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The OnePlus 12. (Source: JerryRigEverything via YouTube)

OnePlus 12 Aqua Touch display feature tested along with durability in new video

The latest top-end Android smartphone from OnePlus is widely regarded as the one that can restore its series' "Flagship Killer" prestige in 2024. Now, the 12 is tasked with redeeming its line's reputation for durability as well. I...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 23 Feb 2024 20:26
The Apple iPhone represents seven out of 10 of the world's best-selling smartphones.

Apple shocks the competition: iPhone dominates the top 10 best-selling smartphones with seven models

An atonishing success: Apple's iPhone now ranks in the top seven places of the world's top 10 best-selling smartphones. Apple's fiercest competitor, Samsung, only made it into the top 10 with three Galaxy A series smartphones, whi...
Ronald Matta, 23 Feb 2024 00:42
As it turns out, Warframe runs surprisingly smoothly on iOS and Apple hardware. (Image source: Digital Extremes)

Warframe mobile impresses with buttery-smooth performance on iPhone despite typical onscreen chaos

Warframe mobile only recently dropped for iOS, and while there have certainly been bugs, the overall impressions online are very positive, with even players on older devices, like the iPhone 11 impressed with the smoothness and gr...
Julian van der Merwe, 22 Feb 2024 01:18
Delta 1.5 brings some quality improvements to the iOS emulator. (Image via Delta w/ edits)

Delta v1.5 brings local multiplayer and more to popular iOS emulator

Delta is a fan favorite emulator for iOS that allows gamers to play classic Nintendo games. The newest update, available today, brings local multiplayer, AirPlay support, and other improvements and features.
Sam Medley, 21 Feb 2024 17:54
Apple Sports app will deliver quick access to scores, stats, and more (Image Source: Apple)

Apple unveils new app for sports fans

Apple has announced ‘Apple Sports’ - a new app designed for sports fans. Starting today, the app will be available to download for free for iPhone users in select regions.
Nitisha Upadhye, 21 Feb 2024 16:38
The battery of the Apple iPhone 15 Pro is said to last longer than originally advertised. (Image: iFixit)

Apple doubles the advertised battery lifespan of the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro

The batteries of the Apple iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro are said to have a significantly longer service life than Apple originally advertised, as internal tests have reevaluated the number of charging cycles the battery can withsta...
Hannes Brecher, 20 Feb 2024 23:22
Apple does not recommend attempting to dry wet smartphones in rice (Image: DariuszSankowski)

Apple warns against putting wet iPhones in rice, recommends alternative

Most high-end smartphones are waterproof nowadays, but water damage can never be completely ruled out. Apple is now admonishing users not to place a wet smartphone in rice, as is often recommended online.
Hannes Brecher, 20 Feb 2024 22:57
Another leak suggests iPhone 16 possibly featuring a vertical camera on the rear (Image source: @MajinBuOffical)

Alleged Apple iPhone 16 mold photos show iPhone 12-like vertical rear camera layout

Leaks about the standard Apple iPhone 16 possibly featuring a rear camera layout similar to the iPhone 12 are piling up. First, there was the schematic leak, then we had the camera chassis leak, and now, photos claiming to show th...
Abid Ahsan Shanto, 20 Feb 2024 17:49
The leaked image points to a vertical camera layout for the upcoming iPhone 16 (Source: Majin Bu via Twitter)

iPhone 16 camera chassis leak confirms vertical camera layout similar to iPhone X from 2017

A leaked component image on Twitter suggests a redesigned camera layout for the upcoming iPhone 16, adding weight to previous rumors of a vertical configuration. Independently verified by MacRumors, this marks the first tangible c...
Sambit Saha, 18 Feb 2024 17:27
Apple is severely restricting the range of functions of web apps. (Image: William Hook)

Apple iPhone loses access to progressive web apps, blames EU for deleted features

In March, the Apple iPhone will gain access to alternative app stores and browser engines, but will lose the ability to use progressive web apps. In this way, Apple is ensuring that it can collect a fee for downloading each app, w...
Hannes Brecher, 17 Feb 2024 23:56
"Mystical Panther" is one of four designs in Caviar's latest collection. (Image: Caviar)

Apple iPhone 15 Pro launched in 'Garden of Eden' Limited Edition on Valentine's Day

