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Amazon updates base-level Kindle eReader with a front light (and a higher price)

Amazon updates base-level Kindle eReader with a front light (and a higher price)

Amazon debuted a new version of their entry-level Kindle eReader with four front lights. The new eReader is the cheapest electronic book with a light, coming in at $90. This is $10 more than the previous base-level Kindle. Other t...
Look familiar? These are the new Apple AirPods. (Source: Apple)

Apple releases AirPods 2 with new wireless charging case option

Apple's latest press release has unveiled the AirPods 2. These new earbuds integrate handsfree Siri activation, faster switching between different devices and wireless charging. However, their design is largely unchanged compared ...
The Samsung Galaxy Fold has a 7.3-inch main display. (Source: YouTube/phoneoftime)

Hands-on video of Galaxy Fold shows it may not be as seamless as Samsung hoped for

A hands-on video of a Samsung Galaxy Fold has been uploaded to YouTube. The clip in question is actually focused on unlocking the smartphone; however, the thing that is immediately apparent is how noticeable the crease down the mi...
The iPad Air comes in 64 GB and 256 GB storage variants. (Source: Apple)

Apple A12 Bionic SoC in latest iPad tablet destroys Android competition in alleged Geekbench single- and multi-core tests

Apple has just launched the new iPad Air and iPad mini tablets, and it seems one of them may have already been tested on Geekbench. Apparently, the integrated A12 Bionic chip scored an incredibly high multi-core score of 11,607, p...
Apple iPad Air with smart keyboard and Apple Pencil (Source: Apple Newsroom)

Apple might upgrade the iMac Pro soon, 10.5-inch iPad Air and refreshed iPad mini revealed today

Although Apple has already announced a March 25 event, it seems like the updated tablets will not be there, because the Cupertino-based tech giant has just introduced the new 10.5-inch iPad Air and 7.9-inch iPad Mini. However, the...
Mobile Graphics Cards - Benchmark List

Mobile Graphics Cards - Benchmark List

Sort and filter through all currently available mobile graphics cards by performance or specification.
Renders of the Xiaomi foldable phone. (Source: LetsGoDigital)

Xiaomi's upcoming foldable phone will cost half the price of a Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung's Galaxy Fold and Huawei's Mate X foldable phones may rightfully dominate the headlines but they come with the caveat of outrageous prices. Xiaomi is set to join the foldable race in the coming months and will, in typical ...
Wacom MobileStudio Pro 13

79% Wacom MobileStudio Pro 13 (Core i7-6567U, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD) Tablet Review

A drawing board with Windows 10. The MobileStudio Pro is part drawing tablet and part Windows PC. Wacom may have equipped the device with an outdated Skylake dual-core processor, but read on to find out how this tablet fares in 2019.
Intel Core i7-6567U | Intel Iris Graphics 550 | 13.3" | 1.4 kg
A Qualcomm reference device shown at Computex 2018. (Source: NotebookCheck)

Windows on ARM: Where we are now and what the future holds

Windows on ARM (WoA) has a lot of potential benefits, from extended battery life to standby LTE connectivity, while still running x86 software. Performance complaints meant the initial launch was a little rough, but this has improved with more powerful SoCs and the slow increase in ARM-native applications for Windows. The future release of the Snapdragon 8cx and development of third-party ARM software could be the change needed to push WoA into the mainstream.
Alldocube M8 T801 Tablet Review

79% Alldocube M8 T801 Tablet Review

Very low price. $150 USD can get you a pretty decent Android tablet these days. The Alldocube M8 gets the job done while offering optional 4G LTE for compatible markets.
MediaTek Helio X27 MT6797X | ARM Mali-T880 MP4 | 8" | 345 g
New leaks suggest the iPad will have a new form factor this year. (Source: TrustedReviews)

There will be a "new" size of iPad this year: new leak

The relatively new, yet particularly accurate Apple leaker @coiiiiiiiin is back. This time, the tipster claims that 2 new iPads will be released in the near future. One will have a screen-size that is new to the series: 10.2 inche...
Can you get your phone back after it goes missing? (Source: Asurion)

An insurance company publishes its report on successful stolen or lost device recovery research

A mobile insurance and device company, Asurion, has announced its findings on a study about missing devices and cases in which their owners managed to get them back. The company reported that having a lockscreen showing a contact ...
Apple will host its first launch event of 2019 on March 25 at the Steve Jobs Theater. (Image source: Apple)

