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AMD 'Raven Ridge' Ryzen 5 2400G APU. (Source: AMD)

AMD 'Raven Ridge' APU drivers to be updated as quaterly releases only

AMD will be providing Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition driver updates for its 'Raven Ridge' APUs in a quarterly cadence as opposed to more frequent updates for its Radeon GPUs. This was clarified by an AMD rep to a user's query o...
AMD Ryzen 7 2800H gets listed in the AOTS DX 12 database. (Source: TUM_APISAK)

AMD Ryzen 7 2800H, Ryzen 5 2600H, Vega 20, and Vega 12 entries spotted in AOTS DirectX 12 benchmarks

References to few upcoming AMD parts have been spotted in the Ashes of the Singularity DirectX 12 benchmark database. These include new 35W quad core chips such as the AMD Ryzen 7 2800H and Ryzen 5 2600H signalling AMD's arrival i...
Westworld for Android launches officially June 2018, similar to Fallout Shelter (Source: Google Play)

Westworld TV series-inspired mobile game coming this week to Android and iOS

The Westworld game for mobile devices is supposed to launch officially on June 21st, but it can be downloaded, installed, and played already in some markets. This title is similar to Fallout Shelter and involves many characters an...
Chuwi HiGame mini PC has proven successful on Indiegogo, on track for an August launch (Source: Chuwi)

Chuwi HiGame mini PC has proven to be successful on Indiegogo, on track for a $1299 USD launch

The Intel Hades Canyon NUC is finally getting a direct competitor in the form of the Chuwi HiGame. The manufacturer has gathered enough backers over the last few months to finally commit to an August launch window. Backers will be...
The Last of Us. (Source: Gamerant)

The Last of Us has sold 17 million copies worldwide

Sony’s first-party studio, Naughty Dog, has announced that its game, The Last of US, has sold 17 million copies, making it one of the best-selling games of all time. The game was released back in July 2013 and a sequel is in the w...

86% MSI GE73 8RF Raider RGB (i7-8750H, GTX 1070, Full-HD) Laptop Review

Light organ. MSI equips the GE73 8RF with a hexa-core Coffee Lake-series processor, which provides a significant increase in performance over its predecessor. The notebook smoothly runs all current computer games on its responsive 120-Hz TN panel (Full-HD).
Intel Core i7-8750H | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 (Laptop) | 17.3" | 2.9 kg
Looks like Nvidia wants to make the upcoming GPUs more VR-friendly. (Source: Nvidia)

Nvidia GTX 1180 to get high speed output, new price details unveiled

New leaks reveal that Nvidia's GTX 1180 will support higher refresh rates through one VR-friendly connection, making it possible to render [email protected] Hz content for each eye, and this would also apply to the TV-sized G-Sync 4K monitor...
Quake Champions freely available until June 18

Quake Champions is free until Monday, get it now and keep it forever

The first new entry in the Quake family of first-person shooters since Quake 4 — which arrived back in 2005 — Quake Champions can be downloaded via Steam as a free-to-play trial and those who sign up until June 18 can keep playing...
Sony Playstation 5 getting thrown under the bus for poorly-received Radeon RX Vega series (Image source: WCCFTech)

Sony Playstation 5 getting thrown under the bus for poorly-received Radeon RX Vega series

AMD's semi-custom chipset technologies for Microsoft, Sony, and even Intel may be becoming too lucrative to ignore. If rumors are true, then the AMD Navi series will not be competing in the flagship space against the impending Nvi...
The new Pulse 15 is Maingear's slimmest and lightest gaming laptop yet. (Source: Maingear)

Maingear announces Pulse 15 customizable gaming laptop

The new Pulse 15 customizable gaming PC from Maingear gets updated with all the current trendy options: thin bezels, 15.6-inch screen squeezed in a 14-inch chassis, six-core CPU, mechanical RGB keyboard, plus a generous 2 TB NVMe ...
Image source: Epic Games (w/ edits)

First Fortnite World Cup planned for late 2019, will offer $100 million in prizes

