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Google will acquire IoT platform Xively for $50 million. (Source: Google)

Google acquires Internet of Things platform Xively for US$50 million

Google has announced that it intends to acquire the Internet of Things platform Xively in order to expand its own Cloud IoT Core infrastructure. Google will pay US$50 million for the takeover.
Google has announced to support more locales and languages for Google Assistant in 2018. (Source: Elger van der Wel)

Google Assistant will support 17 new languages in 2018

Google is planning on bringing its Google Assistant service to a large number of new countries and the voice assistant will also support multiple new languages in 2018. The company has announced this during a presentation at the Digital New Initiative Summit in Amsterdam.
The new MIT AI chip is bringing power efficient neural-net processing to mobile and IoT devices. (Source: MIT)

MIT reveals superefficient AI chips for smartphones

Researchers at MIT managed to simplify and adapt the intricate algorithms required by large neural-nets in order to be ran on mobile devices and smart home appliances.
Bixby is going to be in every Samsung product by 2020. (Source: Samsung)

Samsung bringing Bixby voice assistant to TVs, white goods, to boost AI efforts

Samsung is looking to expand its Bixby voice assistant platform across all of its consumer products, including white good, by 2020. The move is aimed at increasing its IoT footprint as well as its AI efforts.
Mi India Xiaomi Mi TV teaser still image (Source: @XiaomiIndia)

Xiaomi Mi TV apparently heading for India

While the Redmi Note 5 is headed for India and expected to arrive on February 14, it looks like the Mi TV is going to be introduced locally on the same day.
Amazon Alexa was initially released in 2014. (Source: Digital Trends)

Amazon may be creating AI chips for Alexa

There are rumors that Amazon is in the process of developing new artificial intelligence chips to be used in hardware that features the company's virtual assistant, Alexa. The chips could help reduce response times by utilizing speech recognition software.
Sony XBR55X900F 4K Android smart TV with Google Assistant (Source: Amazon)

Sony smart TVs with Google Assistant coming soon

In addition to the X900F series that Sony unveiled at CES 2018, this iconic Japanese brand also announced the X850F series. Both feature Google Assistant support and have been listed already on Amazon at prices that range between US$1,499 and US$3,999.
The Nest thermostat shown alongside a Google Home speaker. (Source: Google)

Nest folded into Google's hardware team

Google has announced that it is folding the Nest smart home products team into its rapidly expanding hardware division. The move will see the end of Nest-branded products in favor of Google's own "Made by Google" branding.
Intel Xeon D-2100 processor (Source: Intel Newsroom)

Intel Xeon D-2100 processors now official with up to 18 cores and 36 threads

The new Xeon D-2100 processor architecture allows for up to 18 "Skylake-server" generation cores and was designed to provide lower-power processing to multiple enterprise applications, focusing on the needs of data centers and network operators.
ADB.Miner worm global infection map (Source: 360 Netlab Blog)

ADB.Miner worm turns your Android device into a mining rig

Although it quickly infected a few thousand devices worldwide, the spread of the cryptocurrency mining malware ADB.Miner seems to be quite limited at this time. However, there is still time for this piece of code to become a serious global threat.
Kazuo Hirai at Mobile World Congress 2013. (Source: Cellanr via flickr)

Kazuo Hirai steps down from Sony CEO role, replaced by man responsible for selling off VAIO

During the presentation of Sony's Q3 2017 financial ressults, they announced the resignation of their current President and CEO, Kazuo Hirai, to be replaced by Kenichiro Yoshida. Hirai's time at the top was defined by a return to profitability for Sony, and he will remain with Sony Corporation as Chairman.
The Apple HomePod won't support regular streaming via Bluetooth.

Apple's HomePod speaker only supports music streaming via AirPlay

In contrast to many other smart speakers, Apple's HomePod will not support streaming over regular Bluetooth. You'll need an iOS device to stream music as the speaker only supports Apple's proprietary AirPlay protocol.
Samsung Hwaseong manufacturing plant, Samsung shutting down one of two plants in Slovakia

Samsung shutting down a manufacturing plant in Slovakia

Due to the lack of workers, Samsung decided to shut down one of its two manufacturing plants they have in Slovakia. However, this is pretty good news, since earlier reports claimed that the company was considering the possibility to shut down both of them.
PowerVR Series8XT GT8540 GPU layout (Source: Imagination Technologies)

Need to drive six 4K monitors at 60 Hz on the go? Imagination has a solution for that

