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Image: Nintendo

Nintendo now sells a cheaper Switch bundle without the dock

Nintendo is now selling a cheaper Switch bundle without a TV dock or AC adapter. By sacrificing these accessories, gamers can save ¥5,000 (~$45). Unfortunately, the bundle is currently exclusive to Japan, and there's little chance...
Samsung Galaxy S9+ in Sunrise Gold (Source: TechnoBuffalo)

Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ in Sunrise Gold finish coming next month, US availability not confirmed yet

US customers not happy with the three color choices locally available for the Samsung Galaxy S9 lineup might want to wait for a little longer, because it looks like the Sunrise Gold option might reach them in the coming weeks. Eve...
Relay Starter Pack (Source: Relay by Republic)

Republic Wireless intros the Relay secure smartphone for kids

The Relay secure smartphone for kids by Republic Wireless is so secure that it does not feature a display. This accessory can be considered a basic phone with tracking capabilities for kids, as it features nationwide 4G LTE connec...
Xiaomi France teaser (Source: Facebook)

Xiaomi coming to France on May 22

Promising to bring a "new attitude" to Europe, Xiaomi is ready to enter the French market. The Chinese brand will open its first Mi Store in Paris on May 22, but more are expected to follow in other French cities over the coming m...
According to the report, the global smart speaker market has enjoyed a year-over-year growth of 278%. (Source: BBC)

Amazon and Google dominate global smart speaker market

A new quarterly research report has been released that shows Amazon and Google currently leading the pack in terms of global smart speaker shipments and market share. However, although Amazon has shipped twice as many units in Q1 ...
Samsung Bixby-powered smart home ecosystem (Source: Samsung Newsroom)

Samsung Bixby coming to ovens and robot cleaners this year

Already available in smartphones, TVs, air conditioners, washing machines, and refrigerators, the Samsung Bixby virtual assistant will also be added to the company's robot cleaners and ovens by the end of this year. Samsung remain...
Image source: AsteroidOS

AsteroidOS 1.0, an open source smartwatch OS, released for certain Android Wear watches

AsteroidOS, best described as an open source alternative to watchOS and Wear OS, launched its first stable release yesterday. Designed by a small group of developers and open to the public, the OS can run on a few Wear OS-compatib...
5G networking official logo, Verizon to bring 5G to Los Angeles by the end of 2018

Verizon to bring 5G to Los Angeles by the end of the year

Los Angeles will get 5G connectivity from Verizon in the last quarter of 2018, joining Sacramento as a "progressive-minded" city. The carrier still has to announce one to three more cities that will be included in the first wave o...
John Legend (Source: Getty Images)

John Legend coming to Google Assistant later this year, six new voices already available

Thanks to the recent introduction of six new voice choices, Google Assistant now features a total of eight such options — four female and four male voices. Even more, Sundar Pichai has confirmed at Google I/O that John Legend's vo...
Concept image of what a round-faced Apple Watch could look like. (Source: Alcion Design)

Apple may be working on a circular-shaped smartwatch

A patent has been granted to Apple for an “electronic device having display with curved edges.” The patent was filed in January 2016 and features a number of images that could easily be described as potential smartwatch displays. ...
Linksys WRT32XB will be the first router optimized specifically for Xbox gaming (Source: Linksys)

Linksys WRT32XB will be the first router optimized specifically for Xbox gaming

The WRT32X is relaunching tomorrow with a special WRT32XB edition designed for Xbox gamers. Its software will be tuned out-of-the-box to prioritize Xbox online and streaming traffic while still offering the same high-end features ...
Huawei cuts Mate 10 Pro down to $650 USD, introduces new Mocha Brown color (Source: Huawei)

Huawei cuts Mate 10 Pro down to $650 USD, introduces new Mocha Brown color

The Mate 10 Pro launched in the United States for $800 three months ago, but it can now be purchased for $150 less through major online retailers like Amazon, Newegg, and B&H. Huawei's mid-range MateBook D laptop will also be $200...
Samsung Pro Endurance 128 GB. (Source: Samsung)

The Samsung Pro Endurance 128 GB MicroSD is rated to record a massive 43,800 hours of video footage

The new Samsung Pro Endurance has impressive endurance stats compared to their competitors and read speeds that match non-endurance cards.
Samsung ISOCELL Slim 3P9 camera module (Source: Samsung Newsroom)

