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New hire by Apple suggests renewed focus on smart home market

New hire by Apple suggests renewed focus on smart home market

Apple does not quite match up to some other major software companies in terms of smart-home products. It has only one product dedicated to this market: the HomePod. The company may by trying to change this by hiring Sam Jadallah, ...
Refrigerdating: The search for “the one” based on the contents of their refrigerator

“Refrigerdating”: Samsung's dating platform for fridge fetishists

This new dating trend originates from Samsung and shows just how handy the integrated camera in its Family Hub refrigerators can be. Instead of having to swipe through dating profiles plastered with snapchat filter modified photog...
February could be a good time to think about that new 4K TV in the US. (Source:

February is one of the best times of year to get a new TV in the US: online deals company

RetailMeNot, a company that collates online deals for consumers, has released a report indicating that this month is a good time to buy a new TV, along with some other appliances - second only to the Black Friday weekend, in fact....
The Intel Core I9-8950HK hexa-core CPU requires quite a bit of ventilation, meaning that these mini PCs will certainly not be quiet. (Source: EGLOBAL)

EGLOBAL starts shipping the world's smallest mini PC with Intel Core i9-8950HK CPUs

The Intel Core i9-8950HK represents the top of the line, but users with tighter budgets can opt to get one of the variants sporting Core i5-8300H / i7-8750H / Xeon E-2176M CPUs. All models may be equipped with up to 32 GB of DDR4-...
The new VivoMini VC65-C1 can come with either UHD Blu-Ray players or DVD writer drives. (Source: Asus)

The Asus VivoMini VC65-C1 is the world's first mini PC with a UHD Blu-Ray player

Besides integrating UHD Blu-Ray players or DVD writer drives, the new VivoMini HTPCs come with internal PSUs and generous room for storage expansions. These mini PCs are powered by Intel's 35 W Core T CPUs that bridge the gap betw...
Coolpad Surf 600 MHz LTE hotspot hits T-Mobile and Metro (Source: SlashGear)

Coolpad Surf 600 MHz LTE hotspot now available via T-Mobile and Metro

While most people around the world are still waiting to get 5G access, T-Mobile and Metro are back with an accessory for their 600 MHz LTE network. The Coolpad Surf hotspot is capable of connecting up to 15 devices simultaneously ...
Google I/O 2019 will take place in May, as usual. (Source: Google)

The dates and venue for Google I/O 2019 have been revealed

The next Google I/O event is scheduled for May 7 to 9 2019, at the Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View, California. These details were uncovered as part of some code relating to a cryptic Tweet on the subject. This conference ma...
The Sonos high-fidelity Play:5 speaker currently costs US$499. (Source: Sonos)

Smart speaker specialist Sonos could be targeting the headphones market

There has been a report published stating that the American consumer electronics manufacturer Sonos is planning a foray into the headphones market. The company is probably best known for its work with smart speakers and other home...
Intel RealSense Tracking Camera T265 now up for pre-order at US$199 (Source: Intel Newsroom)

Intel intros the RealSense Tracking Camera T265 for autonomous devices

The new Intel RealSense Tracking Camera T265 was designed for applications such as robotics, drones, and augmented/virtual reality (AR/VR). This US$199 piece of hardware uses proprietary visual inertial odometry simultaneous local...
Lenovo Tab P10

83% Lenovo Tab P10 Tablet Review

Detached - The Lenovo Tab P10 is more aesthetically pleasing than most Android tablets. Its glass back looks great, and it doubles as a smart screen when connected to the new Lenovo Smart Dock thanks to its integration with Amazon Alexa. However, the device is powered by a lowly Snapdragon 450 SoC, and the dock is only available to purchase as part of a bundle with the tablet, so it is not all smooth sailing. Read on to find out how this midrange tablet fares against its competitors.
Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 | Qualcomm Adreno 506 | 10.1" | 440 g
Orange Pi 3 H6: An updated version of the Raspberry Pi competitor that starts at a bargain price. (Image source: Ali Express)

Orange Pi 3 H6: An updated version of the Raspberry Pi competitor that starts at US$29.90

The Orange Pi, an alternative to the Raspberry Pi, has received a RAM upgrade this week. There are four new versions of the single-board computer, which start at US$29.90 plus shipping.
Xiaomi retail store, Xiaomi coming to Africa in 2019

