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WD 12 TB HGST Ultrastar He12 Helium 7200 RPM Enterprise HDD now shipping

WD now shipping the 12 TB HGST Ultrastar He12 enterprise hard drive

This fourth-generation helium hard drive comes with a five-year warranty and provides up to 54 percent better power efficiency when compared to 8 TB air drives, as well as a rich set of features such as Instant Secure Erase and self-encryption.
QNAP TS-x53B series NAS available with 2, 4, and 6 bays, all with Intel Celeron J455 processo

QNAP TS-x53B series NAS now available

This new NAS family comes with 2, 4, or 6 bays, all powered by the Intel Celeron J3455 processor and available with 4 GB or 8 GB of memory. All models come with 10GbE 10GBASE-T LAN connectivity and hardware-accelerated encryption.
External USB-C SSD review – The best external SSD for the new MacBook Pro and Windows competitors

External USB-C SSD review – The best external SSD for the new MacBook Pro and Windows competitors

We review modern USB-C SSDs from Samsung (T3), WD (G|Drive), Angelbird (SSD2go PKT), SanDisk (Extreme 900) and a USB 3.1 USB-C case for M.2-SSDs from DeLock. Which drive is the fastest and how much power do they consume? We will answer these questions in the following article.
QNAP TVS-873 NAS gets a Red Dot Award for its design

QNAP TVS-873 wins a Red Dot Award for design

Thanks to this award, the QNAP TVS-873 NAS will be shown for an entire year in the Red Dot Design Museum. This NAS is driven by a 3rd gen AMD R-Series APU and features up to 64 GB RAM, USB 3.1 Gen 2 connectivity, dual HDMI out, and more.
Adata launches 256 GB Premier One UHS-II U3 Class 10 SDXC card

Adata launches 256 GB Premier One UHS-II U3 Class 10 SDXC card

Write rates of up to 260 MB/s will be possible to better support extremely high resolution recording and VR applications.
Toshiba BG1 NVMe SSD with TLC 3D NAND flash memory chips

SK Hynix develops 72-layer 3D NAND flash chip

The new technology allows SK Hynix to manufacture chips with a capacity of 32 GB, pushing the South Korean chip maker past Samsung and Toshiba, both still unable to supply 72-layer 3D NAND flash memory.
Western Digital My Passport SSD portable drive now available in 1 TB, 512 GB and 256 GB capacities

Western Digital intros its first portable SSD

The portable drive known as My Passport SSD offers transfer speeds up to 515 MB per second, being compatible with USB 3.1 Type-C and also able to withstand falls up to 6.5 feet.
QNAP TVS-1282T3 Thunderbolt 3 NAS now available with 7th gen Intel Core processors

QNAP launches TVS-1282T3 Thunderbolt 3 NAS

This new NAS comes with 7th generation Intel Core processors, four Thunderbolt 3 ports, three HDMI outputs, six LAN ports, also supporting up to 64 GB RAM and 12 storage drives.
The PX7 Pro SE is a notebook capable of server workloads. (Source: Eurocom)

Eurocom unveils lightweight PX7 Pro SE Mobile Server

The notebook is designed for heavy server loads and packs an Intel Xeon E3-1505M, up to 64 GB of ECC memory, and up to 16 GB of RAID 0/1/5 storage.
Intel SSD 600p 512 GB Review: The Entry-Level NVMe SSD

Intel SSD 600p 512 GB Review: The Entry-Level NVMe SSD

Faster than SATA? In our review, the Intel SSD 600p with 512 GB must prove itself against the competition. You will find out in this test report, how the entry-level NVMe-m.2-SSD with SM2260 controller fares.
AMD Ryzen 7 1800X | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti (Desktop) |
The Sony Xperia XZs is now available for preorder. (Source: Sony)

Sony Xperia XZs will go on sale April 5th

The Xperia XZs is now available for preorder on Amazon and will go on sale April 5th. Priced at $699, the Xperia XZs pairs an impressive camera with outdated internals.
Nikkei reported on Friday that U.S. private equity firm Silver Lake and U.S. chipmaker Broadcom offered Toshiba about 2 trillion yen ($18 billion) for the unit. (Source:The Korea Herald)

