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Nvidia's new DLSS 3.5 ray reconstruction overcomes the limitations of traditional denoisers. (Image Source: Nvidia)

Nvidia DLSS 3.5 ray reconstruction tested in Cyberpunk 2077 Update 2: Perceivable lighting and performance improvements with caveats

Nvidia recently released a major DLSS 3.5 update that brings ray reconstruction to GPUs ranging from Turing to Ada Lovelace. Ray reconstruction is an AI-based technique that is better at estimating light information and interaction in a scene compared to traditional hand-tuned denoisers. We take a brief look at how this technique benefits in-game lighting, ambient occlusion, and performance in the latest Cyberpunk 2077 Update 2.
Vaidyanathan Subramaniam, 25 Sep 2023 18:53
The HP Victus 16 performs fairly well for an entry-level gaming laptop

86% HP Victus 16 Laptop Review: A 1080p gaming powerhouse with few compromises

A victory for HP. The HP Victus 16 is one of the few budget laptops on the market with an Intel Core i5-13500HX processor. How does it hold up against modern-day games when paired with an entry-level graphics card? Read on to find out more.
Intel Core i5-13500HX | NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4050 Laptop GPU | 16.10" | 2.3 kg
Anil Ganti, 25 Sep 2023 16:45
Starfield in test: Laptop and desktop benchmarks

Starfield in test: Laptop and desktop benchmarks

Off to the stars. After The Elder Scrolls and Fallout, Bethesda is following in the footsteps of Mass Effect and its ilk. The sci-fi adventure should thrill RPG fans with its gigantic dimensions. Whether the graphics requirements are also gigantic can be found out in our benchmark check.
Florian Glaser, 25 Sep 2023 15:37
Acer Nitro XZ320QR bih curved gaming monitor (Source: Acer)

Deal | 31.5-inch Acer Nitro XZ320QR bih FHD curved gaming monitor hits lowest price in 30 days on Amazon

Although it only has a refresh rate of 75 Hz and 1,920 X 1,080 pixels, the Acer Nitro XZ320QR bih is a popular curved gaming monitor in the budget market. With a list price of US$229.99, this 31.5-inch monitor with AMD FreeSync su...
Codrut Nistor, 24 Sep 2023 13:15
Nintendo's upcoming Switch 2 may not feature the ground-breaking graphics capabilities we had hoped for. (Image source: Nvidia/Nintendo - edited)

No way the Nintendo Switch 2 will be a Steam Deck killer - despite alleged PS4-like prowess

Recent Nintendo Switch 2 leaks have led to much speculation about specifications. The apparent suggestion is that Nintendo's next-generation hybrid handheld console would match the PS4 in performance, but lofty performance doesn't...
Julian van der Merwe, 23 Sep 2023 17:42
Acer Aspire 5 AN515-58GM (2023) laptop review with a GeForce RTX 2050

82% Acer Aspire 5 A515-58GM review: The office laptop with a wannabe gaming GPU

The allrounder runs out-of-round. The Acer Aspire 5 (2023) is an office laptop sold for a much higher price due to its installed RTX 2050 gaming GPU. In this detailed review, you can read about whether this recipe resulted in a worthy allrounder. You can certainly look forward to two RAM banks, Thunderbolt 4 as well as quite a few improvements over its predecessor.
Intel Core i7-1355U | NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2050 Mobile | 15.60" | 1.8 kg
Marvin Gollor, 23 Sep 2023 13:00
The Best Thin & Light Gaming Notebooks

The Best Thin & Light Gaming Notebooks

August 2023 update. The model-specific allure of these thin & light gaming notebooks is their unique combination of very thin and lightweight cases on the one hand and powerful hardware on the other rendering devices particularly interesting to all users who intend to use their gaming laptops when out and about. Naturally, everyday work is another use case, but gaming is the most important aspect here. Below, you will find the best ultra-portable gaming laptops reviewed by Notebookcheck.
Notebookcheck, 23 Sep 2023 04:54
AYANEO is edging closer to releasing the SLIDE after a long gestation period. (Image source: AYANEO)

AYANEO SLIDE: More details outlined about 6-inch gaming handheld with built-in keyboard

