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The NexDock 2 will ship in September 2019. (Image source: Nex Computer)

NexDock 2: Crowdfunded laptop shell closes in on its US$500,000 stretch goal

With just over 24 hours to go, the NexDock 2 has already received 956% of its campaign goal. Nex Computer has one more surprise up its sleeve if the campaign can get to US$500,000 though.
Lenovo ThinkPad E495 & E595: ThinkPad Laptops with AMD Ryzen 3000 listed for the first time

Lenovo ThinkPad E495 & E595: ThinkPad Laptops with AMD Ryzen 3000 listed online for the first time

AMD Ryzen 3000 for laptops has been announced a few months ago and the PC OEMs are starting to release more and more new laptops with these CPUs. Now, two new Lenovo ThinkPad laptops are listed on the website of the manufacturer. ...
HP Spectre x360 13 with 4K UHD touchscreen and 512 GB SSD now on sale for $1050 (Image source: HP)

Deal | HP Spectre x360 13 with 4K UHD touchscreen and 512 GB SSD now on sale for $1050

The barely six-month old HP Spectre x360 13 convertible is now $500 USD off. If you were considering a Pavilion or Envy before, then we recommend looking into this flagship Spectre instead as it offers a stronger and sleeker alumi...
HP EliteBook x360 830 G6 coming with Whiskey Lake-U, WiFi-6, and privacy camera shutter

HP EliteBook x360 830 G6 coming with Whiskey Lake-U vPro, WiFi-6, and privacy camera shutter

While mostly just a minor refresh, security buffs and business users will appreciate the new camera slider and updated hardware-level anti-virus and recovery features.
Google has teased its upcoming Pixel 3a, 3a XL launch event - the May 8 date here is from the Australian site. (Screenshot: Notebook Check)

May 7 launch confirmed for Google Pixel 3a, 3a XL, hints of an Avengers connection in URL

Google has all but officially confirmed that its Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL models are set to launch on May 7. The company has posted a teaser on its store that says “Help is on the way,” in a clear nod to the Google Assistant featu...
Asus ZenBook S13 UX392 with 97 percent screen-to-body ratio now shipping for $1399

Asus ZenBook S13 UX392 with 97 percent screen-to-body ratio now shipping for $1399

The narrow-bezel Asus ZenBook UX391 will now be even narrower with the ZenBook UX392. Asus is promising a lighter and faster GeForce-powered Ultrabook than the Dell XPS 13 while offering a larger 13.9-inch display.
ThinkPad T490s and X390: Brighter, more accurate and better contrast

ThinkPad T490s and X390: Brighter, more accurate and better contrast

We have first display measurements of the two new ThinkPads T490s and X390. Lenovo managed to improve the brightness as well as the color accuracy, but not everything is better.
Intel Core i5-8265U | Intel UHD Graphics 620 | 14" | 1.3 kg
A history of Dell XPS laptops from 2007 to present

A history of Dell XPS laptops from 2007 to present

Xtreme Performance, Revisited. The Dell XPS series has been an excellent proposition for those desiring powerful computing on the go. The evolution of the XPS line is quite a journey, but all along it always underscored the need for keeping pace with the ever evolving technology landscape and computing needs of users, making the XPS lineup one of the most sought after Windows laptops. In this article, we will have a bird's eye view of how the XPS lineup evolved from the humble XPS 466V desktop in 1993 to the high-performant XPS 13 and XPS 15 ultrabooks of today.
Apple wants to be powered by renewables as much as possible by 2020. (Source: GreenBiz)

Apple procures pledges from Foxconn, TSMC to fulfil its orders using renewable energy

Apple has convinced its main manufacturing partners, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) and Foxconn, to makes its parts and/or devices using green energy by 2020. This achievement is a big part of the OEM's current ...
PUBG has been banned in Nepal. (Source: Polygon)

Nepalese authorities order nationwide ban on PUBG

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, or PUBG for short, is one of the Korean studio Bluehole's biggest success stories. However, some state regulators seem not to like it as much as its millions of players do. Nepal is the latest countr...
The NexDock 2 can turn your smartphone or Raspberry Pi into a laptop. (Image source: Nex Computer)

NexDock 2: Huawei, Samsung and Raspberry Pi laptop shell reaches almost US$400,000 on Kickstarter

The NexDock 2 takes the power of your smartphone or Raspberry Pi and creates a laptop experience with a Full HD display, a plethora of ports including a headphone jack, four USB ports and a HDMI port. The NexDock 2 is currently av...
Disney+ may or may not disrupt major players such as Netflix later this year. (Source: Disney)

More details on new Disney+ streaming service to be made available soon

The new Disney+ streaming service will entail a mixture of old and new shows from all of the studios under its umbrella. This, therefore, includes Lucasfilm, 21st Century Fox, Pixar and Marvel. Therefore, Netflix may indeed forfei...
VAIO releases A12 2-in-1 in Europe

