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Fossil's smartwatches featuring Wear OS also utilize Google Assistant. (Source: Fossil)

Google coughs up US$40 million to acquire some of Fossil's smartwatch technology

Fossil Group has issued a press release to announce a US$40 million deal with Google. The search engine giant will be purchasing intellectual property (IP) from the well-known American designer label in regard to smartwatch techno...
Could this be the Galaxy S10? (Image source: Samsung)

Samsung may have briefly shown the Galaxy S10 in a One UI press release

A mistake or a marketing ploy? Call it what you like, but Samsung may have briefly let slip an official render of the Galaxy S10 in a One UI press release. The company has since replaced the image with one of a generic phone too, ...
The Google Chromecast Audio supported lossless high-resolution audio. (Source: Google)

Google discontinues Chromecast Audio

Google has officially confirmed the discontinuation of the Chromecast Audio device. A quick glance at Google’s online store lists the music-streaming gadget as out of stock, after recently receiving a heavy price cut from US$35 to...
Image via Lexar

CES 2019 | Lexar announces first commercially available 1 TB SD card

The Lexar Professional 633x SD card, announced at CES earlier today, is the largest capacity SD card available to date at a whopping 1 TB. Despite its large size, the card is somewhat disappointing in performance; the 633x is rate...
Apparently, the FlexPai can be folded over 200,000 times without breaking. (Source: Royole)

CES 2019 | Reviews of the Royole FlexPai are coming in - first but flawed foldable phone

Early reviews of Royole’s foldable FlexPai device have come in, and it seems the main attraction of the smartphone is what everyone expected it to be: Its flexibility. The company has done well in beating major players like Samsun...
The Matrix PowerWatch 2: A new GPS smartwatch that uses your body heat to power itself (Image source: Matrix)

The Matrix PowerWatch 2: A new GPS smartwatch that uses your body heat to power itself

The currently crowdfunded Matrix PowerWatch 2 is expected to have almost unlimited battery life and comes with both an LCD display and a GPS module. The device is currently comparatively affordable too.
The Sony LSPX-S2 Glass Sound Speaker (Image source: Sony)

CES 2019 | Sony LSPX-S2: A wireless glass speaker that is also an LED candle

Sony has announced the LSPX-S2, a successor to its glass bulb speaker the LSPX-S1. The LSPX-S2 has been slightly revised compared to its predecessor and is considerably cheaper too.
The Omni Ultimate holds enough power to fully charge a laptop up to two times or a smartphone up to 18 times. (Source: Omnicharge)

Omnicharge attracts over US$1 million in crowdfunding for its impressive 40,300 mAh power bank

Omnicharge has managed to secure funding of over US$1 million on Indiegogo for its Omni Ultimate battery-charging solution. The device offers a colossal 40,300 mAh (145 Wh) battery capacity but is considerably more portable than s...
With a twist of a hinge the Yoga Mouse becomes a handy flat laser presenter. (Source: Lenovo)

CES 2019 | Lenovo introduces the transformable Yoga Mouse with laser presenter

Lenovo has announced the transformable Yoga Mouse with laser presenter. This sleek-looking peripheral has the ability to turn from a V-shaped mouse into a flat laser presenter with just a simple twist of a hinge. Up to 1600 DPI tr...
Lenovo's Smart Clock can do much more than just tell the time. (Source: Lenovo)

CES 2019 | Lenovo's Smart Clock will make sure you're always on time

Lenovo has introduced a new device to its Smart Home family: The Lenovo Smart Clock. According to the Chinese manufacturer, the Smart Clock can learn the sleeping habits of users and comes with Google Assistant, so it should offer...
The Wileyfox Pro may well prove to be the last Windows 10 Mobile device. (Image source: Wileyfox)

Windows Phone: The last Windows 10 Mobile handset has received another price cut

The last Windows Phone keeps getting cheaper. Wileyfox has reduced its Wileyfox Pro to a bargain price of £59.99, which is a massive drop from its initial pricing of £199.99 when it first launched.
The Mophie Powerstation PD XL is available now for US$80. (Source: Mophie)

Mophie launches new 18W Powerstation PD series for iPhone and Android

Mophie has launched new Powerstation PD and Powerstation PD XL battery packs that will fast charge both supported iPhone and Android smartphones. Compared with the standard 5W charger that Apple ships with its iPhones, the Mophie ...
AirPower might never see the light of day. (Image via Apple w/ edits)

