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Human-like robots seem to be the next big thing in high-tech. (Image source: DallE 3)

Bezos, Nvidia, OpenAI, Microsoft, Intel, Samsung, invest millions in human-like robot startup

Major players in the IT industry, including Jeff Bezos and Nvidia Corp., have reportedly invested in Figure AI Inc., a startup creating human-like robots. The company is seeking to raise approximately $675 million in a funding rou...
Robert Gelo, 24 Feb 2024 08:49
Leica achieved record sales for the third year in a row in 2023. (Image: Leica)

Leica achieves record sales thanks to Leica M11, hints at new Leitz Phone

German camera manufacturer Leica achieved record sales for the third year in a row for the 2022/2023 financial year. Owing to the Leica M11 in particular, the company was able to turn over almost half a billion euros. While the pa...
Hannes Brecher, 23 Feb 2024 23:43
The Apple iPhone represents seven out of 10 of the world's best-selling smartphones.

Apple shocks the competition: iPhone dominates the top 10 best-selling smartphones with seven models

An atonishing success: Apple's iPhone now ranks in the top seven places of the world's top 10 best-selling smartphones. Apple's fiercest competitor, Samsung, only made it into the top 10 with three Galaxy A series smartphones, whi...
Ronald Matta, 23 Feb 2024 00:42
Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang (Image source: Nvidia Corp.)

Nvidia surfs the AI wave to $2 trillion market value

The heavyweight chipmaker Nvidia saw a spectacular boost in its stock market valuation on Thursday, setting a record for a single day's surge. Expectations were exceeded by the company's quarterly report, which sparked a rally fue...
Robert Gelo, 22 Feb 2024 20:47
The Fujifilm X100VI's sucess is already stacking up to be its downfall. (Image source: eBay - edited)

Fujifilm X100VI pre-orders skyrocket as shortage concerns mount — $4,000+ eBay scalpers bank on hype

The Fujifilm X100VI seems to be a smash hit, as pre-orders for the new rangefinder-style mirrorless camera are setting new records for Fujifilm. The sky-high popularity of the X100VI means we could see a repeat of the shortages an...
Julian van der Merwe, 22 Feb 2024 18:45
Huawei Mate 60 Pro launched in August 2023 with 5G chipset despite heavy-handed U.S. sanctions. (Source: Huawei/OpenClipart-Vectors/edited)

Advanced Huawei Mate 60 Pro rattles U.S. Govt forcing it to tighten sanctions on Chinese chipmaker

The U.S. Govt has reportedly stopped local firms from supplying to Chinese chipmaker Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp (SMIC). Reuters claim that the new rules have come into effect following the launch of the Huawei ...
Fawad Murtaza, 22 Feb 2024 14:46
2023 was quite lucrative for Roblox creators (Image Souce: Roblox Studio)

Roblox devs made a record high $741 million last year

Video game developers had a lucrative year creating and distributing games on Roblox, raking in a record $740.8 million payout from the online video game platform.
Nitisha Upadhye, 22 Feb 2024 14:09
Samsung The Frame smart TV (Source: Samsung)

Samsung's domination of the TV market reaches adulthood

Although brands like Sony and LG are not easy prey, Samsung made it look so by achieving a 30.1% share in the global TV market last year. Since 2006, Samsung managed to sell enough TV sets to get the golden crown every time. In 20...
Codrut Nistor, 22 Feb 2024 00:36
Nio's ET9 shown mid-snow-shake in an exuberant demonstration of its hydraulic active suspension system. (Image source: Nio via CnEVPost on YouTube)

Puppy-like Nio ET9 snow shake offers glimpse at snappy suspension adjustments from 'active hydraulic suspension system'

Nio's ET9 will feature the brand's SkyRide chassis system, the capabilities of which it demonstrated in a recent video wherein the car shook off a layer of snow like a puppy playing in a water fountain.
Julian van der Merwe, 21 Feb 2024 20:14
Automotive Grade Wi-Fi 7 is on the way. (Source: Qualcomm)

MWC 2024 | Qualcomm Snapdragon Auto Connectivity Platform upgrade touted to bring Wi-Fi 7 to next-gen cars

