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The Radeon Pro Duo features two professional-grade GPUs on a single card. (Source: AMD)

AMD announces Radeon Pro Duo dual GPU for professionals

The upcoming Radeon Pro Duo will feature two GPUs on a single card. The professional grade graphics card will have a whopping 32 GB of VRAM and is able to hit 11.45 TFLOPS.
The GP72X features a 17.3" screen and up to an Nvidia GTX 1060 in a portable package. (Source: MSI)

MSI unveils thin-and-light GP62X and GP72X Leopard Pro gaming notebooks

Starting at $1,099, both notebooks pack at GTX 1050, GTX 1050 Ti, or GTX 1060 (3 GB) into a relatively small and light chassis.
The PX7 Pro SE is a notebook capable of server workloads. (Source: Eurocom)

Eurocom unveils lightweight PX7 Pro SE Mobile Server

The notebook is designed for heavy server loads and packs an Intel Xeon E3-1505M, up to 64 GB of ECC memory, and up to 16 GB of RAID 0/1/5 storage.
The new TITAN Xp has 12 GB GDDR5X VRAM, 3840 CUDA cores, and 12 TFLOPS of performance. (Source: Nvidia)

Titan Xp now official, will also support Mac OS X

The new GPU is equipped with 12 GB of GDDR5X memory clocked at 11.4 Gbps, 3840 CUDA cores clocked at ~1.6 GHz, and boasts 12 TFLOPs of performance. Nvidia will also begin developing drivers for Mac OS X.
Without Palmer Luckey, the Rift and VR as a whole may not be what they are today. (Source: Oculus)

Palmer Luckey, inventor of the Oculus Rift, exits Facebook

Luckey, who co-founded Oculus and was a driving force in the development of the Rift VR headset, will be leaving Facebook on Friday.
Lenovo launching VR-ready ThinkStation P320

Develop3D Live | Lenovo launching VR-ready ThinkStation P320

Interested in 3D CAD and VR work? Lenovo provides an easy, economical entry into the world of virtual reality with its new Workstation P320.
Asus Strix GL702VS (7700HQ, FHD, GTX 1070) Xotic PC Edition Notebook Review

84% Asus Strix GL702VS (7700HQ, FHD, GTX 1070) Xotic PC Edition Notebook Review

Hot stuff! The Asus GL702VS is one of many options for gamers hunting power in a portable package. Equipped with high-end components in a relatively thin and light chassis, the notebook brings high details in modern titles without breaking backs. Can the device keep its cool, or will it melt under pressure?
Intel Core i7-7700HQ | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 (Laptop) | 17.3" | 2.9 kg
Acer Predator 17 X (7820HK, FHD, GTX 1080) Laptop Review

87% Acer Predator 17 X (7820HK, FHD, GTX 1080) Laptop Review

It's getting hot! The Acer Predator X is the extremely powerful "luxury edition" of the regular Predator 17. Are the components well-balanced and is the performance sufficient for a spot in our Top 10 ranking?
Intel Core i7-7820HK | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 (Laptop) | 17.3" | 4.3 kg
Benchmarking VR games is more straightforward with Nvidia's new tool. (Source: Nvidia)

Nvidia releases FCAT VR tool to test virtual reality performance

First announced at this year's GDC, the tool analyzes various aspects of VR game performance. This makes it useful for gamers as well as developers, hardware manufacturers, and reviewers.
Source: G.SKILL

Overclockers, start your engines! G.SKILL announces OC World Cup 2017

Overclockers can compete for a grand prize of $10,000. The first qualifying round opens from March 17 to April 18 on
Eurocom Sky X9E3 VR Ready high-end laptop with up to Intel Core i7 7700K and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 SLI graphics

Eurocom launches Sky X9E3 VR Ready high-performance laptop

This new Kaby Lake-powered notebook comes with a desktop processor, up to 64 GB DDR4 memory, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 SLI graphics, as well as up to 14 TB storage via five drives. The price starts at $2,499 USD and can go much higher, depending on the hardware and software options chosen.
Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Review

