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Ars Technica and GOG are giving away copies of The Witcher: Enhanced Edition. (Source: Ars Technica)

Ars Technica and GOG are giving away copies of The Witcher: Enhanced Edition

To celebrate a new partnership, Ars Technica and GOG are giving away free codes for The Witcher: Enhanced Edition for PC or Mac for the next two days.
External USB-C SSD review – The best external SSD for the new MacBook Pro and Windows competitors

External USB-C SSD review – The best external SSD for the new MacBook Pro and Windows competitors

We review modern USB-C SSDs from Samsung (T3), WD (G|Drive), Angelbird (SSD2go PKT), SanDisk (Extreme 900) and a USB 3.1 USB-C case for M.2-SSDs from DeLock. Which drive is the fastest and how much power do they consume? We will answer these questions in the following article.
The new TITAN Xp has 12 GB GDDR5X VRAM, 3840 CUDA cores, and 12 TFLOPS of performance. (Source: Nvidia)

Titan Xp now official, will also support Mac OS X

The new GPU is equipped with 12 GB of GDDR5X memory clocked at 11.4 Gbps, 3840 CUDA cores clocked at ~1.6 GHz, and boasts 12 TFLOPs of performance. Nvidia will also begin developing drivers for Mac OS X.
The current Mac Pro hasn't been updated since 2013. (Source: Apple)

Apple is planning to redesign the Mac Pro

In a press interview, senior staff at Apple said that the company is "completely rethinking the Mac Pro." Plans for a redesign are in motion, but a new Mac Pro likely won't arrive until next year at the earliest.
Starcraft is getting a 4K remaster this summer. (Source: Blizzard)

Original Starcraft is getting a 4K remaster

One of the most popular RTS games on the PC is getting a graphical and audio overhaul, including a bump to 4K resolutions and tweaks to the story and gameplay experience.
Wikileaks says the CIA specifically targeted Apple products

Wikileaks says the CIA specifically targeted Apple products

The notorious activist group says that the CIA developed specialized tools to specifically target and infiltrate Apple products, namely Macbooks and iPhones. The tools have been in use since at least 2008.
Nintendo's Joy-Con controllers can be held independently in each hand. (Source: Nintendo)

Nintendo's Joy-Con controllers for Switch can connect to PCs, Macs, and Android

The controllers are not exclusive to Nintendo's Switch. They can sync with Windows, OS X, and Android devices, offering a unique play experience and more controller options for gamers.
The Litebook is a rebranded Chinese laptop running Linux that retails for $249. (Source: Litebook)

Litebook laptop brings Linux at low cost

The $249 laptop runs elementary OS, a Linux distribution. The Litebook looks to compete with Chromebooks while offering a full desktop operating system.
Mac Otakara has stated that Apple may update their current iPad Pro and iPhone lines in March. (Source: Otakara)

Apple rumored to update iPad Pro, iPhones in March

According to Japanese website Mac Otakara, the Cupertino Giant will add several new sizes of iPad Pro and new colors to the iPhone SE and iPhone 7 lines.
Apple MacBook Pro 15 (Late 2016, 2.7 GHz, 455) Notebook Review

88% Apple MacBook Pro 15 (Late 2016, 2.7 GHz, 455) Notebook Review

The perfect balance? We also review the mainstream configuration of the new MacBook Pro 15. The test model is faster than the entry-level spec thanks to the Core i7-6820HQ and the AMD Radeon Pro 455, but is it worth the additional price?
Intel Core i7-6820HQ | AMD Radeon Pro 455 | 15.4" | 1.8 kg
The "right to repair" legislation would legally require companies such as Apple to provide parts and service manuals for their products. (Source:

Apple will once again fight to kill "right to repair" legislation: Source

Apple MacBook Pro 15 (Late 2016 2.9 GHz, 460) Notebook Review

89% Apple MacBook Pro 15 (Late 2016 2.9 GHz, 460) Notebook Review

Top specification. We have already reviewed the entry-level of the new Apple MacBook Pro 15. Our test sample today is the high-end SKU, and the graphics card AMD Radeon Pro 460 is particularly interesting.
Intel Core i7-6920HQ | AMD Radeon Pro 460 | 15.4" | 1.8 kg
LG fixes 5K UltraFine monitors to shield them from WiFi routers