Apple, Amazon and Google among companies bidding for Toshiba's NAND unit

Japanese newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun Daily reported on Saturday that US tech firms Apple, Google and Amazon have joined the bidding war over Toshiba's NAND unit, which accounts for 20 percent of the NAND market.
Google Calendar available on Apple iPad March 2017

Google Calendar hits Apple's iPad

This well-known app by Google is now available for the iPad and allows its users to search their calendar from the home screen with Spotlight Search, also having many more useful features currently in the pipeline.
iOS 10.3 is now available for download. (Source: Apple)

Apple iOS 10.3 now publicly available

The update brings a shift to Apple's new APFS file system, which should increase overall system performance and better allocate storage space. There are a few other changes as well.
Intel's Optane Memory is coming to consumer markets in bite-size capacities. (Photo source: Intel)

Intel Optane storage coming to consumer markets

The fast storage solution will be available in 16 GB ($44) and 32 GB ($77) capacities. Their primary use seems to be as a fast cache drive for a larger SSD or HDD.
Micron Q2 2017 revenue up 58 percent YoY

Micron quarterly revenue up 58 percent YoY

The rising demand for DRAM and NAND flash components have boosted Micron from red to black with profits reaching 894 million USD in the last quarter alone.
128 GB Lexar JumpDrive Tough ruggedized flash drive

Lexar JumpDrive Tough ruggedized flash drive now available

This USB 3.1 flash drive was created to tackle tough environments and various hazards, being available in 32 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB capacities. The price starts at $19.99 USD and goes up to $59.99 USD.
QNAP TS-453Bmini Vertical NAS with Intel J3455, 4K output and transcoding

QNAP TS-453Bmini vertical NAS now official

This Intel Celeron J3455-powered NAS for home users comes in two variants (4 GB and 8 GB RAM), offering support for up to four 3.5-inch/2.5-inch drives and featuring two Gigabit RJ45 LAN ports, AES-NI hardware encryption, 4K output/transcoding, and more.
Amazon acquires Thinkbox Software to make it a part of Amazon Web Services

Amazon acquires Thinkbox

This company that provides tools for media and design content creation has been founded back in 2010 and now is on its way to join Amazon Web Services, not long after AWS launched the Chime videoconference call service.
Samsung V-NAND flash memory chips, Samsung leading the flash memory market March 2017

Samsung still leading the NAND flash market

Despite its serious problems with the Note 7, Samsung managed to increase its lead in the flash memory market, its sales exceeding $14 billion - almost twice as much as Toshiba.
Microsoft OneDrive for Kindle Fire and Fire phone, OneDrive unlimited accounts reduced to 1 TB storage limit

Microsoft phases out OneDrive unlimited storage

Since some Office 365 subscribers who received limitless OneDrive storage used their cloud space to store movies, TV shows, and other similar files, Microsoft is now placing a 1 TB limit on all previously unlimited accounts.
QNAP TS-1685 Super NAS for business with Intel Xeon D processor and 16 drive bays

QNAP intros TS-1685 16-bay Super NAS

This new business-class NAS features a Xeon D processor by Intel and up to 128 GB DDR4, offering support for twelve 3.5-inch hard drives and four 2.5-inch SSDs, as well as six M.2 SSD slots.
Lexar and SanDisk to launch world's first UHS-III MicroSD cards this quarter

Lexar and SanDisk to launch world's first UHS-III MicroSD cards this quarter

While the Lexar Professional 1000x will focus on higher raw transfer rates, the SanDisk Extreme will favor a wider bus for more simultaneous read/write access.
Embattled chairman Shigenori Shiga was brought into the top role last year after a $1.3 billion accounting scandal in 2015. (Source: Reuters)

Toshiba may sell off most of its flash-memory chip business

The Japanese company is in a desperate financial situation after years of costly acquisitions in an effort to become the leader of the business industry. As a result, they may have to sell off their entire NAND memory business to remain afloat.
The GPD Win is a 5.5" Windows 10 PC aimed at gamers on the go. (Source.

