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Instead of repairing your iPad 4, service techs may replace it with an iPad Air 2. (Image source: iFixit)

Apple may replace your broken iPad 4 with an iPad Air 2

Customers that bring in an iPad 4 for repairs to authorized Apple service centers or Apple stores may have their device replaced with an iPad Air 2.
The Microsoft Surface is 2017's king of customer satisfaction. (Source: Microsoft)

Microsoft Surface ranked best overall tablet by J.D. Power

For the first time since its inception, the top spot in J.D. Power's annual Tablet Satisfaction Study has gone to the Microsoft Surface line of devices which narrowly edged out its Apple and Samsung competitors.
The iPad Air and new iPad compared—can you tell which is which? (Source: iFixit)

iFixit tears open the new iPad, finds an old iPad inside

A teardown of the new iPad reveals a striking similarity to the first-generation iPad Air. A few hardware upgrades keep it from becoming a carbon copy of its predecessor.
Sources disagree on whether the tablet will have an edge-to-edge display or a narrow bezel design. (Source: PhoneArena)

New iPad Pro could arrive this April

Could an updated iPad Pro become available as early as next month? There's a lot of uncertainty among analysts at the moment as it's anyone's guess as to when Apple will release the updated 10.5-inch tablet.
iOS 10.3 is now available for download. (Source: Apple)

Apple iOS 10.3 now publicly available

The update brings a shift to Apple's new APFS file system, which should increase overall system performance and better allocate storage space. There are a few other changes as well.
Look-alike iPads could be used as bombs aboard flights. (Source: Apple)

An iPad bomb threat partly led to the recent device ban on flights

Islamic terrorists have been plotting to use iPads as bombs, which would be smuggled into a plane's passenger cabin and detonated mid-flight. Such a plot forms part of the reasoning behind the recent laptop and tablet bans on US & UK flights.
Wikileaks says the CIA specifically targeted Apple products

Wikileaks says the CIA specifically targeted Apple products

The notorious activist group says that the CIA developed specialized tools to specifically target and infiltrate Apple products, namely Macbooks and iPhones. The tools have been in use since at least 2008.
The new Apple iPad. (Source: Apple)

The new iPad is now available on the Apple Store

Orders for Apple's latest tablet are now live on the company's online store. The new iPad, which replaces the iPad Air 2, starts at $329 and retains its predecessor's specs aside from an upgraded processor.
Apple's patented design for a iPhone/laptop hybrid. (Source: USPTO)

Apple patents designs for iPhone and iPad laptop docks

A recently-published patent reveals Apple's design for an iPhone that docks into a laptop shell. Another similar design reveals a MacBook that uses an iPad as its display.
Meet the new iPad. (Source: Apple)

Apple unveils a new iPad, new iPhone 7 model

The new iPad starts at $329 and will be available starting March 24. It features a 9.7-inch screen, a 64-bit A9 processor, and iOS 10. Also, a (PRODUCT) RED model for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is now available.
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 spotted on Best Buy for $599 USD

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 spotted on Best Buy for $599 USD

The Tab 3 is the latest (and most expensive) tablet from Samsung. Sporting high-end specs expected of a flagship, it will be available soon for about $600.
Apple devices, iPad tablets included, iPad Pro 2 coming March 2017

iPad Pro 2 could arrive next week

Industry insiders familiar with the matter have just confirmed the rumors about Apple's upcoming product launches. According to these sources, the new hardware is expected to arrive between March 20 and March 24.
The "Weeping Angel" exploit tricks users into thinking the TV is powered off while it is actually on and recording. (Source: Samsung)

Wikileaks reveals trove of CIA hacking tools for iOS and Android-driven devices

WikiLeaks has released a trove of information revealing the range of the CIA's hacking exploits and cyber-ordinance, including malware to use Samsung smart TV's for surveillance.
Mac Otakara has stated that Apple may update their current iPad Pro and iPhone lines in March. (Source: Otakara)

Apple rumored to update iPad Pro, iPhones in March

According to Japanese website Mac Otakara, the Cupertino Giant will add several new sizes of iPad Pro and new colors to the iPhone SE and iPhone 7 lines.
Sources say that the 9.7-inch model will represent up to 60% of total iPad shipments this year. (Source: Phone Arena)

Apple has three new tablets coming in latter half of 2017

The new tablets are still in the planning phase and aren't expected to release until the latter half of 2017. Still no word on the fate of the iPad Mini, however.
The iPad mini 4 will not get an update any time soon, says Ming-Chi Kuo.

Ming-Chi Kuo: Three new iPads to come in 2nd quarter, no iPad mini

Another report coming from KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo affirmed, that Apple will release three new iPad models in quarter 2 of this year. The iPad mini 4 will not get an update, but a new 10 inch version with slim bezels will be released instead.
Apple may be the most affected by the low yields of 10nm chips, as TSMC is producing chips for both the next iPhone and iPad. (Source: Apple)

Major chip foundries having trouble with 10nm chip production

Sources say that Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), responsible for producing chips based on Samsung's 10nm design, is having issues with a lower-than-expected yield from the manufacturing process.
iPhone assembly lines may soon become a rarity in Asia. (Photo Source: Cult Of Mac)

iPhone manufacturing might be moved to USA

"iPhone: Made in the USA?" Apple may ask iPhone manufacturers to move production to the United States in the future.
The Apple iPad Mini 4 might not get a successor next year.