Qualcomm has announced that it will bring its first ever "Automotive Grade" Wi-Fi 7 access point to MWC 2024. The new addition to the Snapdragon Auto Connectivity platform is thus touted to bring cutting-edge bandwidth, interferen...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 21 Feb 2024 19:38
Nokia cybersecurity: now with AI. (Source: Nokia)

Nokia unveils generative AI assistant for enhanced telecommunications security

Nokia has announced that its extended detection response (XDR) software for telecomms service provider and/or enterprise customers is to be augmented by generative AI. It will come in the form of an "assistant" based on Microsoft ...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 21 Feb 2024 18:16
Meizu is now All in AI. (Source: Meizu)

Meizu ultimately exits conventional smartphone industry, enters new All in AI age

Once among the best-known mobile device names in its native China, Meizu has now decided that it is time to "go All in" on AI, thereby finally leaving "traditional" smartphones behind. The OEM has unveiled plans for projects such ...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 21 Feb 2024 17:38
Wastewater can be used for climate-friendly heating or beer production (image: Epic Cleantec)

Epic Cleantec produces beer and compost from wastewater and will also use it to heat buildings

Showering and flushing are not wastes but valuable resources. The company Epic Cleantec shows how wastewater can be used in a climate-friendly way to heat buildings, to brew beer and to produce a compost-like soil conditioner.
Nicole Dominikowski, 21 Feb 2024 10:34
Samsung has announced it will work with Arm to develop its Cortex-X CPUs (image generated by DALL·E 3)

Samsung partners with Arm to develop next-gen Cortex-X CPU cores

Samsung has announced that Arm's future Cortex-X CPU cores will use Samsung Foundry's 2 nm GAAFET node. The company claims it will "revolutionize" the future of generative AI on mobile devices.
Anil Ganti, 21 Feb 2024 02:57
The Shargeek 170. (Source: Sharge)

Deal | Shargeek 170: 140W power bank arrives on Amazon with time-sensitive discount

Sharge's fastest and "coolest" power bank started out as a crowdfunding reward; however, it is now "finally" available to buy as a retail product. The Shargeek 170 is still rated to deliver an estimated 24,000mAh of power at up to...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 20 Feb 2024 19:25
Walmart is planning to acquire TV maker Vizio

Walmart is planning to acquire TV maker Vizio

As per Walmart’s latest announcement, the company is looking forward to acquiring Vizio for $2.3 billion.
Nitisha Upadhye, 20 Feb 2024 15:31
Marvel's Spider-Man 2 (Source: Marvel)

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 dominated this year's D.I.C.E. Awards show

With no less than six wins, Marvel's Spider-Man 2 by Insomniac Games was closely followed by Baldur's Gate 3, which managed five wins during the 27th edition of the D.I.C.E. Awards. This video game industry awards show debuted in ...
Codrut Nistor, 20 Feb 2024 11:55
Open AI seems to think it can patent general technical terminology. (Source: Unsplash/Mojahid Mottakin)

GPT is not a trademark: Open AI denied again from registering 'GPT' as a trade name

For the second time, Open AI has been reminded of its poor choice of name for its chatbot. Despite the argument that the general meaning of ‘GPT’ was too esoteric for the general public, the US PTO was quick to deny Open AI's trad...
Sarfo Ashong-Listowell, 20 Feb 2024 04:55
The Vision Pro. (Source: Apple)

Apple Vision Pro return rates are relatively high, according to new estimate

Apple asserts that its inaugural Vision Pro will be to "spatial computing" as the iPhone was to personal mobile device use. However, if the Cupertino giant was hoping for universal acceptance of its new headset, it seems it is not...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 18 Feb 2024 18:28
Dragon's Dogma 2 will cost 69,99 US dollar for PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S in the US. (Source: Capcom)

Capcom: Permanent increase in game prices very likely

There are clear indications that Resident Evil publisher Capcom will follow in the footsteps of its industry colleagues and permanently raise its game prices to a base level of 70 US dollars.
Marius Müller, 17 Feb 2024 13:51
Epson has questioned the Dangbei Mars Pro projector’s brightness measurement. (Image source: Dangbei)