VAIO releases A12 2-in-1 in Europe

The VAIO A12 is the latest convertible laptop from the Japanese OEM. The A12 offers a bevy of ports and decent specifications, but the high price (€2300/£2000) may be prohibitive to many consumers. The VAIO A12 is available in Eur...
The alleged new app icons for discrete Apple Podcast and TV apps. (Source: 9to5Mac)

Apple to phase iTunes out in favor of standalone media apps in future versions of macOS

iTunes, the unified account by which Apple apps and services are accessed on devices such as Macs, seems to have been around forever. However, it also appears that this is no longer the case. A 9to5Mac contributor has confirmed ru...
India is now one of YouTube's biggest markets. (Source: Rotor Videos)

YouTube calculates that it has 265 million active users in India, expects this to roughly double by 2020

YouTube has amassed a 265 million-stong user based in the Indian market. Speaking at a recent Google conference, the service's CEO, Susan Wojcicki, projected that this number would grow further to 500 million by next year. The exe...
Google could be prepping a more compact variant of the Pixel Slate. (Source: 9to5Google)

Google hints at successor to the Pixel Slate

Despite word of layoffs at Google’s hardware division, it appears that a successor or stablemate for the Pixel Slate is still in the works. A slideshow presented at the Cloud Next 19 conference in San Francisco hints that a smalle...
New Intel Whiskey Lake SKUs are likely to be available with increased boost clocks. (Souce: YouTube)

New Core i7-8665U and Core i5-8365U Whiskey Lake-U SKUs spotted in leaked Lenovo ThinkPad X390 specs

Two new Intel Whiskey Lake-U SKUs, the Core i7-8665U and the Core i5-8365U, were spotted in leaked ThinkPad X390 specifications. These new CPUs are almost identical to the existing Core i7 and Core i5 options except for the fact t...
The Honor MagicBook is getting a Zen+ Picasso upgrade. (Source: VMall)

Honor MagicBook with AMD Ryzen 5 3500U will be released on April 17

A 2019 refresh of the 14-inch Honor MagicBook is going to be released on April 17, according to a Chinese retailer. The main difference between the upcoming version and the 2018 laptop is a processor upgrade: Last year’s AMD Magic...
Hopes for an all-new MacBook Pro design for 2019 have been dashed. (Source: Apple)

Ming-Chi Kuo now thinks 16-inch MacBook redesign won't come until 2021

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is known for his usually accurate predictions surrounding the notoriously secretive company’s plans. After initially hinting that an all-new MacBook Pro design with a 16-inch display could arrive this ye...
MIT has suspended its collaborations with ZTE and Huawei. (Source: Wikipedia)

MIT has reportedly "severed ties" with Huawei and ZTE

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) vice-president of research Maria Zuber has stated that the university will discontinue its new and existing partnerships with the OEMs ZTE and Huawei. This decision is reportedly connect...
AMD details 12 nm Ryzen 7 3700U Zen+ APU to compete against the 14 nm Intel Core i7-8565U (Image source: AMD)

AMD details 12 nm Ryzen 7 3700U Zen+ APU to compete against the 14 nm Intel Core i7-8565U

The new mobile Zen+ Ryzen 7 Pro 3700U (4.0/2.3 GHz) will be just marginally faster than the outgoing Zen Ryzen 7 2700U (3.8/2.2 GHz). When compared to the Intel Core i7-8650U, however, AMD is promising up to 258 percent faster gra...
A cut-away diagram of an EUV machine. (Source: IEEE Spectrum)

TSMC will fire on all 7nm-making cylinders by the next half of 2019: new report

According to a new report by DigiTimes, the uptake of 7nm chips from TSMC was at its lowest 2019 ebb in the first quarter of this year (1Q2019). However, the company expects its orders to push its relevant processes to their full ...
The Huawei SuperCharge 12000 is unveiled on stage. (Source: Huawei)

Huawei's new 40-watt, 12000mAh power bank set for April 11 release

Huawei is set to release its latest power bank for sale for the first time in China. This will take place in the coming week (on April 11, 2019). The OEM alleges that this power bank is compatible with devices that can charge at 4...
Aukey's new Dynamic Detect could enable a device to get the most out of USB-PD chargers. (Source: Aukey)

Aukey unveils Dynamic Detect, a new fast-charging solution for USB-PD chargers

Aukey, a common name in USB power and mobile-device accessories, has launched a new technology called Dynamic Detect. It allows a dual-port USB-Power Delivery (USB-PD) charger to recognize the number of devices connected to it and...
Lenovo ThinkPad E485 (Ryzen 5, Vega 8) Laptop Review

