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Telegram facing troubles in Russia as of March 2018, forced to hand over user encryption keys to the local authorities

Telegram ordered to hand over user encryption keys by Russian authorities

Since Vladimir Putin will be in charge for a few more years, it looks like Telegram might end up being blocked in Russia. A set of laws introduced back in 2016 required Telegram to give the government a way to decrypt all user con...
Bitcoin was valued at almost US$20,000 per token in December 2017. (Source: The Merkle)

Productive G-20 discussions help boost Bitcoin value

Bitcoin has received a significant boost in market value that has been put down to “very productive” discussions about cryptocurrencies and regulation at a G-20 meeting. The leading cryptocurrency has seen its value battered recen...
The whole Broadcom-Qualcomm drama has now come to an end. (Source: MacRumors)

Broadcom gives up on acquiring Qualcomm

Broadcom has officially withdrawn from plans of acquiring Qualcomm. The now Singapore-based semiconductor giant tried its might to cajole Qualcomm with enticing offers but the latter did not budge. Despite losing the dangling carr...
It has been standard practice to give companies 60-90 days to react to newly found exploits.

Update | Previously unheard-of company claims AMD chips are full of vulnerabilities, does not provide details

Researchers at a cyber-security consulting company in Israel have claimed that they have found 13 serious vulnerabilities in AMD processors. CTS-Labs has published details about the flaws after only giving AMD 24 hours to comply. ...
Intel is looking to nullify Broadcom's Qualcomm takeover efforts. (Source: Android Police)

Intel reportedly eyeing Broadcom to thwart Qualcomm buyout

Intel is apparently viewing the possible acquisition of Qualcomm by Broadcom as a potential threat to its communications semiconductor business according to a report by The Wall Street Journal. The company is also reportedly explo...
Bitcoin had a value of over US$11,600 on March 5, 2018. (Source: RTT News)

Cryptocurrency news: illegal Petro, falling Bitcoin and Japan gets tough

Venezuela’s Petro cryptocurrency has been called “illegal” and “unconstitutional” by the country’s National Assembly. Bitcoin has suffered another fall in its current exchange value, with the virtual currency's latest closing pric...
Human emotions such as digust facilitate the rapid spread of fake news. (Source: JPost)

Study finds fake news spread by social media users not bots

A report published by the highly respected journal Science has estimated that fake news is 70% more likely to be retweeted than true news. The study found that false information which was rapidly shared online through social media...
The SEC has stated that some VC trading-asset mechanisms fall under federal securities laws. (Source: Wired)

Bitcoin value damaged by SEC statement

The US Securities and Exchange Commission has issued a stern statement in regard to potentially unlawful online trading platforms. The statement includes a warning to investors that they should use “SEC-registered and regulated ma...
BlackBerry is taking Facebook to court for IP infringement. (Source: Venturebeat)

BlackBerry sues Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram for patent infringement

BlackBerry Ltd has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Facebook and its companies WhatsApp and Instagram for improperly implementing BBM IP in the social network's messaging apps. While BlackBerry is seeking to protect the...
The stolen computers could be used to mine virtual currency. (Source: VentureBeat)

Cryptocurrency news: Big Bitcoin Heist and Merriam-Webster legitimacy

A seemingly coordinated series of burglaries has taken place in Iceland leading to the loss of around US$2 million worth of computing equipment used to mine Bitcoin. The thefts actually occurred back in December and January, but t...
Broadcom has recently been trying to acquire Qualcomm. (Source: LiveMint)

Broadcom could redomicile to the US soon

According to a report, technology company Broadcom Limited could be redomiciling to the US in the near future, possibly by May. The company is currently based in Singapore and has a co-headquarters in San Jose, California. Broadco...
Mark Carney began his career at Goldman Sachs after studying at Harvard and Oxford. (Source: RTT News)

Top economist calls for cryptocurrency regulation

Could central regulation for cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, be coming sooner rather than later? Canadian economist and current Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, brought up a number of issues about cryptocurrency du...
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. (Source: Forbes)

