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The new Portable Charger Power Bank. (Source: UGREEN)

UGREEN's latest Portable Charging solution debuts to deliver 48,000mAh of power at up to 300W

UGREEN's latest accessory is categorized as a power bank, albeit with one of such a large rated capacity that it needs its own handle. It also packs potentially camping- or holiday-friendly perks such as a Smart Digital Display, e...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 21 May 2024 17:45
The Dell XPS 13 now comes in an ARM variant. (Image Source: Dell)

Dell XPS 13 9345 now comes in ARM avatar with Snapdragon X1 Elite and China-exclusive X1 Pro options

Dell is introducing an ARM version of the XPS 13 9340, the XPS 13 9345. The new XPS 13 9345 is powered by the Snapdragon X1 Elite X1E-80-100 (the X1P being China-exclusive) but is pretty much identical to its Meteor Lake cousin in...
Vaidyanathan Subramaniam, 20 May 2024 20:00
Asus Zenbook 14 OLED review - The AMD variant of the Zenbook has received the weaker 1080p OLED screen

89% Asus Zenbook 14 OLED review - The AMD variant of the Zenbook has received the weaker 1080p OLED screen

Better than Intel? Asus also offers its Zenbook 14 OLED as a cheaper version featuring an AMD Ryzen 8000 processor—that even delivers better performance than the Meteor Lake variant. It does, however, face limitations when it comes to its RAM and its Full HD OLED panel which only has a 60 Hz refresh rate.
AMD Ryzen 7 8840HS | AMD Radeon 780M | 14.00" | 1.2 kg
Andreas Osthoff, 18 May 2024 12:44
Brighter screen and newer processor with faster NPU. (Image Source: SCHENKER)

SCHENKER refreshes its VIA 14 Pro ultrabook with AMD's Ryzen 7 8845HS and brighter 3K display

This new M24 model features a 33% brighter 3K LTPS IPS panel, as well as a new paint finish that is less prone to fingerprints. The base model with an R7 8845HS, 32 GB LPDDR5X-6400 RAM, 500 GB PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSD is now available fo...
Bogdan Solca, 15 May 2024 15:00
An LPDDR5X CAMM2 module. (Source: iFixit via YouTube)

ThinkPad P1 Gen 7: LPCAMM2-powered reparability of new Lenovo laptop praised in new teardown

Lenovo's ThinkPad P1 Gen 7 is now officially the first laptop to have been torn down by iFixit in search of its LPCAMM2 module. The emerging RAM type is hailed as a more powerful, efficient and sustainable form of memory thanks to...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 08 May 2024 15:44
The Galaxy Book4 Ultra. (Source: Samsung)

Samsung Snapdragon X Elite laptop name seemingly confirmed in new leak

Samsung is projected to add a new variant to its latest Galaxy Book4 series of laptops - albeit one with Qualcomm's new Snapdragon X Elite processor rather than silicon from Intel. To this end, it has a potentially nostalgic new s...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 07 May 2024 17:03
The Youth charger. (Source: AOHI)

AOHI The Youth debuts as new up-to-140W three-way power brick for under $70

AOHI presents its latest accessory as the ideal way to charge a MacBook Pro by up to 56% in 30 minutes on a budget. Its Advanced GaN (or gallium nitride) tech is connected to triple ports, one of which is rated for 140W of power d...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 27 Apr 2024 17:26
The well-equipped Dell XPS 13 9315 is currently on sale for almost 40% off MSRP (Image: Sebastian Jentsch)

Deal | Dell XPS 13 laptop with Core i7, 32GB RAM and 1TB SSD is 39% off right now

One of the more enticing configurations of the Dell XPS 13 has hit one of its lowest sale prices thus far as the portable 13-inch laptop with 32GB of memory drops below the $900 mark thanks to a generous discount of more than $550...
Enrico Frahn, 22 Apr 2024 21:05
Samsung Galaxy Book4 Pro 14 review – Expensive everyday laptop with OLED touch screen

87% Samsung Galaxy Book4 Pro 14 review – Expensive everyday laptop with OLED touch screen

