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Purism Librem 13 v3 Laptop Review

Purism Librem 13 v3 Laptop Review

Luxury Linux. The Librem 13 is a privacy-focused Linux laptop from Purism, a boutique Linux OEM. While the device looks beautiful at first glance, software limitations and hardware bugs cripple the laptop and keep us from recommending it.
Intel Core i7-6500U | Intel HD Graphics 520 | 13.3" | 1.4 kg
The POCO F1 has been upgraded to Pie, but it may not be that sweet any more. (Source: YouTube)

POCO F1 gets a new software update, but it reportedly breaks notch-hiding feature

The Xiaomi POCO F1 has reportedly received an update to official stable Pie, following a recent beta to test the same. However, it's not all good news for fans of the device: some users have claimed that it no longer includes an o...
Tumblr guidelines change in-app notification December 17, 2018 no more porn

Looking for porn? You can scratch Tumblr from the list

More than a decade after its founding, Tumblr has finally reached a critical point and has decided to turn into "a better, more positive" version of itself by banning adult content, including nudity (with some exceptions). The new...
This Settings option is a recent addition to Windows 10, and may be on by default. (Source: Windows)

Windows 10 may track your app-using history even if you've deactivated it

The most recent versions of Windows 10 has an option in settings that apparently prevent the OS sending your activity history to Microsoft. However, HowToGeek has reported that these options may be insufficient in the case of app-...
After "password" the next worst whole-word password is "sunshine". (Source: BetaNews)

"123456" and "password" are officially 2018's worst passwords

A list of the 100 worst passwords of 2018 has been published online, and “123456” and “password” have taken the top two spots. These howlers are closely followed by the equally poor “123456789,” “12345678,” and “12345.” The annual...
An example of the offending official iPhone XS Max image in question. (Source: Apple)

Apple facing yet another lawsuit, this time over 'misleading' iPhone XS Max marketing material

During the launch event for the latest series of iPhones, many tech correspondents remarked on the company's official images which gave the impression that the devices lacked the profound notches that do in fact exist. It appears ...
Qualcomm goes for the throat, asks China to ban sales of iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and XR

Qualcomm goes for the throat, asks China to ban sales of iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and XR

Despite winning a victory against Apple earlier this week, Qualcomm is continuing to pressure the iPhone manufacturer in China. Qualcomm is petitioning Chinese courts to expand the ban of iPhone sales to include the iPhone XR, Xs,...
The Dell XPS 15 9570 (Source: Dell)

Dell confirms that it is fixing the GPU issue that affects some XPS 15 9570 laptops

Dell has backtracked on its decision that the XPS 15 9570 does not have an NVIDIA GPU issue. The company has informed us that it is working on a fix that it aims to roll out via an updated BIOS by the end of this month.
Google will kill Google+ sooner due to bug that exposed data of 52.5 million users

Google will kill Google+ sooner due to bug that exposed data of 52.5 million users

A recent software update to a Google+ API left some data of 52.5 million users exposed and available to app developers. The data included rudimentary user information, including names and birth dates. As a response, Google has mov...
The Sony PlayStation Classic was launched on December 3, 2018. (Source: Digital Trends)

Hacked PlayStation Classic plays games from USB flash drive

It has been reported that the new Sony PlayStation Classic has already been hacked, even though the console has only just been released. Apparently, hackers have been able to run software on the device using a USB flash drive, aft...
Image via OnLeaks (w/ edits)

No, the Galaxy S10 will not ship with a cryptocurrency "cold wallet"

Contrary to news circulating earlier today, Samsung has confirmed that rumors of the Galaxy S10 including a cryptocurrency cold wallet are merely speculation. The rumors stem from EU trademark filings made by Samsung earlier this ...
The reported tiny Chinese spy chip in question was smaller than a pencil tip. (Source: Debuglies via Bloomberg)

No Chinese spy chips found in Supermicro internal investigation

Supermicro has published a letter to its customers to explicitly state that no evidence of tampering was discovered in its hardware during a recent thorough internal review. An article from Bloomberg claimed that Supermicro produc...
The Galaxy A8s, jack very much missing. (Source: Sammobile)