GPD updates Win mini PC

The pocket-sized PC gets some notable improvements, including a faster Intel Atom processor and a higher quality keyboard.
The Shield Pro has 500 GB of internal storage and support for microSD cards. (Source: NVIDIA)

NVIDIA Shield Pro now available

For $299, the Shield Pro brings much more storage (500 GB) and support for microSD cards. However, the Pro is equipped with the same Tegra X1 processor as the entry-level Shield TV.
Toshiba BG1 SSD with 3D NAND, Toshiba to sell part of its memory business

Toshiba to sell part of its memory business

Due to the cost overruns expected to reach several billion dollars incurred by its US nuclear business, the Japanese company is spinning off part of its flash memory division and selling a stake in the resulting business.
Samsung posted year-over-year growth of about 50% for Q4 2016. (Source: Samsung)

Samsung posts major revenue and profit growth for Q4 and full-year 2016

One phone does not make a company. Despite setback with the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung recorded a massive jump in profits for FY 2016.
Toshiba N300 6 TB high-reliability hard drive for NAS

Toshiba unveils 4 TB and 6 TB N300 hard drives

The N300 high-reliability hard drives feature a generous 128 MB data buffer, offering a sustained data transfer rate of more than 200 MB/s. The 6 TB model has a 4 TB sibling as well.
Seagate BarraCuda Pro 10 TB hard disc drive, Samsung shuts down Suzhou manufacturing plant

Seagate shuts down its plant in Suzhou

The world's largest hard disk maker is going through a global business restructuring plan and, due to a slowing market, recently announced the plan to shut down a manufacturing plant and to cut over 6,500 jobs worldwide.
Samsung 960 Evo and Samsung 960 Pro SSD Review

Samsung 960 Evo and Samsung 960 Pro SSD Review

Lightning Fast! The Samsung Evo models are very popular for mainstream models. Thanks to the widespread use of SSDs, the prices of SSD storage devices have been steadily decreasing. We tested the Evo and Pro series of the fast 960 NVMe SSDs made by Samsung and will provide our assessment in this in-depth review.
Intel Xeon E5-2680 v4 | NVIDIA Titan X Pascal | 32"
Samsung Chromebook Pro closeup, one of the many Samsung products that got awards at CES 2017

CES 2017 | Samsung wins 120 awards

Next to quite a few media and industry awards, Samsung received no less than 34 CES Innovation Awards at this year's edition of the Las Vegas technology show, including a Best of Innovation award in the video display category.
SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-I card Premium Edition that meets the Application Performance Class 1 or A1 requirement of the SD Association’s SD 5.1

SanDisk unveils the world’s first Application Performance Class 1-compliant microSD card

The 256 GB SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-I Premium Edition memory card is optimized for smartphones, being the first one compliant with the A1 specifications. This product will hit the market this month for $199.99 USD and can manage up to 1,500 random reads and 500 random writes per second.
QNAP CES 2017 flyer, QNAP Thunderbolt 3 NAS and

CES 2017 | QNAP announces Thunderbolt 3 NAS and other new storage solutions

The Thunderbolt NAS introduced back in 2015 has been updated with Thunderbolt 3 connectivity, but QNAP has also unveiled a NAS with optical disc drive compatibility, as well as a few other new products.
Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate GT world's largest flash drive with 2 TB capacity

Kingston unveils world's first 2 TB flash drive

Dubbed Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate GT, this impressive flash drive has a shock-resistant zinc-alloy case, offers USB 3.1 speeds, and will hit the market next month in 1 TB and 2 TB variants.
QNAP TS-831X quad-core business NAS with 8 bays

