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New AMD 7 nm CPUs and GPUs are expected to have a detailed announcement at Computex 2019. (Source: Guru3D)

AMD Ryzen 7 nm round-up — Ryzen 3000, X570, and Navi reportedly targeted for July 7, 12-core and 16-core CPUs expected

July 7 will see the launch of AMD's 7 nm parts including the Ryzen 3000 CPUs and Navi GPUs alongside the new X570 chipset. A detailed announcement is expected during Computex 2019 in June followed by wide availability in July. AMD...
Acer has released slightly disappointing early-year financials. (Source: Acer)

Acer has announced its financial report for January 2019

Acer has released a report in which it puts its January 2019 revenues at about US$540 million. These figures have decreased by 23.7% compared to December 2018 and by 1.3% compared to January 2018. The company has cited the ongoing...
Despite almost halved gaming GPU sales, Nvidia's revenues for 2018 turned out to be on the plus side. (Source: PCMag)

Nvidia explains disappointing RTX 2080 / 2070 sales, year-over-year gaming GPU sales down 45%

Nvidia's investors can now breathe easy, as the latest fiscal year report shows decent gains throughout 2018. Things are not looking good for gaming GPUs, though, since the report shows sales in this sector were almost halved comp...
Unity could unleash its ray-tracing potential soon. (Source: Unity)

NVIDIA CEO may have spoiled Unity Engine's ray-tracing support announcement

NVIDIA's CEO, Jensen Huang, referenced both Unreal and Unity Engines in relation to ray-tracing during a company conference call about its fourth-quarter earnings conducted this week. That is odd, however, as only Unreal has ray-t...
The general copyright strike message found on YouTube. (Image via YouTube)

The Verge issues copyright claims against multiple YouTube videos criticizing its infamous PC build video

Vox Media, the parent company of tech news outlet The Verge, has issued multiple copyright claims on videos criticizing its widely maligned PC building tutorial video. Using YouTube's copyright claim system, Vox lodged copyright s...
The Hardkernel ODROID-N2 integrates four ARM Cortex-A73 cores and two Cortex-A53 cores along with an ARM Mali-G52 GPU. (Image source: Hardkernel)

The Hardkernel ODROID-N2: A Raspberry Pi alternative with a hexa-core SoC, 4 GB RAM and a high-quality DAC

Hardkernel has announced its latest single-board computer, the ODROID-N2. The device is equipped with a hexa-core SoC and up to 4 GB DDR4 RAM, which should deliver considerably more performance than the Raspberry Pi while remainin...
Starting with version 4.22 of the Unreal Engine, Epic Games will be adding native support for real-time ray tracing and path tracing. (Source: Nvidia)

Nvidia's RTX 2000 GPUs to get adoption boost via expanded ray tracing support on Unreal Engine 4

Gamers that were rather reticent regarding the adoption of Nvidia's real-time ray tracing technology implemented in the latest RTX 2000-series GPUs may be interested to know that Epic Games is planning to make it easier for game d...
The Shuttle DH370: A 1.3 litre PC that supports up to 65 W TDP, 8th generation Intel Core processors. (Image source: Shuttle)

The Shuttle DH370: A 1.3 litre PC that supports up to 8th generation Intel Core i7 processors

Shuttle has expanded its range of compact Mini PCs. The DH370 is a barebones PC based on the H370 chipset that can be equipped with up to a hexa-core processor.
The Microsoft Surface Pen. (Credit: Neowin)

New Microsoft patent may reduce inadequacies in next-gen Surface Pen

The Surface Pen is Microsoft's answer to the Apple Pencil. It has been described as an effective stylus, albeit one that could produce more accurate digital writing. A new patent may help improve on this with changes to both the P...
The SilentiumPC Armis AR7X TG RGB (Image source: Silentium PC)

The SilentiumPC Armis AR7X TG RGB: A colourful and feature-packed, yet affordable Midi Tower case

