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Lenovo unveils Flex 11 Chromebook convertible for $280 USD

Lenovo unveils Flex 11 Chromebook convertible for $280 USD

The Flex 11 incorporates a few features found on rugged notebooks including drop resistance up to 2.4 feet and sealed keyboards, trackpads, and ports against the occasional coffee spill.
The Snapdragon 835 SoC could power the rumored Microsoft CloudBook

The Snapdragon 835 SoC could power the rumored Microsoft CloudBook

Microsoft's "Chromebook killer" could soon be revealed as the newest member of the Surface family. An ARM-based system with a Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC is likely in order to reduce costs.
Anbox runs in a Linux container, making it compatible with any distro. (Source:

Anbox brings Android to Linux

The tool runs Android in a container which allows it to share the kernal and system resources with the Linux distro on which it runs. The software is still in pre-alpha but looks promising.
Stoney Ridge is AMD's seventh generation entry-level 15W chipset. (Source: AMD)

AMD may be expanding into the Chromebook market

An AMD board known as "Kahlee" has shown up in ChromeOS's Coreboot code. The device will be based on 2016's Stoney Ridge rather than AMD's new Ryzen architecture. The existence of an AMD powered Chromebook together with the release of Ryzen 7 and 5-series chips suggests that AMD is making an all-out effort to reestablish itself in the market.
Even this digital face is less than happy about the sudden demise of the Yoga Book Chromebook. (Source: Lenovo)

Lenovo has shut the lid on its Chrome OS-powered Yoga Book

After unleashing its marvelously-designed Yoga Book in both Windows and Android flavors, Lenovo had a third trick up its sleeve: a Chromebook. Unfortunately, that seems to no longer be the case—the Yoga Book Chromebook is dead.
MS Office 2013 running on an Asus Chromebook Flip C100. (Source: CodeWeavers)

Microsoft Office can run on Chromebooks via CrossOver

Using CrossOver Android, James Ramey (president of CodeWeavers) was able to run MS Word 2013 on his Asus Chromebook Flip C100. The group plans to have a preview of the software released before the end of the month.
Acer Chromebook R13 CB5-312T-K0YK Convertible Review

81% Acer Chromebook R13 CB5-312T-K0YK Convertible Review

Touch Chromebook. Acer's Chromebook convertible offers an IPS touchscreen, a silent operation, and long battery runtimes. ARM technology is used inside. The whole package costs approximately 400 Euros (~$425).
Mediatek MT8173C | PowerVR GX6250 | 13.3" | 1.5 kg
The Litebook is a rebranded Chinese laptop running Linux that retails for $249. (Source: Litebook)

Litebook laptop brings Linux at low cost

The $249 laptop runs elementary OS, a Linux distribution. The Litebook looks to compete with Chromebooks while offering a full desktop operating system.
Chromebooks have found a stronghold in the education sector due to their low cost and easy maintenance. (Source: Google)

HP launches inexpensive convertible chromebook for education

Google has announced the launch of a new rugged Chromebook convertible from HP.
The Chromebook Pixel line was great for those who loved Chrome OS and high-quality hardware, but the notebooks didn't come cheap. (Source: TechCrunch)

MWC 2017 | Google will not produce more Pixel laptops

Google is shifting the Pixel brand entirely into mobile devices such as smartphone and tablets, thus concluding the company's efforts to secure a niche within the premium notebook category. Google is still devoted to working on Chrome OS, however.
Does this mean future Chromebooks will have built-in fingerprint scanners? (Source: PCWorld)

Chromebooks will soon be compatible with biometric authentication

A fingerprint feature on Chrome OS has been in the works for the past few months and is now available for testing on an unstable version of Chrome Canary. This brings Chrome OS more in line with the biometric authentication options available on Windows 10 and macOS.
Instant Tethering will make it a bit more convenient for your non-LTE Android device to borrow an internet connection. (Source: Android Guys)