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Review

Inexpensive Titan. Nvidia’s GTX 1080 Ti is the most powerful consumer graphics card and replaces the similar but much more expensive Titan X. We review the Founders Edition with numerous benchmarks as well as noise and consumption measurements.
Intel Core i7-4790K | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti (Desktop) |
The 2018 iPhone could feature a high performance GPU based on a new architecture. (Source: Wikipedia)

New mobile GPU architecture could power the 2018 iPhone

Apple supplier Imagination Technologies announces new PowerVR mobile GPU architecture that they say will boast 35 percent GFLOPS density improvement, 80 percent fillrate density improvement for user interface and casual gaming, and 70 to 90 percent gaming density improvement. It could hit the market by the end of 2018.
The first thing users might notice about Acer's headset is the bright blue coloring on the front. (Source:  Tech News Inc)

Acer will ship Mixed Reality developer kit for Windows 10 this month

Microsoft and Acer are ready to begin preparations to let partners build apps for the Windows Mixed Reality headset. First order of business is distributing software development kits to various developers.
Asus Zenfone AR

MWC 2017 | Asus Zenfone AR Hands-On

The 5.7-inch AMOLED smartphone will be the first to support both Google Daydream and Tango when it launches this May.
The Bonobo WS is the highest-tier notebook available from System76 and features the latest from Intel and NVIDIA. (Source: System76)

Linux on Kaby Lake: System76 now offers 7th generation Intel CPUs and NVIDIA GTX 10-series GPUs

System76 sells laptops running Ubuntu, an open-source Linux distribution. The company has recently started selling modern notebooks with Kaby Lake CPUs and the latest graphics cards from NVIDIA.
Like Google's Daydream View headset, the Asus AIO VR is expected to feature a cloth exterior. (Source: Phandroid)

Asus will launch a standalone VR headset later this year

With the upcoming Asus AIO VR, users will no longer need to insert their phones to get the full AR or VR experience or worry about draining their battery. Its current specifications are unknown, but its design bears some similarity to Google's Daydream View.
The mobile VR headset arena will soon be heating up as the Gear VR will have to compete with the cheaper Google Daydream. (Source: Wired)

Samsung Gear VR represents over 70% of all VR headsets shipped in 2016

Being the first VR headset out the gate, along with wide availability and low cost, allowed Samsung's headset to ahead of the other headset vendors before their competing devices hit the shelves.
The most powerful Pascal GPU to-date, but it's not designed for gaming. (Source: Ars Technica)

NVIDIA Quadro GP100 is now coming to workstations

NVIDIA's newest GPU targets the high-end CAD/CAE market, allowing users to get the most accuracy and reliability for programs where such features are an absolute necessity, such as complex engineering simulations.
Lenovo's new ThinkPad P51, P51s, and P70 are outfitted with the latest NVIDIA Quadro GPUs. (Source: Lenovo)

Lenovo updates ThinkPad workstation line with P71, P51, and P51s

Lenovo has refreshed their ThinkPad Workstations. The P51s is a thin-and-light workstation class notebook, the P51 now has a 4K screen with 100% color gamut coverage, and the P71 is a VR-ready workhorse.
As the gaming industry grows, so does demand for the best hardware money can buy. (Source: PC World)

Micron is accelerating the release of GDDR6 graphics memory to meet demand

GDDR6, which is said to be 30% faster than the currently popular GDDR5 memory, will now roll out at the end of this year, but it's not clear when we'll be able to find them in our GPUs.
Asia spends almost twice the amount of money on games as North America and Europe combined. (Source: SuperData)

Mobile gaming revenue now makes more than the global box office

Gaming leaders such as Nintendo and Activision-Blizzard have already recognized the vast potential of this market and are trying to grab a piece of the pie. Mobile gaming now accounts for half of the global digital games market.
Days after announcing his departure from Xiaomi, Barra announced his appointment as head of Facebook's Oculus team. (Source: Facebook)

Hugo Barra to join Facebook as head of Oculus team

Ex-Xiaomi exec Hugo Barra formally announced his departure from the Chinese company a few days ago, but he's already found a new position at Facebook as head of the Oculus team.
PC gaming market surpasses $30 billion USD for the first time (Source: iBuyPower)

PC gaming market surpasses $30 billion USD for the first time

Market is expected to grow by as much as 6 percent compound annual growth rate through 2019.
One of Razer's stolen Valerie prototypes was listed on Chinese retail site Taobao. (Source: Liliputing)

Lost and found: Razer's stolen Valerie prototype listed on Chinese retail site

After being reported stolen earlier this week, Razer's triple-display notebook, codenamed Valerie, has made an appearance on Taobao, a Chinese retail website.
HTC's launch event will be live streamed tomorrow at 11 am EST / 10 am CST / 9 am MT / 8 am PT.

