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A wall outlet for the future. (Source: Leviton)

A new power socket with USB type C Power Delivery ports has modern devices in mind

Leviton's new duplex wall socket also has in-built USB outputs. These welcome and increasingly welcome upgrades to electrical fittings are type-C ports with the Power Delivery (USB-PD) standard. This means they are rated to charge...
Deirdre O Donnell, Sat, 14 Sep 2019 17:44:00 +0200
Apple Arcade goes live on November 1, 2019. (Source: Apple)

Apple's TV+ and Arcade titles, formats and pricing structures are outlined in full

The latest Apple keynote introduced the new iPhones and iPad, yet did not stop there. It also outlined the company's new gaming- and TV-streaming services in detail. They will both go live in November 2019, cost US$4.99 per month ...
Deirdre O Donnell, Wed, 11 Sep 2019 21:13:00 +0200
Malware is now a problem when downloading textbooks. (Source: Wikipedia)

Kaspersky claims to have found malware in digital college textbooks

The online security company Kaspersky has reported the presence of dangerous programs in the digital versions of educational content for university students. These essays and texts were found to contain malware of varying severity...
Deirdre O Donnell, Fri, 06 Sep 2019 23:04:00 +0200
The Honor MagicBook Pro. (Source: Honor)

Honor launches Ryzen 3000-powered versions of the MagicBook Pro

The Honor MagicBook Pro is an ultrabook that seems to take after the MacBook in design. It was launched with Intel Core i7-8565U or i5-8265U CPUs. Now, it maker has launched new variants that replaces them with AMD APUs.
Deirdre O Donnell, Wed, 04 Sep 2019 23:01:00 +0200
Apple's next big launch event will take place on September 10. (Source: Apple)

Apple issues invites for a September 10 iPhone event

Apple has issued invites to the press for its 2019 iPhone event. Dubbed “By innovation only” the new generation of iPhones will be officially unveiled on September 10 that the Steve Jobs Theater on the Apple Park campus in Cuperti...
Sanjiv Sathiah, Fri, 30 Aug 2019 09:12:00 +0200
This MacBook Pro might not be allowed on a plane. (Source: GadgetGuy)

The FAA bans certain MacBook Pros from airplanes

The US Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) has told airlines that there are MacBook Pros out there that cannot be brought onto commercial flights. The notebooks in question are those that were recalled by Apple earlier this year for ...
Deirdre O Donnell, Wed, 14 Aug 2019 17:53:00 +0200
The HomePod captured more inadvertant Siri recordings than other devices like the iPhone. (Source: Apple)

Apple suspends Siri eavesdropping program in wake of privacy scandal

Apple has suspended a controversial Siri grading program that allowed contractors to listen to recordings of customers using the voice recognition software. The purportedly privacy focused company was caught out by a whistleblower...
Sanjiv Sathiah, Fri, 02 Aug 2019 13:30:00 +0200
13-inch Apple MacBook Pro might get a model without Touch Bar

Apple MacBook Pro "A2159" gets certified, most likely an updated 13-inch model without Touch Bar

Although most Apple MacBook Pro-related rumors we keep hearing these days involve a 16-inch model, the model A2159 that was recently spotted on the website of the FCC seems to be an update 13-inch model. Since Apple still has to u...
Codrut Nistor, Thu, 01 Aug 2019 14:50:00 +0200
The 'new' LG UltraFine 5K monitor. (Source: LG)

LG refreshes the UltraFine 5K monitor for 2019

The UltraFine 5K monitor by LG is typically marketed as an ideal companion screen for Macs or MacBooks. However, it mysteriously vanished from Apple's website not long ago. Now, it is back as a new model for this year.
Deirdre O Donnell, Wed, 31 Jul 2019 18:59:00 +0200
Apple revenue remains strong although iPhone sales continue to decline. (Source: Apple)

iPhone sales fall below half of Apple revenue for the first time since 2012

Apple’s iPhone business continues to weaken with sales down 12 percent over the same time last year. At the same time its Services business enjoyed a record quarter which combined with the decline in iPhone sales meant that for th...
Sanjiv Sathiah, Wed, 31 Jul 2019 12:11:00 +0200
Image via 9to5Mac

16-inch MacBook Pro with thin bezels, redesigned keyboard rumored to drop in late September

Rumors of a 16-inch MacBook Pro continue to circulate. A new rumor by Digitimes states that the larger MacBook Pro may debut as early as September, although Apple's recent trims of the MacBook Pro line suggest otherwise.
Sam Medley, Mon, 29 Jul 2019 17:41:00 +0200
This screenshot from Apple's website is starting to have a different ring about it. (Source: Apple)

