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Notebookcheck is looking for highly motivated editors. 

As an independent freelancer, you can work wherever and whenever you want. For the most part, you only need a computer and access to the internet.

Editorial jobs

review-editor proofreader news editor review collector
yes no yes no


English-Dutch English-French English-Italian English-Portugues English-Spanish English-Turkish English-Swedish English-Russian English-Chinese German-English
no no no no no no no no no no


Chinese Korean Czech/Slovak Danish/Norwegian Bahasa
yes yes yes yes perhaps
Hungarian Japanese Romanian Serbo-Croatian Other languages
no yes yes perhaps no

Hardware Editor


Test laptops and write comprehensive reviews in the typical Notebookcheck style.


Applicants must be located in the United States for English reviews. Persons with professional journalistic experience are favored. Perfect English and linguistic skills are required. Therefore, we prefer native English speakers. Furthermore, you should have a deep interest in laptop-related topics and be confident with the technical terminology involved. Being absolutely reliable is a must for the job.


Editors without a rich background experience with laptop reviews will start editing news or other articles. If or when the editor proves to be reliable and skilled, the first review order will follow in due time.


There exists a fixed payment for standard reviews based on the number of characters. A bonus will be applied if reviews can be completed within a specified time span. A typical review will average 250-400 Euro/350-500 USD. The best and most reliable editors will receive more revenue in due time.


Curriculum vitae, references, and a description of why you want the job. An attached sample review is highly encouraged.


News Editor


There are short articles on notebook, tablet and smartphone-related topics in our daily news section. The task is to search for news on the web, create original articles, and implement them in our CMS. Editors must spend at least a few hours per week searching for and writing articles.


Reliability is the most wanted virtue. Perfect English knowledge (native speakers preferred) and linguistic capabilities are preferred. An interest in mobile-related topics and a knowledge of technical terms are also important.


The payment depends on the amount and extent of the articles.


A description of why you want the job, references if available. An attached sample news article is highly encouraged.





A new language section is established and maintained autonomously by a licensee. Notebookcheck will host the language section and provide technical assistance, layout, and a part of the content. Both sides get a share of the earnings.


Reliability is most important. Furthermore, economical, editorial, and hardware experience are needed. A concrete business concept is appreciated. Also, a background in human resources (like in existing companies) is favored.


Send us a curriculum vitae, references and business plan. A business plan should contain a concrete strategy how to organize and finance a license section. Such project scheduling requires some experience. The business plan should demonstrate that.



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Author: Stefan Hinum, 2006-10-13 (Update: 2014-10-17)