The new year is here, Apple's AirPower wireless charging mat is not

2018 has come and gone and with it the promise of an Apple-made wireless charging pad. Announced back at the 2017 iPhone X event, Apple's AirPower wireless charging mat is still MIA. At that event, Apple promised a 2018 release. H...
The Samsung Galaxy Home smart speaker has a unique design. (Source: CNET)

Samsung rumored to be working on budget Galaxy Home speaker

Samsung has already announced the Galaxy Home smart speaker, and it appears the South Korean tech giant could already be working on another device in the new series. The Galaxy Home is expected to be a premium-level device, but in...
The Zanco smart pen is available on Kickstarter now. (Source: Zanco)

A crowd-funding campaign for a mobile phone in pen form has raised 575% of its goal already

The Zanco smart pen is a stylus with (nearly) all the features of a smartphone crammed into it. It has physical buttons, a click-pad, front and rear cameras and even a teeny tiny screen. It is intended as a smartphone replacement ...
The current view of the storefront. (Source: Own)

Microsoft's London flagship store is slowly taking shape

Microsoft has been fitting out its London flagship store for several months now, and it does not look like the store is close to opening. The store will remain under construction until at least the end of April 2019, according to ...
For a long time, Oculus VR was an unchallenged player in the VR market and is still a popular option for consumers. (Source: Oculus)

ZeniMax and Facebook finally settle over 4 year long Oculus lawsuit

In 2014, ZeniMax sued Oculus VR on allegations that CEO Palmer Lucky had stolen technology that made the Oculus Rift VR headset possible, and it became a 4 year long battle between ZeniMax and Facebook once the latter bought Oculu...
Keep your NES and SNES Classic Edition consoles in good condition as they are likely to go up in value after the holiday season. (Image sources: Nintendo)

Nintendo has stopped producing its NES and SNES Classic Edition consoles

Get your NES and SNES Classic Edition consoles while you can. Reggie Fils-Aimé, Nintendo of America President and COO, has announced that the company has stopped manufacturing both Classic Edition consoles. Fils-Aimé confirmed tha...
A diagram from the Google patent. (Source: USPTO)

Google's new patent could turn your arm into your smartwatch's keyboard

Google has filed a patent with the United States Patent and Trademarks Office (USPTO) that depicts motion sensors built into a smartwatch. They expand the wearable's range of user interface feedback to the device's immediate surro...
Oppo will be the second Chinese phone manufacturer to unveil its foldable handheld at MWC 2019, after Huawei. (Source: LetsGoDigital)

Oppo to showcase its foldable phone at Mobile World Congress in February 2019

Foldable phones will surely be one of next year's highlights for revolutionary tech. Most of the big names have already scheduled showcasing events for their foldable phones. Samsung and LG will present their models at CES in Janu...
The proposed ground floor of Microsoft's flagship London store (Source: City of Westminster Council)

More details about new Microsoft flagship store emerge

Fresh details about Microsoft's first store in the UK have emerged online. Published on the City of Westminster's planning portal, Microsoft has confirmed the size of its London store's retail floor space and offered more details ...
The Antlion ModMic Wireless. (Source: Antlion)

Antlion Audio wants you to turn any set of headphones into a gaming headset with its ModMic Wireless

Antlion Audio claims that its ModMic Wireless attachment adds mic capabilities to any kind of headphone. It has the aptX low-energy Bluetooth codec, 16-bit 48khz audio and a USB type A receiver. The ModMic Wireless also has a pate...
Atari Gameband officially cancelled; Kickstarter backers may not receive refund

Atari Gameband officially cancelled; Kickstarter backers may not receive refund

The Gameband, formerly known as the Atari Gameband, looked like a promising gaming-focused smartwatch during its successful Kickstarter campaign last year. Despite raising a total of $500,000 between Kickstarter backers and other ...
The Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+ (right) is noticeably smaller than the already tiny Model B+. (Image source: Raspberry Pi Foundation)

Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+ retains the power of the Model B+ in a smaller, cheaper package

The $25 Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+ is the latest single-board computer from the venerable Raspberry Pi Foundation. The Model A+ boasts the same CPU and wireless connectivity as its bigger brother, the Model B+, but shaves off some I/...
A design schematic for the new Google Glass. (Source: FCC)