New "Instant Tethering" feature rolling out to select Android devices

Android 7.1.1 enables the new "Instant Tethering" feature on specific Nexus and Pixel phones. It fully automates internet sharing between devices once they have been verified once.
The Samsung Chromebook Plus is now available for $449 from select retailers. (Source: Samsung)

Samsung's Chromebook Plus now available for purchase

The Chromebook comes with a built-in stylus and support for Android apps via the Google Play Store for Chrome. Current retail price is $449.
Samsung Chromebook Plus convertible to offer up to 16 GB RAM

Samsung Chromebook Plus might have up to 16 GB RAM

While the Samsung Chromebook Plus is expected to arrive next week with 4 GB RAM on board, its Pro sibling is scheduled to arrive in April. While it is supposed to feature up to 8 GB RAM, the latest rumors claim the Chromebook Pro might get a 16 GB RAM variant after a while as well.
Acer's gaming products sold exceptionally well in 2016 among a growing enthusiast market. (Source: CNET)

Acer has an array of niche laptops planned for 2017

From the monstrous Predator 21 X gaming notebook to the Chromebook 11 N7, Acer has a wide range of laptops coming this year looking to capitalize on a few specific markets that have become the primary drivers of the PC market as consumer demand slows.
Acer Chromebook Spin 11 (R751T) rugged convertible for educational use

Acer debuts Chromebook Spin 11 for educational use

This new convertible comes with military-grade durability and extra features that make it a perfect classroom companion, such as the Wacom EMR technology and stylus that provide an easy way to write and draw directly on the screen.
Some older Chromebooks, such as the Pixel 2, will still have Android app compatibility. (Source: OMGChrome)

All Cromebooks from 2017 on will be compatible with Android apps

Google has announced that in addition to certain legacy models, all Chromebooks released in 2017 onward will have full Android app support.
The decreased licensing cost is the direct result of pressure on the market from inexpensive Chromebooks. (Source: Microsoft)

Pressured by Chromebooks, Microsoft will reduce Windows licensing costs on 14-inch and smaller notebooks

Microsoft has lowered the volume licensing fees for Windows notebooks with screen sizes of 14-inches or less for 2017. The move comes in an effort to combat the rising popularity of inexpensive Chromebooks.
Android 7.1 coming to... Chromebooks?

Android 7.1 coming to... Chromebooks?

Android N has been trickling out to flagship smartphones for a few months now, but Chromebooks may be the next devices in line to receive the update. Android 7.1 promises to bring better Android app management for Chrome OS.
Samsung Chromebook Pro/Plus with pen support

CES 2017 | Samsung introduces two Chromebooks with pen support

The Chromebook Plus and Chromebook Pro come with ARM/Intel processors, 4 GB RAM, 32 GB internal storage, also offering pen input support and the ability to be used as a regular notebook or as a tablet, thanks to the 360-degree rotating touchscreen.
Asus Chromebook Flip C302CA convertible with Skylake processor

Asus launches Chromebook Flip C302CA

The long-awaited successor of the original Chromebook Flip is now official as a convertible with a 360 degree hinge and a touchscreen display that uses a Skylake processor and starts at $499 USD.
Acer Chromebook N7 (C731) rugged notebook compliant with U.S. MIL-STD 810G

CES 2017 | Acer announces Chromebook 11 N7 (C731)

This new Chromebook is powered by the Intel Celeron N3060, next to 4 GB RAM and 16 GB or 32 GB eMMC internal storage, being compliant with the MIL-STD 810G ruggedness standard.
Asus Chromebook Flip 2 C302CA with Intel Pentium 4405Y

Asus Chromebook Flip 2 surfaces on Best Buy

The C302CA model was spotted earlier this year on Newegg, but now the Flip 2 name is finally confirmed, although Asus still has to announce it. This $499.99 USD Chromebook has an all-metal casing and uses the Intel Pentium 4405Y processor.
Newegg listed the C302CA momentarily, but not before at least one order was taken. (Source: Newegg)

Asus Chromebook C302 leaked on NewEgg, taken down after order momentarily listed the ASUS C302CA Chromebook for sale today, though it has yet to be made official by ASUS.
CrossOver allows Windows apps to be run through Android. Wine may soon add the feature to their software. (Source: Liliputing)

Wine may develop Windows compatibility layer for Android

The developers of the open-source compatibility layer software may soon bring Windows apps to Android. This move could in turn allow Windows software to run on newer Chromebooks that support Android apps.
The A1 symbol can tell you if the Micro-SD card is fast enough to run apps.

