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Google Android facing problems in Europe, licensing fees to drive handset prices up in 2019

Google app licenses for Android to reach US$40 per phone

As if the various taxes already in place are not enough, Android users in the EU will end up paying more for their phones starting next year due to the licensing fees that Google will start charging for devices that are activated ...
Samsung Family Square going down on October 22

Samsung Family Square shutting down next week

Samsung has shut down services in the past and will surely do the same in the future, so the fact that Family Square is going down is nothing out of this world. This app came with the 18.4-inch Galaxy View and its goal was to enab...
The Essential Phone was released in August 2017. (Source: Essential)

Essential lays off almost a third of its staff

A report from Bloomberg has stated that Essential Products has cut its workforce by about 30%. An email received by the media outlet from the Palo Alto-based technology company mentioned that regardless of the cutbacks, the firm s...
The RTX 2070. (Source: NVIDIA)

Gigabyte dismisses 'AORUS RTX 2070 Ti' rumor as "a typo"

Gigabyte had released a promotional Halloween-season banner including the words "AORUS RTX 2070 Ti/2070 Graphics card". This was enough for some to run with the rumor that the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 was getting its own Ti variant...
Google Android Pie statue at Googleplex, OnePlus delays Android Pie for OnePlus 3 and OnePlus 5

OnePlus delays the Android Pie update for the 3 and 5 series

While the reason is — and will probably remain — unknown, it has been officially confirmed that the Android Pie update for the OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 3 handsets will not arrive as soon as expected. Although an official launch date ...
Google Chrome logo, Chrome 70 now available

Chrome 70 now available with the ability to control browser sign-in

The latest Google Chrome browser comes with a new setting that allows its users to have a better control over the sign-in and sync features, the AV1 video streaming codec, as well as a rather large number of minor tweaks, fixes, a...
Google+ is shutting down following a data breach. (Source: sharethis.com)

Google+ to shut down following hacking revelation

Google has admitted that its social media app, Google+, has been hacked. This data theft has affected approximately half a million profiles. The users in question may have had many points of important user data extracted from thei...
Microsoft Windows 10 got a fix for the October 2018 Update issues

Microsoft fixes the troublesome Windows 10 October 2018 Update

Not long after halting the rollout of a Windows 10 feature update for the first time ever, Microsoft has finally announced that the cause of the user content removal bug — which affected only a few users who installed the update —...
Smartphone manufacturers need to stop marketing inaccurate product renders

Smartphone manufacturers need to stop marketing inaccurate product renders

Narrow bezels are all the rage these days—so much so that some OEMs have been overtly exaggerating their claims through marketing material. We want users to be aware of deceiving product shots that are seemingly becoming more comm...
The Mi A1 exploded while charging. (Source: AdimorahBlog)

Mi A1 explodes while owner sleeps beside it

A user on Xiaomi's MIUI forums has reported that their Mi A1 went up in flames while they were sleeping beside it. Xiaomi is yet to respond.
Windows 10 users should not install the October 2018 Update until Microsoft announces a fix. (Source: Microsoft)

Microsoft pauses Windows 10 update due to file deletion fears

A notice has been published on Microsoft’s support site for Windows 10 stating that the rollout for the scheduled update for October 2018 (version 1809) has been paused. It seems a number of users have reported grave issues with t...
Elon Musk appears to have damaged his company with Tweets - again. (Source: CNBC)

Elon Musk costs Tesla 7% in share price with single Tweet

Elon Musk, the CEO of e-automotive company Tesla, has sent a Tweet seeming to criticize the US Security and Exchange Commission. It was posted shortly after this body's decision to fine Tesla and strip Musk of his position on its ...
Do the latest iPhones have a fundamental issue with their use? (Source: iPhoneTricks.org)

'Charge-gate'? Emerging reports of charging-port issues in some iPhone XS and XS Max units

Reports coming from several different sources claim that some brand-new iPhones are not charging unless their screens are on. This issue apparently affects both the iPhone XS and XS Max. However, the reports also suggest that this...
50 million Facebook accounts were compromised due to a security flaw

