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Image via Steam (w/ edits)

Valve to discontinue Steam Link once current supply sells out

Valve quietly announced that once physical stock of the Steam Link streaming device sells out, they will no longer sell physical units. Instead, Valve will shift focus and support to the Steam Link mobile app, currently only avail...
On-foot data collecting for Apple Maps officially confirmed (Source: AppleInsider)

Apple Maps returns to the basics via on-foot data collection

Since Apple Maps often gives the same directions to pedestrians and drivers, the company's pedestrian recon teams are now back on the streets of the United States. The individuals who are part of these teams are wearing backpacks ...
Champs-Élysées Apple store Forum area (Source: Apple Newsroom)

Apple opens Champs-Élysées store in Paris

The new Apple store that opened its doors for the first time last Sunday in Paris is located on one of the most famous shopping streets in the world — the Champs-Élysées — and is entirely powered using renewable energy. Apple Cham...
Images via Apple (w/ edits)

Apple has cut production order for the iPhone XS and iPhone XR, according to suppliers

According to some of its suppliers, Apple has cut orders for both the iPhone XS and iPhone XR. Citing a weak Chinese market and a slowdown in smartphone demand, Apple has had to pare back its supply of the new iPhones, a move that...
Tim Cook defended the multibillion dollar deal with Google despite privacy concerns. (Source: Applesencia)

Tim Cook feels Google Search is the best despite privacy concerns

Defending Apple's decision for making Google the default search provider in Apple products, CEO Tim Cook said that Google's search is the best despite some lingering privacy concerns. Google is known to pay companies such as Apple...
Apple's iCloud is apparently incompatible with the October Update for Windows

iCloud found not to work with Windows October Update

Users have reportedly discovered that iCloud stops working on laptops updated to the latest version of Windows (1809). This prevents syncing or uploading to the service. New installs of iCloud may also fail due to a lack of compat...
The Apple iPad Pro's structural integrity is less than ideal. (Source: JerryRigEverything on YouTube)

Bendgate 2.0?: Apple's latest iPad Pro 'folds like a piece of paper'

The Apple iPad Pro is apparently not a very durable tablet as demonstrated by Zack Nelson of the popular YouTube channel, JerryRigEverything. Zack was easily able to bend the iPad Pro with very minimal effort, which raises concern...
Image via T-Mobile (w/ edits)

T-Mobile phones may be moving to 3-year payment plans, starting with Black Friday deals

T-Mobile looks like it has some great deals on some of the best smartphones released this year. Handsets like the iPhone XR and Galaxy S9 can be had for free, but reading the fine print shows a few caveats. In addition to activati...
Mark Zuckerberg's opinion on Apple's price crash has not yet been reported. (Source: NASDAQ/Newsfeed/edit)

Apple stock decline slows down; Zuckerberg not an iOS fan

Apple’s stock price seems to have stabilized and even briefly bounced back after days of steep decline. The NASDAQ community has offered a “bullish” rating for the stock, implying there is still plenty of optimism in the company’s...
5G may be here soon, but AT&T thinks its path to success won't be that short. (Source: Converge Digest)

5G is not all it's cracked up to be (yet): AT&T

The United States and South Korea are the countries most strongly linked with the earliest widespread roll-outs of the new mobile data-transfer standard, 5G. AT&T is one of the US networks engaged in the upcoming national 5G distr...
Image source: Apple and AMD (w/ edits)

Vega comes to the MacBook Pro: new models with Vega Pro 16 and Vega Pro 20 GPUs now available

Apple has released new models of the 15-inch MacBook Pro with AMD Radeon Pro Vega GPUs. The new MacBook Pros can be configured with either a Radeon Pro Vega 16 or Radeon Pro Vega 20. The new GPU option is only available for the mo...
AirPods utilize an Apple W1 SoC. (Source: BGR)

AirPods 2 could be coming soon; possible images leaked

It has been claimed that Apple will be releasing the successor to its AirPods product before the end of the year. There has been speculation that AirPods 2 could feature a case that can be charged wirelessly, but nothing has been ...
AAPL price, 2018/10/15 - 2018/11/13

Ming-Chi Kuo cuts iPhone XR sales expectations by 30-35 percent

Noted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has told investors to temper sales expectations for the iPhone XR. Citing trade disputes, consumer fatigue, and steep competition, Kuo has slashed sales expectations for the iPhone XR by 35% for 20...
Apple could be adopting MPI antenna tech in upcoming iPhones. (Source: iFixit)

