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Shadow of the Tomb Raider is now available. (Source: Softpedia)

Shadow of the Tomb Raider officially released

The latest installment in the Tomb Raider series is now globally available The game is the last in a line of Lara Croft origin-story portrayals. Eidos-Montréal is confident that it will showcase the studio's capabilities.
NVIDIA recently went to an AT&T conference to introduce the idea of GeForce NOW over 5G. (Source:

Could 5G and NVIDIA make gaming hardware obsolete?

NVIDIA brought its GeForce NOW to the AT&T Spark Conference to showcase the service's potential when combined with 5G. The company is confident that its new cloud-based graphics solution can negate the need for expensive hardware ...
10th anniversary version of Chrome comes with many new features. (Source: BGR)

Google celebrates Chrome's 10th anniversary with fresh new version

Google is celebrating its 10th anniversary of Chrome with the release of a considerable update (Chrome 69) for the browser. It features a substantial UI redesign, as well as a new password generator. This version will be available...
Siri, Apple's voice assistant, may be able to distinguish between user voices in the future. (Source:

Recent Apple patent could allow Siri to recognize multiple different users

Apple has filed a patent that may contribute to the voice assistant Siri's functionality in the future. It may impart the ability to recognize different voices and attribute them to corresponding users on new versions of the softw...
A team of researchers has found that it is possible to compromise a Mac during its initial boot. (Source: CGTrader)

Black Hat USA briefing indicates possible set-up exploits in enterprise-level Macs

Macs are more or less impervious to hacking, right? Not any more, according to two cybersecurity researchers during a briefing at the Black Hat USA Conference 2018. However, the attacks involved are difficult to achieve and need t...
In this design, the keyboard area is actually a second screen with sensors underneath to display virtual keys. (Source: Mashable)

Future MacBooks could sport a fully virtual keyboard

MacBooks of the future might feature a full touch keyboard if recently filed Apple patents are anything to go by. There are three patents filed that demonstrate an increased touch area with haptic feedback for signalling a key pre...
Ryzen's market share has overtaken that of Coffee Lake. (Source: AMD Twitter)

Ryzen beat Coffee Lake for CPU market share in July

Ryzen is possibly the most prominent form of competition for the Coffee Lake family of chipsets. However, the Intel CPUs have dominated the market since the release of both lines. Now, however, Ryzen appears to have opened a lead ...
Is the MacBook Air due an upgrade? (Source: Pixabay)

New rumors suggest refresh for MacBook Air

An article on a Taiwanese news site states that Apple is in fact releasing a new MacBook Air in 2018. These rumors suggest that the Cupertino company now intends to fast-track its release. However, is it all good news for fans of ...
The latest Bluetooth vulnerability affects smartphones as well as laptops integrating Intel/Broadcom/Qualcomm Bluetooth-enabled hardware. (Source: Cubot Blog)

New critical Bluetooth exploit discovered

The latest Bluetooth vulnerability may affect many more devices than last year's BlueBorne, because it can affect smartphones as well as laptops that integrate Apple, Google, Intel, Broadcom or Qualcomm hardware. Due to insufficie...
A supplemental update to address throttling issues is now available. (Source: Apple)

Apple issues software fix to address thermal throttling in new MacBook Pro

Apple has issued a supplemental update to macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 that addresses the throttling issues exhibited by the 2018 MacBook Pro. Those who have installed the update report that they are seeing improved performance in th...
The Customer Data Migration Tool connector as seen in the 2016 MacBook Pro. (Source: MacRumors)

Apple removes the Customer Data Migration Tool connector in the the 2018 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

iFixit has discovered in its recent teardown of the 2018 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar that Apple has removed the Customer Data Migration Tool connector from the logic board. The connector helped in transferring data to a fun...
CPU VRMs in the Core i9 MacBook Pro are devoid of any thermal interface. (Source: iFixit / MacRumors)

Throttling in the 2018 Core i9 Apple MacBook Pro traced to improperly set VRM power limits

A Reddit user has managed to find out the reason for the high throttling seen in the 2018 Apple MacBook Pros with the Intel Core i9 CPU and it turns out that it is due to power throttling of the VRM than thermal throttling of the ...
The wacky dual-screen Asus Zenbook does Core i9 better than the MacBook Pro