Epic Games has announced that Fortnite's first World Cup will be held late next year. The tournament, which will be open to any and all gamers that want to participate, will offer $100 million in prizes, spread across various even...
The 8-core Coffee Lake-X CPUs will provide competition for AMD's Ryzen 7 2700X. (Source: HotHardware)

Intel's 8-core Coffee Lake-S maisntream CPUs to launch in September on the Z390 platform

PCWatch reported that the first mainstream desktop 8-core Coffee Lake-S CPUs should be launched in September along with the Z390 platform. These chips should cost more than US$400 and will come in 80/95 W SKUs. Intel will also lau...
Acer Predator Helios 300

82% Acer Predator Helios 300 (i5-8300H, GTX 1050 Ti, Full-HD) Laptop Review

Budget laptop for gamers. Powerful notebooks often come with a hefty price tag. This is not the case with the Acer Predator Helios 300. The gaming-capable version of this laptop costs only 1100 Euros ($1296). You can learn in this review how the 17-incher stacks up against the competition.
Intel Core i5-8300H | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti (Notebook) | 17.3" | 2.9 kg
Asus ROG GU501GM (i7-8750H, GTX 1060) Laptop Review

85% Asus ROG GU501GM (i7-8750H, GTX 1060) Laptop Review

Whistle while you work. Wrapped in an attractive and slim package, the Asus ROG GU501GM is a competent gaming machine that effectively marries style and power. Unfortunately, CPU stability and fan noise present major problems in an otherwise excellent, if expensive, laptop.
Intel Core i7-8750H | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 (Laptop) | 15.6" | 2.5 kg
A shot of the action from the G.Skill booth. Toppc is the gentleman on the far left wearing glasses. (Source: G.Skill).

Computex 2018 | Overclocked G.Skill Trident Z RGB memory claims the first and second place for world's fastest RAM

G.Skill's overclocking event during Computex 2018 saw 13 overclocking records set, among them were the fastest RAM frequencies ever recorded.
Alienware AW988 Wireless Gaming Headset now up for sale mid-June 2018 (Source: Dell United States)

The Alienware Wireless Gaming Headset (AW988) hits the market

The first such accessory by Alienware in almost a decade, the AW988 is a wireless 7.1 surround gaming headset with LED lights, active noise canceling, and a frequency response range of 20 to 20,000 Hz. Covered by a two-year manufa...
War Thunder 1.79 "Project X" major update downloading June 12

War Thunder 1.79 "Project X" is now live, Xbox One release coming soon

In addition to the upcoming release on the Xbox One, this major update for Gaijin Entertainment's popular cross-platform vehicular combat MMO title also includes various "X items" like the Fritz-X guided bomb, the AMX-40 and XM-1 ...
best multimedia laptops

Notebookcheck's Top 10 Multimedia Laptops

Update June 2018. Here you will find the best multimedia notebooks reviewed by Notebookcheck in the last few months. Our list of top models is regularly updated, maintained and commented on and should assist in purchasing decisions.
Rage 2, Prey DLC "Mooncrash", and Fallout 76 featured at Bethesda's E3 showcase. (Source: Bethesda)

E3 2018 | Bethesda shows off Fallout 76 and announces The Elder Scrolls VI

Maryland-based video-game developer Bethesda has released an official trailer for Fallout 76 at E3 and announced work on The Elder Scrolls VI. Other projects from the company discussed at the massive trade show in Los Angeles incl...
Phil Spencer has been offering a number of exciting revelations at E3 2018. (Source: JeuxVideo24)

E3 2018 | Microsoft is working on new Xbox consoles

A Microsoft executive has confirmed that the company is working on new Xbox consoles. Phil Spencer, who is the Executive Vice President of Gaming and head of the Xbox brand, stated that the development team behind the highly succe...
Shadow of the Tomb Raider gameplay trailer now online June 2018

