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We liked the Xiaomi 14 Pro and 13T in our recent tests of the Chinese smartphones. (Image source: Notebookcheck reviews)

Forget the iPhone 15 Pro, Galaxy S24 Ultra: 4 flagship killers with competitive price tags

CheckMag If you're looking for the best of the best, Samsung's Galaxy S24 Ultra and Apple's iPhone 15 Pro Max will both likely call your name, but they demand a price premium. Here are four alternatives to the typical flagship choices, fro...
Julian van der Merwe, 27 Feb 2024 00:42
The Find X7 series. (Source: OPPO)

OPPO Find X7 and X7 Ultra reservations hit 1,000,000 mark

OPPO has announced that over 1 million consumers have signed up to buy a device from its latest series of flagship Android smartphones ahead of their release. The Find X7 and X7 Ultra may never see an official global launch; howev...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 05 Feb 2024 18:34
OnePlus 12 and its predecessor gets three AI features in China (Image source: OnePlus)

OnePlus brings AI features to OnePlus 12 and OnePlus 11 in China

OnePlus 12 has made its global debut at the end of last month. While it runs on the same Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 as some of the devices in the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, it didn’t introduce any fancy AI features at launch. But OnePlus ...
Abid Ahsan Shanto, 04 Feb 2024 07:50
The OnePlus 12R and the Google Pixel 7a are more affordable variants of their more expensive siblings. (Image source: OnePlus, Goole - edited)

5 reasons for choosing the OnePlus 12R over the Pixel 7a

CheckMag The OnePlus 12R and the Google Pixel 7a are great options for those who want flagship features on a budget. However, one offers more value than the other.
Habeeb Onawole, 02 Feb 2024 23:07
The Nord N30 SE. (Source: OnePlus)

OnePlus Nord N30 SE 5G presented as new Premium Design Android smartphone with budget specs

OnePlus has unexpectedly confirmed that an SE version of the Nord N30 exists and may launch soon as a new affordable 5G smartphone. With its large yet 90Hz LCD Sunlight Display screen, 300% Ultra Volume sound with 3.5mm jack and 5...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 29 Jan 2024 17:41
The OnePlus 12 has now reached Europe, including Germany, as has the OnePlus 12R. (Image source: OnePlus)

OnePlus Open, OnePlus 12 and OnePlus 12R all now official in Germany as part of OnePlus comeback

OnePlus has returned to Germany, less than a week after Oppo and Nokia wrapped up their long-standing legal disputes. As part of the company's comeback, it has opened pre-orders for the OnePlus 12 and OnePlus 12R, which join the O...
Alex Alderson, 29 Jan 2024 16:10
The Ace 2V. (Source: OnePlus)

OnePlus Ace 3V slated to launch as Android smartphone with OLED display and surprisingly mid-range SoC

A new addition to the OnePlus Nord line of Android smartphones is projected to hit the Chinese market first as the Ace 3V. Its display is predicted to have some premium properties, and to be kept on with an even bigger battery tha...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 28 Jan 2024 19:57
The Buds 3 features gesture controls and is IP55 certified. (Image source: OnePlus)

OnePlus Buds 3 makes its global debut across Europe, North America and the UK

OnePlus has now released the Buds 3 globally, shortly after presenting the earbuds in its home market. Available across Europe, North America and the UK, the OnePlus Buds 3 sports a twin driver array with 10 hours of battery life and 49 dB ANC, among other features.
Alex Alderson, 23 Jan 2024 16:32
OnePlus debuts the OnePlus 12R to global markets (Image source: OnePlus)

Updated | OnePlus 12R makes international debut with the largest battery in OnePlus history

OnePlus Ace 3, launched earlier this month in China, has made its global debut as the OnePlus 12R. As a performance-focused smartphone, it packs “tuned” Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, up to 16 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage, Sony IMX890 as the primary camera, and the largest battery OnePlus has ever put in a phone.
Abid Ahsan Shanto, 23 Jan 2024 16:00
The OnePlus 12 can now be purchased globally (image via OnePlus)

