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Google Drive now allows for a limited glimpse into the Android device backups.

Android backups are now manageable in Google Drive, sort of

Google released new versions of the Google Drive Android app and the Google Drive web interface, that allow you to take a glimpse into your Android device's backup with limited functionality.
Apple led this quarter, accounting for 21.3% of unit sales. (Source: Apple)

Tablet sales down 21.5% on year, up 7.3% on quarter

Digitimes research shows that tablet shipments for 2016 are down 21.5% on year, but up 7.3% on quarter. It could be the end of a long downturn for the tablet market.
Mobile Graphics Cards - Benchmark List

Mobile Graphics Cards - Benchmark List

Sort and filter through all currently available mobile graphics cards by performance or specification.
Chuwi Hi10 Pro Tablet Review

83% Chuwi Hi10 Pro Tablet Review

1-with-2. Android or Windows? Users of the Chuwi Hi10 Pro don't have to make that decision, since the Chinese hybrid tablet comes with both operating systems preinstalled. If the tablet is worth buying is the subject of our review.
Intel Atom x5-Z8300 | Intel HD Graphics (Cherry Trail) | 10.1" | 562 g
New rumors suggest that the successor to the Surface Pro 4 will receive welcome enhancements.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 rumors: Thunderbolt 3, Kaby Lake and more

New rumors suggest, that the successor to the Surface Pro 4 might come with Thunderbolt 3 port, more storage, Kaby Lake processors and possibly an integrated fingerprint sensor. It might be released as early as Spring 2017.
The Teclast X5 Pro looks remarkably similar to the Microsoft Surface line of Hybrids. (Source: Gearbest)

Teclast unveils Kaby Lake powered X5 Pro

The 2-in-1 device looks similar to the Microsoft Surface Pro, right down to the built in kickstand, and is powered by a Kaby Lake Core m3 processor.
It might not be a good idea to save a few bucks on a cheaper charger. (Source: International Configurations, INC)

Study shows over 99% of counterfeit Apple chargers dangerous: watchdog group

UK watchdog Trading Standards tested 400 counterfeit "Apple" chargers for basic safety violations. Only 3 passed.
MediaTek announced new processors as part of their Helio X20-lineup: The Helio X23 und X27.

MediaTek announced the launch of the Helio X23 und Helio X27 mobile processors

Both new Helio chips will offer more speed over the current X20 and X25 processors and introduce support for dual-cameras thanks to an updated Image signal processor. They will also be more power efficient.
Virgin Media's new TellyTablet is a TV focused Android tablet with access to the Google Play Store. (Source: Virgin Media)

Virgin Media releases TellyTablet and 4K-capable V6 Box

Virgin Media has announced two new products in the UK, the TellyTablet and V6 Box. Both devices will run Virgin's TV services, including their updated TV Anywhere and TV kids apps.
The malware can gain root access on Android phones, exposing the entire device to the hackers. (Source: Android Recovery Mode Screen)

Hackers compromise over 1 million Google accounts

Malicious software disguised as legitimate Android apps have breached over 1 million Google accounts. The software can then install additional apps or even post content online.

"reMarkable" e-ink tablet with full stylus support available for pre-order

Something of a cross between a Kindle and a Wacom tablet, the reMarkable tablet seeks to replace your trusty pen and paper for reading, writing, and sketching.
Will Qualcomm release the Snapdragon 830 as a scaled down version of the Snapdragon 835?

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 might come after all

When Qualcomm released the Snapdragon 835 recently, it was widely expected that this would be their flagship processor for 2017. However, according to new rumors out of China, Qualcomm might also release the Snapdragon 830 just a few months after the Snapdragon 835 as a slightly scaled down version.
Cube's Mix Plus is a low-powered, low-cost laptop/tablet hybrid. (Source: Cube)

Kaby Lake powered Cube Mix Plus now available for pre-order

The 10.6 inch 2-in-1 sports a Core M Kaby Lake processor. Is the Chinese manufactured hybrid a good value?
Meizu 7.9-inch Android tablet with MediaTek processor image leak

Meizu tablet leaks online

The first tablet of this Chinese brand is expected to feature a 7.9-inch display, next to a MediaTek Helio X or P processor, 4 GB RAM, 32 GB internal storage, a 13 MP main camera, and a generous battery.
Samsung corporate logo, Samsung to split in two

Samsung might split in two

An unnamed source quoted by a South Korean newspaper revealed that Samsung Electronics could follow the advice of US activist hedge fund Elliott Management and split in two, but nothing is official yet.
The A1 symbol can tell you if the Micro-SD card is fast enough to run apps.

