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Mi Electric Scooter owners are being asked to check if their device should be included in a new product recall. (Source: Xiaomi)

Xiaomi announces a recall of its electric scooters

Xiaomi has issued a recall of its Mi Electric Scooter (or M365) product. This request to return items does not apply to all units of the personal transport accessory, however, but to a subset of the same sold in certain countries....
Spot the difference: The RPi 3B and the Banana Pi BPI M4. (Image source: CNX Software)

Banana Pi BPI-M4, a Raspberry Pi clone that packs a more powerful SoC and costs just US$35

The Banana Pi BPI-M4 is a mouthful, but it packs a punch thanks to its quad-core Realtek RTD1395 SoC with ARM Mali-470 MP4 graphics, 1 GB of DDR4 RAM and 8 GB of eMMC flash storage. The developer board is a dead ringer for the Ras...
KaiOS is thought to run on 100 million phones like these by now. (Source: KaiOS)

KaiOS set to expand on various vital levels in the coming year

KaiOS is the most prominent alternative to either iOS or Android on mobile devices. Its CEO, Sebastien Codeville, has just given an interview outlining this platform's directions and goals for the immediate future. They include gr...
The Smach Z will finally see the light of day, but perhaps a few years too late. (Image source: Tom's Hardware)

E3 2019 | GPD Win Max and One-Netbook OneGx competitor Smach Z debuted, but it already looks DOA

Smach has been showing off its much anticipated and delayed handheld games console at E3 2019, with promises that it will ship at the end of the year. 17 FPS in titles like Monster Hunter World for a starting price of US$699 thoug...
An OLED micro-display. (Source: Road to VR)

The micro-display market will be worth over US$3 billion by 2025

A micro-display is a panel that may be made of conventional materials such as OLED or LCD, yet are 2 inches at most on the diagonal. They are incorporated into everyday devices such as digital cameras, and in emerging categories s...
The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 comes with a 135 mAh battery. (Image source: Xiaomishka)

New real-life pictures of the just launched Xiaomi Mi Band 4 show attractive features for unbelievable prices

Xiaomi has released the Mi Band 4 and it seems likely that the device will not disappoint. The Chinese company has created three variants of the fitness tracker, which is brimming with features that appear to contradict its consid...
UP Xtreme: A Whiskey Lake-U powered SBC that starts at €249 (~US$282) (Image source: AAEON)

UP Xtreme: A Whiskey Lake-U powered developer board that starts at €249 (~US$282)

The UP Xtreme is no ordinary single board computer (SBC). The board comes with up to an Intel Core i7-8665U Whiskey Lake processor and a 16 GB RAM, along with a host of ports, connectors and sensors. The UP Xtreme is available to ...
The SolidRun i.MX 8M Mini SOM - Front. (Source: SolidRun)

SolidRun announces the i.MX 8M Mini SOM Dev Board with Gyrfalcon AI acceleration for next-gen Edge AI applications

SolidRun has announced the i.MX 8M, a new mini System on Module (SOM) board based on NXP ARM Cortex-A53 CPUs and the Gyrfalcon Lightspeeur 2803S AI accelerator for developing Edge AI applications. The Lightspeeur 2803S is a highly...
NVIDIA may disappoint fans with its Super series lineup. (Image source: NVIDIA)

NVIDIA's mysterious GPUs are looking increasingly less "Super"

The NVIDIA "Something super is coming..." video has been watched over 325,000 times in just over two weeks. Unfortunately, multiple sources have pointed towards the Super series being little more than a minor RTX 20 series refresh...
Rock Pi 4: The RK3399 powered Raspberry Pi lookalike that starts at US$39. (Image source: ALLNET)

Rock Pi 4: A Rockchip RK3399 powered Raspberry Pi lookalike that starts at US$39

The Rock Pi 4 comes in two variants, the base model of which has 1 GB of LPDDR4 RAM. All versions have a similar layout to the Raspberry Pi and feature a hexa-core Rockchip RK3399 processor along with a 40-pin GPIO among other con...
NETGEAR Nighthawk M1 Router Review

NETGEAR Nighthawk M1 Router Review

Mobile Router - The Nighthawk M1 is a little more expensive and larger than other mobile hotspots, but it offers a lot for the money. The device is simple to set-up, has fast LTE connectivity, numerous ports and can connect to up to 20 devices. Read on to find out how the Nighthawk M1 performs in our tests.
The new Reolink E1 Pro. (Source: Reolink)

Reolink releases a new Wi-Fi home security-cam with 355-degree pan and 50-degree tilt for under US$60

Reolink, a company already known for well-spec'd wireless security cameras, now launches the E1 Pro. This new option offers a wide range of coverage for an affordable price. It will also gain Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant comp...
Google now sells a Stadia Founder's Edition bundle. (Source: Google)