The wacky dual-screen Asus Zenbook does Core i9 better than the MacBook Pro

It may not be able to sustain Turbo Boost for very long, but at least the Core i9 in the Zenbook UX580 can maintain base clock rates when under heavy processing load. With such high core temperatures in the 90 C range, however, it...
 Teardown of the 2018 MacBook Pro keyboard revealed a membrane underneath. (Source: iFixit)

Apple service documents confirm presence of a membrane in the 2018 MacBook Pro keyboards

Apple Authorized Service Providers have been distributed documents from Apple that confirm the presence of a membrane beneath the keys of the 2018 MacBook Pro models to prevent debris from entering the butterfly mechanism. While t...
The 2018 MacBook Pro 13-inch has all its Thunderbolt 3 ports working at full bandwidth.

All four Thunderbolt 3 ports in the 2018 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar work at full speed

The move to 8th generation Intel processors has enabled full speed Thunderbolt 3 connectivity on all the four ports in the 2018 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar thanks to the increased number of PCIe lanes available from the CPU...
The Blackmagic eGPU enclosure is fitted with a Radeon Pro 580 GPU. (Source: Black Magic Design)

Apple teams with Black Magic Design on eGPU for new MacBook Pros

Apple has teamed with Black Magic Design on a new eGPU enclosure to accompany its new MacBook Pro line. The enclosure is fitted with an AMD Radeon Pro 580 desktop GPU with 8GB of GDDR5 RAM and also acts as a Thunderbolt 3 dock.
Apple announces new MacBook Pro models with up to 32 GB RAM & Core i9 CPUs

Apple announces new MacBook Pro models with up to 32 GB RAM & Core i9 CPUs

Without a big keynote, Apple today announced the long expected update of its MacBook Pro line. The 2018 MacBook Pro models are a refresh of the existing designs with new CPUs , GPUs, more RAM and bigger batteries.
Mantiz MZ-02 Venus External GPU Enclosure (TBX-550CA) Review

Mantiz MZ-02 Venus External GPU Enclosure (TBX-550CA) Review

550 Watts in an eGPU case. Thunderbolt 3, aluminum case, 550 W power supply for GPUs up to and including the Titan XP, integrated USB 3.0, LAN, and SATA ports are the main selling points of Mantiz's Venus Box. Find out about the pros and cons of this external GPU case in our extensive review with various benchmarks and measurements.
Intel Core i7-7Y75 |
Apple's MacBook Pro and 12-inch MacBook keyboards are faulty. (Source: Apple)

Despite launch of keyboard repair program, Apple continues to sell affected MacBooks

Apple has finally admitted that its new 12-inch MacBook and MacBook Pro models are prone to malfunctioning. After months of user complaints, the company has officially launched a Keyboard Service Program for affected users, but it...
Image: self

Apple bans crypto-mining apps from all its platforms

Apple's App Store Review Guidelines have recently been updated with a section dedicated to cryptocurrencies. In sum, Apple's app stores (iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS) will no longer allow apps that create or generate cryptocurren...
The new Gigabyte RX 580 Gaming Box. (Source: Notebook Check)

Computex 2018 | Gigabyte shows eGPU with embedded Radeon RX 580

Gigabyte has added a new eGPU enclosure to its lineup. The new Gigabyte RX 580 Gaming Box is targeted at Apple MacBook users, although it will work equally well with Windows ultrabooks as well.
Image source: Apple

WWDC 2018 | WWDC 2018 Live Blog

Join us as we share our thoughts during Apple's WWDC 2018 developer conference.
The Apple MacBook could soon have an ARM variant. (Source: Apple)

MacBook 'Star' could be the first ARM-powered MacBook

Apple is reportedly preparing to introduce ARM-powered notebooks. A Digitimes report says that Pegatron has landed orders from Apple for an ARM-powered MacBook codenamed 'Star' with series number N84. The new MacBooks are speculat...
Apple severely damaged the stand to an iMac Pro during a repair. (Source: Snazzy Labs - YouTube)

Apple damaged an iMac Pro while trying to repair it

Quinn of YouTube channel Snazzy Labs recently posted a video of Apple's poor repair of his iMac Pro. While attempting to repair a damaged VESA mount, the repair technicians at an Apple Store severely damaged the original stand of ...
Opinion | 2018 is make-or-break for the MacBook