Twitter CEO requests for proposals to help improve the platform

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey expressed concern that the social network has a problem with trolls and bots infesting the platform often fueling hate and abuse. The CEO is inviting proposals from users on how to improve the platform and ...
Bitcoin was the first decentralized cryptocurrency. It was released in 2009. (Source: VentureBeat)

VeganCoin and Sovereign join the cryptocurrency craze

VeganCoin and Sovereign have become two of the latest additions to the ever growing cryptocurrency world. VeganCoin was founded by the people behind VeganNation, who claim the currency will be “cruelty free”. The Sovereign is a vi...
SikurPhone uses a custom version of Android called SikurOS. (Source: Sikur)

MWC 2018 | Sikur announces secure phone with cryptocurrency wallet included

Sikur is a smartphone maker that likes to put an emphasis on security. In 2015, the company released the GranitePhone, which offered users multiple layers of data privacy protection. In the meantime, Sikur has been working on a ne...
Bill Gates made his first Reddit AMA appearance in 2013. (Source: CNET)

Gates and Wozniak offer contrasting views of cryptocurrencies

In a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) session held today, Bill Gates made a comment about cryptocurrencies that suggests he is not currently a huge advocate of the decentralized and unregulated digital payment systems. In contrast, St...
Archos also produces tablets, media players and smartphones. (Source: Archos)

Archos to offer physical cryptocurrency wallet

French electronics company Archos has unveiled plans to release a hardware wallet that will provide cryptocurrency owners with a physical layer of security for their virtual currency transactions. The Archos Safe-T mini hardware d...
No signs of any struggle have been recorded in the Apple 911 calls. (Source: Sacramento Bee)

Broken Apple devices seeking emergency assistance

Apparently the 911 emergency services communication center in Elk Grove, California has been receiving hundreds of calls coming from an Apple repair and refurbishing site in the vicinity. Since October, 2017 the total of 911 calls...
Maduro has claimed the total 100-million issue of Petro has a value over US$6 billion (Source: Steemit)

Petro "makes" US$735 million, Seagal lags behind

The President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, has claimed that the country’s cryptocurrency has enjoyed booming business on the first day of its pre-sale. Apparently, investors have snatched up US$735 million worth of Petro digital ...
Hijackers were not interested in customer data or car security, they just needed the processing power of the cloud servers. (Source: HybridCars)

Tesla cloud servers hijacked for illicit cryptomining

Instead of using malicious apps or website exploits, hackers just hijacked Tesla's cloud servers and made sure their illicit cryptomining endeavors would not seem suspicious.
It's not known if Steven Seagal is backing Bitcoiin with his estimated US$16 million fortune. (Source: TechRadar)

Venezuela and Steven Seagal involved in cryptocurrency sales

The cryptocurrency craze continues as a sovereign state and a controversial celebrity become involved in the virtual currency (VC) industry. Venezuela's government has made its "petro" currency available in a presale launch, while...
Both the Pentagon and the US Army run similar hacking events. (Source: Business Insider)

Hack the Air Force 2.0 costs USAF over US$100,000

The United States Air Force has made bounty payouts totaling US$103,883 to hackers invited to test the force's systems and software. The event ran from December 9, 2017 to January 1, 2018.
Trump's increase in infrastructure spending positively affected Bitcoin's value. (Source: Dealbreaker)

Don't expect US regulation of Bitcoin anytime soon

White House spokesman, Rob Joyce, doesn't believe the US government is ready to attempt regulating Bitcoin until the good and bad aspects of the cryptocurrency are fully understood. The US official was discussing the topic at the ...
The 2016 LTSB version of Windows 10 will have mainstream support until 2021. (Source: Softpedia)

Windows 10 vital to US Air Force preparedness

The US Department of Defense has stated that the United States Air Force (USAF) must ensure its computers are operating Windows 10 by March 31, 2018. The Microsoft OS is considered to be a crucial component in the overall readines...
Litecoin is leading the latest cryptocoin appreciation wave. (Source:

Cryptocurrencies on the rise again, Litecoin leads rebound with ~30% appreciation in one day

The imminent release of the LitePay service lead to a sudden appreciation for Litecoin over the past few days. Litecoin is thus expected to become more useful and appreciate even further as LitePay is compatible with Visa-enabled ...
Facebook faces legal problems in Germany due to its data-collection practices, which were deemed illegal

