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Endless OS 6 using the dark theme (Source: Endless OS Foundation)

Endless OS 6 debuts with new looks, updated apps, and more

On the way to its 10th anniversary, the Debian-based Linux distro Endless OS got updated to version 6. This new release comes with dark mode support, version 6.5 of the Linux kernel alongside the Gnome 43.9 desktop environment, as...
Codrut Nistor, 15 May 2024 17:45
PCIe 7.0 future motherboard (Source: DALL·E 3-generated image)

Intel Linux driver update brings PCIe 6.0 and 7.0 thermal throttling

While the latest Intel Linux driver update allows for the system to automatically decrease the PCIe link speed when overheating is detected, link width throttling is not added yet. A future update will integrate it as well, since ...
Codrut Nistor, 13 May 2024 19:49
Hades II has surpassed its predecessor in just 48 short hours. (Image source: Supergiant Games - edited)

Hades II hits home run with 100,000 concurrent players on Steam in first 24 hours

Hades II has finally launched, with fans eagerly clamouring to get back to the dungeon-crawling indie roguelike inspired by Greek mythology. Within the first 24 hours after Hades II launched, it passed 100,000 concurrent players o...
Julian van der Merwe, 08 May 2024 20:11
Until now, a screenshot of your own Linux desktop usually included a terminal window with Neofetch (Image: Dylan Araps/GitHub).

Linux utility Neofetch: Development now officially discontinued, what alternatives are available?

The popular command line tool Neofetch has not been actively developed for several years, and the source code has now been archived on GitHub by programmer Dylan Araps. However, there are a number of alternatives for displaying yo...
Alexander Pensler, 07 May 2024 12:59
LibreELEC Linux teaser (Source: Linuxiac)

LibreELEC 12.0 launches with Kodi 21 Omega and more

Now fully supporting Raspberry Pi 4 and 5 with 64-bit versions, LibreELEC 12.0 launches with Kodi 21 Omega alongside the Linux kernel labeled 6.6.28. This minimalistic distro can be used to run Kodi on HTPC devices with hardware m...
Codrut Nistor, 02 May 2024 20:46
The Steam Deck and Steam Deck OLED are fantastic machines, but the Linux-based SteamOS might be confusing to new users. (Image source: Valve)

4 tools Steam Deck and Linux gamers need to install

Gaming on Linux can be a little complicated, but the open-source community has put into the software surrounding the Linux gaming experience. Here is a pick of four of the best tools and software packages to make the most of your ...
Julian van der Merwe, 01 May 2024 04:38
Warframe's Jade Shadows update is due sometime in June 2024 and will introduce sweeping changes to some long-standing gameplay mechanics. (Image source: Digital Extremes)

Warframe status rework changes vital game mechanics to force build diversity

Epic space shooter Warframe is set to receive yet another round of meta-breaking changes, with sweeping quality-of-life changes announced for the Jade Shadows update coming in June this year. The hope is that these changes will ma...
Julian van der Merwe, 27 Apr 2024 03:00
Dell, Lenovo and HP offer a range of laptops with Ubuntu Linux pre-installed instead of Windows (Image: Canonical).

Beginner-friendly Linux Ubuntu 24.04 LTS is now available for download

Canonical has officially released Ubuntu 24.04, which will receive critical security updates for 5 years thanks to Long Term Support (LTS). In addition to the latest, slightly modified GNOME 46 desktop, Ubuntu 24.04 comes with the...
Alexander Pensler, 26 Apr 2024 10:59
Bazzite 3.0 adds support for a host of gaming handhelds and introduces a number of new game-centric features. (Image source: Bazzite - edited))

Bazzite 3.0: updated gaming Linux OS polishes support for Steam Deck OLED, Legion GO, Asus ROG Ally among other handhelds

Bazzite Linux 3.0 has officially launched, bringing with it Gnome 46, KDE Plasma 6, as well as improved HDR gaming on the Steam Deck OLED and more features for more handhelds, including the Lenovo Legion Go, Asus ROG Ally, and two...
Julian van der Merwe, 25 Apr 2024 19:26
The Miyoo A30 features Wi-Fi connectivity for multiplayer gameplay, among other uses. (Image source: Miyoo)

Miyoo Mini A30: New pocketable gaming handheld officially released for $50 in four colours

