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Intel Core i5-13450HX

Intel i5-13450HX

The Intel Core i5-13450HX is a fast mid-range mobile processor of the Raptor Lake series. Is was announced in early 2023. The CPU integrates 6 fast Raptor Cove performance cores (P-cores) with HyperThreading and 4 Gracemont efficiency cores without HyperThreading. The P-Cores clock between 2.4 GHz (base) up to 4.6 GHz (single core boost, all-core 4.5 GHz). The smaller E-Cores clock between 1.8 and 3.4 GHz. All cores can access the combined 20 MB L3 cache (compared to the 36 MB of the i9 models).

Compared to Alder Lake, Raptor Lake offers improved P-Cores (Raptor Cove micro-architecture) with bigger Caches and more E-Cores (same Gracemont micro-architecture). Furthermore, the chip supports faster DDR5 memory (up to 5600 MHz for the 13980HX, but only 4800 MHz for the i5).


While we have not tested a single system built around the 13450HX as of August 2023, we have tested several systems featuring the Core i5-12600K, a CPU with very similar specs (six P-cores mated to four E-cores, both running at insignificantly faster clock speeds than what the 13450HX has). Based on that, we expect the 13450HX to be 10% to 15% behind the Ryzen 7 7840HS and the Ryzen 9 7940HS, as far as multi-thread benchmark scores are concerned.

Your mileage may vary depending on how competent the system's cooling solution is and how high the CPU power limits are.

Power consumption

The chip's "minimum assured" power consumption sits at 45 W. Its Turbo power consumption is not supposed to go over 157 W and its "base" power consumption is supposed to be around 55 W. Most laptop makers will probably go for a value much higher than 55 W to extract as much performance out of the chip as possible.

The i5-13450HX is built with Intel's 4th generation 10 nm process marketed as Intel 7 for average, as of early 2023, energy efficiency.

SeriesIntel Raptor Lake-HX
CodenameRaptor Lake-HX

Series: Raptor Lake-HX Raptor Lake-HX

Intel Core i9-13980HX compare1.6 - 5.6 GHz24 / 32 cores36 MB L3
Intel Core i9-13950HX compare1.6 - 5.5 GHz24 / 32 cores36 MB L3
Intel Core i9-13900HX compare1.6 - 5.4 GHz24 / 32 cores36 MB L3
Intel Core i7-13850HX compare1.5 - 5.3 GHz20 / 28 cores30 MB L3
Intel Core i7-13700HX compare1.5 - 5 GHz16 / 24 cores30 MB L3
Intel Core i7-13650HX compare1.9 - 4.9 GHz14 / 20 cores24 MB L3
Intel Core i5-13600HX compare1.9 - 4.8 GHz14 / 20 cores24 MB L3
Intel Core i5-13500HX compare1.8 - 4.7 GHz14 / 20 cores24 MB L3
Intel Core i5-13450HX « 1.8 - 4.6 GHz10 / 16 cores20 MB L3
Clock Rate1800 - 4600 MHz
Level 3 Cache20 MB
Number of Cores / Threads10 / 16
6 x 4.5 GHz Intel Raptor Cove P-Core
4 x 3.4 GHz Intel Gracemont E-Core
Power Consumption (TDP = Thermal Design Power)55 Watt
Manufacturing Technology10 nm
Die Size257 mm2
Max. Temperature100 °C
FeaturesDDR4-3200/DDR5-4800 RAM, PCIe 5, Thr. Director, DL Boost, GNA, MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, SSE4.1, SSE4.2, AVX, AVX2, BMI2, ABM, FMA, ADX, SMEP, SMAP, EIST, TM1, TM2, HT, Turbo, SST, AES-NI, RDRAND, RDSEED, SHA
GPUIntel UHD Graphics Xe 16EUs (Tiger Lake-H) ( - 1450 MHz)
64 Bit64 Bit support
Announcement Date01/04/2023
Product Link (external)


Performance Rating - CB R15 + R20 + 7-Zip + X265 + Blender + 3DM11 CPU
42.6 pt (59%)
Cinebench R15 - Cinebench R15 CPU Multi 64 Bit
2427 Points (15%)
HWBOT x265 Benchmark v2.2 - HWBOT x265 4k Preset
16.9 fps (30%)
Super Pi mod 1.5 XS 1M - Super Pi mod 1.5 XS 1M *
7.2 s (2%)
Geekbench 4.0 - Geekbench 4.0 64 Bit Single-Core
7348 points (100%)
Geekbench 4.0 - Geekbench 4.0 64 Bit Multi-Core
41034 points (100%)
Power Consumption - Prime95 Power Consumption - external Monitor *
160.8 Watt (28%)
Power Consumption - Idle Power Consumption - external Monitor *
31.6 Watt (21%)
Power Consumption - Idle Power Consumption 150cd 1min *
11.5 Watt (13%)
- Range of benchmark values for this graphics card
- Average benchmark values for this graphics card
* Smaller numbers mean a higher performance

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