Ming-Chi Kuo: Apple's 2019 iPhones will incorporate MPI antenna technology

TFI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo expects that the next generation of Apple iPhone could be switching to MPI antenna technology instead of the LCP antennas as in the current models. This move is expected to improve costs and pro...
Apple MacBook Air 2018 (i5, 256 GB) Laptop Review

Apple MacBook Air 2018 (i5, 256 GB) Laptop Review

Live-Review – Better display, slow processor? Apple pretty much ignored its MacBook Air for a couple of years and there were many speculations about the end of the series. Now, we get completely redesigned the model including a modern display. Is it an alternative to the more expensive MacBook Pro 13 for many users, or is it somewhat redundant? Update: Speakers, fan noise, video runtime
Intel Core i5-8210Y | Intel UHD Graphics 617 | 13.3" | 1.2 kg
You can watch HDR movies on the new iPad Pro models - just not in HDR. (Source: Apple)

Apple fudging new iPad Pro HDR capabilities

Apple’s new iPad Pro tablets have received largely positive reviews. One area that has come in for praise is its display. However, although claiming users can watch HDR movies on the tablet, all is not quite what it seems.
The Apple T2 chip has earned a lot of criticism from right-to-repair advocates. (Source: iFixit)

Apple's T2 chip could severely limit the possibilities of third-party Mac repair

Apple has confirmed to The Verge that its T2 chip will limit the ability to repair new Macs as it feels that the chip is crucial to enabling modern security features on Mac computers. However, critics are concerned that Apple's mo...
The Apple iPhone XR was released in October 2018. (Source: Apple)

Apple's stock price continues downward trajectory

Stock prices for Apple have fallen again today, reaching a low of US$193.79 in the late morning. The price stood at US$204.47 at the previous close, meaning the Cupertino-based company has seen more billions of dollars wiped off i...
The new LaCie portable SSD. (Source: LaCie)

LaCie releases new portable SSD with USB type C port

LaCie, a subsidiary of Seagate, has released its latest portable SSD with USB type C. The company claims that it can transfer data at up to 540 MB/s and support up to USB 3.0 standards. The LaCie type C portable SSD is also suppos...
Image via CNN Money

Amazon will prevent unauthorized third-parties from selling Apple products through its online store

In a deal struck with Apple to begin selling the newest Apple products, Amazon has announced it will ban unauthorized third-party sellers from listing or selling Apple products through Amazon. While sellers can become an authoriz...
Is there such a thing as a core i7 Macbook Air? (Source: TechSpot)

Mysterious Macbook Air-like device with i7 processor shows up on Geekbench

The 2018 Macbook Air comes with a dual-core 1.6GHz Intel Core i5-8210Y processor and 16GB of RAM at best. A suspicious new listing on Geekbench 4 details an Apple laptop with the same motherboard as the Macbook Air, but with a fas...
TSMC's 7nm has been in the news recently thanks to AMD announcing new CPUs and GPUs based on the 7nm process to come out in 2018 and 2019. (Source: TSMC)

TSMC's new 7nm gains almost global adoption; semiconductor company optimistic about 2019

While TSMC's new 7nm is already quite popular, being the basis for several processors from companies AMD, Apple, and Huawei, even more are announcing that they too will be fabricating their products at TSMC using their new process...
The MacBook Air Retina is slightly more repairable than Apple's other laptops

The MacBook Air Retina is slightly more repairable than Apple's other laptops

The team over at iFixIt has published a complete teardown of the new MacBook Air Retina. While soldered storage and an integrated keyboard count heavily against the device, new pull tabs under the battery and a separate logic boar...
Koroy could completely bend the iPad out of shape by the end of his test. (Source: YouTube)

iPad Pro 2018 found to be remarkably fragile in drop/bend test

The EverythingApplePro YouTube channel's drop and bend test is an increasingly common staple of each new iPad release. This year, its host Filip Koroy found his optimism about the iPad Pro 2018's durability daunted as he put the 1...
Best Outdoor/Rugged Smartphones

Best Outdoor/Rugged Smartphones

November 2018 Update. Current smartphones are not just getting bigger and faster, they are also getting more and more fragile with each generation. Besides the display, the case is often made of glass as well and therefore subject to shattering when dropped. However, special-made and certified rugged smartphones are made to withstand massive abuse even without any protective shells. Here are the best outdoor smartphones reviewed by us.
The new Fossil Sport smartwatch. (Source: Fossil)