The latest limited edition of the Apple iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max comes in four designs and adds gold, diamonds or leather to the smartphone, depending on the variant. As usual, the Caviar collection is extremely expensi...
Hannes Brecher, 14 Feb 2024 23:53
iPhone 15 Pro Max, Galaxy S24 Ultra, ROG Phone 8 Pro and Razer Kishi v2 controller. (Image: Notebookcheck)

iPhone 15 Pro Max v Galaxy S24 Ultra v ROG Phone 8 Pro in gaming thermals test

We pit the iPhone 15 Pro Max against the Galaxy S24 Ultra and the ROG Phone 8 Pro in a real-world 30-minute gaming test to see which phone offers the best thermal performance.
Sanjiv Sathiah, 12 Feb 2024 04:13
Questionable iPhone SE 4 leak showcases the phone with Dynamic Island (Image source: @upintheozone on X)

Rumor suggests Apple iPhone SE 4 will allegedly come with Dynamic Island

Most past reports about the iPhone SE 4 hinted that the device would have an iPhone 14 design with a notch. But a new rumor is suggesting otherwise, saying that the next budget-friendly Apple smartphone will feature Dynamic Island...
Abid Ahsan Shanto, 09 Feb 2024 10:43
iOS 17.3.1, iPadOS 17.3.1, watchOS 10.3.1, tvOS 17.3.1 and macOS 14.3.1 are available for download. (Image: Apple)

Apple releases iOS 17.3.1, iPadOS 17.3.1, watchOS 10.3.1, tvOS 17.3.1 and macOS 14.3.1

An update wave for Apple users: iOS 17.3.1, iPadOS 17.3.1, watchOS 10.3.1, tvOS 17.3.1 and macOS 14.3.1 have just been released. This means new updates for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and the like.
Marcus Schwarten, 08 Feb 2024 23:48
The Galaxy S24 Ultra offers class-leading battery performance. (Source: Samsung)

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra dominates the OnePlus 12 and other Android peers in battery drain test but showcases one major weakness

Samsung's new Galaxy S24 Ultra appears to be a battery champion. The flagship phone saw out rivals like the OnePlus 12 and Xiaomi 14 Pro in a battery drain test, but also managed to reach the highest recorded temperature of all th...
Ricci Rox, 08 Feb 2024 16:09
The Epic Lab Editions feature new Knowles tech. (Source: JLab)

JLab Epic Lab Edition debut as inaugural Knowles Preferred Listening Response Curve-enabled TWS earbuds

JLab touts its latest wireless earbuds as an industry first in that they introduce Preferred Listening Response Curve tuning from Knowles to their market. The Epic Lab Edition buds also support the LC3 codec, Spatial Audio and "Sm...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 07 Feb 2024 17:33
The iPhone 16 Pro Max is rumored to feature a bigger battery than the iPhone 15 Pro Max. (Source: Apple)

Alleged Apple iPhone 16, iPhone 16 Plus, and iPhone 16 Pro Max battery capacities revealed in new leak

A new leak has now revealed alleged information on the battery capacities of three of the upcoming iPhone 16 lineup phones: the iPhone 16, iPhone 16 Plus, and iPhone 16 Pro Max. Two of the devices are reported to get battery upgra...
Ricci Rox, 07 Feb 2024 17:20
Could the iPhone 16 look like this? (Source: Majin Bu via Twitter)

iPhone 16 depicted as 2024 flagship with almost 2020-style camera hump in new renders

The base-model iPhone had had dual rear cameras for the last few generations, and will again in 2024, according to the latest leaks. However, those shooters are also now expected to assume a design not seen since 2020 - then again...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 05 Feb 2024 19:46
The Galaxy S24 Ultra mid-teardown. (Source: JerryRigEverything via YouTube)

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra found to use lower-grade titanium than iPhone 15 Pro Max

The iPhone 15 Pro Max and Galaxy S24 Ultra are both top-end mobile devices with titanium edges. However, Apple and Samsung have gone about the integration of the premium material into their flagships in very different ways, accord...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 04 Feb 2024 19:45
It's not your imagination, the iPhone 15 Pro runs warmer at idle than previous iPhones. (Image: Notebookcheck)

Apple says iPhone 15 Pro running warm is "expected behavior", exploring graphene solution for iPhone 16 Pro