Apple caught in Siri privacy scandal, issues a statement trying to downplay its severity

Apple has been caught in a fresh privacy scandal as first reported by The Guardian. According to an Apple contractor, Apple just like Google and Amazon have been busted doing, uses contractors to analyze and assess the accuracy of...
Sanjiv Sathiah, Sat, 27 Jul 2019 10:28:00 +0200
Slightly more useful? The hack puts the Windows 10 Taskbar on the TouchBar in Bootcamp, but at the cost of the function keys. (Source: Twitter @imbushuo)

Developer turns the MacBook Pro Touch Bar into a Taskbar in Windows 10

A clever developer has created a hack to allow the MacBook Pro's Touch Bar to act as a touch-enabled "Task Bar" when running under Windows 10 via Bootcamp.
Douglas Black, Fri, 26 Jul 2019 08:05:00 +0200
The Honor MagicBook Pro, remind you of anything? (Image source: Honor)

Honor beats Apple to the punch and announces a 16-inch MacBook Pro copycat, the MagicBook Pro

During the Honor 9X and 9X Pro launch event Honor also unveiled the MagicBook Pro, a 16.1-inch touchscreen and GeForce MX250 powered laptop. The device comes with up to a Core i7-8565U processor, 16 GB of RAM, a 1 TB SSD and will ...
Alex Alderson, Thu, 25 Jul 2019 14:20:00 +0200
Unofficial MacBook Pro redesign render (Source: Wccftech)

Upcoming 16-inch MacBook Pro rumored to start at US$3,000 without moving to OLED

Although the upcoming 16-inch MacBook Pro will target professionals who have a generous budget and is rumored to start at US$3,000, we are also hearing that Apple will not move to an OLED panel. The yet-to-be-confirmed portable is...
Codrut Nistor, Wed, 24 Jul 2019 12:20:00 +0200
Apple MacBook Air 2018 (i5, 256 GB) Laptop Review

88% Apple MacBook Air 2018 (i5, 256 GB) Laptop Review

Better display and slow processor. Apple pretty much ignored its MacBook Air for a couple of years and there was much speculation about the end of the series. Now, we get a completely redesigned model including a modern display. Is it an alternative to the more-expensive MacBook Pro 13 for many users, or is it somewhat redundant? Update: Display measurements after the 400-nits update added
Intel Core i5-8210Y | Intel UHD Graphics 617 | 13.3" | 1.2 kg
Andreas Osthoff, Tue, 23 Jul 2019 19:26:57 +0200
The new MacBook Air might be cheaper and have an improved display, but its SSD performance has gone backwards. (Source: Apple)

New cheaper MacBook Air found to have cheaper gimped SSD

You could say Tim Cook a highly effective CEO, or you could say he is a world champion penny pincher. Under Cook, Apple has found every way it can to save a few cents here and there to increase or preserve profit margins and the l...
Sanjiv Sathiah, Tue, 16 Jul 2019 13:23:00 +0200
Here it is, the even slightly less repairable 13-inch MacBook Pro. (Image source: iFixit)

The 2019 13-inch MacBook Pro is even less repairable than its predecessors

Popular teardown and repair website iFixit has taken the new 13-inch MacBook Pro apart, revealing a 7% larger battery, a soldered SSD, a smaller heatsink and modular ports. Unsurprisingly, the new 13-inch MacBook Pro 13 received a...
Alex Alderson, Mon, 15 Jul 2019 18:43:00 +0200
Apple no longer sells a 13-inch MacBook Pro without a Touch Bar. (Image source: Apple)

The new entry-level 13-inch MacBook Pro comes with a customised Intel CPU, Iris Plus Graphics and crushes its predecessor in multi-core tasks

The 2019 13-inch MacBook Pro is almost here, but numerous Geekbench listings have already gone live demonstrating the entry-level's single and multi-core performance. Unsurprisingly, the quad-core laptop hammers its dual-core pred...
Alex Alderson, Sat, 13 Jul 2019 20:35:00 +0200
Unofficial 16-inch MacBook Pro render (Source: GizChina)

Production of a 16-inch MacBook Pro rumored to start in the final quarter of 2019

This is not the first time that a 16-inch MacBook hits the rumor mill, but the latest leak that concerns Apple's upcoming portable comes with some new information. To be more specific, now we know that the tech giant headquartered...
Codrut Nistor, Thu, 11 Jul 2019 13:09:00 +0200
Apple has axed the Intel-based 12-inch MacBook -- expect an ARM-based replacement in 2020. (Source: Apple)

