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The Best Mobile Workstation Laptops

The Best Mobile Workstation Laptops

Q4/2020 update. Mobile workstations king when it comes to powerful business notebooks. Ideally, they combine typical business characteristics with powerful hardware optimized for reliability, stability, and performance. Below, you will find the best mobile workstations reviewed by Notebookcheck.
Benjamin Herzig, Tue, 01 Dec 2020 03:21:00 +0100
The Best Business Notebooks

The Best Business Notebooks

November 2020 update. Designed for the tough requirements of everyday business needs in the office and on the road business notebooks are the backbone of every modern business. Their key features include a robust case, high-quality input devices, and a good balance between battery life and performance.
Benjamin Herzig, Mon, 30 Nov 2020 23:40:00 +0100
The Best Budget Gaming Notebooks

The Best Budget Gaming Notebooks

November 2020 update. These notebooks offer the best bang for the buck: maximum performance at a low price. They are thus ideally suited for beginners. Find your next gaming notebook that will balance your expectations with your budget below.
Florian Glaser, Mon, 30 Nov 2020 23:06:00 +0100
The Best Gaming Notebooks

The Best Gaming Notebooks

November 2020 update. Equipped with powerful processors and top-of-the-line graphics cards these gaming laptops manage to run even the latest PC games smoothly. Looking for the perfect gaming notebook? Below, you will find the best gaming notebooks reviewed by us.
Florian Glaser, Mon, 30 Nov 2020 22:56:00 +0100
The Best Thin & Light Gaming Notebooks

The Best Thin & Light Gaming Notebooks

November 2020 update. The model-specific allure of these thin & light gaming notebooks is their unique combination of very thin and lightweight cases on the one hand and powerful hardware on the other rendering devices particularly interesting to all users who intend to use their gaming laptops when out and about. Naturally, everyday work is another use case, but gaming is the most important aspect here. Below, you will find the best ultra-portable gaming laptops reviewed by Notebookcheck.
Florian Glaser, Mon, 30 Nov 2020 22:45:00 +0100
Ryzen 5000 appears to be compounding Intel's woes with its performance gains. (Image source: AMD)

Ryzen 5 5600X joins the long list of AMD CPUs outselling every Intel part in record Mindfactory sales for Black Friday

The new Vermeer CPU from AMD, the Ryzen 5 5600X, has made a strong showing in the latest Mindfactory CPU sales data that covers Black Friday. The Zen 3 chip joins 12 other AMD processors in outselling every single Intel part on th...
Daniel R Deakin, Mon, 30 Nov 2020 10:54:00 +0100
The PS5 and XSX have both sold well in the US. (Image source: Sony/Microsoft - edited)

PlayStation 5 sales vs Xbox Series X and S: Estimated figures give PS5 the win but Microsoft's consoles and the Nintendo Switch are in great demand

Estimated figures for the launch day sales for both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles have revealed that although Sony’s device has greatly outsold its rival, there has still been plenty of demand for the Microsoft ma...
Daniel R Deakin, Fri, 27 Nov 2020 12:23:00 +0100
The Best Multimedia Notebooks

The Best Multimedia Notebooks

November 2020 update. Made for content creation, working on the go, and gaming multimedia notebooks are true jacks of all trades. Below, you will find the highest rated multimedia notebooks reviewed by Notebookcheck.
Sebastian Bade, Wed, 25 Nov 2020 21:06:00 +0100
The Best Budget Multimedia Notebooks

The Best Budget Multimedia Notebooks

November 2020 update. Whether you are looking at gaming, office use, or photo and video editing, multimedia laptops cover a wide spectrum. Below, you will find the all-round notebooks with the best price-performance ratio as well as true bargains.
Sebastian Bade, Wed, 25 Nov 2020 20:57:00 +0100
The new MacBook Air with Apple M1 SoC costs from US$999. (Image source: Apple)

ARM-based M1 in MacBook Air destroys AnTuTu benchmark and all the Apple silicon can go home now

