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Trump hoped to sway the outcome of the ongoing trade wars with the Huawei bans, but China is still not backing down. (Source:

Report warns laptop prices could increase 19% due to Trump's tariffs

Trump initially postponed the second wave of tariffs in hopes for an eventual agreement with the Chinese government, then snapped back with 15% increased tariffs and the Huawei ban shortly after, yet China does not seem to be move...
The alleged Android port on a Nintendo Switch. (Source: Twitter)

Android port for Nintendo Switch reportedly nearly ready to go

Several developers have been working to port Android to the Nintendo Switch since at least February 2019. Now, it appears that this work has paid off and the conversion is nearly fully-functional. The latest build for this console...
There may be a new NVIDIA SHIELD TV out soon, but is it really next-gen? (Source: Amazon)

NVIDIA SHIELD TV may be back with a (slightly) new version

The NVIDIA SHIELD TV box may be among the best-known of all Android TV boxes. Now, there is evidence that it is finally seeing a refresh. However, it seems that the only difference between it and the existing model is a slightly u...
No news is good news. Despite no announcement at E3, Nintendo has apparently started production of the new Switch models

No news is good news. Despite no announcement at E3, Nintendo has apparently started production of the new Switch models

The escalating trade war between China and the United States has claimed a further victim as Nintendo allegedly begins production of new products in Southeast Asia. The Trump administration has hinted at extending new tariffs to C...
It's likely the next-generation Xbox and the PS5 will dominate future console sales. (Image source: NewsBeezer)

Xbox Project Scarlett vs. PlayStation 5: Specs comparison table and latest launch price speculation for both consoles

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Project Scarlett seem destined to be fierce competitors by the end of next year, and it appears to be rather tricky to divine which next-generation console is most likely to have the edge. We have compil...
The GPD P2 Max offers 10-point touch control. (Image source: Indiegogo/GPD)

GPD P2 Max to offer 1 TB SSD variant of its soon-to-be crowdfunded "world's smallest Ultrabook" that will take on the XPS 13 and Surface Pro 6

It appears GPD has gone into marketing overdrive in preparation for its crowdfunding campaign for the GPD P2 Max pocket-sized laptop. The Chinese manufacturer is now calling the P2 Max the “world’s smallest Ultrabook” and is compa...
Next-generation RDNA is allegedly only coming to 7 nm+ chips. (Image source @blueisviolet & AMD Investor Relations Deck May 2019)

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett will be based on differing generations of AMD GPUs

Sony and Microsoft are both working with AMD to provide 7 nm graphics for their next-gen consoles, but the results of which may not be equal. According to multiple reports and perhaps even AMD itself, the next PlayStation and Xbox...
The Huntkey X2471C monitor. (Source: Huntkey)

Huntkey breaks into the gaming market with its X-series curved monitors

Huntkey is known as a maker of power bricks and other similar accessories. However, it also makes other devices, monitors included. Its latest model is the X2471C, which is a 1080p, 144-hertz (Hz) 23.6-inch 1800R-curved panel. Thi...
The Smach Z will finally see the light of day, but perhaps a few years too late. (Image source: Tom's Hardware)

E3 2019 | GPD Win Max and One-Netbook OneGx competitor Smach Z debuted, but it already looks DOA

Smach has been showing off its much anticipated and delayed handheld games console at E3 2019, with promises that it will ship at the end of the year. 17 FPS in titles like Monster Hunter World for a starting price of US$699 thoug...
Xbox Project Scarlett will continue to sport an optical drive. (Source: Xbox)

Collectors rejoice: Xbox Project Scarlett will have an optical disc drive

Xbox Chief Phil Spencer clarified that the next generation Xbox Project Scarlett will continue to feature an optical disc drive so as to cater to collectors and those who prefer buying physical media. Spencer also said that Micros...
Image via Nintendo

E3 2019 | Nintendo at E3: Breath of the Wild sequel, The Witcher 3, and more

Nintendo announced a ton of games coming to the Switch this year and early 2020. Breath of the Wild will be getting a sequel soon, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Complete Edition will finally land on the Switch in the fall, and a few ne...
Image from Amazon

Deal | Sony's PlayStation Classic on sale now for $30

Amazon and Walmart are currently offering the Sony PlayStation Classic micro-console for US $30, its lowest price ever. The console is pre-loaded with 20 original PlayStation titles but can be easily modded to load several other r...
Image via Atari