Google releases a Founder's Edition to mark inaugural Stadia Connect

To celebrate an event in which more information on its first cloud gaming platform was released, Google has prepared a "Stadia Founder's Edition". It consists of a Stadia Controller in an exclusive Night Blue colorway and a Chrome...
The Khadas VIM3 will initially sell for US$69.99 and US$99.99. (Image source: Khadas)

The Khadas VIM3, the Amlogic S922X powered Raspberry Pi competitor, is launching on June 24 for US$69.99

The single board computer comes with up to 4 GB of LPDDR4 RAM and 32 GB of eMMC 5.1 storage. The Khadas VIM3 will launch on June 24 and runs Android 9.0 Pie, LibreELEC or Ubuntu.
The RTX 2070 Ti may have been spotted on UserBenchmark in April.

The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Ti is seemingly "confirmed"

Rumours about the possibility of NVIDIA releasing an RTX 2070 Ti have appeared again online. This time, alleged CUDA core specifications, VRAM speed and more have been "confirmed".
The Smach Z originally started life as a Kickstarter campaign in 2015. (Image source: Smach)

Salt required: Smach claims it will showcase the Smach Z at E3 2019 next week

It has been a long time coming, but a final version of the Smach Z will apparently be at E3 2019. The conference, hosted at the LA Convention Center between June 11 and 13, will be the first opportunity to see the much delayed han...
Small yet mighty: The Nionics ATTO atop of a Candian Quarter. (Image source: Nionics)

Nionics ATTO: The world's smallest Arduino board is available to pre-order for under US$12

The ATTO measures just 10.3 x 11.5 mm² and weighs 0.68 g. Nionics has equipped the board with an Atmel ATmega32U4 microcontroller, a micro USB port and a reset button. The company has pre-flashed the board with the Arduino Leonard...
The modern-day banana-phone. (Source: KICKmobiles)

The 2018 Nokia banana-phone now has WhatsApp

The 8110 (4G) is a reprise of a classic Nokia phone of the same name, released at MWC last year. However, its KaiOS meant that it had reduced functionality compared to the average Android or iOS device. With the roll-out of a comp...
The Panasonic LUMIX S1H. (Source: Panasonic)

Panasonic unveils the LUMIX S1H, the world's first 6K/24p digital single-lens mirrorless camera

Panasonic introduces a new LUMIX S-series camera, which, as it claims, "combines the video quality of a professional camera and the high mobility of a mirrorless camera". This is because it is capable of recording 6K video at up t...
The One Mix 3s Platinum Edition will cost more than US$1,000. (Image source: One Netbook)

One Mix 3s and One Mix 3s Platinum Edition listings go live, latter to feature a Core i7-8500Y processor

A new online listing has revealed that One-Netbook is bringing a third version of the One Mix 3 to market this summer. The pricier model will feature a more powerful processor and a higher clocked GPU. It appears that the One Mix ...
A cheaper Samsung Galaxy Note 10 may be in the works after all. (Image source: @BenGeskin)

A cheaper Samsung Galaxy Note 10 may be in the works after all

If Galaxy Note 9 and S10 prices are anything to go by, then the Note 10 will likely come in at around US$1,000. Samsung may have a remedy for this though if you do not fancy digging that deep into your pockets.
The new Bose Headphones 700 offer 11 levels of noise cancelling for US$399. (Source: Bose)

Bose Headphones 700 are its all-new US$399 noise-cancelling cans

Bose has launched an all-new range of premium noise cancelling headphones. The first to hit the market is the new Headphones 700 that packs in 11 levels of noise cancellation.
HKCam: A Raspberry Pi-powered and open-source HomeKit security camera that costs under US$20 (Image source: Matthias Hochgatterer)

HKCam: A Raspberry Pi-powered and open-source HomeKit security camera that costs under US$20

Home security camera systems can be expensive. But where there is a Raspberry Pi, there is a way. All you need is a Raspberry Pi Zero W, a Raspberry Pi camera module, some free software and an enclosure that you can buy for as lit...
The Chuwi MiniBook will come to Indiegogo on June 19. (Image source: @kangchin_wat)

Chuwi MiniBook: 8.0-inch UMPC pricing undercuts the GPD P2 Max and One-Netbook One Mix 3

Chuwi has announced the pricing of its upcoming MiniBook on Twitter, and it is lower than expected. Two versions of the 8.0-inch convertible mini laptop will arrive at launch, which will be available to order on Indiegogo from Jun...
The DJI Manifold 2. (Source: DJI)

The Manifold 2: the on-board mini-supercomputer than can turn DJI drones into autobots

