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The new PJ-3280 budget NVMe SSD from Kingmax is around 3 times faster than the top SATA III SSDs. (Source: Kingmax)

Kingmax releases PJ-3280 budget NVMe SSD

The PJ-3280 NVMe SSD is designed to boost the performance of desktops or laptops without breaking the bank. It comes in 128, 256 and 512 GB capacities and, thanks to the PCIe Gen 3 X2 interface, it can reach sequential reading spe...
Sony has released a limited edition of aibo in the United States. (Source: hothardware)

Limited "First Litter" edition of Sony's robotic dog, aibo, released in US

aibo, Sony's robot in the shape of a puppy, is available from today (September 18, 2018) for purchase in the US. This event is being dubbed the "First Litter" release of the mechanical pets. Sony claims that aibo can learn to reco...
The new ASRock Z390 Phantom Gaming 9 motherboard. (Source: VideoCardz)

ASRock's upcoming flagship Phantom motherboard leaked

ASRock is set to update their Fatal1ty motherboard line with new ones, including the Z390 Phantom Gaming 9 offering exposed in a recent leak. This new product will sport triple M.2 and PCIe slots. It also has 3 Ethernet ports, one...
256 GB of RAM might be overkill for desktop and laptop PCs, but servers will really benefit from these new modules. (Source: Samsung)

Samsung releases 256 GB DDR4 RAM modules

Using the 10 nm manufacturing process, Samsung managed to pack 256 GB or RAM on a single stick, proving that DDR can offer a viable alternative to Intel's Optane and 3DXPoint technology. The 256 GB RAM modules are only available f...
The Online Service for Nintendo Switch is now purported to save all games in a cloud. (Source: GameZone)

Nintendo Switch Online rumored to support cloud saving for all games

The Nintendo Switch Online Service has been anticipated for some time. A rumor that precedes its launch suggests that users of the new feature will be able to back up all their games in a cloud. However, there may be an opt-out fo...
QNAP TS-x77XU rackmount NAS now official with AMD Ryzen inside (Source: QNAP Systems)

QNAP intros the TS-x77XU NAS lineup with AMD Ryzen inside

The new TS-x77XU lineup targets enterprise customers with no less than 8 rackmount NAS models. Most of these models come with redundant power supply units and use AMD Ryzen processors. Depending on the model chosen, the processor ...
The new XPG SX6000 Pro features a single-sided M.2 2280 package that makes it idle for laptops and mini PCs. (Source: XPG)

Adata expands NVMe SSD portfolio with the XPG SX6000 Pro

With its single-sided M.2 2280 package, the XPG SX6000 Pro NVMe SSD can fit PCs, as well as compact laptops and mini PCs. The new Realtek PCIe Gen3x4 controller coupled with second gen 64-layer 3D TLC NAND memory chips can deliver...
Silicon Power has launched four new PCIe NVMe SSDs today. (Source: Silicon Power)

IFA 2018 | Silicon Power launches four new PCIe NVMe SSDs

Silicon Power announced the launch of four PCIe NVMe SSDs at IFA 2018 today. The P34A80 and P34M85 support PCIe Gen3 x4 while the P32A80 and P32M85 connect via PCIe Gen3 x2 lanes. The M85 models come with an added heat sink to pr...
Samsung speedy new X5 portable SSD is made using NVMe storage technology. (Source: Samsung)

Samsung's new external NVMe-based TB3 X5 SSDs are screamers

Samsung’s new X5 portable SSD is equipped with Thunderbolt 3 and is screamingly fast. According to the company, the drive can transfer a 3 GB video in just 2 seconds and a 20 GB video in only 12 seconds.
The UMIDIGI Z2 and Z2 Pro are decently-powered phones with some distinctly 2018 features. (Source: GizmoChina)

The UMIDIGI Z2 and Z2 Pro are here for fans of flagship-maiming specs (and notches)

The UMIDIGI Z2 line has jumped into a ring increasingly full of phones with features associated with more well-known names such as the Huawei P20/P20 Pro. These new phones is powered by an octa-core processor, has dual cameras and...
WhatsApp will no longer take up Google Drive space as of November 2018. (Source: Google Play Store)

WhatsApp backups will no longer take up Google cloud storage

WhatsApp has distinguished itself among messaging apps through its ability to eat your storage. However, a new agreement between the Facebook subsidiary and Google mean that WhatsAapp backups will no longer clog up space on the Dr...
Google One replaces paid Google Drive, and also stores photos and email data. (Source: The Verge)

Google's new cloud service has come into effect

One is Google's new cloud-storage solution for those who formerly used services such as paid Drive. It provides a unified location for the data generated by apps such as Photos, Drive and Gmail. Google One has been absorbing Driv...
Eurocom wants to know what you want on your next gaming laptop

