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Samsung Galaxy S9 unofficial render (Source: DBS DESIGNING TEAM)

Purported Galaxy S9 benchmark scores are no match for the iPhone X

Benchmarks of a purported Samsung Galaxy S9 model have surfaced on Geekbench. While the scores show it to be one of the fastest Android flagships, it still is miles behind the iPhone X.
The Samsung Galaxy S9 Mini would come with a 4-inch display, but still retain the other top features from the flagship versions. (Source: BusinessKorea)

An early 2018 Samsung Galaxy S9 Mini is highly likely, according to new rumors

U.S.-based investment information firm Valuewalk informs that a Samsung Galaxy S9 Mini version is most likely to be launched in early 2018, along with the S9 and S9+ flagship models. The Mini model would get a 4-inch display with curved edges and all the other powerful specs that come with the larger versions.
The Galaxy S8. (Source: Trusted Reviews)

Details of the Samsung Galaxy S9 revealed

Samsung's latest press release contains a number of new technologies that we expect to be seen on the S9. The most notable of them is the Exynos 9810, Samsung's newest flagship SoC.
Motorola smartphones making a comeback in the U.S. (Source: Strategy Analytics)

Motorola smartphones making a small comeback in the U.S.

The Lenovo-owned telecommunications company has clawed its way back to the list of top 5 largest smartphone manufacturers through outreach and strong sales of the Moto Z2 Play.
The Neffos flagship features the ever trending 18:9 screen with thin bezels and curved edges. (Source: Tehnot)

TP-Link Neffos smartphone with 18:9 screen and Snapdragon 835 SoC gets leaked

The surprising leak reveals high-end specs for the unnamed Neffos flagship: Snapdragon 835, 6 GB RAM, 20 MP + 16 MP rear cameras, 16 MP front camera and a trendy 18:9 display with thin bezels and curved edges.
The S8+ will receive Oreo.

Samsung to release Oreo updates in Q1 2018

Samsung is set to release updates to Android Oreo by the start of 2018. Particular details of the company's plans are unknown at the moment but we expect the Galaxy Beta program to be re-opened soon.
The Galaxy S9 could feature a display notch to incorporate a fingerprint sensor. (Source: Samsung)

Galaxy S9 could get a front-facing finger print sensor

Samsung's Galaxy S9 could feature a display cut out to allow it to integrate a front facing fingerprint sensor. The move could be potentially controversial, but it would correct the odd location of the fingerprint sensor on the rear of the current Galaxy S8 line.
The Samsung J7 smartphone. (Source: Samsung)

Samsung J7 catches fire in an Indian flight causing a mid-air scare

A Samsung J7 smartphone caught fire on a Jet Airways flight bound to Indore from New Delhi causing mid-air panic. The flight staff were unable to extinguish the fire and had to drop the phone in a tray of water to put off the flames.
The Snapdragon X50 mobile modem will be shipped with the 2019 smartphones. (Source: Qualcomm)

Qualcomm is first to reach 5G speeds using the X50 mobile modem

The X50 modem provides downlink speeds of over 1 gbps in the 28 GHz mmWave spectrum. Qualcomm also presented the first 5G smartphone reference designs for OEMs. The 5G standard, together with supporting smartphones, is expected to be available by 2019.
The new image sensors will be featured in the 2018 mobile flagships from Samsung. (Source: Samsung)

Samsung Galaxy S9 to integrate the 12 MP ISOCELL Fast 2L9 and 24 MP Slim 2X7 Camera Sensors

The new sensors come with reduced pixel sizes, the ISOCELL Slim 2X7 being the world's first mobile image sensor with 0.9 μm per pixel. These allow for better results in low-light environments and provide improved details with increased resolution. Galaxy S9 and Note 9 are expected to feature both sensors.
Apple looks set to tap LG for its pOLED tech for a rumored foldable iPhone. (Source: LG)

Apple could release a foldable iPhone in 2020

Apple and LG are partnering on a foldable iPhone planned for 2020, if a report out of Korea is accurate. With the two companies have partnered on iPhone components in the past, it seems like a plausible response to Samsung's plans to launch a foldable Galaxy Note next year.
Apple iPhone. (Source: Pixabay)

iPhone 7 was the most purchased phone internationally in the first half of 2017

Market intelligence firm, IHS Markit, have released their research showing the most popular models for the first half of 2017. The top 10 contains five Samsung models, four Apple models, and one Oppo model.
Image: The Inquirer

Samsung will make a lot of money... from the iPhone X?