Fossil releases new Sport smartwatch powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100

The Fossil Sport smartwatch is now available for order as of today (November 8, 2018). This is the first smartwatch from this brand with the Snapdragon Wear 3100 chipset. The Fossil Sport also comes with 6 colors of interchangeabl...
iPad Pro 11 (2018)

93% Apple iPad Pro 11 (2018, WiFi, 64 GB) Tablet Review

Live Review – The new iPad Pro is here with a fresh redesign and wants to prove that it can handle a full working day. This promise comes with caveats though. We will be covering the smaller 11-inch version in this review.
Update: Display values and Speakers sections added.
Apple A12X Bionic | Apple A12X Bionic GPU | 11" | 468 g
Apple may be losing market share to Xiaomi and Huawei in Europe. (Source: Apple)

Apple is losing its European market share to Xiaomi and Huawei: new report

A new report by Kantar World Panel indicates that the number of iPhones sold in Europe in the third quarter of 2018 fell by 1.6%. This may have been driven by increased competition from Xiaomi and Huawei. These brands are also now...
Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (2018, LTE, 256 GB) Tablet Review

92% Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (2018, LTE, 256 GB) Tablet Review

Live review - The release of the third generation of Apple’s huge tablet has coincided with a complete redesign that shares more design cues with the new iPhone XS series than classic iPhones. Apple has equipped its most expensive tablet with its most powerful ARM SoC, Face ID, high volume storage options, support for a new Apple Pencil and much more including a massive markup in price.
Update: Connectivity, Software and Games sections added. Battery life table updated.
Apple A12X Bionic | Apple A12X Bionic GPU | 12.9" | 633 g
Magic UX interface uses AR to "pin" apps in virtual spaces to make multitasking truly seamless

Magic UX interface uses AR to "pin" apps in virtual spaces to make multitasking truly seamless

Design consultancy Special Projects has unveiled a new user interface approach to multitasking that uses AR technology. Seeking to emulate a physical real world work flow, the interface allows users to switch naturally between app...
The iPhone XR is not eliciting as much demand as Apple expected it would. (Source: Apple)

Plans for additional production lines for the iPhone XR halted by Apple: Report

Apple has instructed its smartphone assemblers Foxconn and Pegatron to halt plans for allocating additional production lines to the new iPhone XR model sensing low product demand. Another iPhone assembler, Wistron, has been ordere...
source: Apple

Apple raises repair prices of the new iPad Pro

Apple has raised the prices for the repair of the iPad Pro 2018. Repairing one of those devices will now cost 40 euros more compared to the previous generation. The prices without Apple Care+ are now so high that for many people i...
Apple's stock price has experienced a sharp decline recently. (Source: NASDAQ/Own)

Apple stock plunges; price dips below US$200

Apple’s share price fell below the US$200.00 mark today, reaching a low of US$198.17 at the time of writing. The continued stock plunge has devalued the company from its previous trillion-dollar valuation; market capitalization cu...
Image via Apple

Apple has started selling refurbished iPhone 8 devices for $499

Apple's in-house refurbished store has started selling 64 GB iPhone 8 handsets for $499, $100 less than a new phone. Apple's refurbished iPhones are basically used internals that are cleaned and repaired, then placed into a new ch...
Spotify is apparently working on an Apple Watch beta. (Source: imgur)

Spotify now reportedly working on Apple Watch app

Download links for a Spotify app for iOS have appeared on its community website. In addition, a Redditor also claims that there is also a WatchOS variant of the same in beta. However, the app is still in beta and does not much mor...
The upcoming Snapdragon 8150 is still slower than the A12 Bionic from Apple. (Source: Qualcomm)

Early Qualcomm Snapdragon 8150 SoC sample pops up in Geekbench

Qualcomm's answer for the A12 Bionic SoC from Apple allegedly got tested on Geekbench, and it looks like the Android side is still slower overall. However, the Snapdragon 8150 is clearly faster than the Snapdragon 845 and mostly o...
Apple enjoyed limited shipment growth of just 0.5%. (Source: Stuff)

Smartphone shipments down as Huawei aims for Samsung's crown

Global smartphone shipments for the third quarter have fallen by 6% over the last 12 months, according to data from IDC. The shipment volume for 3Q 2018 stood at 355.2 million units, compared to 377.8 million smartphones shipped i...
Apple lost its trillion-dollar value status today. (Source: AppleInsider)