Eurocom wants to know what you want on your next gaming laptop

Want to see a laptop with 12 cores and over 20 TB of internal storage? Eurocom can make it possible if enough users show interest. The reseller is collecting data to see how it can best approach building its next generation of gam...
Samsung 4 TB QLC SSD (Source: Samsung Newsroom)

Samsung begins mass production of industry's first 4-bit 4 TB SSD for consumers

The new 4 TB 4-bit QLC SSD by Samsung comes with a 3-year warranty period and has a level of performance similar to the company’s 3-bit design. The new SSD for consumers provides read speeds of up to 540 MB/s and write speeds of u...
Toshiba XG6 NVMe SSD series is first to utilize 96-layer 3D flash memory modules (Source: Toshiba)

Toshiba XG6 NVMe SSD series is first to utilize 96-layer 3D flash memory modules

When compared to 64-bit 3D flash, Toshiba's 96-layer BiCS flash technology promises to consume 4.7 W less power while providing potentially higher storage capacities. The OEM intends to launch its XG6 series soon for high-performa...
Samsung looks to increase 3D NAND production in 2019. (Source: Samsung)

Samsung to invest additional US$2.6 billion to increase NAND production in 2019

Anticipating increased demand for 3D NAND flash storage in the coming year, Samsung is looking to invest an additional US$2.6 billion to expand production capacities of its NAND factories in China and Korea taking the total invest...
NRAM could replace the 3D XPoint and NVDIMM non-volatile memory technologies in the next few years.  (Source: Nantero)

Fujitsu will begin Nano-RAM production in 2019

NRAM is made of carbon nanotubes that are more efficient than the current technologies used in 3D XPoint and NAND Flash devices. Nantero - the company developing NRAM - claims that its technology can provide better write speeds fo...
Samsung fifth-generation V-NAND memory chips (Source: Samsung Global Newsroom)

Samsung begins mass production of fifth generation V-NAND memory

The fifth-generation V-NAND memory chips by Samsung use the "Toggle DDR 4.0" interface for the first time in the industry and provide a data transfer speed of up to 1.4 Gbps — an impressive increase of 40 percent over the previous...
The new Catalina 2 SSDs come in 2.5-inch and add-in-card form-factors. (Source: NGD)

NGD reveals 16/32 TB Catalina 2 programmable SSDs

AI, machine learning and computer vision application will be getting a boost via the new NGD Catalina 2 programmable SSDs. Coming in 2.5-inch / add-in-board form-factors, these solutions integrate Toshiba's 3D NAND memory chips an...
SDHC/XC/UC will be the first cards to support the new Express specifications. (Source: SD Association)

SD cards with 128 TB capacities and 985 MB/s speeds coming in 2019

The improved SD Express cards will feature transfer speeds up to 985 MB/s via the PCIe/NVMe interface and 128 TB storage capacities. These improvements target 4K/8K video processing, VR and augmented reality applications, AI-drive...
An Asus motherboard showing the rated throughput of the M.2 slots. (Source: Asus)

TechSpot benchmarks highlight importance of selecting the correct M.2 slot for best performance

Enthusiasts who want the fastest possible storage speeds already know to buy motherboards that use flagship chipsets (e.g. Intel's Z370 and AMD's X470). However, a series of benchmarks from TechSpot confirm that dual slot X470 boa...
Samsung 8 TB NF1 NVMe SSD for business applications now official (Source: Samsung Newsroom)

Samsung intros the first NF1 NVMe SSD

The industry's first NF1 NVMe SSD that has just been introduced by Samsung is optimized for data-intensive analytics and virtualization applications, targeting next-gen data centers and enterprise servers. This drive provides twic...
The Exos 14 TB HDD is currently sampling and will begin shipping to large-scale data centers later this summer. (Source: Anandtech)

Computex 2018 | Seagate Exos 14 TB HDD coming soon to consumer markets

It's clear that HDDs will soon become obsolete even when it comes to capacity, but the enterprise sector is still relying on these devices because SSDs still cost a fortune in large numbers. Seagate's latest Exos 14 TB HDD is prim...
Dell reported total unaudited assets of over US$123 billion. (Source: brandchannel)

Dell Technologies announces strong first quarter financial results

A press release from Dell Technologies has shown that the Texas-based company has enjoyed strong results for the first financial quarter of fiscal year 2019. Total net revenue stood at US$21.4 billion, which is a considerable incr...
Samsung SSD 970 Evo Review

