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Samsung releases statement on Galaxy Fold display issues

Samsung releases statement on Galaxy Fold display issues

Samsung has issued a statement in response to Galaxy Fold review unit display failures. The Galaxy Fold is the first product from the company to ship with a foldable Super AMOLED Infinity display and is considered a halo product.
Things are looking bad for Samsung PR right now. (Image source: Mark Gurman)

There have already been multiple reports of screens failing with Samsung Galaxy Fold review units

Oh dear, the Samsung Galaxy Fold has got off to a rough start. There have already been multiple reports from prominent tech personalities of their Samsung Galaxy Fold review units breaking after a day's use. Bleak times indeed for...
We are beginning to lose hope that the XPS 15 9570's latency issues will ever be fixed. (Image source: Dell)

Dell seemingly cannot fix the XPS 15 9570's DPC latency issues

Despite giving assurances to the contrary, Dell is still yet to fix the latency issues that have plagued the XPS 15 9570 since its launch. Get your act together, Dell.
The XPS 15 9570 has been plagued by numerous issues since its release (Image source: Dell)

Updated | Dell is reportedly working to bring back S3 sleep to the XPS 15 9570

A glimmer of hope, perhaps? It now seems that Dell is backtracking on its refusal to reintroduce S3 sleep mode, which it removed from the XPS 15 9570 with a BIOS update nearly a year ago. Its removal caused an outcry from some own...
The HTC U11+. (Source: AndroidPIT)

Eighteen months after launch, the HTC U11+ has yet to receive a single major OS update

HTC unveiled the U11+ about eighteen months ago. Since then, though, the flagship has yet to get a single OS update. In fact, bar Android One phones, no HTC device has received the Pie update, and that's a list that includes devic...
Leaked image of the Acer Predator Helios 300 laptop. (Source: Acer via Harvey Norman/Reddit)

Blundering retailers continue to create headaches for OEMs as recent Acer Predator Helios 300 leak demonstrates

Acer has just revealed its brand-new Predator Helios 300. The laptop sports thin bezels, an RGB-illuminated keyboard, and it will feature top-of-the-range goods from both Intel and Nvidia. But we already expected this thanks to a ...
Huawei, Samsung, and Sony not likely to be teaming up anytime soon. (Source: Gizmochina/edited)

Possibly fake Geekbench listing suggests incredible smartphone collaboration between Huawei, Sony, and Samsung

A recently posted and unearthed Geekbench listing has shown a device that could be truly unique, as it suggests a joint effort from smartphone giants Huawei and Samsung, who have generously brought Sony along for the ride. However...
Google Play Artist Hub shutdown email (Source: 9to5Google)

Another one bites the dust: Google Play Artist Hub to shut down by the end of the month

With YouTube Music now Google's primary streaming service, the Google Play Artist Hub is going to shut down at the end of April. Sadly, Google has no plans to offer a new direct portal for smaller artists, and all material that wa...
The LG V20 was the first smartphone to ship with Android 7.0 Nougat but has received only one OS update so far (Image source: Gadgets.NDTV)

LG releases its update schedule for Q2 2019, but the V20 is nowhere to be seen

It looks like V20 owners will have to wait a few more months before they see Android Pie on their device. LG will not be updating the device before the summer according to its recently published Q2 2019 update schedule. The V30, V...
The XPS 15 9570 has been plagued with numerous issues since its launch. (Image source: Dell)

Frank Azor claims that Dell has fixed many DPC latency related issues

The saga of the XPS 15 9570's latency issues rumbles on. Frank Azor, the Vice President & General Manager of Alienware, Gaming and XPS at Dell, has tweeted that recently updated Realtek audio drivers should fix DPC-related issues ...
Samsung is still the world's largest smartphone manufacturer. (Source: Android Central)

Not even Samsung's Galaxy S10 range can save the company's consolidated operating profit nose-diving by over 60%

Samsung Electronics has issued earnings guidance for the first quarter of 2019, and it shows that the tech giant’s operating profit has decreased dramatically from the first and last quarters of 2018. Issues such as the fall in me...
Apple's AirPods have once again attained a iFixit score of 0. (Source: iFixit)

Apple's new AirPods prove as unfixable as the old

The e-reparability authority iFixit had nothing but criticism for the first-gen AirPods when they came out. The wireless earbuds received a rare "repairability score" of zero from the company. Now, the new 2019 versions of these p...
Windows 10 1809 KB4490481 now available (Source: Own)

Windows 10 1809 KB4490481 rolling out with multiple fixes, still plagued by the main issues of the previous update

