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Deliveries of Tesla's Cybertruck have been placed on hold to rectify issues with a problematic component, but nobody has a clear picture of what that is. (Image source: Tesla - edited)

Cybertruck deliveries on hold over safety issue — reports point to accelerator pedal, Tesla mum on delivery delay

Just days after reports surfaced of rampant Cybertrucks break-downs, Tesla's electric pickup truck is going on hold due to what seems to be a problem related to the accelerator pedal. Other reports blame the steering column and ev...
Julian van der Merwe, 14 Apr 2024 17:46
It looks as though Asus Zenfone 10 users may want to stop holding their breath for bootloader unlock functionality. (Image source: Florian Schmitt / Notebookcheck)

Zenfone bootloader unlock tool outlook bleak as ASUS refunds customer over missing feature

Asus recently settled a lawsuit in the UK over its unfulfilled promises of a bootloader unlock tool for its Zenfone line-up. Asus promised the Zenfone bootloader unlock tool way back in early 2022 and still hasn't delivered.
Julian van der Merwe, 09 Apr 2024 21:35
Troubling reports from Cybertruck owners have appeared online, indicating Tesla's early production woes continue. (Image source: Tesla - edited)

Cybertrucks drop like flies mere miles after delivery - battery, electrical, steering issues plague Tesla pickup truck

The Tesla Cybertruck's cracks are starting to show as more people get their hands on the unique electric pickup truck. Owners seem to be having issues with everything from dead and faulty low- and high-voltage batteries to steerin...
Julian van der Merwe, 06 Apr 2024 02:57
New York City's official government chatbot seems to be confused about some laws and regulations. (Image: DALL-E 3 AI-generated image)

New York City government chatbot advises businesses to break laws

An AI-powered chatbot officially sanctioned by the government of New York City has been advising some business owners to skirt the law or fully violate city ordinances. The chatbot, which was implemented to help businesses navigat...
Sam Medley, 05 Apr 2024 16:04
At least the Fisker Ocean has an opening sunroof for when the doors don't work. (Image source: Fisker)

Fisker Ocean door failure investigation may result in recall to add to EV company's woes

Fisker just can't seem to catch a break. The American EV maker may be staring down a potential recall if the NHTSA's preliminary investigation into complaints of door failures bears fruit. If Fisker's recent pricing strategy moved...
Julian van der Merwe, 05 Apr 2024 02:14
Initial release of Google Podcasts for Android (Source: Google)

Google Podcasts is now history

Released in mid-June 2018 for Android devices, Google Podcasts made it to iOS two years later. Since it was also available on the web, it was also accessible to macOS, Windows, ChromeOS, and Linux users. Sadly, it was killed yeste...
Codrut Nistor, 03 Apr 2024 20:21
The Fujifilm X100VI and X-S20 appear to suffer from their own success as demand overwhelms supply in Fujifilm's domestic market. (Image source: Fujifilm)

Fujifilm X100VI, X-S20 orders on hold in Japan as production unable to keep up — a sign of things to come

Reports claim the Fujifilm X100VI, X-S20, and Instax Wide 300 are unavailable for order in Japan as the Japanese company struggles to keep up with intense demand and a constrained supply chain.
Julian van der Merwe, 03 Apr 2024 02:19
AT&T Store on North West Avenue - Jackson, MI (Source: AT&T)

AT&T confirms massive customer data leak

The largest wireless carrier in the United States is currently investigating how the data of 73 million customers (current and former) has ended up on the dark web. While AT&T decided to go with a mass reset of account passcodes a...
Codrut Nistor, 01 Apr 2024 12:03
It seems as though Fisker's plan to generate revenue with massive discounts is working, despite the warnings of experts. (Image source: Fisker)

Fisker Ocean price cuts prove magical as interest in $25,000 EV soars — a sign of things to come for Tesla Model 2

