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US President Donald Trump signs bill that bans ZTE and Huawei hardware from governmental use August 2018

No Huawei and ZTE handsets for the US government, decides President Trump

Although ZTE can sell its products to the civilian consumers all over the US, a recent bill that was signed by Donal Trump bans the government use of any device made by the Chinese brand due to security issues. Even more, this bil...
The GDPR requires increased transparency and data-use options for EU citizens. (Source: flickr)

More than 1000 US news websites are still blocked in EU

The GDPR was instituted in May 2018. However, it appears that over a thousand websites (at least) have not complied with it. Therefore, users with EU IP addresses cannot access their content. An independent archivist maintains a w...
Contact number of the UIDAI was discovered in Indian Android phones. (Source India TV)

Google admits to 'inadvertently coding' Aadhaar helpline number in Indian Android phones

Smartphone users in India are reporting seeing an entry for a contact in their phonebook that purportedly belongs to a Government authority. The number apparently was added without users' consent and Google has now issued a clarif...
Ron Wyden wants all US Government sites to remove Adobe Flash content by next year. (Source: Fossbytes)

US Government agencies asked to stop using Adobe Flash

Oregon Senator Ron Wyden has instructed Government agencies to come up with procedures to remove Adobe Flash from all US Government sites and PCs by August 1, 2019 citing Adobe's end of Flash support by end of 2020. This move is b...
The WPA3 security protocol is now official. (Source: Phone Year)

Wi-Fi gets its biggest update in 14 years — WPA3 security protocol now official

The ubiquitous and all-pervasive Wi-Fi is receiving its first major update in 14 years with the announcement of the WPA3 authentication protocol by the Wi-Fi Alliance. WPA3 is the successor to WPA2, which was the target of many ha...
U.S. government wants Google to break up with Huawei (Source: Reuters)

U.S. government wants Google to break up with Huawei

In a second letter this month, lawmakers are again expressing concern that Google has been showing preference in working with the Chinese telecommunications company rather than the U.S. army. The search giant only sees Huawei as j...
BitTorrent is most likely the best peer-to-peer sharing platform available right now. (Source: Variety)

BitTorrent bought by Tron cryptocurrnecy creator

Tron's creator Justin Sun hopes to make the Internet more decentralized and in order to further this plan he just bought BitTorrent Inc. The popular peer-to-peer sharing platform combined with blockchain tech could revolutionize t...
There have been similar reports. (Source: Telegraph)

Chinese police now installs surveillance software on tourists' phones

A user on Reddit has narrated the tales of their trip into China, which saw the country’s border police accost them and install what was almost definitely surveillance software on their Android devices.
The Cambridge Analytica scandal leads to a month-long Facebook ban in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea to ban Facebook

Facebook will be banned in Papua New Guinea for a month, but the starting day has not been unveiled yet. The reason for this is to allow the government's analysts to track down those behind fake accounts, adult uploads, and those ...
Over 40 million copies of PUBG have been sold across all the platforms it is available on. (Source: GameSpot)

PUBG takes on Epic in South Korean court

An article from English-language newspaper The Korea Times has revealed that PUBG Corporation has filed a lawsuit in the Seoul Central District Court against Epic Games, the developer of battle royale rival Fortnite. PUBG Corporat...
ZTE was initially banned from doing business with US companies for seven years after breaking trade sanctions. (Source: Reuters)

Update | Trump administration working on ZTE deal

A report by The New York Times has stated that the Trump administration has worked out a deal that would prevent ZTE from complete collapse. According to a source familiar with the matter, ZTE would have to comply with a number of...
BTC's bull support is fading yet again in the wake of federal investigations regarding price manipulation schemes. (Source: Crypto Coin Spy)

US Justice Department investigating Bitcoin price manipulation schemes

It looked like Bitcoin could finally break the 10K line after the Consensus annual event, but the US Justice Department thwarted all bullish plans, triggering a considerable devaluation. In just 5 days, Bitcoin dropped from ~US$8,...
Talos has estimated that VPNFilter has infected devices in at least 54 countries. (Source: Cisco)