HTC will live stream tomorrow's launch event on Youtube

Contrary to most other tech companies, HTC has not unveiled major new products at CES 2017. Instead, they will reveal something for U tomorrow during a launch event that will be live streamed on Youtube.
The Changhong H2 seems like something out of science fiction. (Source: Consumer Physics)

CES 2017 | Changhong's H2 smartphone has a "molecular identifier"

The sensor aims to give users data about objects based on their chemical and physical makeup solely from a simple scan.
Lenovo Phab 2 Pro Tango phablet gunmetal gray variant, soon to have a competitor by Huawei

CES 2017 | Huawei might launch a Tango handset as well

The existing Lenovo Phab 2 Pro and the upcoming Asus ZenFone AR will soon have a new Tango-enabled handset to compete with. Huawei has just confirmed that its Tango-capable smartphone or phablet is scheduled to hit the market soon.
AMD teases Avalon mini PC VR backpack powered by two Li-ion battery packs

CES 2017 | AMD teases Avalon mini PC VR backpack powered by two Li-ion battery packs

The high-power Avalon mini PC integrates an RX 480 GPU and doubles as a VR backpack with its two Li-ion battery packs for $1800 USD.
MSI looks to compete with Razer's Core and the Alienware Graphics Amplifier with GUS, an e-GPU. (Source: MSI)

CES 2017 | MSI enters the e-GPU game with GUS

MSI's GUS looks to bring desktop graphics support to notebooks with Thunderbolt 3.
AMD's upcoming Vega architecture brings some major improvements in graphical computing. (Source: AMD)

CES 2017 | AMD reveals more information on upcoming Vega GPUs

Expected for release in the first half of 2017, AMD's highly anticipated Vega GPU architecture looks to build on features first presented in the Fury X, including an evolution of High Bandwidth Memory (HBM).
Project Valerie has two additional monitors that slide out to create a triple monitor display. (Source: Razer)

CES 2017 | Razer shows off concept notebook with three 4K displays

Razer is seeing triple with Project Valerie, the "world's first triple display laptop." While still in concept, the project is an exciting peak into what may be possible in the future.
The WT73VR looks to be one of the most powerful mobile workstations in the world. (Source: MSI)

CES 2017 | MSI unveils new line of workstation notebooks

The powerful mobile workstations feature 7th generation Intel processor and the latest Quadro graphics cards from Nvidia.
Though a bit larger than a console, the VivoPC X provides a lot more power—and remains under 5 pounds. (Source: Asus)

CES 2017 | Asus VivoPC X: a compact VR-ready desktop for US$799

Asus has announced the VivoPC X, a compact VR-ready desktop, designed to be a relatively portable VR solution.
Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 835 is expected to power top flagship smartphones and tablets. (Source: Qualcomm)

CES 2017 | Qualcomm officially announces Snapdragon 835 SoC

The flagship SoC from mobile giant Qualcomm is the first mobile platform to be manufactured using a 10 nm FinFET process. Specifically tailored for VR experiences and UHD media, the SoC promises improved power in a smaller, more efficient package.
Mainstream Pascal: GeForce GTX 1050 Ti and GTX 1050 in Review

Mainstream Pascal: GeForce GTX 1050 Ti and GTX 1050 in Review

Good price-performance ratio? High-end systems already benefit from Nvidia's Pascal GPUs, and the manufacturer now launches the mainstream models. We test the mobile GPUs GeForce GTX 1050 Ti and GTX 1050.
ASUS ZenFone AR Android smartphone with Tango camera

ASUS ZenFone AR smartphone leaks online

Apparently by mistake, Qualcomm has confirmed the rumors about a Snapdragon 821-driven Tango phone by Asus. Since the blog post has been removed already, it seems like the ZenFone AR is as real as it gets.
HTC says that the successor to the HTC Vive will not be announced any time soon.

