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The Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 GPU won't be included in the options for this year's XPS. (Source: Nvidia)

Frank Azor confirms the new Dell XPS 15 will not feature the RTX 2060

Dell executive and prolific tweeter, Frank Azor, has once more taken to the social network with information that will be disappointing to some. The owner of a Dell XPS 15 9530 asked Azor if the company was planning on fitting the ...
Jensen Huang attended a private Q&A session at CES 2019 and VentureBeat had a few burning questions prepared for the CEO.  (Source: VentureBeat)

Nvidia CEO informs that the GTX 10xx GPU inventories are almost dried up

Jensen Huang is trying to divert attention from stock prices and investor troubles with an optimistic outlook over the inventory troubles that the green team has been having since early 2H 2018. Nvidia's CEO was happy to announce ...
A piece of promotional material allegedly associated with the Turing GTX card. (Source: Videocardz)

New rumor implies the RTX 2060 will be faster than the corresponding Turing GTX card

An ever-increasing body of leaks point to '1660 Ti' as the name for one of the first GTX cards to feature the Turing architecture. It suggests that it may be an RTX 2060 counterpart, just without ray-tracing. A new rumor has indic...
Dell unexpectedly released BIOS 1.7 for the XPS 15 9570 last week. (Image Source: Dell)

Dell resolves the XPS 15 9570 NVIDIA GPU issue with BIOS 1.7

XPS 15 9570 owners rejoice. We can confirm that Dell has finally fixed the NVIDIA GPU issue that has been plaguing some 9570 laptops for months with BIOS 1.7. Unfortunately, the update has introduced some fan peculiarities though.
To our surprise, the Huawei MateBook 13 uses the faster 25 W '1D10' GeForce MX150 GPU

To our surprise, the Huawei MateBook 13 uses the faster 25 W '1D10' GeForce MX150 GPU

Huawei doesn't not mention it, but perhaps it should. The OEM is quietly slipping the faster 25 W version of the GeForce MX150 into its upcoming mid-tier Ultrabook whereas most competitors are using the much slower 10 W version. E...
Lenovo Legion Y730 vs. Legion Y530 vs. Legion Y7000: Battle of brothers

Lenovo Legion Y530 vs. Legion Y730 vs. Legion Y7000: Battle of brothers

Lenovo's latest lineup of Legion laptops aims directly for budget-conscious gamers with its fairly low starting prices. All models share very similar internals between them despite their distinct appearances. We compare and contra...
The Dell XPS 15 is to be upgraded with a 4K OLED panel starting in March. (Source: Engadget)

Dell to release a new XPS 15 model with a 4K OLED panel in March

Dell has revealed that it plans to start offering the XPS 15 with an OLED panel in March 2019. Such a laptop would be able to offer a much better contrast ratio and more vivid colors than its LCD-wielding counterparts. It’s also p...
The Dell XPS 15 9570 (Source: Dell)

Updated | Dell shelves its new XPS 15 9570 BIOS

In a dissapointing but perhaps unsurprising move, Dell has postponed the release of its BIOS update for the XPS 15 9570. The news comes after the company previously said that it would release BIOS 1.7 by the end of 2018, which Del...
The Infinite S models are targeting the mid-range budget gamers, while the Trident X series are designed for the mid-to-high-end crowd. (Source: Liliputing)

CES 2019 | MSI updates its compact desktop lineups with RTX 2000 GPUs

The new Infinite S budget-friendly series will feature mid-range specs like the gen 9 i7 / i5 CPUs accompanied by the RTX 2060 GPU from Nvidia, while the Trident X models now represent MSI's mid-to-high-end compact gaming solution...
Gigabyte will slowly phase out the Aorus X series this year (Source: Gigabyte)

Gigabyte will slowly phase out the Aorus X series this year

The manufacturer will be leaving behind the Aorus X design in favor of a newer narrow-bezel look with more heat pipes, more ventilation, and a slightly thicker profile. The change will hopefully address some of the most common dra...
Why the unique Alienware Area-51m will be a gamble for Dell

Why the unique Alienware Area-51m will be a gamble for Dell

The MXM form factor preceding DGFF never took off even though it was marketed for its versatility and ability to support future GPUs. If Dell isn't careful, they may repeat the same mistakes and run into a wall with DGFF once Nvid...
Acer TravelMate X3410 (i7, MX130, FHD) Laptop Review

