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 » Notebook Hardware Guide
    Which features and equipment characteristics are important for which application purposes.

 » Tips for the purchase of a laptop
     This article focusses the softskills of a laptop, which means all aspects of a purchase.

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    Here is the advice for paying attention when buying a used laptop.

Buyers Guide

This buyers guide should help you find a laptop that fits your needs according to your settings. The results are generated automatically from our database with several thousand reviews (our own and external reviews of other magazines). You may either use simple text questions or the more complicated matrix to get weighted results. Both combined at the same time is not possible. Note that the result is only a proposal which laptops may suit your requirements. They are no editorially checked recommendations. After a search, the selected questions are adopted in the matrix. That does not work vice versa.

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I want to play demanding games?
The notebook should have a high performance rating
The laptop should have a graphics card optimized for CAD and professional 3D applications.
I want to have a big screen
The screen of the laptop should be of a high quality
The laptop screen should be non glossy
The notebook should be lightweight
The notebook should have a good mobility rating (battery runtime, weight, size)
The notebook should have a low emissions rating (low heat and noise emmitted)
The workmanship rating should be high
Include only products of the top 10 manufacturers
The notebook should be new on the market
The notebook should be cheap
Show only devices that were tested by Notebookcheck

  The maximum price of the laptop should be Euro



list of results

The following list of results is a compilation of notebooks which correspond the selected criteria primarily. It has been sorted according to the average total evaluation. If there is a lack of fitting results, the search criteria are extended. So suboptimal results are listed.

Hint about hard disk size and memory: [ ± to open]

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