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Microsoft Paint remains around, but is now available via Windows Store

Microsoft Paint will not be discountinued

Although it was rumored that Windows 10 users would no longer have access to the good old Paint app, since a whole new, 3D version, was introduced by the Creators Update, Microsoft has just confirmed that MS Paint will be available in the Windows Store.
Arrow Launcher running on one of our handsets, showing a homescreen with rotating wallpaper (left), extra options when swipping up on the bottom row shortcuts (middle), and the quick cards screen (right). (Source: Own)

Microsoft releases Arrow Launcher 3.8 beta on Android

Microsoft maintains a relatively rapid release schedule for their popular Arrow Launcher. Only two weeks after the release of version 3.7 they have released version 3.8 to beta testers.
Source3 joins Facebook to get content creators paid

Facebook acquires Source3

Thanks to the Source3's technology and this content rights management company's team, Facebook plans to help digital artists monetize their content while staying safe from piracy.
The Power-Mode slider allows users to select from four preset power modes for battery life or performance. (Source: Own)

UPDATE: Surface Pro 4 firmware update brings a Power-Mode slider

The latest firmware update for the Surface Pro 4 has enabled the Power-Mode slider, which was previously only available on the new Surface Pro 2017 and the Surface Book. The slider provides users with a quick and effortless way to adjust power settings on the fly.
With the start-up and memory use improvement that "quantum flow" brings we could soon have a more agile fox. (Source: Mozilla)

Firefox 55 reduces startup time by 90 percent and memory usage by 75 percent

A Mozilla developer has tested multiple versions of the browser and found that the current beta version improves startup times by over 90% and reduces memory usage by 75% when compared to the latest stable version. While these results are specific to the extreme test profile and operating system used, they show that we can expect a positive performance impro...
The Fall Creators Update could witness some popular legacy features getting axed. (Source: Windows Central)

Paint and other legacy features to get axed in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

The upcoming feature update to Windows 10, the Fall Creators Update, will see many legacy features in Windows getting removed or deprecated: the most noticeable among them being the classic Paint program, System Image Backup and screensaver functionality, amongst others.
YouTube TV extends its reach to 10 new cities in the US, basic package has 48 channels

YouTube TV hits more US cities

Offering 48 channels in its basic package, this service is now available in ten new cities, those interested being able to take advantage of a one-month free trial. After the first payment, users also receive a free Chromecast.
Virus infections are relatively rare on Android, but the risk increases when the user allows side loading of apk files. (Source: gfkDSGN/Pixabay)

Android antivirus software relatively easy to beat

Researchers at Georgia Tech were able to bypass the protection of 97% of the popular Android antivirus applications tested. The detection rules used by most of the programs appear to be relatively basic, and by presenting their results at the Black Hat USA 2017 conference, the researchers are hoping that developers can improve the performance of their scanne...
The SilentEchoBot allows natural interaction via text using Amazon's APIs. (Source: TechCrunch)

'Silent Echo' uses slack to allow text communication with Amazon Alexa

This Slack bot gives users the ability to silently interact with Alexa using the same commands they would speak out loud. It allows users to communicate when the room is noisy, or when voice communication isn't appropriate. Not all commands are available, but it is a neat alternative to using the smartphone app.
LG V10 premium phablet gets Android Nougat update on T-Mobile

T-Mobile LG V10 gets Android Nougat

Released with Android Lollipop on board back in October 2015, the LG V10 now receives its second major OS upgrade on T-Mobile, almost two months after the first units got Android 7 in South Korea.
Chinese security forces in Xinjiang are reportedly checking residents for whether or not they have installed the spying app. Failure to have the app installed can lead to up to 10 days detention. (Source: Twitter/即时中国大陆映像)

Some Chinese residents forced to install government spyware on phones

The Chinese government has made the installation of surveillance software on phones mandatory in the north-western city of Urumqi. Urumqi is the capital of Xin Jiang province, which is home to most of China's Turkic Uighur minority.
Phoenix OS 2 in action, version 2.1.9 now available for download

Phoenix OS 2.1.0 now available

This new build is the second one based on Android 7.1 Nougat and comes with updated keyboard mapping, better hardware compatibility, as well as some minor tweaks and bug fixes.
Ubuntu 16.10 Yakkety Yak reaches end of life late July 2017

Ubuntu 16.10 reaches end of life

Nine months after its release, the "Yakkety Yak" Ubuntu release, also carrying the version number 16.10, reaches its last day of support. Those still using it should upgrade to Ubuntu 17.04.
Soon OnePlus 5 owners will be able to dial these three numbers without worrying if their phone will reboot. (Source: Own)

OnePlus 5 OTA update for the emergency call bug expected soon

OnePlus has been in contact with the original user who reported the 911 reboot bug, and they have successfully tested a bug fix that has stopped the phone from rebooting when dialing emergency services. It is expected that they will release an OTA update in the near future.
iOS 10 gets a new update, labeled 10.3.3, delivering improvements and fixes to iPhone and iPad

iOS 10.3.3 now official

After quite a few public beta releases, Apple iOS 10.3.3 is finally ready to deliver multiple bug fixes and improvements to all iPhone and iPad users who own one (or more) compatible device(s).
LG G4 Android flagship finally gets Nougat update