After spending a few extra days in testing, the long-awaited second cumulative Windows 10 1809 update for March is finally rolling out to the general public. This piece of code that is labeled "KB4490481" fixes a long list of issu...
This Lenovo foldable concept features a dual display format. (Source: LetsGoDigital)

Lenovo foldable smartphone patent shows off its peculiar impracticality in renders

Some renders have been developed based on patent drawings made by Lenovo as part of a patent filing with the USPTO. The result is a rather odd foldable smartphone that not only looks peculiar in comparison to other foldable smartp...
The text on the screen reads "Follow the white rabbit". (Source: Twitter/Ray Sekiro)

"Leaked" PlayStation 5 devkit and DualShock controller images fuel speculation

There’s a great deal of anticipation in the gaming community for the PlayStation 5, or whatever name Sony gives its next-generation console. It seems that some can’t wait for the real thing though, and an increasing number of “lea...
The AirPower has been cancelled some 18 months after being officially introduced by Apple. (Source: Apple)

The prevailing theory about why AirPower failed

The ultimate demise of the AirPower charging mat appears to have been foretold by Apple insider Sonny Dickson several months ago. In the absence of any official word from Apple, other than it cancelled AirPower because it couldn’t...
The Samsung Galaxy S10+ vs. the Apple iPhone XS Max. (Source: YouTube/PhoneBuff)

Samsung Galaxy S10+ beaten by iPhone XS Max in PhoneBuff's drop test; barely scrapes into top 10 rankings

A new video posted by YouTube channel PhoneBuff has pitted the Samsung Galaxy S10+ against the iPhone XS Max in a series of brutal drop tests. Although the flagship from the South Korean manufacturer is wrapped in Corning’s Gorill...
Apple's most public piece of vapourware, the doomed AirPower wireless charging mat. (Source: Apple)

Apple cancels AirPower (yes, you read that correctly)

In what will surely go down as one of the biggest fails in tech history, Apple has quietly announced that it has cancelled its Qi-enabled, long overdue, AirPower charging mat. Apple quietly made the dumbfounding announcement in a ...
Sony Mobile was founded as Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications in 2001. (Source: India Today)

2018 sales projection of just 6.5 million smartphones possible catalyst for Sony Mobile restructuring that could cost 2,000 jobs

Sony has announced a “realignment” that involves Sony Mobile, the Imaging Products & Solutions Business, and the Home Entertainment & Sound Business. The merger will create Sony’s Electronics Products & Solutions Business. Some se...
Apple currently has eight active major Exchange and Repair Extension Programs for faulty products. (Screenshot: Notebookcheck)

Faulty Apple product? Check this list of active device repair programs

Despite Apple’s reputation for build quality and design it has been having a few quality issues of late, particularly with regard to its MacBook line. A search on Apple’s website has revealed all of the products in its lineup that...
The free Office Depot PC Health Check allegedly operated in a similar fashion to scareware. (Source: FTC)

PC Health Check scareware allegations cost Office Depot and US$35 million

Office Depot, Inc. and, Inc. have agreed to pay a combined total of US$35 million to the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) after being accused of tricking customers into paying for unnecessary computer repair services....
It was supposed to be the solution to Apple's butterfly mechanism woes, but the third-gen keyboard design is a failure too. (Source: iFixit)

Apple admits third-gen MacBook keyboard fails too

Third time’s not the charm for Apple it seems when it comes to its troublesome butterfly mechanism-based MacBook keyboards. The company has admitted that users are still experiencing issues with the redesign that was meant to end ...
Asus releases patch to fix Operation ShadowHammer vulnerability in Live Update Utility

Asus releases patch to fix Operation ShadowHammer vulnerability in Live Update Utility

In response to the massive media attention around Operation ShadowHammer yesterday, Asus has released a fix for the affected software (Asus Live Update Utility) to patch the security holes used in the attack. The company also rele...
Operation Shadowhammer

Operation ShadowHammer: Tens of thousands of computers had a security backdoor installed via Asus' Live Update Utility

Kaspersky Labs earlier today wrote about an attack they discovered in January that compromised Asus' Live Update Utility. The attack affected 57,000 Kaspersky customers and may have hit as many as 500,000 computers around the worl...
The Sony Xperia XZ3. (Source: DxOmark)

DxOMark | The Sony Xperia XZ3 is more proof of Sony's woeful camera performance

The Sony Xperia XZ3, a few days ago, made the trip over to photography benchmark website DxOMark, where it failed woefully, continuing the trend of Sony flagships being unable to catch up to the competition.
Bitwise's report was submitted to the US Securities and Exchange Commission. (Source: The Daily Reckoning)