Russia accused of plotting massive VPNFilter malware attack

There has been a report published stating at least 500,000 networking devices around the world have been infected by malware known as VPNFilter. It has been speculated that Russian state-sponsored hackers are behind the attack due...
Google "Don't be evil" Be a force for good banner

Google silently removes its "Don't be evil" motto after almost two decades

Present in Google's corporate code of conduct since 2000, the "Don't be evil" motto was changed to "Do the right thing" in 2015 for use in Alphabet's code of conduct. However, Google did not drop this slogan until late April/early...
HoweyCoin offers a kind of security the average ICO investor will not expect. (Source: HoweyCoins)

Exciting HoweyCoin pre-ICO sale comes with a twist

A very promising new entry into the cryptocurrency world has just announced a pre-ICO sale that offers some impressive bonuses to those who sign up in time. HoweyCoin claims to combine blockchain technology with elements of the lu...
The MacBook Pro's keyboard issues have irked even the most ardent of fans. (Source: Gizmodo)

Apple hit with class action suit over faulty butterfly-switch keyboards

A class action law suit against Apple was filed in the Northern District Court of California by two plaintiffs who have been at the receiving end of the Apple MacBook Pro faulty keyboard fiasco. The suit alleges that Apple intenti...
Image source: ZTE Logo (w/ edits)

ZTE ceases "major operating activities," may be on the way out

In a statement issued to stockholders today, ZTE said that the it was suspending all "major operating activities" due to the sales ban placed on the company by the U.S. Department of Commerce. While ZTE has enough cash on hand to ...
Buffett called bitcoin a "nonproductive asset." (Source: Worldnews)

Gates and Buffett bully bitcoin

It appears neither Bill Gates nor Warren Buffett are the greatest fans of bitcoin. Both men have been recently reported saying rather disparaging things about the famous cryptocurrency, which may have prevented bitcoin from achiev...
Nvidia's GPP was accused of being anti-competitive and unethical. (Source: YouTube/own)

Nvidia cancels GeForce Partner Program

Nvidia has decided to cancel the controversial GeForce Partner Program (GPP). A blog post by John Teeple, the person responsible for Nvidia’s GeForce Partner Marketing, has the very unambiguous title “Pulling the Plug on GPP, Lean...
Assets loaded on the card can be verified via smartphone through a validation app. (Source: Tangem)

Bitcoin gets physical

A Swiss technology company has started rolling out smart banknotes called Tangem Notes that offer a physical presence for cryptocurrencies. The "banknotes," which are actually plastic cards, have been launched for sale in a large ...
The US$1.7 billion in funds has come from fewer than 200 investors. (Source: Bitcoin News)

Telegram cancels plans for public ICO

A report by the Wall Street Journal has stated that Telegram has scrapped plans to carry out an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for the public. Apparently, because the two coin presales that have already been carried out for private i...
Cambridge Analytica was founded in 2013 as an offshoot of the British company SCL Group. (Source: Huffington Post)

Cambridge Analytica ceases operations

A press release from Cambridge Analytica and parent company SCL Group has stated that all the firm's operations have ceased. Insolvency applications have been filed in the UK and bankruptcy proceedings will soon commence in the US...
Although heavy correction may wipe out many smaller players, cryptocurrency is here to stay. (Source: Bitnewstoday)

Report suggests cryptocurrency market could face 90% correction

A report from a leading investment banking firm has forecast that cryptocurrencies are heading for a 90% correction within the next 12 months that will devastate the cryptocurrency market. Many virtual currencies could be wiped ou...
Telegram down in Iran for good (Source: The Next Web)

Iran joins Russia as the second country to ban Telegram

It looks like a certain type of governments does not like Telegram at all since Iran is now banning the popular encrypted messaging service that was recently taken down in Russia. Telegram has about 40 million users in Iran and ha...
Kirin chips are made by HiSilicon, which is fully owned by Huawei. (Source: GizmoChina)

Huawei rumored to be developing Android replacement

It has been reported that Huawei is working on a possible replacement of the ubiquitous Android OS. Anonymous sources talking to the South China Morning Post have commented that the Chinese tech giant is developing the alternative...
YouTube was founded in 2005. The site was bought by Google in 2006 for US$1.65 billion. (Source: YouTube)

