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All images via Apple

iOS 12 is here, bringing performance improvements, AR features, Siri Shortcuts, and more

Apple release iOS 12 today as a free update. The new version of Apple's mobile OS includes better AR support, automation via Siri, and performance optimizations. The update largely feels like Apple playing catch up with Android, w...
Apple iPhone X flagship, iPhones plagued by a CSS bug (Source: Apple)

Defective CSS code crashes, causes iPhones to restart

Using the rather new backdrop-filter CSS property can lead to a crash of the entire iOS on an iPhone. An exploit that does this and the code behind it have recently been unveiled by a software engineer and security researcher at W...
Lobe logo, Microsoft buys Lobe (Source: The Official Microsoft Blog)

Microsoft acquires Lobe to accelerate AI development

Microsoft's latest corporate acquisition is not the first one in the AI field and it surely will not remain the last, either. Lobe is a company based in San Francisco that provides a simple visual interface that allows anyone to d...
Luigi's Mansion 3, not to be confused with the Luigi's Mansion 3DS port, was one of many new titles announced. (Source: Nintendo)

Latest Nintendo Direct reveals a plethora of games coming to the Switch

The Nintendo Switch has been one of Nintendo's most successful consoles in history. While Nintendo has historically struggled with third party appeal, the Switch seems to have overcome its predecessors' struggles to date has recei...
Google Inbox and Gmail logos, Inbox app going down in March 2019 (Source: Google - The Keyword)

Google plans to shut down the Inbox app by March 2019

Although it has grown to become an excellent Gmail alternative, Google's Inbox app remains an experimental piece of code. This means that Google is using the data provided by its usage to improve Gmail and, unfortunately, it seems...
Samsung Health 6.0 mobile app (Source: Samsung Global Newsroom)

Samsung Health 6.0 comes with a new UI and updated tools

Providing health- and wellness-related services to a crowd of over 65 million active users worldwide, Samsung Health has just been updated to version 6.0. This major release comes with a redesigned interface, updated tools, as wel...
This prompt pops up when you try to install Chrome or Firefox in the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview Build. (Source: Neowin)

Latest Windows 10 Insider Preview Build tries to dissuade users from installing Chrome or Firefox

Microsoft is doing an A/B testing of a new functionality in the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview that reminds users of Microsoft Edge whenever they try to install another browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Microsof...
Forza Horizon 4 (Source: Xbox Wire)

Forza Horizon 4 is ready to hit the market

Forza Horizon 4 has just gone gold and will be launching globally on October 2. This racing title will come with no less than 450 cars, but those eager to take it for a spin can play the official demo which is already available fo...
The OnePlus 6T's purported appearance. (Source: GizTop)

OnePlus 6T's full specs have been leaked - or have they?

An online retailer has posted a pre-order page claiming to list all the details on the upcoming OnePlus 6T, release date included. it describes a device with a teardrop notch, the Snapdragon 845 and triple cameras. However, some d...
Two prominent VPN providers have needed to push updates for vulnerabilities in their systems. (Source:

NordVPN and ProtonVPN obliged to push updates to patch new CVEs

Two popular VPNs have been reported as subject to newly-discovered security issues discovered by Cisco Talos. These flaws apply to those using the services on Windows PCs, and could allow a hacker access through a 'Connect' comman...
NVIDIA recently went to an AT&T conference to introduce the idea of GeForce NOW over 5G. (Source:

Could 5G and NVIDIA make gaming hardware obsolete?

NVIDIA brought its GeForce NOW to the AT&T Spark Conference to showcase the service's potential when combined with 5G. The company is confident that its new cloud-based graphics solution can negate the need for expensive hardware ...
Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4 rugged Android smartphone gets 8.1 Oreo software mid-September 2018 (Source: Samsung)

Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4 gets Android 8.1 Oreo

Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4, a 5-inch rugged handset that arrived more than a year ago with Android 7.0 Nougat onboard, is finally ready for Oreo. The best part of the update that has started to roll out in a few Asian countries is th...
Fortnite Season 5 ends on September 25, Fall Skirmish competition announced to start soon and last for 6 weeks