Google Glass is coming back, but will stay in a business-oriented sandbox this time

Google Glass was the search giant's first attempt at smart glasses, and could clip onto transparent spectacles to deliver info and shots from its camera via an eyeball-level LED. It was not a popular release, not least because of ...
Xiaomi did very well on the 11.11 sales event. (Source: Xiaomi)

Xiaomi closed 11.11 event with US$747 million in sales

11.11 was a major sales event for Chinese and international e-sellers that took place (accordingly enough) on November 11. Xiaomi has reportedly had a marked success for the day, making US$747 million by the end of the promotional...
Image via Nintendo

YouTube comes to Nintendo Switch, but Nintendo continues bad history with video streaming

The Nintendo Switch finally got a YouTube app yesterday, bringing the world's most popular video streaming service to the console. However, Netflix and Amazon are still absent. The lack of video streaming services on the console i...
Samsung showed off its Infinity Flex foldable display at SDC 2018. (Source: SDC 2018 livestream)

Samsung officially unveils the Infinity Flex foldable display

At the Samsung Developer Conference 2018 (SDC 2018), Samsung showed off their first working foldable display smartphone. The actual details about the device itself was kept under wraps but Samsung is calling this display 'Infinity...
The DJI Mavic Air is going on sale for Black Friday. (Source: DJI)

DJI releases details of this year's Black Friday promo pricing

DJI is putting a number of its drones, including the Mavic Air and Spark, on sale for the Black Friday season. This sale also includes the Osmo 2 Mobile and Racing Edition Goggles. This promotion is starting later this month.
Image via Sony

Sony unveils full list of games on the PlayStation Classic

The full games list for Sony's upcoming PlayStation Classic has been released. While several classics like Resident Evil, Final Fantasy VII, and Metal Gear Solid will be available, there are a few curious omissions. The full games...
A Lumia 640 smartphone was used in the demo for the Display Cover. (Source: Microsoft/Twitter)

Microsoft demo reveals Integrated Display Cover concept

A report published by Microsoft Research has described an Integrated Display Cover for use in conjunction with a regular smartphone. The Display Cover would offer users an additional e-ink display for viewing information, thus inc...
The Nebula Capsule II is a hit on Kickstarter. (Source: Kickstarter)

Nebula Capsule II portable projector goes on Kickstarter, raises about 13 times original goal so far

Anker's Nebula Capsule is a 720p portable cinema projector that could put your streamed or saved movies on any flat surface. Now, the company is back with the Nebula Capsule II. This Android-powered projector has raised just about...
Lyft is pushing hard into self-driving cars. (Image via TechCrunch)

Lyft buys AR firm to help with its self-driving cars

Lyft, the second most popular ride-sharing business, announced its first acquisition centered around autonomous cars. The company will purchase Blue Vision Labs, an AR startup, for US $72 million (with an additional $30 million op...
The Nubia X flagship will not get a front camera, allowing the display to get a near-100% screen-to-body ratio. (Source: Nubia)

Eight key features of the upcoming Nubia X revealed

A week before the official unveiling of the Nubia X anniversary flagship, the Chinese company posted an infographic describing eight key features that recommend the upcoming model over the competition. Apart from the front and rea...
The Misfit Vapor 2 smartwatch is compatible with Android and iOS-powered phones. (Source: Misfit)

Misfit announces the Vapor 2 smartwatch

Misfit, the American wearables manufacturer, has unveiled official details about the upcoming Vapor 2 smartwatch. The wearable will come in two different sizes and feature a phone-free music player, a standalone GPS, and it will h...
The all-new Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is IPX8-rated for waterproofing. (Source: Amazon)

Amazon announces all-new waterproof Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon has revealed the full details of the all-new Kindle Paperwhite e-reader, which offers IPX8-rated waterproof protection. According to the promotional text for the device, it can manage up to 60 minutes of being submerged in ...
Image: Amazon

The C64 Mini is (finally) available in the United States for US$80

While the C64 Mini has been widely available in Europe for some time, the U.S. has missed out on the console's retro computing goodness until today. The C64 Mini is now available Stateside for US$80 through Amazon, Walmart, and Ga...
Essential wants to make a grand statement after the PH-1 smartphone failed to inspire. (Source: Essential)