QNAP announces TS-831X quad-core NAS

This new cost-effective NAS for businesses has eight hot-swappable bays, up to 16 GB of memory, and uses a quad-core AnnapurnaLabs Alpine processor. It also features a hardware-accelerated encryption engine, SSD caching, and two built-in 10GbE SFP+ ports.
ADATA announces 2 TB Ultimate SU900 MLC SSD

ADATA announces 2 TB Ultimate SU900 3D NAND MLC SSD

The Ultimate SU900 will utilize a brand new SMI 2258 controller with capacities starting at 256 GB for 109 Euros. Sequential read and write rates cap out at 560 MB/s and 525 MB/s, respectively.
Analysts expect SSD prices to rise next year

Analysts expect SSD prices to rise next year

Both MLC and TLC SSDs could rise by as much as 10 percent due to growing demand over traditional HDDs in consumer electronics.
Samsung 3D V-NAND memory chips, Samsung leading the NAND memory market

Samsung dominates the NAND flash market

Earlier this year, Samsung expanded its 3D NAND flash memory manufacturing facilities in China and South Korea, also starting to manufacture 64-layer NAND flash memory chips earlier this month.
The 4TB 850 PRO should offer better performance and reliability than the existing 4 TB 850 EVO. (Source: Samsung)

Samsung to release 4 TB 850 PRO SSD at CES 2017

Samsung has announced the release of a 4 TB 850 PRO SSD for January 2017.
Intel's "3D Xpoint" technology uses a framework of tiny wires to signify 1's and 0's via electrical resistance (Source: Micron, Intel)

Intel to delay release of super-fast Optane SSDs into 2017-2018

The Optane SSDs, many times faster than current NAND-based SSDs, were originally slated for a 2016 release. Intel will no longer confirm an exact release date, but has hinted we may have to wait until 2018 for a full-scale release.
Seagate Duet external hard drive with Amazon Drive cloud support

Amazon and Seagate unleash an external hard drive

The Seagate Duet external hard drive only offers 1 TB of internal storage and uses USB 3.0 connectivity, but comes with one free year of Amazon Drive Unlimited Storage and automatic cloud backup support, all for just $99.99 USD.
The internal hard drive is the only major component that can be replaced by the end user. (Source: iFixIt)

Teardown reveals Microsoft Surface Studio has limited user upgradeability

Most major components are soldered on and cannot be replaced. However, the device appears to be fairly repairable.
Qwiklabs online learning platform joins Google Cloud

Google Cloud acquires Qwiklabs

This startup founded in 2012 that offers lab-learning environments joins Google to enhance user training across all products on Google Cloud, including Google Cloud Platform and G Suite.
Symantec acquires LifeLock for over $2 billion

Symantec acquires LifeLock

This corporate purchase is worth $2.3 billion and, according to the two companies involved, its target is "to form world’s largest digital safety platform for consumers and families."
Adata announces waterproof SD700 external SSD for 120 Euros

Adata announces waterproof SD700 external SSD for 120 Euros

The small and extra-durable external SSD utilizes USB Type-C for transfer rates of up to 440 MB/s with compatibility across PCs, Macs, and Android devices.
Plextor EX1 external SSD with USB Type-C coming this month

Plextor EX1 external SSD with USB Type-C coming this month

The external SSD will be compatible with both PCs and Android with storage capacity options ranging from 128 GB up to 512 GB.
iFixit's teardown shows that repairs will be very difficult. (Source: iFixit)

iFixit's teardown of Macbook Pro 13" with Touch Bar reveals differences, difficulties

The new Macbook Pro 13" with Touch Bar has markedly different internals from its non-Touch Bar brother, including changes that make it horribly difficult to repair.
Google Play Music relaunch November 2016 with

Google Play Music relaunches

The music streaming service by Google now relies on machine learning to create and curate playlists, also adding offline playing capabilities. Google Play Music also gets an overhauled home screen.
Seagate launches high capacity 5 TB 2.5-inch external HDD

Seagate launches high capacity 5 TB external HDD

The Backup Plus Portable will be the world's largest capacity 2.5-inch external HDD at the consumer level when it launches next month for about $190 USD.

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