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Microsoft Teams mobile app and desktop version (Source: Microsoft)

No more support for Microsoft Teams, Yammer and Skype for Business on Windows Phone starting next month

Although Skype for Business will remain alive and well on the iOS and Android handsets, as well as on Mac and Windows desktops, Microsoft decided to stop supporting it on Windows Phone. In addition to it, Microsoft Teams and Yamme...
Renders of the Leagoo S10. (Source: Ben Geskin)

Opinion | The upcoming Leagoo S10 is a shameless attempt at cloning all the major flagships at once

According to a leak, Leagoo is set to release a new flagship device—the Leagoo S10. Going by renders, this device, eh, borrows its design elements from smartphones like the Galaxy S9, Essential PH-1, and P20 Pro. An archetypal cas...
HP Elite x3 Windows phablet

The Microsoft Store only sells Android smartphones

The last two Windows 10 Mobile handset available in the Microsoft Store, namely the HP Elite x3 and the Alcatel Idol 4S, are no longer in stock. This can be considered the final nail in the coffin of Windows for smartphones and ph...
Image: ZTE

ZTE strikes back: Chinese manufacturer may take "judicial measures" against Department of Commerce

After getting hit with a 7-year ban barring them from buying anything from a U.S. company, ZTE released a new statement today. The statement calls the Department of Commerce's ban unfair and says that it will not only severely dam...
The Vaunt smart glasses could deliver simple messages or display route directions. (Source: Liliputing)

Intel's vaunted smart glasses facing the axe

According to a report, Intel is planning on closing down its New Devices Group. This particular division of the chip-making giant was involved in developing wearable projects. One of these projects was called “Superlight” but was ...
Verge was introduced in 2014 and has the ticker symbol XVG. (Source: Engadget)

Cryptocurrency news: Cambridge Analytica's VC, Verge finds a naughty niche

The New York Times has published an article detailing Cambridge Analytica’s plans to create its own virtual currency (VC). The British consulting firm is now deeply embroiled in the Facebook data breach. In other cryptocurrency ne...
Law enforcement agencies tracked the alleged hacking activity back to 2015. (Source: Medium)

Russia accused of hijacking routers around the world

Law enforcement agencies in the US and UK have accused Russia of attempting to hack routers on a global scale. The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) has released an alert today entitled “Russian State-Spons...
The #DeleteFacebook movement may be gaining traction. (Source: Hillary Fox)

9% of Facebook users in the US have deleted their accounts over the past few weeks, study claims

A study by Tech.pinion has shown Facebook's ever-dwindling fortunes in the eyes of the public. According to the study, 17% of the population has deleted the app from their smartphones since the details of the recent privacy violat...
Image: ZTE

Qualcomm, Dolby, and others banned from selling components to ZTE for 7 years

The United States Department of Commerce has banned all American companies from selling components to Chinese phone manufacturer ZTE. This includes Qualcomm and Dolby, both of whom have made major contributions to previous ZTE pho...
Recent Apple leaks have included details about the iPhone 8, iPhone X, and iOS 11's gold master code. (Source: Technologizer)

Apple memo about leaks gets leaked

An internal memo warning Apple employees about the consequences of leaking information has been leaked. The tech giant has suffered from a considerable number of leaks in the past, and the memo warns that leakers face losing their...
Pre-orders for the Apple HomePod were apparently strong, but sales of the device have been slow. (Source: Apple)

Apple has reportedly reduced HomePod production

A report from Bloomberg has stated that Apple has had to cut manufacturing orders with Inventec in regard to the HomePod. Apparently, the smart speaker has not been selling in huge numbers and Apple workers have commented that sto...
Steam Spy was created by Sergey Galyonkin. (Source: Twitter)

Steam Spy ceases operations due to privacy changes made by Valve

The well-known video-game tracking website Steam Spy will be shutting down after Valve announced changes to Steam’s privacy settings. The specific change that has affected Steam Spy’s operations is the default hiding of a user’s g...
Image: Recode

Facebook is now the least trusted tech company when it comes to personal data

In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, which revealed one of the worst abuses of personal information by a corporation in history, trust in Facebook's handling of private information has plummeted. This is evidenced by a ...
PUBG has a large cheating player base. (Source: Playbattlegrounds)