87% Acer TravelMate X3410 (i7, MX130, FHD) Laptop Review

Affordable underdog. In the enterprise-laptop market, avoiding Dell, Lenovo or HP is hardly possible, but Acer wants to have a piece of that lucrative market segment as well. The Acer TravelMate X3410 is made to appeal to business customers, but will it be able to win-out over the well-established competition? To find out more, read this in-depth review.
Intel Core i7-8550U | NVIDIA GeForce MX130 | 14" | 1.7 kg
End of the road — Dell will cease production of the Alienware 15 and 17 series (Image source:

End of the road — Dell will cease production of the Alienware 15 and 17 series

These two classic Alienware laptops have reached End-of-Life (EOL) status in order to make room for the thinner, lighter, and sleeker Alienware m15 and m17 successors. The Alienware 17 in particular is being succeeded by both the ...
The Dell XPS 15 will be skipping CES this year (Source: Dell)

The Dell XPS 15 is skipping CES this year

Coming straight from the horse's mouth, Dell product manager Frank Azor has confirmed that CES 2019 will focus on the XPS 13 series, Alienware series, and Latitude series with the XPS 15 taking a back seat.
Alienware Area-51m is a 17-inch laptop with removable GeForce RTX graphics card and an LGA 1151 socket (Source: Dell)

CES 2019 | Alienware Area-51m is a 17-inch laptop with two AC adapter ports and removable GeForce RTX graphics

Dell is pulling a Clevo by offering a laptop with desktop CPU options and an upgradeable GPU. Instead of adopting the MXM GPU form factor like MSI and Clevo, however, Dell has created its own proprietary DGFF GPU form factor that ...
Dell G5 15 SE in white and blue. (Source: Dell)

CES 2019 | Dell updates G5 and G7 gaming laptops with Nvidia's new RTX 2000 cards and a 4K OLED display

Dell has announced at CES that it is upgrading the G5 15 5590, G7 15 7590, and G7 17 7790 with the new Nvidia RTX mobile GPUs, including the top-of-the-line RTX 2080. An OLED screen option is also being added, similar to the offer...
Dell Inspiron 13 7000 2-in-1 showing the stylus accessibility in different layouts. (Source: Dell)

CES 2019 | Dell updates the Inspiron 13 7000 2-in-1 and Inspiron 15 7000 2-in-1 Black Editions with new 'pen garage' and keyboard

Dell's newly announced update to the Inspiron 13 and Inspiron 15 7000 convertible 'Black Edition' features a new hinge design with a 'pen garage' to securely hold an active stylus. The new design is the middle ground between easy ...
ZOTAC GeForce RTX 2060 AMP. (Source: ZOTAC)

CES 2019 | ZOTAC announces new GeForce RTX 2060 GPUs and a Mini PC featuring the mobile GeForce RTX 2070

ZOTAC has announced two new GPUs based on the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 at CES 2019. The RTX 2060 Twin Fan and RTX 2060 AMP feature the company's IceStorm 2.0 cooling mechanism and FireStorm fine tuning utility. The latest ZOTAC Mag...
G-Sync will be available to non-certified monitors too, but Game Ready drivers will only be optimized for those monitors that NVIDIA has certified as being G-Sync Compatible. (Image source: NVIDIA)

CES 2019: NVIDIA is bringing G-Sync to FreeSync monitors and rebrands G-Sync HDR

NVIDIA is expanding its G-Sync technology to more monitors, the company has announced at CES in Las Vegas. NVIDIA has already certified 12 AMD FreeSync monitors as being "G-Sync Compatible" and will roll out the functionality for ...
The RTX 2060 will cost around US$100 more than the GTX 1060 and ~US$50 less than the GTX 1070 Ti. (Source: Tom's Guide)

CES 2019 | Nvidia's RTX 2060 is faster than the GTX 1070 Ti, costs only $349

Initially believed to be stripped of the whistles and bells brought by the RTX features on the high-end desktop GPUs, the RTX 2060 is now confirmed to be a powered-down version of the RTX 2080 SKU. Nvidia claims it is 40-60% faste...
The new Samsung Notebook Odyssey measures 357.6 x 270.5 x 19.9 mm and weighs 2.4 kg. (Source: Samsung)

CES 2019 | Samsung attempts a refresh in gaming with its Notebook Odyssey

Samsung has announced details of its latest gaming device, the Samsung Notebook Odyssey. The South Korean manufacturer introduced its Odyssey line-up in early 2017 and now the company has put together a new laptop to try to entice...
MSI flagship series gets refreshed with the latest RTX 2000 GPUs from Nvidia, a wide array of SSD storage options and enhanced gaming immersion features.