Meteor Lake pared down. The Galaxy Book4 Pro 14 is Samsung's slim and light notebook for everyday use. It features a recent Meteor Lake processor as well as a high-resolution 120-Hz OLED touch screen. Both performance and battery life are no more than average.
Intel Core Ultra 7 155H | Intel Arc 8-Core iGPU | 14.00" | 1.2 kg
Andreas Osthoff, 18 Apr 2024 16:25
The Lenovo Slim Pro 9i 14 has expandable storage and soldered RAM. (Source: Notebookcheck Reviews on YouTube)

Deal | Outstanding Lenovo Slim Pro 9i 14 with bright Mini LED panel, Core i7-13705H, and RTX 4050 drops to record low price

Last year’s Lenovo Slim Pro 9i 14 with a Raptor Lake Core i7-13705H CPU, an RTX 4050 GPU, 32 GB of RAM, and 1 TB of storage is now enjoying a respectable 16.7% discount at Best Buy. As a result, the laptop, which has a 4.6 consume...
Fawad Murtaza, 17 Apr 2024 09:58
An UltraGear monitor. (Source: LG)

Deal | Gear up for LG Gaming Week deals including 20% off bundles with new UltraGear OLED monitor

LG has indicated that the time to get ready for its Gaming Week 2024 is now. The event is slated to offer devices such as the latest 45-inch OLED UltraGear monitor or one of the new Intel Core Ultra-powered Gram Pro laptops at new...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 14 Apr 2024 18:35
The Spacemate's LED display. (Source: Baseus)

Baseus Spacemate 11-Port USB-C Dock unleashed on US market with up to 45% introductory discount

The Baseus Spacemate is pitched as a particularly modern desktop I/O hub, equipped as it is with a front-facing LED display indicating which of its 11 ports (Gigabit Ethernet, 3 4K/60Hz monitor links and a 100W USB-C Power Input i...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 14 Apr 2024 17:29
The butterfly keyboard was notorious for failing with even the slightest spec of dust (Source: Apple)

Apple's worst laptop keyboard - time is running out for service claims on affected MacBooks

At one point Apple was single mindedly pursuing the thinnest devices possible. In that quest for form over function they released one of the worst laptop keyboards in history. These keyboards were notorious for having almost no tr...
David Devey, 10 Apr 2024 15:19
Samsung Galaxy Book4 Pro 16

Samsung's Galaxy Book4 Pro 16 is too expensive and limited to 16 GB of RAM

The flat Galaxy Book4 Pro 16 is supposed to be a high-quality all-rounder and the OLED touchscreen offers very good image quality. However, Samsung's RRP of $17449.99 is too high, especially in view of the meager memory configurat...
Andreas Osthoff, 06 Apr 2024 02:49
The Explorer 880 Pro. (Source: Jackery)

Jackery Solar Generator 880 Pro debuts as extra-compact portable power station with $230 discount

Jackery has presented a new, more compact version of its up-to-date Explorer Pro portable power station series. The 880 Pro has a moderate capacity at 880 watt-hours (Wh), yet can deliver up to 2000W of power in a number of ways, ...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 04 Apr 2024 16:53
Samsung Galaxy Book4 Pro 16 in review

89% Galaxy Book4 Pro 16 Laptop Review: Samsung's alternative to the Apple MacBook Air 15

Expensive everyday computer. With the Galaxy Book4 Pro 16, Samsung offers a flat 16-inch laptop with the latest Intel Core Ultra Meteor Lake processor and a high-resolution OLED touchscreen. What does the Galaxy Book4 Pro 16 offer against the Apple MacBook Air 15 M3 competition? Let's find out in this review.
Intel Core Ultra 7 155H | Intel Arc 8-Core iGPU | 16.00" | 1.5 kg
Andreas Osthoff, 01 Apr 2024 19:15
The Best Ultra-Portable Notebooks

The Best Ultra-Portable Notebooks

Q2/2024 update. Particularly portable notebooks, also known as subnotebooks, are known for their particularly compact build, low weight, and long battery life. They tend to be the first choice of all road warriors and users who carry around their laptop wherever they go in order to work from wherever they are. Below, you will find the best subnotebooks reviewed by us.
Notebookcheck, 01 Apr 2024 03:48
UGREEN holds an Easter 2024 sale. (Source: UGREEN)