Samsung SSD 970 Evo Review

In terms of SSDs, Samsung has been a market leader for years and regularly updates its own, at this point, very extensive portfolio. With the new SSD 970 Evo, it targets businesses and private customers who are looking for a high-performance M.2 SSD. Our test confirms the high performance of the new model and also shows the distance to the competitors.
Toshiba now has the regulatory approval needed to complete the sale of their semiconductor business to a consortium of companies. (Source: Toshiba)

US$18 billion sale of Toshiba's Memory Corporation to consortium that includes Seagate and Apple is approved

Consortium of buyers includes Seagate, Apple, Dell, Kingston, and SK Hynix. This is one of Seagate's biggest movements into the NAND flash business, an area where their major competitor, Western Digital, has focused on in recent y...
The new SSDs from Gigabyte incorporate Toshiba 3D TLC NAND flash memory. (Source: Gigabyte)

Gigabyte announces its UD PRO Series SATA SSDs

Taiwanese motherboard specialist Gigabyte has announced an entry into the SSD market. The company has published a press release detailing its new UD PRO Series. The series currently consists of just two SATA III drives: a 256 GB m...
Samsung claims the 970 Pro can offer a sequential read speed of up to 3,500 MB/s and sequential write speed of up to 2,700 MB/s. (Source: Samsung)

New Samsung 970 Pro and Evo SSDs receive price cuts

The latest solid state drives from Samsung have only just been launched, and they have already received price cuts. The tech giant announced the 970 Pro and Evo NVMe SSDs in April, with the devices being made available for purchas...
Intel Optane 905P range offers twice the capacity of the previous series. (Source: Intel)

Intel releases new enthusiast-grade Optane 905P SSDs

Intel has launched the new Optane 905P range of SSDs, which are based on the previous 900P series. The 905P range comes in two variants; a 960 GB PCI-e based add-in card and a 480 GB U.2-based 2.5" drive, and both of them are avai...
Samsung Pro Endurance 128 GB. (Source: Samsung)

The Samsung Pro Endurance 128 GB MicroSD is rated to record a massive 43,800 hours of video footage

The new Samsung Pro Endurance has impressive endurance stats compared to their competitors and read speeds that match non-endurance cards.
The new DDR5 modules will not only be faster, but will also provide increased capacities for servers. (Source: Cadence)

DDR5-4400 RAM modules demoed by Cadence and Micron, DDR5-6400 coming soon

The first DDR5 memory modules are slated for a 2019 commercial release, while JEDEC will finalize the specifications this summer. The DDR5-4400 module demoed by Cadence requires lower voltages and is considerably faster than the c...
Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus in Lilac Purple. (Source: Samsung)

Ultrabook sized storage: Samsung gives the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus 128 GB and 256 GB storage options in the US

The 128 GB and 256 GB versions of the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus are now available for pre-order in the United States. These have previously been available in some select markets and are now exclusively available from Samsung's ...
Samsung, Micron, and Hynix control 96 percent of DRAM market, now accused of price fixing (Image source: ExtremeTech)

Samsung, Micron, and Hynix control 96 percent of DRAM market, now accused of price fixing

Manufacturers may have been artificially inflating DRAM prices by restricting supply and agreeing to not cannibalize the market share of others. The abnormal rise in revenue by as much as 166 percent YoY has caused at least one U....
Report claims 55 percent of all retail laptops will carry SSDs by 2019 (Image source: Samsung)

Report claims 55 percent of all retail laptops will carry SSDs by 2019

To enthusiasts, a primary SSD may seem like a no-brainer for new PCs. Unfortunately, everyday shoppers at most retailers are still drawn in by the higher capacities and lower price points that HDDs offer and not realize the immens...
The 970 Evo and Pro NVMe SSDs are part of Samsung's mid-range storage solutions. (Source: Samsung)

Samsung launches 970 Evo/Pro NVMe M.2 SSDs

Samsung is refreshing its mid-range NVMe SSD lineup with the 970 Evo and Pro models that are using the latest version of the company's 64-layer 3D V-NAND memory chips. The Pro version is slightly faster but comes only in 512 GB an...
The global semiconductor market enjoyed 2016-2017 growth of 21.6%. (Source: VR Zone)

Report places Samsung ahead of Intel in semiconductor market

A press release from research company Gartner has stated that Samsung has overtaken Intel as the world’s largest semiconductor vendor. The figures for 2017 show the South Korean company gaining 14.2% of the global market share whi...
Google Photos movie editor: old and new (Source: Android Police)

Google Photos gets new video editing tools and a white color scheme

Although it still does not feature filters and themes or the ability to add text, the movie editor inside Google Photos has just received a new interface with a white color scheme, as well as new controls and commands that aim to ...
Purchase Guide: The best SSDs (image: Samsung)