It seems as though public interest in a $25,000 electric vehicle could be Fisker's saving grace. After dropping the base price for the Fisker Ocean EV substantially, Fisker claims it is now receiving “700 calls per second” and apo...
Julian van der Merwe, 30 Mar 2024 08:02
Tesla Cybertruck owners are still stuck without a software update to enable critical off-roading features. (Image source: Tesla - edited)

Cybertruck cuts out off-road: Tesla still gimped by missing locking differential, aggressive traction control

Tesla promised the Cybertruck would come with software to enable locking differentials, but Cybertruck owners are still in the dark about when that will land. According to a recent off-roading test in Sand Hollow, Utah, the lack o...
Julian van der Merwe, 30 Mar 2024 01:39
Massive price cuts on the Fisker Ocean electric SUV put even the most expensive trims at Tesla Model Y prices. (Image source: Fisker)

Fisker Ocean becomes sudden Tesla Model 2 competitor with new $24,999 price — you still probably shouldn't buy one

Fisker has dropped the price of its entry-level Ocean electric SUV in a last-ditch effort to stay afloat. The Fisker Ocean Sport now costs an incredible $24,999, making it the cheapest electric car in the US. But, you might never ...
Julian van der Merwe, 28 Mar 2024 20:40
KDE's Global Themes allow scripts to run commands as the root user, resulting in a potential security hazard for users of the Linux desktop environment. (Image source: KDE - edited)

KDE Plasma theming security nightmare: scripting feature can run root commands including the worst Linux meme

KDE Plasma's Global Themes can run scripts in the background, which can run commands as a root user, including the infamous “sudo rm -rf" which wipes the user's root partition, causing significant data loss. KDE is aware of the is...
Julian van der Merwe, 25 Mar 2024 21:11
This Tesla Cybertruck on Cars & Bids is exempt from Tesla's anti-resale policy, but others have received bans for attempting similar sales. (Image source: Cars & Bids / Cybertruck Owners Club - edited)

Cybertruck disappoints at auction as owners defy Musk - Tesla bans future purchases to enforce no-resale policy

A handful of Foundation Series Tesla Cybertrucks have made their way onto online actions and used car sites, defying Tesla's anti-resale policy and earning at least one owner a ban from buying Cybertrucks in the future.
Julian van der Merwe, 23 Mar 2024 06:30
Fujifilm seems to have implemented a few successful strategies to curb X100VI scalpers, but time will truly tell. (Image source: Fujifilm - edited)

Fujifilm X100VI Limited Edition scalpers thwarted as pre-order dry up in minutes

In a surprise to absolutely nobody, the Fujifilm X100VI Limited Edition sold out within minutes of its launch. Despite Fujifilm's best efforts, scalpers are listing X100VI Limited Edition on eBay for upwards of $8,000.
Julian van der Merwe, 22 Mar 2024 19:08
Suyu has been removed from GitLab. (Image: Suyu logo w/ edits)

Nintendo Switch emulator Suyu issued DMCA takedown, removed from GitLab

Suyu, the follow-up to the popular Nintendo Switch emulator Yuzu, has been removed from GitLab following a DMCA takedown request issued by a "rightsholder." Suyu's developers' accounts were also blocked. The takedown comes just da...
Sam Medley, 22 Mar 2024 16:06
Dragon's Dogma 2 has received a lot of criticism on Steam (image via Capcom)

Dragon's Dogma 2 receives scathing Steam reviews due to microtransactions and performance issues

Gamers have not taken kindly to Capcom injecting microtransactions into Dragon's Dogma 2. That, combined with its high CPU usage problem, has resulted in less-than-stellar reviews for the game on Steam.
Anil Ganti, 22 Mar 2024 10:02
At least 15 Tesla Cybertrucks are affected by a serious door striker issue that causes misalignment in the door panel. (Image source: Auto Focus on YouTube - edited)

Elon Musk confirms Cybertruck door gap issue, at least 15 production units affected by poorly installed latch