Death of 12-inch MacBook points to ARM-based replacement for 2020

Although the focus is currently on Apple's refreshed MacBook Air and entry-level 13-inch MacBook Pro, there was a subtle sign from Apple of where it is heading with its MacBook line up in 2020. The quiet demise of the 12-inch MacB...
Sanjiv Sathiah, Wed, 10 Jul 2019 06:52:00 +0200
The new 13-inch MacBook Air picks up a True Tone Retina display. (Source: Apple)

Apple updates MacBook Air and entry-level 13-inch MacBook Pro

Apple has updated its two entry-level MacBooks with both the MacBook Air and the 13-inch non-Touch Bar MacBook Pro. Both come with the fourth time revised butterfly keyboard mechanism as well as some other substantial updates alon...
Sanjiv Sathiah, Wed, 10 Jul 2019 03:57:00 +0200
Apple could adopt the scissor switch keyboard mechanism in upcoming MacBooks. (Source: iFixit)

Ming-Chi Kuo: Apple will ditch the butterfly-switch keyboard for something that actually works, starting with the 2019 MacBook Air

A new report by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo indicates that Apple might ditch the troublesome butterfly-switch keyboard mechanism on upcoming MacBooks in favor of the scissor-switch. Kuo expects the MacBook Air refresh this year to ...
Vaidyanathan Subramaniam, Fri, 05 Jul 2019 10:12:00 +0200
According to the WSJ, this might in fact be the first time Cook saw the iPhone Xr -- on launch day. (Source: Apple)

In rare rebuke, Apple CEO Tim Cook publicly refutes WSJ article on Ive's reasons for departure

Apple CEO Tim Cook has lashed out at a Wall Street Journal article that reported Jony Ive decided to leave the company because Cook wasn't interested in design. In an email to sent to NBC's Dylan Byers, Cook refutes the story's cl...
Sanjiv Sathiah, Tue, 02 Jul 2019 12:48:00 +0200
We probably won't be seeing photos of Cook and Ive together like this in future. (Source: Apple)

Opinion: Jony Ive leaves Apple, but it's not on a design high

Apple fans were shocked by news that legendary design guru Jony Ive is leaving the company. While Ive has undoubtedly contributed significantly to numerous iconic Apple designs in the past, he is not, however, leaving Apple on a d...
Sanjiv Sathiah, Sat, 29 Jun 2019 11:56:00 +0200
Apple Chief Design Officer has announced he is leaving Apple to form his own design studio. (Source: Getty)

Apple Chief Design Officer Jony Ive leaving the company, news wipes US$9B off Apple share value

In a major blow to the Apple its fabled Chief Design Officer Jony Ive has announced he is leaving the company. As the hand behind Apple’s most iconic designs, the news immediately triggered a negative reaction on Wall Street ...
Sanjiv Sathiah, Fri, 28 Jun 2019 02:35:00 +0200
Image via The Inquirer

ARM's lead CPU architect Mike Filippo hired by Apple

Apple recently hired Mike Filippo, who formerly served as ARM's lead CPU architect. While this move may mean that Apple will begin developing an ARM-based MacBook (as so many have hoped the past few years), it is more likely that ...
Sam Medley, Thu, 27 Jun 2019 00:11:00 +0200
Image via 9to5Mac

New rumor from IHS Markit points to 16-inch MacBook Pro this fall

Recent rumors from analyst group IHS Markit are predicting a 16-inch MacBook Pro. The new device, which is speculated to feature a larger 3072x1920 display from LG, could debut at Apple's fall event this September. The laptop woul...
Sam Medley, Mon, 24 Jun 2019 22:39:00 +0200
Apple announces a battery recall program for 2015 MacBook Pros with Retina display. (Source: Apple)

Apple announces a voluntary battery recall program for certain 15-inch MacBook Pro laptops

Apple has announced a free battery recall and replacement program for MacBook Pros with Retina display sold between September 2015 and February 2017. The company says that the batteries in these units are likely to overheat and po...
Vaidyanathan Subramaniam, Fri, 21 Jun 2019 08:48:00 +0200
The 12-inch MacBook hasn't been updated since June 2017. (Source: Apple)

Seven new MacBooks inbound, could include redesign led by new Pro Workflow Team

Apple could have refreshed or redesigned MacBooks inbound for later this year. Seven new model numbers have been registered with the Eurasian Economic Commission with hopes that at least one of them could be a redesigned MacBook P...
Sanjiv Sathiah, Sun, 16 Jun 2019 05:40:00 +0200
Apple MBP 15 2019 i7 disappoints in review – is Apple using selected test samples?