LG G4 finally gets Android Nougat

After a long wait, LG G4 users can finally choose to upgrade to Android 7.0 Nougat. Strange enough, LG did not make any big announcement concerning this new firmware, but it looks like everything is on track, since the company promised this update since March.
Yesterday's memes are now today's news. (Source: Know Your Meme)

Facebook to allow paywalled articles later this year

Facebook is reportedly working on a paywall system to access shared articles.
RuneScape MMORPG coming to Android devices in early 2018

RuneScape for mobile coming in 2018

One of the oldest and most popular MMORPGs still around will finally become available for mobile users, but not as a whole new game, but as a client for Android devices that is expected to go live in early 2018.
Remix OS on Jide Remix Pro tablet, Remix OS to be discontinued

Jide to drop Remix OS

Although Jide's Remix OS reached its third major build last year, when the Marshmallow-based version 3.0 arrived, the company was quite silent this year. Now, they reveal the intention to move away from the consumer market and to focus on the enterprise.
After a one month early access program, Bixby Voice is now receiving a full launch in the US. (Source: Samsung)

Samsung launches full Bixby Voice capabilities in the US

After a one month early access program, Bixby Voice is now receiving a full launch for the US market. Samsung is hoping that the deep integration with their applications will allow users to seamlessly switch between voice and touch input when using their phone.
The device we're all waiting for just got a little further away. (Source: The Ledger Gazette)

Microsoft crushes hopes of current Windows Phone users — no full Windows 10 coming to existing handsets

A Microsoft exec has clarified that Windows 10 on ARM will not be coming to any existing Windows phones, as the OS is designed for a "desktop experience" rather than a phone one.
The OnePlus 5 has had a bug-filled launch. (Source: OnePlus)

Some users report OnePlus 5 crashes when dialing 911

There is new concern shown by OnePlus 5 owners as allegations appear on reddit of phones rebooting when dialing 911. The cause of the bug is currently unknown, however OnePlus is in contact with those experiencing the issue to try and solve the problem as soon as possible.
Quantum computers are bulky and require extreme cooling temperatures. (Source: Google)

Google plans to make their quantum computers available through a cloud service

Scientific research will greatly benefit from quantum computers, which will process data millions of times faster than traditional supercomputers. Google now wants to help scientists everywhere access their quantum computers through a cloud service.
PayPal support now available for Samsung Pay users

Samsung Pay gets PayPal support in the US

PayPal is now a payment method available in-app, online, and in-store, in all locations where Samsung Pay is accepted. This starts with the United States, but other countries will receive the feature "soon" as well.
LinkedIn fully integrated in Windows 10, app now available via Windows Store

LinkedIn app for Windows 10 rolls out

The app rolls out already and should reach all markets by the end of the month. It provides a fully integrated LinkedIn experience, with real-time notifications, trending industry news, and more.
Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017) Android smartphone shows up with Nougat on board

Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017) with Nougat gets its WiFi certification

Unveiled back in January, this 5.5-inch handset launched last week in South Korea with Bixby Home on board, as well as Samsung Pay support. Now, it looks like the US might get it soon as well since the handset has just received its WiFi certification.
Amazon Anytime messaging service might launch soon

Amazon Anytime messaging service apparently in the works

This app is expected to handle virtually anything that consumers need when it comes to messaging - SMS, video and voice calling, games, photos, stickers, and more. Message encryption is expected to be in the list of features as well.
HTC U11 Android flagship gets Alexa support via software update July 2017

HTC U11 gets Alexa support

This well-received flagship has been around for a while, and now HTC has decided to add Amazon's Alexa personal assistant, next to a visual feedback style. The new feature arrives as part of a software update that goes live today.
(Source: Microsoft)

Opinion: It's time we talked about throttling in reviews

Due to the prevalence of thermal throttling and new passive-cooling technologies, it is no longer enough to run a few short benchmarks and declare a machine's performance is satisfactory.
A screenshot showing Game Live's streaming platform options. (Source: Sam Mobile)

Samsung's new app makes it more convenient to stream live gameplay

Showing off your sweet gaming skills on a Samsung smartphone has become a lot easier with Game Live. The app can share live video and audio across a trio of social media sites, and has options to control the quality of your streaming experience.
Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) Android smartphone spotted with Nougat on board

Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) with Nougat on board spotted online

This 5.2-inch handset that launched earlier this year with Android Marshmallow on board has just received its WiFi certification with Android 7.0 on board, so the arrival of this software update is imminent.
Apple iOS 11 unveiling, iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra get new beta versions

Second public beta of iOS 11 now available

In addition to the new beta for iOS 11, macOS "High Sierra" also receives a beta refresh. Both updates come less than three weeks since the release of the first public beta builds and consist of tweaks and fixes, without any new features.
Image source: Samsung

