NVIDIA Quadro NVS 150M

NVIDIA Quadro NVS 150M

The Nvidia Quadro NVS 150M is a business graphics adapater for notebooks. It is based on the GeForce 9200M GS consumer graphics card but features special drivers which are optimized for business applications. A shor list of the applications which are certified for the NVS line can be found here (including MS Office, Exceed, Notes, McAffee, pcAnywhere, Bloomberg, Reuters, Tradestation).

The gaming performance should be similar to the GeForce 9200M GS and therefore only suited for less demanding games with low details. Still the business drivers are not optimized for games and may therefore show a worse performance (or some bugs). The memory is clocked either with 700 MHz (DDR3) or 400 MHz (DDR2) which is noticable slower.

Compared to the Quadro NVS 160M, the 150M features a slower clock speed and only supports resolutions up to 1680x1050 (digital) or 1600x1200 (analog).

As the 9200M GS, the Quadro NVS 150M also supports PureVideo HD to decode HD videos with the graphics chip (and save current).

Quadro NVS Series

Quadro NVS 5100M

48 @ 550MHz128 Bit @ 800MHz

Quadro NVS 320M

32 @ 575MHz128 Bit @ 700MHz

Quadro NVS 300M

8/5 cores @ 450MHz128 Bit @ 500MHz

Quadro NVS 140M

16 @ 400MHz64 Bit @ 700MHz

Quadro NVS 160M

8 @ 580MHz64 Bit @ 700MHz
Quadro NVS 150M 8 @ 530MHz64 Bit @ 700MHz

Quadro NVS 135M

16 @ 400MHz64 Bit @ 600MHz

Quadro NVS 130M

8 64 Bit @ 700MHz

Quadro NVS 120M

4/3 cores @ 450MHz64 Bit @ 700MHz

Quadro NVS 110M

4/3 cores @ 300MHz64 Bit @ 600MHz
Pipelines8 - unified
Core Speed *530 MHz
Shader Speed *1300 MHz
Memory Speed *700 MHz
Memory Bus Width64 Bit
Memory TypeGDDR2, GDDR3
Max. Amount of Memory256 MB
Shared Memoryno
DirectXDirectX 10, Shader 4.0
Power Consumption10 Watt
technology65 nm
FeaturesOpenGL 2.1
Date of Announcement15.08.2008
InformationPCI-Express, max 1680x1050 bzw 1600x1200 (analog).
Link to Manufacturer Pagehttp://www.nvidia.com/object/quadro_nvs_...
* The specified clock rates are only guidelines for the manufacturer and can be altered by them.


3DMark 06
0% 100%
min: 1561      avg: 1703 (6%)     median: 1728 (6%)     max: 1820 Points
3DMark 05 - Standard 1024x768
0% 100%
min: 3092      avg: 3264.5 (9%)     median: 3264.5 (9%)     max: 3437 Points
3DMark 03 - Standard 1024x768
0% 100%
min: 5042      avg: 5520 (4%)     median: 5520 (4%)     max: 5998 Points
3DMark 2001SE - Standard 1024x768
0% 100%
min: 13215      avg: 14211.5 (23%)     median: 14211.5 (23%)     max: 15208 Points
PCMark Vantage - Gaming Score 1024x768
0% 100%
min: 2710      avg: 2710 (10%)     median: 2710 (10%)     max: 2710 Points
Cinebench R10 - Shading 32Bit
0% 100%
min: 2201      avg: 2515.5 (21%)     median: 2515.5 (21%)     max: 2830 Points
- Range of benchmark values for this graphics card
- Average benchmark values for this graphics card

Game Benchmarks

The following benchmarks stem from our benchmarks of review laptops. The performance depends on the used graphics memory, clock rate, processor, system settings, drivers, and operating systems. So the results don't have to be representative for all laptops with this GPU. For detailled information on the benchmark results, click on the fps number.



low 640x480
319  fps      Compare
med. 800x600
63  fps      Compare
high 1024x768
21  fps      Compare
» With all tested laptops playable in detail settings med..
Quake 3 Arena - Timedemo
high 1024x768
196.2  fps      Compare
» With all tested laptops playable in detail settings high.

For more games that might be playable and a list of all games and graphics cards visit our Gaming List

Notebook reviews with NVIDIA Quadro NVS 150M graphics card

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Class 6
unknown *

* Approximate position of the graphics adapter

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