Epson settles projector brightness lawsuit with Dangbei

An agreement has been reached between Epson and Dangbei following a complaint relating to the brightness measurement provided for the Mars Pro projector. As part of the settlement, Dangbei has said it will adjust the figure provid...
Polly Allcock, 17 Feb 2024 12:08
Image source: OpenAI

OpenAI reaches $80b valuation while CEO Altman preps for AI chip manufacturing

OpenAI has inked a deal with venture capital firm Thrive Capital that has boosted its valuation to $80 billion or more, marking a nearly threefold increase in value from just nine months ago. The agreement allows employees to cash...
Robert Gelo, 17 Feb 2024 09:07
Rivian recently teased the R2 platform on YouTube without revealing too much of the upcoming EV's design. (Image source: Rivian)

Rivian R2 spy shots spark confusion: bulky proportions or another electric SUV entirely

Spy photos claim to reveal the Rivian R2 platform, but the R1S-like proportions of the new model are causing confusion among fans of the EV brand. Rivian's new R2 platform is said to cost around $40,000–$60,000 and be significantl...
Julian van der Merwe, 16 Feb 2024 19:03
Top 3 most played Steam games in the last month (Source: Steam Charts)

Counter-Strike 2 remains Steam's most played game of the week as Palworld drops to third place

Palworld's surprising rise that seemed unstoppable was not enough to push it higher than PUBG, and now this title has problems keeping up with Counter-Strike 2. Palworld's player base has pushed it in the third place on February 1...
Codrut Nistor, 16 Feb 2024 15:27
Ford could see a return to form with an electric Fiesta ST or similar in the near future. (Image source: Ford)

Ford CEO admits small, affordable EVs key to combat Tesla Model 2, rising red tide without burning money

Shortly after Ford stopped producing the sub-compact Fiesta in Europe, CEO Jim Farley has said that he has tasked his team with coming up with a plan to develop a small, affordable EV to make the company's EV business more profita...
Julian van der Merwe, 16 Feb 2024 01:24
According to the report, Huawei wants to go ahead with a double-folding 10-inch tablet in the first half of 2024, and Samsung is likely to follow suit. (Image: SamMobile)

Huawei and Samsung reportedly launching foldable tablets onto the market soon, while Oppo and Vivo are pulling out

Huawei's tablet, which is said to resemble a 10-inch iPad when unfolded and fits inside your pocket when double folded, is scheduled to go into mass production sometime in the first half of this year, according to a report. Samsun...
Alexander Fagot, 16 Feb 2024 00:06
Big win for Samsung's foundries

Samsung lands 2 nm AI chip production contract, as Japanese company PFN ditches TSMC for the South Korean giant

PFN has been collaborating with TSMC since 2016, yet it decided to produce its next gen AI chips on Samsung's 2 nm nodes. While TSMC currently has more 2 nm clients, PFN's switch could signal a reversal in Samsung's favor, since ...
Bogdan Solca, 15 Feb 2024 19:33
The BenQ LW650 projector has a WUXGA native resolution. (Image source: BenQ)

BenQ reveals LW650 new cheaper laser projector with WXGA resolution

A new business projector has been revealed by BenQ, the LW650. The model is similar to the recently released LH650, though it has a WUXGA rather than a 1080p native resolution, which should make it cheaper than its predecessor. Ot...
Polly Allcock, 15 Feb 2024 16:32
Due to the current discounts, the Cosmetics Bundle for Diabolo 4 currently costs the same as the main game in the Ultimate Edition. (Source: Blizzard)

Blizzard pricing policy: Controversy over overpriced cosmetics in Diablo 4 sparks heated debate in the community

Blizzard is currently offering a bundle with cosmetic content for Diabolo 4 that costs just as much as the actual game. The community seems to be less enthusiastic about this.
Marius Müller, 15 Feb 2024 15:50
HP EliteBook x360 830 G10 Laptop Review: Metal convertible with non-reflective touchscreen

89% HP EliteBook x360 830 G10 Laptop Review: Metal convertible with non-reflective touchscreen

EliteBook for drawing. Convertible laptops are not the bulk of the market, but for users who need the pen and touch, they are indispensable. The HP EliteBook x360 830 G10 goes for the business side of the market, going head to head with the likes of the Lenovo ThinkPad X13 Yoga Gen 4.
Intel Core i5-1335U | Intel Iris Xe Graphics G7 80EUs | 13.30" | 1.3 kg
Benjamin Herzig, 14 Feb 2024 18:04
The new Model 3 Long Range is seeing a price hike just a month after its US launch (Image Source: Tesla)

