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Google product line-up. (Source: Google)

What Google got right and wrong at its Made by Google event

The Made by Google event for 2018 has come and gone. Always an exciting time on the calendar, it certainly had plenty of hits, but it also had some misses. Read on to see what we think Google got right and what it got wrong.
Essential wants to make a grand statement after the PH-1 smartphone failed to inspire. (Source: Essential)

Essential may go for broke with AI-driven device

It has been reported that Essential’s next smartphone-related product may be saturated with enough AI technology to enable users to have a full-fledged virtual assistant in their pockets. Apparently, there is a prototype in the wo...
The Google Home Hub. (Source: Google)

New Google Home Hub: the smart-home ecosystem gets its own screen

The Home Hub is the newest form of domestic voice assistant from Google. It has been revealed as part of the Made by Google event, along with the new Pixel phones and Pixel Slate. The Hub is supposedly designed to subtly blend in ...
The Facebook Portal is available in 10.1-inch and 15.6-inch sizes. (Source: Facebook)

Facebook intros new Portal smart hub line powered by Alexa

Facebook has introduced a smart home product it has dubbed Portal. Available in two sizes, the device offers similar functionality to the Amazon Echo Show, but focuses on providing seamless video chatting through its Messenger app...
The updated Amazon Alexa app is available on the Play Store and the App Store. (Source: PhoneArena)

Redesigned Amazon Alexa app features new Devices tab

The Amazon Alexa app has received a much-needed redesign and now features a clearer user interface and a new Devices tab. Users will be able to go directly to a list of devices in their home that utilize the popular virtual assist...
Hitachi is now HiKOKI rebranding October 2018

Hitachi becomes HiKOKI

Almost a year since the initial announcement of the name change, Hitachi changes its name to HiKOKI. However, this change only affects the tools division of the huge conglomerate that also makes power plants, computers, trains, an...
5G trademark logo

Verizon’s commercial 5G network goes live as promised

Just as promised, Verizon's first commercial 5G network is now live in the following four US cities: Los Angeles, Indianapolis, Houston, and Sacramento. On this occasion, a Houston resident named Clayton Harris who subscribed to t...
Small sample set of MediaTek-powered devices

MediaTek doubling down on voice activation technology, is considering voice activated cars

Instead of battling it out at the very high-end smartphone market dominated by Samsung and Apple processors, MediaTek is taking a tangent into the world of voice activation. The move has paid off as the majority of voice activated...
Jaguar F-Pace SUV in New York (Source: SlashGear)

Android Auto coming to Jaguar and Land Rover

Although an accurate date is not available yet, a spokesperson for Jaguar and Land Rover has recently confirmed that all their vehicles — starting with the 2019 model year — that come with the InControl Touch Pro or Touch Pro Duo ...
Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2S air filter hits India October 2018 (Source: Xiaomi India)

Xiaomi's Mi Air Purifier 2S coming to India this week, Google Assistant and Alexa support in tow

The recently unveiled Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2S is an air filter for home and office use, sporting an OLED display and real-time air quality monitoring capabilities. Also featuring both Google Assistant and Alexa integration, this...
A new reports estimates the worth of the smart home market in 2025. (Source: medium.com)

Smart home market to exceed US$90 billion by 2025: new report

Smart home technology has definitely caught on by now, with many people automating or controlling their living spaces with new products designed to be integrated into them. A new market research report suggests that the market bui...
Microsoft Skype logo, Skype calling coming to Alexa devices by the end of 2018

Amazon Alexa devices to get Skype calling later this year

Cortana's future is uncertain nowadays because Amazon and Microsoft are now working together on bringing Skype calling to the ever-increasing crowd of devices that feature Amazon Alexa support. According to Microsoft officials, Sk...
The new Amazon Echo Show features a large 10-inch display. (Source: Amazon)

Amazon launches a slew of new Alexa-powered products

Amazon has released a stunning array of new Alexa-powered devices that spans traditional products like its Echo range, through to a new car product and even an Alexa-enabled microwave oven. The new devices highlight the increasing...
Image: Apple

Apple's Homepod had a mere 6% share of the smart speaker market in June, according to CIRP