Apple to cease sharing sales figures; stock prices fall

It has been reported that Apple will no longer provide detailed sales figures for its products in future financial reports, starting in Q1 2019. The Cupertino-based tech giant has just released its fourth quarter results; the quar...
Apple's mobile chips are closer than ever to Intel's mobility solutions. (Source: Apple)

Apple's latest iPad Pro tablets are almost as fast as a six-core MacBook Pro

Latest Geekbench results suggest that the A12X Bionic SoC is closer than ever to Intel's top mobility CPUs. The single-core scores are pretty tight, however, the gap in multi-core mode is more noticeable. Still the A12 only lags b...
Spotify shares were affected by less than completely positive earnings reports. (Source:

Spotify shares sank by 11% due to pessimistic earnings forecast

The shares of the company Spotify were down 11% at the start of today (November 1, 2018) due to a forecast that shows relatively poor fourth-quarter performance. In addition, Spotify is now reported to be committed to new investme...
Image via Apple (w/ edits)

Updating to watchOS 5.1 bricks some Apple Watches; Apple working on fix

Some Apple Watch Series 4 users have reported that updating their wearable to watchOS 5.1 bricked their device. After rebooting the Watch when installing the update, the device would freeze on the Apple logo and become unresponsiv...
Apple iPhone X gets CPU throttling (Source: Apple)

Apple's iPhone X gets speed throttling

Although Apple has previously said that this controversial feature would not be pushed to its post-iPhone 7 handsets, it seems that the Cupertino-based giant has decided to add speed throttling for the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and...
Apple's love affair with dongles continues with the launch of its all-new USB-C to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter. (Source: Apple)

Apple launches a new dongle, this time for the USB-C iPad Pro

Apple has launched an all-new dongle alongside the launch of the new iPad Pro models. The latest dongle in Apple’s extensive selection of dongles available through its online and retail stores is a USB-C to 3.5mm headphone jack.
MRI machines: helpful to humans, deadly to electronics. (Source:

Reddit post claims that an MRI machine killed all the Apple devices in the same hospital

A curious incident of the iPhones in the hospital: A post in r/sysadmin by a hospital IT admin tells a strange story: devices in his hospital either died completely or lost important functions on the same day. Oddly, all these ele...
A diagram of the watch in the Samsung patent. (Source: USPTO)

Samsung reportedly working on its own hybrid smartwatch

2018 could be considered the year of the successful hybrid smartwatch. The LG Watch W7, which has a physical timepiece in addition to a digital display, was received well, as was the dual-display Ticwatch Pro. Now, a new patent su...
Apple: New Design & Retina display for the MacBook Air 2018

Apple: New Design & Retina display for the MacBook Air 2018 (Update)

Apple announced the new MacBook Air right at the start of todays special event. Included in the new Apple MacBook Air 2018 is a Retina screen and a new processor. Also, Apple updated the design of this very successful device today...
The iPad Pro 2018 comes in 11- and 12.9-inch screen variants. (Source: Apple)

The 2018 iPad Pro loses the headphone jack, but gains USB-C

The newest iPad Pro is a tablet with a much thinner chassis than its predecessor. However, this is because it no longer has a headphone jack. The iPad Pro 2018 also has USB type C, for improved transfer speeds and maybe more. Hope...
An Apple metallurgist in action. (Source: Apple)

Apple now using 100 percent recycled aluminum in new Air, Mac mini

Among the announcement from the latest Apple event is that the company is making the new Mac mini and MacBook Air from 100 percent recycled aluminum. The company says that its metallurgists have discovered a new method for using t...
The 12-inch MacBook only scores a fresh coat of paint. (Source: Apple)

12-inch MacBook gains new gold hue, but misses out on Amber Lake Y, more

As expected, Apple has unveiled a new Mac mini, MacBook Air and new iPad Pro models. However, one device that missed out on getting a chipset refresh was the 12-inch MacBook, leaving it essentially unchanged since June 2017 barrin...
New iPhones can connect to two separate carriers using a single SIM card, but there are some issues with Verizon and T-Mobile. (Image via iFixIt)

Verizon and T-Mobile don't support iOS 12's dual-SIM feature

Apple is rolling out iOS 12.1 today, and if you have an iPhone Xs, Xs Max, or XR, you can use Apple's new dual-SIM feature... as long as you're not using Verizon on your digital SIM or as your secondary number. Both T-Mobile and V...

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