The ARM-based Apple M1 chip has made a star turn appearance on the AnTuTu benchmark as the key component in a MacBook Air. The M1 managed to rack up way over one million points, leaving the Apple silicon, including the A12Z Bionic...
Daniel R Deakin, Wed, 25 Nov 2020 10:17:00 +0100
The Best Budget Office Notebooks

The Best Budget Office Notebooks

November 2020 update. Equipped with everything required for daily basic day-to-day business use budget office laptops are a good choice for many users as they offer a great balance between price and features. Below, you will find our favorites with a particularly good price-performance ratio.
Sebastian Bade, Tue, 24 Nov 2020 23:21:00 +0100
The Best Ultra-Portable Notebooks

The Best Ultra-Portable Notebooks

November 2020 update. Particularly portable notebooks, also known as subnotebooks, are known for their particularly compact build, low weight, and long battery life. They tend to be the first choice of all road warriors and users who carry around their laptop wherever they go in order to work from wherever they are. Below, you will find the best subnotebooks reviewed by us.
Sebastian Jentsch, Tue, 24 Nov 2020 22:54:00 +0100
The Best Ultrabooks

The Best Ultrabooks

Q4/2020 update. Early 2011 Intel started a new class of notebooks called Ultrabook that was definied primarily through a thin case, an energy-efficient Intel processor, long battery life, and a touchscreen display. Henceforth, Ultrabook became the moniker for all particularly portable laptops, and started somewhat of a race to design the thinnest case possible. Find our Ultrabook favorites as reviewed by us below, now with updated criteria.
Sebastian Jentsch, Tue, 24 Nov 2020 22:46:00 +0100
The Best Windows Tablets

The Best Windows Tablets (2-in-1 Tablets)

Q4/2020 update. Modern Windows tablets almost always feature an optional keyboard, either as cover or dock, transforming the tablet into a traditional notebook. One benefit over convertible laptops is the fact that a detachable display allows for much more comfortable tablet use when compared to a convertible with 360-degree hinge. Below, you will find the best Windows tablets reviewed by us.
Sebastian Bade, Tue, 24 Nov 2020 22:28:00 +0100
The Best Convertible Laptops

The Best Convertible Notebooks (2-in-1 Laptops)

Q4/2020 update. Convertible laptops feature a special hinge that allows them to be used as both notebook and tablet. As a result, these laptops are incredibly versatile and cover a very wide array of use cases, from personal use on the couch or in the backyard to educational use to professional use where convertibles are often used and well-suited for presentations. Find the best convertables reviewed by us below.
Sebastian Bade, Tue, 24 Nov 2020 22:18:00 +0100
The Best Smartwatches

The Best Smartwatches

November 2020 update. When we first started with this list in summer, we had no more than seven smartwatches to choose from. Ever since, the number of smartwatch reviews on Notebookcheck more than doubled. Our readers’ interest in this category has since grown immensely, and we are ready to fill the need. This November update also includes Apple’s latest Apple Watch.
Inge Schwabe, Fri, 20 Nov 2020 22:05:00 +0100
The Best Smartphones for Less Than 160 Euros

The Best Smartphones for Less Than 160 Euros

November 2020 update. Looking for a great affordable smartphone? Below, you will find the best smartphones reviewed by us that cost less than 160 Euros, or around $200. Entry-level smartphones will require quite a few compromises from their users but are more often than not more than sufficient for simple tasks and perfectly adequate at running simple applications.
Daniel Schmidt, Thu, 19 Nov 2020 22:58:00 +0100
The Best Smartphones for Less Than 300 Euros

The Best Smartphones for Less Than 300 Euros

November 2020 update. The price range of less than 300 Euros, or around $350, is one of the best-selling smartphone segments. Phones in this price bracket tend to offer attractive price-performance ratios. If you are looking for a solid high-quality smartphone on a budget the following list of all smartphones for less than 300 Euros reviewed by us may help.
Daniel Schmidt, Thu, 19 Nov 2020 22:58:00 +0100
The Best Smartphones for Less Than 500 Euros