Miyoo has now officially released the Mini A30, a retro gaming handheld that was previously thought of as just the A30. The Miyoo Mini A30 retails for under $50 and rivals the Anbernic RG28XX, among other modern small gaming handh...
Alex Alderson, 25 Apr 2024 17:30
ProtonDB needs a clearer, more accurate rating system than its medals. (Image source: ProtonDB screenshot)

The Steam Deck and Linux gaming have a problem: ProtonDB sucks - let me explain

ProtonDB is the Linux gaming community's attempt at trying to fix Steam's lack of compatibility documentation surrounding Windows games on Linux. It is a fantastic tool for Linux gamers, but unfortunately, it only adds to the chao...
Julian van der Merwe, 25 Apr 2024 03:41
The Slimbook Fedora 2 is available in either black or silver (Image: Slimbook).

Slimbook Fedora 2 laptop available in 14" and 16" with Fedora Linux 40

The Fedora 2 Slimbook is available in 14-inch and 16-inch models with Intel Core i7-13700H processors and up to 64GB of DDR5 memory. The 16-inch model also comes with an Nvidia Geforce RTX 4060 notebook GPU.
Alexander Pensler, 24 Apr 2024 11:26
Fedora 40 is now available for download (Image: Fedora Project).

Fedora 40 Linux distribution officially released

Fedora 40 and the various spins of this Linux distribution are officially available and can be downloaded from the Fedora Project website. The main new feature is an update to the GNOME 46 desktop; the KDE spin also switches to KD...
Alexander Pensler, 24 Apr 2024 10:07
The AnberDeck does not modify the Anbernic RG353V itself. (Image source: u/gthing)

AnberDeck: Popular Anbernic retro gaming handheld transformed into Linux terminal with DIY project

A hobbyist has transformed a popular gaming handheld into a compact Linux terminal. Built around an Anbernic RG353V, the AnberDeck also adds a Blackberry BB9900 keyboard with a USB Type-C port, among other hardware changes.
Alex Alderson, 22 Apr 2024 00:38
System76's Cosmic Desktop is currently in pre-alpha, but it is available for testing. (Image source: System76)

System76 Cosmic DE gets Nvidia improvements, myriad new features in latest pre-alpha update

System76's COSMIC desktop, designed to run on the Pop!_OS Linux distribution now plays better with Nvidia GPUs, has fully fledged theming capabilities, and as well as a number of exciting third party contributions.
Julian van der Merwe, 19 Apr 2024 19:55
The first version of KDE Plasma 6 was first released in February, and the 6.0.4 update fixes a number of bugs (Image: KDE).

Linux desktop environment KDE Plasma 6 receives bugfix update 6.0.4

The KDE Plasma 6 development team has released the April bugfix release in the form of version 6.0.4. Amongst other things, it is now easier to use URLs via drag & drop, and bugs in the system monitor and battery applet have been ...
Alexander Pensler, 17 Apr 2024 12:38
YouTube ads blocking (Source: DALL·E 3-generated image)

Google renews its assault on YouTube ad blockers

The fight against blocking ads on the Google-owned online video sharing and social media platform YouTube continues as third-party apps that go against its terms of service are now in the tech giant's crosshairs. There are no name...
Codrut Nistor, 16 Apr 2024 15:42
The Radxa NIO 12L is available in four memory configurations. (Image source: Radxa)

Radxa NIO 12L: New single-board computer released with long official Ubuntu support for $99

Radxa has released another single-board computer, this time one powered by a MediaTek Genio 1200 chipset promising official support until late 2028 at the earliest. The Radxa NIO 12L starts at $99 and features plenty of ports too,...
Alex Alderson, 15 Apr 2024 15:08
The newly discovered vulnerability is causing concern in the Linux community (image: generated with Dall-E 3).

New Linux kernel vulnerability grants attackers root privileges

A recently discovered vulnerability in the Linux kernel could allow an attacker to gain root privileges. Exploits are available for several Linux distributions, but the vulnerability does not appear to be fully patched.
Alexander Pensler, 12 Apr 2024 14:23
The beta version of Ubuntu 24.04 is available for testing (Image: Canonical).

Beta version of Ubuntu 24.04 LTS with GNOME 46 and Linux 6.8 kernel available for download

The beta version of Ubuntu 24.04 LTS has been released a week late and is now available for download. The final version of Canonical's Linux distribution is scheduled for release on 25 April 2024.
Alexander Pensler, 12 Apr 2024 10:39
If this trend continues, the Linux desktop could break the 5% mark in the future (Figure: generated with Dall-E 3).