Deal | Get up to 40% off a new UGREEN charging accessory/cable bundle

UGREEN's Easter 2024 event kicks off with up to 28% off the brand's adorable Nexode RG-series USB-C power bricks. Alternatively, some even faster-charging accessory and cable sets go for up to 40%. These deals are available direc...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 29 Mar 2024 17:25
The FlipGo. (Source: JSAUX)

JSAUX FlipGo crowdfunding campaign passes $1,000,000 mark with less than 48 hours to go

The JSAUX FlipGo is touted as one of the most innovative dual-stacked portable monitors thanks to its one-cable, easy mode-switching design. It is touted as the "ideal companion" for those who work either on the road or in an offi...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 28 Mar 2024 20:02
Lenovo releases full-version of X1 Carbon G12 & ThinkPad X1 2-in-1

Lenovo releases full-version of X1 Carbon G12 & ThinkPad X1 2-in-1

Three months after showing off the new ThinkPad X1 models at CES, Lenovo is close to making the high-end Ultrabooks broadly available. The nearing release means Lenovo has finally released the full specs of the ThinkPad X1 Carbon ...
Benjamin Herzig, 16 Mar 2024 22:52
The FlipGo. (Source: Notebookcheck)

JSAUX FlipGo hands-on and review

The FlipGo is JSAUX' new portable monitor - however, unlike many of its rivals, it is touted to deliver double the up-to-2.5K external display real estate to USB-C- or HDMI-enabled devices thanks to its dual-screen laptop-like for...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 16 Mar 2024 17:55
Lenovo quietly releases Core Ultra equipped ThinkPad X13 G5

Lenovo quietly releases Core Ultra equipped ThinkPad X13 G5

A release without any fanfare: Lenovo has released the new Lenovo ThinkPad X13 Gen 5. The newest model sports Intel Core Ultra, also known as Meteor Lake. The X13 G5 will be available both with U and H CPUs, but it appears there a...
Benjamin Herzig, 13 Mar 2024 15:26
Apple MacBook Air 15 M3 review - Apple’s large everyday MacBook gets a power up

92% Apple MacBook Air 15 M3 review - Apple’s large everyday MacBook gets a power up

Fast and expensive. Around 8 months after the launch of the MacBook Air 15, Apple has updated its large, everyday MacBook and, thanks to the new M3 processor, it performs even better than before. On top of that, the Wi-Fi performance has improved. The price, however, remains just as high.
Apple M3 | Apple M3 10-Core GPU | 15.60" | 1.5 kg
Andreas Osthoff, 11 Mar 2024 20:22
The 65W Blade2. (Source: Baseus)

Baseus Blade2: new Ultra-Thin USB-C power bank price revealed

Baseus has announced that its second-gen Blade is now available in the US. This iteration of the increasingly iconic "Ultra-Thin Laptop Power Bank" is rated to charge compatible devices at up to 65W using up-to-date silicon-carbon...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 11 Mar 2024 18:31
Anker has some Hot Deals going. (Source: Anker)

Deal | Anker Hot Deals event offers up to 40% off charging accessories for less than 40 hours

Anker has just unleashed a wide range of deals on its US website, with assorted coupons on the brand's fast-charging power banks, wall-warts and MagSafe accessories. There is also a "save $5 on every $100 spent" deal on top of tha...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 09 Mar 2024 16:46
Apple MacBook Air 13 M3 review - A lot faster and with Wi-Fi 6E

92% Apple MacBook Air 13 M3 review - A lot faster and with Wi-Fi 6E

The best subnotebook. Apple has updated its MacBook Air and thanks to its M3 SoC, the laptop's performance is now higher than ever before. Further improvements include its Wi-Fi 6E support and the ability to connect up to two external displays. Moreover, the blue Midnight color variant has been given a new coating to repel fingerprint marks.
Apple M3 | Apple M3 10-Core GPU | 13.60" | 1.2 kg
Andreas Osthoff, 08 Mar 2024 18:51
MSI Prestige 13 AI Evo laptop review - Core Ultra 7 and OLED weighing under 1 kg