Xiaomi ready to launch a dedicated African department

Although Xiaomi is present in most African markets via third-party distributors, the Chinese brand is now ready to take a more direct approach by launching a dedicated department for this part of the world. Xiaomi's African Region...
Xiaomi has released a 4K version of its popular MIJIA laser projector. (Image source: Xiaomi)

Xiaomi releases a 4K laser projector that costs CNY 14,999 (~ US$2,200)

Xiaomi has surprisingly announced a new 4K MIJIA laser projector. The device can create up to a 150-inch display and will last for over 25,000 hours. The projector will cost 14,999 Yuan, but Xiaomi is currently running a 5,000 Yua...
The Google Chromecast Audio supported lossless high-resolution audio. (Source: Google)

Google discontinues Chromecast Audio

Google has officially confirmed the discontinuation of the Chromecast Audio device. A quick glance at Google’s online store lists the music-streaming gadget as out of stock, after recently receiving a heavy price cut from US$35 to...
The smart TV market will continue to grow over the next 4 years. (Source: Multichannel)

The smart TV market will be worth more than US$250 billion in 2023: new report

The smart TV market was worth US$143 billion by the end of 2017. However, a new report has indicated that this value will grow by $110 billion in the next four years. This rate will be driven by a sustained downward trend in smart...
The Lenovo Smart Tab P10 comes with a Smart Dock for added functionality. (Source: Lenovo)

CES 2019 | Lenovo shows off with 2-in-1 Smart Tab P10 and Smart Dock

Lenovo has unveiled the 2-in-1 Smart Tab P10 tablet and Smart Dock. The versatile P10 device offers typical usage scenarios in Tablet Mode, but when it is added to the Smart Dock it switches to Show Mode and incorporates Amazon’s ...
The Lenovo Smart Tab M10 with Smart Dock can answer your questions thanks to Amazon Alexa. (Source: Lenovo)

CES 2019 | Lenovo's Smart Tab M10 comes with Smart Dock and Amazon Alexa to make your home smarter

Lenovo’s new Smart Tab M10 tablet with Smart Dock has been revealed. The 10.1-inch tablet comes with a Smart Dock and Amazon Alexa to beef up its potential usage scenarios. Users can easily integrate the device from the Chinese ma...
Lenovo's Smart Clock can do much more than just tell the time. (Source: Lenovo)

CES 2019 | Lenovo's Smart Clock will make sure you're always on time

Lenovo has introduced a new device to its Smart Home family: The Lenovo Smart Clock. According to the Chinese manufacturer, the Smart Clock can learn the sleeping habits of users and comes with Google Assistant, so it should offer...
MediaTek is promoting the use of its new WiFi 6 + BT chipset already. (Source: Fudzilla)

CES 2019 | MediaTek reveals its new connectivity chipset with the latest WiFi standard and Bluetooth

MediaTek has unveiled its new silicon for connectivity at CES 2019. This chipset is compatible with next-generation WiFi (Wi-Fi 6, or 802.11ax) and also delivers Bluetooth access points. It supports 2x2, 4x4 and multi-user MIMO (M...
The new Panasonic TV. (Source: Panasonic)

CES 2019 | Panasonic unveils the GZ2000, the "world's most cinematic TV"

Panasonic has launched its new GZ2000 TV at CES 2019. The company calls this product "the world's most cinematic TV" as it has been tuned by Hollywood colorist Stefan Sonnenfeld. Panasonic also claims that the GZ2000 is the world'...
The LG Rollable TV has a product name and model number for its third run at CES. (Source: LG)

CES 2019 | LG's rollable TVs are here again, but they're close to retail this time

TVs that can curl up and store themselves in a box are becoming a staple of CES. This technology, introduced by its maker LG in 2017, has yet to appear in stores. However, this year, the company has brought them to the event again...
Kroger and Microsoft CEOs (Source: Microsoft Stories)

Microsoft teams up with Kroger to pilot two connected experience stores

The partnership between Microsoft and Kroger, the largest grocery retailer in America comes as a joint effort to bring Retail as a Service to other retailers. The first result of this effort is the pair of connected experience sto...
The D-Link 5G broadband gateway. (Source: D-Link)

CES 2019 | D-Link launches next-gen 5G-NR broadband modem

D-Link has announced a new product it is calling a 5G-NR broadband gateway (or the DWR-2010) at CES. It is intended to use 5G in order to set up home WiFi networks that, as D-Link claims, deliver download speeds that are over 40 t...
Asus is offering a smart decluttering solution with Lyra Voice. (Source: Asus)