Looking great: First Shadow of the Tomb Raider gameplay trailer goes online

Compared to the cinematic trailer that has been available for a while, the first Shadow of the Tomb Raider gameplay trailer comes with more action and landscapes, as well as a lot of water. The game is being developed by Eidos Mon...
Lenovo has no plans for a Legion Y920 successor for now (Image source: Own)

Lenovo has no plans for a Legion Y920 successor for now

According to Lenovo, there will be no new additions to the ultra high-end Legion Y900 series as priorities have shifted to the mainstream gaming segment instead. The more affordable Legion Y530, Y730, and Y7000 will all be launchi...
Lenovo Legion Y530 and Y730 bring narrow bezels, Coffee Lake-H, and per-key RGB lighting (Source: Lenovo)

Upcoming Legion Y530 and Y730 are Lenovo's best bet against the MSI GS65 and XPS 15 9570

Lenovo's Legion gaming series is getting a full-on makeover from top to bottom. The new streamlined designs incorporate per-key RGB lighting, narrow bezels, 144 Hz IPS panels, 10 percent stronger cooling, and a more business-appro...
Lenovo Legion series will branch off into two distinct designs with the upcoming Y530 and Y7000 (Source: Lenovo)

Lenovo Legion series will branch off into two distinct designs with the Y7000 and Y530

The 2017 15.6-inch Legion Y520 will split into two successors this year as the Legion Y530 and Legion Y7000. The Y7000 represents a more natural evolution of the existing Legion design while the Y530 will be more restrained in its...
Microsoft's planned cloud-based game service would not be restricted to just Xbox owners. (Source: GotGame)

E3 2018 | Microsoft planning inclusive game-streaming service

Microsoft has announced plans to introduce a game-streaming service that will deliver high-quality gaming to a broad range of devices. The as yet unnamed service will be a major entry into the cloud gaming industry and demonstrate...
Halo Infinite will be the first game from the franchise to land on PCs in a decade. (Source: Microsoft)

E3 2018 | Halo, Madden franchises coming back to PC after a decade long absence

Microsoft and EA have announced that both the Halo and Madden franchises, respectively, will be coming back to the PC. Both titles have been restricted to consoles for the past several generations and will be welcomed by PC gamers...
Asus ROG Chimera G703GI

88% Asus ROG Chimera G703GI (i9 8950HK, GTX 1080, Full HD) Laptop Review

Like a shot of adrenaline. Asus' new ROG Chimera G703GI is currently one of the fastest gaming laptops on the market. Thanks to its Core i9-8950HK and overclockable GeForce GTX 1080, even the most demanding games run fluidly. G-Sync and a 144 Hz monitor round out the package.
Intel Core i9-8950HK | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 (Laptop) | 17.3" | 4.7 kg
EA has introduced a premium gaming subscription tier. (Source: EA)

E3 2018 | EA launches Origin Access Premier, offers access to latest PC games

EA has launched a new premium subscription tier to its popular Origin Access gaming service. The new Origin Access Premier tier gives users access to the company's latest titles all for a single monthly payment.
EVGA shows off SC15 with Coffee Lake-H and GTX 1070 Max-Q... again (Source: Own)

Computex 2018 | EVGA shows off SC15 with Coffee Lake-H and GTX 1070 Max-Q... again

The California hardware company will be reusing its SC15 design from last year with only internal CPU and GPU updates for 2018. While its chassis is strong and quite rigid, it risks looking outdated against the competition where n...
Acer Predator Helios 500 (GTX 1070, i7-8750H) Laptop Review

85% Acer Predator Helios 500 (GTX 1070, i7-8750H) Laptop Review

Gaming upgrade. Our exclusive review of Acer's massive fella. Equipped with a 45 W CPU and a GTX 1070 the brand-new case contains a true gaming powerhouse. The Helios 500 is the successor to the Helios 300, and while still quite hefty and bulky the new kid on the block is not as sharp-edged anymore.
Intel Core i7-8750H | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 (Laptop) | 17.3" | 3.8 kg
The Alienware Elite Mouse has swapable wings and weights. (Source: Dell/Alienware)

