AMD Radeon HD 6540G2

AMD Radeon HD 6540G2


The AMD Radeon HD 6540G2 is the combination of a integrated AMD Radeon HD 6520G APU processor graphics card and a dedicated entry level AMD Radeon HD 6430M or 6450M graphics card in CrossFire combination. It is called AMD Dual Graphics or asymmetric CrossFire and uses AFR (Alternate Frame Rendering) to render different frames on the two graphic cores. Therefore the combination also suffers from micro stuttering (different spaces between two images lead to stuttering altough the framerate is high enough for fluent gaming with only one GPU).

The performance of the Radeon HD 6540G2 depends greatly on the driver support for the used games. In some games the performance may even degrade by 10-15% compared to using only the APU graphics card. Currently (June 2011) only DirectX 10 and 11 graphics modes are supported and therefore lower settings and older games are not accelerated. Due to the micro stuttering and performance problems, Dual Graphics may impose more problems than bring performance gains.

The features like PureVideo HD (UVD3) or OpenCL support are similar to the two graphics cards.

As both graphics cards are rendering frames, the power consumption is clearly higher than using only one GPU.

Radeon HD 6000G2 Series
Radeon HD 6775G2 (compare) 880
Radeon HD 6755G2 (compare) 880
Radeon HD 6760G2 (compare) 880
Radeon HD 6740G2 (compare) 880
Radeon HD 6720G2 (compare) 880
Radeon HD 6690G2 (compare) 880
Radeon HD 6680G2 (compare) 800
Radeon HD 6645G2 (compare) 560
Radeon HD 6640G2 (compare) 560
Radeon HD 6545G2 (compare) 480
Radeon HD 6540G2 480
Radeon HD 6515G2 (compare) 400
Radeon HD 6510G2 (compare) 400
ArchitectureTerascale 2
Pipelines480 - unified
Shared Memoryno
DirectXDirectX 11, Shader 5.0
technology40 nm
Notebook Sizemedium sized
Date of Announcement14.06.2011


3DMark 11 - Performance 1280x720
min: 1002     avg: 1037.7     median: 1025 (3%)     max: 1086 points
3DMark 11 - Performance GPU 1280x720
min: 947     avg: 990.3     median: 987 (2%)     max: 1037 points
3DMark Vantage
P Result 1280x1024 +
P GPU no PhysX 1280x1024 +
3DMark 06 +
SPECviewperf 11
Siemens NX 1920x1080 +
Tcvis 1920x1080 +
SolidWorks 1920x1080 +
Pro/ENGINEER 1920x1080 +
Maya 1920x1080 +
Lightwave 1920x1080 +
Ensight 1920x1080 +
Catia 1920x1080 +
Cinebench R10 Shading 32Bit +
Cinebench R11.5 OpenGL 64Bit +
- Range of benchmark values for this graphics card
- Average benchmark values for this graphics card
* Smaller numbers mean a higher performance

Game Benchmarks

The following benchmarks stem from our benchmarks of review laptops. The performance depends on the used graphics memory, clock rate, processor, system settings, drivers, and operating systems. So the results don't have to be representative for all laptops with this GPU. For detailled information on the benchmark results, click on the fps number.

F1 2011

F1 2011

low 800x600
52  fps    + Compare
med. 1024x768
32  fps    + Compare
» With all tested laptops playable in detail settings low.
Dirt 3

Dirt 3

Fifa 11

Fifa 11

low 800x600
154.4  fps    + Compare
med. 1024x768
73.9  fps    + Compare
high 1360x768
36.6  fps    + Compare
» With all tested laptops playable in detail settings high.


low 800x600
36.5  fps    + Compare
med. 1024x768
16.4  fps    + Compare
high 1366x768
10.9  fps    + Compare
» With all tested laptops playable in detail settings low.
low 800x600
42.4  fps    + Compare
med. 1024x768
36.7  fps    + Compare
high 1360x768
25.3  fps    + Compare
» With all tested laptops playable in detail settings med..
low 800x600
84.3  fps    + Compare
med. 1024x768
43.4  fps    + Compare
» With all tested laptops playable in detail settings med..
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