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YouTube pranksters have been blindly following Sandra Bullock's character's predicament in Bird Box. (Source: Bluegrass/Netflix)

Dangerous challenges and pranks join porn and hate speech on YouTube's banned list

YouTube has amended its policies in regard to content that depicts dangerous challenges and pranks. Videos that encourage or show activities that could lead to physical harm, make people think they are in danger, or show pranks th...
Pandora gets in-app voice assistant Voice Mode (Source: Android Community)

Pandora launches in-app voice assistant for iOS and Android

Pandora users — including those using the free version of the streaming service — can enjoy the new capabilities provided by the in-app Voice Mode. This voice assistant can be used to accomplish multiple music-related tasks by usi...
The SD 855 has gone up against its competitors already. (Source: GizChina)

Snapdragon 855 benchmarks and comparisons with A12 Bionic & Kirin 980 surface online

The first benchmarks using a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 reference device have started to roll in. This new processor has done impressively well compared to its predecessor in two separate tests. It has also outdone devices with the K...
Many Netflix customers will see price hikes over the next quarter. (Source: Netflix)

Netflix will increase its prices to customers paying in USD over the next few months

Netflix has announced plans to inflate its prices by up to 18%. However, this will only affect new and existing customers who use US dollars to pay for their subscriptions. This move resulted in a 6.5% increase in its stock price ...
A new toggle to impose a traditional, temporal timeline view is being rolled out to Twitter users. (Source: YouTube)

Twitter is finally switching back to a fully chronological timeline

Recently, Twitter revamped its platform with the 'Interesting Tweets' feature. However, some users have asserted that the tweets chosen by its algorithm persisted in timelines regardless of whether they turned it off in Settings o...
The Realme 2 Pro. (Source: Realme)

Realme 2 Pro users can now unlock their bootloaders, but there are caveats

Realme (OPPO's increasingly popular sub-brand) has decided to release a tool enabling owners of its 2 Pro device to unlock their bootloaders. However, it involves rather more steps than the average adb-command process for many And...
These 2017 Samsung flagships now have stock Pie betas. (Source: Android Central)

One UI/Android 9 betas for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and S8 line now available in certain countries

Some users of the Samsung Galaxy S8, 8+ and Note 8 have seen a new stock beta OS for their phones. This ROM, which is installed by way of joining the OEM's Beta Program, updates the 2017 devices to Android 9.0 (Pie) and the new On...
Huawei MediaPad M5 Pro Android tablet with HiSilicon Kirin 960 processor surfaces with Pie and EMUI 9.0 January 2019

Huawei MediaPad M5 Pro Android Pie tablet surfaces on Geekbench

Powered by a HiSilicon Kirin 960 processor, the Huawei MediaPad M5 Pro also comes with an active stylus and features 4 GB of memory and up to 128 GB of internal storage space. Thanks to these attributes, this slate remains a worth...
Mortal Kombat 11 will be revealed tomorrow, launch scheduled for April 23, 2019 (Source: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment)

Mortal Kombat 11 will be revealed tomorrow, launch scheduled for late April

Not long after its early December 2018 unveil, Mortal Kombat 11 is now ready to be fully revealed. However, this new installment in the 25-year old fighting game series will only be launched on April 23, 2019. Mortal Kombat 11 wil...
The latest Open Beta for the OnePlus 6T (and 6) is now available. (Source: OnePlus)

New Open Beta for the OnePlus 6 and 6T has been released

OnePlus has released the latest Android Pie-based Open Beta (OB) ROM for its latest flagship series. It is known as the OB3 and OB11 for the 6T and 6 respectively. These OBs claim to bring increased detail to the stock weather app...
iPhone sales saw a 7% YoY decline in H2 2018. (Source: Gadgetsnow)

TrendForce: Apple expected to decline even further in 2019

Analytics platform has revealed its projected shipment figures for the big players in the smartphone market this year. Samsung and Apple are expected to see declines in sales, while Huawei and Xiaomi could see even more growth.
The Redmi Note 5 Pro. (Source: XDA-Developers

The Redmi Note 5 is set to get Android Pie soon

The Redmi Note 5 was launched a year ago and received the update to Oreo in some parts of the world. The device has now been confirmed to also be set to receive the Android Pie update, with a Q1 rollout on the cards.
Fortnite is now used for online money laundering via V-Bucks

