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WWDC 2018 | Apple debuts iOS 12 (which feels behind the curve)

The latest version of Apple's mobile operating system, iOS 12, refines a few existing features while introducing few new ones. All said, iOS 12 is exciting for the Apple fanbase, but it seems like the iPhone is playing catch-up to...
Mr. Google, I don't feel so good...

Update: The "Tablets" tab is back | Google silently exits the tablet market

Google silently removed the Tablets heading on the Android website, indicating that the tech behemoth may no longer push development for tablet features. This could be another sign that Google is planning on merging ChromeOS and A...
The Surface RT. (Image: Microsoft)

Microsoft rumored to soon make low-cost Surface tablets with USB Type-C to rival the iPad

Rumors are flying concerning Microsoft's Surface line, speculating that the Redmond regent may soon produce another low-cost Surface tablet to compete directly against Apple's iPad. If true, the budget Surface will feature a 10-in...
Samsung falls flat in latest quarterly tablet shipments (Image source: Apple)

Samsung and Amazon fall flat in latest quarterly tablet shipments

The slate tablet continues to sink while detachables steadily grow to take its place. Apple, Samsung, and Huawei were collectively responsible for over 55 percent of all tablets sold worldwide during the first quarter of 2018. Con...
Apple's iPhone X has sold well despite rumors to the contrary. (Source: Apple)

Apple Q2 results silence iPhone X critics with US$61B in revenue

Despite concerns that Apple might miss its targets for the quarter, the company has instead returned record numbers for its fiscal Q2. The Cupertino giant raked in a net profit of US$13.8B for the quarter on gross revenue of US$61...
Recent Apple leaks have included details about the iPhone 8, iPhone X, and iOS 11's gold master code. (Source: Technologizer)

Apple memo about leaks gets leaked

An internal memo warning Apple employees about the consequences of leaking information has been leaked. The tech giant has suffered from a considerable number of leaks in the past, and the memo warns that leakers face losing their...
Luminescence shock avoidance technology could also potentially save battery power. (Source: Gadget Hacks)

Apple patent deals with luminescence shock

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has published a patent application for “Luminescence shock avoidance in display devices” that was filed by Apple in December 2017. Luminescence shock occurs when a device is tu...
Image: Apple

Apple will release an updated Mac Pro desktop in 2019, and it will be a complete redesign

In an event hosted for creative professionals earlier today, Apple executives clarified that the new Mac Pro desktop will indeed be released in 2019. In a somewhat surprising move, Apple will be working with professionals outside ...
Over one-quarter of all tablets shipped are Apple iPads (Image source: Apple)

Over one-quarter of all tablets shipped are Apple iPads

Analysts are skeptical that the new 2018 9.7-inch iPad with A10 Fusion SoC will be as successful as the last generation iPads. Apple is predicted to lose 0.8 percent of the tablet market YoY while Amazon and Huawei can gain as muc...
The Logitech Rugged 2 Combo case comes with a holder for the Logitech Crayon or Apple Pencil. (Source: Logitech)

Logitech reveals new accessories for sixth-generation iPad

Swiss computer-accessory manufacturer Logitech has announced a couple of new items specifically designed for the just-released sixth-generation iPad. Firstly, there is a stylus called the Logitech Crayon Digital Pencil that offers...
Apple March 2018 launch event teaser Let's take a field trip

Apple confirms March 27 event, we should get ready for new iPads

The official invite that Apple has recently sent out contains the headline "Let's take a field trip." and the location of the March 27 event makes it all clear. The new Apple products will be unveiled at the Lane Tech College Prep...
Fortnite follows PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds into the mobile space. (Source: Epic Games)

Fortnite Battle Royale has come to mobile devices, cross-play support in tow

Fortnite Battle Royale's popularity has skyrocketed of recent, and it's sure to grow even further, with Epic Games confirming that the battle royale shooter is coming to both iOS and Android, and with cross-play support across all...
It is possible Apple will bring Face ID to an iPad refresh. (Source: Wired)

Could two new Apple iPads be coming soon?