87% MSI Prestige 13 AI Evo laptop review - Core Ultra 7 and OLED weighing under 1 kg

Light as a feather with Wi-Fi 7. MSI's Prestige 13 AI Evo is an extremely compact and lightweight subnotebook featuring good connectivity options, an OLED panel and a Meteor Lake processor. When it comes to its performance, however, you may have to make a few compromises—plus, the laptop's fan has its work cut out for it.
Intel Core Ultra 7 155H | Intel Arc 8-Core iGPU | 13.30" | 967 g
Andreas Osthoff, 08 Mar 2024 01:35
HP EliteBook 865 G10 laptop review - Capable business laptop ruined by Sure View

86% HP EliteBook 865 G10 laptop review - Capable business laptop ruined by Sure View

Surely better without Sure View. HP releases another EliteBook 865 business laptop with SmartCard and various security features and upgrades it with a Zen 4 processor. Read our in-depth review to find out what else is new.
AMD Ryzen 9 PRO 7940HS | AMD Radeon 780M | 16.00" | 1.9 kg
Christian Hintze, 07 Mar 2024 11:20
(Image Source: Liliputing)

HP refreshes Pavilion Aero 13 ultrabook with AMD Ryzen 8040HS processors

This year's Pavilion Aero 13 models finally get the AMD Zen 4 treatment, as HP provides APU options up to a Ryzen 7 8840HS. With the increased requirements for AI processing, the base configuration will include at least 16 GB of L...
Bogdan Solca, 27 Feb 2024 17:32
WowMouse: now for Pixel Watch 2. (Source: Doublepoint)

MWC 2024 | Doublepoint WowMouse for Pixel Watch 2 debuts to bring gesture control to Google's smartwatch

Doublepoint has come to Barcelona to announce that WowMouse has upgraded to support for the Pixel Watch 2. The app is rated to turn a user's smartwatch hand into a "mouse" thanks to its support for Wear OS, and, thus, to add a new...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 26 Feb 2024 17:07
The Gram Pro and Pro 2-in-1. (Source: LG)

LG Gram Pro: Meteor Lake-powered laptop series released in US with pre-order special offers

LG has unleashed its latest Gram Pro laptops on the United States market. They are available with 17- or 16-inch displays, the latter of which can also be OLED in conventional clamshell or convertible form-factors. Some SKU pre-or...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 24 Feb 2024 19:46
Asus Zenbook 14 OLED

The new Asus Zenbook 14 OLED 2024 has one major flaw

Asus' new Zenbook 14 OLED is a good subnotebook that boasts a lightweight case and beautiful OLED screen in particular. During our test, however, its cooler proved to cause the biggest issues, as the single fan is often active and...
Andreas Osthoff, 22 Feb 2024 16:54
Asus Zenbook 14 OLED review - The 1.2-kg subnotebook with 120-Hz OLED and Core Ultra 7

87% Asus Zenbook 14 OLED review - The 1.2-kg subnotebook with 120-Hz OLED and Core Ultra 7

Lighter than the MacBook Air. Asus has updated its Zenbook 14 OLED, now making use of an even more compact and lightweight case. Even so, it still features an Intel Core Ultra 7 155H which, in turn, now demands more from the installed cooling unit. Its new 120-Hz OLED display, on the other hand, impresses with accurate colors and good HDR capabilities.
Intel Core Ultra 7 155H | Intel Arc 8-Core iGPU | 14.00" | 1.2 kg
Andreas Osthoff, 21 Feb 2024 16:00
AOHi's latest charging accessories. (Source: AOHi)

AOHi The Starship 140W 40,000mAh power bank and 240W Racing Cable set go to retail

AOHi's innovative modular cable set has now made the transition from crowdfunding to online sales via the OEM's store. It is joined there by the Starship, an up-to-140W "2-in-1" power bank rated for 40,000mAh of typical capacity....
Deirdre O'Donnell, 19 Feb 2024 19:59
EliteBook x360 830 G10: Great convertible for business customers