Purchase Guide: The best SSDs

One of the biggest trends of the past few years in terms of computers is without a doubt the establishment of a completely new kind of storage device - the faster and all-electronic instead of partly-mechanic Solid-State Drives. T...
'Ultra small' 3D NAND produced by Micron for mobile use. (Source: Micron)

Oversupply means NAND flash prices will drop further, says TrendForce

Market analysts are predicting that the slight oversupply of NAND flash for eMMC/UFS and SSD storage seen in the first few months of 2018 will continue through to the middle of the year. Due to a delay in production expansion, thi...
Kingston launches UV500 3D-NAND SSD in M.2, mSATA, and 2.5-inch form factors (Source: Kingston)

Kingston launches UV500 3D NAND SSD in M.2, mSATA, and 2.5-inch form factors

The entry-level consumer TLC series includes 256-bit encryption and Opal 2.0 at affordable starting prices of $60 USD for the 120 GB model. Kingston SSDs are notable for their five-year standard warranty as opposed to two to three...
Each ThunderBlade model comes with 4 interconnected Silicon Motion NVMe drives. (Source: OWC)

OWC releases ThunderBlade external SSDs with SoftRAID and 3800 MB/s read speeds

The external NVMe SSDs from OWC are aimed at high-end users who create UHD content. Capacities range from 1 to 8 TB but prices are considerably higher than the mass produced NVMe solutions. Two ThunderBlade models can be connected...
Western Digital launches WD Purple MicroSD card for enterprise use (Source: Western Digital)

Western Digital launches WD Purple MicroSD card for enterprise use

The WD Purple series is designed to withstand more rewrites and at wider temperature ranges than a consumer-grade variant. Applications where constant data access is vital, such as on surveillance systems or servers, can benefit f...
The sleek black-red heatsink lowers the operating temperature of the Gammix S11 by 10 degrees Celsius. (Source: ADATA)

ADATA unveils the XPG Gammix S11 NVMe SSD

Specifically designed for gamers, PC enthusiasts, overclockers, and video rendering professionals, the new XPG Gammix S11 from ADATA offers read speeds of up to 3200 MB/s, while the write speeds can reach 1700 MB/s. The included s...
Kingston advertises a life expectancy of one million hours mean time between failures (MTBF). (Source: Kingston)

Kingston launches new entry-level PCIe NVMe SSD

Kingston Technology has released a new SSD to its extensive product line-up. The A1000 is a PCIe NVMe solid state drive that is available with three different storage capacities: 240 GB, 480 GB, and 960 GB. The A1000 is an entry-l...
It is possible to take the World Backup Day pledge on either Facebook or Twitter. (Source: PCMag)

March 31 - Happy World Backup Day

In case you weren’t aware, March 31 is World Backup Day. Today is the day when computer users should no longer procrastinate with that crucial task and take a few moments to backup their data. It might seem like an April Fools’ Da...
The Huawei P20 Pro is expected to feature a massive 40 MP main sensor. (Source: TechRadar)

Is Huawei developing a 512 GB phone?

It appears Huawei might be working on a smartphone that offers a whopping 512 GB of storage space. A recent online listing for a Huawei device offers specification details such as 6 GB RAM and 512 GB ROM. If the Chinese technology...
QNAP TS-x73 NAS with AMD RX-421ND processor (Source: QNAP Systems)

QNAP launches the AMD-powered TS-x73 NAS lineup

The AMD RX-412ND-powered QNAP TS-x73 lineup targets small businesses and power users, featuring 4, 6, and 8 drive bays. In addition to the aforementioned processor and 4 GB or 8 GB of memory, its list of features also includes 2 P...
Nimbus Data ExaDrive DC100 enterprise SSD world's largest SSD at 100 TB (Source: Nimbus Data)

100 TB: Nimbus Data launches the world's largest SSD drive

Just one month and a few days after the introduction of Samsung's 30 TB SSD, Nimbus Data pushes the size of the world's largest such drive to the impressive value of 100 TB. Compared to the previous owner of the crown, the new kin...
Intel’s new Optane 800P series of M.2 SSDs have arrived. (Source: Intel)

Intel launches Optane 800P M.2 SSD range

Intel has launched the latest edition to its expanding range of Optane SSDs for both notebooks and desktops. The new SSDs require just 2 PCIe 3.0 lanes, offering users more flexibility with their system configurations.
The M.2-to-SD adapter is custom-made and only serves to demo the proof of concept. (Source: Anandtech)

MWC 2018 | Western Digital shows fast SD cards with PCIe X1 interface

The proof of concept demoed at MWC 2018 delivers sequential reads of up to 880 MB/s and sequential writes of 430 MB/s, which are significantly better than what the current UHS-III standard ofers. However, WD says that PCIe SD card...

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