Opinion | 2018 is make-or-break for the MacBook

It's been 2 years since the MacBooks were subject to a radical redesign of the keyboard, notably introducing the butterfly switch mechanism and Touch Bar. This year will be a crucial one for Apple's MacBook line, and I think we can predict a lot about the future of the line by observing what happens with the 2018 refresh.
Apple customers may also benefit from in-store loans made available by Goldman Sachs. (Source: Trend Hunter)

Apple credit card may be coming soon

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, Apple has teamed up with investment bank Goldman Sachs to produce a joint credit card. The Cupertino-based company already has a deal with Barclaycard in regard to financing purcha...
The ultra-low-profile MacBook Pro keyboard is achieved with an Apple-designed butterfly-mechanism. (Source: Apple)

Apple called on to recall all new-generation MacBook Pros in petition

A long-time Apple user has launched a petition calling on Apple to issue a mass recall of all MacBook Pros released from the Late 2016 model. Apple is under fire from the Apple community about the keyboard on the device...
Apple's iPhone X has sold well despite rumors to the contrary. (Source: Apple)

Apple Q2 results silence iPhone X critics with US$61B in revenue

Despite concerns that Apple might miss its targets for the quarter, the company has instead returned record numbers for its fiscal Q2. The Cupertino giant raked in a net profit of US$13.8B for the quarter on gross revenue of US$61...
Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, formerly of KGI Securities. (Source: KGI Securities)

Prolific Apple tipster Ming-Chi Kuo leaves KGI Securities, Tim Cook heard cheering

Ming-Chi Kuo, serial leaker of Apple's product plans, has left KGI Securities. The news could mean a slow down in the number of accurate leaks about Apple's product plans, much to the relief of many an executive at Apple's Cuperti...
Evidence mounting that MacBook Pro keyboards are unreliable. (Source: Apple)

Claim: New MacBook Pro keyboards fail at double the rate of previous gen

A new analysis of MacBook Pro keyboards suggests that since their introduction, there have been twice as many service requests for keyboard repairs. The study seems to align with reports that MacBook Pro users have had to deal wit...
Apple MacBook Pro (2017) with Touch ID and OLED toolbar

Next-gen MacBook Pro rumored to arrive in 2019 with up to 32 GB RAM

It seems that the delay of the 10 nm Intel Cannon Lake processors and the current pricing of 32 GB memory modules compatible with Apple's requirements are both pushing the launch of the next-gen MacBook Pro to 2019. Two years ago,...
The Exklim eX Core. (Source: Exklim)

Exklim's CEO answers community questions about the eX Core external GPU during interview with NotebookCheck

There has been a growing wave of people in the community calling the Exklim eX Core a scam. Some feel that the eX Core fills a new niche, some think that it can't achieve the claimed performance, while others believe it doesn't ex...
Apple’s current-gen MacBook Pro keyboards are being labelled “defective” by some. (Source: Apple)

Current-gen MacBook Pro keyboards lambasted by Apple community

Apple is taking flak for its current-gen MacBook Pro keyboards from its usually loyal community. Daring Fireball’s John Gruber has labeled it “one of the biggest design screw ups in Apple history,” while others are calling it “def...
Notebook Service and Support Satisfaction Survey

Notebook Service and Support Satisfaction Survey - Who has the best laptop service?

To find the notebook that is best suited for your individual requirements is one thing, but what happens when there are software or hardware problems? How good are the business services really? We asked our readers about their experiences with the service and support from their favorite manufacturers. Find out about the outcome of our survey with more than 1000 participants here. Update 25.04.2018: English Graphs added.
TSMC's new 7nm FinFet fabrication process will be used for the Apple A12. (Source: TSMC)

TSMC 7nm FinFet plans give a big hint about Apple’s future iPhone chips, possibly MacBooks too

TSMC has revealed that its new 7nm FinFet process will deliver mobile chips that are at least 20 percent faster and 40 percent more efficient. It has also revealed that it has developed two separate 7nm FinFet tracks, one optimize...
Apple's 13-inch non-Touch Bar MacBook Pro. (Source: Apple)

Apple starts battery replacement program for some 13-inch MacBook Pros

Apple has officially launched a battery replacement program for some of its recent non-Touch Bar 13-inch MacBook Pros. The affected devices were manufactured between October 2016 and October 2017.
Image: Apple

Apple will release an updated Mac Pro desktop in 2019, and it will be a complete redesign