Apple confirms event for March 25 and hints at unveiling something TV-related

The Cupertino-based company has now confirmed its latest launch event, which it will host in the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park on March 25. The event will run from 10:00 Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) or 17:00 Coordinated Universa...
The team that made the Pixel Slate has been cut back according to a report. (Source: Notebookcheck)

Google said cutting back on Pixelbook, Pixel Slate efforts

Google looks to be cutting back on its computing hardware efforts reports Business Insider. According to the report, dozens of engineers and program managers working on the Pixelbook and Pixel Slate have been told to seek other ro...
Top 10 Tablets

Notebookcheck's Top 10 Tablets

March 2019 update Here you will find the current best tablets reviewed by Notebookcheck in the last few months. Our list of top models is regularly updated, maintained and commented on and should assist in purchasing decisions.
Top 10 2-in-1 Windows Tablets

Notebookcheck's Top 10 Convertibles (2-in-1 Tablets)

March 2019 Update. Here is the current list of Notebookcheck's top-ranked 2-in-1 Windows tablets with attachable or detachable keyboards. This list is reviewed on a regular basis, checked by our editors and updated if needed. It is designed to help our readers with their purchase decisions.
It seems Eve-Tech may be struggling to fulfill orders for Eve V convertible computers. (Source: Eve-Tech)

Growing concerns over Eve-Tech's unfulfilled orders for Eve V computers

Eve-Tech has just had another flash sale for its Eve V device, with potential customers likely enticed by discounts ranging from US$300 all the way to US$600 for the i7-7Y75 variant. However, there seems to be a growing number of ...
The Mi 9 offers some proof that Xiaomi can do high-end too. (Source: Xiaomi)

Xiaomi may abandon the more budget-friendly ends of its market in the future: company CEO

Xiaomi has made its name by offering phones that could be seen as value-for-money in the past. However, its CEO, Lei Jun, has unveiled plans that involve the company turning its back on this strategy in the future. He has said tha...
The MediaTek Helio P90's predecessor may be an even higher-end SoC. (Source: MediaTek)

An upcoming 7nm MediaTek SoC will also be 5G-capable

A MediaTek business executive has told Android Authority that the company is working on a chip that has a 7-nanometer (nm) architecture and will have 5G connectivity. This processor may out-perform the Helio P90, the company's cur...
Nintendo games may be part of a microtransaction problem. (Source: Geek Insider)

Nintendo asks its mobile-gaming partners to rein in their microtransactions

According to a new report in the Wall Street Journal, Nintendo has at least started to intervene in order to prevent disproportional amounts of in-game transactions in the titles it has licensed to Android and iOS developers. This...
The Eve V (Image source: Eve Technology)

Eve V: The Surface Pro alternative is currently having another secret "flash sale"

Eve Technology has slashed prices for its Eve V once again, having last held a flash sale just under three weeks ago. The 48-hour sale will end at 15:45 GMT on Friday with Eve Technology having reduced prices from US$300/€300 to U...
Honor Tab 5 Android tablet with Kirin 710 (Source: Vmall)

Mid-range Honor Tab 5 Android tablet debuts in China

The new Honor Tab 5 is an 8-inch Android tablet that starts at the equivalent of US$163, but even the LTE version with 4/64 GB still comes for less than US$250. This slate uses the HiSilicon Kirin 710 processor with GPU Turbo 2.0,...
Pressure-sensitive, Digital Pens Review

Pressure-sensitive, Digital Pens Review

Excellent in ink? How well does the current set of pressure-sensitive digital pens from Apple, Wacom and Microsoft shape up compared to the real thing? Thomas Gasperlmair, a renowned illustrator, tests each pen for us to determine whether they can fit in with his current workflow and if cheap Chinese alternatives suffice too.
Messenger's dark mode is up and running. (Source: Facebook)

Facebook Messenger's Dark Mode is now available for activation

A new feature in Facebook's Messenger app - Dark Mode - has been in the works for some time now. A Redditor has recently noticed that it can be activated by sending a specific emoji. The new Mode may particularly benefit those wit...
HTC may hope to do better with new brand-partners. (Source: HTC)

HTC hopes to drive sales in India through brand-licensing

HTC is reportedly in talks with a number of Indian smartphone firms to license its hardware under their brands. These phones will apparently target the Rs 10,000- (about US$141) or-more section of this market. The Taiwanese OEM ho...
Microsoft Edge is being re-vamped with numerous Chromium tweaks. (Source: Microsoft)