Bixby button remapping is once again available for the Galaxy S8

In what is amounting to a game of Android developer chess, an XDA contributor has updated the bxActions app, allowing users to circumvent the recent Bixby button remapping block pushed out by Samsung to Sprint and T-Mobile Galaxy S8 devices. When will Samsung strike back?
Xiaomi Mi 6 to be first device with MIUI 9

Xiaomi Mi 6 to be first device with MIUI 9

The Mi 6 is Xiaomi's flagship, so it comes as no surprise that the device gets the new OS update first.
Source: Steam

Valve releases a bug fix - for the original Half-Life

The update fixes some crashes and patches a possible security hole in the original Half-Life title. But the question must be asked: does this update confirm Half Life 3? No.
Petya's decryption key is now available but tough luck for those affected by NotPetya. (Source: MalwareBytes Blog)

Master decryption key for Petya ransomware found to be ineffective against NotPetya

The decryption key for the Petya ransomware seems to be ineffective for use in systems infected by NotPetya, leaving those infected by the nefarious program still in the lurch.
Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) Android smartphone gets Samsung Pay Mini support in India

Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) gets Samsung Pay Mini support in India

The basic version of Samsung Pay comes inside an update that also includes the June 2017 security patch, in addition to the usual bug fixes, tweaks, and stability improvements.
Windows 10 has you covered if you happen to forget your Microsoft Account login. (Source: MSPoweruser)

You will soon be able to recover your Microsoft Account directly from the login screen

Microsoft is testing a new feature in the upcoming Windows 10 Fall Creators Update that enables users to directly recover their Microsoft Account from the login screen itself, thereby saving the hassle of hunting for another device for account recovery.
Linux Fedora 26 launching today for all platforms

Fedora 26 launches today

After three delays faced by the alpha release and two for the beta, Fedora 26 is now on track, and the torrent downloads are already available, although the official website has not been updated with the news yet.
Google Allo client for desktop to launch by the end of the summer 2017

Google Allo desktop client coming soon

Although the initial launch period announced by Google has passed, it looks like the Allo app for the desktop environment is still in the cards and should arrive in just a "few more weeks," reveals Google's Amit Fulay.
Windows Phone 8.1 support details official page shows mainstream support ending July 11, 2017

Windows Phone 8.1 mainstream support ends today

More than three years since its arrival, Windows Phone 8.1 no longer receives mainstream support, so Microsoft can no longer promise any security updates or patches for it starting today.
Source: Steam

Steam Link now available as an app for Samsung Smart TVs (in beta)

Valve has just released a beta Steam Link App for Samsung's Smart Hub app store. The app is compatible with Samsung UHD TVs from 2016 and 2017.
Samsung Bixby home screen, button remapping disabled on T-Mobile once again July 2017 software update

T-Mobile Galaxy S8's Bixby button remapping disabled

Samsung seems to play a dirty game with the Android community since the latest update for the Galaxy S8 on T-Mobile puts out of the picture the ability to remap the Bixby button once again.
Google Android 7.0 Nougat usage now at 11 percent

Android Nougat usage continues to rise

In around 10 months since its official debut, Android 7 managed to conquer 11.5 percent of the market. Its predecessor, on the other hand, remains the most popular version, with a share of almost 32 percent.
Users running desktop apps traditionally had to sign out and sign back in to apply new DPI settings. (Source: Liliiputing)

Enhanced DPI scaling coming to Windows 10 in the Fall Creators Update

The latest Insider preview build of Windows 10 now gives desktop apps the ability to retrieve DPI/display scaling information from Windows without the need to log off the entire session and log back in.
The new Samba client for Andriod doesn't use updated SMB protocols. (Source: Android Police)

Google's new Samba client for Android uses the highly vulnerable SMBv1 protocol

The SMBv1 protocol was the entry route for the recent ransomware attacks, and it comes as a surprise that Google is still developing an app based on this protocol — even after it has been deprecated, putting end users at risk.
Chrome OS might be getting a new touch-friendly launcher soon. (Source: Pocketnow)

Touch-friendly interface coming soon to a Chromebook near you

Canary builds of Chrome OS feature a touch launcher suggesting that Chrome OS could soon power touch-enabled displays in the near future
Identity verification is now just a video call away. (Source: MSPoweruser)

Skype Lite for Android updated with user verification integration for Indian users

Integration of a citizen's 'Aadhaar' identification into Skype is now possible, providing Indian users with identity verification facility for important calls.
Image source: Android

Android July update now available for Nexus and Pixel smartphones

July's Android security patch is here for Nexus and Pixel devices and fixes a few vulnerabilities that (thankfully) haven't been widely exploited yet.
Linux Mint 18 desktop, Linux Mint 18.2 now available for download July 2017

Linux Mint 18.2 now official

This new build is a long term support version that is set to get support until 2021. Linux Mint 18.2 features Cinnamon 3.4, a Linux kernel 4.8, as well as an Ubuntu 16.04 package base.

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