Apple's Homepod has so far been a flop, only managing to capture 6% of the smart speaker market as of June 2018. The picture is even more bleak among Apple's own consumers; of Apple users that own a smart speaker, only 2% have pur...
Amazon Alexa Echo Show, more Alexa-branded devices coming in 2018

Amazon Alexa microwave, receiver, subwoofer, amplifier, and in-car solution coming by the end of 2018

Amazon Alexa fans should get ready to celebrate before the end of the month because the tech giant will soon unveil a few new devices. By the end of the year, the list of new Alexa-driven devices by Amazon should include an in-car...
OnePlus 6 Android flagship, OnePlus TV coming in 2019

OnePlus TV coming next year, AI assistant in tow

As the first step in its new quest of "building a connected human experience," OnePlus is planning to launch its first TV set next year. The OnePlus TV will come with a premium design, focusing on providing the best audio/video ex...
Verizon 5G Home coming October 1 (Source: Verizon)

Verizon 5G Home service coming next month

Although coverage will need time to improve, Verizon will launch its 5G Home internet service on October 1 in Houston, Los Angeles, Sacramento, and Indianapolis. Current customers will get it for US$50 a month and non-customers wi...
Samsung SmartThings Tracker and SmartThings app (Source: Samsung US Newsroom)

Samsung unveils the SmartThings Tracker GPS tracking device

The new Samsung SmartThings Tracker GPS tracking device connects through an LTE-M network to allows its users to track the objects, animals, or even kids that it gets attached to. The first carrier to bring it to the US is AT&T, w...
NetSpeed Systems team is now a part of Intel's Silicon Engineering Group (Source: Intel Newsroom)

Intel acquires NetSpeed Systems to speed up SoC development

San Jose-based NetSpeed Systems, a company which provides SoC design tools and interconnect fabric IP, has just joined Intel. NetSpeed's team is now part of Intel’s Silicon Engineering Group, but those who would like to know all t...
devolo claim that their new line of Powerline-enabled Magic mesh adapters will speed up your home WiFi. (Source: devolo.co.uk)

IFA 2018 | devolo's new Magic line combines mesh WiFi and Powerline

devolo's new home networking solution, Magic, is a form of mesh WiFi that also uses Powerline technology. It does so using next-generation G.hn chips and new, AC-adapter mesh points. devolo claims that this combination can drastic...
The Citation 500 is Harman Kardon's latest smart speaker. (Source: Harman Kardon)

IFA 2018 | Harman Kardon set to launch super-expensive Google Assistant-powered speaker

Harman Kardon have a track record of smart speaker (powered by Alexa or Cortana) sales by now. The company's newest one is to be debuted at IFA 2018. This device, the Citation 500, has some things in common with the Google Home sp...
Samsung Exynos i S111 chip for IoT announced in late August 2018 (Source: Samsung Global Newsroom)

Samsung announces the Exynos i S111 narrowband IoT solution

The new Exynos i S111 is Samsung's latest narrowband solution for IoT applications that includes a modem, processor, memory, and Global Navigation Satellite System on the same chip. The Exynos i S111 comes as the successor of Sams...
Siri, Apple's voice assistant, may be able to distinguish between user voices in the future. (Source: Sophos.com)

Recent Apple patent could allow Siri to recognize multiple different users

Apple has filed a patent that may contribute to the voice assistant Siri's functionality in the future. It may impart the ability to recognize different voices and attribute them to corresponding users on new versions of the softw...
The Galaxy Watch was the second device presented at the 2018 Unpacked Event. (Source: Business Insider)

The Samsung Unpacked event also introduced the Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Home

The event that provided the Galaxy Note 9 with its debut also introduced the Galaxy Watch, Samsung's new smartwatch. This device, like the latest Note, uses Bixby as a virtual assistant. The new Galaxy Home smart speaker also runs...
You'll soon be able to make and receive calls on your HomePod. (Source: Slashgear)

Apple HomePod gets the ability to make phone calls and a bunch of new features with OS 12

The upcoming OS 12 update for the Apple HomePod is slated to bring a slew of new features to the smart speaker including the ability to make and receive calls when paired with an iPhone and set multiple timers. With the upcoming M...
Shuttle's new XPC barebone only comes with the motherboard, PSU and cooling system. (Source: Shuttle Europe)