CES 2019 | MSI showcases high-end GT75/GT63 Titan gaming laptops with RTX 2000 GPUs

The flagship series from MSI is getting updated specs that include the newly announced RTX 2000 mobility GPUs from Nvidia, a large array of NVMe / SATA SSDs / SATA HDD storage options, plus features like synchronized RGB lights an...
The golden trim and accents, as well as the sandblast metallic black finish turn the 2019 Stealth series into one of the most esthetically pleasing slim gaming laptops out there. (Source MSI)

CES 2019 | MSI launches slim GS75/65 Stealth gaming laptops with RTX 2000 Max-Q graphics

Apart from updating the specs of the Stealth slim gaming laptops with the latest RTX 2000 Max-Q GPUs that do not require active cooling, MSI also updated the design with stylish gold trim and accents plus a sandblast metallic blac...
The MSI GE63 Raider models feature unique RGB lighting designs on the cover. (Source: MSI)

CES 2019 | MSI's latest GE75/63 Raider gaming laptops combine unique esthetics with powerful specs

For gamers who prefer unique chassis esthetics to go along with the unparalleled performance, MSI has updated the Raider series with new GE75/63 models. The covers now feature special lighting elements like the L-shaped RGB cutout...
The budget GL73/63 models from MSI ditch the fancy lights and limit the GPUs to the mid-range RTX 2060 solution. (Source: MSI)

CES 2019 | The MSI GL73/63 budget gaming laptops are powered by the RTX 2060 GPUs

When it comes to gaming laptops, the budget sector is what really drives profits for most OEMs. MSI's updated budget series is represented by the GL73/63 models that now integrate RTX 2060 GPUs and up to gen 8 Core i7 CPUs from In...
The Acer Predator Triton 900 is the world's first convertible gaming notebook. (Source: Acer)

CES 2019 | The Acer Predator Triton 900 packs powerful components in a convertible form factor

Acer today announced the new Predator Triton 900 2-in-1 gaming notebook. The Predator Triton 900 is the world's first gaming convertible and features high-end specs that include a 17.3-inch 4K G-Sync display, a Core i7-8750H CPU, ...
Razer Blade 15 Advanced Model now features NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2000 graphics

CES 2019 | Razer Blade 15 Advanced gets NVIDIA RTX 2000-series graphics

The Razer Blade 15 Advanced Model has been upgraded with new NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2000-series graphics cards for every budget, starting with the RTX 2060 with 6 GB GDDR6 and going all the way up to the RTX 2080 with 8 GB GDDR6. The ...
Asus ZenBook 14 UX431 ultrabook with Whiskey Lake and GeForce MX150

CES 2019 | Asus redefines luxury on a budget with the ZenBook 14 UX431

Featuring a generous selection of processor choices from Intel, the Asus ZenBook 14 UX431 integrates the NVIDIA GeForce MX150 graphics adapter without being heavy or bulky. Its specs also include up to 16 GB of memory and 1 TB of ...
Acer Predator Triton 500 combines compact design with the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Max-Q

CES 2019 | (Update with hands-on pictures) Acer Predator Triton 500 combines compact design with the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Max-Q

Acer expands its Predator Triton lineup with the Predator Triton 500. The new model is an especially powerful laptop with the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Max-Q that is still very mobile.
Asus ZenBook S13 ultrabook with 97 percent screen-to-body ratio

CES 2019 | The Asus ZenBook S13 comes with a reversed notch, 97 percent screen-to-body ratio

Powered by an Intel Whiskey Lake processor, the new ZenBook S13 is allegedly the thinnest laptop that features a discrete graphics solution. However, its main selling point is the impressive 97 percent screen-to-body ratio that ha...
Upcoming Alienware m17 will be 7 mm thinner than the Alienware 17 R5 (Source: Dell)