DJI has announced the Manifold 2, a line of tiny supercomputers that can be installed on certain drones from this manufacturer. These devices can upgrade the devices in quesiton into autonomic flying machines, or those that can be...
Google Coral comprises hardware, software and content for AI applications. (Source: Music Paradise Pro APK)

Computex 2019 | Asus is now partnering with Google Coral for AI and Edge applications

Coral is a platform developed by Google to support and facilitate on-device AI. Asus has announced that it will use its system-on-module (SOM) on its new AI development kit and single-board computer (SBC). They will be called Tink...
The GoPro Trade-Up program is now in effect in the EU. (Source: GoPro)

GoPro extends its Trade-Up program to the European Union

GoPro has a history of allowing its customers to trade their existing cameras in for something off the cost of a new model of this brand. However, this offer has never been available in the European Union's (EU) member-states befo...
The Chatterbox has already reached nearly four times its funding goal. (Image source: Chatterbox)

The Chatterbox, a Raspberry Pi smart speaker that you can build and teach yourself

The Chatterbox is a DIY smart speaker that even children can build. The device has a chipboard case and is built around a Raspberry Pi 3B. The speaker can be taught new commands using the Chatterbox app too. The Chatterbox is curr...
Scuf has launched its customizable Xbox Elite competitor it calls the Scuf Prestige. (Source: Scuf)

Scuf reveals Xbox Elite controller competitor

Scuf has launched its new Xbox One and PC Prestige game pad designed to take on Microsoft’s own customizable Elite controller. Not only can the buttons be remapped, the device also includes mappable paddles and other customizable ...
Waveshare sells Raspberry Pi-compatible e-paper HATs in various sizes including a 9.7-inch version. (Image source: Waveshare)

Turn your Raspberry Pi into an e-reader with the Waveshare e-paper HAT, an expansion board that starts at US$15.99

Who needs an Amazon Kindle when you can build one yourself? The Waveshare e-paper HAT comes in numerous display sizes ranging from 1.54-inches to 9.7-inches. The HAT communicates with a Raspberry Pi via SPI, UART or USB depending ...
The premium model of the GPD P2 MAX has a Core m3-8100Y CPU. (Image source: Twitter/GPD)

Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition gameplay looks flawless on GPD P2 MAX in promo video

GPD has posted a video of one of its upcoming P2 MAX devices being put through its paces. An intense fight sequence from Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition is shown and the console/mini laptop hybrid seems to take the high demands o...
NODE Mini Server V2: The DIY home server based on a Raspberry Pi. (Image source: NODE)

NODE Mini Server V2: The DIY home server based on a Raspberry Pi

Ever fancied having a small home server? Well now you can with the NODE Mini Server V2. Caution: soldering skills required.
Maixduino: An sub-US$25 Arduino Uno-sized single board computer that supports AI workloads. (Image source: Seeedstudio)

Maixduino: A sub-US$25 Arduino Uno-sized single board computer that supports AI workloads

Sipeed has designed the Maixduino for use in AI and IoT applications. The single board computer (SBC) has the form factor of an Arduino Uno and comes with a 2.4-inch TFT display along with an OV2640 2 MP camera module. The Maixdui...
The PlayDate is an all-new handheld gaming console coming early 2020. (Source: Panic)

Meet PlayDate, a new handheld gaming system with a black and white screen and a crank coming 2020

Panic, a software developer better known for its Mac and iOS apps has announced its first piece of hardware and it is about as cute and cool as it gets. Its new PlayDate handheld gaming will feature retro style games on a small Ga...
Google Glass Enterprise 2 is intended to help businesses and employees become more productive. (Image Source: Google)

Google Glass is back; with improved specs and a reduced price Google proves it is refusing to give up on this tech

Google has announced the next generation Google Glass - called the Glass Enterprise 2. The improvements show the evolution of the device from the Original Glass through to the Glass Enterprise launched in 2017. Changes to the devi...
Rich IoT program will put MediaTek SoCs in everything from smart doorbells to smart washing machines

Rich IoT program will put MediaTek SoCs in everything from smart doorbells to washing machines

MediaTek will design AI-centric SoCs specifically for home security, screened devices, and voice-activated appliances. The goal is to get a head start in the fast-growing smart home market where big competitors like Intel, Samsung...
Arduino has launched its new Nano line of compact boards. (Source: Arduino)

Arduino launchs new Nano board range

Open source hardware maker Arduino has launched its new Nano line of computing boards. In all there are four new products that are targeted at compact projects for enthusiasts ranging in price from just US$9.90 through to just US$...
NVIDIA has squeezed 472 GFLOPS of performance into the tiny Jetson Nano Developer Kit. (Image source: NVIDIA)

The NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit, a powerful SBC smaller than a Raspberry Pi, is now shipping worldwide for US$99

