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G-SYNC is coming to big-screen LG OLED. (Source: LG)

LG announces NVIDIA G-SYNC support for select 2019 OLED TVs

LG has revealed that certain 2019 OLED TVs will gain G-SYNC compatibility via a firmware update. This will apply to 55- to 75-inch C9 and 55 or 65 inch E9 variants. The OEM asserts that this development will enhance immersion in g...
Deirdre O Donnell, Fri, 13 Sep 2019 20:28:00 +0200
A drawing of the Razer "gaming controller for mobile device" patent. (Image source: WIPO)

Razer design patent appears online: A Razer Phone accessory or an Edge Pro successor?

Razer has patented the perfect Nintendo Switch, or is it a Razer Phone accessory? What about a resurrected Wii U GamePad or a Razer Edge Pro? Your guess is as good as ours.
Alex Alderson, Fri, 13 Sep 2019 19:45:00 +0200
The next-generation Xbox, codenamed Scarlett, is set to arrive late next year. (Image source: Microsoft)

AMD and Microsoft are bringing hardware ray-tracing to the masses with the Xbox Scarlett

News about the Xbox Scarlett has been quiet lately. However, a recent Gamespot interview with Studio Technical Art Director at The Coalition, the studio behind the Gears of War series, has sparked debate about what GPU on which th...
Alex Alderson, Thu, 12 Sep 2019 17:34:00 +0200
Square, Triangle, Circle, and Cross, apparently. (Image source: Sony)

Square, Triangle, Circle, and? Sony settles PlayStation debate

Think you know the names of all the buttons on a PlayStation controller? Think again, according to Sony. Are you an X or Cross person?
Alex Alderson, Wed, 11 Sep 2019 15:32:00 +0200
War Thunder 1.91 "Night Vision" is finally available

War Thunder 1.91 "Night Vision" goes live with more modern jets, Chinese hardware, a new tone mapping system, and more

The latest major update to War Thunder comes with Chinese ground and air tech trees for a total of no less than 38 new pieces of military hardware, as well as 8 helicopters, 12 aircraft, 11 ships, and 7 ground vehicles for other n...
Codrut Nistor, Wed, 11 Sep 2019 13:46:00 +0200
The PIS2 handheld game console offers smooth full motion video playback. (Image source: Reddit/Darkwing)

Modder creates PIS2 functioning handheld game console by combining PlayStation 2 parts with Raspberry Pi 2 power

A dedicated modder has managed to create a working portable game console by utilizing the motherboard from a slimline PlayStation 2 in conjunction with the capabilities of a Raspberry Pi 2 single-board computer. Although it has ta...
Daniel R Deakin, Sun, 08 Sep 2019 23:33:00 +0200
A single GeForce RTX 2080 Ti was used in the production of Back Stage. (Image source: YouTube/Nvidia GeForce)

Back Stage demo highlights graphics tech that could find its way into the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Project Scarlett

A demonstration video created by Luminous Productions has shown the incredible level of graphics quality that could be wielded by next-gen consoles like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Project Scarlett. Although the Back Stage clip was...
Daniel R Deakin, Sat, 07 Sep 2019 22:22:00 +0200
VESA's DisplayHDR standards can improve a screen's performance. (Source: Pinterest)

VESA's updated HDR standards may improve the display panels of the future

The Video Electronics Standards Association (or VESA) is the body that can confer official certifications for state-of-the art quality standards such as DisplayHDR on new screens. Its latest update to the criteria by which they ar...
Deirdre O Donnell, Thu, 05 Sep 2019 18:43:00 +0200
Star Fox is coming to the Nintendo Switch Sept. 5th. (Image via gameplay)

SNES OTG: Nintendo Switch Online will get 20 Super Nintendo games Septermber 5th

Nintendo announced today that 20 SNES games would be making their way to the Nintendo Switch Online service tomorrow, September 5th. The bundle, available only to NSO subscribers, includes classics like Super Mario World, Star Fox...
Sam Medley, Thu, 05 Sep 2019 05:10:00 +0200
A new Nitro XV3 monitor. (Source: Acer)

IFA 2019 | Acer's Nitro XV3 series of monitors brings NVIDIA G-SYNC-compatibility and various eye-saving features

Acer's new series of XV3 gaming monitors offer modern refresh rates of up to 240Hz and response times of as low as 1 millisecond. They are also G-SYNC ready with the variable refresh rate (VRR) necessary to handle either the RTX o...
Deirdre O Donnell, Wed, 04 Sep 2019 20:06:00 +0200
The reversible Type-C connector will be used for the new USB4 standard. (Source: Notebookcheck)