Apple MBP 15 2019 i7 disappoints in review – is Apple using selected test samples?

It seems the new processors in the MacBook Pro 15, including the optional 8-core chips are working better than expected, at least according to initial reports. We have a sample of the entry-level SKU with the Core i7-9750H and cannot share this optimism.
Andreas Osthoff, Wed, 12 Jun 2019 22:57:35 +0200
The Cable Matters Dual-Input USB-C Docking Station with Dual HDMI for 4K. (Source: Cable Matters)

Cable Matters offers a dock that can drive 2 4K/60Hz monitors with a MacBook Pro for under US$200

The connectivity-equipment maker Cable Matters has released a new docking station that can expand a MacBook Pro's output by up to 2x 4K at 60Hz via HDMI. This Dual-Input USB-C accessory can also support 80W Power Delivery (PD) cha...
Deirdre O Donnell, Wed, 12 Jun 2019 17:01:00 +0200
For at least the last few years, Apple has sacrificed performance and heat management for quieter operation.

Apple may be factory undervolting 2019 MacBook Pro 15 to help with CPU throttling

Apple's 2019 MacBook Pros integrate Intel's latest 8-core/16-thread Core i9 CPUs, which add 2 more cores over the 2018 version. Those additional cores should mean higher temperatures and lower clockspeeds compared to the previous ...
Douglas Black, Wed, 12 Jun 2019 11:39:00 +0200
Apple MacBook Pro 15 2018 (2.9 GHz i9, Vega 20) Laptop Review

91% Apple MacBook Pro 15 2018 (2.9 GHz i9, Vega 20) Laptop Review

Are the i9 and Vega 20 good upgrades? Besides the regular Radeon Pro chips, Apple also offers its MacBook Pro 15 with the professional AMD Pro Vega graphics adapters. We review the top model with the Intel Core i9 and the Radeon Vega 20 Pro.
Intel Core i9-8950HK | AMD Radeon Pro Vega 20 | 15.6" | 1.8 kg
Andreas Osthoff, Tue, 04 Jun 2019 22:32:24 +0200
The XPS 13 7390 2-in-1 was just announced at Computex to both fanfare and criticism due to its design choices.

Frank Azor confirms XPS 13 7390 will have soldered SSD, "not very different from smartphones today"

Dell and Alienware VP Frank Azor has confirmed in a tweet that the recently announced XPS 13 7390 2-in-1 will indeed have all its components — particularly its SSD — soldered on, citing the "extremely tight form factor" and compar...
Douglas Black, Tue, 04 Jun 2019 06:52:00 +0200
Return of the Cheese Grater: Apple announces new Mac Pro desktop

WWDC19 | Return of the Cheese Grater: Apple announces new Mac Pro desktop

Announced today, the new 2019 Mac Pro looks like an updated "cheese grater" Mac Pro. Featuring a massive spec bump over the current Mac Pro, the new desktop features 8 PCIe slots and Apple's new Mac Pro Expansion (MPX) Module syst...
Sam Medley, Mon, 03 Jun 2019 22:00:00 +0200
Samsung's Notebook 7 models look quite similar to Apple's MacBook Pro laptops. (Source: Samsung)

Samsung unveils new Notebook 7 / Force laptops

The latest Notebook 7 slim laptops from Samsung should go head to head with Huawei's MateBook models as value-oriented alternatives for Apple's MacBook Pro and Microsoft's Surface. The Notebook 7 lineup features configurations wit...
Bogdan Solca, Mon, 03 Jun 2019 15:17:00 +0200
Snazzy designs and more attention to build quality are becoming more common as laptop OEMs struggle to give consumers more reasons to upgrade outside of performance.

Opinion | Intel and Nvidia's stagnation might be the best thing to happen to notebooks in years

Some people might look at the death of Moore's Law, Intel's 10nm troubles, and Nvidia's highly resistible 2019 mobile-RTX lineup and think that the notebook business is in trouble. I think it might be the best thing that's happene...
Douglas Black, Mon, 03 Jun 2019 15:09:00 +0200
Opinion: What on earth is going on with Dell's XPS lineup?

Opinion: What on earth is going on with Dell's XPS lineup?

