AMD Radeon R7 (Kaveri)

AMD Radeon R7 (Kaveri)

The AMD Radeon R7 (Kaveri) is an integrated DirectX 12 graphics card found on a number of AMD Kaveri APUs. Depending on the APU model, the GPU can offer all 512 GCN shaders and 8 compute cores, such as on the FX-7600P. Alternatively, other APUs may only feature 384 shaders and 6 compute cores, such as on the FX-7500. Additionally, the maximum core clock and memory speeds of the GPU depend on the overarching APU: While the ULV models are limited to DDR3-1600, the standard voltage models can support up to DDR3-2133.

Architecture and Features

Thanks to the new GCN 1.1 architecture, the Kaveri GPUs are significantly more efficient with higher performance compared to its VLIW-based predecessors Richland and Trinity. The graphics card can now handle both DirectX 12 (FL 12_0) and the AMD Mantle API. The GPU is also able to accelerate various applications like Adobe Photoshop by utilizing OpenCL.

The revised video engine of Kaveri includes UVD 4.2 (Unified Video Decoder) and VCE 2.0 (Video Codec Engine). H.264 codec support has been slightly improved in several areas. However, H.265 is still not fully supported in hardware.


Due to significant differences in shader count, core clock speed, and memory support between various Radeon R7 models, the performance of the Radeon R7 can vary greatly between different APUs. While the fastest GPU version in the FX-7600P can compete with a dedicated GeForce GT 740M, the slower version in the FX-7500 only performs at the level of a GeForce GT 720M or HD Graphics 5500. In some cases, the relatively weak CPU may limit the framerates.

Accordingly, games of 2014 can be played fluently in low to medium settings at 1024 x 768 or 1366 x 768 pixels.

Power Consumption

The power consumption of the entire Kaveri APU is rated at 19 Watts and 35 Watts for ULV and standard voltage models, respectively. Thus, the 28 nm chip is suited for smaller or medium sized (sub-)notebooks.

Radeon R (Kaveri) Series
Radeon R7 512 Cores (Kaveri Desktop) (compare) 512 @ 720 MHz
Radeon R7 384 Cores (Kaveri Desktop) (compare) 384 @ 720 MHz
Radeon R7 (Kaveri) 512 @ 553 - 686 (Boost) MHz64/128 Bit
Radeon R6 (Kaveri) (compare) 384 @ 533 - 654 (Boost) MHz64/128 Bit
Radeon R5 (Kaveri) (compare) 256 @ 514 - 626 (Boost) MHz64/128 Bit
Radeon R4 (Kaveri) (compare) 192 @ 533 MHz64/128 Bit
ArchitectureGCN 1.1
Pipelines512 - unified
Core Speed553 - 686 (Boost) MHz
Memory Bus Width64/128 Bit
Shared Memoryyes
DirectXDirectX 12 (FL 12_0), Shader 5.0
Transistor Count2410 Million
technology28 nm
FeaturesUVD 4.2, VCE 2.0
Notebook Sizemedium sized
Date of Announcement04.06.2014
CPUGPU Base SpeedGPU Boost / Turbo
AMD FX-7600P4 x 2700 MHz, 35 W600 MHz686 MHz
AMD FX-75004 x 2100 MHz, 19 W496 MHz553 MHz
min. - max.496 - 600 MHz553 - 686 MHz


3DMark - Cloud Gate Standard Score 1280x720
min: 4014     avg: 4719.5     median: 4719.5 (10%)     max: 5425 Points
3DMark - Fire Strike Score 1920x1080
min: 793     avg: 1039     median: 1039 (4%)     max: 1285 Points
3DMark 11 - Performance 1280x720
min: 1424     avg: 1788.8     median: 1794.5 (6%)     max: 2142 points
3DMark 11 - Performance GPU 1280x720
min: 1342     avg: 1734     median: 1734 (3%)     max: 2126 points
3DMark Vantage
P Result 1280x1024 +
P GPU no PhysX 1280x1024 +
3DMark 06 Standard 1280x1024 +
Unigine Heaven 2.1 - high, Tesselation (normal), DirectX11 1280x1024
16.6 fps (7%)
Cinebench R10 Shading 32Bit +
Cinebench R11.5 OpenGL 64Bit +
Cinebench R15
OpenGL 64Bit +
Ref. Match 64Bit +
LuxMark v2.0 64Bit - Room GPUs-only
min: 228     avg: 235.5     median: 235.5 (4%)     max: 243 Samples/s
ComputeMark v2.1 - Normal, Score 1024x600
min: 843     avg: 1112.5     median: 1112.5 (5%)     max: 1382 Points
- Range of benchmark values for this graphics card
- Average benchmark values for this graphics card
* Smaller numbers mean a higher performance

Game Benchmarks

The following benchmarks stem from our benchmarks of review laptops. The performance depends on the used graphics memory, clock rate, processor, system settings, drivers, and operating systems. So the results don't have to be representative for all laptops with this GPU. For detailled information on the benchmark results, click on the fps number.

low 1280x720
7.2  fps    + Compare
» The benchmarks indicate that the game is not playable in the tested settings.
low 1280x720
48.2  fps    + Compare
med. 1920x1080
20.9  fps    + Compare
» With all tested laptops playable in detail settings low.
Additional Benchmarks
Medium / Off FXAA 1366x768
low 1280x720
13.9  fps    + Compare
» The benchmarks indicate that the game is not playable in the tested settings.


low 1280x720
45.5  fps    + Compare
med. 1366x768
35.9  fps    + Compare
high 1920x1080
16.7  fps    + Compare
» With all tested laptops playable in detail settings med..
low 1280x720
10.4 11.4 ~ 11 fps    + Compare
» The benchmarks indicate that the game is not playable in the tested settings.
low 1024x768
25.8  fps    + Compare
med. 1366x768
16.6  fps    + Compare
high 1920x1080
8.1  fps    + Compare
» The benchmarks indicate that the game is not playable in the tested settings.
low 1024x768
55  fps    + Compare
high 1920x1080
17.1  fps    + Compare
ultra 1920x1080
13.6  fps    + Compare
» With all tested laptops playable in detail settings low.