The Best Smartphones for Less Than 500 Euros

November 2020 update. Not too long ago the price bracket between 500 to 600 Euros was occupied primarily by flagship devices. Nowadays, these have moved on and can usually be found in price ranges north of 1,000 Euros, leaving the bracket around 500 Euros for occasional affordable high-end devices as well as older top-of-the-line premium smartphones. The latter may not be up-to-date any longer but can still be a great alternative.
Daniel Schmidt, Thu, 19 Nov 2020 22:58:00 +0100
The Best Camera Smartphones

The Best Camera Smartphones

November 2020 update. Photography has become the defining feature of modern smartphones. Thanks to incredible leaps in camera technology smartphones are now at a point where they can easily replace traditional digital point-and-shoot cameras. Complex software algorithms ensure that even a spontaneous snapshot will look great. Below, you will find the best camera smartphones reviewed by us.
Daniel Schmidt, Thu, 19 Nov 2020 22:58:00 +0100
The Best Compact Smartphones

The Best Compact Smartphones

November 2020 update. Smartphones with large display are a dime a dozen. However, things are rather bleak if you’re looking for a compact smartphone. Below, you will find the best compact smartphones reviewed by us.
Daniel Schmidt, Thu, 19 Nov 2020 22:57:00 +0100
The best smartphones Q3/2020

The best smartphones Q3 2020 - 37 phones in review

Smartphone Editors Choice Awards Q3 2020. 37 smartphones of various brands were thoroughly tested by us in the summer quarter of 2020. Which cell phones were particularly convincing? In the following cell phone comparison you will find the recommendations of our editorial team and current smartphone bargains.
Redaktion, Wed, 18 Nov 2020 11:52:00 +0100
The best laptops Q3/2020

The best laptops Q3 2020 - 92 laptops in review

Laptop Editors Choice Awards Q3 2020 In the third quarter of 2020, the Notebookcheck review editors had plenty to do: 92 laptops underwent our extensive laboratory tests. The following comparison will show you which of them scored particularly well and which laptops are among the favorites of the Notebookcheck editorial team.
J. Simon Leitner, Wed, 18 Nov 2020 11:16:00 +0100
The Best 17-inch Office Laptops

The Best 17-inch Office Laptops

October 2020 Update. Looking for a portable replacement for your old desktop computer? Affordable office notebooks with large 17-inch displays feel right at home on your desk at home and more often than not offer more than enough performance for everyday tasks such as word processor or browsing the web. Find our favorites below.
J. Simon Leitner, Tue, 17 Nov 2020 22:38:00 +0100
The Ryzen 9 5950X has been spotted assisting the RX 6800 XT and RTX 3090. (Image source: AMD/Nvidia - edited)

AMD Ryzen 9 5950X assists both the GeForce RTX 3090 and Radeon RX 6800 XT with incredible results in Geekbench Vulkan benchmark

The 16-core, 32-thread AMD Ryzen 9 5950X has appeared in a couple of startling benchmark results involving the Vulkan graphics API. The Zen 3 Vermeer processor was teamed up with an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 and an AMD Radeon RX 680...
Daniel R Deakin, Tue, 17 Nov 2020 22:27:00 +0100
Around 71% of Spider-Man: Miles Morales boxed game sales have been for the PS5. (Image source: Sony/Marvel - Brandon Tepezano)

PlayStation 5 expectations rocket as UK boxed chart reveals strong PS5 game sales before console launch

The PlayStation 5 hype continues as the UK boxed game chart shows gamers preparing for the console’s second launch date. Almost 19% of sales for the week were for titles on the PS5, including Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Marvel’s...
Daniel R Deakin, Mon, 16 Nov 2020 20:17:00 +0100
The AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT is scheduled to launch on November 18. (Image source: AMD)

AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT and Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 throw up crazy Ashes of the Singularity benchmark results that leave the GeForce RTX 3090 firmly out of the mainstream market

Some Ashes of the Singularity benchmark comparison results for the AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT, Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080, and Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 have been posted online. While both the RX 6800 XT and RTX 3080 performed capably, the ...
Daniel R Deakin, Mon, 16 Nov 2020 19:01:00 +0100
The best Phablets

