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Spotify may release its first hardware later this year. (Image source: Reddit)

Spotify is reportedly working on an in-car music player

Spotify, the popular music and podcast streaming service, is planning on releasing its own hardware. The Financial Times reports that the device will be an in-car music player and could cost US$100.
Orange Pi 3 H6: An updated version of the Raspberry Pi competitor that starts at a bargain price. (Image source: Ali Express)

Orange Pi 3 H6: An updated version of the Raspberry Pi competitor that starts at US$29.90

The Orange Pi, an alternative to the Raspberry Pi, has received a RAM upgrade this week. There are four new versions of the single-board computer, which start at US$29.90 plus shipping.
Xiaomi retail store, Xiaomi coming to Africa in 2019

Xiaomi ready to launch a dedicated African department

Although Xiaomi is present in most African markets via third-party distributors, the Chinese brand is now ready to take a more direct approach by launching a dedicated department for this part of the world. Xiaomi's African Region...
The DJI Mavic 2 is one of the most popular high-end drones on the market. (Source: DJI)

Drone maker DJI reveals US$150 million fraud carried out internally

Drone maker DJI has discovered an internal racket that has defrauded the company of at least US$150 million. The theft is said to have involved multiple staff and led to their dismissal although the company is still investing the ...
Xiaomi has released a 4K version of its popular MIJIA laser projector. (Image source: Xiaomi)

Xiaomi releases a 4K laser projector that costs CNY 14,999 (~ US$2,200)

Xiaomi has surprisingly announced a new 4K MIJIA laser projector. The device can create up to a 150-inch display and will last for over 25,000 hours. The projector will cost 14,999 Yuan, but Xiaomi is currently running a 5,000 Yua...
The Google Chromecast Audio supported lossless high-resolution audio. (Source: Google)

Google discontinues Chromecast Audio

Google has officially confirmed the discontinuation of the Chromecast Audio device. A quick glance at Google’s online store lists the music-streaming gadget as out of stock, after recently receiving a heavy price cut from US$35 to...
The Matrix PowerWatch 2: A new GPS smartwatch that uses your body heat to power itself (Image source: Matrix)

The Matrix PowerWatch 2: A new GPS smartwatch that uses your body heat to power itself

The currently crowdfunded Matrix PowerWatch 2 is expected to have almost unlimited battery life and comes with both an LCD display and a GPS module. The device is currently comparatively affordable too.
The Sony LSPX-S2 Glass Sound Speaker (Image source: Sony)

CES 2019 | Sony LSPX-S2: A wireless glass speaker that is also an LED candle

Sony has announced the LSPX-S2, a successor to its glass bulb speaker the LSPX-S1. The LSPX-S2 has been slightly revised compared to its predecessor and is considerably cheaper too.
Lenovo's Smart Clock can do much more than just tell the time. (Source: Lenovo)

CES 2019 | Lenovo's Smart Clock will make sure you're always on time

Lenovo has introduced a new device to its Smart Home family: The Lenovo Smart Clock. According to the Chinese manufacturer, the Smart Clock can learn the sleeping habits of users and comes with Google Assistant, so it should offer...
MediaTek is promoting the use of its new WiFi 6 + BT chipset already. (Source: Fudzilla)

CES 2019 | MediaTek reveals its new connectivity chipset with the latest WiFi standard and Bluetooth

MediaTek has unveiled its new silicon for connectivity at CES 2019. This chipset is compatible with next-generation WiFi (Wi-Fi 6, or 802.11ax) and also delivers Bluetooth access points. It supports 2x2, 4x4 and multi-user MIMO (M...
Intel-Alibaba AI-powered athelete tracking tech coming to the 2020 Olympics (Source: Intel Newsroom)

CES 2019 | Alibaba and Intel get together to develop athlete tracking technology

Intel and Alibaba are now working together on AI-driven athlete tracking solutions for the Olympic Games 2020 and beyond. The technology uses both existing and upcoming Intel hardware and the Alibaba Cloud infrastructure and will ...
Intel's Project Athena is now official, first laptops coming in H2 2019 (Source: Intel Newsroom on YouTube)