Computex 2018 | The Alienware Elite Mouse (AW959) and Alienware Wireless Headset (AW988) offer familiar Alienware styling

Dell has announced two new Alienware peripherals to give you the advantage over your opponents, among the new notebook hardware at Computex 2018. One is a mouse that looks just like the laptops and desktops it complements, and the...
Powercolor RX Vega 56 Nano launch (Source: Wccftech)

Computex 2018 | AMD RX Vega 56 Nano now official

AMD unveiled the RX Vega 56 Nano during a Computex 2018 special press event, but instead a reference edition — as it usually happens — they unveiled a variant made by PowerColor. This video card features 8 GB HBM2 memory, 3584 str...
The new game set in the Diablo universe could get serious competition from Korean games such as Lost Ark Online and Project The Lineage. (Source:

Next Diablo game officially in the works as revealed by Blizzard job listing

It seems like Blizzard is feeling the pressure from games like Path of Exile, as it finally revealed that it is working on a new Diablo game through a job listing for dungeon artists. With Blizzard being so meticulous, the game co...
It is important to note that the Threadripper 2000 series is not actually integrating the Zen 2 7 nm microarchitecture. (Source: WCCFTech)

Computex 2018 | AMD shows Gen 2 Threadripper HEDT CPUs with up to 32 cores / 64 threads and first 7 nm EPYC CPU

AMD's answer to Intel's 28-core HEDT CPU was showcased today at Computex in the form of the 32-core/64-thread Gen 2 Threadripper. These top-of-the-line HEDT chips from AMD will use all 4 interconnected dies, unlike the first gen T...
Eurocom Q6 (i7-8750H, GTX 1070 Max-Q, FHD) Laptop Review

81% Eurocom Q6 (i7-8750H, GTX 1070 Max-Q, FHD) Laptop Review

Super slim and fast. Last year's Eurocom Q5 has gotten some changes both internal and external, but it's the new processor swap that has us excited. The Eurocom Q6 offers the same GTX 1070-level graphics as its predecessor with Intel's hexa-core Coffee Lake-H CPU.
Intel Core i7-8750H | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Max-Q | 15.6" | 2.2 kg
Alienware Academy program aims to train the next generation of pro gamers (Source: Dell)

E3 2018 | Alienware Academy online program aims to train the next generation of pro gamers

Dell wants the Alienware brand to be more deeply associated with competitive gaming. Instead of just eSports sponsorships like other brands, Dell will attempt to train potential pro gamers directly with the help of Team Liquid. De...
Dell Inspiron Gaming Desktop 5676 with side window. Alienware accessories not included. (Source: Dell)

Computex 2018 | Dell upgrades the Inspiron Gaming Desktop 5676 with Ryzen Pinnacle Ridge processors

The AMD line of the Dell Inspiron Gaming Desktop gets an upgrade to Ryzen Pinnacle Ridge processors. This is a VR ready PC when combined with the AMD RX 580 and up to 32 GB of RAM. Dell reuses the existing Inspiron Gaming Desktop ...
The new Gigabyte RX 580 Gaming Box. (Source: Notebook Check)

Computex 2018 | Gigabyte shows eGPU with embedded Radeon RX 580

Gigabyte has added a new eGPU enclosure to its lineup. The new Gigabyte RX 580 Gaming Box is targeted at Apple MacBook users, although it will work equally well with Windows ultrabooks as well.
The Asus X570ZD will carry both a Ryzen 7 APU and dedicated GeForce GTX 1050 graphics (Source: Own)

Computex 2018 | AMD will use Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 graphics on a Ryzen laptop for the first time ever with the Asus X570ZD

Red and Green in one consumer laptop without any tricks or eGPU docks. The Asus X570ZD laptop will be the first to incorporate a Ryzen 7 2700U APU with integrated Vega 10 graphics and a dedicated GeForce GTX 1050 GPU for more dema...
Nvidia will be giving away Max-Q laptops all month long in latest contest (Source: Nvidia)