Samsung intros the 16 MP ISOCELL Slim 3P9 image sensor

The 16 MP ISOCELL Slim 3P9 camera by Samsung is a solution for mid-range devices and, thanks to the Tetracell technology, its 1 μm sensor can act as a 2 μm unit by merging four neighboring pixels. This way, the next-gen front-faci...
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook's smart speakers coming in October

The recent Cambridge Analytica scandal forced Facebook to delay the launch of its first smart speakers, which are now scheduled to arrive in October, loaded with the Facebook M artificial intelligence software solution. These smar...
Image: Apple (w/ edits)

Barclays: Apple won't include Lightning to 3.5mm adapter this year

Barclay's analyst Blayne Curtis is predicting that Apple will stop bundling the Lightning to 3.5mm audio adapter with the iPhone released this fall. If this prediction comes true, iPhone users that want wired audio would have to s...
LG Watch Sport smartwatch to get a hybrid sibling soon

LG Watch Timepiece hybrid watch apparently coming in June

According to an exclusive report that recently surfaced online, the LG Watch Timepiece runs Wear OS and combines a quartz movement watch with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 2100-powered smart module that features a circular 1.2-inch LCD di...
LG G7 unofficial render, LG G7 ThinQ coming May 2

LG G7 ThinQ to feature a built-in Boombox Speaker

LG has just revealed that the upcoming G7 ThinQ flagship will feature a "Boombox Speaker" that packs a resonance chamber which allows it to provide 6 dB higher base sound levels and twice the amount of bass that the brand's existi...
The Exklim eX Core. (Source: Exklim)

Exklim's CEO answers community questions about the eX Core external GPU during interview with NotebookCheck

There has been a growing wave of people in the community calling the Exklim eX Core a scam. Some feel that the eX Core fills a new niche, some think that it can't achieve the claimed performance, while others believe it doesn't ex...
Dell XPS 15 2-in-1 (9575) (Source: Dell)

Frank Azor: The Dell XPS 15 2-in-1 (9575) was delayed due to the the mag lev keyboard

Although the new XPS 15 2-in-1 (9575) was supposed to begin shipping more than a week ago, Frank Azor has just confirmed that many early adopters still have to receive their machines due to a delay that has been caused by "a small...
Snapchat Spectacles v2 (Source: Snap Inc.)

Snapchat's second-generation Spectacles camera glasses are waterproof, already available for US$150

The second-generation Spectacles camera glasses by Snapchat no longer feature a yellow ring that alerts people and can also shoot images, not just video. Capable of shooting underwater, this new accessory also comes with faster sy...
iPhone SE 2 alleged pictures (Source: Weibo)

Leaked iPhone SE 2 pics reveal a headphone jack

Although we recently heard that the upcoming iPhone SE 2 would drop the audio jack, a set of leaked images shows that the refreshed version of Apple's compact handset will keep this traditional jack around. These photos also revea...
Fire TV devices were developed by Amazon and manufactured by Foxconn. (Source: Amazon)

Amazon's Fire TV Cube is coming soon

The question “What is Fire TV Cube?” has been posted on a splash page on the Amazon website. Amazon Fire TV is a digital media player and microconsole created by the Seattle-based online shopping giant. Rumors of a cube-shaped dev...
Panasonic Toughpad FZ-M1 rugged Windows tablet with Intel RealSense 3D camera (Source: NotebookCheck)

Panasonic intros the Toughpad FZ-M1 rugged tablet with Intel RealSense 3D camera

Unveiled back at MWC 2018, the Panasonic Toughpad FZ-M1 is now available in Europe starting at the equivalent of over US$2,500 (without taxes). The highlights of this rugged Windows 10 Pro tablet with a fanless design include a su...
Dell P2719H 27-inch productivity monitor. (Source: Dell)

A bevy of new Dell productivity monitors that include USB-C connections and 65 W power delivery

Dell has been number one in monitor sales for 17 straight quarters, and they are looking to continue this trend with the announcement of seven new and refreshed monitors. Three of the new models stand out because of their USB-C co...
Purchase Guide: The best SSDs (image: Samsung)

Purchase Guide: The best SSDs

One of the biggest trends of the past few years in terms of computers is without a doubt the establishment of a completely new kind of storage device - the faster and all-electronic instead of partly-mechanic Solid-State Drives. T...
The Vaunt smart glasses could deliver simple messages or display route directions. (Source: Liliputing)

Intel's vaunted smart glasses facing the axe

According to a report, Intel is planning on closing down its New Devices Group. This particular division of the chip-making giant was involved in developing wearable projects. One of these projects was called “Superlight” but was ...
dodocool DP13 20100 mAh power bank with 45 Watt USB-C PD in our hands-on.

