its predecessor

The Huawei Mate 20 Pro is set to be launched on Tuesday, October 16. The device will be one of the biggest flagships of the year and will make a number of improvements on its predecessor, the Mate 10 Pro, most notable of which could be price.
The Xperia XZ2. (Source: CNET)

The Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Compact receive Android Pie but there are a few features missing

Sony, a few days ago, made good on its promise to send out the Android Pie update to its devices by October. The Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Compact kicked off the Pie rollout, although users have claimed that a few major features are yet to be implemented.
HMD announces ambitions to make Nokia a top three smartphone brand by 2022

HMD announces ambitions to make Nokia a top three smartphone brand by 2022

The Nokia brand's growth has been phenomenal since it returned to the playing field at the start of 2017. The company has much grander ambitions, though, and plans to be among the top three smartphone brands in the world within the next couple of years.
The TPU logo. (Source: TPU)

GPU-Z updated with the ability to detect faked NVIDIA cards

The GPU market is often rife with counterfeit cards. These products are often sold as having more memory than they actually do, or as having newer NVIDIA chips that are in fact reflashed older ones - or both. TechPowerUp has upgraded its diagnostics app GPU-Z in order to detect these techniques and report affected cards as fakes.
Oct 13
Google+ is shutting down following a data breach. (Source:

Google+ to shut down following hacking revelation

Google has admitted that its social media app, Google+, has been hacked. This data theft has affected approximately half a million profiles. The users in question may have had many points of important user data extracted from their Google accounts.
Demand for flash memory is in decline, according to a new report. (Source: TweakTown)

SSDs and RAM sticks may start getting cheaper and cheaper in 2019

The memory found in typical RAM and storage components - DRAM and NAND respectively - may drop in price, particularly as we move into 2019. This is based on new research by DRAMeXchange. This group claims that prices for this technology has not grown in 2018 Q3 as it normally does.
While Intel's newest i9 9900k may be the "world's fastest gaming processor," few were denying it anyways. (Source: Digiworthy)

2700X gains ground on the 9900k in Principled Technologies's retests, Intel claims the 9900k is still the world's best gaming CPU

Following severe backlash over what has been described as "incompetent" benchmarking, Principled Technologies retested their AMD CPUs with creator mode. In their new results, the 2700X narrowed the gap between the 9900k down to about 15-20% on average, whereas previously the 9900k was sometimes 60% faster than the 2700X. Intel stated that these new results prove that the 9900k is still the "world's best gaming processor."
Android: Will Google slowly move away from the brand?

Android: Will Google slowly move away from the brand?

Android is the most successful smartphone OS in the world. Despite this, Google did not mention the brand name during its recent hardware event. This sounds strange, but it might be part of a larger plan to eventually drop Android altogether.
Oct 12
This leak shows an apparent Black Shark 2 with RGB accents. (Source: YouTube)

Leak shows phone with RGB-lit Black Shark logo

The Black Shark series, Xiaomi's take on the gaming phone, is set to be refreshed with a second generation to be released shortly. A new leak shows a phone that resembles the phone as shown in its TENAA certification. It shows the back of the device only, which appears to house a logo with RGB, as well as an interesting side accent, which is also lit up.
An EUV machine used in semiconductor manufacturing. (Source: Medium)

2019 iPhone processors to be exclusively provided by TSMC

Apple reportedly only has one partner to make chips for the next iPhones after the XS/R series: TSMC. These A13 processors are likely to be 7nm in die size. If so, TSMC could make history in being the first company to manufacture this architecture using the EUV technique.
The Samsung Chromebook Plus V2 (LTE) will be launched in November. (Source: Samsung)

Samsung announces Chromebook Plus V2 (LTE)

Samsung has issued a press release to detail the introduction of the Chromebook Plus V2 (LTE). This new variant of the Chromebook Plus V2 features an additional special feature that is aimed at appeasing users of the device who are frequently on the move: LTE. Samsung is using the slogan “Always Connected” to promote the device.
The ZOTAC RTX 2070 featured in the Time Spy test has a factory-overclocked core and will probably end up costing US$600. (Source: ZOTAC)

Nvidia's RTX 2070 slightly faster than the GTX 1080 in latest leaked 3DMark Time Spy test

The high-end Turing GPUs do not seem to be a great upgrade choice for the time being, but what about the upper-mid-range RTX 2070 model? According to the latest leaked Time Spy results, the RTX 2070 GPU is indeed faster than the GTX 1080, however, the tested sample was already factory-overclocked, so the actual performance difference between a stock RTX 2070 and a stock GTX 1080 might be negligible.
The first Command & Conquer game was released on PC CD-ROM in 1995. (Source: TV Tropes)

Command & Conquer remasters planned for the PC

Jim Vessella, a producer for Electronic Arts, has posted news on Reddit about Command & Conquer’s future. According to his post, the studio wants to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the game, which will be in 2020, by releasing some of the iconic PC classics in remastered form. EA also has a new C&C mobile game that is currently in pre-alpha stage.
The new Hyper Boost technology automatically overclocks the CPU cores and the GPU depending on the launched game or application. (Source:  GSMArena)

Oppo announces Hyper Boost optimization for mobile games and apps

Smartphone SoC overclocking is becoming of thing now thanks to technologies like Oppo's Hyper Boost or Huawei's GPU Turbo. Oppo even collaborated with game publishers and game engine developers to provide compatibility for the most popular mobile games and applications. The Hyper Boost technology can also speed up OS tasks.
8700k prices in the UK have skyrocketed to above £450 since August, which is about 40% higher than usual. (Source: PCPartPicker)

HP and Lenovo executives say Intel's CPU shortage will continue for 6 more months