8.28 million videos removed by YouTube in final quarter of 2017

YouTube has released a Community Guidelines enforcement report that states the video-sharing website removed over 8.28 million videos from the platform during the last quarter of 2017. The majority of these videos, 6.68 million of...
Image: ZTE

ZTE strikes back: Chinese manufacturer may take "judicial measures" against Department of Commerce

After getting hit with a 7-year ban barring them from buying anything from a U.S. company, ZTE released a new statement today. The statement calls the Department of Commerce's ban unfair and says that it will not only severely dam...
A report from the UK Treasury stated that the use of banks, not Bitcoin, was the most common money-laundering method. (Source: CCN)

Cryptocurrency news: Bitcoin not a magnet for crime, reports suggests otherwise

A department of the Quebec government has stated that Bitcoin is not a “magnet” for illicit transactions and that the widely believed perception of the cryptocurrency being mainly connected to criminal activity is erroneous. In ot...
The NCSC has sent a letter to British telecommunications companies urging them not to use equipment from ZTE due to the national security risk that they pose. (Source: Bluebudgie/Pixabay)

More bad news for ZTE, United Kingdom's National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) claims they're a security risk

ZTE's poor fortunes continue, as a British government agency claims the use of ZTE manufactured equipment would cause a national security risk and mitigate measures currently in place to allow the use of equipment from Huawei.
Verge was introduced in 2014 and has the ticker symbol XVG. (Source: Engadget)

Cryptocurrency news: Cambridge Analytica's VC, Verge finds a naughty niche

The New York Times has published an article detailing Cambridge Analytica’s plans to create its own virtual currency (VC). The British consulting firm is now deeply embroiled in the Facebook data breach. In other cryptocurrency ne...
AMD pledges for a no-strings attached PC gaming experience. (Source: AMD Radeon)

AMD pledges to respect the gamer's choice in the wake of inconsistencies in NVIDIA's GeForce Partner Program

AMD's Scott Herkelman took to pen a blog post regarding AMD's stance in providing choice to the PC gamer. Although his post does not directly mention the controversial NVIDIA GeForce Partner Program, there is enough information in...
ZTE was founded in 1985 and has extensive international operations. (Source: CNET)

ZTE faces potential Android loss

According to a report from Reuters, ZTE may lose its Android license. As the current seventh-largest Android-based smartphone manufacturer, this would be a massive blow against the Shenzhen-based corporation. Even just losing acce...
Law enforcement agencies tracked the alleged hacking activity back to 2015. (Source: Medium)

Russia accused of hijacking routers around the world

Law enforcement agencies in the US and UK have accused Russia of attempting to hack routers on a global scale. The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) has released an alert today entitled “Russian State-Spons...
Image: ZTE

Qualcomm, Dolby, and others banned from selling components to ZTE for 7 years

The United States Department of Commerce has banned all American companies from selling components to Chinese phone manufacturer ZTE. This includes Qualcomm and Dolby, both of whom have made major contributions to previous ZTE pho...
Recent Apple leaks have included details about the iPhone 8, iPhone X, and iOS 11's gold master code. (Source: Technologizer)

Apple memo about leaks gets leaked

An internal memo warning Apple employees about the consequences of leaking information has been leaked. The tech giant has suffered from a considerable number of leaks in the past, and the memo warns that leakers face losing their...
Telegram founder Pavel Durov, Russia bans Telegram mid-April 2018 (Source: Bloomberg)

Russian authorities ban Telegram

Less than a month since it managed to reach 200 million users within a 30-day period, Telegram Messenger has to take a serious blow as the Russian authorities decide to ban its use in the country. The reason for this decision is t...
In April 2016, Bitcoin's price was still under US$500. (Source: CoinDesk)

Bitcoin's value rises by nearly US$1000 in barely two hours

Bitcoin’s price rocketed for a short period on April 12, soaring from US$6,852 to US$7,834 in the space of barely two hours. The virtual currency’s value has been dropping consistently since December 2017, when it enjoyed record p...
Image: VectorStock

FTC slams companies that require repairs using certain parts or vendors to maintain a warranty