SilentiumPC has announced its latest Midi Tower, the Armis AR7X TG RGB. The case costs around £125 (~ US$161) and includes tempered glass panels along with four Sigma HP Corona RGB 120 mm fans and enough space for up to 420 mm lon...
Dell Inspiron, XPS, Vostro, and Alienware systems are all on sale for President's Day (Source: Dell)

Dell XPS, Inspiron, Precision, and Alienware systems are all on sale for President's Day

Get the XPS 13 9370 with 8 GB of RAM, 256 GB SSD, and a Core i7-8550U CPU for $1175 USD. Deals will last until early next week in an attempt to clear out older stock and make room for newer models.
A curious Intel Core i3-9100F SKU surfaces online. (Source: IndiaMart)

Rumored Intel Core i3-9100F specs throw up a Turbo Boost conundrum

A listing for an hitherto unknown Intel Core i3-9100F CPU has surfaced on the SiSoftware database. The Core i3-9100F shares similar specs with the Core i3-8100 but does not come with integrated UHD Graphics. While Core i3s are kno...
Philips Momentum 436M6VBPAB 4K Desktop Monitor Review

Philips Momentum 436M6VBPAB 4K Desktop Monitor Review

A 4K giant with HDR. TV or monitor? This is the first question we had when we saw the Philips Momentum 436M6VBPAB display. The device lacks a TV tuner though, which makes it clear what the monitor is intended for. The Momentum also has 4K and HDR support, which is an interesting combination. Read on to find out whether the Momentum is suitable for desktop use and how it fares in our tests.
Activision Blizzard will allegedly cut its staff numbers soon. (Source: Activision Blizzard)

Activision Blizzard will supposedly announce layoffs for hundreds of staff next week

A new piece in Bloomberg has cited sources allegedly close enough to Activision Blizzard to allege that the gaming company will let "hundreds" of staff go. The firm is apparently taking this action to maximise profits and to "cent...
AMD has posted a generally positive 2018 financial report. (Source: AMD)

AMD releases 2018 financial performance results, showing strong revenue and market share gains

AMD has released its final financial report for 2018. It shows that the company had made nearly US$6.5 billion for this year, which is a 23% increase compared to 2017. The company also claims to have posted a net income of $337 mi...
Mobile Graphics Cards - Benchmark List

Mobile Graphics Cards - Benchmark List

Sort and filter through all currently available mobile graphics cards by performance or specification.
Fujitsu Celsius H980 (Core i7-8750H, NVIDIA Quadro P3200) Workstation Review

87% Fujitsu Celsius H980 (Core i7-8750H, NVIDIA Quadro P3200) Workstation Review

An XXL workstation. Fujitsu has updated its Celsius workstation to Intel Coffee Lake processors. The Celsius H980 also includes an NVIDIA Quadro P3200 GPU. Read on to find out whether the Japanese manufacturer has fixed the cooling problems that plagued the Celsius H970 and how its successor performs in our tests.
Intel Core i7-8750H | NVIDIA Quadro P3200 | 17.3" | 3.5 kg
Skype users can now blur their backgrounds during video calls. (Source: Skype)

Skype now offers the option to blur out a video caller's background

Many Skype users may be reluctant to take a call due to how messy or inappropriate their surroundings may be. Now, however, the app's latest update adds a toggle that blurs everything but the caller out of a camera's shot. This ne...
The AMD Radeon VII excels in content creation but doesn't really displace the RTX 2080 in gaming. (Source: Anandtech)

AMD Radeon VII turns out to be competitive, but does not surpass the RTX 2080 in first reviews

The first reviews for the 7 nm AMD Radeon VII GPU are out and they all seem to give an impression that AMD has managed to take the fight to the RTX 2080's pavilion. With a whopping 16 GB of HBM2 VRAM and a 1 TB/s memory bandwidth,...
The initial supply of Radeon VII GPUs looks to be very limited based on the European allocations. (Source: HotHardware)