For the first time, Samsung has ditched the headphone jack

Samsung announced the new Galaxy A8s in China yesterday and while the device's Infinity-O camera hole may be the biggest talking point, an even bigger point of contention is the fact that the phone lacks a 3.5mm jack. This will be...
Google Sounds app coming soon with Android December 2018 Update (Source: 9to5Google)

Google Sounds is a new app that brings more flexible ringtone and alarm settings, but only to some phones

Although Pixel owners will probably get some exclusive treats, as usual, the Google Sounds app should work with most modern Android handsets. This app — which should be included in the December Android Update — comes with more opt...
Turing HubblePhone K3-XR crypto pre-order campaign starting December 13 (Source: The Dawn of HubblePhone newsletter)

The Crypto Pre-Order Campaign of the Turing HubblePhone K3-XR next-gen handset will start on December 13

Advertised as a multi-screen 5G smartphone with a professional camera and a mobile gaming console, the HubblePhone K3-XR Copernicus is supposed to arrive in about a year, but there are two more models — Cassini and Herschel — that...
Apple has already been suffering from a series of stock price plunges. (Source: Distance Educator)

China trade risk hits American tech giants; Apple stock falls again

Amazon, Apple, Google, and Microsoft have all suffered on the stock market today amid growing concerns over US-China trade relations. While some investors have been selling stock to reduce the chance of risk, others have been nerv...
SplitSpectre threatens both Intel and AMD processors (Source: ZDNet)

The phantom returns: Researchers discover a new Spectre CPU attack, name it SplitSpectre

Since the research team who discovered the SplitSpectre attack used SpiderMonkey 52.7.4 — the JavaScript engine in Firefox — to target both Intel and AMD chips nobody seems to be safe anymore. The attack has been successfully carr...
The edited photo on Samsung's website. (Source: DIYPhotography)

Samsung nabbed passing off DSLR shots as camera samples of the Galaxy A8 Star

Months after getting caught using DSLR shots as camera samples for the Galaxy A8, Samsung has been nabbed doing the exact same thing with the Galaxy A8 Star. Companies like Huawei and Xiaomi have also been caught in similar acts o...
The tweet in question.

Official Samsung Twitter account caught sending tweets iPhone

Huawei ambassador Gal Gadot was revealed to have been tweeting with an iPhone a long while ago and if you thought that was bad, you'd be shocked, as an official Samsung account was caught parading the streets of Twitter with an iP...
It's something akin to this. (Source: Videoblocks)

There have been multiple reports of bootlooping LG G7 ThinQ units

Bootloops may as well be LG's calling card at this point, as the company has a long line of devices that have displayed that behavior at certain points. The G7 ThinQ may join that special group if recent reports are anything to go...
A MacBook's internals can accumulate dust in some areas. (Source: MacMedics)

Apple mired in new lawsuit over lack of iMac and MacBook dust-ingress protection

Apple is facing a lawsuit pressed by 3 plaintiffs in the United States. It concerns a claim that the company has breached Californian advertising and representation laws in selling Macbook and iMacs. These plaintiffs assert that A...
The Bitcoin bubble may not have completely burst, but it's heading in that direction. (Source: NewsBTC)

Bitcoin stays below US$4,000, approaching "capitulation moment"

Bitcoin has closed at a price of US$3,964.89 today, keeping the well-known digital currency under the US$4,000 mark. Its value actually dropped to a low of US$3,505 on November 25 but has managed to gain a little over the last few...
Apple's stock price has been on a rollercoaster this year. (Source: Google)

Despite continued struggles, Apple says iPhone XR is "most popular iPhone" since its launch

Apple became the world's first trillion dollar company this past August. Since then, the Cupertino giant has struggled to hit sales targets for its latest iPhone family. Despite this, Apple VP of product marketing Greg Joswiak sai...
Dell stated that no products or services were affected by the incident. (Source: V3)

Dell's network affected by attempted hack

Dell has published a press release that will be of some concern to customers that use its network. The company suffered from a recent cyber attack, and although the attempted hack was apparently “detected and disrupted” it is poss...
It has been reported that technology related to the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Flex has been sold. (Source: PocketNow)