Fortnite Fall Skirmish kicks off soon, US$10 million up for grabs

As the end of the fifth Fortnite season is drawing near, the start of the Fall Skirmish event is also heading our way. This competition will last for 6 weeks and the best players will have the chance to win a total of no less than...
The Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 has been released. (Source: XDA)

Qualcomm officially launches Snapdragon Wear 3100

The Snapdragon Wear 3100 is likely to feature in many next-generation wearables. Qualcomm held a launch event for it yesterday (September 10, 2018). The company claimed it will bring improvements in battery life and usability. The...
The Honor 7X. (Source: Huawei)

Honor to temporarily allow bootloader unlocks

Huawei, and Honor by extension, ended support for bootloader unlocks a few months ago. However, Honor has re-opened the window for unlocks, but with a number of extremely limiting conditions.
The Online Service for Nintendo Switch is now purported to save all games in a cloud. (Source: GameZone)

Nintendo Switch Online rumored to support cloud saving for all games

The Nintendo Switch Online Service has been anticipated for some time. A rumor that precedes its launch suggests that users of the new feature will be able to back up all their games in a cloud. However, there may be an opt-out fo...
MediaTek believes that its new feature, Active Stereo, is a better form of face-unlocking than Apple's. (Source: Deccan Chronicle)

MediaTek claims that its new Active Stereo will beat Apple Face ID

Device unlocking using an owner's face has become quite popular. Unfortunately, offering truly secure, flexible and effective facial scanning in your product can get difficult and expensive. MediaTek claims that its new take on th...
YouTube for Android has finally gained a dark theme! (Source:

Dark mode finally makes it to YouTube on Android

Videos are easier to watch in a darkened room without the inevitable white background on which previews and other objects are shown in Android's YouTube app. This is now a thing of the past, however, as dark mode for the app on no...
Armor Viewer tool in Armored Warfare 0.26 (Source: Armored Warfare - Official Website)

Armored Warfare gets IDF tanks, new commanders, and much more

Armored Warfare 0.26 goes live today with Israeli tanks (and a new dealer for this branch), Armor Viewer in-garage tool, a new PvP map, overhauled PvE missions, major optimizations, improvements to the game mechanics, a new Specia...
Huawei GPU Turbo Review

Huawei GPU Turbo Review

Maximum speed via upgrade GPU Turbo for selected Honor and Huawei smartphones promises up to 60 percent increased efficiency on top of reducing energy consumption by 30 percent. A software update is supposed to achieve this. We took a closer look at Turbo during daily use in order to determine whether it is able to keep this promise.
Mozilla Firefox 62 now available for download

Firefox 62 now available for download, Mozilla no longer supports Windows XP

With the release of Firefox 62, Mozilla also stops providing support to Firefox 52 ESR, which is the latest version for those still using this ancient operating system. Firefox 62 comes with support for CSS variable fonts and shap...
10th anniversary version of Chrome comes with many new features. (Source: BGR)

Google celebrates Chrome's 10th anniversary with fresh new version

Google is celebrating its 10th anniversary of Chrome with the release of a considerable update (Chrome 69) for the browser. It features a substantial UI redesign, as well as a new password generator. This version will be available...
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Android handset no longer supported with official updates as of September 2018

Samsung kills support for the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+

Samsung continues to ignore those still using premium handsets that are far from museum material yet. The latest victims are the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ — both being barely three years old — which have just been dropped ...
OnePlus has released an Open Beta version of OOS based on Pie. (Source: OnePlus Community)

OnePlus 6: now with official Pie (in beta form)

OnePlus has finally released official Android Pie to users of its latest flagship. However, it is an Open Beta, not a stock Oxygen OS (OOS) release. It has many new features of OOS based on Pie \e.g. gestures and a new UI), albeit...
Samsung is turning to Google for help with Bixby. (Source: Smart Mash)

Samsung looking to collaborate with Google for enhancing Bixby's AI capabilities

Samsung CEO Kim Hyun-suk said that the company is looking at collaborating with Google to help augment its Bixby voice assistant. Hyun-suk feels that Samsung could leverage its dominance in device sales to negotiate with companies...
The next feature update to Windows 10 will be called the October 2018 Update. (Source: Microsoft)