Atari VCS console finally available for public pre-order at $249

Atari's VCS game console is now available for pre-order from Atari, Walmart, and GameStop. The console starts at US $249 and comes in a two models with three different designs (depending on retailer). Walmart and GameStop are expe...
Xbox Game Pass Ultimate gets you more than 100 console and PC games for just US$15. (Source: Microsoft)

E3 2019 | Xbox Game Pass Ultimate offers over 100 console and PC games including Xbox Live Gold for just US$15 a month

Microsoft announced a new Xbox Game Pass for PC at its E3 2019 keynote that offers curated games for PC gamers for just US$10 a month. The company also announced a new Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription that brings together Game...
Project xCloud is coming this October to any modern device with a screen. (Source: Microsoft)

E3 2019 | Microsoft xCloud Xbox game streaming service coming October

Microsoft has announced that its xCloud-based game streaming service will be arriving in October. The platform will allow Xbox One gamers to play the games they own anywhere, whether on PC, TV, tablet or smartphone in or out of th...
The new Elite Series 2 controller features 30 enhancements. (Source: Microsoft)

E3 2019 | Microsoft unveils new Xbox Elite Series 2 controller with 30 new features and upgrades

Microsoft has launched its all-new Xbox Elite gaming controller at E3. The new Series 2 model offers 30 new features and improvements including introducing adjustable thumbstick tensioning for precision movement and control.
Unfortunately, there was no glimpse of the actual physical Project Scarlett Xbox console. (Image source: Mixer/screenshot)

E3 2019 | Project Scarlett with its new generation SSD and Halo Infinite take center stage at the Xbox E3 briefing

A few details about Project Scarlett were revealed at the Xbox E3 2019 briefing, but it seems in the end it was the next episode in a very famous game franchise that did most of the talking for the next-generation console. A tease...
Microsoft is having an explosive E3 2019 Xbox briefing. (Image source: Mixer/screenshot)

Supposed Xbox Scarlett devkit specifications leaked; outguns rumored PlayStation 5 power

Microsoft has been busy wowing the audience with its E3 2019 Xbox briefing. A lot of people will be very interested in what the company has got planned and will share in regard to the Xbox Scarlett console family. However, it seem...
CNet whines about angry YouTube commenters, proceeds to disable its own comments system about said whining

CNet whines about angry YouTube commenters, proceeds to disable its own comments system about said whining

The CBS-owned tech outlet has a beef with how YouTube gamers and influencers are "riling up the crowd" with their rants and negativity toward game publishers.
The Xbox Scarlett could be revealed at E3 today. (Source: Wccftech)

E3 2019 | Easter eggs more or less confirm reveal of Xbox Scarlett consoles at E3

Microsoft has embedded Easter eggs in its Xbox E3 countdown videos that combine to form the RGB code for Scarlett, the codename for the next generation of Xbox consoles. Microsoft is expected to talk about Scarlett and also reveal...
Image via Sega

Sega releases full list of games coming to Genesis Mini microconsole

Sega released the full list of games that will be on the Sega Genesis Mini console, which is set to release in September. The list includes 42 classic 16-bit Sega games, exactly twice as many games as the SNES Classic Edition. The...
PlayStation CEO reveals PS5 support for 4K @120 Hz, SSD storage and cross-generation play

PlayStation CEO reveals PS5 support for 4K @120 Hz, SSD storage and cross-generation play

Since Sony is not going to present anything at E3 2019, PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan went ahead and revealed a few more PlayStation 5 features to hype up the fans until the official announcement scheduled later this summer. The rumore...
Games will almost certainly make a huge market in the near future. (Source: Medical Xpress)

The games industry could be worth up to US$179 billion in 5 years

The video-game industry could accrue as much as US$179.1 billion by 2024. This is in line with a new market-research report on the subject. This valuation may be driven by conventional platforms such as mobile devices, PCs and con...
Toshihiro Nagoshi is also chief creative officer for Sega. (Image source: Siliconera)

"The processing power of PlayStation 5 is incredible": Yakuza creator praises next-gen console's artificial intelligence

The creator and executive director of the famed Yakuza series of games has been singing the praises of the PlayStation 5 and its performance capabilities. While discussing the latest entry to the action-adventure franchise, Toshih...
War Thunder 1.89 "Imperial Navy" is finally available

War Thunder 1.89 "Imperial Navy" goes live with Japanese ships, two new locations, and more

War Thunder 1.89 "Imperial Navy" comes with a full naval tech tree for Japan, a first — premium, as usual — helicopter for the same nation, a few new ground vehicles — the long-awaited French Leclerc tank is one of them — and plan...
Plenty of concept designs for the PS5 have been appearing online. (Image source: TheNerdMag)