Images of Chromium-based Edge emerge online

The new version of Microsoft Edge, a browser whose development is now driven by that of Chromium's, has been leaked in a set of images by Neowin. They show a browser that will indeed ring a number of bells for those who follow the...
TrekStor Surftab B10

74% TrekStor Surftab B10 Tablet Review

10-inch budget tablet. TrekStor focuses on the budget sector of the market with devices with performance that is catered to specific usage scenarios. With the Surftab B10, you get a tablet that is suitable for web-surfing but not much more. In our test, we look into what potential purchasers can expect from the TrekStor Surftab B10.
MediaTek MT8163 V/A 1.5 GHz | ARM Mali-T720 MP2 | 10.1" | 505 g
Energous is a start-up that claims to have developed a truly-wireless charging system. (Source: Energous)

Vivo has set up a collaboration to test out truly wireless charging tech for its phones

A start-up called Energous has announced a collaboration with Vivo. This move could bring Energous' over-the-air charging technology, WattUp 2.0, to the smartphone OEM's devices. Vivo has said that this move could alleviate "batte...
Microsoft Excel will convert photo data into tables soon. (Source: Microsoft)

New version of mobile MS Office can convert photos into Excel spreadsheets

Microsoft has announced a useful new feature for Office on phones or tablets: the ability to convert an image of a table into one in Excel. The app will use optical character recognition (OCR) and AI to deliver this promising new ...
Surface Pro 6 versus Pixel Slate with Brydge keyboards

Surface Pro 6 versus Pixel Slate with Brydge keyboards

The Apple iPad line might consist of the best-selling tablets on the market, but they aren't for everyone who likes ultraportable form factors. The Microsoft Surface Pro 6 and the Google Pixel Slate are key challengers to the iPad Pro and have plenty to offer. Let's see how they fare in a head-to-head battle coupled in a unique comparison, which includes compatible Brydge keyboards that promise the 'lapability' that is often missing with tablet and keyboard combinations.
TikTok now has over a billion downloads on major mobile app platforms. (Source: TikTok)

TikTok has amassed over a billion downloads on iOS and Android

The short-video app TikTok has seen its billionth download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store combined. It has also rivalled Facebook and surpassed Instagram for app install counts in 2018. It was also the most-downloade...
TrekStor SurfTab Theatre L15

71% TrekStor Surftab Theatre L15 Tablet Review

A big and disappointing beast. The TrekStor Surftab Theatre L15 is a giant Android tablet. The device has a 15.6-inch display, stereo speakers and numerous connections, so nothing should stand in its way of being a capable multimedia tablet. Read on to find out how well the Theatre L15 performs in our tests and how it fares against its competitors.
MediaTek MT8163 V/A 1.5 GHz | ARM Mali-T720 MP2 | 15.6" | 1.6 kg
The Snapdragon 5G module for notebooks. (Source: WinFuture)

MWC19 also revealed the 5G Snapdragon X55 module for notebooks

This year's Mobile World Congress (MWC19) focused heavily on more mobile tech, particularly as some acquired the ability to fold this year. However, this was also a stage for 5G this year. To this end, Qualcomm unveiled its X55 So...
A Huawei representative accepts the award from John Hoffman, the CEO of GSMA. (Source: Huawei)

The Huawei Mate X won a prestigious award at MWC19

Huawei has won this year's Best Connected Mobile Device of Mobile World Congress 2019 for the Mate X. The GSMA conferred this title on the new foldable phone at the end of MWC19 (on February 28, 2019) at the GLOMO awards event. Ke...
This potential feature is part of Google's Web development program. (Source: Google)

Chrome developers are preparing a new feature to make back/forward navigation faster

Google engineers are developing a 'back/forward cache' to reduce the latency with which Chrome returns to a previous page, or goes forward from one. This involves saving an entire webpage in memory, JavaScript included. While this...
The new GoPro HERO 7 Dusk White. (Source: GoPro)

The GoPro HERO7 Black now has a limited-edition variant

The HERO7 Black is the top-spec'd SKU of its GoPro camera series. It is now available in a limited-edition alternative finish, Dusk White. This version will be released on March 3, 2019 on and selected retailers worldwid...
The RAVPower 14mm PD wall charger. (Source: RAVPower)

MWC19 | RAVPower releases its thinnest-ever 45W wall charger with PD

RAVPower, the well-known accessory-maker, has a stand at MWC this year. It showcases a new PD charger, an ultra-thin (14mm) 'wall wart' based on gallium nitride (GaN) technology. RAVPower also has a new wireless charging stand tha...
The Energizer Ultimate U620S' dual pop-up selfie camera. (Source: Android Authority)