New reports point to extremely limited AMD Radeon VII launch supply

Previous rumors about launch supplies of 5,000 units might not be too far off, as new sources cite very limited Radeon VII availability at least for Europe. Overclockers UK cite 100 units available for Great Britain, while France ...
The original Oculus Rift. (Source: Oculus)

Next-generation Oculus Rift is rumored to have adjustable room lighting and inbuilt tracking sensors

The next Oculus VR headset to be released is rumored to be called the Rift S. The latest leaks on this device suggests that it will come with its own onboard tracking cameras, rather than rely on USB-connected sensors. It may also...
The Zotac Zbox Magnus EC52070D: A powerful Mini-PC that has a Core i5-8400T processor and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 GPU. (Image source: Zotac)

The Zotac Zbox Magnus: A new Mini-PC equipped with a Core i5 processor and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 GPU

Zotac has introduced the Zbox Magnus EC52070D, which is a new, and compact desktop PC. The company has made a few compromises to pack such a powerful GPU within a small form-factor case, but it remains a powerful pre-built system ...
The first 7 nm CPUs from intel are expected to be launched in late 2020 / early 2021. (Source: Anandtech)

Intel's D1X Oregon fab first to get 7 nm production node

It is now clear that AMD will be first to launch 7 nm desktop CPUs, but Intel is not sitting on its hands. Even after all the problems it faced in 2018, Intel is now carefully planning for its upcoming 7 nm CPUs. According to sou...
VLC will get a new update soon. (Source: VLC)

VLC 4.0 will support uninterrupible music playback and Apple AirPlay, but also drop support for multiple older platforms

The latest update to the VLC media player (4.0) will bring more features, especially for iOS. However, it will also no longer support older versions of the same platform, along with some others (e.g. Windows XP). It also now offer...
A new report shows how Nvidia might have misinformed its investors about revenues recorded between mid-2017 – mid-2018. (Source: Bitcoin Exchange Guide)

Nvidia allegedly misinformed investors about crypto mining revenues

Latest report coming from RBC analyst Mitch Steves presents Nvidia misinforming its investors about revenues recorded during the crypto boom of 2017. We're talking about over US$1.3 billion that were not attributed to GPU sold to ...
Images via Acer

Acer resurrects the Chromebase with two new Chrome OS AiO desktops

Chromebases may have fallen out of fashion years ago, but Acer is reviving the Chrome OS form factor with the Chromebase 24I2 and 24V2, two business-centric Chrome OS all-in-one desktops. Both devices will feature 24-inch Full HD ...
More Inbox features are reportedly leaching into Gmail. (Source: Google)

New Reddit leak suggests Gmail will gain more Inbox features soon

A post on Reddit allegedly contains a screenshot of a Gmail app interface that integrates many features taken from Inbox. They include a pinned-only toggle, per-subject bundling and Assistant-esque reminders. They may have been pi...
AMD's new Radeon VII is manufactured on a 7nm process technology. (Source: Twitter/LegitReviews)

Image of AMD Radeon VII being tested posted on Twitter

An image of an AMD Radeon VII graphics card being tested has been uploaded to TweakTown’s Twitter account. Clearly the photo is being used as a teaser for the site’s upcoming benchmarks for the much-anticipated GPU from the red te...
The Intel Core I9-8950HK hexa-core CPU requires quite a bit of ventilation, meaning that these mini PCs will certainly not be quiet. (Source: EGLOBAL)

EGLOBAL starts shipping the world's smallest mini PC with Intel Core i9-8950HK CPUs

The Intel Core i9-8950HK represents the top of the line, but users with tighter budgets can opt to get one of the variants sporting Core i5-8300H / i7-8750H / Xeon E-2176M CPUs. All models may be equipped with up to 32 GB of DDR4-...
Intel Xeon W retail box (Source: Intel Newsroom)