Apple has made an international regulatory filing with the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) that suggests the company is preparing to release two new products in the iPad line-up. The filing lists two tablets with model numbers ...
A sneak peak at split-screen for Android apps on Chrome OS. (Source: 9to5 Google)

Chrome OS gets split-screen mode on Canary channel

Google is priming Chrome OS to compete directly with Apple's iPad in the tablet space, if the latest update to the Chrome OS on its alpha build Canary channel is any indication. The latest update allows users to run Android apps i...
Apple has released a patch for the Indian character bug that causes severe crashes on all platforms.

Apple releases patch to fix the Indian 'Telugu bug' on all platforms

Apple has released a patch that will fix the so-called 'Telugu bug' on iOS, MacOS, tvOS and WatchOS. When users receive a message or notification that contains a certain Indian character, the app crashes and becomes unusable. In s...
HP previously partnered with Apple in 2004 to resell its iPod with HP branding. (Source: Wikipedia)

HP to officially resell Apple products

HP will be reselling Apple's iPhone, iPad and Macs to its enterprise customers. The new program is aimed at giving its customers a one-stop solution for the deployment and support of multiple devices and operating systems in the w...
iOS 12 will focus more on polishing the user experience than introduce new features. (Source: MacRumors)

iOS 12 will finally make 'Peace' with customers

Apple is looking to revamp its software development workflow to balance introduction of new features and ironing out existing bugs. The upcoming iOS 12 internally codenamed 'Peace' will be the first result of this strategy.
iOS 9 was released in 2015 and is found on millions of devices. (Source: Apple)

Apple in damage-limiting exercise over code leak

Leaked code for the iBoot section of iOS 9 was uploaded to GitHub this week, leading to concerns that the software may have fallen into the wrong hands. Apple has already made maneuvers to try to limit the damage caused, but the c...
Apple shipped 13.2 million units in the fourth quarter of 2017 alone.

Apple's iPad is still the world's best-selling tablet

Apple Inc. is still the world's best-selling tablet manufacturer according to recently released figures from IDC. Apple shipped more units in 2017 than both Samsung and Amazon put together.
We could see new Apple devices make their debut starting from March 2018. (Source: MacRumors)

New Apple products could launch starting from March this year

DigiTimes claims that component suppliers are getting increased orders from Apple and that new iOS and MacBook devices are slated for debut starting March 2018.
iPad X concept render (Source: Martin Hajek)

New iPad models could arrive in the last quarter

Although this subject has been around for a while, analyst Mark Gurman has just unveiled a new launch period for the new iPads. Obviously, Apple did not confirm or deny the Q4 2018 launch of its next-gen tablets yet.

Apple devices are already protected against Meltdown without any hit to performance

With the massive vulnerabilities recently discovered in Intel CPUs, the main question on everyone's minds are when affected devices will be updated to guard against possible exploits. Apple is ahead of the game; apparently, the la...
Google Duo videochat app coming soon to tablets

Google Duo is almost ready for tablets

Although there is no official launch date for it yet, a Google Duo developer confirmed on Twitter that a special version for tablets is currently in the making.
Civilization VI hits the Apple iPad, first full Civ game for tablets

Civilization VI now available for iPads

More than just becoming available for Apple's tablets, Civilization VI is also the first game in the series to deliver the full desktop experience to those playing it on a slate.
Apple is contemplating on an unified app development model similar to Microsoft's UWP. (Source: Microsoft)

Apple mulling at unified app development a la Microsoft's UWP

Apple is looking for a way to 'converge a toaster and a refrigerator' by means of creating its own version of a unified app platform similar to what Microsoft currently has in Windows 10. The unified app platform will enable apps ...
The i-Memory AI720 USB drive has a 0.29 inch profile and weighs only 0.38 oz. (Source: ADATA)