The new PowerVR Series8XT GT8540 GPU uses Imagination Technologies' Furian architecture and provides an 80 percent fill rate gain over its predecessor. Even more, it can feed up to six 4K displays at 60 fps simultaneously.
Google Home Mini

Google Home Mini Review

This little one hears everything. Today, we have taken a look at Google's small smart speaker. After having had some difficulties with touch inputs, everything should be working again now. We took a closer look at the smart little helper and wondered: What about privacy and data protection?
| 173 g
The Apple HomePod packs a powerful CPU, directional speakers, and a 6-microphone array. (Source: Apple)

Apple HomePod up for pre-order on Jan 26, arriving Feb 9

Apple's wireless HomePod speaker is finally launching on February 9 for US$349 with pre-orders starting tomorrow in the US, UK, and Australia. The HomePod features an enhanced Siri experience, spatial awareness, and a wide soundstage.
Samsung Newberry County manufacturing plant opening ceremony (Source: Samsung Newsroom US)

Samsung's first US home appliance plant begins production

Samsung plans to make one million washing machines in the recently opened Newberry, South Carolina factory. This new manufacturing plant should also create more than 1,000 jobs by 2020.
The Alexa-powered Echo from Amazon is the top selling smart speaker. (Source: Amazon)

Smart speaker penetration in US households strong says study

A new study shows that there is strong consumer interest in smart speakers. As many as one in six households in the US have purchased a smart speaker with sales peaking during the recent holiday period.
Whirlpool smart appliance close up (Source: Whirlpool Corp)

CES 2018 | Whirlpool smart appliances now feature Google Assistant and Alexa support

Next to the voice commands available via both Google Assistant and Alexa on multiple Whirlpool smart appliances, Amazon Prime subscribers also get to use the Amazon Virtual Dash Buttons feature with some of them.
The Anker PowerHouse 200 is suited to glamping. (Source: Anker Innovations)

CES 2018 | From Anker Innovations: A 200 Wh battery bank, portable projector with speaker, and an Alexa car kit

Anker Innovations, who is perhaps best known for their line of portable power banks, has announced a mammoth power bank, an Alexa powered car kit, and the expected availability of the Nebula Capsule
The ZOLO Model Zero suits a modern minimalist design asthetic. (Source: Anker)

CES 2018 | From Anker Innovations: A funky home speaker with Google Assistant, and truly wireless Bluetooth earbuds

Anker Innovations has announced the ZOLO Model Zero, a new home speaker with a unique design, and a release date for the upcoming ZOLO Liberty+ Earbuds.
The Lenovo Smart Display combines a smart speaker and a tablet. (Source: Lenovo)

CES 2018 | The Lenovo Smart Display is a tabletop tablet and Google Home rolled into one

If the idea of a smart speaker interested you, but the idea of not having a screen was of concern, then the Lenovo Smart Display is worth a look. It comes in 8-inch and 10-inch versions and allows both verbal and visual communication.
Torrenting can affect your coziness at home. (Source: The WireCutter)

Torrenting can cost you the ability to remotely control your smart thermostat

Armstrong Zoom Internet has sent notices to its users that copyright infringement can lead to speed throttling that not only affects file transfer but also the ability to remotely control connected devices such as smart thermostats and video monitoring services.
Samsung patent for AiO modular system (Source: Patently Apple)

Samsung patents modular TV that turns into an AiO PC

A fresh patent by Samsung describes a modular TV that features a curved display and a modular base that can be configured as needed, from a speaker and wireless charger all the way to an AiO PC.
LG ThinQ Smart Speaker powered by Google Assistant. (Source: LG)

CES 2018 | LG previews their premium Google Assistant ThinQ smart speaker ahead of CES

We can expect three new audio products from LG at CES in the form of a 5.1.2 channel soundbar, an 1800-Watt party speaker, and a premium smart speaker powered by Google Assistant that likely sits between the Google Home and Google Home Max.
Xiaomi Yeelight Smart Assistant Speaker. (Source: Xiaomi)

The Xiaomi Yeelight Smart Assistant Speaker is a US$30 Alexa Dot

Xiaomi has announced a new smart speaker produced via their Yeelight subsidiary which will start shipping in early 2018. A dual AI system uses Xiaomi's AI technology inside China and Amazon Alexa worldwide.
LG ThinQ logo (Source: LG Newsroom)