LG fixes 5K UltraFine monitors to shield them from WiFi routers

LG's new UltraFine displays would fail when placed within 2 meters (~6 feet) of a WiFi router. LG has stated they will add additional shield to all future units to correct the problem.
The 2016 MacBook Pros saw the introduction of Apple's T1 chip, which handled Touch Bar and Touch ID operation. (Source: Apple)

Apple's ARM chips may play a greater role in future Macs

Inside sources claim that Apple is working on a new ARM SoC for their future laptops, dubbed the T310. The T310 would be able to handle an expanded array of operations during low-power mode instead of the Intel CPU.
Satechi USB-C Power Meter accessory for USB Type-C charging devices

Satechi releases a new USB-C Power Meter

This handy accessory allows its users to test the output parameters of their chargers and provides information about their safety, effectiveness, and USB Type-C compatibility.
Nvidia Geforce Now is your GTX 1080 in the cloud

CES 2017 | Nvidia Geforce Now is your GTX 1080 in the cloud

The advanced GTX 1060/1080-level game streaming service will cost significantly more than your PS Now or Netflix subscriptions when it launches in the US this March.
Once attached to OWC DEC, the complete system will be just under 1-inch thick. (Source: OWC)

CES 2017 | OWC dock for MacBook Pro adds ports, storage, and thickness

Mac upgrade manufacturer OWC has shown off a prototype of a dock at CES 2017. The OWC DEC attaches seamlessly to the bottom of your 13 or 15-inch MacBook pro to add some serious upgradability.
The 27-inch, 5120 x 2880 TB3 display is priced at a healthy US$974. (Source: Apple)

LG's UltraFine 5K display aimed at MacBook Pro users goes on sale

Apple has begun selling LG's UltraFine 5K Thunderbolt 3 (TB3) display on its website for US$974. The display features 5K resolution, 500-nits of brightness, integrated speakers and webcam, TB3 charging (85W), and three additional 5Gbps USB Type-C ports.
Apple's Mac Pro has not been updated in over 1100 days. (Source: Apple)

Apple has new desktops coming: Cook

In a forum post to employees, Tim Cook reiterated the company's support for Mac desktop computers and asserted that there were some in the works.
 While the new MacBook Pro has a more power-efficient screen, it can't offset the reduction in battery size. (Source: iFixit)

ArsTechnica guide explains poor MacBook Pro battery life, offers some solutions

ArsTechnica has published an explanation and some workarounds for the rather poor battery life on Apple's 2016 MacBook Pro lineup.
You can get a percentage, but no "time remaining" estimate. (Source: 9to5Mac)

Newest macOS preview build removes battery time remaining estimates

The latest MacOS Preview has removed the "time remaining" estimate from the battery menu following complaints about the poor battery life on the new MacBook Pro models.
Apple MacBook Pro 15 (Late 2016, 2.6 GHz i7) Notebook Review

88% Apple MacBook Pro 15 (Late 2016, 2.6 GHz i7) Notebook Review

Better by a Touch? Apple slims down the MacBook Pro 15 quite radically and reduces the weight to around 1.8 kg with a thickness of just 16 millimeters. The professional notebook, which even gained customers from the 17-inch Pro in the past, is now even a real alternative for users of the previous MBP 13.
Intel Core i7-6700HQ | AMD Radeon Pro 450 | 15.4" | 1.8 kg
Apple's wireless AirPods can be purchased for $159 USD. (Source: Apple)

Apple's wireless AirPods now available for purchase

After several delays, Apple's AirPods are now listed on Apple's online store.
macOS 10.12.2 is said to offer a solution for GPU problems MacBook Pro users have been experiencing.

Apple MacBook Pro: macOS update said to cure GPU problems

MacBook Pro users affected by GPU problems may look forward to the next release of macOS 10.12.2 that are said to offer a software solution for all the various GPU related problems on the new MacBooks.
Apple MacBook Pro 13 (Late 2016, 2.9 GHz i5, Touch Bar) Notebook Review

90% Apple MacBook Pro 13 (Late 2016, 2.9 GHz i5, Touch Bar) Notebook Review

The better 13-inch Pro? The MacBook Pro 13 Touch Bar is Apple's new 13-inch flagship model. Besides the obvious OLED display above the keyboard, however, there are more differences compared to the entry-level model with function keys. Is it worth the $300 premium?
Intel Core i5-6267U | Intel Iris Graphics 550 | 13.3" | 1.4 kg
The speakers in the MacBook Pro can be damaged by loud pops from a faulty Boot Camp audio driver.