CES 2019 | Intel intros Project Athena and there are no satellites involved

Previously used for a secret satellite internet project and a BlackBerry phone, Athena returns as the name of an innovation program by Intel "that defines and aims to help bring to market a new class of advanced laptops that are p...
Kroger and Microsoft CEOs (Source: Microsoft Stories)

Microsoft teams up with Kroger to pilot two connected experience stores

The partnership between Microsoft and Kroger, the largest grocery retailer in America comes as a joint effort to bring Retail as a Service to other retailers. The first result of this effort is the pair of connected experience sto...
Asus is offering a smart decluttering solution with Lyra Voice. (Source: Asus)

CES 2019 | Asus combines a Wi-Fi router and a smart speaker to create Lyra Voice

Taiwanese manufacturer Asus has announced the Lyra Voice device, or 3-in-1 Smart Voice Router. The gadget combines an AC2200 tri-band mesh Wi-Fi router with two 8 W stereo speakers and includes Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant. Th...
Samsung's 2019 range of smart TVs will debut the a new iTunes app from Apple. (Source: Samsung)

Apple and Samsung team up on iTunes for Samsung 2019 TVs

Samsung has announced a new partnership between it and Apple. The frenemies have collaborated to bring a new iTunes app to Samsung’s new 2019 TV range in over 100 markets globally.
A Project Soli sensor. (Source: Google ATAP)

Google's Project Soli secures FCC approval

Project Soli is a Google initiative that wants to make in-air, screen-less gestures to control technology a reality. In other words, the user should be able to control their devices through certain hand gestures, which are convert...
Amazon's Alexa-enabled Echo Dot speakers have sold out for the month. (Source: TechWiser)

Amazon executive reveals sales of over 100 million Alexa-enabled devices

In an interview with The Verge, Amazon’s SVP of devices and services, David Limp, has revealed how many devices have been sold that have Alexa built into them. Apparently, over 100 million speakers, smartphones, gadgets and other ...
The Jenax J. Flex battery can be twisted, bent, folded, and screwed up like paper while still providing power. (Source: Jenax).

CES 2019 | Jenax promotes the benefits of their flexible battery to the medical wearable industry

Jenax spoke today at CES 2019 alongside medical companies Philips, Johnson & Johnson, and others, about how their J. Flex flexible battery allows designers to focus on the use-case and comfort of the device, rather than figuring o...
At least 20 popular Android apps are still sending user data to Facebook without consent, study finds

At least 20 popular Android apps are still sending user data to Facebook without consent, study finds

A recent study by Privacy International found that at least 20 Android apps with install bases in excess of 10 million users automatically send user data to Facebook within one second of opening. This data is sent without user kno...
Novel accessories such as the 360-degree camera didn't help set alight sales for the PH-1. (Source: Essential)

Essential Phone now out of stock...permanently

Essential Products has revealed that there are no plans to add “new inventory” to its stock of Essential Phones, which basically means the device is being discontinued. The smartphone was released in August 2017 and was widely com...
The new version of the Echo Dot smart speaker was unveiled in September 2018. (Source: Express)

Alexa and Echo Dot help Amazon to record-breaking sales; tech giants enjoy stock price gains

Amazon has revealed in a press release that the company has had a record-breaking holiday season, with products such as the updated Echo Dot and the Fire TV Stick 4K helping drive sales. The press release also described how Alexa ...
Image via Google Stream

Demo Google Stream for an hour, get Assassin's Creed Odyssey for free

Have an hour to kill and want a free copy of Assassin's Creed Odyssey? Google is giving a digital copy of the game to users who demo Project Stream, the search giant's venture into the world of online game streaming services. Proj...
Jerry Shen will be taking over at tech start-up iFast. (Source: WNOT)

Asus CEO resigns; company to focus on mobile gamers

Asus has announced the resignation of the company’s long-term CEO, Jerry Shen. However, the executive plans to maintain a relationship with the Taiwanese manufacturer in his new position as chief of a start-up called iFast. In a c...
More and more electronics companies are getting in on the smart TV game. (Source: Multichannel)

Huawei rumored to enter smart TV market in 2019

New leaks suggest that Huawei is to release its own smart TV product, and that it may be here as early as the first half of 2019. This is based on claims that the company has filed a patent for a "Huawei AI Window". The rumor may ...
The 5G in the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 can apparently enhance the IoT around it. (Source: Engadget)