The A1 symbol on Micro-SD cards tell you if it is fast enough for apps

The SD Association recently introduced new application performance classes that will specify Micro-SD cards that are fast enough to be used for starting apps and programs. So far only one class, named A1 has been announced
Samsung Chromebook Pro Chrome OS notebook, Lenovo to buy Samsung PC business

Samsung might sell its PC business to Lenovo

Not long after selling its printer business to HP for about $1 billion, it looks like Samsung is now in talks with Lenovo, a giant apparently interested in acquiring its PC business.
The Google Play Store is now available on the Acer Chromebook R13.

Acer Chromebook R13: Google Play Store available on the Beta channel

The Acer Chromebook R13 joins three other Chromebooks in being the first ones to be able to run Android apps thanks to the Google Play Store integration. Early users have to switch to the Beta channel to start testing.
Leaked render Samsung's rumored Chromebook, the Chromebook Pro. (Source: Chrome Unboxed)

Leaks reveal possible high-end Chromebook from Samsung

Samsung may soon be releasing a premium Chromebook, dubbed the Chromebook Pro. The device is rumored to have high-end specs, a premium design, and stylus support via Samsung's new PEN, a derivative of the S-Pen found in their Note line of smartphones.
Acer Chromebook 15 CB3-532-C47C with Intel Celeron N3060 processor

Acer Chromebook 15 model priced at $199 USD hits Walmart

This 15.6-inch notebook with Chrome OS on board offers 12 hours of battery life, packing a Celeron N3060 processor by Intel, 2 GB RAM, and 16 GB internal storage.
PC Market: Sales keep falling (Picture: IDC numers)

PC Market: Sales keep falling

The PC market continues to shrink. In the last quarter less PCs were sold then one year ago, yet again. However, the decline in sales wasn´t as big as the market research companies expected it to be.
Chromebooks: Shipments exceed expectations

Chromebooks: Shipments exceed expectations

TrendForce reports 2016 Chromebook shipments exceed expectations with annual growth projected around 30 - 40 percent. Besides having a remarkable shipment record this year, Chromebooks could capture a part of the education market.
Acer Chromebook R13 convertible now up for pre-order

Acer Chromebook R13 now up for pre-order

This Chrome OS-driven convertible notebook with a 13.3-inch touchscreen is up for pre-order with a price tag of $429.99 USD and will begin shipping next month.
Andromeda: Google's internal name for the Android-Chrome OS merger.

Google Andromeda: Merged Android and Chrome OS on October 4th?

The 4th of October could be a more significant date for Google than previously expected. A tweet by Android and Chrome OS VP Hiroshi Lockheimer gives reason to speculate about a merger between Android an Chrome OS once again, 8 years after Android was first announced.
CTL NL61TX Chromebook with 10-point touchscreen and 14 hours battery life

CTL launches NL61T rugged Chromebooks

The new CTL NL61T and CTL NL61TX both feature a rugged design and will hit the market in mid-September, starting at $269 USD and $299 USD.
Google discontinues the Pixel 2 Chromebook

Google discontinues the Pixel 2 Chromebook

Google will not be restocking the Pixel 2 and may instead be working on a successor.
HP Chromebook 13 G1 Core m5 Notebook Review

85% HP Chromebook 13 G1 Core m5 Notebook Review

A Pixel Competitor… Premium materials, meticulous design, a high-res screen, and great performance. HP seeks to redefine the Chromebook with the closest thing we’ve seen to a Pixel since Google first introduced it.
Intel Core m5-6Y57 | Intel HD Graphics 515 | 13.3" | 1.2 kg
Acer Chromebook R13 convertible with 13-inch display

IFA 2016 | Acer Chromebook R13 coming in October

This new convertible is the industry's first 13.3-inch 2-in-1 Chromebook and promises to offer up to 12 hours of battery life.
Wine will soon allow you to run Windows programs on Chromebooks and tablets.