Tesla Model 3 Highland price hiked in US, now upto $7k higher than Model Y

Tesla has today increased the price of the new Model 3 Long Range variant in the US to $47,490, a $1,500 jump from the launch price last month. This makes it practically the same price as the Model Y Long Range, which is available...
Vishal Bhardwaj, 14 Feb 2024 13:39
The self-driving cab is designed to increase mobility in rural areas and protect the environment at the same time (image: MonoCab)

Germany: Self-driving cabs on rails can be ordered like taxis via app

MonoCab is a self-driving train cab that can be ordered like a taxi via an app and does not require a driver. With its sustainable design and ability to run two cabs on one track, this innovative transport offers a promising alter...
Nicole Dominikowski, 14 Feb 2024 12:50
The AMD version of the Lenovo ThinkPad E16 is now steeply discounted (Image: Andreas Osthoff)

Deal | Lenovo ThinkPad E16 laptop with AMD Ryzen 5 7530U and 24GB RAM marked down by 45%

On sale for $675, the Lenovo ThinkPad E16 with an AMD CPU is one of the more affordable choices for fans of durable business laptops who need a decent amount of memory and don't want to opt for one of the older ThinkPad models tha...
Enrico Frahn, 13 Feb 2024 22:54
Virtual power plants: Promising approach for more efficient use of renewable energies and reduction of CO2 emissions (symbolic image: DALL-E / AI)

Virtual power plants are shaping tomorrow's energy systems by reducing consumer costs, CO2 and grid congestion

Virtual power plants are intelligent systems that network decentralised energy sources such as solar panels, EV chargers and battery storage. The innovative technology optimises energy generation and distribution in real time to a...
Nicole Dominikowski, 13 Feb 2024 16:36
Take-Two is best known as the publisher of the GTA series. (Source: Take-Two)

Legal dispute: Take-Two has shut down servers for NBA 2K and claims that in-game currencies are not the property of the players

It is not only the end of the online functions for NBA 2K 22 that has caused a stir with GTA publisher Take-Two, but also the debate about the whereabouts of the virtual currency, which has led to a legal dispute between the compa...
Marius Müller, 13 Feb 2024 14:32
Arm's share price sees a massive jump on Monday (Image source: Arm)

Arm stock price sees up to 93% rise since February quarterly earnings release

On Monday, February 12, the stock price of Arm soared by 93% since the British chip designer and developer released the quarterly financial data on February 8. What's more interesting is that the shares saw a significant 29% surge...
Abid Ahsan Shanto, 13 Feb 2024 09:50
Free in-flight Starlink Internet comes to select routes (image: Hawaiian)

First free in-flight Starlink satellite Internet service from a major carrier takes off

The Starlink for Aviation business tier comes with a rather high $150,000 hardware cost and the monthly subscription rate is $25,000. Despite those price tags, one major airline will be offering free in-flight Starlink Internet.
Daniel Zlatev, 12 Feb 2024 20:22
Elon Musk and SpaceX have denied any claim that Russia is receiving Starlink equipment via official channels. (Image source: DALL·E 3 generated)

Elon Musk denies Starlink being sold to Russia

There have been some claims made that Starlink terminals have made their way into Russian hands and are being used, specifically in parts of occupied Ukraine. Both Elon Musk and SpaceX have made statements on X asserting that no d...
Daniel R Deakin, 12 Feb 2024 17:55
YouTube makes millions with disinformation campaigns about climate change (symbolic image: DALL-E / AI)

Climate change deniers on YouTube shift their opinion: New disinformation campaigns reap high profits

Wild claims about climate change are piling up on social media sites such as YouTube, and the platform is making a fortune out of disinformation campaigns. Now, in a major study, scientists have found that the old views of "climat...
Nicole Dominikowski, 11 Feb 2024 18:53
Ethiopia bans combustion engines and favours environmentally friendly EVs (Image: Unsplash / Kaleab, edited)

Ethiopia becomes first country to ban internal combustion engines: Only EVs allowed