Apple considers iPhone 15 Pro models running warmer than previous iPhones to be “expected behavior”, we have learned. However, iPhone 16 Pro owners might look forward to different device behavior with Apple rumored to be exploring...
Sanjiv Sathiah, 04 Feb 2024 07:19
Apple's first foldable device could be an iPad model. (Source: Unsplash/Apple/edited)

Apple foldable device screen size and release window leaks alongside report of foldable MacBook

The next few years are apparently going to be big for iPad and MacBook devices with the addition of OLED displays and foldable form factors. According to the latest report out of Korea, Apple could release its debut foldable devic...
Fawad Murtaza, 02 Feb 2024 21:12
Apple is expecting the iPhone 15 to sell better than its successor. (Image source: Notebookcheck)

Apple iPhone 16 sales expected to slow because of excessive similarities with current iPhone 15 models

According to a reliable analyst, Apple is bracing itself for a slowdown in iPhone sales throughout 2024, particularly in the second half of the year. Principally, the lack of changes between the iPhone 15 and iPhone 16 could are b...
Alex Alderson, 31 Jan 2024 16:18
Beeper may not be long for this world. (Image via Beeper w/ edits)

Apple bans iMessage accounts linked to Beeper app

Beeper, an app that allows Android users to access iMessage by linking their Apple accounts via a Mac, has halted iMessage connections after a handful of user accounts were banned by Apple. This comes almost two months after Beepe...
Sam Medley, 30 Jan 2024 18:23
iOS 18 may be roughly four months away from its public debut. (Image source: Notebookcheck)

Recent Apple iPhones rumoured to receive one of their biggest software updates yet with iOS 18 release

Reportedly, iOS 18 is shaping up to be a substantial update for the iOS ecosystem. According to one typically well-informed Bloomberg editor, Apple is joining the bandwagon of companies leveraging AI to deliver software improvemen...
Alex Alderson, 29 Jan 2024 14:47
Opera One is coming to iOS. (Source: Opera)

Opera One for iOS hyped to bring more AI search options to more open Apple ecosystem

Opera has announced that it will celebrate its wider, DMA-mandated access to the Apple ecosystem by unleashing a version of the "AI-centric" One browser for iPhones. The company asserts that its app will stand out in the coming in...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 27 Jan 2024 18:32
Apple is going hard to catch up on generative AI. (Image: Dall-E 3)

Apple pushing to catch up on AI suggest acquisitions, job postings

Apple is working hard to catch up to the competition in adding generative AI features to its devices, including its flagship iPhones. The company is busy acquiring start-ups and hiring AI specialists, but the new features aren’t l...
Sanjiv Sathiah, 26 Jan 2024 10:54
Apple may still make money on sideloaded apps. (Image via Apple and Getty Images, w/ edits)

Apple may charge fees and review apps installed via sideloading

According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple is planning to institute policies that will charge fees related to apps installed on an iPhone outside the App Store. These new policies would only apply in Europe, per the Journal, in r...
Sam Medley, 24 Jan 2024 16:44
Death Stranding will soon be available on Apple devices. (Image: Kojima Productions)

Death Stranding Director's Cut to launch soon at a low price for iPhone, iPad and Mac

Death Stranding is finally being released on the Apple iPhone, iPad and Mac, in the extended Director's Cut and at a reduced price. The game will take full advantage of the capabilities of Apple's ARM chips and support both Metal ...
Hannes Brecher, 24 Jan 2024 15:44
The iPhone 15 Pro Max features Apple's most advanced camera system to date. (Source: Apple)

Apple iPhone 16 Pro Max to feature an advanced customised main camera sensor from Sony, claims reliable tipster

A known tipster with a reliable track record on Weibo has claimed that the upcoming iPhone 16 Pro Max will feature a much larger 1/1.14 inch primary camera sensor from Sony, along with several other advancements, positioning the i...
Sambit Saha, 24 Jan 2024 15:36
The Shadow Blade Gamepad 2.0. (Source: RedMagic)

RedMagic Shadow Blade Gamepad 2.0 goes international

RedMagic has just released its latest mobile gaming controller to regions such as North America. The Shadow Blade Gamepad 2.0 is rated to fit "all types" of smartphones, its maker's new 9 Pro flagship included, and stands out in i...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 21 Jan 2024 16:49
The Qi2 Magnetic Wireless Car Charger. (Source: ESR)