Samsung tech secrets sold to Chinese competitor

Nine people and two companies in South Korea have been charged with selling Samsung technology to a Chinese rival. It is believed bendable OLED technology, which is expected to be incorporated in the South Korean company’s upcomin...
The iPhone X (left) and XS. Apple is restarting production of the X and cutting orders for components of the XS for a second time. (Image source: own)

Apple cuts iPhone supplier orders for a second time this month

Apple has reportedly reduced orders from iPhone component suppliers again. According to DigiTimes, a "second wave" of order cuts is beginning to bring pain to some Taiwanese manufacturers. Apple is continuing to blame poor sales o...
Image via Sony

The North American PlayStation Classic will use PAL version of some titles

In a blog post released earlier today, Sony revealed that it would be using the PAL version of nine titles on the PlayStation Classic. The PAL versions will be included in the North American PlayStation Classic as well. Considerin...
Image via Nintendo

Two weeks ahead of release, a full copy of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has been leaked

A group known for Nintendo Switch piracy has obtained and distributed a full file dump of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, set to release in two weeks on December 7th. While early game leaks are not uncommon, a leak this far in advance...
Some media outlets have reported that Microsoft overtook Apple for a brief period today. (Source: Mashable)

Microsoft close to eclipsing Apple's market cap; iPhones threatened by Trump tariffs

Microsoft has come very close to matching Apple’s market capitalization value today. At the time of writing, Microsoft’s market cap was US$817.28 billion compared to Apple’s US$828.64 billion. Earlier in the day, the two tech gian...
Image via stock photo, Apple (w/ edits)

Apple heads to U.S. Supreme Court to argue against App Store monopoly lawsuit

Apple will appear before the U.S. Supreme Court today to argue that a lawsuit brought against it is invalid. Apple claims that the lawsuit, which alleges that the iOS App Store creates a monopoly for the company, could only be bro...
The Dell XPS 15 9570 (Source: Dell)

Dell denies that the XPS 15 9570 may have a BIOS related GPU issue

Dell has denied that there are any BIOS related GPU issues with XPS 15 9570 laptops, the company has informed us. Despite providing the company with data and numerous online posts demonstrating otherwise, it has not been able to d...
Mark Zuckerberg consented to facing the European Parliament in May 2018. (Source: CNBC/Gizmodo)

UK Parliament forces executive to hand over internal Facebook documents

The UK Parliament has seized important internal Facebook documents from an executive of the software start-up Six4Three. The unprecedented move is believed to be partly in response for Mark Zuckerberg’s failure to stand before Bri...
Image via LinkedIn

LinkedIn used 18 million non-user emails to buy targeted ads on Facebook

In a report published by the Irish Data Protection Commissioner (DPC), it was revealed that LinkedIn has been using 18 million non-user emails to generate targeted ads on Facebook. It was also shown that LinkedIn has been using th...
Image via AMD

AMD commits to better support for Ryzen Mobile graphics drivers in 2019, hands off responsibility to OEMs

AMD posted a response to a common complaint from Ryzen-based laptop users on Reddit earlier this week, stating that the company would better support graphics drivers for Ryzen laptops starting in 2019. However, AMD plans to work w...
Image via Fallout Wiki (w/ edits)

Fallout 76 is getting nuked by reviewers and gamers

Fallout 76 is getting hammered by critics and gamers alike. In its first week after release, the game has fallen close to the bottom of Metacritic's ratings. The PC version currently has a Metascore of 55, while the PS4 and Xbox O...
Atari Gameband officially cancelled; Kickstarter backers may not receive refund

Atari Gameband officially cancelled; Kickstarter backers may not receive refund

The Gameband, formerly known as the Atari Gameband, looked like a promising gaming-focused smartwatch during its successful Kickstarter campaign last year. Despite raising a total of $500,000 between Kickstarter backers and other ...
Image via Wccftech (w/ edits)

Beleaguered Windows 10 1809 update breaks audio playback for some Intel display drivers

The latest issue in the growing string of problems with the Windows 10 1809 update affects devices using certain versions of Intel's display drivers. The Windows 10 October update breaks audio playback through monitors or TVs conn...
Windows Media Player first appeared in 1991. (Source: Microsoft Community)