CES 2019 | Asus combines a Wi-Fi router and a smart speaker to create Lyra Voice

Taiwanese manufacturer Asus has announced the Lyra Voice device, or 3-in-1 Smart Voice Router. The gadget combines an AC2200 tri-band mesh Wi-Fi router with two 8 W stereo speakers and includes Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant. Th...
TCL-32E4300 3D TV, Xiaomi acquires small stake in TCL January 2019

Xiaomi acquires small stake in TCL, the world’s third-largest LCD TV maker

The 0.48 percent stake acquisition comes less than a month after Xiaomi and the world's third-largest LCD TV manufacturer, TCL, entered a strategic partnership that involves joint efforts in many fields. The agreement focuses on t...
Samsung's 2019 range of smart TVs will debut the a new iTunes app from Apple. (Source: Samsung)

Apple and Samsung team up on iTunes for Samsung 2019 TVs

Samsung has announced a new partnership between it and Apple. The frenemies have collaborated to bring a new iTunes app to Samsung’s new 2019 TV range in over 100 markets globally.
Amazon's Alexa-enabled Echo Dot speakers have sold out for the month. (Source: TechWiser)

Amazon executive reveals sales of over 100 million Alexa-enabled devices

In an interview with The Verge, Amazon’s SVP of devices and services, David Limp, has revealed how many devices have been sold that have Alexa built into them. Apparently, over 100 million speakers, smartphones, gadgets and other ...
JOLED is a joint venture created by Sony and Panasonic. (Source: Anandtech)

Sony and Panasonic working on OLED monitors for gamers

Right now, the only way to benefit from OLED displays as a gamer is to buy a TV that has at least a 55-inch diagonal. This could prove to be quite the investment, and gamers have been looking forward to OLED monitors in the 20/30-...
The Samsung Galaxy Home smart speaker has a unique design. (Source: CNET)

Samsung rumored to be working on budget Galaxy Home speaker

Samsung has already announced the Galaxy Home smart speaker, and it appears the South Korean tech giant could already be working on another device in the new series. The Galaxy Home is expected to be a premium-level device, but in...
The new version of the Echo Dot smart speaker was unveiled in September 2018. (Source: Express)

Alexa and Echo Dot help Amazon to record-breaking sales; tech giants enjoy stock price gains

Amazon has revealed in a press release that the company has had a record-breaking holiday season, with products such as the updated Echo Dot and the Fire TV Stick 4K helping drive sales. The press release also described how Alexa ...
AT&T's 5G Evolution is not 5G. (Source: AT&T via Mashable)

AT&T offers not quite 5G with 5G E

Some AT&T customers may start seeing a “5G E” label appearing on their Android smartphones soon. It might initially seem to some that the telecommunications company is already offering 5G network connection to its subscribers, but...
Xiaomi has made Mi smart speakers in the past, but none with a screen. (Source: AliExpress)

Xiaomi may release an AI-powered smart speaker with a touchscreen soon

Xiaomi is now said to be developing a new smart speaker soon. The main difference between this one and the OEM's existing line-up of such products is that this one will have both AI and a touchscreen. This rumor is derived from a ...
Xiaomi and IKEA enter a strategic partnership (Source: Donovan Sung on Twitter)

Xiaomi teams up with IKEA to smarten up your home

The first noticeable result of the new strategic partnership that involves Xiaomi and IKEA will come forward next month when IKEA's line of smart lighting products will be connected to the IoT platform of the Chinese company. Obvi...
Image via Kodi

Kodi 18 "Leia" release candidate now available for download

Kodi 18 has been in development for two years, and the first release candidate (RC 1) is finally available. Although it is still technically a beta version, RC 1 will be reflective of the final release. There are several new featu...
Xiaomi is an increasingly well-recognized brand outside China. (Source: GizChina)

A "beyond imaginable" 44% of Xiaomi's revenue so far this year came from outside China

Lei Jun, Xiaomi's CEO, announced at a press conference that 43.9% of the company's revenues in the third quarter of 2018 had come from international markets. These overseas earnings had increased by over 100% compared to last year...
Google Digital Wellbeing app now out of Beta (Source: Google Play)

Google's Digital Wellbeing is now out of Beta

Google Pixel users — and the lucky ones who are using other handsets — on Android Pie can finally enjoy the Digital Wellbeing app, which has just rolled out of Beta. As more handsets get updated to Android Pie, the list of Digital...
Selfie camera very much missing. (Source: Nubia)