Dell responds | Dell's marketing for its new laptops blatantly encourages PUBG cheating

According to PCPowerPlay, Dell's marketing for its new laptops in China involves hailing the ability of the devices to enhance cheating in PUBG. Players in the region have become notorious for their blackhat gameplay, so this isn'...
Popular music videos have suddenly started disappearing on YouTube. (Source: Outshade)

Despacito and other popular music videos defaced and delisted by YouTube hackers

Hackers have managed to deface or delist many popular YouTube videos, including the highly popular 'Despacito' by Fonsi and Yankeee. Some videos have entirely disappeared while some had their titles changed. The affected videos we...
Nexon has been involved with the development of titles such as Counter-Strike Online and Mabinogi. (Source: Massively Overpowered)

South Korean game makers face massive fine for loot box controversy

Three South Korean video-game developers have been severely punished by the country’s Fair Trade Commission in regard to the use of loot boxes in some of their games. Nexon, Netmarble, and NextFloor are the companies facing fines ...
Chrono Trigger was released for iPhone/iPod touch in 2011 and for Android devices in 2012. (Source: Steam)

Square Enix to fix problems with Chrono Trigger port

There was some excitement among JRPG fans in February when a PC port of Chrono Trigger unexpectedly turned up on Steam. However, that excitement soon turned to exasperation as many gamers complained about the graphics and the user...
Social networking project Arbtr (Source: Kickstarter)

Kickstarter project Arbtr aims to bring social networking back to the basics

If you are looking for a Facebook alternative, then Arbtr might be your thing. Returning to the basics of social networking, this Kickstarter project aims to create an "anti-feed" where users can share a single thing at a time. Th...
GTribe homepage details, GTribe to remove its Facebook page on July 4, 2018

Gaming Tribe to delete its Facebook page on the 4th of July

This seems serious, although there is a slim chance for it to be an April Fool's Day joke. However, the Facebook privacy-related scandal is not something to joke about, especially when an emerging targeted social network decides t...
Google URL Shortener homepage today, shutting down next year

Google URL Shortener will be shut down on March 30, 2019

After being around for less than a decade, Google's URL shortener — initially used for Feedburner and Google Toolbar — will go down in three stages. Support for it went down yesterday, from April 13 only existing users will...
Apple iPhone 8 with battery problems

Batterygate: Over 63,000 South Korean customers file a lawsuit against Apple

Although Apple also had some problems with inflated batteries lately, the class action lawsuit involving no less than 63,767 South Korean customers has been filed to seek damages because of the company's intentional CPU throttling...
The Japanese Yen currently makes up over 51% of Bitcoin's investment volume by currency. (Source: The Merkle)

Bitcoin crisis continues with another huge price drop

Bitcoin has suffered yet another turbulent day in regard to its market value. Within the last 24 hours the virtual currency’s worth has dropped from a high of US$7382 to a close of US$6822, reaching a low of US$6660 at one point. ...
The XPS 15 9575 is the first laptop to ship on the new Intel-AMD RX Vega M platform.

Unfortunately, the XPS 15 9575 2-in-1 has soldered RAM

Dell's much-awaited 15-inch convertible, the XPS 15 9575, went on sale yesterday. Although Dell originally touted up to 32GB of RAM, it seems that this configuration is impossible to attain for the time being. The XPS 15 9575's RA...
Under Armour has recommended that MyFitnessPal users change their passwords immediately. (Source: MyFitnessPal)

150 million MyFitnessPal users affected by hack

The popular fitness app MyFitnessPal has suffered a data breach that has affected the accounts of an estimated 150 million users. The company behind the food and nutrition application, Baltimore-based Under Armour Inc., has issued...
The Allplas store in Letchworth caught fire when a HP laptop exploded. (Source: The Comet)

HP laptop explodes during overnight charging and burns down a Letchworth store

The ground floor of a tarpaulin store in Letchworth was destroyed when a HP laptop that was left for overnight charging exploded. The explosion and subsequent spreading of flames was caught on a CCTV camera and while there were no...
An estimated 230,000 computers were infected within a single day in the 2017 WannaCry ransomware attack. (Source: Wccftech)