Veteran editor Douglas Black returns with his opinion on the current state of Dell's XPS lineup: Complacency in fixing the XPS 15's issues and the sudden change of a soldered-on SSD for the XPS 13 2-in-1 are cause for his concern.
Douglas Black, Fri, 31 May 2019 13:06:00 +0200
The battery reportedly exploded while on charge. (Image source: @whitepanda)

MacBook Pro: Battery dramatically explodes, damaging owner's house

A Twitter user has shared a video and information about his MacBook Pro, which exploded during normal use. The video shows the laptop emitting copious amounts of smoke, with the battery having caught fire. The device has been brou...
Alex Alderson, Thu, 30 May 2019 23:26:00 +0200
The Asus ZenScreen gets an update for 2019, with touch and USB type C. (Source: Asus)

Computex 2019 | Asus unveils its new ZenScreen Touch

The ZenScreen is a product that allows the user to take a monitor anywhere they might need to. This year, Asus has updated it with touch capability. This model is also just 9 millimeters deep, has micro-HDMI and Hybrid-Signal USB ...
Deirdre O Donnell, Mon, 27 May 2019 14:00:00 +0200
The latest SanDisk microSD card packs a 1 TB punch. (Source: SanDisk)

SanDisk now shipping its 1TB microSD card

SanDisk’s long-awaited 1 TB microSD is finally available for purchase. The new card has the potential to expand the storage of Samsung’s recent flagship smartphones, for example, to a massive 1.5 TB of total storage. But it will c...
Sanjiv Sathiah, Fri, 17 May 2019 23:46:00 +0200
Image via

UltraFine to Ultra-rare: Apple seemingly removes LG UltraFine 5K display from its store

Apple has apparently delisted the LG UltraFine 5K Display from its online retail store. This could possibly mark the end of the product and might be a harbinger of Apple selling its own professional-grade monitor. Rumors are flyin...
Sam Medley, Thu, 09 May 2019 16:05:00 +0200
Mujjo's new Monaco Blue wallet case for iPhone XS and XS Max. (Source: Mujjo)

Mujjo Mother's Day discount for Notebookcheck readers

Notebookcheck has partnered with Dutch premium smartphone case maker Mujjo to offer readers a sitewide discount. All you need to do is type in the custom code for a 15% discount to help treat your mother, or yourself, to a great n...
Sanjiv Sathiah, Fri, 03 May 2019 12:22:00 +0200
Do you have one of these? If so, stop using it immediately. (Image source: Apple)

Dangerous fruit: Apple recalls specific wall plugs over electric shock risk

Did you buy a Mac, iOS device or the Apple World Travel Adapter Kit between 2003 and 2010? If you did, chances are that you received a wall plug too. Turns out that the three-prong adapters sold in certain countries during that pe...
Alex Alderson, Thu, 25 Apr 2019 19:43:00 +0200
The new Creative Outlier Air earbuds. (Source: Creative)

Creative releases the Outlier Air true-wireless earbuds

Creative has finally joined the true wireless earphone market with the new Outlier Air buds. They boast IP5X ingress protection, 10 hours of playback on a single charge and graphene in their driver-diaphragms. These Bluetooth 5.0 ...
Deirdre O Donnell, Wed, 24 Apr 2019 17:44:00 +0200
Photo via iFixIt

Apple will begin repairing MacBook Pro keyboards at Apple Stores, reducing turnaround time

In an internal memo to Apple Store employees, Apple has instructed its repair technicians to begin repairing MacBook and MacBook Pro keyboards on-site rather than shipping the devices to a repair facility. It appears that Apple is...
Sam Medley, Tue, 23 Apr 2019 23:58:00 +0200
Apple betting big on Arcade subscription service, has reportedly poured US $500 million into project

Apple betting big on Arcade subscription service, has reportedly poured US $500 million into project

Apple is throwing US $500 million behind its upcoming Arcade gaming subscription service, according to a report by Financial Times. The service could be a big payoff for Apple; devs that release games via Arcade will be bound to a...
Sam Medley, Tue, 16 Apr 2019 17:57:00 +0200
Apple wants to be powered by renewables as much as possible by 2020. (Source: GreenBiz)

Apple procures pledges from Foxconn, TSMC to fulfil its orders using renewable energy

Apple has convinced its main manufacturing partners, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) and Foxconn, to makes its parts and/or devices using green energy by 2020. This achievement is a big part of the OEM's current ...
Deirdre O Donnell, Fri, 12 Apr 2019 21:30:00 +0200
PUBG has been banned in Nepal. (Source: Polygon)

Nepalese authorities order nationwide ban on PUBG

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, or PUBG for short, is one of the Korean studio Bluehole's biggest success stories. However, some state regulators seem not to like it as much as its millions of players do. Nepal is the latest countr...
Deirdre O Donnell, Fri, 12 Apr 2019 16:37:00 +0200

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