Xiaomi uses the Mi Mix 3 5G edition to demonstrate next-gen IoT

Xiaomi has showcased the fact that 5G is for IoT devices too. This was done via a Tweet by a company spokesperson, containing a video showing how quickly the 5G-enabled variant of the Mi Mix 3 could relay commands to a connected l...
The LG HomeBrew capsule-based connected home brew solution is coming to CES 2019. (Source: LG)

LG is launching a connected pod-based home beer machine

LG has launched a connected home brewing solution called the HomeBrew. It will adopt a Nespresso-style capsule solution that should make home brewing easier than ever, particularly for millennials keen on craft beers.
Google claims that its new collaboration with Levi will help you control your phone's audio while cycling. (Source: Levi)

Google's smart fabric project, Jacquard, results in a jacket that can control your phone

Smart fabric is a form of textile containing nano-tech threads that can form circuits and battery connections when woven together. Google has been developing its own take on this new type of electronics, in the form of 'Project Ja...
Apple acquires artist oriented promo platform Platoon. (Source: Business Insider)

Apple acquires Platoon for Apple Music, updates Beddit sleep monitor to v3.5

Apple has acquired A & R startup Platoon to supplement its Apple Music services for artists. In other Apple news, it has also updated its Beddit Sleep Monitor system to version 3.5.
The Yandex.Phone will aid users with utilizing products from Yandex's ecosystem. (Source: Yandex)

Russian search engine company introduces Yandex.Phone

The Russian Internet-related tech company Yandex has announced its foray into the world of smartphones with the aptly named Yandex.Phone. The 5.65-inch device will sport a Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 SoC and features Yandex’s propriet...
Xiaomi and IKEA enter a strategic partnership (Source: Donovan Sung on Twitter)

Xiaomi teams up with IKEA to smarten up your home

The first noticeable result of the new strategic partnership that involves Xiaomi and IKEA will come forward next month when IKEA's line of smart lighting products will be connected to the IoT platform of the Chinese company. Obvi...
Image via Kodi

Kodi 18 "Leia" release candidate now available for download

Kodi 18 has been in development for two years, and the first release candidate (RC 1) is finally available. Although it is still technically a beta version, RC 1 will be reflective of the final release. There are several new featu...
The LG XBOOM AI ThinQ WK9 is launching at US$100 off for a limited time. (Source: Google)

LG gets in on the Google Assistant display hub action

LG has launched its answer to the Google Home Hub. Dubbed LG XBOOM AI ThinQ WK9 (yes, you read that right), it focuses on its audio prowess to differentiate itself from the competition, tapping Meridian Audio to deliver high-end s...
Watson logo via IBM

IBM's Watson explores its inner artist by writing a commercial for Lexus

Another industry may soon be replaced by robots - IBM's Watson AI scripted a 60-second commercial for luxury car brand Lexus. Watson was fed 15 years worth of award-winning commercials and was able to outline and script the basis ...
The Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+ (right) is noticeably smaller than the already tiny Model B+. (Image source: Raspberry Pi Foundation)

Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+ retains the power of the Model B+ in a smaller, cheaper package

The $25 Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+ is the latest single-board computer from the venerable Raspberry Pi Foundation. The Model A+ boasts the same CPU and wireless connectivity as its bigger brother, the Model B+, but shaves off some I/...
Microsoft acquires XOXCO (Source: The Official Microsoft Blog)

Microsoft continues its AI offensive by acquiring XOXCO

After this year's earlier AI-related acquisitions that involved Semantic Machines (May), Bonsai (July), and Lobe (September), Microsoft is up for another round. Its latest purchase is XOXCO, a software product design and developme...
Microsoft has restarted the rollout of the Windows 10 October 2018 Update

The Windows 10 October 2018 update has started rolling out to consumer and commercial users again

Microsoft has announced that it has resumed rolling out the Windows 10 October 2018 update having fixed and tested last month's file deletion issue. The update is available now on Windows Update for certain devices that Microsoft ...
Lenovo Lecoo Unmanned Store opens early November 2018 (Source: Lenovo)

