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Apple iPad Air with smart keyboard and Apple Pencil (Source: Apple Newsroom)

Apple might upgrade the iMac Pro soon, 10.5-inch iPad Air and refreshed iPad mini revealed today

Although Apple has already announced a March 25 event, it seems like the updated tablets will not be there, because the Cupertino-based tech giant has just introduced the new 10.5-inch iPad Air and 7.9-inch iPad Mini. However, the...
New leaks suggest the iPad will have a new form factor this year. (Source: TrustedReviews)

There will be a "new" size of iPad this year: new leak

The relatively new, yet particularly accurate Apple leaker @coiiiiiiiin is back. This time, the tipster claims that 2 new iPads will be released in the near future. One will have a screen-size that is new to the series: 10.2 inche...
Can you get your phone back after it goes missing? (Source: Asurion)

An insurance company publishes its report on successful stolen or lost device recovery research

A mobile insurance and device company, Asurion, has announced its findings on a study about missing devices and cases in which their owners managed to get them back. The company reported that having a lockscreen showing a contact ...
Apple will host its first launch event of 2019 on March 25 at the Steve Jobs Theater. (Image source: Apple)

Apple confirms event for March 25 and hints at unveiling something TV-related

The Cupertino-based company has now confirmed its latest launch event, which it will host in the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park on March 25. The event will run from 10:00 Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) or 17:00 Coordinated Universa...
Apple AR glasses patent. (Source: Patently Apple)

Apple AR glasses set for late 2019 or early 2020 release, needs iPhone

Ming-Chi Kuo is back to stick another thorn in Apple’s side with more news about Apple’s future product plans. This time around, Kuo has revealed that Apple’s rumoured augmented reality glasses could be coming as soon as late 2019...
Image via Apple's App Store (on iPhone SE).

Latest PlayStation 4 update brings Remote Play support to iOS devices

Thanks to the latest update for the PlayStation 4 and the addition of an officially supported app in the Apple App Store, the PS4's Remote Play is now available on compatible iOS devices. However, since iOS doesn't natively suppor...
Nintendo games may be part of a microtransaction problem. (Source: Geek Insider)

Nintendo asks its mobile-gaming partners to rein in their microtransactions

According to a new report in the Wall Street Journal, Nintendo has at least started to intervene in order to prevent disproportional amounts of in-game transactions in the titles it has licensed to Android and iOS developers. This...
Messenger's dark mode is up and running. (Source: Facebook)

Facebook Messenger's Dark Mode is now available for activation

A new feature in Facebook's Messenger app - Dark Mode - has been in the works for some time now. A Redditor has recently noticed that it can be activated by sending a specific emoji. The new Mode may particularly benefit those wit...
Microsoft Edge is being re-vamped with numerous Chromium tweaks. (Source: Microsoft)

Images of Chromium-based Edge emerge online

The new version of Microsoft Edge, a browser whose development is now driven by that of Chromium's, has been leaked in a set of images by Neowin. They show a browser that will indeed ring a number of bells for those who follow the...
Surface Pro 6 versus Pixel Slate with Brydge keyboards

Surface Pro 6 versus Pixel Slate with Brydge keyboards

The Apple iPad line might consist of the best-selling tablets on the market, but they aren't for everyone who likes ultraportable form factors. The Microsoft Surface Pro 6 and the Google Pixel Slate are key challengers to the iPad Pro and have plenty to offer. Let's see how they fare in a head-to-head battle coupled in a unique comparison, which includes compatible Brydge keyboards that promise the 'lapability' that is often missing with tablet and keyboard combinations.
Tim Cook hypes up yet to be revealed Apple products to shareholders. (Source: Macworld)

Apple set to "roll the dice' on some products Tim Cook says will "blow you away"

Apple CEO Tim Cook has promised shareholders that it plans to bounce back from a weaker than expected holiday quarter by "rolling the dice" on new products that will "blow you away." Although not revealing what Apple has in stall,...
TikTok now has over a billion downloads on major mobile app platforms. (Source: TikTok)

TikTok has amassed over a billion downloads on iOS and Android

The short-video app TikTok has seen its billionth download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store combined. It has also rivalled Facebook and surpassed Instagram for app install counts in 2018. It was also the most-downloade...
This potential feature is part of Google's Web development program. (Source: Google)

Chrome developers are preparing a new feature to make back/forward navigation faster

Google engineers are developing a 'back/forward cache' to reduce the latency with which Chrome returns to a previous page, or goes forward from one. This involves saving an entire webpage in memory, JavaScript included. While this...
The new GoPro HERO 7 Dusk White. (Source: GoPro)