Fortnite is being used to launder cash

Although the game itself is free, Fortnite also features virtual coins that can be used to purchase various in-game items. Scammers use stolen credit cards to buy V-bucks and then sell them for good rates to legitimate players. Ju...
The Pixel 3 XL Lite is looking more and more real by the day. (Source: GSMArena)

Probable Pixel 3 XL Lite has popped up on Geekbench - with 6GB of RAM

The possibility of mid-range counterparts for the Pixel 3 and 3 XL is the subject of much rumor and speculation at present. It is thought that these new Google phones may be powered by the Snapdragon 670 and 710 respectively. A ne...
Huawei EMUI 9.0 flyer, third-party launchers not supported in China (Source: Android Community)

Huawei now blocking third-party Android launchers in China

Huawei might be on its way to becoming the world's second-largest smartphone maker, but the latest move made by the Chinese brand might be a costly one in the long run. The EMUI 9.0 update will come without access to third-party l...
Windows 7 has just one year of free support left, extended support ending January 14, 2020

Windows 7 users, ready up: You got just one year of free support left

Although mainstream support for Windows 7 SP1 ended on January 13, 2015, those still using this operating system have one year of free support and updates ahead. Unfortunately, once the extended support period will end, they have ...
The new version of MIUI should be available soon. (Source: Xiaomi)

MIUI 11 is already in development

The new version of MIUI, Xiaomi's skin for Android, is officially open for development, according to an OEM executive. This announcement was made recently at the Xiaomi MIUI Core Experience Annual Meeting. Therefore, this new OS, ...
Regarded by some as the last great Android flagship, the V20 was marred by lackluster software updates.

After two years and just one major OS update, LG gives up on the LG V20

27 months after the LG V20 was released, LG appears to have finally ended all software support for it. The device ran on Android Nougat out of the box and only received the Oreo update almost a year after launch. This marks a sad ...
A device that could be the Galaxy S10 Lite has made an unprepossessing Geekbench debut. (Source: BGR)

Possible Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite posts underwhelming Geekbench scores

A device with the model number SM-G970U has shown up on Geekbench. Despite its decent specs (Android 9.0, 6GB of RAM and the Snapdragon 855 under its own codename msmnile), it has posted a score of less than 2000 in single-core te...
IMDb Freedrive now live, access limited to the US

IMDb's Freedive is a new video streaming service, only available in the US for now

Amazon's subsidiary has just released a free video streaming service that offers a rich collection of ad-supported TV shows like Fringe and Heroes, as well as various Hollywood movies like The Last Samurai, True Romance, Run Lola ...
Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018) listed with Android Pie onboard (Source: Geekbench Browser)

Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018) running Android Pie spotted on Geekbench

Although it should receive the Android Pie update in April according to the official update roadmap, the Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018) has recently surfaced on Geekbench running Android 9. This happened quite a few times already, so Sa...
Remastered Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition now available for consoles and Steam (Source: BANDAI NAMCO)

Remastered Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition now available for Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Steam

Released only for the Xbox 360 (2008 in Japan and North America, 2009 in Europe and Australia) and PlayStation 3 (2009, just in Japan), Tales of Vesperia is now back in a remastered version that can be enjoyed on Xbox One, PlaySta...
The smart TV market will continue to grow over the next 4 years. (Source: Multichannel)

The smart TV market will be worth more than US$250 billion in 2023: new report

The smart TV market was worth US$143 billion by the end of 2017. However, a new report has indicated that this value will grow by $110 billion in the next four years. This rate will be driven by a sustained downward trend in smart...
WhatsApp Beta for Android now shows a new option for fingerprint authentication. (Source: WhatsApp)

WhatsApp is working on fingerprint authentication for Android devices

The latest version of WhatsApp Beta adds an option to the Privacy menu for authentication via a saved fingerprint. Unfortunately, this function is not actually live yet; however, it clearly indicates that the messaging app's devel...
Windows 10 will get some new features including reserved storage and you might hate it

The next Windows 10 version will feature "reserved storage" and you might not like it

The next major Windows 10 release will reserve 7 GB of your device's storage space to avoid failing big updates due to a Windows Update bug. Due to this bug, the system is not checking for enough space before launching after an up...
The new Panasonic TV. (Source: Panasonic)