OnePlus 12 goes global with high-end specs and expensive price tag

The OnePlus 12 has been launched globally, albeit with some nerfs. Unlike its Chinese variant, memory and storage max out at 16 GB and 512 GB, respectively.
Anil Ganti, 23 Jan 2024 16:00
It appears that OnePlus will soon follow Oppo, Realme and Vivo in releasing a Dimensity 6020-powered smartphone, Nord N30 pictured. (Image source: OnePlus)

Benchmark leaks reveals details about unreleased OnePlus mid-range smartphone

It seems that OnePlus is preparing to launch another mid-range Nord smartphone. Likely arriving as a cheaper alternative to the Nord N30, the Nord N30 SE will feature 4 GB of RAM and a MediaTek Dimensity 6020 chipset, among other ...
Alex Alderson, 17 Jan 2024 19:24
The 12R. (Source: OnePlus)

OnePlus 12 and 12R turn up in various global registrations prior to launch

The OnePlus 12 series (consisting of a fully-fledged new flagship Android smartphone and its potentially more affordable R variant) is tipped to be available on a much more worldwide basis in 2024. Now, the OEM has reportedly subm...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 14 Jan 2024 19:37
The OnePlus 12R in its two rumoured launch colours. (Image source: @rquandt)

OnePlus 12R global release extending to Europe with two launch colours planned

A renowned leaker has outlined OnePlus' plans to expand availability for its R series. Previously limited to India and other Asian markets, the R series is rumoured to reach Europe for the first time with the upcoming OnePlus 12R.
Alex Alderson, 12 Jan 2024 15:16
The Buds 3. (Source: OnePlus)

OnePlus Buds 3 launch with advanced ANC and generous battery life

OnePlus has introduced its Buds 3 as the TWS counterparts for the new sub-flagship Ace 3 smartphone today (January 4, 2024). Nevertheless, the peripherals have launched with one or two of the highest-end specs of yesteryear, suppo...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 04 Jan 2024 21:30
OnePlus Ace 3 debuts in China with flagship-grade specs (image source: OnePlus [Edited])

OnePlus Ace 3 launches with 8 Gen 2, large battery, fast charging, and more

After days of teasing, OnePlus has fully unrolled the curtains of the OnePlus Ace 3. As a direct successor to the Ace 2, the new smartphone brings a good number of upgrades. It’s currently available in China for pre-order with a s...
Abid Ahsan Shanto, 04 Jan 2024 13:33
The OnePlus 12 will launch globally this month. (Source: OnePlus)

Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 vs Dimensity 9300: Vivo X100 edges out the OnePlus 12 in AnTuTu's latest performance chart

AnTuTu's latest performance chart lists the OnePlus 12 as the best-performing Android device in the world. A closer look at the numbers says otherwise, however, with the Vivo X100 and its MediaTek 9300 outperforming the Snapdragon...
Ricci Rox, 04 Jan 2024 09:18
The Ace 3. (Source: OnePlus)

OnePlus Ace 3 officially slated to launch as Android smartphone with four-year fluency

OnePlus claims that it will bring a flagship experience to the masses with the upcoming Ace 3, a new Android smartphone freshly confirmed to have a 16GB/1TB SKU certified to retain its top-end performance over four years of use. T...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 02 Jan 2024 19:03
The Ace 3 screen's latest hype is posted. (Source: OnePlus)

OnePlus Ace 3 premium extra-narrow-bezel screen teased ahead of imminent launch

OnePlus already hypes its upcoming premium mid-range Ace 3 smartphone in terms of its class-leading screen. Now, the OEM has gone on to boast of the same display's "extremely narrow" borders ahead of its official January 2024 unve...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 01 Jan 2024 18:20
The Ace 3. (Source: OnePlus)

OnePlus Ace 3 cameras touted as portrait and scenery specialists ahead of launch

OnePlus touts the Ace 3 as the next best thing to its flagship 12 smartphone and is, thus, worth holding out for until its early 2024 debut. In the meantime, the brand claims that its new premium camera algorithm turn the upcoming...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 29 Dec 2023 22:15
OnePlus Ace 3 gets an official launch date (Image source: OnePlus)