The GoPro HERO7 Black now has a limited-edition variant

The HERO7 Black is the top-spec'd SKU of its GoPro camera series. It is now available in a limited-edition alternative finish, Dusk White. This version will be released on March 3, 2019 on and selected retailers worldwid...
The RAVPower 14mm PD wall charger. (Source: RAVPower)

MWC19 | RAVPower releases its thinnest-ever 45W wall charger with PD

RAVPower, the well-known accessory-maker, has a stand at MWC this year. It showcases a new PD charger, an ultra-thin (14mm) 'wall wart' based on gallium nitride (GaN) technology. RAVPower also has a new wireless charging stand tha...
TSMC's main competitors are Intel and Samsung. (Source: KitGuru)

Apple A14 SoCs based on TSMC's 5 nm process could feature in iPhones by 2020

It has been reported that TSMC could have a 5 nm FinFET process ready for commercial use by 2020, and the rumored Apple A14 SoC would be one of the first chips to benefit from the advanced technology. The semiconductor foundry has...
A new, larger, MacBook Pro with a display at least 16-inches across is in the cards for 2019. (Source: Apple)

Ming-Chi Kuo spills the beans on Apple's 2019 product plans

Ming-Chi Kuo, one of the most accurate analyst going around when it comes to Apple’s product plans, has spilled the beans on its entire 2019 product pipeline. Kuo’s latest investor note for TF International Securities includes det...
The new sub-based video service will be integrated with Apple's TV box and app. (Source: Apple)

Apple ready to launch Netflix competitor

The new video streaming service will be officialized on March 25 and should be launched by summer. There will be some free content, some Apple-funded shows, the usual selection of movies and shows, plus the possibility to access c...
The eavesdropping bug only occurred when callers were using the Group feature. (Source: Apple)

Apple finally fixes eavesdropping Group FaceTime bug via iOS 12.1.4

Apple was supposed to completely fix the eavesdropping vulnerability triggered via the Group feature in the FaceTime app last week, but it looks like the company found a few more bugs and fixed them as well. One bug is related to ...
Some apps on Apple's Store have been found to be able to see screen-recordings of user behavior. (Source: Apple)

Apple tells developers to either get transparent about screen-recording in their apps or get out of the App Store

A recent report in TechCrunch has revealed that a number of companies use a service that allows 'session replay', which can effectively translate into recordings of what users do on their iOS apps. This data can include on-screen ...
VLC will get a new update soon. (Source: VLC)

VLC 4.0 will support uninterrupible music playback and Apple AirPlay, but also drop support for multiple older platforms

The latest update to the VLC media player (4.0) will bring more features, especially for iOS. However, it will also no longer support older versions of the same platform, along with some others (e.g. Windows XP). It also now offer...
The Samsung Exynos 9820 SoC performed well on Geekbench with a Galaxy S10+. (Source: TrustedReviews)

Samsung Galaxy S10+ with Exynos 9820 beats out Snapdragon 855 and Kirin 980 on Geekbench but trails behind Apple's A12 Bionic

A Samsung Galaxy S10+ variant with the model number SM-G975F has been spotted on Geekbench by MySmartPrice, and it has delivered some impressive scores. It managed 4,472 in the single-core test and scored 10,387 points in the mult...
Fortnite mentioned the Steelseries Stratus XL in relation to controller support on mobile. (Source: Steelseries)

Fortnite now supports Bluetooth controllers on Android and iOS

The mobile versions of Fortnite (those that work on the Android and Apple platforms) now allow the use of Bluetooth controllers rather than on-screen controls. This new level of support comes with the 7.30 patch update, which also...
The part of the iOS 12.2 code that may refer to a new iPod Touch. (Source: Twitter)

iOS 12.2 code hints at possible new iPads and iPod Touch

The well-regarded leaker Steve Troughton-Smith claims to have found references to unfamiliar iPads while diving into the code for the iOS 12.2 update. It suggests that new 11-inch iPads, as well as an iPad Mini, are on their way. ...
Microsoft Office 365 on a MacBook Pro, available via Mac App Store late January 2019 (Source: Apple Newsroom)

Microsoft Office 365 hits the Mac App Store

Thanks to its arrival on the Mac App Store, Microsoft Office 365 can now be downloaded and installed by Mac users with a single click. This cloud-connected office suite includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, and OneDr...
Love it or hate it - this could be what the next-generation iPhone looks like. (Source: Hasan Kaymak Innovations)