Study declares 95% of reported bitcoin trading is fake

A comprehensive study carried out by Bitwise Asset Management has come to the conclusion that the majority of reported volume in bitcoin trading is faked. Some unethical bitcoin traders are deliberately manipulating the volume to ...
Users are complaining of PBO issues in the latest AGESA firmware on AMD 400-series motherboards. (Source: Amazon)

PSA | Latest AGESA firmware can brick Precision Boost Overdrive on AMD 400-series motherboards

Users of AMD X470 chipset-based motherboards who have updated to the latest AGESA 0.0.7.x offered by some OEMs over the past week are reporting that the update cripples the Precision Boost Overdrive (PBO) from working automaticall...
"Great device. Would be a shame if we siphoned your data from it without your permission." (Source: MySmartPrice)

Nokia's official response on the case of user data violations

HMD Global has come up with an official response on the issue of its devices sending sensitive user data to Chinese servers. While the company's reasoning appears sound, it's still a tad appalling that something of this sort is as...
Samsung Galaxy Fold fails to impress, slower than Galaxy S10e and the Royole FlexPai foldable

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is slower than both the Galaxy S10e and Royole FlexPai

Although it will retail for more than twice its price, the Samsung Galaxy Fold seems to be slower than the Galaxy S10e. According to an alleged Geekbench entry — that has already been removed from the benchmark database — Samsung'...
In plain sight: Hundreds of millions of Facebook user passwords were stored in plain text

In plain sight: Hundreds of millions of Facebook user passwords were stored in plain text

Due to a security oversight made by some Facebook employees, certain Facebook apps have been inadvertently logging user passwords as plain text on internal company servers. While still secured against outside intrusion, between 20...
Margrethe Vestager: The European Commissioner for Competition who today announced Google's third fine in under two years for antitrust violations (Image source: WIC News)

Google fined €1.49 billion by the EU for yet another antitrust breach

Today, the European Commission has fined Google €1.49 billion for abusing its market dominance of online search adverts. The company has now been fined over €8.25 billion by the Commission in less than two years for illegal practi...
The Samsung Galaxy Fold has a 7.3-inch main display. (Source: YouTube/phoneoftime)

Hands-on video of Galaxy Fold shows it may not be as seamless as Samsung hoped for

A hands-on video of a Samsung Galaxy Fold has been uploaded to YouTube. The clip in question is actually focused on unlocking the smartphone; however, the thing that is immediately apparent is how noticeable the crease down the mi...
Myspace has lost all the music that once made it the world's most visited website. (Image source: Myspace)

Myspace has corrupted and lost 12 years of music uploaded to its website

In an embarrassing admission, Myspace has confirmed that it has lost every piece of music that users uploaded between 2003 and 2015, which equates to over 50 million files. The company reports that there is no way to recover the l...
We won't be getting a successor to the Poco F1 for months at least. (Source: BBC)

Geekbench listings of the Poco F2 and Poco F1 Lite were just social experiments after all

A number of recent Geekbench listings alluded to the existence of two new Pocophone devices: The Poco F1 Lite and Poco F2. We were skeptical in our coverage of both stories and it turns out were right to be, as it was all just a r...
The battery recall program initiated by HP in 2018 was recently expanded with 78,500 batteries. (Source: CPSC)

HP is expanding its 2018 battery recall program

Due to new customer complaints, HP is expanding its battery recall program with a 78,500 battery batch, and the affected models now include 2018 models such as ProBook 400 G4 and Pavilion x360 (11-inch), ZBook Studio G4, ProBook 4...
The Xiaomi Mi 9 also has a 'transparent' option. (Source: XDA)

Xiaomi cancels Mi 9 Transparent Edition sales at the last minute

Xiaomi had planned a sales event for the Mi 9 Transparent Edition, as well as the Mi 9 SE, for today (March 14, 2019) in China. However, reports that it has been abruptly cancelled have come in from that country. The OEM cited uni...
Android Q may be imminent, but HTC is just getting around to upgrading its flagship smartphones to Pie. (Image source: HTC)

HTC could release Android 9 Pie for the U11, U11+ and U12+ almost a year after initially confirming that it was going to do so

It may have taken over 7 months, but HTC has finally confirmed in which quarter it plans to release Android 9 Pie for the U11, U11+ and the U12+. The three devices should receive the update in Q2 this year, which could by the end ...
Destiny 2 seems to be the most commonly affected game. (Source: Polygon)

Windows 10 update KB4482887 causing issues with graphics and mouse performance in certain games