Elon Musk's words ring true as the Tesla Cybertruck proves to be the electric car company's most challenging product yet. While YouTuber MKBHD's thoughts on the Cybertruck see the good mixed in with the bad, he points out a glarin...
Julian van der Merwe, 22 Mar 2024 01:44
The Cybertruck's large bed works to its detriment when left open while driving. (Image source: Tesla)

Cybertruck tonneau cover an efficiency win, at least 25 miles of range lost when open at 75 mph

A recent Tesla Cybertruck range test revealed that the electric pickup truck can lose in the neighbourhood of 25 miles of range just by opening the tonneau cover. Add to this the additional weight that's likely to be on the bed wh...
Julian van der Merwe, 20 Mar 2024 23:57
A Tesla Cybertruck's recent dip led to some trail-side repairs. (Image source: @mrkylefield on X)

Cybertruck water crossing breaks plastic components despite 30-minute wade mode

Apparently the Tesla Cybertruck has problems going through small muddy puddles, never mind being "waterproof enough to serve briefly as a boat." In this Cybertruck's recent run-in with a water crossing, it managed to dislodge the ...
Julian van der Merwe, 19 Mar 2024 04:55
The PSVR2 will work with PCs later this year (image via Sony)

Sony reportedly suspends PSVR 2 production due to poor sales

A report from Bloomberg says that Sony has stopped manufacturing new PSVR 2 units due to unsold inventory. The VR headset isn't selling much due to a lack of content and its high price tag.
Anil Ganti, 18 Mar 2024 09:15
The Tesla Cybertruck scores rather poorly in articulation tests, likely due to its reliance on air suspension and road-biased linkages. (Image source: Car and Driver on YouTube)

Cybertruck off-road test highlights air suspension shortcomings, losses to all but the Ford F-150 Lightning

The Cybertruck's “Built for any planet,” marketing blurb may have oversold the Tesla electric pickup truck's off-road capabilities. A recent test reveals that the Cybertruck falls behind everything from the Rivian R1T to the Toyot...
Julian van der Merwe, 15 Mar 2024 07:26
It appears as though Samsung might not bring one of its best devices to the US in 2024 — at least not for now. (Image source: Notebookcheck)

No US Galaxy A55 - Samsung leaves gaping mid-range-sized hole in US smartphone lineup for 2024

As it turns out, US buyers won't have to worry about whether the Galaxy A55 will ship with the Exynos 1480 SoC or its Qualcomm Snapdragon counterpart — because the mid-ranger won't make it to the US in the first place. It may be t...
Julian van der Merwe, 13 Mar 2024 19:09
Valve's OLED Steam Deck shows signs of burn-in after 750 hours in HDR and 1,500 hours in SDR modes. (Source: Own)

Steam Deck's OLED version suffers from visible burn-in after 750 hours of use in HDR mode at max brightness

Despite advancements in reliability, concerns persist regarding OLED technology, particularly regarding issues such as image retention and burn-ins. Early testing of the Steam Deck’s OLED version revealed potential risks associate...
Sambit Saha, 10 Mar 2024 15:52
A demo of Stellar Blade was accidentally released, but it was quickly delisted. (Image via PlayStation)

Stellar Blade demo accidentally released on PlayStation Store, quickly removed

A demo for the upcoming action game Stellar Blade was accidentally published on the PlayStation Store before it was promptly pulled back. During its mistaken publication time, PS5 gamers were able to download the demo, and videos ...
Sam Medley, 09 Mar 2024 16:05
The Tesla Cybertruck has been put through its paces against a number of bullets, and while it started strong, things did not end well for the EV. (Image source: Tesla / JerryRigEverything - edited)

Cybertruck bulletproof claims shattered with .50 cal rifle, smaller rounds also penetrate stainless steel panels