The Jetson Nano Developer Kit is one mighty single-board computer (SBC). The device can churn out up to 472 GFLOPS of performance, despite its compact form factor, thanks to its quad-core CPU and 128 CUDA core GPU performance. The...
The One Mix 2S has a 7-inch Full HD display. (Image source: One-Netbook)

One-Netbook is preparing the One Mix 3S with Core i5-8200Y for release

One-Netbook has another product coming to the market in the form of the One Mix 3S mini laptop. The 8.4-inch computer will be powered by an Intel Core i5-8200Y and pack 16 GB RAM and a 512 GB SSD in its compact frame. According to...
A desktop GTX 1650 can be easily installed on a LattePanda Alpha 864s. (Source: DFRobot)

NVIDIA GTX 1650 on a Single Board Computer? It is now possible with the LattePanda Alpha 864s

The LattePanda Alpha 864s comes with a full PCIe x4 M.2 slot that can be used to install entry-level GPUs such as the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 without the requirement of any additional power supply. The GTX 1650 can easily run mode...
The Nikon Z 7. (Source: Nikon)

Nikon's new software update for the Z7 and Z6 models adds eye-detection autofocus

Nikon announces a new firmware update for the mirrorless Z 7 and Z 6 full-frame cameras. It upgrades the products with eye-detection autofocus (AF) for still-image shooting. The update also enhances the cameras' low-light AF detec...
The ToyBrick RK3399 Pro, a Raspberry Pi-sized SBC that outperforms the NVIDIA Jetson Nano (Image source: Rockchip)

The ToyBrick RK3399 Pro, a Raspberry Pi-sized SBC that outperforms the NVIDIA Jetson Nano

The ToyBrick RK3399 Pro is a developer board that is powered by an RK399Pro SoC, which integrates an ARM Mali-T860MP4 GPU and an RK1808 NPU that can achieve up to 3.0 TOPS. The board can dual-boot Android and Linux out of the box ...
The Hyper Keyboard Pi turns the RPi board into a handheld PC. (Image source:

Raspberry Pi board morphs into a gaming device with the Hyper Keyboard Pi

An interesting new custom kit has been discovered that can turn a simple-looking Raspberry Pi board into a handheld gaming console with keyboard and game controls. The Hyper Keyboard Pi is currently being sold for ¥6,980 (~US$64),...
The TinyPICO development board offers Bluetooth 4.2 support. (Image source: Crowd Supply)

TinyPICO: The mighty ESP32 development board that's smaller than a thumb

The TinyPICO ESP32 development board has been making some waves at the Crowd Supply website. The developer of the board set a very realistic goal of US$100, although the little product has proved to be a very popular project to ba...
This is what a mini GameCube should look like. (Image source: BitBuilt/Madmorda)

Modder shows Nintendo why a GameCube mini console needs to exist

A modder known as Madmorda has created an amazing fully functional miniature version of Nintendo’s immensely popular GameCube. Nintendo has had great success with the NES and SNES Classic Edition mini consoles, but there has been ...
The new DJI Action camera features dual displays for taking video selfies on the go. (Source: DJI)

DJI officially launches the Osmo Action Cam to take on Go Pro

DJI has officially launched its Osmo Action camera. The new device has been targeted squarely at Go Pro’s action cameras but offers a slightly different take by including a screen on both the front and the rear of the device for s...
A compound render based on the "Hisense patent" images. (Source: LetsGoDigital)

Hisense allegedly patents a true camera/phone hybrid

Hisense has reportedly filed a patent for a device that looks like a conventional camera on one side and a phone on the other. If this concept sounds less than unique, that's because it is. However, the Chinese OEM's apparent new ...
The finished RPi-based mini laptop project. (Image source: Igor Brkić)

Raspberry Pi 3B-based mini laptop impresses with its 4-inch touchscreen and gaming ability

A Raspberry Pi enthusiast has managed to use one of the single-board computers as the basis of a mini laptop that looks amazing. The pocket RPi notebook features stripped-down components so that it could be assembled into its neat...
The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 offers a host of features. (Image source: SlashLeaks)

Renders of Xiaomi Mi Band 4 leaked

Some renders of Xiaomi’s Mi Band 4 fitness tracker have been leaked online. The wearable now appears to have a color screen, which will be a new feature in the Mi Band series. It looks slightly refined in comparison to its predece...
Manu Kumar Jain with the Xiaomi vending machine. (Source: Twitter)

Xiaomi installs a phone-dispensing vending machine in India

Xiaomi India’s managing director, Manu Kumar Jain, has announced a new initiative by the OEM: a vending machine for its devices and accessories. It is located in Manyata Technological Park, Bengaluru. The innovative "Mi Express Ki...


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