Facebook breaking the law when collecting personal data

Although Facebook already filed an appeal, it is worth mentioning that the Berlin regional court ruled against its data-collection practices, saying that the default settings break the law, while some terms and conditions do not m...
The cryptocurrency market capitalization value is currently over US$420 billion. (Source: CCN)

Bitcoin bubble burst threat for investors

Financial regulators have issued warnings that a massive price crash involving Bitcoin and other popular virtual currencies (VC) would lead to financial ruin for many investors. The lucrative VC market is currently worth hundreds ...
Windows Defender ATP will now enable deep security insights for older Windows versions. (Source: Microsoft)

Windows Defender ATP coming to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1

Microsoft has announced support for Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection, a Windows 10 only feature, to Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 8.1. This is to help organizations protect themselves during the transition to Windows 10 fro...
How to check if your PC is protected from Meltdown and Spectre

How to check if your PC is protected from Meltdown and Spectre

The Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities exposed inherent flaws in hardware and software design, which we've been using for many years. Chip vendors and developers alike are scrambling to quickly release fixes to prevent any damag...
Cybersecurity firms are analyzing the malicious code known as Olympic Destroyer. (Source: Forbes)

"Olympic Destroyer" virus fails to destroy Olympics

Friday's Winter Olympics opening ceremony in Pyeongchang came under cyber attack from malware known as "Olympic Destroyer." The virus affected Internet and television services used by media representatives but did not cause any ma...
The developers of the Nano coin are suspecting Bitgrail of being untruthful to its customers. (Source: BitGrail)

Italian crypto exchange BitGrail hacked for US$170 million

After CoinCheck and NiceHash, the BitGrail hack is the third major incident in less then 4 months. Of course, the Italian exchange kept most of the funds in a hot wallet, and many other exchanges are probably still doing this, pra...
How to protect critical data from ransomware in Windows 10

How to protect critical data from ransomware in Windows 10

With ransomware on the prowl every other day, it has become all the more important to ensure that critical files are protected from being encrypted or altered. The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update includes a new functionality calle...
Sarov is where the terrifying Tsar Bomba hydrogen bomb was made. (Source: Gizmodo)

Russian nuclear scientists in Bitcoin mining arrests

Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) has detained a group of scientists who attempted to use a supercomputer at a top secret nuclear facility to mine Bitcoin. Security was alerted when the would-be miners tried to connect the c...
Microsoft is making Office 2019 a Windows 10 exclusive. (Source: Redmondmag)

Microsoft details servicing changes to Windows and Office, Office 2019 to be a Windows 10 exclusive

Microsoft has listed out a few servicing changes to Windows and Office keeping in view the deployment requirements of the enterprise. The company also detailed availability and support cadences of Office 2019 and Windows 10 LTSC.
Apple confirms the US Government's probe into the iPhone throttling controversy. (Source: Hypebeast)

Apple responds to reports regarding the US Government's enquiry into throttling iPhones

Apple confirmed that the US Government has asked questions regarding intentional throttling of old iPhones and reaffirmed that it would not degrade the customer experience to force upgrades.
The hackers have been traced spreading the stolen coins to many separate accounts. (Source: Coincodex)

Coincheck hackers get traced as stolen cryptocoins trickle to other accounts

Hackers are trying to spread the stolen NEM coins to as much as 20 accounts, but Coincheck and the NEM Foundation have already tagged all the affected coins, making the affected cryptocurrency easily trackable on exchanges.
The Chinese knew of Meltdown and Spectre much before the US Government according to The WSJ. (Source: Reddit)

Intel alerted select corporations about Meltdown/Spectre, China speculated to have known about it before the US

The Wall Street Journal reports that Intel had informed select customers about the Meltdown/Spectre vulnerabilities. What's news, however, is that somehow the Chinese Government could have gotten to know about the vulnerabilities ...
Users of Intel 'Broadwell' chips will get a more reliable microcode update in the coming weeks. (Source: Wccftech)

Intel readying a more reliable Meltdown/Spectre fix for 'Broadwell' and 'Haswell' platforms