AYANEO has now provided more information about the SLIDE, its first gaming handheld with a built-in keyboard. Based around an AMD Ryzen 7 7840U APU, the AYANEO SLIDE has a 6-inch IPS display and hall triggers, among other gaming-r...
Alex Alderson, 22 Sep 2023 18:23
Rise of the Empire? (Image Source: Stable Diffusion XL)

FTC leaks: CEO Phil Spencer muses on taking over Nintendo, Valve and Warner Brothers, or else it is game over for Xbox

FTC's investigation on the Activision / Blizzard acquisition reveals that the Xbox business is not looking too good. CEO of MS Gamin Phil Spencer believes the business model needs to change in order to survive this decade, and one...
Bogdan Solca, 22 Sep 2023 18:19
Subtle Arancio Apodis orange color accents(Image Source: Razer)

Razer announces Blade 16 X Automobili Lamborghini Edition gaming laptop inspired by Revuelto supercar

Limited to only 150 systems, this Razer Blade 16 variant combines top-tier specs like the RTX 4090 and a dual-resolution mini-LED 16-inch screen with Lamborghini's design elements borrowed from the new Revuelto supercar.
Bogdan Solca, 22 Sep 2023 17:58
The HP Victus 15 packs a backlit keyboard. (Source: HP/Best Buy)

Deal | Affordable HP Victus 15 gaming laptop records massive 33% discount at Best Buy

The HP Victus 15 is enjoying a whopping 33.33% discount at Best Buy. The laptop features a 15-inch 144 Hz FHD display, an RTX 3050 6 GB GPU, and a Core i5-13420H. Additionally, there is 8 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage both of wh...
Fawad Murtaza, 22 Sep 2023 13:00
The Xiaomi Curved Gaming Monitor 30" is now available in the UK and Spain. (Image source: Xiaomi)

Xiaomi Curved Gaming Monitor 30" with 200Hz refresh rate now available in Europe

The Xiaomi Curved Gaming Monitor 30" is now on sale in the UK and Spain, with discounts for early customers. The device has a 21:9 aspect ratio, 200 Hz refresh rate and WFHD resolution. The curved screen has gaming features like s...
Polly Allcock, 22 Sep 2023 12:53
Nvidia GeForce Game Ready Driver 537.42 details in GeForce Experience (Source: Own)

Nvidia GeForce Game Ready Driver 537.42 brings DLSS 3.5 Ray Reconstruction to Cyberpunk 2077

Launched the same day as Cyberpunk 2077 2.0, the Nvidia GeForce Game Ready Driver 537.42 carries multiple highlights, but the essential one is DLSS 3.5. The new software package for GeForce GPUs also comes with DLSS and Nvidia Ref...
Codrut Nistor, 22 Sep 2023 11:50
The Best Gaming Notebooks

The Best Gaming Notebooks

August 2023 update. Equipped with powerful processors and top-of-the-line graphics cards these gaming laptops manage to run even the latest PC games smoothly. Looking for the perfect gaming notebook? Below, you will find the best gaming notebooks reviewed by us.
Notebookcheck, 22 Sep 2023 03:27
The Best Budget Gaming Notebooks

The Best Budget Gaming Notebooks

August 2023 update. These notebooks offer the best bang for the buck: maximum performance at a low price. They are thus ideally suited for beginners. Find your next gaming notebook that will balance your expectations with your budget below.
Notebookcheck, 22 Sep 2023 02:56
Aokzoe A1 gaming handheld review: Ambitious with room for improvement

80% Aokzoe A1 gaming handheld review: Ambitious with room for improvement

Asus ROG Ally alternative. For around US$1000, the Aokzoe A1 costs as much as many full-fledged laptops. It certainly performs like one, but the fan noise and integrated buttons leave a lot to be desired.
AMD Ryzen 7 6800U | AMD Radeon 680M | 8.00" | 735 g
Allen Ngo, 21 Sep 2023 18:30
A handheld Xbox could be in the works. (Image Source: Microsoft/FTC)

First look at Microsoft's purported Xbox handheld via leaked FTC docs; Next gen Xbox in 2028 could use AMD Zen 6 or ARM with Navi 5 GPU and NPU