The A1 symbol on Micro-SD cards tell you if it is fast enough for apps

The SD Association recently introduced new application performance classes that will specify Micro-SD cards that are fast enough to be used for starting apps and programs. So far only one class, named A1 has been announced
The Spin 7 is touted as the world's thinnest convertible laptop. (Source: Acer)

Acer Spin 7 and Spin 5 now available in the United States

Acer's new Spin 7, currently the world's thinnest convertible notebook, and Spin 5 bring more options to consumers looking for a 2-in-1 device.
Lenovo Yoga 510-14IKB Convertible Review

82% Lenovo Yoga 510-14IKB Convertible Review

Imperfect. Lenovo has put a largely useless dedicated graphics card in its new 14-inch convertible. Thankfully, the other components ensure the device can do its job as a mobile office companion. In our detailed review, we will check this model and see how its limited battery life and other flaws stack up in comparison to the competition.
Intel Core i5-7200U | AMD Radeon R5 M430 | 14.0" | 1.7 kg
Lenovo Miix 520 Windows convertible with Intel Kaby Lake processor

Lenovo Miix 520 Windows convertible leaks online

The successor of the Miix 510 convertible uses a Kaby Lake processor and sports a fanless design, also featuring an augmented reality camera and a fingerprint scanner. It should be announced soon and is expected to carry a rather high price tag.
Eve successfully started their crowdfunding campaign for the V 2-in-1.

Eve V-Surface Killer on Indiegogo: First batch sold out after 3 hours!

Yesterday, Eve started their crowdfunding campaign for the V 2-in-1 Surface Pro competitor on Indiegogo. All 500 units available for the first batch were sold in under three hours, but you can still secure your device from the second batch that is due to be delivered in April/May of next year.
Lenovo Yoga 710-14IKB 80V4002HGE Convertible Review

83% Lenovo Yoga 710-14IKB 80V4002HGE Convertible Review

Kaby Lake, Yoga style. Lenovo updates its models and equips the noble convertible with 7th-Gen Intel Core processors. We will find out how the modern ULV processor from Intel performs.
Intel Core i5-7200U | Intel HD Graphics 620 | 14" | 1.6 kg
Huawei MediaPad M3 8.4

87% Huawei MediaPad M3 8.4 Tablet Review

Evolution. The successor to the MediaPad M2 of 2015 is finally here: please welcome the MediaPad M3. The new model may have almost identical measurements to the predecessor, but it is equipped with a larger, higher resolution panel, a stronger processor and a fingerprint sensor. We will check what Huawei has to offer in our detailed review.
HiSilicon Kirin 950 | ARM Mali-T880 MP4 | 8.4" | 310 g
Faster, more secure and compatible with USB-PD: Quick Charge 4.0 promises to become the best fast charging standard.

Qualcomm: Quick Charge 4.0 will be compatible with USB-C Power Delivery

Qualcomm announced Quick Charge 4.0 last week together with the latest Snapdragon 835 processor. The new version of Quick Charge promises to deliver 5 hours of usage in just 5 minutes of charging, improves on security and will be compatible with USB-C standards like Power Delivery.
iPhone assembly lines may soon become a rarity in Asia. (Photo Source: Cult Of Mac)

iPhone manufacturing might be moved to USA

"iPhone: Made in the USA?" Apple may ask iPhone manufacturers to move production to the United States in the future.
Notebookcheck's Top 10 Tablets

Notebookcheck's Top 10 Tablets

December 2016 update. Here you will find the current best tablets reviewed by Notebookcheck in the last few months. Our list of top models is regularly updated, maintained and commented on and should assist in purchasing decisions.
Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 835 is built on Samsung's 10 nm process and brings some solid improvements. (Source: Qualcomm)