Shuttle announces new compact XPC series supporting gen 8 desktop Intel CPUs

The XPC SH370R6 supports Coffee Lake CPUs up to i7-8700K with max 95 W TDP, plus there's enough room for up to 64 GB of DDR4-2666 RAM, 4 SATA bays and even a PCIe 3.0 16x slot for discrete GPUs. While it is not the most compact ba...
The Google Pixel 2 XL is US$100 off for a limited time. (Source: Google)

Google Store offering Pixel XL 2 at US$100 discount, other devices on special too

Google is currently offering its Pixel 2 XL models at US$100 off their regular price. The sale also includes other products in its hardware lineup and runs until July 17 while stocks last.
Amazon Fire TV Cube (Source: Amazon)

Amazon Fire TV Cube is finally available for purchase

After a brief pre-ordering period, Amazon's Fire TV Cube can be acquired for a price of US$119.99 (the player alone) or US199.98 (Fire TV and Cloud Cam package). Later this year, this device should get support for sleep timers, Al...
Image source: Apple

WWDC 2018 | WWDC 2018 Live Blog

Join us as we share our thoughts during Apple's WWDC 2018 developer conference.
The Amazon smart-speaker family includes the Echo, Plus, Spot, Dot, and Show devices. (Source: PCMag)

Update | Amazon Echo device records and sends private conversation without permission

It has been reported that an Amazon Echo device recorded and then sent out a husband and wife’s private conversation without their permission. The Alexa-enabled smart speaker sent the audio file to a random contact who just happen...
Relay Starter Pack (Source: Relay by Republic)

Republic Wireless intros the Relay secure smartphone for kids

The Relay secure smartphone for kids by Republic Wireless is so secure that it does not feature a display. This accessory can be considered a basic phone with tracking capabilities for kids, as it features nationwide 4G LTE connec...
Xiaomi France teaser (Source: Facebook)

Xiaomi coming to France on May 22

Promising to bring a "new attitude" to Europe, Xiaomi is ready to enter the French market. The Chinese brand will open its first Mi Store in Paris on May 22, but more are expected to follow in other French cities over the coming m...
The ZBOX CI329 features ZOTAC's signature honeycomb fanless design for improved passive cooling. (Source: Zotac)

ZOTAC's ZBOX CI329 quad-core Gemini Lake fanless mini PCs launched

The ZBOX CI329 Nano from ZOTAC is powered by Intel's Celeron N4110 CPU that integrates a UHD Graphics 600 GPU, which allows it to handle 4K resolutions and H.264/265 decoding. Thanks to the low 6.5 W TDP CPU, the mini PC does not ...
According to the report, the global smart speaker market has enjoyed a year-over-year growth of 278%. (Source: BBC)

Amazon and Google dominate global smart speaker market

A new quarterly research report has been released that shows Amazon and Google currently leading the pack in terms of global smart speaker shipments and market share. However, although Amazon has shipped twice as many units in Q1 ...
Samsung Bixby-powered smart home ecosystem (Source: Samsung Newsroom)

Samsung Bixby coming to ovens and robot cleaners this year

Already available in smartphones, TVs, air conditioners, washing machines, and refrigerators, the Samsung Bixby virtual assistant will also be added to the company's robot cleaners and ovens by the end of this year. Samsung remain...
HTC headquarters, Hsintien, Taiwan. (Source: News4Europe)

HTC's trip down the spiral continues as company records 55% drop in revenue

HTC's latest revenue figures show the company falling deeper into a pit of bad sales numbers. Revenue for April spelled a 55% year-on-year decline, which is impressive considering how bad 2017 already was for the company—sales-wis...
An estimated 39 million Americans have a smart speaker in their home. (Source: TechHive)

Voice shopping could be worth US$40 billion by 2022

A press release from a strategy consulting firm has stated that voice-based shopping will enjoy incredible growth over the next four years, hitting a total of more than US$40 billion in sales across the US and UK by 2022. The mark...
John Legend (Source: Getty Images)

John Legend coming to Google Assistant later this year, six new voices already available