Leaked documents submitted by Microsoft to the FTC throw light on the company's plans for the next generation Xbox slated for a 2028 release. Microsoft is exploring both ARM and Zen 6 x64 options with a Navi 5 GPU and an NPU as pa...
Vaidyanathan Subramaniam, 21 Sep 2023 17:07
Free fall prices

Deal | AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D slips under US$400

With the latest round of price slashes for the AMD's X3D processors, the Ryzen 7800X3D gaming king can now be purchased for only US$389 at B&H or Amazon, and those lucky enough to live near a Microcenter store can even find this m...
Bogdan Solca, 21 Sep 2023 16:07
New 16-inch form-factor for the Core lineup (Image Source: XMG)

XMG's new 16-inch Core gaming laptop features AMD Ryzen 7 7840HS, Nvidia 4000 dGPUs and up to 96 GB DDR5-5600 RAM

The Core series gets a new 16-inch model powered by AMD's Ryzen 7 7840HS and an Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070 or 4060, This model combines mid-range features as well as premium ones like Cherry MX switches, a 99 Wh battery, liquid metal...
Bogdan Solca, 21 Sep 2023 14:00
The GIGABYTE AORUS 15 features a 3-zone RGB keyboard. (Source: GIGABYTE)

Deal | 2023 GIGABYTE AORUS 15 with RTX 4050 and Core i5-13500H drops to 120-day low price at Best Buy

The GIGABYTE AORUS 15 is an affordable mid-range gaming machine with decent internals, a high-refresh-rate display, and long battery life. The laptop is currently on sale at Best Buy for a decent US$150 discount. The newly reduced...
Fawad Murtaza, 21 Sep 2023 10:09
The Green Ghost Gamepad. (Source: Black Shark)

Black Shark Green Ghost Gamepad launches as new "e-sports grade" controller

Black Shark - which started out as Xiaomi's gaming smartphone division - has heralded its "new gaming era" with the Green Ghost controller. It boasts ALPS joysticks for enhanced "durability" and "2,000-level accuracy". It has been...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 20 Sep 2023 22:57
War Thunder 2.29 "Sons of Attila" now available (Source: War Thunder)

War Thunder 2.29 "Sons of Attila" comes with Hungarian ground vehicles and helicopters, rank VI ships, and more

While the Hungarian ground vehicles and helicopters join the Italian tech trees, bluewater naval battles get rank VI ships, War Thunder's "Sons of Attila" update also comes with new military hardware for most nations in the game. ...
Codrut Nistor, 20 Sep 2023 17:57
AMD Radeon RX 7800 XT Desktop graphics card in our test: Nvidia's midrange competitor costs $499

AMD Radeon RX 7800 XT Desktop graphics card in our test: Nvidia's midrange competitor costs $499

The long wait has come to an end, since at Gamescom, AMD has finally introduced the midrange graphics cards based on the RDNA 3 architecture that were still missing, thus completing their lineup. We took a closer look at the AMD R...
Sebastian Bade, 20 Sep 2023 02:17
To reduce those long render times, content creators need the latest and greatest hardware available. (Image source: Notebookcheck)

3 GeForce RTX 4090 gaming laptops that can double as content creation powerhouses

CheckMag We have chosen a selection of 3 gaming laptops from our detailed Notebookcheck reviews: The ROG Strix Scar 17 G733PY, the Legion Pro 7 16 and the Erazer Beast X40 all sport 175 W RTX 4090 graphics and spacious, color-accurate, fli...
Sergey Tarasov, 19 Sep 2023 23:05
The wireless G915 TKL Lightspeed gaming keyboard is a potential steal at 48% off on Amazon (Image: Logitech)

Deal | Logitech G915 TKL Lightspeed wireless gaming keyboard with tactile mechanical switches gets big 48% discount on Amazon

This TKL version of the G915 Lightspeed is equipped with tactile switches and fully customizable RGB lighting, and thanks to a coupon code on Amazon, the wireless gaming keyboard from Logitech is now available for almost half of i...
Enrico Frahn, 19 Sep 2023 22:39
Steam Deck OS 3.5 is available to try now on Valve's Preview channel. (Image source: Alexander Andrews)

Valve Steam Deck receives performance and external display improvements with new Steam Deck OS 3.5 update