Apple MacBook Pro: Boot Camp Windows audio driver can damage speakers

Boot Camp Windows users on the new MacBook Pro are complaining about loud pops that can damage the speakers. It may be a faulty Boot Camp audio driver that is causing these problems, apparently.
Is life with the new MacBook and an iPhone 7 better despite the need for adapters?

Dongle life with Apple MacBook (Pro) and iPhone 7: The Video

How is life with the new MacBook (Pro) and the iPhone 7, The Verge wondered and made a video about it. Is it better now than with previous generations? Or are you stuck in dongle hell? Watch and find out for yourself!
Just one of many problems how GPU glitches on the MacBook Pro can look like.

Apple MacBook Pro: Users are reporting massive GPU glitches

First users of the new MacBook Pro 2016 are reporting massive GPU glitches in both the 13 and 15 inch models. So far it is unclear whether these problems are caused by faults in the hardware or driver issues.
Apple puts the Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro in line with a lot of other human inventions.

Apple Bulbs: MacBook Pro promo video puts Touch Bar in line with major innovations

Apple has released a new promo video for the MacBook Pro called Bulbs that follows a series of innovations from the invention of fire up to the Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro to highlight, that it's new ideas that push the world forward.
iPhone assembly lines may soon become a rarity in Asia. (Photo Source: Cult Of Mac)

iPhone manufacturing might be moved to USA

"iPhone: Made in the USA?" Apple may ask iPhone manufacturers to move production to the United States in the future.
iFixit's teardown shows that repairs will be very difficult. (Source: iFixit)

iFixit's teardown of Macbook Pro 13" with Touch Bar reveals differences, difficulties

The new Macbook Pro 13" with Touch Bar has markedly different internals from its non-Touch Bar brother, including changes that make it horribly difficult to repair.
Affinity Photo, a powerful photo editing tool and alternative to Photoshop, is now available for Windows. (Source: Affinity Photo)

Serif's Affinity Photo app now available for Windows as a beta

Serif's Affinity Photo, named by Apple as the best app for Macs in 2015, was recently made available as a beta for Windows. Could this move encourage creatives to leave Photoshop behind for a cheaper alternative?
Individual chargers for Apple's new Macbook Pro notebooks don't include the cable required to charge the device. (Source: Apple)

Individual Macbook Pro chargers don't come with a USB-C cable

Macbook Pro users hoping to buy additional chargers for their new device will have to provide their own USB Type-C cables.
Apple MacBook Pro 13 (Late 2016, 2 GHz i5, without Touch Bar) Laptop Review

89% Apple MacBook Pro 13 (Late 2016, 2 GHz i5, without Touch Bar) Laptop Review

Brilliant, even without Touch? The new MacBook Pro laptops have arrived. The most striking new feature: a Touch Bar instead of function keys. Apple still offers a model without this novelty, and wants to target the "entry-level sector" – price: 1699 Euros ($1499). We already have a device in our editorial office and will share our results in this live review.
Intel Core i5-6360U | Intel Iris Graphics 540 | 13.3" | 1.4 kg
OWC's new Thunderbolt 3 Dock looks to greatly expand the connectivity of Apple's Macbook Pro line. (Source: OWC)

OWC unveils Thunderbolt 3 Dock targeted at new Macbook Pro

With frustration growing around Apple's decision to replace all I/O ports on the new Macbook Pro line with USB Type-C, several companies are pushing new dongles, hubs, and docks on the market. OWC, a company known for making Apple-specific products, is taking pre-orders for an impressively equipped, if not expensive, dock.
AMD announces Radeon Pro graphics for Ultrabooks

AMD announces Radeon Pro graphics for Ultrabooks

The Radeon Pro 460, 455, and 450 will debut on the new MacBook Pro 15 with the high-end option carrying more shader cores than the desktop RX 460.
Apple: 13" Macbook Pro without Touchbar suprises in teardown

Apple: 13" Macbook Pro without Touchbar suprises in teardown

Component upgrading service OWC has opened up the new Macbook Pro 13 (the model without the Touchbar). They have been hit by a surprise during the teardown: Different from what Apple said, one crucial component is not soldered on.
The new MacBook Pro could be cheaper and more attractive next year, says Ming-Chi Kuo.