Essential may go for broke with AI-driven device

It has been reported that Essential’s next smartphone-related product may be saturated with enough AI technology to enable users to have a full-fledged virtual assistant in their pockets. Apparently, there is a prototype in the wo...
Microsoft is apparently not keen on providing USB Type-C if it requires sacrificing USB Type-A. (Source: Lance Ulanoff via Medium)

Panos Panay justifies the absence of USB Type-C on the new Surface devices

Panos Panay opened up on why the Surface Pro 6 and Surface Laptop 2 lack a USB Type-C port while the Surface Studio 2, Surface Go, and even the Surface Headphones have one such port. Panay insisted that USB Type-C will not be at t...
A Zigbee module. (Source:

IoT market could be worth over US$1,000 billion in six years

The Internet of Things (IoT) market is now estimated it will attain a value of just under US$1,500 billion by 2024. This is particularly impressive as it was worth $334 billion in 2016. A new report attributes this potential growt...
The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K may be intended to take the new Chromecast on. (Source: IoTGadgets)

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K: this affordable streaming device may challenge new Chromecast

The Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K has just been announced. It may be able to deliver HDR10+, as well as Dolby Vision, in order to stream content. Amazon has also included object-based Dolby Atmos surround sound, for material that suppor...
Eliminate distractions with the Freewrite Traveler, a laptop that can only be used to type

Eliminate distractions with the Freewrite Traveler, a laptop that can only be used to type

The Atrohaus Freewrite Traveler is a "distraction-fee" writing machine that can do one thing: type. As a dedicated writer, the 1.8 lb computer only supports document creation and file management. However, the Traveler can sync wit...
The Kineticstep is a form of "exoskeleton" currently offered on Indiegogo as a walking aid. (Source: Kineticstep)

Kineticstep: a crowdfunded 'exoskeleton' that wants to take all the effort out of walking

A Russian engineer claims to have invented an "exoskeleton" that allows the walker to walk up to 3 times their normal possible range. This device, the Kineticstep, reportedly augments or supports normal walking motions with specif...
Image via Reddit

A Best Buy customer accidently bought the unannounced third-gen Chromecast

A lucky Reddit user by the name of GroveStreeHomie was able to buy a (currently unannounced) third-generation Chromecast from his local Best Buy. The new device features a slightly tweaked design and might have some new features, ...
Small sample set of MediaTek-powered devices

MediaTek doubling down on voice activation technology, is considering voice activated cars

Instead of battling it out at the very high-end smartphone market dominated by Samsung and Apple processors, MediaTek is taking a tangent into the world of voice activation. The move has paid off as the majority of voice activated...
The hinge system used on the Lenovo prototype is reminiscent of Samsung's early schematics of the Galaxy X. (Source: bang_gogo_ on Twitter)

Lenovo demos foldable phone prototype

Demoed at Lenovo's Tech World event, the foldable phone prototype seems to be very similar to what Samsung could be releasing in November. it has a hinge system in the middle of the display and several segments that facilitate the...
A render of the super-expensive Terrafugia Transition. (Source: Terrafugia)

Terrafugia finally prepares pre-sale event for 'flying car'

It's 2018, so where's my flying car? Still pending a massive bank balance, apparently. On the other hand, the Transition, which may be the first aircraft also capable of being driven, still looks much more like a plane. The Chines...
Harman has launched the Spark, a "connected car" solution, in the US. (Source: Harman)

Harman launches Spark, a device to turn any car into a 'smart' car

Harman has released the Spark, a product that it claims can make any car "connected". It may be able to convey LTE connectivity, monitoring for auto security and automatic crash assistance on a vehicle. The Spark is currently avai...
Alienware flagship store in Chengdu, China (Source: Retail Design Blog)

Alienware opening a new flagship store in China this weekend

Back in 2009, Alienware opened up the gates of its first retail store in the US. In the meantime, the brand's network of brick-and-mortar locations expanded all over the world and even got to China. Now, the time has come for a ne...
A new reports estimates the worth of the smart home market in 2025. (Source:

Smart home market to exceed US$90 billion by 2025: new report

Smart home technology has definitely caught on by now, with many people automating or controlling their living spaces with new products designed to be integrated into them. A new market research report suggests that the market bui...

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