CES 2019 | Panasonic unveils the GZ2000, the "world's most cinematic TV"

Panasonic has launched its new GZ2000 TV at CES 2019. The company calls this product "the world's most cinematic TV" as it has been tuned by Hollywood colorist Stefan Sonnenfeld. Panasonic also claims that the GZ2000 is the world'...
The Samsung Notebook Flash. (Source: Samsung)

CES 2019 | The Samsung Notebook Flash is to be released internationally

Samsung had previously released its Notebook Flash in South Korea, as part of a campaign to highlight its next-generation connectivity capabilities. Accordingly, the Flash has Gigabit WiFi, which can deliver speeds of up to 1.7Gb/...
The PS4 had a good 2018 holiday season. (Source: Sony)

Sony sold over 91.6 million PlayStation 4 units by the end of 2018

Sony has even more than CES launches to crow about these days. The company has released its latest sales figures, which encompass the years 2013 to 2018 in general and the 2018 holiday season in particular. They show that nearly 9...
Intel-Alibaba AI-powered athelete tracking tech coming to the 2020 Olympics (Source: Intel Newsroom)

CES 2019 | Alibaba and Intel get together to develop athlete tracking technology

Intel and Alibaba are now working together on AI-driven athlete tracking solutions for the Olympic Games 2020 and beyond. The technology uses both existing and upcoming Intel hardware and the Alibaba Cloud infrastructure and will ...
The Mate 20 Pro's kernel sources are included. (Source: BGR)

Huawei releases Android Pie kernel sources for its flagship phones

Huawei has released Android Pie kernel sources for its devices running on the Kirin 970 and Kirin 980 SoCs. This will enable community developers to work on the devices more effectively, although the lack of official bootloader su...
The Jabra 85h headphones. (Source: Jabra)

CES 2019 | Jabra debuts the new 85h noise-cancelling headphones, rated for 32 hours of battery life

Jabra is one of many prominent audio companies at CES this year. It has come to present its new 85h headphones, which, as Jabra claims, can allow playback with active noise-cancelling (ANC) for as long as 32 hours. These new audio...
The LG Rollable TV has a product name and model number for its third run at CES. (Source: LG)

CES 2019 | LG's rollable TVs are here again, but they're close to retail this time

TVs that can curl up and store themselves in a box are becoming a staple of CES. This technology, introduced by its maker LG in 2017, has yet to appear in stores. However, this year, the company has brought them to the event again...
The new Belkin USB-C to -A cable with DuraTek. (Source: Belkin)

CES 2019 | Belkin and its assorted brands are back

At one point, Belkin was the go-to brand for third-party Apple accessories, not to mention USB power banks and cables. However, it had gone quiet for a good while following its amalgamation with Foxconn. This year, Belkin and its ...
The D-Link 5G broadband gateway. (Source: D-Link)

CES 2019 | D-Link launches next-gen 5G-NR broadband modem

D-Link has announced a new product it is calling a 5G-NR broadband gateway (or the DWR-2010) at CES. It is intended to use 5G in order to set up home WiFi networks that, as D-Link claims, deliver download speeds that are over 40 t...
Part of Apple's billboard overlooking CES this year. (Source: Twitter)

Apple's initial contribution to CES is a giant billboard highlighting the company's privacy-related advantages

Apple may not be at CES this year; however, that hasn’t stopped them poking fun at other companies who are likely to present at the show. A billboard that was almost certainly commissioned by the Cupertino giant had appeared on an...
The Mi A2. (Source: XDA-Developers)

Xiaomi is working on a new Android One phone, could be the Mi A3

Traces of a new Android One device have been discovered in Xiaomi's MIUI 10 firmware. The phone could be the Mi A3—or something completely unexpected. It will apparently also have support for NFC, which would make it the first Xia...
Ada Wong rocks up in the remaster in shades and a trench coat. (Source: Capcom)

Upcoming Resident Evil 2 remaster takes reimagining to a new level

Resident Evil fans will no doubt be chomping at the bit to get their hands on the upcoming Resident Evil 2 remaster that’s being released by Capcom on January 25. The developers have taken the classic 1998 survival horror hit and ...
A Project Soli sensor. (Source: Google ATAP)