Intel releases the 28-core Xeon W-3175X processor

The new Xeon W-3175X workstation-oriented processor sports no less than 28 cores and 56 threads, runs at 3.1 GHz (4.3 GHz turbo boost), has a TDP of 255 W, and supports up to 512 GB of hexa-channel DDR4 ECC memory. Announced back ...
HP is giving gamers the chance to test out their RTX cards with Battlefield V or Anthem. (Source: HP)

Deal | HP offers Battlefield V and/or Anthem for free with RTX 2070, RTX 2080, and RTX 2080 Ti gaming desktops

HP is currently promoting a deal that will give gamers a chance to properly test out a system that includes an Nvidia GeForce 20 series GPU. The manufacturer is giving away either Battlefield V or Anthem with qualifying PCs that h...
Sapphire AMD Radeon VII video card (Source: VideoCardz)

NVIDIA should worry: The AMD Radeon VII is faster than the GeForce RTX 2080 according to leaked 3DMark results

Although it cannot match the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 in Final Fantasy 15 — a title that features some technologies exclusive to the RTX series — the AMD Radeon VII appears to be a much better choice for 4K gaming, scoring higher t...
Noctua's new NT-H2 hybrid thermal compound will be available soon. (Source: Noctua)

Noctua introduces second-generation thermal compound NT-H2

The Austrian company Noctua has issued a press release to announce the introduction of the new NT-H2 thermal compound. The award-winning cooler manufacturer claims the second generation of its “enthusiast-grade” paste managed to d...
The new VivoMini VC65-C1 can come with either UHD Blu-Ray players or DVD writer drives. (Source: Asus)

The Asus VivoMini VC65-C1 is the world's first mini PC with a UHD Blu-Ray player

Besides integrating UHD Blu-Ray players or DVD writer drives, the new VivoMini HTPCs come with internal PSUs and generous room for storage expansions. These mini PCs are powered by Intel's 35 W Core T CPUs that bridge the gap betw...
GeForce RTX 2080 mobile is a desktop RTX 2080 but 50 percent underclocked (Image source: Nvidia)

GeForce RTX 2080 Max-Q is a desktop RTX 2080 but up to 50 percent underclocked

The significantly reduced base clock rate and TDP allow the mobile RTX 2080 to fit into a wider range of gaming laptop designs. Fortunately, memory bandwidth and number of CUDA cores remain unchanged.
Intel Core i5-9600K Desktop CPU Review

Intel Core i5-9600K Desktop CPU Review

The battle for the hexa-core crown. The Intel Core i5-9600K is the latest Coffee Lake desktop processor that we have in for review. The hexa-core CPU offers almost the same specifications as its predecessor but with a ramped-up clock speed. Read on to find out how the Core i5-9600K fares against its competitors and how it performs in our various benchmarks and tests.
Nvidia Titan RTX is just 15 percent slower than a laptop with GeForce GTX 1080 SLI graphics

Nvidia Titan RTX is just 15 percent slower than a laptop with GeForce GTX 1080 SLI graphics

Can the fastest consumer desktop GPU available beat the fastest laptop with SLI graphics? Not quite, but it's at least 50 percent faster than any gaming laptop out there equipped with a single GeForce GTX 1080 GPU.
Facebook plans to bring content from its three messaging-related services into closer conjunction. (Source: The Financial Express)

Facebook has a plan to 'merge' user content from Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram

Facebook has just announced an initiative in which messages from its own Messenger, as well as from its acquisitions Instagram and WhatsApp, will be integrated using a singular infrastructure. This contravenes an earlier commitmen...


