Qualcomm Adreno 680

The Qualcomm Adreno 680 is an integrated graphics card in the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx SoC for Windows laptops. According to Qualcomm it is 2x faster than the previous Adreno 630 in the Snapdragon 850 for Windows PCs with a 60% improved efficiency (thanks to the 7nm process). The performance should be similar to a Intel UHD Graphics 620 (e.g. in a 8th gen Core i5) when running native ARM64 compiled Windows apps and games. Running emulated 32 bit games (64 bit games compiled for AMD/Intel are not supported), the performance is notably slower.

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Shared Memoryyes
DirectXDirectX 12
technology7 nm
Date of Announcement06.12.2018
CPU in Adreno 680GPU Base SpeedGPU Boost / Turbo
Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx Gen 2 5G8 x 3150 MHz, 7 W? MHz? MHz
Qualcomm Snapdragon 8cx8 x 2840 MHz, 7 W? MHz? MHz
min. - max.? MHz? MHz


Cinebench R10 Cinebench R10 Shading (32bit) +
GFXBench (DX / GLBenchmark) 2.7
GLBench 2.7 T-Rex HD Offscreen C24Z16 +
GLBench 2.7 T-Rex HD Onscreen C24Z16 +
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- Average benchmark values for this graphics card
* Smaller numbers mean a higher performance

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