Microsoft has recommended that Windows 10 users suffering from problems with graphics or mouse performance degradation in certain games should uninstall the latest update for the ubiquitous operating system. KB4482887 was rolled o...
The Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. (Source: Daily Express)

March update messes up the Google Camera app, leaves Pixel users in the lurch

After the March security update, users of the Pixel 3 phones are reporting stability issues with their camera apps. The app apparently lags heavily and tends to completely glitch out during use. This, of course, begs the question ...
Many gamers, especially PS4 owners, have been reporting a critical bug in Anthem that causes a hard reset. (Source: PlayStation/Sony)

Update | Critical bug in Anthem is causing PS4 consoles to shutdown; PC and Xbox users also reporting hard crashes

Anthem, the new action RPG game from BioWare, is apparently causing hard crashes on PlayStation 4 consoles. A growing number of gamers are taking to both Reddit and Electronic Arts’ Answers HQ to complain about issues with PS4 shu...
Render based on the Google controller patent filing. (Source: Yanko Design/Sarang Sheth)

Design renders based on Google game controller patent channels the worst parts of the clunky Ouya controller

Some renders of a game controller based on a patent application made by Google have been met with considerable derision by the online community. Although the renders themselves have been expertly created, the majority of the negat...
Hilsenteger with his S10+, a Pixel 3 and the video that apparently hacked Face Unlock. (Source: YouTube)

Face Unlock fails again? YouTuber highlights a possible flaw in Galaxy S10+ security

The popular tech YouTuber Lewis Hilsenteger has posted a video to his channel claiming that the new Samsung Galaxy S10 series' Face Unlock security can be hacked. Hilsenteger demonstrated this by holding his Galaxy S10+ up to a 2n...
It seems Eve-Tech may be struggling to fulfill orders for Eve V convertible computers. (Source: Eve-Tech)

Growing concerns over Eve-Tech's unfulfilled orders for Eve V computers

Eve-Tech has just had another flash sale for its Eve V device, with potential customers likely enticed by discounts ranging from US$300 all the way to US$600 for the i7-7Y75 variant. However, there seems to be a growing number of ...
OneCoin has been called a get-rich-quick scheme. (Source: Bitcoin Exchange Guide)

Leader of OneCoin cryptocurrency pyramid scheme arrested by US authorities

The US Department of Justice, in conjunction with the US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, has announced the arrest of Konstantin Ignatov, the so-called “leader” of the supposedly fraudulent OneCoin cryptocu...
A recent Realtek audio driver update may fix audio glitches for some XPS 15 9570 owners. (Image source: Dell)

Dell promises to release a solution to address DPC latency issues imminently

The end may be in sight for those who have been experiencing DPC latency-related audio issues with their XPS 15 9570 laptops. Dell has been providing steady updates on Twitter about its progress in resolving the issues, and now an...
Best of MWC19

Best of MWC19

MWC19 Another year, another Mobile World Congress. In this article, we look at the good, the bad, and the ugly of this year's MWC and discuss the devices we're excited to see and those that left us less than impressed.
Tim Cook diplomatically refrained from correcting the POTUS. (Source: YouTube/The Guardian)

Donald Trump calls tech giant CEO "Tim Apple" during televised board meeting

During an American Workforce Policy Advisory Board Meeting held on March 6, President Donald Trump made a faux pas by calling the CEO of one of the world’s most famous technology companies “Tim Apple.” To his credit, Apple boss Ti...
The Meizu Zero has failed to secure funding. (Source: NDTV Gadgets)

The Meizu Zero crowdfunding campaign has ended in failure

The Meizu Zero was a novel prospect for the smartphone world: a device with no ports or buttons whatsoever. Its maker had been assessing the demand for this idea via a campaign on Indiegogo. However, it has failed to achieve its g...
This is the Apex Legends/Titanfall battle royale map that was leaked on Reddit in 2018. (Source: Reddit - u/hiticonic)

Apex Legends was leaked on Reddit nearly a year ago but was dismissed as fake

A map for Apex Legends was leaked on Reddit 11 months ago but was quickly dismissed by the community. A redditor called hiticonic uploaded the map image along with the caption “alleged minimap for rumored Titanfall battle royale g...
The Samsung Galaxy S10 was even put through a flame test. (Source: YouTube/JerryRigEverything)

Samsung Galaxy S10 passes bend test in durability test video but the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner eventually fails

Zack Nelson of JerryRigEverything fame has been putting a brand-new Samsung Galaxy S10 flagship smartphone through his brutal durability tests. The S10 had to face blades, flames, picks, and bends as it was verbally critiqued by t...



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