Valve has released Steam Deck OS 3.5 to its Preview software channel. While its version number suggests that it is a minor release, Valve has added numerous features, including APU undervolting, HDR support and VRR integration for...
Alex Alderson, 19 Sep 2023 20:26
The RTX 5090 could bring up to 32 GB of GDDR7 VRAM over a 512-bit wide bus. (Source: NVIDIA)

Flagship NVIDIA RTX 50 Blackwell card with GB101 chiplet reportedly under evaluation as GB100 HPC GPU allegedly uses MCM design

The NVIDIA Blackwell GPUs are the company’s next-generation products coming to both HPC and gaming segments of the market. According to the previous leaks, the data center Blackwell GPUs could feature an MCM design. Kopite7kimi ha...
Fawad Murtaza, 19 Sep 2023 14:33
The Xbox Series X "Brooklin" mid-gen refresh is getting a design makeover. (Image Source: Microsoft/FTC)

Microsoft's plans for Xbox Series X and Series S mid-gen refreshes leaked, Series X Brooklin to feature 6 nm AMD Zen 2, 2 TB storage, Wi-Fi 6E, and USB-C

Leaked slides from Microsoft's FTC submissions posted on Resetera forums reveal the company's plans for Xbox Series X "Brooklin" and Series S "Ellewood" mid-range refreshes coming in late 2024. Brooklin will offer Wi-Fi 6E and USB...
Vaidyanathan Subramaniam, 19 Sep 2023 10:22
A Nintendo Switch-like handheld device can be seen in screenshots for the Another Code remake. (Image source: Nintendo - edited)

Nintendo Switch 2 console with camera possibly teased in Another Code remake screenshots

The Nintendo Switch 2 console may have actually been teased in some screenshots taken from the upcoming Switch remake of Another Code: Two Memories, which will be released as part of Another Code: Recollection in January 2024. The...
Daniel R Deakin, 19 Sep 2023 03:11
The G502 Hero gaming mouse is now on sale for one of its lowest prices ever on Amazon (Image: Logitech)

Deal | Logitech G502 Hero gaming mouse on sale for one of its lowest prices ever on Amazon

The wired gaming mouse from Logitech sports an optical sensor with up to 25,600 DPI, eleven programmable buttons as well as adjustable weights, which turn the G502 Hero into a decent choice in the affordable price segment of rough...
Enrico Frahn, 18 Sep 2023 23:03
The "new" UHZ35ST. (Source: Optoma)

Optoma UHZ35ST launches as an extra portable, gaming-friendly DLP projector

Optoma asserts that its latest 4K projector offers just about all the advantages of its predecessor in a package reduced in size by 34%. These potential benefits include a 240Hz/1080p "ultra-low" latency Gaming Mode, "flexible" sh...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 18 Sep 2023 18:55
The PlayStation 5 is getting burned on the Elder Scrolls 6's launch. (Image via Angela from Pixabay w/ edits)

Elder Scrolls 6 won't launch on PlayStation 5, will release in 2026 at soonest

Court documents released from the FTC's case against Microsoft reveal that The Elder Scrolls 6, the hotly anticipated game in Bethesda's popular fantasy franchise, won't release until 2026 at the earliest. Additionally, the game w...
Sam Medley, 18 Sep 2023 18:34
AYANEO will offer the SLIDE in two colours at launch. (Image source: AYANEO)

AYANEO SLIDE: Company announces launch preparations for new GPD Win 4 competitor

AYANEO is on the verge of launching the SLIDE, its GPD Win 4 alternative. Not only does the AYANEO SLIDE have a 6-inch and 1080p display, but it also houses an RGB backlit keyboard, full gamepad buttons and AMD Ryzen 7040U APUs up...
Alex Alderson, 18 Sep 2023 17:51
The ROG Ally is available for US$100 less with the AMD Ryzen Z1 APU. (Image source: Notebookcheck)

ASUS ROG Ally now available with AMD Ryzen Z1 APU for US$599

ASUS has finally started selling the ROG Ally with an AMD Ryzen Z1 APU, months after it started shipping Ryzen Z1 Extreme units. The new version is cheaper than the existing Ryzen Z1 Extreme model but retains a 120 Hz display, 16 ...
Alex Alderson, 18 Sep 2023 17:34
HP Omen 16 laptop review: A good choice for gamers even with Zen 4