Windows 10 'Redstone 5' will be officially called the October 2018 Update

The upcoming Windows 10 feature update for this year will be called the October 2018 Update. This update focuses on stability, overall polish, and under the hood improvements so not too many groundbreaking features are being plann...
Google might soon offer a credential provider for logging into Windows 10. (Source: Bleeping Computer)

Windows 10 will soon allow logins via a Google Account

Google is apparently working on a credential provider that allows users of G Suite to logon to Windows 10 PCs using a Google account. A Google administrator can create a Google Accounts and ID Administration (GAIA) account that al...
The LG V20 was launched on Android 7.0 Nougat two years ago. (Source: Pocketnow)

Update | Two years after launch, the LG V20 receives its first major OS update

The LG V20, G6, and Q6 are finally receiving their Oreo updates. It's only taken the V20 two years to receive its first major update, so LG must be applauded. And yes, that is, indeed, sarcasm.
bxActions - Bix Button Remapper Android app now supports the Galaxy Note 9 (Source: Google Play)

Bixby button remapping now works on the Galaxy Note 9

Those who want to remap the Bixby button of their Galaxy Note 9 can do it thanks to the latest update received by the bxActions - Bix Button Remapper app for Android, which now sports full support for Samsung's latest high-end pha...
The Galaxy J5 (2017) is now associated with an update to 8.1. (Source:

Update to Android 8.1 available for Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017) in some countries

Most of the Samsung Galaxy J5s of yesteryear run Android 7.0 (Nougat). However, new reports indicate that some of these phones are receiving an update. This software skips 8.0 Oreo and goes straight to 8.1 instead. So far, reports...
3DMark will be getting a ray tracing update this September. (Source: TechSpot)

Updated | 3DMark to get a new ray tracing test in September

The next version of 3DMark, a popular graphics benchmarking tool, will feature support for NVIDIA's RTX tech allowing adopters to test the ray tracing abilities of their cards. UL Benchmarks, the developer behind 3DMark, is hopefu...
Chinese smartphone users (Source: The South China Morning Post)

China now has over 800 million internet users

The world's most populated economy continues its growth in the internet users department. According to a recent report backed by the China Internet Network Information Centre, the total number of internet users hit 802 million at ...
Much of the speculation around the 6T envisages a phone with a new OPPO-style notch. (Source: GizChina)

Update | Purported EEC document may refer to OnePlus 6T

A document believed to have originated from the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) specifies a new model number associated with the smartphone maker OnePlus. Given the compatibility of the number with the company's naming scheme o...
Epic Games has patched a major security flaw in the Fortnite Mobile installer for Android. (Source: APK Pure)

Fortnite Mobile installer for Android found to contain a Man-in-the-Disk exploit

Google disclosed a vulnerability in the Fortnite Mobile APK that allows a pre-installed malicious application to exploit the way the game installs for the first time in Samsung Galaxy devices. Thankfully, Epic has patched this vul...
Firefox 62 will feature a new Firefox Monitor add-on. (Source: Mozilla)

Firefox 62 comes with Firefox Monitor that notifies if you've been pwned

Version 62 of Firefox will integrate a new add-on called Firefox Monitor that basically informs users if their email accounts have been compromised. The add-on uses the popular Have I Been Pwned database backend to check if the ac...
Intel has been releasing security patches since January, but this is the first time it banned testing them for performance discrepancies. (Source: MarketWatch)

Intel revises ban on benchmarking its newest microcode patch

When Intel banned testing the performance of its newest microcode patch for security vulnerabilities, many tech enthusiasts spoke out against the company. Finally, Intel has listened to the backlash and will soon be revising the r...
Garmin Disney Princess vívofit jr. 2 fitness tracker for kids (Source: Garmin)

Garmin intros the Disney Princess vívofit jr. 2 fitness tracker for kids

The Garmin vivofit jr. 2 is a fitness tracker for kids that comes with Disney Princess-themed bands and a mobile app capable of offering an interactive experience which includes popular characters such as Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Mu...
VPNs have been a popular alternative for businesses unable to invest in WANs. (Source:

VPNs for business may not have much time, according to cloud services exec

Virtual private networks (VPNs) are not just for individuals trying to get around geo-restrictions. Companies may also use them to streamline their online connections. However, a managing director for a UK IT and networking compan...
Microsoft is currently being probed for bribery over deals in Hungary. (Source: Value Investor)

Microsoft fires employees found involved in Hungarian Government bribes

Microsoft has confirmed that it has fired four employees and terminated business relationships with four partners in Hungary over ongoing probings for bribery and corruption. The investigation is on for sale of Microsoft software ...
PUBG will be available for the Xbox One soon. (Source:

Gamescom 2018 | PUBG for Xbox One gains general access in September - and that's not all!