Apple MacBook Pro: Should you wait another year?

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo expects price cuts on Apple's new MacBook Pro and MacBook lineup in 2017. He also mentions a new MacBook Pro refresh bringing Intel's Cannonlake CPUs and up to 32 GB of RAM to the MacBook Pro in the second half of 2017.
The Arc Hub is a new 7 in 1 USB-C Hub that is also compatible with Thunderbolt 3.

Arc Hub: The best mobile 7 in 1 USB-C-Thunderbolt Dock for your MacBook?

Bourge Design has recently unveiled their Arc Hub, a 7 in 1 USB-C Dock, that may be the ultimate universal docking station for your new MacBook or any other laptop with USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 ports.
USB-C: A universal connector for the future but currently only usable with expensive adapters.

Apple's MacBook Pro is being criticized for its lack of standard ports

The new MacBook Pro has arrived, what is missing are all of the standard ports like HDMI, USB 3.0 or SD-Card reader. While Apple is saying that USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 are the future you will need a lot of expensive adapters for the time being.
Apple will not release any more standalone displays on their own but instead work with partners like LG.

Apple: No more standalone displays!

Apple apparently decided to quit its standalone display business. This information was tweeted by the editor in chief at The Verge recently who claimed, that Apple told him about this change in direction. Instead of creating new displays on their own, Apple will work with partners like LG to deliver display solutions for the Mac.
The 13 inch MacBOok Pro with four USB-C-Ports: The two ports on the right have reduced PCI Express bandwith.

Apple 13 inch MacBook Pro: Ports on the right have reduced PCI-bandwith

Apple uploaded a new support document detailing information about connectivity and charging options for the MacBook Pro models. According to this document, the 13 inch MacBook Pro model with Touch Bar has reduced PCI Express bandwith on the two USB-C ports on the right side of the device.
Apple announced new Macbook Pro Lineup

Apple announced new Macbook Pro Lineup

Apple announced its new MacBook Pro lineup today. The new MacBooks are not only thinner and lighter, but are also equipped with the so called Touch Bar, which was already rumored ahead of the launch.
The Apple event on the 27th of October will most likely focus on laptops, Ming-Chi Kuo says.

"Hello Again" Apple event on October 27th to focus on laptops, KGI says

KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo unveiled his expectations for next week's Apple "Hello Again" event, which will take place on October 27th. He said, that Apple will focus on a redesigned MacBook Pro series and a 13 inch MacBook (Air). New iMacs and a MacBooknew external display will not be available until next year.
A new MacBook Pro is said to arrive on October 27th, sources at Apple claim.

New Apple MacBook Pro said to be unveiled October 27th

Internal sources at Apple told Recode, that the Cupertino company will hold another hardware event on October 27th. We expect Apple to introduce a redesigned MacBook Pro, possibly a new MacBook Air and maybe even a new external display.
Apple may be returning to Nvidia graphics for future Macs

Apple may be returning to Nvidia graphics for future Mac products

Nvidia is looking for new applicants who can "help produce the next revolutionary Apple products."
Will Apple release the MacBook Pro 2016 with Skylake CPU? (Image: Martin Hayek)

Apple: New MacBook Pro and MacBook Air with Skylake processors?

According to an analyst at IHS Markit, Apple will release new MacBook Pro models and a new MacBook Air with Intel Skylake processors instead of Kaby Lake silkon because production started too early for Kaby Lake.
Stay tuned! A major update to the MacBook Pro is coming.

Apple's CEO Tim Cook saying "Stay tuned!" to Mac user asking for newer Macs.

Now, that the iPhone 7 and the Apple Watch Series 2 are out, Apple fans turn towards their Macs and are asking for an update. At least one user did, who wished to remain anonymous but wrote to Tim Cook asking him, if he is pulling away from the Mac line.
IFA is becoming more and more interesting for fans of smartphones, tablets, laptops and VR.

IFA 2016 | The most important date for hardware manufacturers in Europe

IFA is becoming more and more important for IT companies. This year, new records in exhibitors and exhibition space are being expected.
By chance, Barbra Streisand got the date for the latest update that might bring Siri to the Mac.

Apple: Barbra Streisand as oracle for updates

Singer and actress Barbra Streisand was annoyed of Siri pronouncing her name wrong. So she just called Apple and asked them to change it. In this call, she obviously got the date for the next system updates.

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