OnePlus Ace 3 launches soon; more specs confirmed

OnePlus has announced that the launch conference of the Ace 3 is scheduled for January 4, 2024. It will come equipped with what the brand calls an "Oriental Screen," featuring a peak brightness of 4500 NITS and 8T LTPO design. Als...
Abid Ahsan Shanto, 28 Dec 2023 06:04
The Ace 3 in its new color. (Source: OnePlus)

OnePlus Ace 3 shown off in metallic-effect Mingsha Gold ahead of imminent debut

The OnePlus 12R is projected to debut as a secondary variant for the OEM's upcoming flagship smartphone on the global market in 2024 - but not before it does so as the Ace 3 in China. It is now officially slated to debut with one ...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 26 Dec 2023 19:20
The Sharge POUCH Power Bank was designed in collaboration with OnePlus and its community. (Image source: OnePlus)

OnePlus and Sharge collaborate on unique 3-in-1 portable power bank

OnePlus and Sharge have unveiled a joint product: POUCH, a 3-in-1 portable power bank. The accessory combines a power bank, charger and cable, allowing you to charge up to three gadgets simultaneously. Features include foldable pi...
Polly Allcock, 23 Dec 2023 14:30
Top 4 smartphones that transform videography (Source: Unsplash)

Top 4 smartphones that transform videography

CheckMag Choosing the best smartphone for videography requires considering factors beyond still photo capabilities. Look for devices with high-resolution cameras, advanced lenses, quality audio recording, and image stabilization to mitigat...
Triet Le, 23 Dec 2023 02:40
3 cheap phones as potential Christmas gifts. (Image source: Xiaomi)

3 best cheap smartphones for a Christmas gift

CheckMag Discovering presents that bring joy to your loved ones during the special Christmas occasion is truly gratifying. Here's a Christmas shopping guide showcasing smartphones that not only fit your budget but also feature cutting-edge...
Ayesha Aslam, 20 Dec 2023 20:39
A "Find X7 poster". (Source: Rising Sun-Dongsheng O1 via Weibo)

OPPO Find X7 Pro and Ultra tipped to launch as quad 50MP camera flagship smartphones

The Find X7 series is tipped to launch with the most powerful cameras OPPO has developed for its smartphones to date. Now, famed leaker Digital Chat Station has weighed in on this topic with the shooters' most detailed specs dump ...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 18 Dec 2023 16:15
The OnePlus Open post-teardown. (Source: JerryRigEverything via YouTube)

OnePlus Open dissected for durability-enhancing materials in new teardown video

OnePlus touts its first ever foldable Android smartphone as one made to stand the test of time with super-strength materials. Now, the premium device has been taken apart as JerryRigEverything host Zach Nelson goes in search of th...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 14 Dec 2023 19:35
The OnePlus 12. (Source: OnePlus)

OnePlus 12 out-of-warranty screen repair costs up to 38% the price of the phone

The OnePlus 12 has been made official in China; now, it's time for its schedule of repair charges for the same market. The OEM's price-list might give some insight as to how expensive independent repair for the smartphone might ge...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 13 Dec 2023 21:30
The OnePlus 12 appears to be plagued with quality control issues (image via OnePlus)

Unfortunate OnePlus 12 buyer finds dead bug under phone chassis

A Weibo user unboxed their OnePlus 12 to find a nasty surprise. Along with shoddy construction and panel gaps, there was a dead bug embedded in the smartphone. The company has acknowledged the issue and is working with the user to...
Anil Ganti, 11 Dec 2023 19:50
The "OPPO Find X7 Pro". (Source: Novice Evaluation via Weibo)

OPPO Find X7 Pro tipped to launch with curved display and Alert Slider

A new generation of OPPO's flagship Find X-series Android smartphones seem closer to reality as their model numbers have allegedly been exposed in their latest leaks. Meanwhile, the X7 Pro's reputation of an alternative version of...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 07 Dec 2023 20:40
A OnePlus Ace 2 Pro. (Source: OnePlus)

OnePlus Ace 3 display specs outlined in new leak

The Ace 3 is thought to emerge in early 2024 as the cheaper alternative to the new top-end OnePlus 12 smartphone. Now, the upcoming Android device's screen specs are allegedly out there in more detail. The tip hints at a tough cho...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 07 Dec 2023 18:49
The OnePlus 12 is now official in China (image via OnePlus)