86% Lenovo ThinkPad E485 (Ryzen 5, Vega 8) Laptop Review

Held back on purpose? In addition to the A series, Lenovo is also offering its more affordable E series with AMD processors. We tested how the ThinkPad fares against the Intel competition and also evaluated whether a configuration with dual-channel RAM brings any advantages. Update: Added further measurements for the alternative Innolux display.
AMD Ryzen 5 2500U | AMD Radeon RX Vega 8 | 14" | 1.8 kg
Qualcomm has had a staff re-shuffle at its higher echelons. (Source: Qualcomm)

Qualcomm lets its CFO and Executive Committee member go

Qualcomm has announced that George Davis, an executive who had served as the company's Chief Financial Officer (CFO) for the past 6 years, has left the firm. His immediate successor is David Wise, who also acts as senior vice-pres...
LG Gram 14Z980 (i5-8250U) Laptop Review

85% LG Gram 14Z980 (i5-8250U) Laptop Review

A grand for a gram. The Gram 14 is a few hundred grams lighter than the XPS 13 while having a larger 14-inch display. In fact, it's one of the lightest Ultrabooks in its size class with an Intel Core U-series CPU. So, what's the catch?
Intel Core i5-8250U | Intel UHD Graphics 620 | 14" | 994 g
The Dell XPS 13 has an appealing design language. (Source: Dell)

Deal | Save over US$400 on a Dell XPS 13 Touch; up to US$460 on non-touch version

Dell is offering some considerable discounts across its XPS 13 range at the moment. Some of the deals are time limited, so if you’re in the hunt for a handy-sized Ultrabook that can offer great performance with a small footprint, ...
Acer Swift 3 coming with a GeForce MX250 GPU.. but they aren't saying which one

Sneaky Nvidia — the slower GeForce MX250 Max-Q '1D52' exists and they aren't telling you

Some Ultrabooks are shipping with the slower 10 W GeForce MX250 instead of the "regular" 25 W GeForce MX250. Worse yet, it's almost impossible to find out which before purchasing. The 10 W version is expected to perform about 30 p...
GeForce MX230 offers fewer shaders but faster clock rates than the GeForce MX130 (Image source: Nvidia)

GeForce MX230 offers fewer shader cores but faster clock rates than the GeForce MX130

Our first benchmarks for the Nvidia MX230 show decent performance upgrades over the MX130 of up to 30 percent in 3DMark benchmarks. Shader count is identical to the MX110, but the newer Pascal architecture still manages to deliver...
Toshiba is coming back to the laptop business with a new name and logo (Source: Sharp)

Toshiba is coming back to the laptop business under the new Dynabook name

Effective immediately, the Toshiba America Client Solutions group (TACS) will become Dynabook Americas. The company will continue to develop and produce the familiar Portege, Tecra, and DynaEdge PCs for the U.S. market under the S...
30 percent of 47 Basecamp staff with MacBooks are experiencing keyboard issues. (Source: DHH)

A workplace study shows MacBook keyboard failure rate of 30 percent

Another scathing article has been penned by a well-respected member of the Apple community on Apple's malfunctioning keyboards. David Heinemeier Hansson, a software developer, claims that the failure rate of Apple's butterfly mech...
Our first GeForce MX250 benchmarks are in and results are slower than some MX150 laptops (Image source: Acer)

Our first GeForce MX250 benchmarks are in and results are slower than some MX150 laptops

Different name, same game. Laptops equipped with the GeForce MX250 are now beginning to ship to succeed the last generation MX150. However, you're better off with an MX150 laptop instead if performance-per-dollar is a major factor...
The Hyper "UUH" hub is designed to have 15 USB ports on one side. (Source: Hyper)

Hyper "announces" a USB type C hub with a 3.5-inch floppy disk drive

The MacBook accessory company Hyper has posted a page on its website for something it calls the "mother of all USB hubs". It has a total of 18 USB ports, 4 SD card slots, a range of legacy monitor ports and, best of all, a 3.5-inc...
Apple currently has eight active major Exchange and Repair Extension Programs for faulty products. (Screenshot: Notebookcheck)

Faulty Apple product? Check this list of active device repair programs

Despite Apple’s reputation for build quality and design it has been having a few quality issues of late, particularly with regard to its MacBook line. A search on Apple’s website has revealed all of the products in its lineup that...
TCO develops industry standards for device longevity. (Source: TCO)

Lenovo, HP and Dell make the most upgradeable & sustainable PCs: device certifier

TCO Certified is a body that assesses the durability, recyclability and upgradability of desktops and laptops. The goal of this process is to improve sustainability in the IT industry. TCO claims that its 8th-generation criteria a...
The Jabra Evolve 65e neckbuds. (Source: Jabra)