Nvidia will be giving away Max-Q laptops all month long in latest contest

Take a picture of yourself using any laptop outdoors for a chance to win a brand new Max-Q laptop. Max-Q technology was designed for thin-and-light gaming notebooks that can also be used on-the-go like an Ultrabook. Only four winn...
Acer Predator Helios 500 using blue backlighting. (Source: Acer)

Update: Now with AMD Ryzen and Vega 56 | The Predator Helios 500 is Acer's powerful new gaming laptop with an overclockable Intel i9-8950HK CPU

The Acer Predator Helios 500 is a powerful gaming laptop with an overclockable Intel i9-8950HK processor and the choice between a 144 Hz Gsync display or a color accurate 4K panel. Acer uses metal blades in their 3D fan design, wh...
Image source: Twitter (@Hitman)

HITMAN 2 may be announced on Thursday

A logo bearing the words "HITMAN 2" appeared on WB Games' site Monday night before being promptly removed, hinting that a new Hitman game may be just around the corner. The official Hitman twitter seems to confirm this; a new twee...
The GF63 is getting quite a few design queues form the GS65 Stealth Thin model.

Computex 2018 | MSI showcases budget GF63 gaming laptop

If you are searching for a 15-inch hexa-core laptop but maybe budget is not that generous, MSI has you covered with the GF63 series which should be launched soon. This sub-US$1000 model integrates the Intel i7-8750H six-core CPU c...
The 28-core CPU has the boost clocks set to 5 GHz, but there should be room for further overclocking. (Source: Anandtech)

Computex 2018 | Intel's Cascade Lake-X 28-core HEDT CPUs to arrive in Q4 2018

Intel showcased the 28-core HEDT CPU right after the 40th anniversary i7-8086K presentation at Computex. The 28-core CPU was stably running at 5 GHz and overclockers will probably get the beastly chip running at more than 6 GHz. I...
Asus unveils the stunning Project Precog dual-screen notebook. (Source: Notebook Check)

Computex 2018 | Asus wows with Project Precog, dual-screen AI-driven notebook

Asus has taken the covers off a stunning dual-screen notebook of the near future it is currently calling Project Precog, in a hat tip Phillip K. Dick's 'Minority Report." The AI-driven device features a stunning laser etched finis...
The 8th gen Intel Core i7-8086K is now official. (Source: The Verge)

Computex 2018 | Intel celebrates 40 years of the x86 architecture with the 8th generation Core i7-8086K Limited Edition processor

Intel is celebrating 50 years of its existence and 40 years since the first x86 processor, the 8086, debuted and is introducing the 8th generation Core i7-8086K Limited Edition CPU to commemorate these milestones. The Core i7-8086...
Gigabyte Sabre 15 updated with 8th gen Core CPUs, Intel Optane, and more (Source: Gigabyte)

Computex 2018 | Gigabyte Sabre 15 updated with 8th gen Core CPUs, Intel Optane, and more

The Sabre series is back with updated features and even Intel Optane support. The chassis design, however, is looking to be identical to last year's model with the only changes being exclusively internal. Gigabyte says it will be ...
Nintendo has sold nearly 18 million units of the Switch console. (Source: Express)

Fortnite might be coming to the Nintendo Switch

It seems Fortnite might be making its way to another new platform sometime in the near future. The game has apparently been rated for the Nintendo Switch console by the South Korean Game Rating and Administration Committee. With t...
MSI Trident PC gets bigger and badder with the Trident A (Source: MSI)

Computex 2018 | MSI Trident PC gets bigger and badder with the Trident A

The Trident A is nearly three times larger than the existing Trident 3 with more lights, sharper corners, stronger cooling, and Intel 8th gen CPUs. Those hoping for a "Trident 4" will be disappointed to find out that there is stil...
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1170 and 1180: Not coming soon. (TechRadar)

Nvidia GeForce GTX 11 series not coming soon

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang has been fielding some questions about the expected GeForce GTX 11 series at a Computex 2018 press conference. Reporters quizzed Huang about when the new GPUs might be released and received the reply “it’s ...

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