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Intel are reportedly re-thinking the way they handle manufacturing. (Source: YouTube)

Intel to re-structure its manufacturing arm into 3 new divisions

Intel is splitting its manufacturing segment into 3 new categories, each of which will be managed by a different staff member. These new divisions will handle various aspects of the chip-making side of the Intel business. They wil...
The message displayed if Windows Setup detects the older drivers during the upgrade. (Source@

Devices with 6th-generation or newer Intel chips facing issues with new Win10 update

PCs that run on processors that are of the Skylake or later series are reportedly displaying obstructive messages in the course of their update to the October version of Windows 10. This is due to an older Intel Display Audio driv...
The Gen 11 iGPU in the upcoming Intel 'Ice Lake' CPUs will support DP 1.4a and DSC. (Source: XDC 2018)

Intel 'Ice Lake' Gen 11 iGPU will support DisplayPort 1.4a and Display Stream Compression for [email protected]

At the recently concluded XDC 2018 conference, Intel's Linux graphics kernel developer, Manasi Navare touched upon the support for DisplayPort 1.4a and Display Stream Compression capabilities of the upcoming generation of Intel in...
The Intel CFO has addressed the chip shortage issue in an open letter. (Source: Intel)

Intel CFO announces plans to deal with the chip supply problem

The CFO and interim CEO of Intel, Bob Swan, has released an open letter to all interested parties concerning the company's ongoing processor-supply woes. Swan asserted that increased investment and a renewed focus on high-end chip...
Image: ASRock

ASRock announces new "Jupiter" SFF desktops with 65 W Coffee Lake CPUs

ASRock recently announced two new small form factor (SFF) desktop PCs. The Jupiter H310 and Jupiter Q370 both measure just over a litre in volume but can support up to a 65 Watt CPU on the LGA1151 socket. Upgrade options are also ...
AMD Ryzen 7 2700X stock cooler, TechSpot's Best Value CPU for Productivity September 2018

AMD processors win 4 of the 5 "Best CPU" awards by TechSpot

Although Intel only grabbed the leading place in one category, this category is probably the most important. TechSpot's best CPU for gaming is the Intel Core i7-8700K, while various AMD Ryzen chips own the crown in the following c...
Unlike most previous NUC solutions from Intel, the Crimson Canyon mini PCs are semi-barebone models that come with soldered RAM and included HDDs.  (Source: SimplyNUC)

Intel Crimson Canyon NUC complete specs and release date unveiled

The Crimson Canyon NUCs are meant for users who do not really intend to upgrade their systems, as the RAM is soldered and there is already an HDD included. Users may still choose among 4 or 8 GB of LPDDR4-2666, however, there is o...
Is the MacBook Air due an upgrade? (Source: Pixabay)

New rumors suggest refresh for MacBook Air

An article on a Taiwanese news site states that Apple is in fact releasing a new MacBook Air in 2018. These rumors suggest that the Cupertino company now intends to fast-track its release. However, is it all good news for fans of ...
Details of the upcoming 8-core Intel 9000-series CPUs. (Source: Coolaler)

Details of the Intel Core i9-9900K leak — 8C/16T with 5 GHz boost clock

Details of new 8-core 16-thread Intel Coffee Lake CPUs have leaked online. The top-end Core i9-9900K can boost up to 5 GHz out of the box and has a TDP of 95W. The other SKUs in the lineup include the 8-core Core i7-9700K and the ...
Intel CPU roadmap delays purportedly causing headaches for major OEMs (Image source: Wikipedia)

Intel CPU roadmap delays purportedly causing headaches for major OEMs

Manufacturers may have to milk existing notebook designs even further for this Holiday season since Intel's next generation CPUs are not expected to come anytime soon. Global notebook shipments will almost surely be slower YoY as ...
Die Ober- und Unterseite des ersten von Intel im 10 nm-Verfahren hergestellten Prozessors Core i3-8121U (Quelle: TechInsights)

TechInsight dissects and analyzes the Cannon Lake Core i3-8121U

A detail teardown to the silicon level reveals some defining characteristics of Intel's upcoming 10 nm lithography. The new reports will detail how this early Cannon Lake CPU differs from the previous generation of Intel CPUs and ...
The Intel Z390 chipset diagram. (Source: Intel / Benchlife)

Upcoming Intel Z390 chipset to be just a rebadged Z370

Intel's upcoming Z390 chipset could be just a rebadged Z370 if the grapevine on the street is to be believed. The Z390 was expected to bring support for the 8-core 'Coffee Lake-S' CPUs along with an integrated USB 3.1 Gen2 Host Co...
What appears to be a thumbnail of the video that was taken down. (Source: /u/WhyCry_)

Hands-on | Android One Mi A2 spotted online, Snapdragon 660 in tow

The Mi 5X was rebranded to become the Android One Mi A1 last year and, with the launch of the Mi 6X two months ago, most have come to expect the existence of a Mi A2, a direct successor to the Mi A1. Those dreams may become realit...
10 nm Intel Cannon Lake processor die (Source: Wccftech)

First 10 nm Intel Cannon Lake processor die spotted in the wild

Although Intel is very quiet with the details, independent sources confirmed that the new 10 nm processor is based on a 71 mm Cannon Lake die. Its die includes a 45 x 24 mm CPU area and a 47 mm chipset. Unfortunately, due to the t...
Performance-wise, the M3 procesors will be almsot as fast as the Core ULV chips. (Source:

Intel Cannon Lake-Y M3-8114Y dual-core 10 nm CPU gets leaked specs

Together with the recently leaked Core i3-8121U, the M3-8114Y will be one of the first 10 nm ULV CPUs launched by Intel this year. As far as performance goes, the new M3 will be a tad slower than the i3, with a 1.5 GHz default clo...
The Lenovo IdeaPad 330 powered by Intel's first 10 nm CPUs will be released in June. (Source: Lenovo)

Intel Core i3-8121U SiSoft Sandra benchmarks leaked by Lenovo

It looked like Intel is going through some production problems with the 10 nm Cannon Lake chips, but the latest leaks involving Lenovo's IdeaPad 330 series powered by the Core i3-8121U CPU signals the fact that Intel will actually...
Cannon Lake stumbles into the market: The IdeaPad 330-15ICN is the first laptop with a 10-nm-CPU

Cannon Lake stumbles into the market: The IdeaPad 330-15ICN is the first laptop with a 10-nm-CPU

Intel Cannon Lake once was a very highly anticipated CPU-release. After massive delays, the first Intel CPU generation that is manufactured in the advanced 10 nanometer process has finally arrived – and it enters the market silent...
Traces of the old 2006 Core microarchitecture are still present in current day gen 8 CPUs. (Source: WCCFTech)

Intel is working on the revolutionary next gen Ocean Cove CPUs

The venerable Core architecture first released in 2006 is rapidly approaching its final days, as Intel is hard at work on a next gen microarchitecture that should take performance to the next level. A recent job listing revealed t...

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