The Cybertruck has been put through its paces at a gun range, facing off against a variety of ammunition and weapons, from a 9 mm Glock 19 to a full-blown .50 cal rifle — all in the name of testing Tesla's bulletproof pickup claim...
Julian van der Merwe, 09 Mar 2024 07:22
The Tesla Cybertruck's production Basecamp tent has almost nothing to do with the originally advertised version. (Image source: Cybertruck Owners' Club)

Cybertruck Basecamp rooftop tent disappoints: $3,000 Tesla accessory almost unrecognisable from original marketing

As deliveries of the Cybertruck's Basecamp tent drew near it started looking less and less attractive, and the version reaching buyers seems to be more of a fabric sleeping capsule than the downright luxurious launch imagery promi...
Julian van der Merwe, 09 Mar 2024 01:08
Tesla's FSD beta v12 seems to still have serious issues despite a shift to end-to-end AI. (Image source: MissJIlianne on X - screenshot, edited)

Tesla FSD sparks indignation: construction zone blunder almost ends in disaster

A recent clip of a Tesla Model S Plaid has caused a stir among Tesla fans and critics alike. Upon driving through a construction zone, Tesla's Full Self-Driving beta 12 suddenly and unpredictably swerved the EV towards a construct...
Julian van der Merwe, 08 Mar 2024 23:31
Fujifilm fans will likely have to wait for their X100VI orders unless they pre-ordered the camera rather early on. (Image source: Fujifilm - edited)

Fujifilm X100VI pre-orders gobble up supply despite 2x production ramp — will take 'months' to catch up

Despite ramping up production to over 15,000 cameras per month, Fujifilm has confirmed that it will be months before it completely catches up on the overwhelming pre-orders for the X100VI.
Julian van der Merwe, 07 Mar 2024 01:17
The Tesla Model Y is one of the American EV brand's success stories. (Image source: Tesla)

EV brand rankings: Tesla slips despite better reliability as Rivian scores near dead last, legacy brands play catch up

Despite a moderate reliability rating, Tesla slid down the Consumer Reports overall car brands rankings slightly, while Rivian came in fifth from the bottom, thanks to an abysmal reliability rating. Legacy car brands, like Kia, Hy...
Julian van der Merwe, 05 Mar 2024 01:34
The Yuzu emulator is officially dead. (Image: Yuzu logo w/ edits)

Nintendo Switch emulator Yuzu officially shuts down in settlement with Nintendo

The developers behind Yuzu, a Nintendo Switch emulator, have officially shut the project down after settling a lawsuit filed against them by Nintendo earlier this month. In the proposed settlement, the developers will also have to...
Sam Medley, 04 Mar 2024 20:27
Tesla's next-generation Roadster will allegedly have dragster-like acceletation, but experts have doubts. (Image source: Tesla - edited)

Tesla rival debunks Musk's 1s Roadster 2 acceleration claims — Rimac CEO injects shot of skepticism

Mate Rimac, the brains behind the Rimac Nevera, has responded to Elon Musk's Roadster acceleration claims with some of his experience from running Tesla's fastest EV competitor, Rimac, as well as the legendary Bugatti. Elon Musk r...
Julian van der Merwe, 02 Mar 2024 17:23
Gearbox Entertainment, of epic Borderlands looter-shooter fame, may be sold to a new parent company as soon as Mach 2024. (Image source: Gearbox Software)

Borderlands, Star Wars: KOTOR developers to find new homes as turmoil rips through gaming industry

Embracer Group's alleged sale of Gearbox Software looks to be coming to a close by next month as news breaks that Knights of the Old Republic's Saber Interactive looks to go private. The news comes amid a new wave of lay-offs and ...
Julian van der Merwe, 01 Mar 2024 01:17
Don't expect Apple to solve the goofy EyeSight issues anytime soon, if a new report has any validity. (Image source: Apple)

Analyst blames users 'not knowing how to use Apple Vision Pro' for high returns, predicts next-gen mixed reality headset for 2025 production