EliteBook x360 830 G10: Great convertible for business customers

Though it does not excel in most ways, HP delivers a great business convertible in the EliteBook x360 830 G10. Most impressive are the very comfortable keyboard and stiff metal chassis, as well as the fact that the touchscreen of ...
Benjamin Herzig, 17 Feb 2024 20:33
The TravelGo Adapter. (Source: Volta)

Volta 120W Travel Adapter preview hints at sizeable launch discount

Volta asserts that its upcoming 120W power brick is for "techies" and gamers as well as travelers. It combines a multi-socket "~200-country" form-factor with the gallium nitride (GaN) III tech necessary for a combined up-to-120W o...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 11 Feb 2024 19:31
signature TrackPoint keyboard (Image Source: Lenovo)

Deal | Lenovo ThinkPad X13 Gen 4 business ultrabook with AMD Ryzen 7 Pro 7840U and 32 GB RAM now only $993

Other highlights for this configuration include a 5 MP webcam with IR sensor, fingerprint reader integrated in the power button, 2x USB4 ports and a total weight of only 2.51 lbs.
Bogdan Solca, 06 Feb 2024 17:11
The FlipGo goes live. (Source: JSAUX)

JSAUX FlipGo portable dual monitor crowdfunding campaign eases past $100,000 mark on first day

JSAUX' inaugural external monitor is off to a flying start on Kickstarter. The foldable FlipGo's UltraView and DuoViews SKUs are all still currently available at early-bird prices in 13.5- or 16-inch sizes. The up-to-2.5K accessor...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 30 Jan 2024 17:17
Tuxedo Pulse 14 Gen3 review - The Linux Ultrabook with AMD Zen4 and a 120-Hz display

89% Tuxedo Pulse 14 Gen3 review - The Linux Ultrabook with AMD Zen4 and a 120-Hz display

Powerful and compact. Tuxedo's Pulse 14 Gen3 is a new subnotebook with a fast AMD Zen4 processor and a high-res 3K IPS display with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. Furthermore, it features 32 GB RAM as standard and many connectivity options. So, is this the perfect Linux Ultrabook?
AMD Ryzen 7 7840HS | AMD Radeon 780M | 14.00" | 1.4 kg
Andreas Osthoff, 24 Jan 2024 11:44
The Blade 14 2024 is here. (Source: Razer)

Razer Blade 14 2024 goes up for pre-order with new Ryzen platform and RTX 4000-series graphics

Razer has now outlined the specs with which the Blade 14 2024 is available from today (January 23, 2024), the first day of its pre-order phase. They include the new Ryzen 9 8945HS silicon touted to confer "advanced AI" on this ite...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 23 Jan 2024 19:24
The LG Gram SuperSlim (15Z90RT) only features three USB Type-C ports (2x Thunderbolt 4) and an audio jack. (Source: LG/Best Buy)

Deal | LG Gram SuperSlim (2023) OLED price drops back to historic low following giant 44% discount at Best Buy

The LG Gram SuperSlim OLED laptop is enjoying a considerable $700 off the list price at Best Buy. With the discount in place, the laptop becomes an enticing value thanks to its beautiful OLED display, good performance, and strong ...
Fawad Murtaza, 23 Jan 2024 11:19
The chassis resembles Lenovo's signature design. (Image Source: Mechrevo)

Mechrevo 14 Pro ultrabook with Intel Core Ultra 5 125H, 32 GB RAM and 2 TB storage now pre-selling at $969.99

While the RAM and storage specs are beefy, the other specs are not exactly Intel EVO compliant, as there is only 1x Thunderbolt 4. Still, Mechrevo offers a nice 2.8K IPS display with 120 Hz refresh rate and security features are c...
Bogdan Solca, 18 Jan 2024 14:12
Thin and light Meteor Lake ultrabook with OLED display(Image Source: Acer)

Deal | Acer Swift Go 14 2024 OLED laptop with Intel Core 5 Ultra 125H is only $849.99 on Amazon