Hands-on: dodocool DP13 20100 mAh Power Bank with 45 Watt USB-C PD

For its DP13 power bank with 45 watts of power delivery, dodocool promises compatibility with the Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro, the Lenovo ThinkPad X270, and the Huawei MateBook, among others. We checked the PD power bank by dodocool in a brief hands-on. Here are our findings.
StarTech launches Thunderbolt 3 to USB Type-C adapters for high-bandwidth applications (Source: StarTech)

StarTech launches Thunderbolt 3 to USB Type-C adapters for high-bandwidth applications

Ultrabook owners stuck with USB Type-C now have more options to expand their existing Thunderbolt 3 ports and support a variety of legacy connections including eSATA and USB Type-A. The pricey adapters support daisy-chaining and w...
The Microsoft Surface Dial is most useful when used on-screen with supported applications. (Source: Microsoft)

Firmware update finally brings on-screen Surface Dial support to the Surface Pro 4

Artists, designers, and editors with Surface Pro 4's can now enjoy full on-screen controls when using a Surface Dial on their Surface device. The Surface Dial provides basic functionality for all Bluetooth 4.0 LE equipped Windows ...
Pre-orders for the Apple HomePod were apparently strong, but sales of the device have been slow. (Source: Apple)

Apple has reportedly reduced HomePod production

A report from Bloomberg has stated that Apple has had to cut manufacturing orders with Inventec in regard to the HomePod. Apparently, the smart speaker has not been selling in huge numbers and Apple workers have commented that sto...
Exklim eX Core eGPU. (Source: Exklim)

The eX Core is a compact and portable external GPU solution that is currently on Kickstarter

Exklim has launched a kickstarter campaign for their ultra-portable take on external GPU's. Equipped with a GTX 1050 MXM card and running solely on power provided by the Thunderbolt 3 connection removes the need for additional pow...
Instagram app on Apple Watch, discontinued as of early April 2018

Instagram discontinues its Apple Watch app

After big names like Amazon, eBay, and Twitter discontinued their apps for Apple Watch, the time has come for Instagram to do the same. The Instagram app for Apple's wearable will no longer provide a standalone experience once use...
Apple iPhone 8 with battery problems

Batterygate: Over 63,000 South Korean customers file a lawsuit against Apple

Although Apple also had some problems with inflated batteries lately, the class action lawsuit involving no less than 63,767 South Korean customers has been filed to seek damages because of the company's intentional CPU throttling...
Palit eGPU enclosure, macOS gets eGPU support with macOS 10.13.4

Support for external graphics cards finally available in macOS

Although using an external GPU on a MacBook was possible in the past by booting up Windows on it, macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 finally brings native support for external graphics processors to Apple's operating system. This update al...
SteelSeries Arctis Pro + GameDAC gaming headset (Source: SteelSeries)

SteelSeries intros the Arctis Pro lineup of gaming headsets

The family of gaming headsets introduced by SteelSeries earlier this month includes the Arctis Pro + GameDAC, which is the first certified Hi-Res Audio headset in the gaming world, and the Arctis Pro Wireless. Their prices are US$...
Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ Android flagships to receive FM radio support via software update

FM radio support coming soon to the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+

Although Samsung and NextRadio announced earlier this year that all upcoming handsets of the South Korean brand to hit the US and Canada will feature FM radio support, the Galaxy S9 and S9+ came with a bug that disabled it. Now, S...
Samsung Gear S3 pocket watch concept

Samsung SM-R800 wearable codenamed "Galileo" might debut later this year as the Gear S4

