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Xbox Game Pass: 8 new games until mid-April

It can be assumed that more games will be added to the Xbox Game Pass from April 16. (Source: Xbox)
It can be assumed that more games will be added to the Xbox Game Pass from April 16. (Source: Xbox)
Eight new games will be added to the Xbox Game Pass by April 16 - in addition to various indie titles, one AAA game and two brand new games that will be available in the Game Pass from the day of release.

Microsoft is breathing new life into the Xbox Game Pass and is adding eight new games to the gaming subscription until April 16. Shadow of the Tomb Raider is a fully-fledged AAA title from 2018. Also interesting: Harold Halibut, which will be available in the Game Pass from its release on 16 April and is characterized by its special graphics, which were created using real, physical materials. The relaxing Botany Manor, in which players take on the role of a botanist and explore, cultivate and expand their own garden, will also be available to play via the Xbox Game Pass from its release on April 9.

Superhot: Mind Control Delete - April 2 (PC, console and cloud)

Superhot is a first-person shooter with a special time mechanic: The clock only ticks when players move. Superhot: Mind Control Delete is the third installment in the Superhot series and aims to expand on the core mechanics of the series. This version adds procedurally generated levels and new abilities to the original gameplay, so that players encounter new challenges every time they play.

LEGO 2K Drive - April 3 (console and cloud)

LEGO 2K Drive is perfect for anyone who loves LEGO and racing games. Players can choose from a variety of LEGO vehicles and compete in various races and challenges. The tracks are set in typical LEGO themed worlds and are full of hidden shortcuts and surprises. In addition to racing, the focus is on building and customizing vehicles.

EA Sports PGA Tour - April 4 (Xbox Series X/S, PC, EA Play and Cloud)

EA Sports PGA Tour marks EA's return to golf simulations. The game is designed to deliver a realistic golf experience and take players to some of the world's most famous golf courses. Players can create their own golfers and compete in various tournaments, including the four majors: The Masters, PGA Championship, U.S. Open and The Open Championship.

Lil Gator Game - April 4 (PC, console and cloud)

Lil Gator Game is a heart-warming adventure and exploration game set on an idyllic island. Players take on the role of a little alligator whose main goal is to make friends with other islanders and get his siblings to play. The gameplay is a mixture of exploration, puzzle solving and light platforming elements.

Botany Manor - April 9 (Xbox Series X / S, PC and Cloud)

Botany Manor launches April 9 with immediate availability in Xbox Game Pass. In this relaxing indie game, players take on the role of a retired botanist who devotes herself to her passion for botany in her old manor house in England. Players explore the estate and its lush gardens, collecting rare plants and researching their properties to solve various botanical puzzles. The game places great emphasis on a calming atmosphere, which is supported by a relaxing soundscape.

Kona - April 9 (console and cloud)

Kona is an adventure and survival game set in the snowy north of Canada in the 1970s. Players take on the role of private detective Carl Faubert, who is sent to the small village of Atamipek Lake to investigate mysterious incidents. But he soon finds himself in a snowstorm - surrounded by supernatural events. While players uncover secrets, collect resources and battle the elements, the game tells a profound story.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Definitive Edition - April 11 (PC, console and cloud)

Shadow of the Tomb Raider takes the legendary adventurer Lara Croft on a dangerous journey to Latin America, where she tries to prevent a Mayan apocalypse that she has inadvertently triggered. In addition to the typical Tomb Raider aspects - exploring, solving puzzles and fighting - Shadow of the Tomb Raider also offers survival and stealth aspects. Players must collect resources to craft weapons and tools. Strategic use of the environment is also important in order to avoid enemies or eliminate them unnoticed. The Definitive Edition offers all DLCs and expands the game with additional side missions.

Harold Halibut - April 16 (Xbox Series X / S, PC and Cloud)

Harold Halibut will be released on April 16 and will be available in the Xbox Game Pass from that day. It is an adventure game set in an underwater colony that was originally launched to explore the universe, but is stranded on a water planet. The main protagonist is Harold, a young lab assistant who is researching a scientific solution to save the colony. Players must solve puzzles, interact with other inhabitants of the colony and complete various tasks to help Harold save the colony. Harold Halibut is particularly special in terms of its graphics, which have been created using physical materials. The developers have used handmade models made of modeling clay, metal, fabric and wood to create the characters, environments and objects in the game world.


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