Sony may have created a customized SSD for the PlayStation 5

Some revealing patents have been unearthed that give the impression Sony has overhauled the SSD units that will eventually be integrated into the upcoming PlayStation 5 console. It seems “basic” SSDs had too many limitations that ...
The premium model of the GPD P2 MAX has a Core m3-8100Y CPU. (Image source: Twitter/GPD)

Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition gameplay looks flawless on GPD P2 MAX in promo video

GPD has posted a video of one of its upcoming P2 MAX devices being put through its paces. An intense fight sequence from Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition is shown and the console/mini laptop hybrid seems to take the high demands o...
Samsung lost the first position, but could reclaim it later this year when DRAM and NAND memory chip production is expected to ramp up again.  (Source: SIA)

Intel is once again the leading semiconductor maker

Intel used to be the biggest semiconductor maker up until 2017, when Samsung began ramping up the DRAM and NAND memory chip production. Now that memory chip demand is bottoming out and Intel is almost out of the woods with the CPU...
The PS5 is clearly much quicker than the PS4 Pro. (Image source: Twitter/Takashi Mochizuki)

PlayStation 5 whups the PlayStation 4 Pro in Spider-Man loading times video

Sony has finally shown the PlayStation 5 in action, although unfortunately you don’t get a glimpse of the console itself. A short video clip shared by Wall Street Journal writer Takashi Mochizuki shows the loading times for Marvel...
F1 2019 official game trailer (Source: F1® Games From Codemasters on YouTube)

Codemasters unleashes the first F1 2019 official game trailer

The trailer of F1 2019 — the official videogame of the 2019 FIA Formula One World Championship — is now live. The trailer shows a "stunning visual uplift" and features the official F1 theme music written by Brian Tyler. The list o...
Minecraft Earth now official free to play augmented reality mobile title (Source: Minecraft)

Minecraft Earth is a brand-new, free-to-play, 10th anniversary title to join the Minecraft family

The recently unveiled Minecraft Earth is a free-to-play, augmented reality Minecraft title to be added to the Minecraft universe. However, those interested can only sign up for a chance to play the limited beta — which is schedule...
Google Stadia is said to use a custom AMD GPU based on GCN 1.5. (Source: The Verge)

Google Stadia uses a custom AMD Vega 56 GCN 1.5 GPU

Khronos Group, the consortium behind the development of the Vulkan API, has listed the Google Games Platform Gen 1 aka Stadia as being powered by a custom AMD datacenter GPU based on the GCN 1.5 architecture in its Vulkan Conforma...
Anthem has had a rough ride in the gaming community. (Image source: NDTV Gadgets)

Apparently Anthem's problems are because of the players

It’s been reported that some of the executives at BioWare, the EA-owned game developer, have been blaming Anthem’s issues on the gamers that play it. Great things were expected from the title, but within days of its release in Feb...
AMD set to detail Zen 2 and Navi architectures in August after the Computex and E3 2019 tease (Source: Hot Chips)

AMD set to detail Zen 2 and Navi architectures in August after the Computex and E3 2019 tease

As if the Playstation 5 and XBox rumors haven't been rampant enough, we can expect even more speculation pieces once AMD gives the deep technical dive into both Zen 2 and Navi during the private Hot Chips 2019 conference.
The Hyper Keyboard Pi turns the RPi board into a handheld PC. (Image source:

Raspberry Pi board morphs into a gaming device with the Hyper Keyboard Pi

An interesting new custom kit has been discovered that can turn a simple-looking Raspberry Pi board into a handheld gaming console with keyboard and game controls. The Hyper Keyboard Pi is currently being sold for ¥6,980 (~US$64),...
The HTC Vive VR set. (Source: B&H)

The VR gaming market will be worth just over US$40 billion in 5 years

According to a new report, the virtual reality (VR) gaming market will grow from its most recent US$10.3 billion valuation to one of $40.2 billion in 2024. This is likely to be driven by advancements in VR equipment design and fun...
Kenichiro Yoshida and and Satya Nadella, the CEOs of Sony and Microsoft respectively. (Source: Microsoft)

Sony and Microsoft announce collaboration on the future of Azure AI and imaging sensors

Today (May 16, 2019), the corporations Microsoft and Sony unveiled plans to collaborate on the development of new technology. This partnership will see the 2 electronics giants team up on new image sensors and cloud computing appl...
This is what a mini GameCube should look like. (Image source: BitBuilt/Madmorda)