Qualcomm announces Snapdragon 835 processor built on Samsung's 10 nm process

The new SoC is the first to be built on Samsung's new, smaller 10 nm FinFET process. This chip should bring faster performance and better energy efficiency.
The Nook Tablet 7

Barnes and Noble officially announces Nook Tablet 7"

The Nook Tablet 7" is official, and its ready to take on the Fire tablet from rival Amazon. Will the budget priced Nook be a boon or a bust for the bookseller?
Notebookcheck's Top 10 Convertibles

Notebookcheck's Top 10 Convertibles

November 2016 update. Here you will find the best convertibles reviewed by Notebookcheck in the last few months. Our list of top models is regularly updated, maintained and commented on and should assist in purchase decisions.
The Apple iPad Mini 4 might not get a successor next year.

Apple may release three new iPads in 2017, one of them bezel-less

Barclays analysts recently reported, that Apple will introduce three new iPads in March of 2017. The iPad Mini 4 will not get a replacement, however. Instead, a new 9.7 inch iPad will be introduced as an entry level device. A new 10.9 inch tablet may turn out to be bezel-less.
Notebookcheck's Top 10 Windows Tablets

Notebookcheck's Top 10 Windows Tablets

November 2016 update. Here is the current list of Notebookcheck's top-ranked Windows tablets. This list is reviewed on a regular basis, checked by our editors and updated if needed. It is designed to help our readers with their purchase decisions.
USB-C is quickly becoming a standard but fast charging technologies are far from being compatible with each other.

Snapdragon 830 will come with Quick Charge 4.0, Google recommends PD

Qualcomm is said to introduce Quick Charge 4.0 with next years flagship processor, the Snapdragon 830. It will allegedly offer 28 Watt fast charging but Google recommends Android phone manufacturers to use USB Power Delivery instead.
Lenovo Yoga Book Android YB1-X90F Convertible Review

88% Lenovo Yoga Book Android YB1-X90F Convertible Review

Multitalented. Would you like a tablet which is also a graphics tablet? Want a keyboard too? The Lenovo Yoga Book Android offers all this and more. We will check how well the device performs in our in-depth review.
Intel Atom x5-Z8550 | Intel HD Graphics 400 (Braswell) | 10.1" | 690 g
Verizon's new Ellipsis 8 HD tablet is targeted at the budget-minded crowd. (Source: Verizon)

Verizon releases Ellipsis 8 HD Android tablet

Verizon has started selling its new Ellipsis 8 HD just in time for the holiday season. Does the budget Android tablet stand out from a flooded market?
The backlit keyboard can either connect through Pins or via Bluetooth 4.2.

Eve V: Specs of the Surface killer are final

A week after we first told you about the Eve V, the first crowd sourced 2-in-1 laptop, the specifications have been updated and are now final. We compared them to the Surface Pro 4 from Microsoft.
The community project Eve V hopes to be cheaper and better than the Surface Pro 4.

Meet Eve V, the crowdfunded Surface killer with high-end specs

If you are interested in a Surface Pro 4 by Microsoft but wanted a cheaper, more powerful and better equipped alternative, you will you soon be able to support the Indiegogo campaign for a community project called the Eve V.
A Chuwi teaser reveals a 3:2 tablet with 3,000 x 2,000 resolution and Apollo Lake CPU.

Chuwi teases new Apollo Lake tablet with 3,000 x 2,000 resolution

Chinese manufacturer Chuwi started teasing a new tablet on Twitter, that integrates a new Apollo Lake processor and a high resolution display that has the same resolution as the Surface Book by Microsoft.
Lenovo Yoga Book 2016 Windows 64GB LTE Convertible Review

86% Lenovo Yoga Book 2016 Windows 64GB LTE Convertible Review

Sketchbook for creators. Not satisfied with stylus inputting on a tablet? Lenovo now has the handy solution for all creative minds: Write with ink on paper and work digitally, anyway. The 10-millimeter Book is not an all-rounder, but it can do more than just digitize ink. Find out what this is in our detailed report.
Intel Atom x5-Z8550 | Intel HD Graphics 400 (Braswell) | 10.1" | 695 g
Prototype of the SMACH Z, a handheld gaming PC. (Source: SMACH)