After news of high returns broke earlier this month, an Apple analyst posits that up to 30% of those returns are because “users don't know how to set up Vision Pro. The next-gen Vision Pro is also predicted to arrive by 2027 and b...
Julian van der Merwe, 29 Feb 2024 00:59
A screenshot from a dark web site taken by ThreatMon claims that ransomware group Mogilevich has stolen nearly 200 GB of data from Epic Games. (Image source: ThreatMon on X)

Epic Games data breach allegedly exposes 189 GB of customer data, source code — company denies claims

Ransomware group Mogilevich has reportedly managed to access 189 GB of Epic Games's customer data in a recent data breach. The group claims to be in possession of emails, usernames, passwords, payment information, and source code,...
Julian van der Merwe, 28 Feb 2024 20:08
The Apple Car is reportedly no more (image generated by DALL-E 3.0)

Apple Car: 2028-bound electric vehicle supposedly scrapped

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman has heard from sources that Apple has abandoned plans to develop an electric vehicle. The Apple Car team will instead work on projects involving generative AI.
Anil Ganti, 27 Feb 2024 20:42
PlayStation fired 8% of its global workforce today. (Image via PlayStation)

PlayStation shutters London studio, fires 8% of global workforce

Sony Interactive Entertainment announced it has laid off 900 people from its global workforce, or 8% of all employees worldwide. This includes the entirety of its London studio, which was largely focused on virtual reality titles....
Sam Medley, 27 Feb 2024 17:47
MSI has confirmed that only one of its new MAG-branded QD-OLED gaming monitors will receive firmware updates. (Image source: MSI)

MSI restricts firmware updates for new QD-OLED gaming monitors to more expensive options with MAG 271QPX QD-OLED and MAG 321UPX QD-OLED excluded

MSI has confirmed that it will be pursuing a controversial firmware update program for its new QD-OLED gaming monitors. For some reason, the company has decided to restrict future firmware updates to its more expensive MEG options...
Alex Alderson, 23 Feb 2024 17:10
The Fujifilm X100VI's sucess is already stacking up to be its downfall. (Image source: eBay - edited)

Fujifilm X100VI pre-orders skyrocket as shortage concerns mount — $4,000+ eBay scalpers bank on hype

The Fujifilm X100VI seems to be a smash hit, as pre-orders for the new rangefinder-style mirrorless camera are setting new records for Fujifilm. The sky-high popularity of the X100VI means we could see a repeat of the shortages an...
Julian van der Merwe, 22 Feb 2024 18:45
The base Cybertruck aero wheel covers seem to be a reasonable solution to the flawed Cyber wheel covers that were damaging tyre sidewalls recently. (Image source: Nic Cruz Patane on X)

New Tesla Cybertruck aero wheel covers potentially replace tyre-munching Cyber wheel caps

A Tesla Cybertruck has been spotted wearing both the base aero wheel covers and the Cybertruck-specific Goodyear AT tyres, sparking talk of the EV maker replacing the Cyber wheel covers with the base versions in the interim.
Julian van der Merwe, 22 Feb 2024 07:03
An Android trojan resurface by piggybacking on apps available on Google Play. (Image via Android w/ edits)

Anatsa malware targeting European Android users via apps on Google Play app store

Anatsa is a trojan that specifically targets banking use on Android smartphones. Deployed by seemingly innocuous apps on Google Play, the malware has infected more than 100,000 European users.
Sam Medley, 19 Feb 2024 18:48
Ford could see a return to form with an electric Fiesta ST or similar in the near future. (Image source: Ford)

Ford CEO admits small, affordable EVs key to combat Tesla Model 2, rising red tide without burning money

Shortly after Ford stopped producing the sub-compact Fiesta in Europe, CEO Jim Farley has said that he has tasked his team with coming up with a plan to develop a small, affordable EV to make the company's EV business more profita...
Julian van der Merwe, 16 Feb 2024 01:24
The Tesla Cybertruck effortlessly handles sandy mountains in the KOH desert off-road race (image: DennisCW / Youtube)