If money is no object NVIDIA announced the TITAN RTX in December last year, and now we have it in for review. Read on to find out how this monster of a Desktop GPU performs in our tests and whether it can set itself apart from NVIDIA’s other GPUs.
Wireless headphones represent a robust and growing market. (Source: HSN)

The wireless headphone market could be worth US$34 billion in 5 years

A new report by indicates that the wireless headphone market will continue to show healthy growth into the year 2024. At that point, it could be worth as much as US$34 billion. The report indicates that this...
The Ryzen 3000 CPU showcased at CES earlier this month seems to have room for additional cores, so mainstream 12-core models could actually be launched this year(Source: AMD's CES 2019 Keynote)

12-core / 24-thread Ryzen 3000 CPU spotted in UserBenchmark database

The engineering sample spotted by Tum Apisak in the UserBenchmark database has a designation that is consistent with previously leaked codenames. As far as specs go, the early sample can boost to 3.7 GHz on a 105 W TDP, and also f...
According to new rumors, the Navi line may have as many as 5 variants. (Source: PC Builder's Club)

New leak points to the existence of more Navi GPU variants

Navi is the currently-accepted name for the generation of AMD processors to succeed the Radeon VII GPU. Cards based on this upcoming 7nm platform may be released later this year. A new leak points to new chipset variants for the s...
The GTX 1660 and its Ti variant could replace the laptop GTX 1050 / Ti GPUs, as well. (Source: Videocardz)

Nvidia GTX 1660 Ti gets leaked benchmarks, launches in February

Now that Nvidia almost cleared its Pascal inventories, gamers are looking for a good price/performance ratio. The RTX 2070 and 2080 cards are certainly overpriced for now, and even the RTX 2060 could be a bit too much for the budg...
The RIOTORO CR400 is a budget Mid-Tower case that supports ATX, microATX and mini-ITX motherboards. (Image source: RIOTORO)

RIOTORO CR400: An affordable Mid-Tower case with a side window

The CR400 is a cheap Mid-Tower case with a large side window and a ventilated mesh front panel. The case has mounts for two 240 mm radiators to keep components cool and is big enough to handle full-size GPUs and PSUs.
Jensen Huang attended a private Q&A session at CES 2019 and VentureBeat had a few burning questions prepared for the CEO.  (Source: VentureBeat)

Nvidia CEO informs that the GTX 10xx GPU inventories are almost dried up

Jensen Huang is trying to divert attention from stock prices and investor troubles with an optimistic outlook over the inventory troubles that the green team has been having since early 2H 2018. Nvidia's CEO was happy to announce ...
PCI-SIG is almost ready to release the finalized specs for the PCIe 5.0, even if there is no sign of any consumer-grade PCIe 4.0 devices at the moment. (Source: PCI-SIG)

Full PCIe 5.0 specs releasing Q1 2019, PCIe 4.0 to be a short-lived standard

Consumer PCs will finally benefit from PCIe 4.0 devices this year thanks to AMD's support via the Ryzen 3000 CPUs, but the high-end sector will also be getting a taste of the PCIe 5.0 some later in 2019, and the two standards are ...
The AMD Radeon VII will feature 16 GB of super-fast HBM2 memory. (Source: AMD)

AMD releases statement countering rumored limited availability of the Radeon VII

AMD has issued a statement in regard to the recent rumor that only 5,000 Radeon VII GPUs were going to be made available for sale at release time. However, the statement has not explicitly confirmed or refuted the claim of a limit...
A piece of promotional material allegedly associated with the Turing GTX card. (Source: Videocardz)

New rumor implies the RTX 2060 will be faster than the corresponding Turing GTX card

An ever-increasing body of leaks point to '1660 Ti' as the name for one of the first GTX cards to feature the Turing architecture. It suggests that it may be an RTX 2060 counterpart, just without ray-tracing. A new rumor has indic...
Many Netflix customers will see price hikes over the next quarter. (Source: Netflix)

Netflix will increase its prices to customers paying in USD over the next few months

Netflix has announced plans to inflate its prices by up to 18%. However, this will only affect new and existing customers who use US dollars to pay for their subscriptions. This move resulted in a 6.5% increase in its stock price ...
A new toggle to impose a traditional, temporal timeline view is being rolled out to Twitter users. (Source: YouTube)

Twitter is finally switching back to a fully chronological timeline

Recently, Twitter revamped its platform with the 'Interesting Tweets' feature. However, some users have asserted that the tweets chosen by its algorithm persisted in timelines regardless of whether they turned it off in Settings o...

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