SMACH Z handheld gaming PC reaches Kickstarter goal

When people talk about handheld gaming, they typically don't mention PC titles. Startup SMACH hopes to change that conversation with their upcoming SMACH Z and SMACH Z Pro, handheld gaming PCs able to play AAA Steam releases. SMACH has turned to Kickstarter for funding, and their initial goal has been met.
Users most satisfied with Apple and Microsoft tablets according to study

Users most satisfied with Apple and Microsoft tablets according to study

Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, and Amazon are performing above user expectations while HP, Asus, Acer, and LG are below average.
A prototype of the Dell Smart Desk, which Dell will officially announce at CES 2017. (Source: Dell)

Dell unveils alternative to Microsoft's Surface Studio

With the announcement of the Surface Studio and Surface Dial, Microsoft has intrigued consumers with an innovative computing experience. However, Dell has recently unveiled an alternative to the Surface Studio they've been developing since 2014.
Microsoft no longer restocking Surface 3 tablets

Microsoft no longer restocking Surface 3 tablets

Dropping the less expensive Surface 3 would leave only the pricier Surface Pro, Surface Book, and Surface Studio models available.
NEC Lavie Tab S Android tablet coming in January 2017

NEC unveils Lavie Tab and Lavie Tab S

Both slates are powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon processors, with prices starting at $188 USD and deliveries expected to begin later this month for the 7-inch Lavie Tab and in January for the 8-inch Lavie Tab S.
Tablet market continues to decline as of Q3 2016

Tablet market continues to decline as of Q3 2016

Apple, Lenovo, and Samsung tablet sales are down while Huawei and Amazon are up significantly from the previous year.
Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2016) with S Pen Android tablet, Samsung tablets shipment down 20 percent in Q3 2016

Samsung tablet shipments down almost 20 percent in Q3

While low-cost detachables managed to reach an all-time high, traditional tablets continue to lose market share. In the third quarter, Samsung has sold 6.5 million tablets, a 20 percent drop from the over 8 million units shipped in the same period of 2015.
The NOOK Tablet 7

New Barnes and Noble NOOK tablet passes FCC testing

A recently released FCC report gives us an insight into what to expect from Barnes and Noble's newest device. Is the company looking to reenter the tablet market?
Nintendo Switch gaming tablet to feature 4 GB of memory

Nintendo Switch to feature 4 GB of memory

The successor of the popular Wii U gaming console has been officially unveiled earlier this month and is expected to hit the market in March 2017. Codenamed as NX during development, the Nintendo Switch hybrid console is expected to launch featuring 4 GB of memory, as confirmed by Emily Rogers on Twitter.
Lenovo Miix 720 Convertible: Kaby Lake CPUs, QHD+ Display & Thunderbolt 3

Lenovo Miix 720 convertible leaked: Kaby Lake CPUs, QHD+ Display & Thunderbolt 3

The Chinese manufacturer Lenovo is preparing the release of another Miix tablet. The Miix 720 is a high-end convertible, evident by its components: Thunderbolt 3, Kaby Lake U CPUs and a QHD+ display. Because of the powerful 15 W CPUs, the 720 has an active cooling system.
Lenovo Tab 3 10 Business TB3-X70L Tablet Review

82% Lenovo Tab 3 10 Business TB3-X70L Tablet Review

Well Connected. Sleek looks, mobile internet and good pricing make the Lenovo Tab 3 10 Business a suitable companion for offices. In this review, we will find out how suitable this tablet is for private use.
Mediatek MT8735 | ARM Mali-T720 MP2 | 10.1" | 509 g
Asus Zenpad 3 8.0

85% Asus ZenPad 3 8.0 Z581KL Tablet Review

Zen of wishes? Asus' new tablet with the size of an iPad Mini not only offers good features including WWAN modem and stereo speakers, but it is also comparatively affordable. Does the more expensive competition have a problem?
Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 MSM8956 | Qualcomm Adreno 510 | 7.9" | 320 g
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 with S Pen Android tablet goes on sale in the US October 2016

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 with S Pen coming to the US this week

This Exynos 7870-driven Android slate with 3 GB RAM and 16 GB internal storage space hits the US starting on October 28. The price of the WiFi-only variant is $349.99 USD, and the LTE-enabled one should arrive at a later time.

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