PUBG now has a version for Xbox One: however, it won't have an official release until September 4, 2018. Many fans may have to wait until then to play the Sanhok map with the console. On the other hand, there will be some new feat...
Xiaomi Mi A1 with August 2018 security patch Oreo 8.1

The Xiaomi Mi A1 gets a new security patch which also fixes the notification LED bug

Xiaomi's popular mid-range Mi A1 smartphone continues to receive full software support, the latest update for this handset bringing the official security patch dated August 5. Even better, the new firmware also addresses the notif...
Samsung Pay is now three years old and available in 24 markets (Source: Samsung Global Newsroom)

Samsung Pay celebrates its third anniversary, now available in six continents

Now available in 24 markets across six continents — the latest addition to the list of supported markets being South Africa — Samsung Pay was originally introduced in South Korea on August 20, 2015. This mobile payment service rec...
Metaphorical representation of a smartphone without bootloader unlock support. (Source: SCOIRBLOG)

HMD patches bootloader unlock exploit, enthusiasts reply with petition

Before now, users of Nokia devices have been able to unlock their bootloaders via an unofficial channel. Sadly, that will no longer be possible, as a new update has closed off the vulnerability by changing the unlock algorithm.
The OnePlus 5T. (Source: BGR)

OnePlus finally brings Treble support to the OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T

The new Oxygen OS 5.1.5 update sent out to the OnePlus 5 and 5T has finally granted the devices their very own Treble powers. The update weighs is a heavy 1.69 GB download and will be rolled out gradually.
A new certification is likely to pertain to the next Apple Watch. (Source: CNET)

Next-gen Apple Watch variants show up in new device certification

A number of variations on the same device are specified in a newly-secured approval from the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC). The document's repeated references to "watchOS 5" increase the probability that the certification is ...
Siri, Apple's voice assistant, may be able to distinguish between user voices in the future. (Source:

Recent Apple patent could allow Siri to recognize multiple different users

Apple has filed a patent that may contribute to the voice assistant Siri's functionality in the future. It may impart the ability to recognize different voices and attribute them to corresponding users on new versions of the softw...
WhatsApp will no longer take up Google Drive space as of November 2018. (Source: Google Play Store)

WhatsApp backups will no longer take up Google cloud storage

WhatsApp has distinguished itself among messaging apps through its ability to eat your storage. However, a new agreement between the Facebook subsidiary and Google mean that WhatsAapp backups will no longer clog up space on the Dr...
Nokia 7 Plus to get Android Pie in September 2018

The Nokia 7 Plus will get Android 9.0 Pie stable in September

Nokia remains a very reliable brand when it comes to software updates, since HMD Global's Chief Product Office, Juho Sarvikas, has just confirmed that the Nokia 7 Plus will get the Android 9.0 Pie stable update in September. Most ...
Minecraft: Education Edition on Apple iPad tablet, launch scheduled for September 2018 (Source: Microsoft EDU)

Minecraft: Education Edition coming to iPads next month

The Minecraft: Education Edition community now consists of over 35 million licensed teachers and students in 115 countries, so it is not surprising that Microsoft is finally bringing this game to the iPad. Schools licensed through...
H2OS is the Chinese version of OOS, the stock Oneplus firmware. Its latest version is based on non-preview Pie. (Source: XDA)

OnePlus 6: New Chinese-variant ROM release suggests official Pie on the way soon

The Chinese variants of OnePlus phones, which run Hydrogen OS rather than Oxygen OS, are typically first to see new updates and Android versions. The latest Hydrogen OS Open Beta is based on Pie. Therefore, OnePlus 6 units in othe...

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