87% HP Omen 16 laptop review: A good choice for gamers even with Zen 4

A successful overall package. HP's Omen series has been on the market for a few years now. The manufacturer combines AMD and Nvidia hardware in the current 16-inch xf0376ng model. You can find out whether or how well this mixture harmonizes in our review.
AMD Ryzen 7 7840HS | NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 Laptop GPU | 16.10" | 2.4 kg
Florian Glaser, 18 Sep 2023 16:16
AMD Radeon RX 7800 XT

AMD Radeon RX 7800 XT Desktop graphics card review: More affordable GeForce RTX 4070 performance

Good midrange! With the AMD Radeon RX 7800 XT, AMD continues to expand its portfolio of the RDNA 3 generation. The new midrange GPU also brings the benefit of the current RDNA 3 architecture to those gamers who are not willing to spend a fortune for it. Find out in this review with numerous benchmarks, how far this endeavor succeeds and where the AMD Radeon RX 7800 XT places compared to the competitors from Nvidia.
AMD Ryzen 9 7950X | AMD Radeon RX 7800 XT | 32.00" | 1.1 kg
Sebastian Bade, 18 Sep 2023 02:12
Pitstoptech is putting a Framework Mainboard to use as a gaming handheld. (Image source: Pitstoptech)

Framework Mainboard-based DIY gaming handheld showcased with detachable controllers

A group called Pitstoptech has revealed a working prototype of a gaming handheld derived from a Framework Mainboard. Purportedly, Pitstoptech hopes to eventually sell DIY kits allowing people to build their own device that has a c...
Alex Alderson, 18 Sep 2023 00:36
The ASUS TUF Gaming VG249QL3A will combine a 180 Hz refresh rate with a 1080p resolution. (Image source: ASUS)

ASUS TUF Gaming VG249QL3A: New small gaming monitor debuts with 1080p resolution and 180 Hz refresh rate

ASUS has unleashed the TUF Gaming VG249QL3A, a 23.8-inch gaming monitor that relies on a Fast IPS panel. According to ASUS, the TUF Gaming VG249QL3A delivers a 180 Hz refresh rate with 1 ms response times, as well as a 1080p resol...
Alex Alderson, 18 Sep 2023 00:17
The Acer Nitro XV282K V3 is already available in the US. (Image source: Acer)

Acer Nitro XV282K V3 debuts as new 4K gaming monitor with 150 Hz refresh rate

Acer has launched the Nitro XV282K V3, a new mid-sized gaming monitor with a 4K resolution and 150 Hz refresh rate. Available now in the US, the gaming monitor also has modern I/O and retails for less than US$450.
Alex Alderson, 18 Sep 2023 00:06
AMD is planning on rolling out FidelityFX Super Resolution 3 to the first supported games in early fall (autumn). (Image source: AMD)

Upscalers and perspectives: In offence of AMD's FSR 2.0

CheckMag Image upscaling techniques in games have been a huge step forward, enhancing graphics quality while optimising performance. While the promise of better-than-native-resolution image quality is only a reality in a few select cases -...
Matthew Lee, 17 Sep 2023 20:34
The first physical detail about the Nintendo Switch 2/Switch successor has been put forward in a colorful theory. (Image source: GameXplain/Nintendo - edited)

First Nintendo Switch 2 physical detail potentially revealed in YouTuber's colorful Super Switch theory

A YouTuber believes he may have spotted the potentially first Nintendo Switch 2 physical detail. It seems there could have been clues left in the recent Nintendo Direct broadcast that allude to differences between a Switch success...
Daniel R Deakin, 17 Sep 2023 18:28
Samsung Odyssey Neo G8 (LS32BG852NNXGO) 4K UHD 240 Hz 1 ms curved gaming monitor (Source: Samsung)

Deal | 32-inch Samsung Odyssey Neo G8 4K UHD 240 Hz 1 ms curved gaming monitor 33% off on Amazon