As the sole supplier of the OLED displays used in the upcoming iPhone X (and one of the main suppliers of NAND flash memory used in the phone), Samsung is poised to make quite a bit of money on total sales if the iPhone X is as successful as some estimates are guessing.
The Wi-Fi exploit could be affecting billions of devices. (Source: Google)

Google and Apple release emergency patches to fix Wi-Fi exploit in iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7 Edge

The Wi-Fi exploit works with any mobile device that integrates Broadcom Wi-Fi chips. Google and Apple claim they have released emergency patches for Android 8.0 Oreo and iOS 11, but it may take some time to patch all devices.
Armis Labs warns that current security solutions will not detect BlueBorn, beacuse these are focused on IP attacks, not on airborne attacks. (Source: Armis Labs)

BlueBorne vulnerability could target billions of unpatched Bluetooth devices

Armis Labs discovered a Bluetooth vulnerability codenamed BlueBorne that could affect billions of devices including smartphones like Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy, tablets like Samsung Galaxy Tab, smartwatches like LG Watch Sport, or audio systems like the Pumpkin Car Audio System. BlueBorne can also attack unpatched Windows and Linux PCs, and a variety of...
The Snapdragon 845 will power next year's Samsung Galaxy S9. (Source: Qualcomm)

First Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 benchmark surfaces

Next year's flagship SoC from Qualcomm seems to be a bit better than Apple's A9 chip, but it's still behind the A10 and most likely A11 chips when it comes to single core performance tests.
T-Mobile's offer makes purchasing more than one Note 8 much more affordable. (Source: T-Mobile)

T-Mobile's latest BOGO promotion gets you two Note 8 phones for the price of one

Buy a Note 8, get a second Note 8 for free (after rebate). T-Mobile's latest incentive offers the best deal yet on the upcoming handset, and is compatible with Samsung's Do Bigger Things promotion.
Early Samsung Galaxy S9 rumors claim Snapdragon 845 SoC and H1 2018 launch window (Source: XDA)

Early Samsung Galaxy S9 rumors claim Snapdragon 845 SoC and H1 2018 launch window

The Galaxy S8 successor is expected to be just a slight step up in both software and hardware with the small possibility of an embedded onscreen fingerprint sensor.
Samsung logo (Source: Samsung)

Judge gives Samsung heir five years in jail for bribery scandal

A judge has sentenced Lee Jae-jong, the Samsung heir, to five years jail time for his part in the bribery scandal with the administration of the former President of South Korea. He was also found guilty of giving false testimony in court and hiding overseas assets.
The Galaxy S8 Active includes many key aspects of the S8 but excludes the curved bezels, presumably for ruggedness reasons. (Source: Samsung)

Galaxy S8 Active is now official and it releases tomorrow on AT&T

Samsung has officially announced the Galaxy S8 Active with the rugged phone being exclusive to AT&T for a limited time before it will presumably be available on other US carriers as well as off-contract. During the launch period, there are numerous deals available that are focused on encouraging the purchase of other Samsung products or AT&T services.
Verizon releases security update for Samsung's flagship phones... from 2015

Verizon releases security update for Samsung's flagship phones... from 2015

A new update for the Verizon Galaxy S5, Note 4, and Note Edge will roll out over the next few weeks, patching a few security holes and fixing some call-related bugs.
The unlocked Samsung Galaxy S8 is now available in Coral Blue. (Source: Android Central)

Deal | The best deal on the Galaxy S8 is now live — get it now for as low as US$425

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is now available for $150 off the regular price: combine that with Samsung's trade-in program for eligible phones and reap the rewards of the limited period discount.
The Cat.18 6CA LTE modem will see mass production towards the end of 2017. (Source: Investopedia)

Samsung readies industry-first 1.2 Gbps downlink LTE mobile modem

With speeds of up to 1.2 Gbps, the new LTE modem allows users to download full-length HD movies in 10 seconds.
This is the second time this year that a broadcom WiFi chip has caused security issues. (Source: Business Insider)

Broadcomm WiFi can be hacked on iPhone and several modern Android phones

A Black Hat researcher has found a vulnerability with Broadcom wireless chips used in various phones including iPhone, Nexus, and Galaxy S phones. This bug allows a hacker to overflow the memory in the wireless chip and execute code in the device memory. Apple and Google have patched the flaw, but will third party manufacturers push the update to their devic...
The Exynos 8895 and Snapdragon 835 go head to head in the Samsung Galaxy S8. (Source: Gizmo Times)