CES 2019 | Upcoming Alienware m17 will be 7 mm thinner than the Alienware 17 R5

The new Alienware m17 is essentially the 17-inch version of the existing Alienware m15. Dell will launch the laptop later this month with next generation Nvidia Turing Max-Q graphics.
The ROG Zephyrus S GX701 is Asus' answer to the Razer Blade Pro

CES 2019 | The ROG Zephyrus S GX701 is Asus' answer to the Razer Blade Pro

Debuting alongside the Nvidia Turing series for laptops, the upcoming Zephyrus GX701 will carry GTX 2080 Max-Q graphics and a 17.3-inch 144 Hz display with 3 ms response times for an ultra-smooth 1080p gaming experience. Its super...
At CES 2019, Clevo is introducing the world's first 16.1-inch slim gaming laptops. (Source: Clevo)

CES 2019 | Clevo readies various gaming laptop models with Nvidia RTX graphics

Clevo is showcasing a wide variety of gaming laptop models powered by Nvidia's freshly announced RTX 2000-series mobility GPUs. There are models that come with Intel's gen 9 and gen 8 desktop-grade CPUs and all the new mobility GP...
Gigabyte Aero 15 Y9 and X9 now official with insane specifications (Source: Gigabyte)

CES 2019 | Gigabyte Aero 15 Y9 and X9 now official with insane specifications

Can the GeForce RTX 2080 fit in a chassis the size of a Dell XPS 15? Apparently so. Gigabyte has updated its most popular 15-inch laptop ever with CPU and GPU options normally reserved for thicker and larger gaming laptops. Day-to...
Upcoming Aorus 15 laptop looks to be the full design refresh we've been waiting for (Source: Gigabyte)

CES 2019 | Upcoming Aorus 15 laptop looks to be the full design refresh we've been waiting for

Gigabyte calls it the "world's first AI gaming laptop with Microsoft Azure AI" that can collect usage data, pass it through the Azure cloud platform for analyzing, and then automatically tweak the laptop to optimize performance an...
Alienware m15 gets new GeForce RTX 2080 Max-Q, Core i9, and HDR400 4K UHD options (Source: Dell)

CES 2019 | Alienware m15 gets new GeForce RTX 2080 Max-Q, Core i9, and HDR400 4K UHD options

With mobile Nvidia Turing now officially out of the bag, OEMs everywhere can finally unveil what they have in store to take advantage of the new generation of GPUs. Dell will be one of the first to offer a Turing-based gaming lapt...
The NVIDIA Mobile RTX GPUs are now official and will feature in many gaming laptops this year. (Source: GND-Tech)

CES 2019 | NVIDIA unveils the GeForce RTX lineup for laptops, will feature in over 40 notebooks this year

NVIDIA has finally announced its lineup of RTX GPUs for laptops at CES 2019. Coming under the N18 family, these GPUs will be available in both standard and MaxQ variants. The RTX 2080 and RTX 2070 will be coming in a total of thre...
2019 HP Omen 15 comes with 802.11ax wireless and a 240 Hz display (Source: HP)

CES 2019 | 2019 HP Omen 15 comes with 802.11ax wireless and a 240 Hz display

The refreshed model will boast post-Pascal Max-Q graphics from Nvidia as well, but it will otherwise have the same chassis design as last year's Omen 15. The significantly faster refresh rate should reduce screen tearing and benef...
OLED is making a return to the HP Spectre x360 15 (Source: HP)

CES 2019 | OLED is making a comeback on the HP Spectre x360 15

HP is hoping to reignite consumer interest in AMOLED laptops again by pairing it with its most popular consumer convertible. The OEM is not yet ready to announce prices at the moment likely because it's going to cost a hefty premi...
This what the 'Mad Box' will look like. (Source: Ian Bell/Twitter)

Mad Box games reveals its forthcoming console design

Mad Dog studios has caused a stir in the console gaming world with the announcement of what it claims will be the most powerful console ever made. Now, the CEO Ian Bell has tweeted some photos of what it will look like when it shi...
Lenovo Legion Y730-15ICH (i5-8300H, GTX 1050 Ti) Laptop Review