Tesla Cybertruck destroyed at KOH off-road dirt racing event

The Tesla Cybertruck goes off-road and makes a splash at the King of the Hammers. Did the E-pickup break down under the extreme conditions? Or was it just a case of minor damage? While some are celebrating the electric truck as a ...
Nicole Dominikowski, 15 Feb 2024 17:37
Early Cybertruck owners are complaining of corrosion spots on the exterior and incomplete interiors immediately after delivery. (Image source: Tesla/Reddit - edited)

Tesla Cybertruck owners complain of quality control issues as material choice causes rust

It seems as though early concerns about the Cybertruck's material choice and quality control weren't all unfounded. Early Cybertruck owners are reporting signs of corrosion in the stainless steel body and significant concerns with...
Julian van der Merwe, 14 Feb 2024 20:40
Affected Galaxy S24 models supposedly exhibit a non-uniform subpixel intensity. (Source: Samsung/erodeloeht on Reddit/edited)

Another Galaxy S24 display issue surfaces with users complaining of grainy texture on all three models

Some Galaxy S24 phones might have a grainy texture that is primarily visible against dark backgrounds per various reports that have been circulating on forums. The grainy texture which one user has claimed to be a “mura” reportedl...
Fawad Murtaza, 13 Feb 2024 13:22
OnePlus has confirmed the OnePlus 12R does not come with UFS 4.0 storage (image via OnePlus)

OnePlus confirms OnePlus 12R uses UFS 3.1 storage on all models

OnePlus has issued a statement clarifying the type of storage used on the OnePlus 12R. It uses UFS 3.1 storage on the 256 GB version and not UFS 4.0 as initially advertised.
Anil Ganti, 12 Feb 2024 15:19
Tesla Cybertruck driver risks it all with Apple Vision Pro at the wheel (Image: @blakestonks / X)

Tesla Cybertruck driver wearing Apple Vision Pro: US government reacts to reckless behaviour

A viral video shows a Tesla Cybertruck driver wearing an Apple Vision Pro headset while driving and interacting hands-free with an app. The reckless behaviour has raised eyebrows and prompted a response from the US government.
Nicole Dominikowski, 06 Feb 2024 16:12
Does Tesla Cybertruck fail again in the test with the steel balls? (Image: TechRax / Youtube)

Tesla Cybertruck: YouTuber mimics Elon Musk's legendary failure, throwing steel balls at windows

Back in 2019, Elon Musk caused an uncomfortable surprise at a Tesla Cybertruck presentation when the e-pickup's "armoured" glass was destroyed by steel balls in an endurance test. In a new video, YouTuber TechRax, known for his de...
Nicole Dominikowski, 06 Feb 2024 13:58
One of the reported Galaxy S24 Ultra units with the vertical green line issue. (Source: u/Independent-Bet-4916)

Samsung's new Galaxy S24 Ultra may already be suffering from the infamous green line display issue

Just a few weeks after it launched globally, there now appear to be two reported cases of Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra units in the US randomly developing the dreaded green line issue on their displays.
Ricci Rox, 03 Feb 2024 08:39
Tesla's Cyber Wheel Covers seem to be causing the "built for any planet" pickup truck some hassles. (Image source: T Sportline on YouTube)

Tesla Cybertruck: Cyber Wheel Covers disappear from production as aero covers turns tyres into tasty treats

While initial speculation online was that the Cybertruck's aero Cyber Wheel Covers were impeding brake rotor cooling, the true culprit has been confirmed to be excessive tyre wear.
Julian van der Merwe, 03 Feb 2024 06:40
Beeper may not be long for this world. (Image via Beeper w/ edits)

Apple bans iMessage accounts linked to Beeper app

Beeper, an app that allows Android users to access iMessage by linking their Apple accounts via a Mac, has halted iMessage connections after a handful of user accounts were banned by Apple. This comes almost two months after Beepe...
Sam Medley, 30 Jan 2024 18:23


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