The Matrix is here: Lenovo opens unmanned convenience store

The first Lenovo Lecoo Unmanned Store is located in Beijing, at the company's tech campus. Its goal is to help Lenovo test its facial recognition, electronic payment, IoT, AI, and AR technologies. The catch is that Lenovo tablets ...
Worldwide location intelligence is an increasingly lucrative market. (Source:

The global location intelligence market will be worth US$25 billion by 2025

Location intelligence is based on the locational data of consumers gathered through IoT and similar means. Its market is thought to be capable of strong growth for the next 7 years, at which point it may be worth just over US$25 b...
The EDIFICE Connected range. (Source: Casio)

Casio's newest additions to the EDIFICE lineup can connect to your smartphone

Casio wants to solve its customer's daylight savings time problems with the latest versions of its EDIFICE line. These motorsport-inspired watches can sync via a smartphone in order to maintain its timekeeping accuracy. On the oth...
Websites could battle more bots without interrupting users thanks to reCAPTCHA v3

Websites could battle more bots without interrupting users thanks to reCAPTCHA v3

Google's latest iteration of the reCAPTCHA system, reCAPTCHA v3, is now available to website administrators and webmasters. reCAPTCHA v3 runs in the background, tracking user behavior and assigning a risk score based on that behav...
Image via Google

Google pledges US $25 million to developing "AI for social good"

Google launched a new grant initiative today, seeking to fund teams that want to develop "AI for social good." Dubbed the AI Impact Challenge, the initiative will award $25 million across multiple teams that qualify based on the s...
Image: Red Hat logo

IBM to acquire Red Hat for $34 billion

In a deal valued at US $34 billion, IBM will acquire Red Hat, the organization behind Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Fedora, and CentOS. IBM is buying Red Hat in order to compete in the cloud computing market against the likes of Amazo...
Huawei launches the new Huawei AI Speaker powered by Dynaudio high-end audio. (Source: Engagdet)

Huawei launches HomePod clone

Huawei has used its home market launch event for the Mate 20 series of smartphones to debut its Huawei AI Speaker. More than a little reminiscent of Apple's HomePod, the new speaker has been co-developed with famed Dutch audio spe...
Image via Western Digital

Western Digital unveils new 15 TB hard drive, the largest HDD yet

Western Digital just announced the largest mechanical hard drive in the industry, a 15TB helium-sealed monster. Designed for data centers and cloud storage services, the 15TB HDD is intended for enterprise customers in need of den...
5G coming to India in 2019 as a large-scale trial thanks to Samsung

Samsung plans to bring 5G to India next year for a large-scale trial

Samsung and India's Department of Telecommunications teamed up to conduct the first large-scale 5G trial in the country, which is scheduled to take place in the first quarter of 2019 if everything works as planned. Samsung made th...
A large part of the point of the IoT revolution was to automate the home. (Source:

Less than 40% of IoT consumers consider themselves reliant on their connected devices

Most people who own connected devices appear not to need them in their everyday lives. This is one of the findings of a new study into IoT use in the home and similar settings. 29% of these users were unsure of how their data was ...
43 percent of millennials check their phone once every 20 minutes (Source: KDM Engineering)

43 percent of Millennials check their smartphone once every 20 minutes

Most smartphone users know of his or her bad smartphone habits, but they just don't seem to care. More than half admit to texting while driving with many even pulling out the smartphone during job interviews.
Spotify has a refreshed Wear OS app. (Source: Spotify)

Spotify releases improved Wear OS app update

The music streaming service Spotify has finally pushed an update for the app used on Android smartwatches. This version takes on the functions users formerly had to turn to 3rd-party solutions for. For example, the new Spotify for...
Essential wants to make a grand statement after the PH-1 smartphone failed to inspire. (Source: Essential)

Essential may go for broke with AI-driven device

It has been reported that Essential’s next smartphone-related product may be saturated with enough AI technology to enable users to have a full-fledged virtual assistant in their pockets. Apparently, there is a prototype in the wo...
The Google Home Hub. (Source: Google)

New Google Home Hub: the smart-home ecosystem gets its own screen

The Home Hub is the newest form of domestic voice assistant from Google. It has been revealed as part of the Made by Google event, along with the new Pixel phones and Pixel Slate. The Hub is supposedly designed to subtly blend in ...

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