Galaxy S8 with Snapdragon 835 still a bit faster than Exynos-equiped units

A detailed comparison by Anandtech between the Galaxy S8 Exynos 8895 and the Galaxy S8 Snapdragon 835 showed a performance difference between the two SoC. While both chips traded blows and the difference didn't seem as pronounced, ultimately the Snapdragon 835 offered better performance.
The two leaked SoCs will be integrated in mid-range and flagship models launching in 2018. (Source: Samsung)

Samsung Exynos 9610 and 7885 specs get leaked

Samsung's Exynos 7785 is a mid-range SoC that will be integrated in the 2018 Galaxy A7 model, while the 9610 model does not seem to be the flagship SoC, since the Galaxy S9 launching next year should integrate the un-leaked Exynos 9810 chip.
Android market share rising at the expense of iOS

Android market share rising at the expense of iOS

Android has been chipping away at iOS in terms of smartphone activations as Apple fans patiently wait for the megaton iPhone refresh coming towards the end of the year.
A preview of the new Coral Blue finish available on the S8 and S8 Plus. (Source: Samsung)

A coral blue Samsung Galaxy S8 is coming later this week

A new Galaxy S8 color is making the trip from South Korea and the UK to American shores. Coral Blue handsets will be available exclusively from Best Buy and Samsung's website starting July 21.
After a one month early access program, Bixby Voice is now receiving a full launch in the US. (Source: Samsung)

Samsung launches full Bixby Voice capabilities in the US

After a one month early access program, Bixby Voice is now receiving a full launch for the US market. Samsung is hoping that the deep integration with their applications will allow users to seamlessly switch between voice and touch input when using their phone.
Samsung DeX MG950TBEGUS Docking Station Review

Samsung DeX MG950TBEGUS Docking Station Review

Continuum with Android. Samsung DeX with an Android-based desktop environment aims to replace desktop PCs and takes a similar approach as Microsoft with Continuum in 2015. Thus, the idea is not new - but perhaps better?
A screenshot showing Game Live's streaming platform options. (Source: Sam Mobile)

Samsung's new app makes it more convenient to stream live gameplay

Showing off your sweet gaming skills on a Samsung smartphone has become a lot easier with Game Live. The app can share live video and audio across a trio of social media sites, and has options to control the quality of your streaming experience.
Forbes has reported that the S8 is seeing deep discounts due to lackluster market penetration in the US. (Source: Samsung)

Deal: Galaxy S8 for US$575, S8+ for US$675

Samsung flagship S8 and S8+ smartphones are on sale for record-low amounts via Groupon until July 18. Last month, Forbes suggested that consumers in the States will be seeing deep discounts on the S8 due to lower than expected sales in the US.
Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the smallest Galaxy of them all? (Source: CNet)

New Samsung Galaxy variant spotted on Geekbench, could feature the Snapdragon 840

A new Samsung Galaxy variant, purportedly the Galaxy S8 'lite', has hit the Geekbench benchmarks list and interestingly, the device seems to feature an unannounced Snapdragon 840 chipset.
Image source: Samsung

Bixby button remapping is once again available for the Galaxy S8

In what is amounting to a game of Android developer chess, an XDA contributor has updated the bxActions app, allowing users to circumvent the recent Bixby button remapping block pushed out by Samsung to Sprint and T-Mobile Galaxy S8 devices. When will Samsung strike back?
Bixby's English debut is currently being hindered for want of big data and effective team communication. (Source: The Verge)

US launch of Samsung's Bixby delayed due to data-deficient AI

Lack of big data and inefficient communication between Samsung's offices in the US and Korea is proving limiting for Bixby whose US launch is still a while away.
Bright, Fast, Slim, and Dual: ISOCELL's "technological sub-brands" promise prioritized focus depending on the application. (Source: Samsung)

Samsung targets more markets with its ISOCELL brand

Unveiled last week at the 2017 MWC in Shanghai, ISOCELL, Samsung's new image sensor brand, looks to continue the legacy of its namesake technology. The company emphasizes the brand's versatility, and expects to see its adoption in a host of products.
Samsung claimed to offer a generous rebate for those wanting to hop onto the S8 bandwagon (Source: Samsung)

Samsung's Galaxy S8 trade-in program leaves many customers in the lurch

Disparities in the manner in which Samsung is honoring its trade-in program for the Galaxy S is irking many customers who had sent genuine working devices in hopes of a US$200 rebate.
Samsung is re-launching the year-old Galaxy Note 7 as the Galaxy Note Fandom Edition for US$600. (Source: Samsung)

Two months before the launch of the Galaxy Note 8, Samsung re-launches the Note 7 in Korea