USB4 spec finalized, brings Thunderbolt 3 compatibility and speeds up to 40 Gbps

The USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) has finalized the specification for USB4. A few things are different this time around including the way the it named, as well as its support for another standard in the form of Thunderbolt 3.
Sanjiv Sathiah, Wed, 04 Sep 2019 13:35:00 +0200
An example of integer scaling compared to its bilinear counterpart. (Source: TechPowerUp)

NVIDIA addresses an issue for older games on newer displays with a driver update

Some consumers may have found that having a 4K display does not always result in pin-sharp content. This is because 1080p image data is not always scaled effectively to match the more up-to-date resolution. NVIDIA has addressed th...
Deirdre O Donnell, Wed, 28 Aug 2019 14:53:00 +0200
Morphies Law – Size matters in this weird and wacky indie game

Short Gaming Review | Morphies Law – Size matters in this weird and wacky indie game

Morphies Law not only brings unusual gameplay but also a weird, yet fresh and refreshing comic-style design. Read on to find our thoughts about this first-person shooter multiplayer in this short review.
Daniel Puschina, Wed, 28 Aug 2019 00:03:00 +0200
The PS5 will utilize a custom SSD. (Image source: LetsGoDigital)

Fingers crossed that it's a devkit: Concept renders for latest PlayStation 5 design patent reveal unseemly console

The recent discovery of patent drawings for a potential PlayStation 5 console, or at least a devkit of the next-gen device, created considerable excitement in the gaming community as many fans are eager to see what Sony will come ...
Daniel R Deakin, Sat, 24 Aug 2019 16:45:00 +0200
Anyone have any ideas? (Image source: Shirrako Gaming)

Updated | PlayStation 5 design patent slips out: An initial look at the PlayStation 4 successor and Xbox Scarlett competitor?

Patented in Brazil earlier this month by Sony and designed by its Technical Director Yusuhiro Ootori, the designs have all the hallmarks of a games console. What do you think? The PlayStation 5, a Dev Kit or a design that will nev...
Alex Alderson, Fri, 23 Aug 2019 14:45:16 +0200
Insomniac Games joining PlayStation’s Worldwide Studios (Source: PlayStation on Twitter)

Sony acquires Insomniac Games

After spending no less than 25 years in the gaming industry, Insomniac Games — the developer behind titles such as Ratchet & Clank and the critically acclaimed Marvel's Spider-Man — is joining PlayStation’s Worldwide Studios. Just...
Codrut Nistor, Tue, 20 Aug 2019 16:32:00 +0200
The Sony PlayStation 5 is expected to have some serious horsepower. (Source: T3)

Rumor | The PlayStation 5's GPU could be clocked at a whopping 2 GHz and feature 40 CUs, console rumored to have a February 2020 unveiling

Latest PlayStation 5 news is that the console's GPU could have a 2 GHz clock speed and feature 40 CUs. This puts the GPU almost on par with the NVIDIA RTX 2080 in terms of raw performance. Also, Sony is reportedly preparing for a ...
Vaidyanathan Subramaniam, Sun, 18 Aug 2019 22:20:00 +0200
King's Bounty II pre-orders now live, launch set for 2020 (Source: 1C Online Games Portal)

King’s Bounty II confirmed to arrive next year with open-world exploration and RPG mechanics

Popular turn-based fantasy video game King's Bounty is ready for a come back that blends open-world exploration and RPG mechanics with the successful tactical turn-based approach used by the previous titles of this franchise. Pre-...
Codrut Nistor, Thu, 15 Aug 2019 15:32:00 +0200
NFS Heat unveiled, coming in November (Source: Business Wire)

Need for Speed Heat to feature an open-world design and a dark story, launch set for November

Need for Speed Heat is set in Palm City, a brand-new open-world location that accommodates — unsurprisingly — races that take place both in broad daylight and at night. This title will hit Windows PCs, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One ...
Codrut Nistor, Wed, 14 Aug 2019 18:00:00 +0200
Even though the tensions between the two superpowers are at an all-time high, Trump greenlights a tariff delay for China. (Source: Nikkei)

Trump delays new wave of tariffs for China until December

President Trump is throwing the U.S. tech companies a lifeline with the latest tariff delays. Apple, Qualcomm and Intel showed their concern when their Q2 revenues were affected by the first wave of tariffs, but it looks like the ...
Bogdan Solca, Wed, 14 Aug 2019 16:30:00 +0200
Fanmade renders for the upcoming XBox Scarlett that is launching December 2020. (Source:

Next gen XBox to focus on high framerates and fast load times

While the next gen XBox Scarlett will clearly provide improved visual fidelity thanks to the more powerful Ryzen 3000 CPUs and Navi GPUs from AMD, Microsoft is also aiming to provide a smoother gaming experience via high framerate...
Bogdan Solca, Tue, 13 Aug 2019 16:28:00 +0200
World of Tanks 1.6 British tech tree changes (Source: Own)

World of Tanks 1.6: New British lights, improved customization, reworked Personal Missions, no friendly fire

World of Tanks 1.6 comes with four new British light tanks, reworked Personal Missions (about 40 of those leading to the Object 279), an improved interface for interacting with decals — alongside new decals and fonts, as well as t...
Codrut Nistor, Thu, 08 Aug 2019 12:55:00 +0200
This recent study may show where the game market will get to by the end of 2019. (Source: NewZoo)

An estimated US$150 billion will be spent on games in 2019

US$152.1 billion will be spent on gaming software this year, according to the latest research. This work also indicates that the console sector of the relevant market will grow by the most in 2019. However, the sector for mobile a...
Deirdre O Donnell, Wed, 07 Aug 2019 23:26:00 +0200
The Switch's successor may get a better screen. (Source: Pocket-lint)

New Nintendo Switch screens may get a Sharp upgrade

Nintendo has reportedly picked up IGZO technology for its upcoming 2019 Switch models. This type of backing for IPS-LCD screens has resulted in positive reviews for other OEMs in the past, as it can conserve power while offering a...
Deirdre O Donnell, Wed, 07 Aug 2019 14:43:00 +0200
The NVIDIA SHIELD TV may be joined by new variants soon. (Source: Amazon)

A completely new NVIDIA SHIELD TV product may be in the works after all

2019 has already seen evidence that the SHIELD TV may be getting a new refresh - with the new Tegra X1 processor - soon. Now, a new FCC filing points to a wholly new device with this branding. This putative device has its own code...
Deirdre O Donnell, Tue, 06 Aug 2019 19:26:00 +0200
Ray-tracing technology will feature on the PlayStation 5. (Image source: HobbyConsolas)

PlayStation 5 survey shows gamers are willing to pay up to 600 Euros for the next-gen console

A survey carried out by the German tech site has revealed just how much people are willing to shell out on the upcoming PlayStation 5 console. Clearly, respondents have taken into account the high-end hardware that the PS5...
Daniel R Deakin, Tue, 06 Aug 2019 18:27:00 +0200
Buying a secondary, or replacement, Switch Dock can prove tricky. (Image source: Nintendo)

You can now buy an official Nintendo Switch Dock for just US$39.99

Nintendo is now offering the Switch Dock as a separate purchase for the first time. The Dock is an Authentic Nintendo product, albeit refurbished, so there is no chance of it bricking your Switch as is the risk with many third-par...
Alex Alderson, Mon, 05 Aug 2019 14:45:00 +0200
A majority of consumers surveyed appear to distrust connected devices. (Source: ERP Insight)

Up to 63% of consumers now find connected devices "creepy"

A study conducted by Consumers International, in conjunction with the Internet Society has reportedly found that most individuals surveyed find connected devices (mostly IoT or "smart home" products) "creepy". In addition, 53% of ...
Deirdre O Donnell, Wed, 31 Jul 2019 16:48:00 +0200
The Sony PlayStation 4 is the fastest console to achieve 100 million sales. (Source: Sony)

Sony's PlayStation 4 is the fastest selling console to 100 million global sales

Sony has revealed that it has now sold over 100 million units worldwide. The company touted the figure during its latest earnings call making it the fastest console to achieve this milestone.
Sanjiv Sathiah, Tue, 30 Jul 2019 13:24:00 +0200
Hitman 2 main character, Hitman 3 in the works

Hitman 3 is in development already, Hitman 2 gets a new map

As revealed in a YouTube documentary by IO Interactive employees, a third Hitman game is already in the works. Hitman 2 gets a new DLC today, namely Siberia (The Prison), and Hitman 3 could bring back the episodic structure that w...
Codrut Nistor, Tue, 30 Jul 2019 12:00:00 +0200
The PS5 could be launched in November 2020. (Image source: Gaming Intel)