Wine: Bringing Windows programs to Chromebook

Open source software Wind already provides a shell that allows you to run Windows programs on Linux and Mac systems. Now, there will also be a variant for Android.
Andromium Superbook will be a second display for both Windows and Macs

Andromium Superbook will be a second display for both Windows and Macs

The Kickstarter campaign has met its goals to begin producing a notebook shell that can act as external displays for Windows PCs, Macs, and Android devices.
Lenovo ThinkPad 13 Chromebook Notebook Review

85% Lenovo ThinkPad 13 Chromebook Notebook Review

Practical and affordable? A couple of months ago, we evaluated Lenovo’s entry-level ThinkPad 13, which we found to be a good value overall. Today, we turn our sights to the Chromebook counterpart. Is it a viable alternative to the world of Windows?
Intel Core i5-6300U | Intel HD Graphics 520 | 13.3" | 1.4 kg
Startech announces new USB type-C Docking Station with Power Delivery

Startech announces new USB type-C Docking Station with Power Delivery

Startech announces their first USB-C Docking station with power delivery, HDMI, DisplayPort, Quick Charge USB ports and Ethernet.
Chromebooks long-term sales forecast predicts over 17 million units sold by 2023

Chromebook sales to exceed 17 million units by 2023

With over 5.4 million units sold in 2014 and driven by the strong demand in the education sector, the Chromebook market is expected to continue its growth in the years to come.
Asus C301 Chromebook now up for pre-order with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB storage at $300 USD

Asus C301 Chromebook now up for pre-order

This 13.3-inch, Intel Celeron N3160-powered Chromebook with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB internal storage can be pre-ordered for $299.99 USD.
Google Play Store ready for testing on the Pixel and Acer R 11 Chromebooks

Google Play Store ready for testing on the Pixel and Acer R 11 Chromebooks

The Google Chromebook Pixel and Acer Chromebook R 11 can now be updated for testing Play Store apps on Chrome OS. Full compatibility with all apps is not guaranteed.
Asus C301SA Chromebook with 64 GB of internal storage coming soon

Asus C301SA Chromebook with 64 GB of internal storage coming soon

The 13.3-inch FHD Chromebook is expected to retail for just $300 USD. A touchscreen option may not be available.
Asus to make SSDs an option across its entire notebook portfolio

Asus to make SSDs an option across its entire notebook portfolio

Users will be able to choose between a HDD or SSD on even budget Asus notebooks without needing to install one themselves after purchasing.
Acer Chromebook R 11 CB5-132T-C8ZW Preview

Acer Chromebook R 11 CB5-132T-C8ZW Preview

Play Store apps on Chrome OS... almost. The latest Acer Chromebook convertible will be compatible with Play Store apps upon launch. Our pre-release developer unit, however, has been having some issues. Nonetheless, we can provide our take on the hardware and chassis while Acer continues to patch out bugs.
Intel Celeron N3060 | Intel HD Graphics (Braswell) | 11.6" | 1.2 kg
HP officially announces Chromebook 11 G5 with support for Play Store

HP officially announces Chromebook 11 G5 with support for Play Store

The durable and classroom-friendly notebook is coming later this year just in time for Google's Android Play Store update for Chrome OS systems.
Asus Chromebook Flip C100 convertible to get a Skylake-powered successor

Asus Chromebook tablet with Skylake processor could be in the works

The popular Chromebook Flip might soon get a Skylake-powered sibling that currently seems to be internally known as "Cave."

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