Thanks to the recent introduction of six new voice choices, Google Assistant now features a total of eight such options — four female and four male voices. Even more, Sundar Pichai has confirmed at Google I/O that John Legend's vo...
Assets loaded on the card can be verified via smartphone through a validation app. (Source: Tangem)

Bitcoin gets physical

A Swiss technology company has started rolling out smart banknotes called Tangem Notes that offer a physical presence for cryptocurrencies. The "banknotes," which are actually plastic cards, have been launched for sale in a large ...
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook's smart speakers coming in October

The recent Cambridge Analytica scandal forced Facebook to delay the launch of its first smart speakers, which are now scheduled to arrive in October, loaded with the Facebook M artificial intelligence software solution. These smar...
Amazon's total revenue for 2017 was US$177.86 billion. (Source: Phys.org)

Amazon, Intel, and Microsoft post impressive quarterly results

Amazon, Intel, and Microsoft have all published quarterly financial reports showing better than expected results. Microsoft revealed revenue of US$26.8 billion while fellow tech giant Intel managed revenue of US$16.1 billion for t...
Fire TV devices were developed by Amazon and manufactured by Foxconn. (Source: Amazon)

Amazon's Fire TV Cube is coming soon

The question “What is Fire TV Cube?” has been posted on a splash page on the Amazon website. Amazon Fire TV is a digital media player and microconsole created by the Seattle-based online shopping giant. Rumors of a cube-shaped dev...
The Vaunt smart glasses could deliver simple messages or display route directions. (Source: Liliputing)

Intel's vaunted smart glasses facing the axe

According to a report, Intel is planning on closing down its New Devices Group. This particular division of the chip-making giant was involved in developing wearable projects. One of these projects was called “Superlight” but was ...
In-house Facebook chips could be used in future Oculus Go headsets that currently use a Qualcomm SoC. (Source: ABC)

Facebook expected to start making its own processors

A report from Bloomberg has stated that Facebook is creating a chip-making team. Job listings have appeared on the social-networking site’s careers section that seem to point toward this eventuality. Other tech giants, such as App...
Pre-orders for the Apple HomePod were apparently strong, but sales of the device have been slow. (Source: Apple)

Apple has reportedly reduced HomePod production

A report from Bloomberg has stated that Apple has had to cut manufacturing orders with Inventec in regard to the HomePod. Apparently, the smart speaker has not been selling in huge numbers and Apple workers have commented that sto...
The CL200 wallet-sized mini PCs are specifically designed for IoT workloads. (Source: Logic Supply)

Fanless wallet-sized mini PCs revealed by Logic Supply

The CL200-series ultra-compact form-factor PCs measure only 3.26 x 4.56 x 1.33 inches and have a fanless case due to the 6 W TDP Intel Celeron N3350 dual-core/dual-thread SoC powering the systems. The entry-level CL200 comes with ...
Samsung Q7F. (Source: Samsung)

Samsung's new ambient mode provides a reason to leave your TV switched on

This week Samsung was showcasing their 2018 Smart TV lineup including a new ambient mode that displays relevant information, models with local lighting zones to improve dark and light parts of a scene, specialised power and data c...
Amazon has stated "we're aware of this and working to fix it." (Source: TheINQUIRER)

Unexplained Alexa laughter is freaking people out

Apparently, some Alexa-enabled devices have started laughing in a disturbing manner at their owners. There have been reports made of unrequested creepy chortles issuing from smart speakers and Amazon devices by a number of users, ...
Amazon has reportedly acquired Ring for more than US$1 billion. (Source: Ring)

Rumor: Amazon acquires video doorbell maker Ring for US$1 billion

According to Reuters, Amazon has acquired the smart video doorbell maker Ring for more than US$ 1 billion. The current Ring doorbells can integrate with Amazon Alexa and it's likely that the company wants to expand in the home sec...
Archos has presented 'Hello', a portable smart display running Google Assistant in two different sizes. (Source: Archos)

Archos presents 'Hello' portable smart home display with Google Assistant

Archos has presented Archos Hello, the company's first smart home device. Hello is a smart display with a built-in battery for optional portable use. The device runs on Android Oreo with Google Assistant and will come in two diffe...

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