83% Lenovo Legion Y730-15ICH (i5-8300H, GTX 1050 Ti) Laptop Review

Flagship features, mainstream price. The Legion Y730 is the higher-end alternative to the Legion Y530 and legion Y7000 with flagship-like features including per-key RGB lighting, Thunderbolt 3, and dedicated Macro keys. It's just too bad that current SKUs are limited to the GeForce GTX 1050 Ti.
Intel Core i5-8300H | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti (Laptop) | 15.6" | 2.2 kg
Asus RoG Zephyrus S GX531GM (i7-8750H, GTX 1060, SSD, FHD) Laptop Review

85% Asus RoG Zephyrus S GX531GM (i7-8750H, GTX 1060, SSD, FHD) Laptop Review

Unusual. Asus wraps the technology of the Zephyrus S in a thin and compact case. The hardware is able to render every current game smoothly on the matte 144-Hz IPS display. The possibilities to upgrade the device are very limited.
Intel Core i7-8750H | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 (Laptop) | 15.6" | 2.1 kg
Medion Erazer X6805

85% Medion Erazer X6805 (Core i7-8750H, GTX 1060, FHD) Laptop Review

Great value for money While gaming notebooks are becoming more expensive and many manufacturers are outperforming each other with new maximum prices, Medion continues to deliver well-priced laptops. Read on to find out how the Erazer X6805 performs against other budget gaming laptops.
Intel Core i7-8750H | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 (Laptop) | 15.6" | 2.5 kg
Nvidia will livestream its briefing where - in all likelihood - mobile RTX will be unveiled (Source: Nvidia)

CES 2019 | Nvidia will livestream its briefing where - in all likelihood - mobile RTX will be unveiled

Catch the event as it happens on January 6 at 8 PM Pacific Time. Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang will take the stage to kick start CES 2019 and possibly reveal a few surprises along the way.
AMD and Nvidia made considerable efforts to meet the outstanding GPU demand in early 2018, but the crypto crash hit the two companies hard in late 2018. (Source: MarketWatch)

Q4 2018 stocks: AMD on the rise, Nvidia crashes hard

Despite the steep losses in the GPU sector suffered by both AMD and Nvidia, the red team managed to see stock appreciation thanks to the CPU division. Nvidia was not that fortunate and took a hard dive in Q3 and Q4, but things sho...
The RTX 2060 Founders Edition is unsurprisingly featuring the same dual fan design the other RTX cards have. (Source: VideoCardz)

Nvidia's RTX 2060 rumored to launch at $350 with the performance of a GTX 1070

The RTX 2060's previously rumored specs are now confirmed, as well as pricing. Starting January 15th, the RTX 2060 can be purchased for $350 and offers 1070 like performance as well as support for ray tracing.
Nvidia's new Turing GPUs are the first to support real time ray tracing, but they are large and consequently very expensive. (Source: Nvidia)

GTX 1160 existence confirmed by Lenovo and will exist alongside the RTX/GTX 2060

Apparently the 11 series of GeForce GPUs actually do exist, with the 1160 coming soon to a Lenovo laptop. These GPUs will allegedly be based on the current Turing architecture but without RTX support, meaning prices should be much...
The AORUS/Gigabyte lower-end card line-up for next year may have been leaked. (Source: WCCFTech)

New leak details full RTX 2060-based card line-up for AORUS and Gigabyte

A Twitter-based leaker claims to have found a Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) certification for the full list of Gigabyte/AORUS graphics cards to incorporate the RTX 2060 GPU. According to this extensive listing, the two brands...
The 2018 Razer Blade Stealth is an awesome Ultrabook, but double-check for these abnormalities (Image source: Razer)

Update | The 2018 Razer Blade Stealth is an awesome Ultrabook, but double-check for these abnormalities

Loose USB Type-C charging cable, electronic noise, discharging battery when gaming, and abnormally slow processor performance round up the list of issues we encountered during our review on the latest Blade Stealth laptop.
Razer Blade 15 vs. Alienware m15: Dell has the performance advantage

Razer Blade 15 vs. Alienware m15: Dell has the major performance advantage

The Core i7-8750H CPU in the Dell runs 25 percent faster than the same CPU in the Razer Blade 15. The thinner Razer system does not benefit from Intel Turbo Boost as much likely to keep surface temperatures and power consumption i...

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