Concept video for iPhone XI offers ideas for Apple to adopt or avoid

A concept video of the next-generation iPhone has been uploaded to YouTube by Hasan Kaymak. The clip shows a beautifully crafted smartphone that would either be the device of an Apple fan’s dreams, or a huge disappointment for tho...
A render for the iPhone XS Max's potential sucessor. (Source: Weibo)

2019 iPhones will stick with Lightning port: new leak

There have been some rumors suggesting that the next generation of iPhones would, like the iPad Pro 2018, switch to USB-C for their singular data/charging/audio connection. However, the latest leak on the subject contradicts them ...
A tasty tablet trio. (Source: Notebookcheck)

Three Way Shootout: iPad Pro 11, Galaxy Tab S4 and Surface Go

The tablet market has been dominated by Apple’s iPad for some time. Although it continues to get shot down for its productivity capabilities in an enterprise environment because of its mobile OS origins, it offers a great blend of portability and performance. Its closest direct competitor is the Samsung Galaxy Tab range, which is similarly powered by a mobile-first operating system. The enterprise-first alternative is Microsoft’s Surface line of tablets, the most recent of which with 4G LTE capabilities is the new Surface Go. We have had all three devices on hand to put them to the test in this three-way comparison.
A new toggle to impose a traditional, temporal timeline view is being rolled out to Twitter users. (Source: YouTube)

Twitter is finally switching back to a fully chronological timeline

Recently, Twitter revamped its platform with the 'Interesting Tweets' feature. However, some users have asserted that the tweets chosen by its algorithm persisted in timelines regardless of whether they turned it off in Settings o...
The new Belkin USB-C to -A cable with DuraTek. (Source: Belkin)

CES 2019 | Belkin and its assorted brands are back

At one point, Belkin was the go-to brand for third-party Apple accessories, not to mention USB power banks and cables. However, it had gone quiet for a good while following its amalgamation with Foxconn. This year, Belkin and its ...
iOS 13 Software spotted in Google Analytics

Google Analytics exposes Apple: iOS 13 Software spotted

Thanks to Google Analytics, Macrumors has noticed that some of the devices visiting their website were running the beta version of iOS 13. Devices with iOS 13 installed have been spotted on the website as early as October 2018.
If the bend is less than the width of four sheets of paper, it is "normal." (Source: The Verge)

Bendgate 2.0: New Apple support page reiterates visible bends are "normal"

Apple has published a new support page that addresses the Bendgate 2.0 controversy. As it has in the past, however, the company continues to insist that there is nothing wrong with straightness and durability of its latest flagshi...
According to Apple the bend is not a defect.

It costs up to $649 to repair a bent iPad Pro

Apple is putting its customer’s nerves to the test. After recently confirming that some of its Ipad Pro devices do indeed have a bend that occurred during the manufacturing process, information about the total repair costs have no...
A former senior Apple executive is criticizing the OEM's decision to "tolerate" the issue of Bendgate 2018. (Source: Apple)

Bendgate 2.0: Former senior Apple executive reportedly returned iPad Pro due to defects

Michael Gartenberg describes himself as "Former Sr. Marketing Director @Apple, ex Jupiter Research, Gartner & other stuff" on his Twitter bio. He also now implies that he is unhappy with the iPad Pro 2018's build quality on this p...
The ultra-slim Apple iPad Pro 2018 may be prone to bending, but apparently that's just fine by Apple. (Source: Apple)

Apple executive reiterates company's support for iPad Pro 2018 design

'Bendgate 2.0': the saga continues; an iPad Pro customer who emailed Tim Cook about the situation in which the US$799+ devices arrive deformed out of the box claimed to have gotten a response. This reply was not from Cook himself,...
The Wi-Fi + Cellular version of the iPad Mini 4 currently costs US$529. (Source: Apple)

Rumored 2019 release for Apple iPad Mini 5 and 10-inch iPad

A report by the China Times has stated that Apple is planning on releasing a new iPad Mini device and a revised iPad model in 2019. The supposed iPad Mini 5 tablet would be the first new slate in the Mini series since 2015. The la...
An iPad Pro 2018 user showing the device bent out of shape. (Source: MacRumors)

Bendgate 2.0: Apple confirms some iPad Pro 2018 models ship bent, says it is "normal"

Apple has mired itself in a new bending device controversy. The latest structural integrity issue affects the new 2018 iPad Pro models, some of which are shipping out of the factory to customers with slight bends in the chassis. A...
PUBG has reportedly drawn level with Fortnite for mobile user counts. (Source: Polygon)