Google's Project Soli secures FCC approval

Project Soli is a Google initiative that wants to make in-air, screen-less gestures to control technology a reality. In other words, the user should be able to control their devices through certain hand gestures, which are convert...
A Huawei employee sent a New Year's Eve message via iPhone. (Source: Twitter)

Huawei employees reportedly fined for sending an official company tweet on an iPhone

An official Huawei Twitter account (@Huawei) has been caught sending its celebratory New Year's message from an iPhone. It was quickly picked up by the vlogger MKBHD on his own Twitter feed. A Reuters report claims that the employ...
According to a new report, this render for the Mi 9 is more or less accurate. (Source: 91Mobiles)

Full Xiaomi Mi 9 spec list leaked in "new report"

The Xiaomi Mi 9 is likely to be the OEM's 2019 flagship. Earlier leaks indicated that it will incorporate a triple-camera set-up, as well as the Snapdragon 855. Gizchina claims to have access to an exclusive 'report' that shares m...
Pixel 3 devices on Verizon may get access to Band 48 soon. (Source: Android Authority)

The Pixel 3 will get LTE band 48 support via a software update

The G013A - or international Pixel 3 - will get access to a new LTE band with an upcoming software upgrade. Support for this band (48) on the device was approved by the FCC recently, which means Pixel 3s on Verizon will be able to...
Ben Geskin's new render for the Pocophone F2. (Source: Twitter)

Latest rumors and renders suggest waterdrop notch and SD845 for Pocophone F2

The Pocophone F2 may be the second device to come from the popular Xiaomi brand POCO. A new concept illustration for this smartphone suggests that it may upgrade to a newer, more waterdrop-like notch rather than the larger, iPhone...
The Sony Xperia XZ4 is becoming linked to extra-high benchmarks as well as extra-long screens. (Source: NDTV Gadgets)

New leak claims putative Sony Xperia XZ4 has shown up on Geekbench

Yesterday, a device that could have been the Sony Xperia XZ4 apparently made it through Antutu Benchmark. Now, a second rumor claims that it has done the same with Geekbench 4, with equally impressive results. On the other hand, t...
Google Chrome for Android still has three-year-old bugs, fix coming soon

Google needed more than three years to patch a flaw in Chrome for Android

Back in May 2015, a serious flaw in Chrome for Android that exposed various bits of sensitive information was discovered. This security issue was ignored by Google for more than three years, but now the tech giant is finally takin...
Fallout 76 is getting another new patch for bugfixes, as well as some new features. (Source: Bethesda)

Bethesda promises another new Fallout 76-fixing update

Bethesda has announced that it will push another new updated to Fallout 76 in order to fix the numerous issues players have highlighted in the past. This new patch also apparently includes new features for the game itself, which i...
The One UI Beta 4 for the Galaxy Note 9 has been released. (Source: 9to5Google)

New One UI/Android Pie beta for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 available

The fourth official beta for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is now available, albeit mainly to those users already on beta 3. This new update fixes touchscreen and keyboard bugs left in the preceding version. Therefore, it is not the b...
Steam is dropping support for older Windows versions, starting today. (Source: Valve)

Steam support for Windows XP and Vista discontinued from today

Do you still enjoy Steam on your Windows XP machine? Seems that's just too bad for you, then. Valve's prior announcement that it will cease support for Windows XP and Vista comes into effect today. Users still on these platforms w...
The Moto G6 Plus. (Source: Android Headlines)

The Moto G6 Plus officially gets its slice of Pie

Motorola has officially confirmed the start of the Android Pie update rollout to its Moto G6 Plus mid-ranger. There’s no word on when the cheaper G6 phones, the G6 and G6 Play, will receive their own updates, though.
At least 20 popular Android apps are still sending user data to Facebook without consent, study finds

At least 20 popular Android apps are still sending user data to Facebook without consent, study finds

A recent study by Privacy International found that at least 20 Android apps with install bases in excess of 10 million users automatically send user data to Facebook within one second of opening. This data is sent without user kno...
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is getting an Unreal Engine 4 remake from a dedicated fan

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is getting an Unreal Engine 4 remake from a dedicated fan

A dedicated fan of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time has spent the past few years working on a remake of the classic title in Unreal Engine 4. He recently released a demo of the first village and dungeon, and the results are st...

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