WannaCry virus strikes Boeing production plant

There has been a reported malware attack on a Boeing production plant involving the infamous ransomware cryptoworm WannaCry. A spokesperson for Boeing described the event as “a limited intrusion of malware” as there were concerns ...
Facebook has been in the news lately for all the wrong reasons. (Source: DigitalTrends)

Official Firefox extension makes it harder for Facebook to track you

Firefox has released an official extension designed to put a stop to Facebook's user-tracking. The extension puts all Facebook-related tabs into a sealed "container", preventing any tracking to be conducted beyond the site itself.
Bitmain AntMiner ASIC (Image: Crypto Mining Blog)

Ethereum-based ASIC miners may cause the price of AMD GPUs (and stock) to fall

AMD GPU prices may finally be coming down, but will the company’s stock follow suit? According to analyst Christopher Rolland, that may indeed be the case. A new Ethereum ASIC miner from Bitmain may threaten Team Red’s financial o...
Uber faces a ban on testing self-driving vehicles. (Source: Time)

Intel claims its driver assistance technology is superior to that of Uber's

Intel took a dig at Uber by claiming that its driver assistance technology can detect and prevent pedestrian impact more accurately than Uber's version. This comes in the wake of a tragic incident involving the collision of a self...
Facebook and privacy violation cases may as well be best mates at this point. (Source: Hillary Fox)

Facebook has been swiping call and text data from Android users for years

A teardown of Facebook's user data archive has revealed the fact that the company collects private user data including well-detailed call logs and text metadata. The company has been involved in a number of cases pertaining to pri...
The Samsung Galaxy J series was introduced in 2013 and features mid-range devices. (Source: PhoneArena)

Galaxy J7 Prime 2 appears on Samsung's Indian website

The Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime 2 smartphone has shown up on the South Korean company’s Indian website. The specifications listed by Samsung for the 5.5-inch device include an octa-core 1.6 GHz CPU from the Exynos 7 Series, 3 GB RAM, ...
The Desire 12 and 12+. (Source: HTC)

Opinion | HTC's new Desire 12 and 12+ embody the company's recent failures in the smartphone market

HTC has announced the release of its two new budget devices, the Desire 12 and Desire 12+. Considering how much of a part the Desire series played in the journey of Android, it's a tad surprising to see the latest devices in the s...
Surface Pro owners becoming irate over ongoing Surface Pen bug (Image source: Microsoft)

Surface Pro owners growing irate over annoying Surface Pen bug

Holding the Surface Pro with one hand while drawing with a Surface Pen on the other is apparently enough to "break" the tablet. A small but annoying bug reduces the accuracy of the Surface Pen if the user is touching the screen at...
Vivendi paid US$750 million for its shares in Ubisoft, so the company will still make a considerable profit. (Source: Wccftech)

Vivendi gives up trying to snatch up Ubisoft

The French multimedia conglomerate Vivendi has given up with its attempt at a hostile takeover of Ubisoft. Vivendi has been buying shares in the latter company for several years now, giving the impression that the mass media giant...
It has been standard practice to give companies 60-90 days to react to newly found exploits.

Update | Previously unheard-of company claims AMD chips are full of vulnerabilities, does not provide details

Researchers at a cyber-security consulting company in Israel have claimed that they have found 13 serious vulnerabilities in AMD processors. CTS-Labs has published details about the flaws after only giving AMD 24 hours to comply. ...
Bitcoin had a value of over US$11,600 on March 5, 2018. (Source: RTT News)

Cryptocurrency news: illegal Petro, falling Bitcoin and Japan gets tough

Venezuela’s Petro cryptocurrency has been called “illegal” and “unconstitutional” by the country’s National Assembly. Bitcoin has suffered another fall in its current exchange value, with the virtual currency's latest closing pric...
Human emotions such as digust facilitate the rapid spread of fake news. (Source: JPost)

Study finds fake news spread by social media users not bots

A report published by the highly respected journal Science has estimated that fake news is 70% more likely to be retweeted than true news. The study found that false information which was rapidly shared online through social media...
The Dyson Cyclone V10 (Image: Dyson)

