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ATI Mobility Radeon X2300

ATI Mobility Radeon X2300

ATI Mobility Radeon X2300 is the successor of ATI Mobility Radeon X1350 for notebooks. Technically it is just a renamed X1350 and therefore also only supports DirectX 9. Also the gaming performance is compareable to the X1350. This means only very low setting in not very demanding games can be displayed fluently.

As other X1000 cards the X2300 supports AVIVO video engine to accelerate MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, WMV9 and VC-1 videos.

The HD version also supports the UVD acceleration for HD videos.

Aero Glass of Windows Vista should run fluently.

Mobility Radeon X2000 Series

Mobility Radeon X2500 compare 12/5 cores @ 0.46 GHz64 / 128 Bit @ 400 MHz
Mobility Radeon X2300 4/2 cores @ 0.48 GHz128 Bit @ 400 MHz
Pipelines4 / 2 Pixel- / Vertexshader
Core Speed480 MHz
Memory Speed400 MHz
Memory Bus Width128 Bit
Memory TypeDDR1/DDR2/GDDR3
Max. Amount of Memory256 MB
Shared Memoryno
APIDirectX 9c, Shader 3.0
Transistor Count105 Million
technology90 nm
Features90nm Herstellungsprozess, PCI Express X16 Interrace, PoxerPlay 6.0, Avivo Video Architektur (MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, WMV9, VC-1 Beschleunigung), 64-bit Floating Point HDR, Ultra-Threaded Shader Engine
Date of Announcement01.03.2007
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3DMark 06 3DMark 06 - Score Unknown Settings +
3DMark 06 - Standard 1280x800 +
Cinebench R10 Cinebench R10 Shading (32bit) +
- Range of benchmark values for this graphics card
- Average benchmark values for this graphics card
* Smaller numbers mean a higher performance

Game Benchmarks

The following benchmarks stem from our benchmarks of review laptops. The performance depends on the used graphics memory, clock rate, processor, system settings, drivers, and operating systems. So the results don't have to be representative for all laptops with this GPU. For detailed information on the benchmark results, click on the fps number.



low 640x480
120  fps    + Compare
med. 800x600
35  fps    + Compare
» With all tested laptops playable in detail settings low.
Doom 3

Doom 3

low 640x480
82  fps    + Compare
med. 640x480
57.2  fps    + Compare
high 800x600
50.2  fps    + Compare
ultra 1024x768
29  fps    + Compare
» With all tested laptops playable in detail settings high.
Doom 38257.250.229.02
< 30 fps
< 60 fps
< 120 fps
≥ 120 fps





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Notebook reviews with ATI Mobility Radeon X2300 graphics card


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Urban-Lifestyle. Since the beginning the CR series is designed for style and it is possible to choose your personal design. The Vaio VGN-CR31S/W is so do. Weigh...
Intel Core 2 Duo T8100 | ATI Mobility Radeon X2300 | 14.10" | 2.5 kg

Review Asus A8JR Notebook

Messenger of the Gods. You feel like they already offered the same notebook? You are completely right. Still, the brand-new X2300 video card of ATI, the harbin...
Intel Core 2 Duo T5500 | ATI Mobility Radeon X2300 | 14.10" | 2.5 kg

Sony Vaio VGN-CR31: Intel Core 2 Duo T8100, 14.10", 2.4 kg
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HP Compaq 6910p: Intel Core 2 Duo T7300, 14.10", 2 kg
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Asus A8JR: Intel Core 2 Duo T5500, 14.10", 2.5 kg
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