ESR: New in-car wireless charger launches with Qi2 as well as MagSafe

ESR's latest charging gadget has upgraded to the latest Qi2 standard on its launch. The new version of the Wireless Car Charger is rated for the same kind of magnetic connection with newer Android smartphones as it would with MagS...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 20 Jan 2024 17:34
Samsung's Galaxy S24 Ultra defeats Apple's and Google's flagships in battery life test. (Source: Own)

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra shines in battery life test, narrowly beats iPhone 15 Pro Max and Pixel 8 Pro to reclaim battery crown

In a recent battery life test by YouTuber XEETCHARGE, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra outshone its competition, including the Pixel 8 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, as well as its predecessor, the S23 Ultra. Despite featuring a similar 5...
Sambit Saha, 20 Jan 2024 16:00
Apple is rumoured to be planning various significant camera upgrades with the iPhone 15 Pro's successor. (Image source: Notebookcheck)

Apple iPhone 16 Pro rumoured to feature almost 1-inch camera but cheaper QLC NAND flash storage

Fresh details about the state of the iPhone 16 Pro's camera hardware has emerged online. While the iPhone 15 Pro successors is now expected to arrive with an improved 48 MP primary camera, it could also be delivered with cheaper Q...
Alex Alderson, 18 Jan 2024 18:44
The Apple iPhone will receive a major update in just a few days. (Image: Apple)

Apple iPhone to receive new features and better theft protection with iOS 17.3

Apple has just officially confirmed that iOS 17.3 will be released in a few days, meaning that users of compatible iPhones can look forward to a range of new features. First and foremost, improved theft protection will help preven...
Hannes Brecher, 17 Jan 2024 22:08
The iPhone 15 features the Dynamic Island which debuted on the iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max.

Apple iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus rumored to get iPhone 15 Pro-level RAM and better Wi-Fi

Apple may finally be ready to bring next year’s base iPhone 16 smartphones on par with the Pro models when it comes to RAM capacity. The report which comes to us courtesy of MacRumors claims that the iPhone 16 and the iPhone 16 Pl...
Fawad Murtaza, 16 Jan 2024 08:44
The Mic-01. (Source: Hohem)

CES 2024 | Hohem Mic-01 debuts as OEM's inaugural wireless lavalier microphone

Hohem's prominence in the smartphone/camera gimbal game has made its announcement of the Mic-01 wireless lavalier mic as its latest products all the more surprising. Nevertheless, the OEM asserts that the accessory will "elevate" ...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 12 Jan 2024 18:53
Auracast adds many exciting applications to Bluetooth for sharing and better understanding audio content.

CES 2024 | Why young and old should look out for Auracast support on their next Bluetooth wearable

Everyone will benefit from Auracast, whether young or old, with or without hearing impairments. This audio broadcasting technology adds exciting applications to Bluetooth and is now increasingly being integrated into Bluetooth products from many manufacturers. At CES 2024, it was once again impressively demonstrated how we will all benefit from Auracast.
Alexander Fagot, 12 Jan 2024 15:23
Zagg is reviving the Mophie Juice Pack. (Image: Zagg)

Apple iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro get up to 79% larger battery with the Mophie Juice Pack

Zagg is reintroducing the Mophie Juice Pack, promising significantly longer battery life for the Apple iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro. For this, Zagg has simply packed a power bank into a protective iPhone case.
Hannes Brecher, 10 Jan 2024 22:15
Belkin auto-tracking Stand Pro for iPhone is the world's first DockKit accessory. (Image Source: Belkin)

CES 2024 | Belkin Stand Pro is world's first MagSafe charger to leverage Apple's DockKit framework and can be your personal automated cameraman

At CES 2024, Belkin has introduced the world's first DockKit accessory. DockKit is an Apple framework for iOS devices that enables motorized tracking of the subject using the iPhone's camera. The Belkin Stand Pro offers MagSafe ch...
Vaidyanathan Subramaniam, 10 Jan 2024 19:33
The Lark M2. (Source: Hollyland)

Hollyland Lark M2 Wireless Lavalier Microphone debuts as advanced ultra-light external mic

Hollyland claims to have packed all the tech for a "top level consumer-grade" lavalier- or lapel-style microphone into an "all-in-one button" with its latest Lark-series release. The M2 is rated to eliminate unwanted background no...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 10 Jan 2024 17:43
The Future Racing Cable. (Source: AOHi)