Linux desktop continues to grow with four per cent market share

For the second month in a row, Linux on the desktop has reached a market adoption rate of over 4%, according to Will 2024 be the much-touted "year of the Linux desktop"?
Alexander Pensler, 11 Apr 2024 13:31
RKGK, or Rakugaki, will launch in Q2 2024 with a bright neon colour palette and fast-paced platforming action. (Image source: Gearbox Publishing - edited)

Rakugaki: upcoming $19.99 3D platformer game screams chaotic neon cyberpunk rebellion in new trailer

RKGK, aka Rakugaki, sheds the first-person shooter, MMO gameplay and grim, realistic worlds that have become all too common in recent games, opting instead to tell its rebellion story through colourful, surrealistic visuals and fa...
Julian van der Merwe, 11 Apr 2024 03:32
The EndeavourOS team says "Goodbye" to the ARM version (Image: EndeavourOS).

EndeavourOS discontinues development of the ARM version of the Linux distribution

EndeavourOS, a Linux distribution based on Arch Linux, has announced that it will discontinue development of its version for ARM processors. Maintainers are more urgently needed for the x86_64 edition of EndeavourOS.
Alexander Pensler, 09 Apr 2024 13:02
Ubuntu 24.04 should give laptop users longer battery life (Image: Canonical).

Ubuntu 24.04 LTS aims to improve the energy efficiency of the Linux distribution on laptops

The upcoming Ubuntu 24.04 LTS will include an updated version of the Power Profiles Daemon. Laptop users in particular, especially those with the latest Intel or AMD components, should benefit from the power management improvement...
Alexander Pensler, 08 Apr 2024 11:42
OpenBSD 7.5 official poster (Source: OpenBSD)

OpenBSD 7.5 now available

Its 30th anniversary less than three years ahead, OpenBSD remains in active development and is considered the most secure operating system based on the now defunct Berkeley Software Distribution. Version 7.5 sports various kernel ...
Codrut Nistor, 07 Apr 2024 12:50
Official Minecraft website today (Source: Own)

Minecraft crowned as the video game with most cheaters

Although this is not a title to be desired, Minecraft has just been labeled "the video game with the most cheaters" in the US. The study, conducted by Guide Strats, also placed The Sims 4 and GTA 5 on the podium. The results were ...
Codrut Nistor, 03 Apr 2024 23:57
Initial release of Google Podcasts for Android (Source: Google)

Google Podcasts is now history

Released in mid-June 2018 for Android devices, Google Podcasts made it to iOS two years later. Since it was also available on the web, it was also accessible to macOS, Windows, ChromeOS, and Linux users. Sadly, it was killed yeste...
Codrut Nistor, 03 Apr 2024 20:21
Firefox Nightly now available with vertical tabs (Source: Mozilla)

Firefox could get vertical tabs in the future

An idea that surfaced on Mozilla Connect > Ideas more than two years ago has finally became an actual feature in Firefox Nightly. Still in the "very rough proof-of-concept" stage, vertical tabs are now one step closer to becoming ...
Codrut Nistor, 03 Apr 2024 18:21
NetBSD's ctwm graphical environment (Source: NetBSD)

NetBSD 10.0 arrives after a long wait

In development since 2019, NetBSD 10.0 is now finally available for download. The list of highlights includes support for WireGuard, Apple hardware and Raspberry Pi boards, SMP tweaks, as well as multiple tweaks and fixes. Some ea...
Codrut Nistor, 02 Apr 2024 00:41
Massive vulnerability threatens several Linux distributions, especially those that update quickly (Image: generated with Dall-E 3)

Backdoor injected into XZ compression tools in several Linux distributions

A critical vulnerability has been discovered in the XZ compression tools, allowing remote access via SSH remote logins. Rolling Linux distributions are particularly affected, an update is already available.
Alexander Pensler, 30 Mar 2024 08:40
Fedora Linux 40 beta now available (Source: Fedora Magazine)

A new Fedora Linux 40 beta release now available

Released in November 2023, Fedora Linux 39 will reach its end of life this November. Its successor is already in the works, and a new beta has just surfaced online. Fedora Linux 40 beta comes with Gnome 46, KDE Plasma 6, Podman 5,...
Codrut Nistor, 27 Mar 2024 11:39
Ubuntu 16.04 LTS "Xenial Xerus" logo (Source: Canonical)