Microsoft Windows 10 update affected by Media Player bug

Microsoft has acknowledged that there is a known issue with its latest Windows 10 update. Some users have reported that the seek bar in Media Player has become inoperable after downloading the new patches. The issue corresponds to...
Apple's current stock price is getting closer to the 52-week low of US$150.24. (Source: Techadvisor)

Apple's stock price continues to fall

Apple’s stock price has suffered from further decline over recent days, with the current price reported by NASDAQ standing at US$176.78. Cautious investors are apparently biding their time to see what the Cupertino-based tech gian...
It's not the first time Google Play has suffered from malware issues. (Source: Tech Viral)

Google Play security exposed by malware hidden in fake driving games

According to malware researcher Lukas Stefanko, Google Play users have installed a number of driving game apps that are actually malware. The 13 affected apps, which all come from the same developer, had been downloaded and instal...
Connor Allsopp (left) and Matthew Hanley (right) have been jailed for their parts in the 2015 TalkTalk hack. (Source: Metropolitan Police)

Two men imprisoned for their involvement in the 2015 TalkTalk hack

Two men have been jailed in England for their parts in the hacking of TalkTalk in 2015, which cost the British telecoms company an estimated £77 million (~ US$98.5 million). TalkTalk has already been fined £400,000 (~ US$512,000) ...
Image source: Wikipedia, stock photos (w/ edits)

Chinese government accuses Samsung, Micron, and SK Hynix of fixing DRAM prices

Chinese officials, citing "massive evidence," have accused Samsung, Micron, and SK Hynix of colluding and fixing the price of DRAM. If the allegations are true, the three largest DRAM manufacturers in the world would be directly r...
The RTX 2080 Ti FE is currently out of stock on the official site, but this is clearly not due to Nvidia delisting it from its offer. (Source: Nvidia)

Nvidia's RTX 2080 Ti FE already out of stock, despite complaints about faulty cards

It looks like some media outlets have a bone to pick with Nvidia, blowing things out of proportion where it really is not the case. Yes, there are faulty RTX 2080 Ti cards out there and Nvidia admitted some cards did not go throug...
The cryptocurrency market has been crashing lately. (Source: Daily Express)

Cryptocurrency crash: Leading cryptos suffer sizeable price falls

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other leading cryptocurrencies have been experiencing sharp falls in their prices in the market recently. Bitcoin in particular has suffered a terrible week that will have owners feeling nervous ab...
Image via Steam (w/ edits)

Valve to discontinue Steam Link once current supply sells out

Valve quietly announced that once physical stock of the Steam Link streaming device sells out, they will no longer sell physical units. Instead, Valve will shift focus and support to the Steam Link mobile app, currently only avail...
Tumblr logo, app banned from the Apple App Store due to child pornographic content

Tumblr kicked out from the App Store due to child pornography

Tumblr's disappearance from Apple's App Store finally has an official reason: what was first simply described as "an issue" was, in fact, child pornography that slipped through the filters — enough of it to make the app vanish. Th...
Images via Apple (w/ edits)

Apple has cut production order for the iPhone XS and iPhone XR, according to suppliers

According to some of its suppliers, Apple has cut orders for both the iPhone XS and iPhone XR. Citing a weak Chinese market and a slowdown in smartphone demand, Apple has had to pare back its supply of the new iPhones, a move that...
The Apple iPad Pro's structural integrity is less than ideal. (Source: JerryRigEverything on YouTube)

Bendgate 2.0?: Apple's latest iPad Pro 'folds like a piece of paper'

The Apple iPad Pro is apparently not a very durable tablet as demonstrated by Zack Nelson of the popular YouTube channel, JerryRigEverything. Zack was easily able to bend the iPad Pro with very minimal effort, which raises concern...
Image via T-Mobile (w/ edits)

T-Mobile phones may be moving to 3-year payment plans, starting with Black Friday deals

T-Mobile looks like it has some great deals on some of the best smartphones released this year. Handsets like the iPhone XR and Galaxy S9 can be had for free, but reading the fine print shows a few caveats. In addition to activati...
Image via Square Enix

Square Enix's Tetsuya Nomura: Final Fantasy VII Remake is "progressing favorably"

Tetsuya Nomura, the director of the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake, said in an interview with Famitsu that Square Enix was still working on the title and that development was "progressing favorably." He did mention that the com...



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