OnePlus 12 announced in China with copious amounts of RAM, an ultra-bright display and wireless charging

The OnePlus 12 has been launched in China. It features a 6.8-inch 120 Hz LTPO OLED panel, three rear cameras (50 MP + 48 MP + 64 MP), and up to 24 GB of RAM. Its global launch is expected to happen sometime in January 2024.
Anil Ganti, 05 Dec 2023 10:34
The OnePlus 12. (Source: OnePlus)

OnePlus 12 display type and size revealed in new leak

The OnePlus 12 will launch with the best display in the Android smartphone market on its launch - according to its maker, at least. Now, a new leak purports to confirm how big that potentially class-leading screen is going to be. ...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 03 Dec 2023 22:06
Will the OnePlus 12 look like this in person? (Source: OnePlus)

OnePlus 12: New colorway and Alert Slider shown off in new photo leaks

OnePlus had announced that the OnePlus 12 will have a third color option in addition to the familiar black and green of its predecessors. Now, the OEM has displayed it in advance in some new official preview shots. Meanwhile, a le...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 03 Dec 2023 19:53
The OnePlus Open eyeballs a razer blade. (Source: JerryRigEverything via YouTube)

OnePlus Open beats Pixel Fold in popular durability test

The Open is the first foldable smartphone OnePlus has ever launched, yet is backed to withstand no less than 1,000,000 uses of its hinge over its lifetime. The OEM also claims it is further reinforced with materials such as carbon...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 02 Dec 2023 19:11
OnePlus hypes the 12 as a gaming powerhouse. (Source: OnePlus)

OnePlus 12: Rain Touch Control display demos gaming prowess in new leak

OnePlus has just confirmed second-gen Rain Touch Control and Tiangong cooling technology for its upcoming flagship Android smartphone. The 12 has allegedly shown these new AnTuTu Benchmark-destroying enhancements off already in an...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 30 Nov 2023 20:03
The OnePlus 12 is said to combine the OnePlus Open's camera system with an even brighter display. (Image source: OnePlus)

OnePlus 12: Company confirms camera system, ultra-bright display, return of wireless charging and shares camera samples before December 5 launch

OnePlus continues to flood its social media channels with teasers about the OnePlus 12. Arriving on December 5, the OnePlus 12 will see the return of wireless charging for OnePlus smartphones, as well as a new 4,500 nit display an...
Alex Alderson, 29 Nov 2023 17:27
The OnePlus 12 will feature Hasselblad camera tunings like its predecessor. (Image source: OnePlus)

OnePlus 12: Official teasers start with camera specifications and design details before December release

OnePlus has started its OnePlus 12 teaser campaign, shortly before Xiaomi presents the Redmi K70 Pro. Arriving next month, the OnePlus 12 appears to share many of its cameras with the OnePlus Open, including a 64 MP telephoto sens...
Alex Alderson, 27 Nov 2023 17:55
A OnePlus Buds 3 case? (Source: OnLeaks x MySmartPrice)

OnePlus Buds 3 leak via FCC as upcoming TWS accessories

OnePlus is gearing up to launch third-gen flagship-series TWS earbuds, according to a new filing discovered on the FCC database. The "Buds 3" are thought to launch with up-to-date specs such as Bluetooth 5.3 and ANC - then again, ...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 26 Nov 2023 19:47
A OnePlus 12 look? (Source: Digital Chat Station via Weibo)

OnePlus 12 updated colorways presented alongside classic wooden case leak

The OnePlus 11 comes in just 2 standard colorways - however, the brand has just confirmed the addition of a third for its "ten-year" successor. The 12 is also now believed to echo forebears from further back in its OEM's history b...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 24 Nov 2023 16:56
Pete Lau poses for a "10-year" promo. (Source: OnePlus)

OnePlus 12 launch date thought official following 10-year anniversary event announcement

OnePlus has announced that it will celebrate its tenth anniversary in early December 2023, in an event now believed to also unveil the OEM's next flagship Android smartphone. The 12 is touted to outdo its predecessors (and competi...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 20 Nov 2023 18:01
The 12's display is to be 2K, and much more besides. (Source: OnePlus)