Canonical extends LTS support lifecycle from 10 to 12 years

With a history spanning nearly two decades, Canonical's Ubuntu is now moving forward with a renewed security and support pledge that extends the life of LTS releases to no less than 12 years. The Legacy Support Ubuntu Pro add-on t...
Codrut Nistor, 26 Mar 2024 23:34
KDE's Global Themes allow scripts to run commands as the root user, resulting in a potential security hazard for users of the Linux desktop environment. (Image source: KDE - edited)

KDE Plasma theming security nightmare: scripting feature can run root commands including the worst Linux meme

KDE Plasma's Global Themes can run scripts in the background, which can run commands as a root user, including the infamous “sudo rm -rf" which wipes the user's root partition, causing significant data loss. KDE is aware of the is...
Julian van der Merwe, 25 Mar 2024 21:11
System76 launches 2024 Lemur Pro with Intel Meteor Lake processors (Image source: System76)

System76 Lemur Pro Linux laptop gets updated with Intel Meteor Lake processors

System76 has launched the 2024 refresh of the Lemur Pro. The new Linux laptop brings Intel Meteor Lake processors in a familiar design. To be specific, it’s available with Intel Core Ultra 5 125U and Core Ultra 7 155U CPUs. As for...
Abid Ahsan Shanto, 22 Mar 2024 14:11
PlaytronOS is a new Linux-based operating system that hopes to challenge SteamOS and Windows for gaming handhelds. (Image source: Playtron)

PlaytronOS: new Linux gaming OS aims to dethrone Windows, SteamOS with support for 'every store'

The new Linux-based OS for gaming handhelds throws shade at Windows and SteamOS for being closed platforms. Playtron aims to be a lightweight alternative to Windows and SteamOS, built on open-source software, to offer wide hardwar...
Julian van der Merwe, 21 Mar 2024 22:51
Batocera is a fantastic way to play retro games on any system, not just the Raspberry Pi 5 (Source: Batocera)

Here is the easiest and most polished way to play retro games on your Raspberry Pi 5

CheckMag Batocera has been around since 2016 but has reached a level of polish unmatched by its competitors. Great background music, boot animations and box art. Combined with the power of the Raspberry Pi 5, there’s never been a more plea...
David Devey, 21 Mar 2024 19:33
GNOME 46 Linux desktop released with experimental VRR support and more

GNOME 46 Linux desktop released with experimental VRR support and more

The GNOME team has released version 46 of its desktop environment for Linux and Unix systems. GNOME 46 "Kathmandu" brings, among other things, an improved search function and experimental support for Variable Refresh Rate (VRR).
Alexander Pensler, 21 Mar 2024 12:23
War Thunder 2.35 "Alpha Strike" now available (Source: War Thunder)

War Thunder 2.35 "Alpha Strike" comes with Hungarian aircraft, five rank VII premium ground vehicles, and more

Although it arrived last week, War Thunder 2.35 "Alpha Strike" remains a fresh update and is worth mentioning even now, since it's a quite solid package. Its highlights include the Alpha Jet (German and French versions), five prem...
Codrut Nistor, 20 Mar 2024 15:41
Valve announced Steam Families as part of the latest Steam Client Beta, allowing users to more flexibly share their games with family. (Image source: Valve)

New Steam game sharing feature removes clunky Family Share hurdle: Steam Families allows simultaneous library access

Steam launched its new Families feature in Steam Beta. Steam Families consolidates the previous Family Sharing and Family View features into a simpler solution for sharing your games between up to six family members, even allowing...
Julian van der Merwe, 19 Mar 2024 01:23
Nvidia Reflex lands on Steam Play via VKD3D-Proton 2.12 (Image source: Nvidia)

Steam Play receives Nvidia Reflex through VKD3D-Proton update on Linux

A new update on the VKD3D-Proton for Linux has added support for Nvidia Reflex on Steam Play. This proprietary tech promises to reduce system latency by keeping the GPU and CPU in sync. So, the frames prepared by the processor don...
Abid Ahsan Shanto, 16 Mar 2024 17:29
Pop!_OS 24.04 will still launch with Cosmic as the default desktop environment, but the first alpha release has been delayed until May. (Image source: System76)