The Best Smartphones with Large Display

November 2020 Update. The current trend in smartphone displays is a complete reversal of the last trend in cell phone displays before the smartphone entered: displays are getting increasingly larger. One reason are our changed habits and the ways in which we use modern smartphones. Telephony became texting and posting, social media and media consumption applications are now more important than ever and benefit immensely from large content display allotments. The following table contains the best smartphones with large displays reviewed by us.
Daniel Schmidt, Fri, 13 Nov 2020 22:37:00 +0100
Notebookcheck's Top 10 Smartphones

The Best Smartphones

November 2020 Update. Smartphones have become a staple of modern life and have become a truly universal tool to get us through the day. From connecting us with our friends to preserving precious memories, from providing entertainment during those dull moments of boredom to making the modern shopping experience so much more enjoyable to providing us with the latest news… we could go on and on. Thus, it is very important to make the right decision when shopping for a smartphone. Listed below you will find the best smartphones that we got our hands on in our lab, and that we put through their paces as part of our extensive review process.
Daniel Schmidt, Fri, 13 Nov 2020 21:57:00 +0100
The Best Tablets for Less Than 250 Euros

The Best Tablets for Less Than 250 Euros

Q4/2020 update Here you will find the best tablets under 250 USD/Euros reviewed by Notebookcheck. Our list of top models is regularly updated, maintained and commented on and should assist in purchasing decisions.
Daniel Schmidt, Fri, 13 Nov 2020 21:48:00 +0100
The Best Tablets

The Best Tablets

Q4/2020 update. When it comes to couch usage, gaming while out and about, taking notes, or even conducting research for school or work tablets have become increasingly popular and attractive devices. Even if Apple managed to establish itself as a dominant force in the tablet market they are not the only ones, and various exciting alternatives by numerous OEMs are available alternatively. Below, you will find the highest-ranking tablets we have had in review.
Daniel Schmidt, Fri, 13 Nov 2020 21:19:00 +0100
The Ryzen 5000 series of Zen 3 desktop processors is codenamed Vermeer. (Image source: AMD)

AMD Ryzen 9 5900X in iMac Pro produces spectacular single-core scores on Geekbench that seem too good to be true

The top single-core score chart for Geekbench 5 is currently headed by a couple of entries that were purportedly produced by a potent combination of an AMD Ryzen 9 5900X and Apple iMac Pro. While the results are breathtaking, the ...
Daniel R Deakin, Fri, 13 Nov 2020 17:45:00 +0100
AMD is expected to announce the Ryzen 5000 mobile APUs early next year. (Image source: AMD)

AMD Ryzen 7 5700U in HP Pavilion Laptop 15-eh1xxx is an SMT upgrade over the Ryzen 7 4700U with an up to 23% Geekbench multi-core score improvement

Another example of the AMD Ryzen 7 5700U mobile APU has been spotted, this time being tested in an HP Pavilion laptop on Geekbench. The Lucienne Zen 2-based part showed good improvements over the Renoir Ryzen 7 4700U and includes ...
Daniel R Deakin, Thu, 12 Nov 2020 18:52:00 +0100
The Mi 10 Pro has been rated higher for its audio qualities than the iPhone 12. (Image source: Xiaomi/Apple - edited)

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro remains atop DxOMark audio chart despite strong showing from new Apple iPhone 12

The new Apple iPhone 12 has been tested for its audio quality by DxOMark and has scored relatively well to give it a high position in the site’s audio chart. However, the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro’s place at the top of the table has not be...
Daniel R Deakin, Thu, 12 Nov 2020 16:39:00 +0100
The Apple M1 SoC looks to give a tough competition to current x86 offerings. (Image Source: Apple)

Apple M1 SoC can be a real threat to x86; M1 in 13-inch MacBook Pro and Mac Mini beats Core i9 in MacBook Pro 16 but performs similarly with or without active cooling