AOHi The Future Racing Cable launches as customizable-length cable that upgrades to USB4

AOHi has announced that crowdfunding for a new generation of its innovative modular (or "splicable") cable has begun. Like its Future Creative predecessor, the Racing Cable can be put together to be longer or even to be type-A at ...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 09 Jan 2024 19:04
The Air 2 Ultra. (Source: XREAL)

CES 2024 | XREAL Air 2 Ultra AR glasses launch with potentially enhanced immersion and tracking with micro OLED displays

XREAL asserts that it is ready for Apple's Vision Pro with the Air 2 Ultra, which upgrade to tracking in six degree of freedom (6DoF) and a field of view (FOV) that might beat that of its Cupertino-born rival. The glasses also boa...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 09 Jan 2024 18:27
iPhone owners in the US are now receiving compensation (symbolic image by Bagus Hernawan)

iPhone: Compensation payments to customers due to Batterygate are underway - and are quite substantial

Apple is now compensating customers who were affected by deliberate processor slowdowns as part of the Batterygate scandal. These are by no means penny amounts.
Silvio Werner, 08 Jan 2024 23:19
ESR will be at CES 2024. (Source: ESR)

ESR Qi2 wireless charging accessory range to debut at CES 2024

ESR has announced that the next generation of charging accessories will include products compatible with the new Qi2 standard rated to bring a MagSafe-like experience to compatible Android devices. On that note, the OEM will also ...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 07 Jan 2024 21:41
The Apple iPhone 16 Pro supposedly conceals the sensors for Face ID under the OLED panel. (Image: AppleTrack / ConceptCentral)

Apple iPhone 16 Pro: Render images show radically scaled-down Dynamic Island, analyst describes camera upgrades

With the iPhone 16 Pro, Apple has been able reduce the Dynamic Island to the necessary minimum, thereby increasing the available display area on the one hand and creating more space for dynamic content on the other. An analyst pro...
Hannes Brecher, 04 Jan 2024 23:49
The iPhone 15 Pro Max. (Source: Apple)

iPhone 16 Pro and Pro Max to launch taller, wider and heavier than previous generation

The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max launched as markedly light Apple mobile flagships thanks to their new titanium-infused construction. However, their 16-series successors are now tipped to backslide in these terms in 2024, thanks to a...
Deirdre O'Donnell, 02 Jan 2024 18:05
Caviar is upgrading Apple's FineWoven protective covers with the help of leather. (Image: Caviar)

Apple's unpopular FineWoven protective cases for the iPhone 15 Pro get a luxury makeover in Hermès leather

Apple has largely moved away from leather accessories over the past year, instead offering iPhone cases made from 'FineWoven'- a fine mesh that hasn't proven to be particularly robust. Caviar is now upgrading the original protecti...
Hannes Brecher, 01 Jan 2024 22:48
Operation Triangulation is Kaspersky's ongoing investigation of the iOS attack (Image Source: Bing AI)

Most sophisticated iPhone malware attack ever seen detailed in Kaspersky's 'Operation Triangulation' report

Researchers at cybersecurity firm Kaspersky have revealed details of the “most sophisticated” iOS attack they have ever seen, as part of the ongoing investigation called Project Triangulation. The attack originates from a message ...
Vishal Bhardwaj, 31 Dec 2023 20:41
macOS Sonoma introduced a new Game Mode feature to optimize the gaming experience on Macs. (Source: Apple)

Apple continues to talk up gaming on Macs, iPhones and iPads in new interview

Apple is continuing to promote its Mac, iPhone and iPad platforms as viable gaming alternatives to both devs and AAA gamers. In a new interview, the company has highlighted what it has done to lay the groundwork to make Apple devi...
Sanjiv Sathiah, 30 Dec 2023 04:25
The iPhone 15 Pro features the same general design as the iPhone 14 Pro.

Apple iPhone 16 Pro telephoto camera leak reveals tetraprism lens and camera module mimicking iPhone 15 Pro Max

Even though it has only been a few months since the release of the iPhone 15 series, the rumor mill regarding 2024’s iPhone 16 smartphones is in full swing. From the screens to the camera configuration, the iPhone 16 Pro and 16 Pr...
Fawad Murtaza, 26 Dec 2023 11:38


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