In a statement made yesterday, the Federal Trade Commision stated that it had sent warnings to six major manufacturers of cars, mobile phones, or video game consoles. The warning stated that policies requiring users to repair thei...
Image: Recode

Facebook is now the least trusted tech company when it comes to personal data

In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, which revealed one of the worst abuses of personal information by a corporation in history, trust in Facebook's handling of private information has plummeted. This is evidenced by a ...
Popular music videos have suddenly started disappearing on YouTube. (Source: Outshade)

Despacito and other popular music videos defaced and delisted by YouTube hackers

Hackers have managed to deface or delist many popular YouTube videos, including the highly popular 'Despacito' by Fonsi and Yankeee. Some videos have entirely disappeared while some had their titles changed. The affected videos we...
The Chrome Web Store is breaking up with cryptocurrencies. (Logos: Chrome Web Store and Bitcoin. Image: Self)

Chrome Web Store bans extensions that mine cryptocurrencies

The Chrome Web Store has updated its policy concerning extensions with crypto-mining scripts, outright banning such extensions from the store. Any existing extensions that can be used for mining cryptocurrencies will be removed by...
Apple iPhone 8 with battery problems

Batterygate: Over 63,000 South Korean customers file a lawsuit against Apple

Although Apple also had some problems with inflated batteries lately, the class action lawsuit involving no less than 63,767 South Korean customers has been filed to seek damages because of the company's intentional CPU throttling...
The Japanese Yen currently makes up over 51% of Bitcoin's investment volume by currency. (Source: The Merkle)

Bitcoin crisis continues with another huge price drop

Bitcoin has suffered yet another turbulent day in regard to its market value. Within the last 24 hours the virtual currency’s worth has dropped from a high of US$7382 to a close of US$6822, reaching a low of US$6660 at one point. ...
Under Armour has recommended that MyFitnessPal users change their passwords immediately. (Source: MyFitnessPal)

150 million MyFitnessPal users affected by hack

The popular fitness app MyFitnessPal has suffered a data breach that has affected the accounts of an estimated 150 million users. The company behind the food and nutrition application, Baltimore-based Under Armour Inc., has issued...
By filing documents with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, Telegram is striving for cryptocurrency legitimacy. (Source: TechCrunch)

Telegram raises US$1.7 billion for its ICO

The instant messaging service Telegram has apparently filed more papers with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) stating that it has now raised a total of US$1.7 billion during its Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The serv...
An estimated 230,000 computers were infected within a single day in the 2017 WannaCry ransomware attack. (Source: Wccftech)

WannaCry virus strikes Boeing production plant

There has been a reported malware attack on a Boeing production plant involving the infamous ransomware cryptoworm WannaCry. A spokesperson for Boeing described the event as “a limited intrusion of malware” as there were concerns ...
Uber faces a ban on testing self-driving vehicles. (Source: Time)

Intel claims its driver assistance technology is superior to that of Uber's

Intel took a dig at Uber by claiming that its driver assistance technology can detect and prevent pedestrian impact more accurately than Uber's version. This comes in the wake of a tragic incident involving the collision of a self...
Steven Seagal is yet to comment about his ambassadorship ending. (Source:

Steven Seagal no longer Bitcoiin ambassador

It seems actor Steven Seagal is no longer the brand ambassador for the cryptocurrency Bitcoiin. Agents for the virtual currency (VC) have claimed that a soft cap of US$75 million has now been reached, meaning that both the founder...
Facebook and privacy violation cases may as well be best mates at this point. (Source: Hillary Fox)

Facebook has been swiping call and text data from Android users for years

A teardown of Facebook's user data archive has revealed the fact that the company collects private user data including well-detailed call logs and text metadata. The company has been involved in a number of cases pertaining to pri...
Telegram facing troubles in Russia as of March 2018, forced to hand over user encryption keys to the local authorities

Telegram ordered to hand over user encryption keys by Russian authorities

Since Vladimir Putin will be in charge for a few more years, it looks like Telegram might end up being blocked in Russia. A set of laws introduced back in 2016 required Telegram to give the government a way to decrypt all user con...

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