Introduced in June 2022, the 32-inch Samsung Odyssey Neo G8 curved gaming monitor is often available on Amazon for the full list price of US$1,499.99. Thankfully, the ongoing 33% discount takes it down to US$999.99, not far from t...
Codrut Nistor, 17 Sep 2023 10:23
The Acer Nitro XZ320QK P3 retails for US$499.99. (Image source: Acer)

Acer Nitro XZ320QK P3: New curved gaming monitor starts at US$499.99 with 4K resolution and 165 Hz refresh rate

Acer has released the Nitro XZ320QK P3, a US$499.99 gaming monitor with a 4K resolution and a 165 Hz refresh rate. The Nitro XZ320QK P3 also has a 1500R curvature, modern I/O and good colour accuracy, among other features.
Alex Alderson, 17 Sep 2023 02:32
Lexar Professional NM800 PRO PlayStation 5-compatible SSD (Source: Lexar)

Deal | 2 TB Lexar Professional NM800 PRO NVMe PCIe 4.0 SSD 51% off on Amazon

Ready for use on PlayStation 5 consoles, the Lexar Professional NM800 PRO NVMe PCIe 4.0 SSD can hit sequential read/write speeds of 7,500/6,500 MB/s. Available earlier this year for US$279.99, the 2 TB variant of this high-end SSD...
Codrut Nistor, 16 Sep 2023 09:17
The latest Nintendo Switch 2 specs rumors have swung from the sublime to the ridiculous. (Image source: Nvidia/eian - edited)

Restrained Nintendo Switch 2 specs leak targets Xbox Series S and Asus ROG Ally performance as unexpected T254 rumor emerges

A more restrained set of alleged Nintendo Switch 2 specs have been posted just in time to counter a rather outlandish claim recently made elsewhere on social media. While the latter involves T254 speculation that was likely inspir...
Daniel R Deakin, 16 Sep 2023 02:15
The Unity Runtime Fee will have different standard and emerging market rates. (Source: Unity)

Disappointed developers blast Unity after company announces plan to charge fee for eligible game installs

Unity has found itself on the receiving end of a mountain of criticism after the company announced plans to charge a Unity Runtime Fee for every new game install for eligible titles. According to the company, the fee which is plan...
Fawad Murtaza, 15 Sep 2023 18:35
The AOC GAMING 16G3 comes in a black and red finish. (Image source: AOC)

AOC GAMING 16G3: New portable monitor presented with 144 Hz refresh rate before launching later this month

AOC has unveiled the GAMING 16G3, a 15.6-inch portable monitor with a 1080p resolution and a 144 Hz refresh rate. Available later this month for £249.99, the AOC GAMING 16G3 also has micro HDMI and USB Type-C (DisplayPort Alt Mode...
Alex Alderson, 15 Sep 2023 01:46
Lexar SL660 Blaze portable SSD (Source: Lexar)

Deal | PlayStation 5-compatible Lexar SL660 Blaze 1 TB gaming portable SSD hits lowest price in 30 days on Amazon

Compatible with PCs, Macs, as well as PlayStation 4/5 and Xbox consoles, the Lexar SL660 Blaze portable SSD targets gamers with RGB LED lighting and sequential read/write speeds up to 2,000/1,900 MB/s. Now 31% down from its list p...
Codrut Nistor, 14 Sep 2023 19:22
It's possible that current information about the alleged Switch 2's Tegra T239 chip is outdated. (Image source: eian/Unsplash - edited)

Controversial Nintendo Switch 2 chip manufacturing process claimed by reputable leaker in T239 reaffirmation

The expected Nintendo Switch 2 SoC and its manufacturing process has been discussed recently by a well-known leaker. The information offered up by the reasonably reputable source has been greeted with a mixture of dismay, caution,...
Daniel R Deakin, 14 Sep 2023 18:50
Acer has only launched the Nitro XV242F in China for now. (Image source: Acer)

Acer Nitro XV242F: New 540 Hz gaming monitor debuts with VESA DisplayHDR 400 certification

Acer has released the Nitro XV242F in China, where it sells for CNY 3,999 (~US$550). The Acer Nitro XV242F has a 24-inch TN panel with a 1080p resolution, VESA DisplayHDR 400 certification and a monster 540 Hz refresh rate, among ...
Alex Alderson, 14 Sep 2023 13:45


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