Apple's new M1 SoC combines different components such as an 8-core CPU, an 8-core GPU, a 16-core NPU, and memory and storage controllers onto a single chip fabbed on the 5 nm process. Leaked Geekbench scores of the M1 SoC in the n...
Vaidyanathan Subramaniam, Thu, 12 Nov 2020 09:54:00 +0100
The Ryzen 5000 series "struggles" against Comet Lake in UserBenchmark's charts. (Image source: AMD/Intel - edited)

Final nail in the coffin: Bar-raising AMD Ryzen 9 5950X somehow lags behind four Intel parts including the Core i9-10900K in average bench on UserBenchmark despite higher 1-core and 4-core scores

The AMD Ryzen 9 5950X has been impressing many with its various appearances on synthetic benchmarks. However, it is the Intel Core i9-10900K that tops the average bench charts over at UserBenchmark, while the powerful Zen 3 Vermee...
Column by Daniel R Deakin, Tue, 10 Nov 2020 18:21:00 +0100
The Redmi Note 9 and Apple iPhone 11 are two of the world's best-selling smartphones. (Image source: Xiaomi/Apple - edited)

Redmi Note 9 ships in its millions for Q3 2020 but can't hold a candle to the global popularity of the iPhone 11

Apple, Samsung, and Xiaomi have taken up all 10 places in the Q3 2020 table for most shipped smartphones of the quarter. While Samsung has five different Galaxy A-branded devices in the charts and Xiaomi has great results with the...
Daniel R Deakin, Tue, 10 Nov 2020 15:55:00 +0100
The Amazon Echo Studio contains five carefully positioned speakers and costs from US$199.99/£189.99/€199.99. (Image source: Amazon)

Amazon Echo Studio and Harman Kardon Citation 200 top DxOMark's new speaker evaluation charts

The noted smartphone camera ranking specialist DxOMark has moved into rating wireless speakers and has now published a couple of charts showing the devices that have impressed the most. Topping the Essential chart is the Amazon Ec...
Daniel R Deakin, Sun, 08 Nov 2020 16:32:00 +0100
The Best Notebooks for School-Aged Kids and College Students

The Best Notebooks for School-Aged Kids and College Students

October 2020 Update. When looking for a laptop for school the requirements can be numerous. The following list contains our Notebookcheck laptop recommendations for K12 and college students, whether you’re looking for a laptop that won’t break the bank, a high-performance all-rounder, or a high-end premium luxury device.
Florian Schmitt, Fri, 06 Nov 2020 22:37:00 +0100
The Best Notebooks for Photo and Video Editing

The Best Notebooks for Photo and Video Editing

November 2020 Update. The requirements for a laptop that is going to be used primarily for video and photo editing are rather unique. For example, a top-notch display paired with excellent application performance are two absolute must-haves. The following table contains an overview over the best laptops that meet the basic requirements for a portable workstation with a focus on video and photo editing.
Florian Schmitt, Thu, 05 Nov 2020 23:29:00 +0100
The best Windows alternatives to Apple's MacBook Pro 13

The Best Windows Alternatives to Apple's MacBook Pro 13

October 2020 Update. A Mac? No thanks. Apple's range of notebooks is as popular as ever. But there is also a good selection of similarly interesting notebooks for Windows users. Take a look at the best devices that the world of Windows has come up with to compete against Apple's portfolio.
Florian Schmitt, Thu, 05 Nov 2020 21:41:00 +0100
AMD Ryzen 5000 processors seem to be comfortably ahead than Intel Comet Lake counterparts in most games. (Image Source: AMD)

AMD offers a glimpse into Ryzen 5000 Zen 3's leads in gaming compared to Intel Comet Lake offerings

AMD offered a glimpse into how Zen 3 processors can be beneficial for gaming. Comparison with corresponding Intel Comet Lake processors shows Zen 3's new CCX architecture helps eliminate most latency issues and allows much improve...
Vaidyanathan Subramaniam, Thu, 05 Nov 2020 15:20:00 +0100
best chromebooks

Notebookcheck's Top 10 Chromebooks

Q4/2020 update. When it comes to inexpensive notebooks, devices with Google's Chrome OS have carved out a niche in the market. Chromebooks are usually a good choice for people who do not want to spend a lot of money, although they do require a permanent connection to the Internet to get the most out of them. In this article we will introduce the best models.
Florian Wimmer, Wed, 04 Nov 2020 23:18:00 +0100
The best alternatives to Apple's MacBook Air