MWC19 | Energizer's new foldable smartphone is unveiled

Energizer, a brand known better for disposable lithium-ion batteries, has brought new smartphones made under its name to MWC. One is an extremely typical mobile device, although it has a dual pop-up camera. Another is a foldable p...
EeWrite E-Pad will be an Android tablet based entirely off of E Ink technology (Source: Gadget Labs)

EeWrite E-Pad will be an Android tablet based entirely off of E-Ink technology

Jump between reading your favorite e-book and playing Play Store games in black and white. The soon-to-be Kickstarter project has no price or launch date yet, but we're definitely intrigued as to how the developer plans on overcom...
The Bixby Studio in Barcelona. (Source: Samsung)

Samsung has opened a Bixby Studio in Barcelona

It seems Samsung is doing more in Barcelona than MWC. The OEM has opened a Bixby Studio in the city's Plaza de Catalunya. This installation gives visitors a sense of what life would be like with Bixby-powered applicances and devic...
This picture might take some getting used to but its possible after all: Android on Nintendo Switch

Modders manage to get Android 10 Q running on Nintendo Switch

The modders are back at it again! After the Nintendo switch was modded to run Linux, 2 developers released a twitter video presenting their modified Nintendo console that manages to run Android 10 Q. It never ceases to amaze us wh...
One of TCL's devices at MWC. (Source: TCL)

MWC19 | TLC's folding prototypes make it to MWC

TCL is one of a handful of companies to bring foldable technology prototypes to this year's MWC. Interestingly, this company's demo models include form-factors besides phone/tablets. However, their presentation was a little low on...
The new Alcatel 3T 10 tablet. (Source: Alcatel)

MWC19 | Alcatel's newest tablet has a stand that is also a full-sized speaker

The TCL subsidiary Alcatel has launched its new 3T 10 tablet at MWC19. This device has a 10-inch screen and runs Android 9.0 (Pie) out of the box. It also comes with a Google Assisant pre-install. The Alcatel 3T 10 is compatible w...
The Huawei Mate X also has a tent mode. (Source: AnandTech)

MWC19 | The Huawei Mate X has been previewed at MWC19 already

Huawei's first foldable phone, the Mate X, has been demonstrated to tech journalists in Barcelona as part of a preview event for the 2019 Mobile World Congress. The device has some similarities with the Samsung Galaxy Fold, but al...
According to a new report, smartphones are now the most popular form of consumer tech. (Source: YouTube)

Smartphones account for 59% of all spending on consumer electronics in 2018: tech author

Jim Harris, an author and speaker on disruptive innovations, has released a new report on consumer tech ahead of MWC 2019. In it, he claims that 59% of all the money spent in the same market in 2018 was expended on smartphones. Ha...
TSMC's main competitors are Intel and Samsung. (Source: KitGuru)

Apple A14 SoCs based on TSMC's 5 nm process could feature in iPhones by 2020

It has been reported that TSMC could have a 5 nm FinFET process ready for commercial use by 2020, and the rumored Apple A14 SoC would be one of the first chips to benefit from the advanced technology. The semiconductor foundry has...
A pre-existing physical Huawei store. (Source: Retail in Asia)

Huawei's first flagship offline store outside China will be located in Vienna, Austria

Huawei maintains a number of physical stores for its devices in China. Reuters has reported that it now plans to open its first international bricks-and-mortar establishment in Vienna. This outlet will reportedly be open by summer...
Xbox One games may become available on the Switch. (Source: Nintendo Enthusiast)

Nintendo Switch may gain ability to use Xbox features, including Game Passes, soon

A YouTuber has asserted that Microsoft will port some games and features to the Nintendo Switch later this year. The indie title Ori has been specifically named in relation to this new purported deal to link the two platforms. Thi...
Some Adobe CC plans are cheaper than normal right now. (Source: Adobe)

Adobe is offering a limited-time discount on individual Creative Cloud Plans

Adobe is offering a discount on the prices of all-app Creative Cloud (CC) plans. This offer applies to monthly-paid prices for CC and CC plus Adobe Stock plans only, and drops them to US$39.99 and $69.98 respectively. It is valid ...
The Eve V (Image source: Eve Technology)

Eve V: Secret 24-hour flash sale now on

A flash sale is now on for the Eve V, but only until 13:00 GMT tomorrow. The Eve V has been plagued with delays, but Eve Technology ensures that the Surface alternative is in stock and will ship in 2-4 working days.

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