The Nubia X is the latest flagship on the block and it ditches the front-facing camera

In certain corners of the Internet, there has been a crowd of enthusiasts calling for the removal of the front-facing camera. While that request isn't exactly viable, Nubia has only just gone and done it, with the new Nubia X ditc...
Huawei launches the new Huawei AI Speaker powered by Dynaudio high-end audio. (Source: Engagdet)

Huawei launches HomePod clone

Huawei has used its home market launch event for the Mate 20 series of smartphones to debut its Huawei AI Speaker. More than a little reminiscent of Apple's HomePod, the new speaker has been co-developed with famed Dutch audio spe...
5G coming to India in 2019 as a large-scale trial thanks to Samsung

Samsung plans to bring 5G to India next year for a large-scale trial

Samsung and India's Department of Telecommunications teamed up to conduct the first large-scale 5G trial in the country, which is scheduled to take place in the first quarter of 2019 if everything works as planned. Samsung made th...
The original jailbreaking tool. (Image via CultOfMac)

U.S. Copyright Office may make circumventing DRM (jailbreaking) for repair purposes legal... sort of

A list of proposed rules put out by the U.S. Copyright Office would make jailbreaking devices like smartphones and smart speakers completely legal, if adopted. Jailbreaking, or circumventing DRM, is currently in a legally grey are...
Digital Wellbeing app hits Android One handsets with Android 9.0 Pie (Source: Google Play)

The Digital Wellbeing app now available for testing on Android One handsets

Only available for Pixel devices until now, the Digital Wellbeing app is finally ready for Android One handsets. The problem is that it only works on Android 9.0 Pie, so only Nokia 7 Plus and Nokia 6.1 Plus users can enjoy this pi...
Google product line-up. (Source: Google)

What Google got right and wrong at its Made by Google event

The Made by Google event for 2018 has come and gone. Always an exciting time on the calendar, it certainly had plenty of hits, but it also had some misses. Read on to see what we think Google got right and what it got wrong.
Essential wants to make a grand statement after the PH-1 smartphone failed to inspire. (Source: Essential)

Essential may go for broke with AI-driven device

It has been reported that Essential’s next smartphone-related product may be saturated with enough AI technology to enable users to have a full-fledged virtual assistant in their pockets. Apparently, there is a prototype in the wo...
The Google Home Hub. (Source: Google)

New Google Home Hub: the smart-home ecosystem gets its own screen

The Home Hub is the newest form of domestic voice assistant from Google. It has been revealed as part of the Made by Google event, along with the new Pixel phones and Pixel Slate. The Hub is supposedly designed to subtly blend in ...
The Facebook Portal is available in 10.1-inch and 15.6-inch sizes. (Source: Facebook)

Facebook intros new Portal smart hub line powered by Alexa

Facebook has introduced a smart home product it has dubbed Portal. Available in two sizes, the device offers similar functionality to the Amazon Echo Show, but focuses on providing seamless video chatting through its Messenger app...
The updated Amazon Alexa app is available on the Play Store and the App Store. (Source: PhoneArena)

Redesigned Amazon Alexa app features new Devices tab

The Amazon Alexa app has received a much-needed redesign and now features a clearer user interface and a new Devices tab. Users will be able to go directly to a list of devices in their home that utilize the popular virtual assist...
Hitachi is now HiKOKI rebranding October 2018

Hitachi becomes HiKOKI

Almost a year since the initial announcement of the name change, Hitachi changes its name to HiKOKI. However, this change only affects the tools division of the huge conglomerate that also makes power plants, computers, trains, an...
5G trademark logo

Verizon’s commercial 5G network goes live as promised

Just as promised, Verizon's first commercial 5G network is now live in the following four US cities: Los Angeles, Indianapolis, Houston, and Sacramento. On this occasion, a Houston resident named Clayton Harris who subscribed to t...
Small sample set of MediaTek-powered devices

MediaTek doubling down on voice activation technology, is considering voice activated cars

Instead of battling it out at the very high-end smartphone market dominated by Samsung and Apple processors, MediaTek is taking a tangent into the world of voice activation. The move has paid off as the majority of voice activated...
Jaguar F-Pace SUV in New York (Source: SlashGear)

Android Auto coming to Jaguar and Land Rover

Although an accurate date is not available yet, a spokesperson for Jaguar and Land Rover has recently confirmed that all their vehicles — starting with the 2019 model year — that come with the InControl Touch Pro or Touch Pro Duo ...

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