Besides the premium 2.8K OLED display, this model features dual Thunderbolt 4 ports, miniSD card reader, fingerprint reader, 1440p webcam and weighs only 2.91 lbs. It also comes with 16 GB LPDDR5x-6400 RAM and 512 GB PCIe 4.0 NVMe...
Bogdan Solca, 17 Jan 2024 17:59
The new Frequency Division OLED screen. (Source: TCL)

CES 2024 | TCL CSOT unveils IJP OLED laptop display and multi-refresh rate zone screen

TCL's CSOT R&D division has indicated that it might help build the 14-inch laptop displays of the future based on some of its current OLED prototypes. Some of these PCs might have improved outdoor visibility thanks to high-brightn...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 13 Jan 2024 21:06
ThinkPad X1 Carbon G12 & X1 2-in-1 hands on: Huge redesign with accessibility focus

CES 2024 | Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon G12 & X1 2-in-1 hands on: Huge redesign with accessibility focus

Lenovo introduced the newest members of its ThinkPad laptop family for business customers ahead of CES in December 2023. At the trade show, the largest PC manufacturer showed off both the premium clamshell ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 12 and its convertible counterpart, the ThinkPad X1 2-in-1.
Benjamin Herzig, 11 Jan 2024 23:20
Schenker Vision 14 M23 review - The magnesium ultrabook now with a GeForce RTX 3050 6 GB

88% Schenker Vision 14 M23 review - The magnesium ultrabook now with a GeForce RTX 3050 6 GB

Mini update. Schenker offers its Vision 14 with the GeForce RTX 3050 Refresh, featuring more graphics memory. All-in-all, its performance has remained almost the same and it can come nowhere near the GeForce RTX 4050 Laptop. With its high-resolution IPS display and good maintenance options—allowing for up to 64 GB RAM—the laptop still proves to be an interesting option.
Intel Core i7-13700H | NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 6GB Laptop GPU | 14.00" | 1.3 kg
Andreas Osthoff, 11 Jan 2024 21:28
The Lark M2. (Source: Hollyland)

Hollyland Lark M2 Wireless Lavalier Microphone debuts as advanced ultra-light external mic

Hollyland claims to have packed all the tech for a "top level consumer-grade" lavalier- or lapel-style microphone into an "all-in-one button" with its latest Lark-series release. The M2 is rated to eliminate unwanted background no...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 10 Jan 2024 17:43
The Future Racing Cable. (Source: AOHi)

AOHi The Future Racing Cable launches as customizable-length cable that upgrades to USB4

AOHi has announced that crowdfunding for a new generation of its innovative modular (or "splicable") cable has begun. Like its Future Creative predecessor, the Racing Cable can be put together to be longer or even to be type-A at ...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 09 Jan 2024 19:04
The Zenbook Duo is an ultraportable marvel by Asus. (Source: Asus)

CES 2024 | Asus announces the Zenbook Duo, unleashing the future of ultraportable laptops with dual 3K OLED screens in a 1.35 kg marvel

Asus today introduced the Zenbook Duo, boasting dual 3K OLED screens, AI-driven power, and an easy to carry 1.35 kg build. The beautiful Asus Lumina OLED displays are Dolby Vision certified, Pantone Validated, and offer a cinema-grade 100% DCI-P3 color gamut. Powered by the latest Intel processors with up to the Core Ultra 9 H-series, the Zenbook Duo promises performance without sacrificing on functionality or mobility.
Sambit Saha, 09 Jan 2024 19:00
Lenovo seems to be billing the Yoga Slim 7i Gen 9 as a lightweight on-the-go creator companion for those who already have a desktop but don't want to compromise on visuals or performance when out and about.

CES 2024 | Lenovo Slim 7i Gen 9 boasts 100% DCI-P3 OLED display, 16-core Intel Core Ultra 7 CPU in 14-inch thin-and-light laptop

Lenovo's latest 14-inch performance thin-and-light laptop delivers a healthy helping of ports, a very respectable 400-nit OLED display, and Windows Hello face detection in a 0.59 inch (1.5 cm) thick, 3.15 lb (ca. 1,429 g) package. The 16-core Intel Core Ultra 7 CPU has 16 cores, with six of those being performance cores.
Julian van der Merwe, 09 Jan 2024 00:00


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