PUBG now equals Fortnite in mobile user numbers: Tencent Games

Tencent Games has asserted that it has drawn level with Epic Games' Fortnite in terms of mobile user numbers for its own game, PUBG. This means that PUBG has made it to about 200 million users. It is estimated that both games also...
Facebook has admitted to yet another form of data breach. (Source: Picryl)

Facebook discloses info on "bug" that allowed apps access to 6.8 million users' non-posted photos

Facebook has informed its developers of "a photo API bug" that allowed third-party apps to access photos uploaded to the social media's servers, regardless of whether the user then chose to share these images on their timelines or...
Microsoft pulls no punches in its put-down of the iPad in its latest Surface Go ad (Source: YouTube)

Microsoft takes a swipe at the iPad in its new Surface Go advert

Microsoft has launched a new Surface Go advert aimed at families buying the device for their children for the holiday season. Naturally, the company had a dig at Apple and the iPad too.
Image via Apple

DriveSavers can now recover data from locked smartphones for a mere $3,900

DriveSavers, one of the world's leading data recovery companies, now offers a service for unlocking smartphones and tablets that have a locked passcode, including iPhones and iPads. DriveSavers claims to be the only company that o...
The iPhone X (left) and XS. Apple is restarting production of the X and cutting orders for components of the XS for a second time. (Image source: own)

Apple cuts iPhone supplier orders for a second time this month

Apple has reportedly reduced orders from iPhone component suppliers again. According to DigiTimes, a "second wave" of order cuts is beginning to bring pain to some Taiwanese manufacturers. Apple is continuing to blame poor sales o...
Image via stock photo, Apple (w/ edits)

Apple heads to U.S. Supreme Court to argue against App Store monopoly lawsuit

Apple will appear before the U.S. Supreme Court today to argue that a lawsuit brought against it is invalid. Apple claims that the lawsuit, which alleges that the iOS App Store creates a monopoly for the company, could only be bro...
Image via Stardew Valley (w/ edits)

Stardew Valley raked in over $1 million in its first month on iOS

Stardew Valley is a bonafide hit, and the success keeps rolling in. In its first three weeks on iOS, the game brought in over $1 million in revenue. In total, Stardew Valley has sold over 4.6 million copies, although it's likely s...
Apple's current stock price is getting closer to the 52-week low of US$150.24. (Source: Techadvisor)

Apple's stock price continues to fall

Apple’s stock price has suffered from further decline over recent days, with the current price reported by NASDAQ standing at US$176.78. Cautious investors are apparently biding their time to see what the Cupertino-based tech gian...
Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (2018, LTE, 256 GB) Tablet Review

92% Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (2018, LTE, 256 GB) Tablet Review

Strong and expensive. The release of the third generation of Apple’s huge tablet has coincided with a complete redesign that shares more design cues with the new iPhone XS series than classic iPhones. Apple has equipped its most-expensive tablet with its most-powerful ARM SoC, Face ID, high volume storage options, support for a new Apple Pencil and much more, including a massive mark-up in price.
Apple A12X Bionic | Apple A12X Bionic GPU | 12.9" | 633 g
The Apple iPad Pro's structural integrity is less than ideal. (Source: JerryRigEverything on YouTube)

Bendgate 2.0?: Apple's latest iPad Pro 'folds like a piece of paper'

The Apple iPad Pro is apparently not a very durable tablet as demonstrated by Zack Nelson of the popular YouTube channel, JerryRigEverything. Zack was easily able to bend the iPad Pro with very minimal effort, which raises concern...
You can watch HDR movies on the new iPad Pro models - just not in HDR. (Source: Apple)

Apple fudging new iPad Pro HDR capabilities

Apple’s new iPad Pro tablets have received largely positive reviews. One area that has come in for praise is its display. However, although claiming users can watch HDR movies on the tablet, all is not quite what it seems.
2-in-1 devices were not included in the data. (Source:

Global tablet sales to fall; Huawei to make gains

A report from TrendForce has been published that forecasts the state of the tablet industry in 2019. Apple is expected to remain the leader in terms of market share, followed by Samsung, Huawei, Amazon, and Lenovo. However, it is ...
Image via CNN Money

Amazon will prevent unauthorized third-parties from selling Apple products through its online store

In a deal struck with Apple to begin selling the newest Apple products, Amazon has announced it will ban unauthorized third-party sellers from listing or selling Apple products through Amazon. While sellers can become an authoriz...

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