Ethiopia has decided that only electric cars may be imported into the country. The move is a major step towards sustainable mobility and is ahead of the European Union's plans to ban internal combustion engines from 2035.
Nicole Dominikowski, 11 Feb 2024 15:59
Nvidia H100 Tensor Core GPUs (Image source: Nvidia Corp)

Nvidia builds a new unit to supply ChatGPT, Microsoft, Google and Meta with custom AI chips

Nvidia, the leading global designer and supplier of AI chips, is setting up a new business unit to focus on creating custom chips for cloud computing companies and other businesses. The move aims to carve out a piece of the rapidl...
Robert Gelo, 10 Feb 2024 21:46
Jeff Bezos (Image source:

Jeff Bezos sells Amazon shares worth $2 billion founder Jeff Bezos has sold approximately 12 million shares of the company, netting around $2 billion. This move comes shortly after Bezos announced a plan to sell his shares over the next year.
Robert Gelo, 10 Feb 2024 19:56
The PFU America WUL5A50 projector has up to 5,200 lumens brightness. (Image source: PFU America)

Ricoh PFU America launches new laser projectors with up to 6,000 lumens brightness

Three new laser projector models are available from PFU America, a company owned by Ricoh. The line-up includes short throw, compact, and higher-end gadgets, with up to 6,000 lumens brightness. Other features include keystone corr...
Polly Allcock, 10 Feb 2024 10:38
The collaboration between Disney and Epic Games is still in its infancy and will not produce results for several years. (Source: Disney)

Disney invests more than one billion in Epic Games, launching its most significant foray into the gaming industry to date

Disney has spent 1.5 billion US dollars to acquire shares in Fortnite publisher Epic Games. The goal: a whole new gaming and entertainment universe.
Marius Müller, 09 Feb 2024 18:06
The Google AI chatbot Bard is dead. Its AI successor is called Google Gemini.

Google Gemini: AI chatbot Bard is dead, Gemini Advanced (Ultra 1.0) as a subscription for 22 euros

Google has renamed its AI chatbot Bard to Google Gemini and also added new functions and improvements to its most powerful artificial intelligence: 40 languages supported, Gemini app for Android and iPhone (in the Google app for i...
Ronald Matta, 09 Feb 2024 15:51
It looks as if Fujifilm will bring the X100VI out of pre-order in record time. (Image source: Fujifilm - edited)

Fujifilm X100VI leak promises bright future for supply as compact camera to ship shortly after February 20 announcement

A new Fujifilm X100VI rumour claims that the upcoming compact rangefinder-style camera will start arriving in the hands of buyers shortly after the February 20 announcement. The implications of this short pre-order window are good...
Julian van der Merwe, 08 Feb 2024 23:54
Tesla Model 3 in a dealership (Source: Pexels)

Tesla raised the salaries of its US factory workers last month

Although salaries remain confidential, internal leaked documents reveal that Tesla now pays its US factory workers between $22 and $39 an hour while dividing them into seven levels. The changes became effective last month, after b...
Codrut Nistor, 08 Feb 2024 22:23
Quik for desktop is finally out. (Source: GoPro)

GoPro Premium Plus debuts alongside Quik for macOS

GoPro has announced that it has rebranded its current subscription to Premium, which has also now sprouted a new Plus variant. The latter offers all of the same features as the former, with an added 'pro-grade' video stabilization...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 08 Feb 2024 17:44
The new Toyota three row battery electric SUV would follow the bZ4X (above). (Image source: Toyota)

Toyota teases new three-row electric SUV in investment announcement

A new three row battery electric SUV for the US market is on the way from Toyota. The company noted the model in an announcement about further investment in its Kentucky facility, which will be shared across several EV projects. R...
Polly Allcock, 08 Feb 2024 14:20
Inauguration of the low-carbon aviation fuel ethanol plant in Georgia (Image: LanzaJet)

World's first ethanol-to-sustainable jet fuel plant opens in US with $200 million investment

The world's first plant to produce sustainable aviation fuel from ethanol has been commissioned by pioneers in Illinois, USA. With an investment volume of $200 million, the plant is intended to help decarbonise the aviation indust...
Nicole Dominikowski, 08 Feb 2024 14:14
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