The new Jabra Evolve 65e is a pair of neckbuds with "professional-grade sound quality"

Jabra has released its latest generation of neckbuds, the Evolve 65e. The audio company claims that this wireless set of earphones has consumer-grade comfort with professional levels of audio. This product has attained Skype for B...
New Lenovo ThinkPad laptops: T490, X390, T490s & T590 are now available

New Lenovo ThinkPad laptops: T490, X390, T490s & T590 are now available

At MWC, Lenovo announced their new 2019 ThinkPad business lineup. Roughly a month later, the majority of the new ThinkPad laptops are now available, though all of the new models still miss some hardware options.
Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air (2019) ultrabook (Source: MyDrivers)

The Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air (2019) is now official, starting at US$536

The 2.4-pound Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air (2019) is now official in China and comes with Harman Kardon audio with DTS surround, fast charging, and more. The starting price (in China) is the equivalent of US$536 and this amount would ge...
Apple unveils Arcade. (Source: Apple)

Apple Arcade: the world's first gaming subscription service for mobile, desktop and the living room

Apple's latest release event debuted Arcade, a new elaboration on the App Store's gaming experience. The company claims that over 100 new and original games have been developed for this new subscription-based service. It is also a...
Gigabyte Aero 15-X9 vs. Aero 15-Y9: you may want to reconsider the RTX 2080 Max-Q SKU

Gigabyte Aero 15-X9 vs. Aero 15-Y9: you may want to reconsider the RTX 2080 Max-Q SKU

The Aero 15-Y9 is over $1000 more expensive than the Aero 15-X9 and yet both configurations perform about the same in all of our tests. Is there really a reason to get the pricier version? Based on our numbers, the less expensive ...
Apple unveiled its own streaming competitor at its latest event. (Source: Apple)

The new Apple TV services are here

The Cupertino giant has unveiled the next generation of its TV arm. However, it is not a device; rather, it is a software- and content-based upgrade. The new Apple TV app allows users to cherry-pick channels or streaming providers...
Xiaomi is prepping an update to its 12.5-inch Mi Notebook Air. (Source: Xiaomi)

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air sequel teased for March 26

Xiaomi’s official Chinese Weibo account has issued a teaser indicating that it is prepping an update to its 12.5-inch Mi Notebook Air. The teaser shows a scale with the current weight of the device at 1.07 kg hinting at either a r...
Intel has confirmed it has abandoned the Compute Card platform. (Source: Intel)

Intel kills off the Compute Card initiative

Intel has confirmed that it is killing off further development of its Compute Card platform. Similar in size to a credit card, Compute Card was teased at CES 2017 and first unveiled at Computex 2017 and promised modular upgrades f...
It's possible to save nearly US$500 on the Dell XPS 15 with a Core i9-8950HK. (Source: Dell)

Deal | Save nearly US$300 on a Dell XPS 15 with i7-8750H and GTX 1050 Ti; almost US$500 off for i9 touch variant

Dell is having its semi-annual electronics sale at the moment, and there are massive savings on offer throughout the company’s extensive range of products. One of the most attractive deals is for a Dell XPS 15 laptop sporting an 8...
The new Huntkey 90W charging brick looks deceptively much like any other. (Source: Huntkey)

A power brick maker will release a 90W wall charger later this year

Huntkey, a company based in Shenzhen, has announced that it is currently producing a 90-watt wall-wart intended for mobile devices. This next-gen power-brick also has a USB type-C output, rather than type-A as normal. It supports ...
Razer did well for itself last year. (Source: The Drum)

Razer made nearly US$80 million in gross profit last year: new report

Razer has released its financial report for 2018. It shows that the gaming company's revenues are now stands at US$274.2 million. The firm made $79.5 million in terms of gross profit last year, and also cut its losses by 4.3% comp...
Lenovo ThinkPad T490s using the same motherboard as smaller X390 may explain feature loss

Lenovo ThinkPad T490s using the same motherboard as smaller X390 may explain feature loss

As the release of Lenovo's newest business laptops of the well known ThinkPad brand comes closer, we discovered an interesting fact in the support documentation of the ThinkPad T490s and the smaller ThinkPad X390: Both use the sam...
Look familiar? These are the new Apple AirPods. (Source: Apple)

Apple releases AirPods 2 with new wireless charging case option

Apple's latest press release has unveiled the AirPods 2. These new earbuds integrate handsfree Siri activation, faster switching between different devices and wireless charging. However, their design is largely unchanged compared ...
The Blue Yeti is apparently the best USB mic. (Source: Amazon)

The best USB microphone is made by Blue: new analysis

In a world where everyone seems to be a streamer or caster or some kind, a USB microphone may be a viable purchase. They combine the possible advantage of improved audio with a power source that is already built into your machine....



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