Intel has identified the root cause of the recent reboot issues plaguing the company's 'Broadwell' and 'Haswell' chips that received a microcode update for the Meltdown and Spectre exploits. The company has issued an updated guida...
New privacy options will be seen in upcoming Windows 10 releases. (Source: ZDNet)

Latest Windows 10 Insider Preview builds reveal new privacy tools

In a step up towards addressing the spate of privacy concerns surrounding Windows 10, Microsoft is introducing new privacy tools that will enable users to see the exact data being sent as telemetry information.
CES 2018: Our impressions of the biggest show of the year

CES 2018: Our impressions of the biggest show of the year

CES 2018 has come and gone, and we have witnessed OEMs showcasing the best of their innovations. While we had some noteworthy announcements that will shape the tech industry for years to come, there were also a lot of me-too products on display as well. We recap the event to look at some of the products that were show-stoppers and discuss what they may indicate for the overall tech landscape this year.
Image: OnePlus (w/ edits by article author)

Up to 40,000 OnePlus customers may have had their credit card information stolen

The darling of the mobile phone enthusiast community is in hot water once again. Less than a week after it was discovered that OnePlus was sending user data to servers in China without permission, the Chinese OEM's merchant platfo...
The new AMT hack can bypass all known security measures. (Source: Anandtech)

Gone in 30 seconds: New Intel AMT exploit is scarier than you can ever fathom

F-Secure's security researchers discovered another flaw in Intel's Active Management Technology (AMT) that a hacker can potentially misuse to gain remote access to a system.
'Haswell' CPU owners are getting increased security at the expense of reliability. (Source: Overclock3D)

Intel 'Haswell' and 'Broadwell' CPU users complain of higher system reboots after applying Meltdown and Spectre patches

Users of older generation 'Haswell' and 'Broadwell' Intel CPUs are reporting of constant reboots after applying patches to address the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities. Intel is looking at issuing a revised firmware to address...

Apple devices are already protected against Meltdown without any hit to performance

With the massive vulnerabilities recently discovered in Intel CPUs, the main question on everyone's minds are when affected devices will be updated to guard against possible exploits. Apple is ahead of the game; apparently, the la...
The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti. (Source: NVIDIA)

Consumer NVIDIA GPUs cannot be used in datacenters henceforth

Recent changes to NVIDIA's EULA prohibits datacenter deployment of their consumer grade GeForce GPUs apart from those used for blockchain processing. This being seen as a move to curb deployment of cost-effective GeForce GPUs for ...
Torrenting can affect your coziness at home. (Source: The WireCutter)

Torrenting can cost you the ability to remotely control your smart thermostat

Armstrong Zoom Internet has sent notices to its users that copyright infringement can lead to speed throttling that not only affects file transfer but also the ability to remotely control connected devices such as smart thermostat...
Honey Quest uses technology to target ads based on the user's viewing habits. (Source: NY Times)

Android games found tracking users' TV viewing habits

Many Android games have been found to track the user's TV viewing habits for displaying ads. The games use software from Alphonso that collects data from the phone's microphone, identifies the audio stream, and displays targeted a...
Vincenzo and Giacomo Barbato with their 'Steve Jobs' brand. (Source: Business Insider Italia)

Brothers do a neat Italian Job of trademarking 'Steve Jobs'

Vincenzo and Giacomo Barbato have emerged victorious in the legal battle against Apple in naming their brand after Steve Jobs. Their company currently produces clothing and plans to enter into electronics very soon.
Apple had a lot of explaining to do after the recent reports of iPhone slowdowns. (Source: Steemit)

HTC and Motorola say slowing down older phones is not their cup of tea

In emails to The Verge, HTC and Motorola have clarified that they do not slow down phones as the batteries start wearing out. This comes in the wake of Apple's now controversial policy of slowing down phones with ageing batteries.
Keeper is being installed by default in new Windows 10 installations. (Source: User ToppestofDogs on Reddit)

Windows 10's included password manager can pose a security risk

A Google security researcher has discovered that the included third-party password manager in Windows 10, Keeper, comes with a security vulnerability that injects privileged UI into web apages that exposes a user's passwords.

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