The industry is one month into a shortage of 14nm CPUs from Intel, and according to HP CEO Dion Weisler and Lenovo COO Gianfranco Lanci this will continue for another 6 months. They have recommended AMD as an alternative thanks to their "good performance" and "fantastic portfolio."
The must-have fingerprint reader feature of this year may have competition already. (Source: Anandtech)

2019's in-display fingerprint reader may be considerably better than 2018's

There are some phones to be released later this year - as well as some that already have been - with in- or under-display fingerprint (FP) scanners. This technology is based on optical (or light) sensors that act to construct a 2D FP model in order to learn, store and authenticate different prints. However, it seems that next year's versions will improve on this method.
Does Cortana know about this? (Source: YouTube)

Cortana may die and be reborn - as the new Clippy

New rumors emanating from Microsoft suggest that the Office software team want to take over Cortana's functions and place in the Windows OS. This would mean that Office could strongly inform its development in the future, converting the flagging virtual assistant into more of a productivity helpmeet - much like a certain animated paperclip.
The 6T will replace the OnePlus 6 soon. (Source: Hindustan Times)

OnePlus 6T will get new UI and more, according to company software reps

An interview released onto OnePlus' official community website contains multiple tantalizing hints about the user interface on the upcoming 6T late-year flagship. This interview, given by the company's UX head and another software team representative, suggests novel camera and UI tweaks for the phone.
Turtle Beach launches Atlas series of wired gaming headsets (Source: Turtle Beach)

Turtle Beach launches Atlas series of wired gaming headsets

Each headset has been designed to better fit users with glasses by easing the pressure around the temple. The higher-end Elite Atlas model includes a host of additional features that both mainstream and hardcore gamers can appreciate.
Oct 11
Image source: DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo, the privacy-focused search engine, grows daily searches by 50% to 30 million

DuckDuckGo is quickly becoming a popular alternative to Google's increasingly invasive search engine. The privacy-focused search tool just announced hitting 30 million searches a day. While this is a far cry from the 3.5+ billion searches Google enjoys, it marks a 50% growth for DuckDuckGo, positioning the search engine for rapid growth without relying on tracking users.
The RTX 2000 Mobility GPUs will be launched in early 2019. (Source: Flipboard)

Nvidia RTX 2000-series Mobility GPU lineup leaked

Even though Gigabyte and Lenovo officials were previously claiming that Nvidia's Turing-based Mobility GPUs would be launched in late 2018, that might not be the case, at least according to new information obtained by WCCFTech. There is a leaked picture that shows the names of the Turing-based Mobility GPUs, and it looks like these will be showcased at CES in January.
The audio jack will soon lose its last supporters. (Source: Android Central)

Samsung may ditch the 3.5 mm audio jack on the Note 10 and Galaxy S11 models

A strong supporter for the 3.5 mm audio jack in the past, Samsung may soon be forced to get with the times and move on to wireless headphones. A recent report informs that at least the flagship smartphone models launching from fall 2019 onward would not get the audio jack anymore, so the Galaxy S11 is most likely to come without it, while the Note 10 might still get one, depending on launch date.
Lenovo Y Series notebook, Lenovo dominates the PC market Q3 2018

​Lenovo dominates the PC market

Both IDC and Gartner revealed that Lenovo dominated the global PC market in the third quarter of the year, shipping around 16 million desktops, notebooks, and workstations out of a total of 67.4 million (according to IDC), and 67.2 million (Gartner) units sold worldwide during the given period.
A big-budget Harry Potter RPG is rumored to be under development. (Source: Variety)

Images from rumored Harry Potter RPG leaked online

Footage of a new Harry Potter/Wizarding World game has been leaked online, appearing recently on Reddit. There have been many Harry Potter-related video games in the past, but images captured from the leaked clip seem to show that this particular game could be the one HP fans have been waiting for. Unfortunately, the video is currently unavailable because it contained copyrighted content from Warner Bros. Entertainment Interactive.
Black Friday is increasingly popular in countries besides the US. (Source:

Black Friday/Cyber Monday: definitely an international thing now

Recent research conducted in four major national markets (the US, the UK, Canada and Germany) indicates that the awareness and uptake of Black Friday is more than alive and well in all of them. For example, 54% of UK respondents took part in it last year, compared to 19% in 2015. This study also shows that techies tend to enjoy this event online.
Principled Technologies enabled "Game Mode" on its R7 2700X, which cuts down the 8 core processor to a 4 core processor, causing severe CPU bottlenecks in some cases. (Source: Hardware Unboxed)

Principled Technologies responds to criticism of its i9 9900k study

After scathing criticism coming from GamersNexus's Steve Burke and Hardware Unboxed's Steve Walton, Principled Technologies has made statements and defended its i9 9900k performance study. The company said "we are confident in our test methodology and results" following an interview conducted by GamersNexus.
The Nokia 3.1 Plus in "Baltic" gray. (Source: Nokia)

HMD launches Nokia 3.1 Plus budget smartphone

HMD has released the Nokia 3.1 Plus on to the Indian market, and the device is expected to reach other markets around the globe over the coming months. The new budget handset is the “Plus” version of the Nokia 3.1, which we reviewed in August. The latest variant offers buyers a dual rear camera setup, a larger display, and it has an upgraded processor.
Fortnite - Disco Domination mode and quad rocket launcher now available as of mid-October 2018 (Source: Wccftech)

Fortnite gets Disco Domination mode, quad rocket launcher, and more

The patch 0.62 brings a new 50v50 battle mode to Fortnite, namely Disco Domination, as well as a quad rocket launcher. In the new mode, players fight to capture dance floors and raise disco balls. The new patch also brings back the Port-a-Fortress, loot drop rate adjustments, and various fixes.

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