Third-party retailer's PlayStation 5 price placeholder gives gamers the jitters

A Swedish online retailer’s listing for the Sony PlayStation 5 has been making news recently because of the value stated in the placeholder for the console’s price. MediaMarkt has given a figure of 9,999 Swedish krona for the PS5,...
Daniel R Deakin, Mon, 29 Jul 2019 20:42:00 +0200
The PlayStation 5's 'Gonzalo' can potentially offer great performance at low power consumption. (Source: GRM Daily)

PlayStation 5 'Gonzalo' PC hardware simulation throws up interesting performance and power consumption results, but it's not really an apples-to-apples comparison

A PC hardware simulation of the upcoming Sony PlayStation 5's purported hardware specs offers some insights into the likely performance and power draws that can be expected from the console. The OP undervolted an AMD Ryzen 7 3700X...
Vaidyanathan Subramaniam, Wed, 24 Jul 2019 15:38:00 +0200
A 32 GB version of the Smach Z was utilized in the unboxing video. (Image source: YouTube/The Phawx)

Smach Z prototype gets tested: Challenges GPD Win 2 3DMark scores and may offer 32 GB RAM and Ryzen Embedded V1807B SoC

A prototype of a Smach Z handheld game console has been unboxed and tested in a YouTube video posted by The Phawx. The device was put through its paces in three 3DMark benchmarks and managed to outscore the GPD Win 2 in all three ...
Daniel R Deakin, Mon, 22 Jul 2019 21:06:00 +0200
The Polymega base unit. (Source: Playmaji)

The Polymega is a new modular console that can offer various different classic gaming systems in one

Playmaji, Inc. and extreme Co., Ltd. have announced the release of their new product: the Polymega. This new kind of console supports various classic CD-gaming platforms, including Neo Geo, PS1 and Sega Saturn. However, it also al...
Deirdre O Donnell, Thu, 18 Jul 2019 20:19:00 +0200
A Southwest Airlines flight to San Diego just gave everyone onboard free Nintendo Switch consoles (Source:

A Southwest Airlines flight to San Diego just gave everyone onboard free Nintendo Switch consoles

Meanwhile, the rest of us peasants are twiddling our thumbs with pretzels and outdated magazines.
Allen Ngo, Thu, 18 Jul 2019 04:32:00 +0200
A new Dragon Quest Builders game has been released to the PS4. (Source: Square Enix)

Dragon Quest Builders 2 launches on PlayStation 4

Square Enix has released Dragon Quest Builders 2 for the PlayStation 4. This title builds on its predecessor with a unique setting within the relevant universe, and all the new crafting and battle opportunities that come with it. ...
Deirdre O Donnell, Sat, 13 Jul 2019 21:23:00 +0200
Psychonauts 2 delayed, to launch next year (Source: Wccftech)

Psychonauts 2 has been pushed to 2020

Originally scheduled to arrive in 2018, Psychonauts 2 was expected to arrive later this year. This title for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 looks like its predecessor with improved graphics and a few new ideas. Sadly, its launch ...
Codrut Nistor, Thu, 11 Jul 2019 23:59:00 +0200
Microsoft patent for "charging device for removable input modules" (Source: USPTO)

Microsoft patent for detachable controllers for mobile devices surfaces online

The patent application filed by Microsoft back in 2017 has surfaced online now and the document made available by the USPTO clearly shows diagrams of detachable controllers that have been designed to work with smartphones and tabl...
Codrut Nistor, Wed, 10 Jul 2019 23:40:00 +0200
The battery life on the Switch Lite is improved thanks to the updated Tegra SoC and a smaller 5.5-inch screen. (Source: Nintendo)

Nintendo announces Switch Lite handheld console with updated Nvidia Tegra SoC

In order to make the new Switch Lite more portable, Nintendo reduced the screen size to 5.5-inch. Still, the new version comes with an updated Tegra SoC which improves battery life, and it also includes a directional gamepad. The ...
Bogdan Solca, Wed, 10 Jul 2019 16:39:00 +0200
Stadia Founder's Edition may be getting a rival from Microsoft. (Source: Engadget)

Microsoft is now thought to have a Stadia Founder's Edition-killer in the works

A tech blogger has posted a new video citing rumors that Microsoft is working on hardware for its xCloud platform. This console would apparently work with existing Xbox controllers, but also act as a competitor for Google's own st...
Deirdre O Donnell, Mon, 08 Jul 2019 23:33:00 +0200
Diablo on Nintendo Switch (Source: Wccftech)