HTC says that the Vive 2 will not be announced at CES

Unfortunately, rumors saying that HTC will announce the successor to the HTC Vive Virtual Reality headset during CES 2017 this coming week, have been refuted by HTC.


High-end gaming in the backpack. Finally, no more cables: This is MSI's goal with the brand-new virtual reality backpack. We were one of the first editorial offices to have a closer look at the promising concept. (ad)
Intel Core i7-6820HK | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 (Laptop) | | 3.6 kg
HTC Vive 2 could be wireless with 4K resolution displays

HTC Vive 2 could be wireless with 4K resolution displays

The Vive is barely a year old, but the inevitable second generation headset may bring a host of technical improvements for a demonstration as early as next month.
The BRIX-GZ1DTi7-1070GB GW is a powerful SFF gaming PC coming soon from Gigabyte. (Source: Gigabyte)

Gigabyte announces BRIX SFF PC with GTX 1070

The newest small form factor gaming PC from Gigabyte will pack a serious punch in a small package thanks to its GTX 1070 and Core i7-6700K.
The next Gear VR might be available soon, the Samsung VP confirmed recently.

Samsung: New Gear VR will come soon, Mixed Reality solution in the works

A new version of the Samsung Gear VR should be released soon, possibly during Mobile World Congress at the end of February next year. We might also see Mixed Reality solutions from Samsung eventually, however, consumer products are far from being ready.
12 VR-Pods are available in the MK2 Bibliotheque in Paris to test-drive virtual reality headsets.

Virtual Reality: You can test-drive Virtual Reality headsets in Paris for $25

Last week, a french cinema chain opened a virtual reality venue in the MK2 Bibliotheque in Paris where you can test-drive a HTC Vive, an Oculus Rift, a Playstation VR and a Birdly motion simulator for $25.
Bridge, the first Mixed Reality Headset for iPhones will be available for sale in March 2017.

Occipital Bridge: Mixed Reality Headset for iPhones

Occipital will start selling the Bridge, a Mixed Reality Headset for iPhone 6 or higher in march of next year for $399. A limited explorer edition for developers is available now.
AMD's new Radeon Software Crimson driver brings gameplay capture and improved graphics performance. (Source: AMD)

AMD launches Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition 16.12.1

Live streamers, rejoice! AMD's new ReLive Edition driver rabrings better power management, improved graphical performance, and new gameplay capture and streaming software.
Smartphones and devices like Samsung's Gear VR can allow users to try VR gaming at a much lower cost. (Source: Samsung)

VRidge: Try before you buy for VR

The app can use smartphones to mimic expensive VR headsets and seems to be able to run on lower-end hardware.
VR and AR products are seeing weaker sales than analysts predicted. (Source: HTCVIVE)

VR and AR: the sales disappointments of 2016

VR/AR sales were expected to pick up strongly in late 2016, yet the opposite has happened. Experts blame an immature ecosystem.
Leap Motion is developing a new input sensor that will track users hand motion in a VR experience. (Source: Leap Motion)

Leap Motion to develop hand tracking sensor for smartphone VR sets

Leap Motion hopes the sensor will allow VR users to interact with and control mobile VR with their hands and fingers, further pushing VR development.
Lenovo Moto Z modular Android handset might get a Tango 3D camera module

Lenovo Moto Z expected to get a Tango 3D camera

Since Lenovo already has a Tango 3D-capable handset on the market, seeing a Moto Mod capable of offering augmented reality to the Moto Z would not be a surprise. However, remains to see when will it happen.
HTC and Valve seek to reduce Vive cost with simplified base stations. (Source: HTC Vive)

HTC and Valve seek to reduce Vive cost with simplified base stations

The prohibitively high cost of entry for the Vive experience may drop to $665 from $800 in the near future, according to a report.

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