LG intros ThinQ brand for AI-driven devices

Although the ThinQ name has been used by LG for a few products already, all devices and services of the South Korean-based multinational giant that feature artificial intelligence will be placed under this banner starting in 2018.
Android Oreo (Go edition) now official (Source: The Keyword)

Android Oreo Go now official, targets low-end devices

Next to Android 8.1 Oreo, Google intros the Go edition, which is a variant of its mobile operating system that comes with a lighter set of Google apps and has been optimized to work on devices with 512 MB to 1 GB of memory.
Apple HomePod smart speaker delayed until early 2018

Apple's HomePod smart speaker delayed until 2018

Unveiled back in June, the Apple HomePod smart speaker was expected to hit the market in December. Unfortunately, Apple has confirmed that this Siri-powered accessory will start shipping in early 2018.
Xiaomi announces their their full scale entrance into the Spanish market. (Source: Xiaomi)

Xiaomi launches into Western Europe with a new base of operations in Spain

Xiaomi has chosen Spain as the first country outside of China where they have a full business presence, due to the large and active fan-base there. Answers given during the Q&A session suggested that this new presence within Europe would simplify the importing of Xiaomi products to the rest of the European Union.
Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa Moto Mod. (Source: Motorola)

The Amazon Alexa Moto Mod attaches Alexa to the back of your phone so she is always with you

Motorola and Lenovo have announced the new 'Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa' Moto Mod, which adds additional microphones, speakers, and a battery in addition to having Alexa always listening.
Amazon Key relies on a compatible smart lock, smart camera, and Amazon Cloud. (Source: Amazon)

Amazon Key lets couriers unlock your door when you're not home

Amazon has released their Amazon Key service which uses an Amazon produced smart camera, a smart lock from Yale or Kwikset, and the Amazon Cloud to allow delivery drivers to unlock your front door and leave your parcel inside.
Sony Xperia Hello! (G1209) dancing digital assistant (Source: Sony)

Sony Xperia Hello! dancing digital assistant now live

Advertised as a communication robot, the new Sony Xperia Hello! is more than just another Amazon Echo wannabe. It can be used to make Skype or Line video calls, runs Android Nougat, and features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 processor.
Samsung Connect Tag smart tracker with Tizen (Source: Samsung)

Samsung intros the Connect Tag smart IoT tracker

The Samsung Connect Tag is a 0.06-pound IoT accessory with GPS, Bluetooth, and WiFi connectivity, as well as eSIM support. It runs Tizen IoT and will be on display at the Samsung Developer Conference that takes place in San Francisco later this week.
An always on camera?

Google Clips is Watching You: Google's new action camera automatically snaps shots, records video

Google Clips is a small wearable action camera that automatically takes pictures of what it judges to be special moments. It learns who the important people in your life are via machine learning, and it may pose a serious privacy concern.
Image: Google

Google introduces Home Mini and Max smart home managers

Google is spicing up their Home line of smart home management devices with Home Mini and Home Max. Mini is a smaller version of home, while Max is a massive smart speaker with dual subwoofers.
The Google Pixelbook looks set to take on the 12-inch MacBook. (Source: Droid-Life)

Google Pixelbook turns up on reseller site, new mystery 'Google Clips' product as well

It doesn't look like Google will have much left to unveil at its October 4 launch event. In addition to all the Pixel 2 leaks, more details have spilled out about the new Pixelbook and the Google Home Mini intelligent speaker.
The neuromorphic processor integrates 130,000 artificial neurons that can develop 130 million synapses. (source: Intel)

Intel presents its first self-learning neuromorphic processor codenamed Loihi

Intel's self-learning Loihi processor is built using the 14 nm manufacturing process and integrates 130,000 artificial neurons that can develop up to 130 million synapses. The chip can perform training and inference tasks, so it adapts in real time to environmental variables. Loihi could power self-driving cars in a few years, but it could also help improve ...
The 2NX NNA has the advantage of ultra-low energy consumption over Apple's and Huawei's SoCs. (Source: Imagination)

Imagination releases new PowerVR mobile GPUs and its first Neural Network Accelerator

The PowerVR Series9XE GPUs are designed for entry-level mobile devices and cost-effective products, while the more advance Series9XM chips are aimed at mid-range smartphones/tablets, premium gaming set-top boxes and infotainment systems. Imagination's first NNA chip offers similar features to Apple's A11 Bionic and Huawei's Kirin 970 SoCs, but in a more ener...

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