More than a year since the launch of a new flagship smartwatch, Samsung is on its way to bringing the Gear S4 at IFA. A recent unofficial report reveals that a wearable codenamed "Galileo" and bearing the SM-R800 model number is u...
The Fitbit Versa smartwatch offers 24/7 heart-rate tracking and can store and play music files. (Source: Fitbit)

Fitbit Versa offers an alternative to the Apple Watch

Fitbit’s Versa smartwatch is available for pre-order and offers an interesting alternative to the market-dominating Apple Watch. For a start, there is the price: The Fitbit Versa costs US$199.95 and the Apple Watch Series 3 has pr...
The Logitech Rugged 2 Combo case comes with a holder for the Logitech Crayon or Apple Pencil. (Source: Logitech)

Logitech reveals new accessories for sixth-generation iPad

Swiss computer-accessory manufacturer Logitech has announced a couple of new items specifically designed for the just-released sixth-generation iPad. Firstly, there is a stylus called the Logitech Crayon Digital Pencil that offers...
Swiping down from all screens will bring up the Gear S2's Quick Panel. (Source: Samsung)

Samsung releases Gear S2 software update with new functions

Samsung’s wearable, the Gear S2, has received a new software upgrade from the South Korean manufacturer. The user interface has been overhauled, the Samsung Health widget has been enhanced, and the watch can be used in conjunction...
Casio Pro Trek WSD-F20SC Android Wear smartwatch closeup (Source: Casio)

Casio unveils the Pro Trek Smart WSD-F20SC limited edition watch

One year after the introduction of the WSD-F20, Casio unveils the Pro Trek WSD-F20SC "adventure smartwatch" at the ongoing Baselworld 2018 trade show that focuses on wearable technology. Compared to its predecessor, the WSD-F20SC ...
Foxconn is continuing its expansion plans with the acquisition of Belkin. (Source: Fortune)

Foxconn set to acquire Belkin, Linksys and Wemo

Foxconn is set to acquire Belkin, and with it, Linksys and Wemo. The US$866 million deal is, however, subject to review by the US Committee on Foreign Investment.
Mondaine Helvetica Regular hybrid smartwatch (Source: Wareable)

Mondaine Helvetica Regular hybrid smartwatch coming later this week

The Mondaine Helvetica Regular has just been unveiled in Basel and will hit the market by the end of the month for a price of around US$640. Compared to its predecessor, it features a smaller case and can receive notifications. Si...
The HTC Vive Pro is now available for pre-order. (Source: HTC)

HTC’s wireless Vive Pro VR headset goes up for pre-order

HTC’s second-generation VR headset, the Vive Pro, is now up for pre-order. Improved in every key area over the original, the company is hoping the addition of wireless support will help to attract new users put off by being tether...
Fitbit Ionic Adidas edition, Fitbit OS 2.0 update available starting March 2018

Fitbit OS 2.0 rolls out to Fitbit Ionic wearables with Deezer support, new gestures, and more

Last week, Fitbit started to roll out the firmware version to the Fitbit Ionic smart wearables. This update is based on Fitbit OS 2.0 and includes Fitbit Today, described as "an updated on-device dashboard that keeps yo...
The Sony MP-CD1 pico projector is coming soon for US$399. (Source: Sony)

Sony’s MP-CD1 pico projector is small enough to fit in a pocket

Sony has outed its latest pico projector and it is small enough to fit in a pants pocket. The MP-CD1 can boot in just 5 seconds and is listed as coming soon on the company’s US website.
Android Wear smartwatches, Android Wear to become Wear OS

Google Android Wear to become Wear OS later this year

If the latest rumors turn into reality, Android Wear will change its name around 4 years after its release. In addition to the new name, Google's upcoming Wear OS should also feature a new, colorful logo similar to the one current...
The prototype proton battery looks considerably thicker than the cellphone Lithium-ion ones. (Source: RMIT)

Proton batteries could soon replace Lithium-ion ones

RMIT researchers claim that the proton batteries could be mass produced by 2023. This new breed of batteries is carbon-based, but the energy storing process is totally eco-friendly and also has reduced production costs. The Austra...
Bose Audio AR prototype sunglasses. (Source: Bose)

Bose surprises with audio-focused AR smart glasses

Bose has launched a new type of AR technology that it is calling Audio AR. The prototype sunglasses on show at SXSW use an audio layer to supplement a user's interaction with their surrounds to provide more information and context...

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