The original Diablo hits Nintendo Switch, but as an unofficial port

DevilutionX — an unofficial Diablo version that has been developed using code obtained by reverse-engineering the original game — is now available for Nintendo Switch. However, not all Nintendo Switch units can run it since the co...
Codrut Nistor, Mon, 01 Jul 2019 21:03:00 +0200
The Sony PlayStation 5 looks to be a monster of a console. (Source: ScoopWhoop)

First PlayStation 5 benchmark leak shows it's 4x more powerful than the PS4, and on par or better than the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070

Famed leakster TUM_APISAK has revealed what could be the first benchmark leak of the PlayStation 5's AMD 'Gonzalo' APU. The scores appear to indicate a 3DMark Fire Strike run and we see that the PS5 scores 4x higher than the PS4 a...
Vaidyanathan Subramaniam, Thu, 27 Jun 2019 18:06:00 +0200
Both next-gen consoles are expected to be released in 2020. (Image source: Daily Express)

The next-gen console hype circus continues: Rumor claims the PS5 offers 10-15% more performance than the Xbox Scarlett

A message posted on the Twitter account for PlayStation Latest has made quite a confident claim in regard to the performance power of the PlayStation 5. According to the post, the next-gen console from Sony will outrun its future ...
Daniel R Deakin, Tue, 25 Jun 2019 22:28:00 +0200
The aging Tegra X1: why Nvidia won't let go of its four-year old processor (Image source: Honson)

The aging Tegra X1: why Nvidia won't let go of its four-year old processor

Nvidia has narrowed the scope of its Tegra X1 SoC to so few products that the processor has almost no competition to speak of anymore. Nvidia can afford to hold out on a proper successor for longer since the Shield TV console and ...
Allen Ngo, Fri, 21 Jun 2019 09:45:00 +0200
PlayStation 5: Rumoured list of launch titles includes Gran Turismo 7, Black Ops 5 and a PUBG remaster, but no GTA VI. (Image source: @ShirrakoGaming)

PlayStation 5: Rumoured list of launch titles includes Gran Turismo 7, Black Ops 5 and a PUBG remaster, but no GTA VI.

A new rumour about the launch titles for the PlayStation 5 has been circulating online. The list looks similar to one posted on Pastebin a few months ago but with one triple-A addition and one notable absentee. Still, Gran Turismo...
Alex Alderson, Thu, 20 Jun 2019 20:12:00 +0200
Trump hoped to sway the outcome of the ongoing trade wars with the Huawei bans, but China is still not backing down. (Source:

Report warns laptop prices could increase 19% due to Trump's tariffs

Trump initially postponed the second wave of tariffs in hopes for an eventual agreement with the Chinese government, then snapped back with 15% increased tariffs and the Huawei ban shortly after, yet China does not seem to be move...
Bogdan Solca, Wed, 19 Jun 2019 14:12:00 +0200
The alleged Android port on a Nintendo Switch. (Source: Twitter)

Android port for Nintendo Switch reportedly nearly ready to go

Several developers have been working to port Android to the Nintendo Switch since at least February 2019. Now, it appears that this work has paid off and the conversion is nearly fully-functional. The latest build for this console...
Deirdre O Donnell, Mon, 17 Jun 2019 14:53:00 +0200
There may be a new NVIDIA SHIELD TV out soon, but is it really next-gen? (Source: Amazon)

NVIDIA SHIELD TV may be back with a (slightly) new version

The NVIDIA SHIELD TV box may be among the best-known of all Android TV boxes. Now, there is evidence that it is finally seeing a refresh. However, it seems that the only difference between it and the existing model is a slightly u...
Deirdre O Donnell, Sun, 16 Jun 2019 21:04:00 +0200
No news is good news. Despite no announcement at E3, Nintendo has apparently started production of the new Switch models

No news is good news. Despite no announcement at E3, Nintendo has apparently started production of the new Switch models

The escalating trade war between China and the United States has claimed a further victim as Nintendo allegedly begins production of new products in Southeast Asia. The Trump administration has hinted at extending new tariffs to C...
Hugh Baillie-Lane, Sun, 16 Jun 2019 10:25:32 +0200
It's likely the next-generation Xbox and the PS5 will dominate future console sales. (Image source: NewsBeezer)

Xbox Project Scarlett vs. PlayStation 5: Specs comparison table and latest launch price speculation for both consoles

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Project Scarlett seem destined to be fierce competitors by the end of next year, and it appears to be rather tricky to divine which next-generation console is most likely to have the edge. We have compil...
Daniel R Deakin, Sat, 15 Jun 2019 23:10:00 +0200

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