OnePlus 12 display hyped as new smartphone industry best ahead of launch

OnePlus has collaborated with BOE to make the 12 with what the OEM is now calling the Android smartphone display of the highest standards in the industry. It is now touted to be particularly eye health-friendly despite its putativ...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 19 Nov 2023 17:16
Phone Link comes to OnePlus. (Source: OnePlus)

OnePlus smartphones to get Microsoft Phone Link via OxygenOS 14

OnePlus has announced that its next major stable software upgrade for Android smartphones will make them compatible with Microsoft Phone Link. Eligible devices will thus have a whole new way to move their calls, notifications and ...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 18 Nov 2023 17:05
The OnePlus Open in black. (Source: OnePlus)

OnePlus Open Voyager Black with 13% discount launches as Black Friday special in Europe

OnePlus has finally released the version of its first-gen foldable smartphone with a black vegan leather back to the European market. Not only that, the Open Voyager Black has been unleashed as one of the OEM's Black Friday specia...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 17 Nov 2023 17:31
The half-page teaser shows OnePlus' upcoming speaker (Image Source: Times of India)

OnePlus teases stunning transparent speaker with five drivers for 360° sound

OnePlus has just released a newspaper ad in India teasing a soon-to-be-launched speaker with a unique transparent design. The speaker, which looks like a faceted glass box, appears to house 5 drivers and an LCD display with the op...
Vishal Bhardwaj, 15 Nov 2023 15:08
A OnePlus 12 design leak. (Source: @OnLeaks x SmartPrix)

OnePlus 12 cleared for global launch in new leak

The OnePlus 12 is an upcoming flagship Android smartphone thought to launch with specific variants for the Chinese and international markets, even if they only differ in terms of model number. Now, the latter has appeared in what ...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 12 Nov 2023 17:10
OnePlus has placed particular focus on the camera capabilities of its next flagship. (Image source: OnePlus)

OnePlus 12 launching with new periscope telephoto camera and Hasselblad tunings as more camera samples published

OnePlus continues to tease its next flagship smartphone ahead of a late 2023 release. As usual, OnePlus will leverage its ongoing Hasselblad partnership for the OnePlus 12, which will also showcase a new periscope telephoto camera...
Alex Alderson, 09 Nov 2023 00:27
The Ace 3 will borrow some components from the current OnePlus 11, Ace 2 Pro pictured. (Image source: OnePlus)

OnePlus Ace 3 to launch with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset and optional 16 GB of RAM

The OnePlus Ace 3 has now appeared on popular benchmarking tool Geekbench ahead of its eventual launch. Sporting a recent flagship chipset and 16 GB of RAM, the Ace 2 series successor is also expected to offer 100 W wired charging...
Alex Alderson, 09 Nov 2023 00:07
The OnePlus 12 should at least match the camera capabilities of the OnePlus Open. (Image source: OnePlus)

OnePlus 12 to launch with new Sony Lytia camera sensor as executive shares official camera samples

The OnePlus 12 may not have received an official release yet, but that has not stopped OnePlus and its executives from teasing the device. Not only has OnePlus confirmed that the OnePlus 12 will feature a custom Sony Lytia camera ...
Alex Alderson, 04 Nov 2023 23:06
A OnePlus 12 render. (Source: OnLeaks x SmartPrix)

OnePlus 12 tipped to launch as 2024 flagship Android smartphone with 2023 charging specs

The 12 is currently tipped to launch with OnePlus' most exciting top-end smartphone upgrades of the last few years. However, its charging tech is not one of them, according to a new leak. It suggests that the upcoming Android flag...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 04 Nov 2023 19:28
A "OnePlus 12" render. (Source: OnLeaks x SmartPrix)

OnePlus 12 pops up on Geekbench with OxygenOS 14, 16GB of RAM and juicy new code-name

OnePlus's next flagship smartphone has now started to surface on Geekbench, with a model number most likely belonging to a global unit of the upcoming, Snapdragon 8 Gen 3-powered 12. This new detail is corroborated in other leaks,...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 31 Oct 2023 17:36


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