ADATA announces i-Memory AI720 USB drive storage expansion for iOS devices

The i-Memory AI720 includes a Lightning connector at one end and a USB 3.1 connector at the other end. It comes in 32/64/128 GB capacities and can easily handle UHD 4K video playback thanks to the 90 MB/s transfer speeds. The OTG ...
Facebook Messenger Kids app for iOS (Source: Facebook)

Facebook Messenger Kids rolls out in the US

The new Facebook Messenger Kids opens up the social network to children aged under 13. This app allows parents to download the app on their child's device, create a profile, and then approve the contacts they are allowed to intera...
Apple Pay Cash now available thanks to iOS 11.2

iOS 11.2 comes with faster wireless charging and Apple Pay Cash

Apple has just released iOS 11.2 with support for faster wireless charging, video camera stabilization, Apple Pay Cash, as well as a fix for the autocorrect bug that has been recently discovered.
Apple iPad Pro tablet to get a cheap version in Q2 2018

Most affordable iPad ever might arrive in Q2 2018

Although it is rumored that next year will bring at least one iPad with Face ID, insiders familiar with the matter also revealed that Apple also plans to launch its cheapest iPad to date in 2018. The price of this tablet is expect...
The 7nm A11X Bionic could feature in the next gen iPad. (Source:

Rumor | iPads in 2018 could be based on the 7nm Apple A11X Bionic octa-core CPU

Apple will be reportedly using the A11X Bionic CPU in the next generation iPads, which is an octa-core CPU based off TSMCs 7nm fabrication process.
Apple's iPhone 8 flagship family gets a new minor iOS update

Apple fixes the autocorrect bug on iPhones and iPads

The bug that came with iOS 11.1 and simply did not allow some users to type "i" by replacing it with "A" and a Unicode symbol has just been fixed by iOS 11.1.1. This update also takes care of an issue with Siri ("Hey Siri" sometim...
Apple iPhone X smartphone with Face ID technology, Face ID-enabled iPads allegedly coming in 2018

Next year's iPads might feature Face ID

Although the hardware needed to manufacture Face ID-enabled devices is in short supply right now, Apple is expected to speed things up and to add this technology to at least one of the iPad tablets to launch in 2018.
Image: Apple

IDC analytics point to 3-year decline in tablet sales

Marking the twelfth straight quarter of year-over-year decline, the third quarter of 2017 saw the tablet market slump 5.4%. Despite a bump in sales growth from 4 of the top 5 tablet retailers, the market as a whole continues its d...
In spite of all the Qualcomm lawsuits, Apple is doing well and even managed to sell more products. (Source: Apple)

Apple's Q4 2017 earnings turn out better than expected

Revenues cap at US$52.6 billion and Apple managed to sell more iPhones, iPads and Macs compared to Q4 2016. The iPhone 8/X models are expected to increase revenues by as much as US$35 billion for Q1 2018.
An iPhone with a stylus could be a part of Apple's plans for 2019.

An iPhone with a stylus? It could materialize in 2019 if a new rumor is accurate

Apple could be set to launch a new iPhone model that will compete directly with the Samsung Galaxy Note. The new iPhone will use a supercapicitor stylus that offers a more pen-like feel according to a new rumor out of South Korea.
Microsoft Edge logo. (Source: Microsoft)

Forget Safari, now all iOS users can live life on the Edge

Microsoft has now opened their new Edge Browser for iOS beta up to allow any iOS user to join the beta program. Edge for iOS aims to bring features from the desktop and easy syncing.
Bing logo. (Source: Microsoft)

Siri and Spotlight: Bing out, Google in

Apple has announced they are dropping Bing as the provider of search results for Spotlight and Siri searches in favor of Google. Bing will continue to provide the image search results on Siri.
The new Apple TV 4K looks like the 4th-gen model, but packs a bigger punch. (Source: Apple)

New Apple TV 4K packs A10X punch, HDR

Amidst all the fanfare of the new iPhone X launch, Apple has given its Apple TV its most potent upgrade yet. Powered by an Apple A10X Fusion hexa-core processor, the new Apple TV supports 4K HDR in both HDR10 and Dolby Vision form...
Disney Princess: Charmed Adventures is one of 42 titles the suit alleges to collect personal information of children without parental consent. (Source: Disney)