Modder shows Nintendo why a GameCube mini console needs to exist

A modder known as Madmorda has created an amazing fully functional miniature version of Nintendo’s immensely popular GameCube. Nintendo has had great success with the NES and SNES Classic Edition mini consoles, but there has been ...
The PS5 is likely to enjoy healthy sales in its first two years of release. (Image source: Vrutal)

Research analyst predicts PlayStation 5 release date, launch price, and first two years of sales

An analyst for the Ace Research Institute has compiled a financial results report about Sony’s PlayStation business. Among the big numbers and forecasts, the researcher has detailed some information about the upcoming PlayStation ...
Watch the AMD Computex and E3 livestream keynotes from the comfort of your own home (Source: AMD)

Watch the AMD Computex and E3 livestream keynotes from the comfort of your own home

Lisa Su will kickoff Computex 2019 in less than two weeks and then tease even more gaming technologies two weeks later at the Next Horizon Gaming conference in E3 2019. Expect a cluster of hopefully exciting AMD announcements in t...
The earphones and headphones market will remain healthy into the next decade. (Source:

The US earphone/headphone market will be worth US$9 billion in 5 years

Earphones and headphone sales drive a healthy market in the United States. The market analysis firm ReportBuyer estimates that it will grow at a compound rate of over 12% until it is worth approximately US$9 billion in 2024. The p...
Apex Legends is scheduled to hit the App Store and Google Play later this year. (Source: Forbes)

Apex Legends is coming to mobiles

EA's latest quarterly earnings report shows a slight growth slowdown for Apex Legends in the last month, so the company is now planning to release a version for the mobile platforms and expand the Origin marketplace in the SEA reg...
One-Netbook wants a slice of the handheld gaming PC market pie. (Image source: Baidu)

One-Netbook wants to challenge the GPD Win Max and Smach Z handheld gaming PCs with OneGx

An advert from One-Netbook Technology seems to show that the company is preparing to enter the handheld gaming PC market. Depending on the development time involved, any product could end up being a rival to the upcoming GPD Win M...
There's even a Project Scorpio limited edition of the Microsoft Xbox One X on sale. (Image source: Walmart)

Deal | Get your game on this weekend with great console deals at Walmart: Xbox One X with PUBG for US$349.99 or a Nintendo Switch for US$239.99

Walmart is offering some great deals on popular consoles at the moment. One of the current picks of the bunch is for the Microsoft Xbox One X that comes bundled with a copy of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The list price is US$49...
Respawn has banned over 770,000 Apex Legends players for cheating

Respawn has banned over 770,000 Apex Legends players for cheating

Following up on a promise to combat cheating in Apex Legends more than ever, developer Respawn announced in a blot post today that the company has banned over 770,000 players for cheating so far. The company also banned over 4,000...
AMD's Navi GPUs are linked with cloud gaming. (Image source: AMD)

No 3rd Gen Ryzen Threadripper in the latest AMD Investor Presentation but there is room for Zen 4 and Navi cloud gaming

A new investor presentation from AMD has been published online and there are numerous interesting additions and omissions from the previous presentation. In comes mention of Zen 3, Zen 4, Milan and cloud gaming connected to Navi, ...
Slightly Mad's Mad Box console project has been affected by Google Stadia. (Image source: Trusted Reviews)

The future of Slightly Mad's Mad Box console that proposed VR gaming at 120 FPS is looking grim

An executive for Slightly Mad Studios has admitted that the future development of the Mad Box console is looking “questionable”. Slightly Mad, which is the company behind the Project CARS series of games, revealed it was planning ...
The Recon 70 headset line. (Source: Turtle Beach)

Turtle Beach releases Recon 70 headset for PlayStation and Xbox

The Recon 70 headset already exists for the Nintendo Switch; now, Turtle Beach has released variants of the same that are compatible with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The headphones have faux-leather cups over 40mm drivers, com...
The PlayStation 5 will feature custom CPU and GPU chips made by AMD. (Image source: LetsGoDigital)

Sony should take a look at these radical PlayStation 5 concept renders

Sony has already announced the PlayStation 5 is in development and even shared some scant but vital component details about the next-generation console. However, there is still no real idea of what the gaming hardware will actuall...
New top tier Swedish tank UDES 15/16 (Source: World of Tanks Europe on YouTube)

World of Tanks 1.5 comes with high-tier Swedish mediums, the ability to exclude maps in Standard Battles, and more

With the 1.5 update, World of Tanks brings a few new Swedish medium tanks that feature hydropneumatic suspension, the ability to choose which map to avoid in standard battles, changes — mainly nerfs — to Japanese heavy tanks, the ...


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