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Intel Core i5-11400T

Intel i5-11400T

The Intel Core i5-11400T is a power-efficient six-core desktop processor based on the new Rocket Lake architecture, which was introduced in March 2021. The processor clocks with a base clock of only 1.3 GHz and reaches an all-core boost of 3.7 GHz under load. Intel also gives the Rocket Lake processors the Hyperthreading feature, which allows the i5-11400T to process up to 12 threads simultaneously. As known, the Intel Core i5-11400F is manufactured in the 14 nm process. Nevertheless, many changes have been made with the Rocket Lake architecture, which is also reflected in the performance compared to the Comet Lake. 


Compared to the Intel Core i5-10400T, the Core i5-11400T offers a significantly better IPC. This can be seen clearly in the single-core benchmarks. The multi-core performance also benefits from the better IPC compared to Comet-Lake. A performance increase of up to 20 percent can be expected.

Graphics unit

The processors integrates a Intel UHD Graphics 730 iGPU that features 24 EUs clocked at 350 - 1200 MHz.

Power consumption

The TDP turns out relatively low with 35 watts. This is the PL1 value. For Turbo, the Intel Core i5-11400T offers a higher TDP of up to 84 watts with PL2. However, this may only be applied for a maximum of 28 seconds (dew). 

SeriesIntel Rocket Lake
CodenameRocket Lake-S

Series: Rocket Lake Rocket Lake-S

Intel Core i5-11600K compare3.9 - 4.9 GHz6 / 1212 MB
Intel Core i5-11400F compare2.6 - 4.4 GHz6 / 1212 MB
» Intel Core i5-11400T1.3 - 3.7 GHz6 / 1212 MB
Clock Rate1300 - 3700 MHz
Level 1 Cache480 KB
Level 2 Cache3 MB
Level 3 Cache12 MB
Number of Cores / Threads6 / 12
Power Consumption (TDP = Thermal Design Power)35 Watt
Manufacturing Technology14 nm
Die Size276 mm2
Max. Temperature100 °C
SocketIntel Socket 1200
FeaturesTVB, HyperThreading, AVX, AVX2, FMA3, Quick Sync, Virtualization
GPUIntel UHD Graphics 730 (Rocket Lake) (350 - 1200 MHz)
64 Bit64 Bit support
Starting Price$182 U.S.
Announcement Date03/16/2021


Performance Rating - CB R15 + R20 + 7-Zip + X265 + Blender + 3DM11 CPU
32.6 pt (37%)
- Range of benchmark values for this graphics card
- Average benchmark values for this graphics card
* Smaller numbers mean a higher performance

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