System76 delays Cosmic desktop alpha release as devs tease major strides for Pop!_OS DE

System76 says that while it will skip the alpha 1 release for its Cosmic desktop, essentially pushing the alpha release back to May, it is still planning on a full release of Cosmic by the end of September. The developer of the Po...
Julian van der Merwe, 14 Mar 2024 23:10
Suyu developers claim to be avoiding monetisation altogether, unlike Yuzu. (Image source: Suyu - edited)

Nintendo Switch: Yuzu emulator returns as Suyu for Linux and Windows gamers

The Yuzu emulator may be dead, but its source code has already been repurposed. Repacked and edited to stave off legal action from Nintendo, Suyu is actively marketed as the 'continuation of the world's most popular, open-source, ...
Alex Alderson, 14 Mar 2024 13:15
The R36S retro handheld is on sale for just under $60 at Amazon. (Image via Amazon)

Deal | R36S retro handheld console on sale for 30% off for limited time

The R36S is a Gameboy-styled handheld emulation console with enough power to play most titles through the PlayStation 1 era of gaming. It is currently on sale for 30% off with a promo code.
Sam Medley, 13 Mar 2024 21:15
Powkiddy still only sells the RGB10 Max 3 in two colour options. (Image source: Powkiddy)

Powkiddy RGB10 Max 3: Cheap retro gaming handheld released with 720p display

The Powkiddy RGB10 Max 3 is now available generally following a short pre-order period. The retro gaming handheld combines a Rockchip RK3566 chipset with a 720p display and 1 GB of RAM, among other features.
Alex Alderson, 05 Mar 2024 16:16
Thanks to Steam, Proton GE and Valve, gaming on Linux is far easier that you might think. (Source: Wikipedia)

Tired of Windows tracking and invasive ads? Here's how to game on Linux

CheckMag Microsoft has historically monopolised the PC gaming space with Windows, but with increasingly invasive ads, bloat and data collection, many Windows users are looking for an alternative. Thanks to the Steam Deck, Valve and communi...
David Devey, 03 Mar 2024 22:39
The latest Steam sale pits everyone's favourite fossils against mankinds mightiest marvels with some spectacular discounts in-tow. (Image source: Steam)

Steam sale: 4 best game deals in the Dinos vs. Robots game sale event

CheckMag As the Steam Dinos vs. Robots game sale event is reaching its peak, here are some of the best game deals on Valve's game store. Seek answers in Horizon Zero Dawn, wage war on the machines in Generation Zero, or wrangle velocirapto...
Julian van der Merwe, 02 Mar 2024 02:24
Kubuntu Focus M2: The laptop is available with a new processor

Kubuntu Focus M2: Linux laptop appears in new version with greater performance capabilties, also with GeForce RTX 4090

Kubuntu Focus is now offering a new and more powerful version of its high-performance M2 laptop, which is especially suitable for Linux. Customers can choose between different processors and graphics cards.
Silvio Werner, 24 Feb 2024 23:31
February has been a busy month for the Steam Deck and SteamOS. (Image source: Valve)

Valve pushes fresh bug fixes to Steam Deck and SteamOS with new Beta Client updates

Valve has furnished SteamOS and Steam Deck gaming handhelds with another set of improvements. All contained within new Steam Deck Beta Client updates, the bug fixes touch various aspects of SteamOS, including its dedicated Desktop...
Alex Alderson, 23 Feb 2024 19:08
Linux on Phonix (Image Source: Slimbook)

16-inch KDE Slimbook V Linux laptop with AMD Ryzen 7 7840HS up for pre-orders starting at €999

Highlights for the KDE Slimbook V include a full aluminum chassis, a 16-inch IPS display with 2560 x 1600 resolution, 165 Hz refresh rate and 100% sRGB color gamut, as well as the pre-installed KDE Neon distro with the latest KDE ...
Bogdan Solca, 23 Feb 2024 16:43
Hearts of Iron IV launcher after latest update (Source: Own)

Deal | Hearts of Iron IV discounted by up to 70% until next week

Released more than seven years ago, Hearts of Iron IV received multiple updates and will get a new country pack, namely Trial of Allegiance, in about two weeks. Those who still have to get started can grab the basic game or the St...
Codrut Nistor, 21 Feb 2024 12:00


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