Disney sued for allegedly illegally collecting data on children with smartphone apps

Disney is being sued along with three software companies for creating software targeted at young children that collect personal information and send it to advertisers without the consent of parents. Disney has signaled it aims to ...
For the first time in years, the iPad saw a resurgence — likely due to the new price options and unique 120Hz displays. (Source: ArsTechnica/Andrew Cunningham)

Apple's third quarter results beat expectations, reveal challenges

Apple's third quarter financial reports show strong performance of the iPad and online Services. Meanwhile, revenue in the Greater China region dipped by 10%, highlighting one of the company's future challenges.
New security measures put in place by the TSA could slow down security lines if passengers aren't prepared for the change. (Source: CNBC/Getty Images)

United States airport security could get even slower

Over the next few months, the TSA will introduce a new requirement for passengers to remove all electronic items larger than a smartphone from their bag as they go through airport security. This measure is intended to make it easi...
iOS 10 gets a new update, labeled 10.3.3, delivering improvements and fixes to iPhone and iPad

iOS 10.3.3 now official

After quite a few public beta releases, Apple iOS 10.3.3 is finally ready to deliver multiple bug fixes and improvements to all iPhone and iPad users who own one (or more) compatible device(s).
Apple's back-to-school sale features its latest and greatest laptops, desktops, and tablets. (Source: Apple)

Buy a Mac, score free Beats: Apple's back-to-school deal is now live

The new school year is still a ways off, but Apple's back-to-school sale is already here. iPads and MacBooks are discounted and most come with a free pair of premium headphones.
From its completion in 2004 until 2009, Taipei 101 was awarded the distinction of being the world's tallest building. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Apple opens first store in Taiwan at base of landmark skyscraper Taipei 101

Apple has opened its first store in Taiwan at the base of one of the world's tallest buildings, Taipei 101.
Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (2017) Tablet Review

92% Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (2017) Tablet Review

Big Player. The Apple iPad Pro 12.9 has been updated not only with a faster SoC but also with an improved camera and display. We haven't found much to criticize, but the giant amongst its brethren is not a full replacement for a laptop just yet.
Apple A10X Fusion | Apple A10X Fusion GPU / PowerVR | 12.9" | 677 g
Beat 'em up, retro style. (Source: Sega Forever)

Relive the games of yore with free Sega classics — now available on mobile

The Sega Forever Collection brings five of the best classics to relive the good ol' days.
Apple iPad Pro 10.5 Tablet Review

92% Apple iPad Pro 10.5 Tablet Review

A great tablet, but not a pro. The iPad Pro 10.5 is Apple's second generation of the Pro-series. The screen is definitely the star of the show. It has not only grown in size, but it also offers 120 Hz, HDR and claims coverage of the P3 color space. The tablet is on its way to the top with the A10X SoC, but it will still not be a satisfying notebook replacement.
Apple A10X Fusion | Apple A10X Fusion GPU / PowerVR | 10.5" | 469 g
You can now pick up the new iPad Pro directly from an Apple Store near you. (Source: Apple)

New iPad Pro is now available at Apple Stores

There's no need to wait days or weeks for your new iPad Pro to arrive. Apple's retail locations now have the device in stock; just walk into a store and leave with your new tablet in hand.
Leaks suggest new 10.5-inch iPad Pro coming this summer

Leaks suggest new 10.5-inch iPad Pro coming this summer

At least one manufacturer of iPad accessories is supposedly already preparing multiple folio cases in various colors for the unannounced tablet.
Apple will cover the Smart Keyboard for a full three years. (Image: Apple)

Apple offers free repairs on iPad Pro's Smart Keyboard for three years

Due to "functional issues," Apple will extend the replacement and repair warrant for the iPad Pro's Smart Keyboard to three years from the date of purchase.

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