50 million Facebook accounts were compromised due to a security flaw

A Facebook breach has compromised almost 50 million accounts. After discovering the breach on September 25, the company reset the access tokens of the 50 million affected accounts and 40 million others as a precautionary step. The...
Image source: self

Antennagate 2.0? The iPhone XS and XS Max users are complaining of poor cellular and WiFi connections

The new iPhone XS and XS Max may have inherited the iPhone 4's poor cellular connection strength. Several users are complaining of poor or dropped cellular and WiFi connections. While these claims are still just conjecture, they a...
Chrome now automatically logs you into the browser without telling you

Chrome now automatically logs you into the browser without telling you

The latest version of Google's Chrome browser will now automatically log users in if they log into any Google service. This, in turn, opens the door for the user's browsing data to be accessed by Google. While this isn't the case ...
The burnt husk of the S7 Edge. (Source: /u/rokhana)

Man's Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge explodes, Samsung replies

Only a week after a woman in New York claimed her new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 went up in flames, a Redditor's S7 Edge has also exploded, and this time the user has substantial proof.
The iPhone XS (right) has a single battery. Notice the slightly smaller width along the top right edge. (Image source: FixjeiPhone)

The iPhone XS has a smaller battery capacity than the iPhone X

According to TENAA, the iPhone XS has a 2658 mAh battery, a small downgrade from the iPhone X's 2716 mAh battery. Considering that the iPhone X was criticized for its mediocre battery life last year, this could be a sticking point...
Twitch is now banned in China

Twitch is now banned in China

Over the past week, fewer and fewer Chinese users have been able to access Twitch. As of September 20th, Twitch's site and official iOS App were shut down in China, rendering them inaccessible within the nation. While the reason f...
Image source: South Park (w/ edits)

You can now play your own NES ROMs on Nintendo Switch Online thanks to a new hack

Less than 24 hours after its launch, Nintendo's Switch Online service has already been hacked to allow gamers to load their own custom NES ROMs in to the NES library. The process, which seems to be simple, is possible because of N...
Image: Apple

Apple's Homepod had a mere 6% share of the smart speaker market in June, according to CIRP

Apple's Homepod has so far been a flop, only managing to capture 6% of the smart speaker market as of June 2018. The picture is even more bleak among Apple's own consumers; of Apple users that own a smart speaker, only 2% have pur...
Image source: Getty Images

Tesla may be under criminal investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice

The United States Department of Justice (DOJ) may have opened up a criminal investigation into Telsa incorporated after statements made by CEO Elon Musk last month. Two sources familiar with the company and this matter have stated...
The Punkt MP02 is a USD $349 dumbphone

The Punkt MP02 is a USD $349 dumbphone

Punkt, a designer electronics company, is now taking preorders for the MP02, a basic phone running a heavily stripped down version of Android 8.1. The MP02 is meant to be used for phone calls, SMS texting, and a few basic apps lik...
Apple iPhone X flagship, iPhones plagued by a CSS bug (Source: Apple)

Defective CSS code crashes, causes iPhones to restart

Using the rather new backdrop-filter CSS property can lead to a crash of the entire iOS on an iPhone. An exploit that does this and the code behind it have recently been unveiled by a software engineer and security researcher at W...
Google Inbox and Gmail logos, Inbox app going down in March 2019 (Source: Google - The Keyword)

Google plans to shut down the Inbox app by March 2019

Although it has grown to become an excellent Gmail alternative, Google's Inbox app remains an experimental piece of code. This means that Google is using the data provided by its usage to improve Gmail and, unfortunately, it seems...
HWInfo drawing a blank TDP for the Ryzen 7 2700U-powered Lenovo Ideapad 720s (Source: Own)

AMD recommends uProf tool instead of HWInfo or AIDA64

According to AMD, third-party analytical tools may not be giving correct information on Raven Ridge SoCs like the Ryzen 5 2500U or Ryzen 7 2700U. It's unknown if popular tools like HWInfo or AIDA64 would ever be updated to fully s...
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Android handset no longer supported with official updates as of September 2018