Apple may release three new iPads in 2017, one of them bezel-less

Barclays analysts recently reported, that Apple will introduce three new iPads in March of 2017. The iPad Mini 4 will not get a replacement, however. Instead, a new 9.7 inch iPad will be introduced as an entry level device. A new 10.9 inch tablet may turn out to be bezel-less.
Apple & Deloitte team up to bring iOS to the workplace

Apple & Deloitte team up to bring iOS to the workplace

Apple and Deloitte are joining forces to help businesses design and implement solutions for iPhone and iPad. Key to this partnership is Deloitte's dedicated team of iOS specialists that will help customers.
Apple is offering a fix for those who suffer from playback control issues with Lightning earpods.

Apple: iOS 10.0.2 fixes Lightning earpods control issues

Even if Apple is already beta testing iOS 10.1, it is still busy fixing bugs in iOS 10. Version 10.0.2 fixes a few usability issues with Lightning headphones and the Photos app.
Final rollout of iOS 10 and watchOS 3 has started.

Apple iOS 10: Final version started to rollout to users

Apple has started rollout of their newest iOS version to users all over the world. iOS 10 brings a lot of improvements to iPhones and iPads and is being touted by Apple as the biggest iOS upgrade of all times. Apple Watch users can also upgrade to watchOS 3 starting today.
Thanks to the missing audio jack on the iPhone 7 Belkin can sell you an adapter.

Apple iPhone 7: You need this to charge your iPhone 7 while having your headphones plugged in

Belkin wants to sell you a $40 adapter to split your Lightning port in two so you can listen to music while charging your iPhone 7 at the same time.
The iPad Pro now got a 256 GB version, the 16 GB iPads are all but gone.

Apple iPad series: Apple bumps up minimum storage capacity to 32 GB, intros 256 Pro-models

Even if Apple did not officially announce the change at yesterday's September event, they completely eliminated the 16 GB iPad versions from the Apple store. The entry level models all start with 32 GB of storage now, the iPad Pro's top out at 256 GB.
By chance, Barbra Streisand got the date for the latest update that might bring Siri to the Mac.

Apple: Barbra Streisand as oracle for updates

Singer and actress Barbra Streisand was annoyed of Siri pronouncing her name wrong. So she just called Apple and asked them to change it. In this call, she obviously got the date for the next system updates.
Apple could unveil three new iPad models come 2017 with potential for OLED in 2018

Apple could unveil three new iPad models come 2017 with potential for OLED by 2018

Analysts are expecting lower iPad sales this year with a comeback in 2018 should Apple incorporate flexible OLED panels onto its iPad series.
Apple iPad Pro 9.7 Tablet Review

91% Apple iPad Pro 9.7 Tablet Review

Smaller, yet powerful! With the smaller 12.9-inch sibling of the big iPad Pro, Apple also offers a strong competitor to the iPad Air 2. We have already reviewed the elegant power tablet with the iPhone camera. Even though it is once again an exemplary product, there is still room for improvements.
Apple A9X | Apple A9X / PowerVR Series 7XT | 9.7" | 444 g
Apple iPad Pro 9.7 may be underclocked and with only 2 GB RAM

Apple iPad Pro 9.7 may be underclocked and with only 2 GB RAM

The A9X SoC is expected to be a tad bit slower on the 9.7-inch iPad Pro and with as little as half the RAM of its 12.9-inch counterpart.
Apple iPad Pro Tablet Review

89% Apple iPad Pro Tablet Review

Big – Bigger – iPad Pro! The iPad Air is huge and for the first time has the stylus functionality. The Apple Pencil is mainly designed for creative users. The Californians have also equipped the tablet with the fastest SoC you can currently get in a tablet. Our review will show which customer group the iPad Pro is designed for.
Apple A9X | Apple A9X / PowerVR Series 7XT | 12.9" | 723 g
Apple A9X teardown shows off dual-core processor

Apple A9X teardown shows off dual-core processor

The A9X chip on the iPad Pro has received the teardown treatment in order to see what is inside.
iFixit teardown shows a difficult-to-repair iPad Pro

iFixit teardown shows a difficult-to-repair iPad Pro

The battery is now easier to access and replace compared to the Surface Pro 4, Surface Book, or even older generation iPads.
iPad Pro orders start tomorrow

iPad Pro orders start tomorrow

The device will start arriving at Apple Stores, select carriers and authorized resellers later this week.
Apple's revenue rises 28% for fiscal 2015

Apple's revenue rises 28% for fiscal 2015

Apple had a successful fiscal 2015 thanks to the iPhone and growing demand in China.
Apple event set for September 9th

Apple event set for September 9th

The next iPhone will most likely be announced at the event.
iPhone event could be on September 9th

iPhone event could be on September 9th

Those looking to upgrade to the next iPhone could be in luck in early September.

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