In an event hosted for creative professionals earlier today, Apple executives clarified that the new Mac Pro desktop will indeed be released in 2019. In a somewhat surprising move, Apple will be working with professionals outside ...
Palit eGPU enclosure, macOS gets eGPU support with macOS 10.13.4

Support for external graphics cards finally available in macOS

Although using an external GPU on a MacBook was possible in the past by booting up Windows on it, macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 finally brings native support for external graphics processors to Apple's operating system. This update al...
Rumored entry-level Apple MacBook Air 13 may carry a Retina display (Image source: Apple)

Rumored entry-level 13-inch MacBook may carry a Retina display

Apple may finally be ditching its aging low resolution 13.3-inch 1440 x 900 pixel panels for a more up-to-date 2560 x 1600 variant manufactured by LG. The next generation 2018 MacBook Air is expected to be the first to carry these...
The application for the patent was originally filed in 2016. (Source: Pixabay)

Future MacBooks could have crumb-resistant keyboards

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has published a patent application made by Apple Inc. titled “ingress prevention for keyboards.” The wordy document features a number of technical drawings showing alternative examples...
OneCast streaming Xbox One on a MacBook. (Source: OneCast)

OneCast enables Macs to join in for some Xbox One fun

Mac owners can now stream and play Xbox One games directly to their computers using the OneCast app — a feature only natively available for Windows 10 users. The app is available for a 14-day free trial after which it costs US$11....
The Apple MacBook Air 13-inch (2015).

KGI: Low cost MacBook Air 13 coming in Q2 2018

KGI Securities is expecting Apple to launch a new MacBook Air sometime in Q2 2018 with a lower price tag. The analyst firm does not offer any details as to how much of an upgrade will the new Air be but obvious internal upgrades i...
Apple OLED touchscreen keyboard patent (Source: Patently Apple)

Future MacBooks might have an OLED touchscreen keyboard, reveals patent

A recently published Apple patent describes a "Dual display equipment with enhanced visibility and suppressed reflections" and the device pictured in it looks like a MacBook with an OLED touchscreen area that replaces the traditio...
Apple has released a patch for the Indian character bug that causes severe crashes on all platforms.

Apple releases patch to fix the Indian 'Telugu bug' on all platforms

Apple has released a patch that will fix the so-called 'Telugu bug' on iOS, MacOS, tvOS and WatchOS. When users receive a message or notification that contains a certain Indian character, the app crashes and becomes unusable. In s...
HP had 24.3% notebook market share in 2017. (Source: HP)

164.7 million notebooks were shipped in 2017

A report created by research company TrendForce has revealed a total of 164.7 million notebooks were shipped in 2017. This compares to 161.2 million units shipped in 2016 and a forecast of 163.8 million units expected to be shippe...
iOS 12 will focus more on polishing the user experience than introduce new features. (Source: MacRumors)

iOS 12 will finally make 'Peace' with customers

Apple is looking to revamp its software development workflow to balance introduction of new features and ironing out existing bugs. The upcoming iOS 12 internally codenamed 'Peace' will be the first result of this strategy.
We could see new Apple devices make their debut starting from March 2018. (Source: MacRumors)

New Apple products could launch starting from March this year

DigiTimes claims that component suppliers are getting increased orders from Apple and that new iOS and MacBook devices are slated for debut starting March 2018.
Apple Macs with ARM coprocessors inside coming by the end of 2018

ARM coprocessors coming to new Mac models later this year

Although we heard rumors involving an ARM coprocessor for Macs already, this time they come from Bloomberg Technology. According to them, Apple might launch three new Mac models in 2018 that feature an ARM coprocessor for improved...
The MacBook Air faces imminent retirement. (Source: Apple)

New 13-inch MacBook apparently coming in H2 2018, MacBook Air could get the axe

Going by the huge orders placed by Apple for LCD modules for a new 13-inch MacBook, it appears that the Cupertino giant might soon retire the iconic MacBook Air as it does seem out of place with the new MacBook range.
NVIDIA's GeForce NOW service is now live as a free beta. (Source: NVIDIA)

CES 2018 | NVIDIA GeForce NOW brings modern AAA gaming to el cheapo PCs

NVIDIA's GeForce NOW enables cloud streaming of game content that can be played on virtually any PC with the company's datacenters offloading all the dirty processing work. The service is currently in public beta for Windows PCs a...

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