Opinion | The slew of promoted Dyson YouTube videos spotlights a growing problem in the review community

Have you heard of the Dyson Cyclone V10? If not, don't worry; a deluge of YouTube channels posted "reviews" about the vacuum yesterday. However, the sponsored videos raise some concerns about the YouTube tech review community as a whole.
Amazon has stated "we're aware of this and working to fix it." (Source: TheINQUIRER)

Unexplained Alexa laughter is freaking people out

Apparently, some Alexa-enabled devices have started laughing in a disturbing manner at their owners. There have been reports made of unrequested creepy chortles issuing from smart speakers and Amazon devices by a number of users, ...
The Oculus Rift headset had an introductory price of US$599.99. (Source: The Verge)

Oculus Rift VR headsets defeated by runtime service issue

Oculus Rift virtual reality headset owners have been struggling to operate their devices today due to an issue with the Oculus Runtime Service. Users who have tried to open the app have faced an error message stating “Can’t Reach ...
Mark Carney began his career at Goldman Sachs after studying at Harvard and Oxford. (Source: RTT News)

Top economist calls for cryptocurrency regulation

Could central regulation for cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, be coming sooner rather than later? Canadian economist and current Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, brought up a number of issues about cryptocurrency du...
The SEC wants to probe into ICOs that may be violating trading rules. (Source: CoinStocks)

Securities and Exchange Commission to crack down on shady cryptocurrency ICOs

It appears the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has issued dozens of subpoenas to cryptocurrency companies in regard to the number of token sales and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) that have been made recently. The SEC i...
Sounds about right.

Report shows Honor may have ran a campaign against the new Redmi Note 5 on social media

A detailed report by Onphones has shown proof of Honor India running a subtle, clandestine social media campaign against Xiaomi's new Redmi Note 5 devices on Twitter.
No signs of any struggle have been recorded in the Apple 911 calls. (Source: Sacramento Bee)

Broken Apple devices seeking emergency assistance

Apparently the 911 emergency services communication center in Elk Grove, California has been receiving hundreds of calls coming from an Apple repair and refurbishing site in the vicinity. Since October, 2017 the total of 911 calls...
Huawei Honor 7X Android phablet, unlocked variant could retail as Mate SE in the US

Unlocked Huawei Honor 7X apparently being rebranded as Mate SE in the US

At the end of last week, the Huawei Mate SE was listed on both Amazon and B&H Photo Video. Even more, it also got an official page on Huawei's website. However, all these listings of the rebranded Huawei Honor 7X were removed sinc...
The estimated cost of building Apple Park was US$5 billion. (Source: Digital Trends)

Apple Park's glass walls and doors are hazardous for workers

Apple Park may look like a futuristic marvel but apparently it has been causing a number of painful incidents for workers due to its abundance of glass features. It seems distracted Apple employees are walking straight into the su...
Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan. (Source: Insel Games)

Valve removes developer from Steam after CEO apparently threatens staff to post fake reviews

An email has been leaked showing the CEO of Insel Games appearing to threaten staff job security if they didn't post fake reviews of one of their games on Steam. After looking into these claims, Valve has decided to remove the dev...
The Nokia 8 is yet to have its kernel sources released. (Source: Juho Sarvikas)

A year after launching its first device, HMD is yet to release kernel sources for any of its smartphones

HMD, perhaps only second to Google in terms of software updates, has failed to release kernel sources for any of its devices so far. Users are also stuck with locked bootloaders, which makes any attempts at community support futil...
Fujitsu: Battery recall for some Lifebook and Celsius laptops

Fujitsu: Battery recall for some Lifebook and Celsius laptops

The Japanese PC-manufacturer Fujitsu has announced a recall for some laptop batteries used in older Lifebook and Celsius laptops. As in many past cases, fire hazard is the reason for this recall.
Cybersecurity firms are analyzing the malicious code known as Olympic Destroyer. (Source: Forbes)

"Olympic Destroyer" virus fails to destroy Olympics

Friday's Winter Olympics opening ceremony in Pyeongchang came under cyber attack from malware known as "Olympic Destroyer." The virus affected Internet and television services used by media representatives but did not cause any ma...

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