Samsung is launching the Galaxy Note 7 again as the Galaxy Note Fandom Edition (FE) in South Korea. While the launch of the Note FE is only two months ahead of the launch of the Note 8, it looks like the Note 8 will be twice the price of the FE, so there will not be much cannibalization of sales.
Image source: Samsung

Samsung may be developing a 2,000 ppi VR headset

If rumors are to be believed, Samsung is developing an ultra-high resolution OLED display that has a staggering pixel density of 2,000 ppi. This display may be used in a stand alone VR headset from Samsung, which would make for the most immersive VR experience yet.
Samsung Galaxy S8+ (Plus, SM-G955F) Smartphone Review

92% Samsung Galaxy S8+ (Plus, SM-G955F) Smartphone Review

Galactic overachiever. Samsung does not make any compromises for its flagship smartphone Galaxy S8+ (Plus) and equips it with a lot of high-end features. You also get a great display with a new aspect ratio and the design is convenient as well. There is not much criticism for the compact phablet from Korea.
Update: A new firmware with improved reliability for the Bluetooth chip and the SD card reader has been released.
Samsung Exynos 8895 Octa | ARM Mali-G71 MP20 | 6.2" | 172 g
Samsung and Apple cleaned house in the ACSI's 2017 Customer Satisfaction Survey. (Image: ACSI)

Apple and Samsung dominate 2017 American Customer Satisfaction Index

The two brands claimed every spot in the ACSI's top 20 smartphones ranked according to customer satisfaction.
Chinese brands such as Huawei are positioning themselves as manufacturers of premium, innovative products fit to compete against the world's best. (Source: Digital Trends)

Chinese smartphone makers surge while Apple and Samsung see decline

A new report by Gartner Inc. reveals Chinese smartphone OEMs saw huge growth over the past year while industry giants Apple and Samsung slightly negative growth.
The budget-priced BLUBOO S1 will sport Corning Gorilla Glass 5 to help with ruggedness. (Source: BLUBOO)

BLUBOO S1 is a nearly bezel-less smartphone for US$150

The BLUBOO S1 is a budget-friendly option for those wanting a bezel-less smartphone without leaving them penniless. It is expected to sport Corning Gorilla Glass 5 to help it remain robust despite its tiny bezels.
The rumored flagship-tier flip phone from Samsung, the SM-W2017. (Image: The Investor)

Samsung may be working on a flagship-class flip phone

The clamshell design may live on in a rumored Samsung device boasting some smartphone features, including OLED displays, a fingerprint reader, and a Snapdragon 430.
McAfee says  that 44 percent of consumers are concerned about their financial information being stolen, while 38 percent of consumers are concerned about identity theft. (Source: Digital Trends)

McAfee antivirus will be pre-installed on Galaxy S8 devices

McAfee VirusScan software is now coming pre-installed on Galaxy S8 devices as part of a partnership between the two companies. Will it have a noticeable impact on users, or is this just more bloatware?
Unlocked phones are only available in Midnight Black at this time. (Source: TechCrunch)

Unlocked Galaxy S8/S8+ now available in the US

Pre-orders for the unlocked versions of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are now available with an availability date set for May 31st.
German testers from put the S8 in their special testing drum, and it broke faster than other devices. (Source: Stiftung Warentest)

Drop tests reveal weak points in the Galaxy S8's display

The impressive Infinity Display on the Galaxy S8 performed poorly in numerous drop tests, suggesting that the thin bezel makes the glass more prone to shattering.
The Samsung Galaxy S6, in gold. (Source: Samsung)

Android Nougat upgrade is rolling out to AT&T's Galaxy S6 devices

The 2-year-old Samsung Galaxy S6 line is finally receiving Android Nougat, at least on AT&T. The devices are being upgraded to version 7.0 and should enjoy all of Nougat's software improvements and new features.
Instead of using the latest Snapdragon 835, LG opted to use last year's Snapdragon 821. (Source: Tech Radar)

Is the LG G6 overpriced for its specs?

Gone is the modular design of the G5, but the LG G6 suffers from one major disadvantage compared to other 2017 smartphones: it's stuck with year-old tech, but still costs about the same as a more premium product.
a few applications from Samsung can't be uninstalled or disabled like the Samsung Connect and Reminders application. (Source: Forbes)

Samsung has made disabling bloatware on the Galaxy S8 far easier

The Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with dozens of of Samsung and carrier-specific pre-installed apps, not all of which are useful, but since the Galaxy S6 they've been making it easier to pick and choose which apps you want to keep.

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