The Best Windows Alternatives to Apple's MacBook Air

October 2020 Update. Apple’s MacBook Air is a favorite among all users looking for a small-format laptop. However, thin and light is not an Apple-exclusive any longer, and many OEMs offer numerous viable Windows alternatives to Apple’s thin MacBook Air.
Florian Schmitt, Wed, 04 Nov 2020 23:01:00 +0100
The best Windows alternatives to Apple's MacBook Pro

The Best Windows Alternatives to Apple's MacBook Pro 16

October 2020 Update. Apple’s MacBook Pro 16 is chosen primarily by those users who need that extra bit of performance. Fortunately, a large number of viable and powerful 15 and 16-inch Windows alternatives are available as well. Find out more about the best competitors to Apple’s high-end laptop.
Florian Schmitt, Wed, 04 Nov 2020 22:18:00 +0100
Everybody loves Redmi. (Image source: Xiaomi - edited)

Redmi K30 series devices rock the new AnTuTu smartphone price-performance charts by claiming three out of five top spots

Three out of the five AnTuTu Android smartphone price-performance charts have been topped by devices from the Redmi K30 series. The Redmi 10X, Redmi 9, and evergreen Redmi Note 8 Pro add to the Xiaomi sub-brand’s dominance. Only t...
Daniel R Deakin, Tue, 03 Nov 2020 22:56:00 +0100
The Redmi 10X Pro 5G and Redmi 10X 5G smartphones come with a 3.5 mm audio jack. (Image source: Xiaomi - edited)

Redmi 10X Pro 5G leapfrogs the regular Redmi 10X as AnTuTu's latest midrange smartphone performance chart stays mostly static

The Redmi 10X duo of 5G smartphones with the MediaTek Dimensity 820 processor have managed to retain the top two positions in AnTuTu’s latest midrange Android smartphone performance chart. However, the Redmi 10X Pro variant has no...
Daniel R Deakin, Tue, 03 Nov 2020 16:44:00 +0100
The Huawei Mate 40 Pro comes in Mystic Silver, White, Black, Olive Green, and Sunflower Yellow. (Image source: Huawei)

Huawei Mate 40 Pro with 5nm Kirin 9000 SoC spoils the Snapdragon party to top AnTuTu's October flagship smartphone performance chart

AnTuTu’s Android flagship smartphone table for October has produced a surprising new leader with the Huawei Mate 40 Pro 5G breezing past the Snapdragon 865 competition and snatching the top spot away from the iQOO 5 Pro. The perfo...
Daniel R Deakin, Tue, 03 Nov 2020 14:22:00 +0100
Intel Rocket Lake comes really close to Ryzen 9 5950X's single-core performance. (Image Source: Intel)

AMD Ryzen 9 5950X and Intel Rocket Lake face off in UserBenchmark — Rocket Lake leads single-core tests but trails in multi-core and overall scores

Intel Rocket Lake seems to have an edge in single-core performance over the AMD Ryzen 9 5950X, if a leaked UserBenchmark score is to be believed. The Rocket Lake part is shown to be just 5% behind the Ryzen 9 5950X in overall scor...
Vaidyanathan Subramaniam, Mon, 02 Nov 2020 15:53:00 +0100
AMD Ryzen 5 5600X looks to threaten the Core i9-10900K's hegemony in single-thread workloads. (Image Source: @GawroskiT on Twitter)

AMD Ryzen 5 5600X ends Intel's hegemony in single-thread perf; 10% faster than Core i9-10900K and 23% faster than Ryzen 9 3900X

CPU-Z scores of the AMD Ryzen 5 5600X are now available, and they show good leads over the Core i9-10900K in single-threaded workloads while also showing significant leads over the Core i7-10700K and Ryzen 9 3900X. From the availa...
Vaidyanathan Subramaniam, Sun, 01 Nov 2020 18:44:00 +0100


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