Samsung kills support for the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+

Samsung continues to ignore those still using premium handsets that are far from museum material yet. The latest victims are the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ — both being barely three years old — which have just been dropped ...
The Librem 5 has been delayed by 3 months due to hardware issues. (Image: Purism)

Purism plans to ship first batch of Librem 5 Linux smartphones in April 2019

Purism's upcoming Linux phone, the Librem 5, has run into some development delays that have pushed its release back 3 months to April 2019. Due to a flaw in the phone's CPU, the battery drains in less than an hour. Purism is worki...
The Huawei P9. (Source: Trusted Reviews)

Huawei may be bricking modded devices in an attempt to kill community development

Huawei ended support for bootloader unlocks a few months ago but, apparently, that isn't where the company ends its battle against community development.
CEO of Xiaomi, Lei Jun.

Xiaomi executive nabbed promoting the new Poco F1 with fake camera samples

Xiaomi’s new Poco F1 may be a great device but the company has gone the extra mile to make us all appreciate that fact, by advertising the F1 using pictures taken by the flagship Mi Mix 2S.
ZTE's first 5G phone is facing unexpected delays

IFA 2018 | ZTE delays its first 5G phone until late 2019

Although this Chinese brand is premiering multiple 5G technologies in Berlin this week, it looks like ZTE will not be able to deliver its first 5G phone on time. Previously announced to arrive in early 2019, the device has been no...
Portable Tesla Wireless Charger with 6,000 mAh capacity and US$65 price tag (Source: Tesla)

Portable Tesla Wireless Charger surfaces online and it's not cheap

The Tesla Wireless Charger surfaced on the company's official store but was removed after less than a day. This power bank features 5 W wireless charging and USB Type-C wired charging at 5 V and 1.5 A, has a rather modest capacity...
The LG V20 was launched on Android 7.0 Nougat two years ago. (Source: Pocketnow)

Update | Two years after launch, the LG V20 receives its first major OS update

The LG V20, G6, and Q6 are finally receiving their Oreo updates. It's only taken the V20 two years to receive its first major update, so LG must be applauded. And yes, that is, indeed, sarcasm.
The merger of T-Mobile and Sprint could have side effects

No less than 28,000 jobs would be lost if Sprint and T-Mobile merge

Expected to close before the end of 2019, the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint does not look like good news to many people already. According to The Communications Workers of America labor union, this deal should not proceed as plann...
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 teardown reveals low repairability (Source: iFixIt)

No surprises here: The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is hard to repair

With a repairability score of 4 out of 10 awarded by iFixIt, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is considered to have a nicely laid out modular internal design that only uses standard Philips screws. However, to service any of the internal...

Huawei caught using DSLR shots as camera samples in an ad for its new smartphone

Huawei has been caught passing off DSLR shots as camera samples of its smartphone. While the company has something to say in its defense, this wouldn’t be the first time something of this sort has happened, as similar crookery was...
The Apple Store in Amsterdam where the iPad explosion occurred. (Source: AT5 News)

iPad explodes in an Apple Store in Amsterdam

An iPad exploded in the Apple Store in Amsterdam on Sunday possibly due to an overheated battery. Luckily no one was injured but some of the staff are being treated in a local hospital for respiratory complications.
Image source: The Age (Artist: Matt Golding)

An Australian teenager hacked into Apple's secure network and stole 90 GB of data

A Melbourne, Australia based teenager was able to remotely hack and access some of Apple's secure servers for over a year, downloading over 90 GB of secure files and customer information. Using hacking software to obtain authorize...
Uber may be headed for trouble if expenses continue to climb. (Image source: stock w/edits, Uber logo via Uber)

Despite earning $2.8 billion in revenue, Uber bleeds $891 million in net losses

Uber lost a net $891 million this quarter as it continues to aggressively invest in new ventures and technologies. Despite bringing in almost $3 billion, the company hemorrhaged cash as it acquired new companies, started new lines...
The GDPR requires increased transparency and data-use options for EU citizens. (Source: flickr)

More than 1000 US news websites are still blocked in EU

The GDPR was instituted in May 2018. However, it appears that over a thousand websites (at least) have not complied with it. Therefore, users with EU IP addresses cannot access their content. An independent archivist maintains a w...
The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 failure has an Android Oreo update follow-up

Samsung did it again: Android Oreo for mid-range and budget phones delayed to 2019

A week ago, we heard that Samsung is pushing the Oreo update for the Galaxy A, J, and C handsets to December. Sadly, it can get even worse: the new Oreo roadmap says that most of those devices are scheduled to get Oreo — not Andro...
Dell XPS 15 9575 convertible facing trackpad problems early August 2018(Source: Dell)

Latest Dell XPS 15 9575 BIOS update comes with a trackpad bug

Although it might not affect all Dell XPS 15 9575 units that were patched with the latest BIOS update, it seems that at least some of this convertible's users are now facing a buggy trackpad. For now, the problem is being investig...
The Oppo Find X was found not to be very resistant to a bend test. (Source: JerryRigEverything YT Channel)

The Oppo Find X had its durability tested - and failed spectacularly

With its unique build and features, the Oppo Find X is a potential wave of the future. For example, it features a unique motorized pop-up camera However, it als...
Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 | Qualcomm Adreno 630 | 6.42" | 186 g
Fortnite Mobile for Android now available for a limited number of devices, Xiaomi and HTC not included

Fortnite Mobile for Android lacks support for HTC and Xiaomi handsets, as well as most Nokia smartphones

Although Fortnite Mobile is still available only for iOS-powered devices, it looks like the launch of the Android variant is near. For now, we know that the list of supported handsets does not include quite a few popular brands, s...
CPU VRMs in the Core i9 MacBook Pro are devoid of any thermal interface. (Source: iFixit / MacRumors)

Throttling in the 2018 Core i9 Apple MacBook Pro traced to improperly set VRM power limits

A Reddit user has managed to find out the reason for the high throttling seen in the 2018 Apple MacBook Pros with the Intel Core i9 CPU and it turns out that it is due to power throttling of the VRM than thermal throttling of the ...
Snapcash being used for a different purpose than intended, shutting down August 30, 2018

Snapchat will shut down its peer-to-peer payment service Snapcash on August 30

Introduced back in November 2014 as the result of Snapchat's collaboration with Square, Snapcash ended up as a payment service mainly used for trading adult-oriented content online, far from the initial goal of allowing friends an...
Apex Launcher 4.0 update negative feedback (Source: Google Play)

Apex Launcher 4.0 is a complete mess

Once a very popular Android launcher, Apex Launch has just become an example of how not to do things for the developers of such apps. The latest update reduced the number of settings available, and some of those that have not been...
The Xiaomi Redmi 4 topped the list of devices with high failure rates. (Source: NDTV Gadgets)

Report: Xiaomi Redmi 4 and Apple iPhone 6 were the 'worst performing' smartphones of 2017

Research firm Blancco has published a Mobile Device Repair and Security Report that throws up some interesting facts. The report puts Samsung as the OEM with the highest failure rate among Android manufacturers and the Xiaomi Redm...
Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 6th generation facing sleep mode problems in Linux

The 6th gen Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon on Linux is facing sleep mode issues, unofficial patch available for a while

A problem that has been spotted in early March has resurfaced on Twitter this week, and Lenovo pointed the troubled customer to the official forum. Sadly, the 18-page discussion about the X1 Carbon's inability to use deep sleep on...
PUBG Mobile 0.7.0 beta is (almost) available mid-July 2018

PUBG Mobile 0.7.0 available for download, still in Beta stage

Earlier today, PUBG Mobile 0.7.0 beta was still receiving new players. Sadly, at the time of publishing this piece, all available spots have been taken already. The good part is that new players will be accepted later, so this ear...



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