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Intel Core i7-10850H

Intel i7-10850H

The Intel Core i7-10850H is a high-end processor for laptops with six cores based on the Comet Lake architecture (CML-H, 4th generation of Skylake). The processor clocks at between 2.7 and 5.1 GHz (with Thermal Velocity Boost and Turbo Boost 3.0). Using only Turbo Boost 3.0 (when the temperatures don't allow the the Thermal Velocity Boost) a single core can reach 4.9 GHz. All six cores can reach 4.4 GHz. The processor is still manufactured on the old 14nm (14nm++) process. 

The Comet Lake architecture is similar to Coffee Lake and offers the same features and is produced on the same 14nm process. Other than the improved clock rates, the memory controller now also supports faster DDR4-2933 RAM. More information on Comet Lake and all the models and articles on it can be found here.

The Core i7-10850H supports the management features vPro, TXT and SIPP. 


The average 10850H in our database proves to be a somewhat disappointing CPU, only matching Intel Core i5-10500H and AMD Ryzen 5 5500U in multi-thread performance. While the Core i7 will have no trouble running any app or any game you can download in 2020 and 2021, there are better options out there.


The integrated Intel UHD Graphics 630 iGPU is supposed to offer a similar performance as the UHD 630 in the Core i7-9750H. As a low-end solution it will only run current games smoothly at reduced details - if at all.

Power consumption

This Core i7 series chip has a default TDP, also known as the long-term power limit, of 45 W, a value that laptop makers are free to reduce somewhat (with 35 W being the minimum Intel-recommended value) resulting in lower clock speeds and lower performance. Either way, the CPU is way too power-hungry to be the heart of a passively cooled mini-PC, laptop, tablet.

The i7-10850H is manufactured on one of the old 14 nm Intel processes leading to subpar, as of early 2023, energy efficiency.

SeriesIntel Comet Lake
CodenameComet Lake-H

Series: Comet Lake Comet Lake-H

Intel Core i9-10980HK compare2.4 - 5.3 GHz8 / 16 cores16 MB L3
Intel Xeon W-10885M compare2.4 - 5.3 GHz8 / 16 cores16 MB L3
Intel Core i9-10885H compare2.4 - 5.3 GHz8 / 16 cores16 MB L3
Intel Core i9-10880H compare2.3 - 5.1 GHz8 / 16 cores16 MB L3
Intel Core i7-10875H compare2.3 - 5.1 GHz8 / 16 cores16 MB L3
Intel Core i7-10870H compare2.2 - 5 GHz8 / 16 cores16 MB L3
Intel Core i7-10850H « 2.7 - 5.1 GHz6 / 12 cores12 MB L3
Intel Xeon W-10855M compare2.8 - 5.1 GHz6 / 12 cores12 MB L3
Intel Core i7-10750H compare2.6 - 5 GHz6 / 12 cores12 MB L3
Intel Core i5-10500H compare2.5 - 4.5 GHz6 / 12 cores12 MB L3
Intel Core i5-10400H compare2.6 - 4.6 GHz4 / 8 cores8 MB L3
Intel Core i5-10300H compare2.5 - 4.5 GHz4 / 8 cores8 MB L3
Intel Core i5-10200H compare2.4 - 4.1 GHz4 / 8 cores8 MB L3
Clock Rate2700 - 5100 MHz
Level 1 Cache384 KB
Level 2 Cache1.5 MB
Level 3 Cache12 MB
Number of Cores / Threads6 / 12
Power Consumption (TDP = Thermal Design Power)45 Watt
Manufacturing Technology14 nm
Max. Temperature100 °C
FeaturesDDR4-2933 RAM, PCIe 3, 8 GT/s bus, vPro, MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, SSE4.1, SSE4.2, AVX, AVX2, BMI2, ABM, FMA, ADX, VMX, SMEP, SMAP, MPX, EIST, TM1, TM2, Hyper-Threading, Turbo, SST, AES-NI, RDRAND, RDSEED, SGX
GPUIntel UHD Graphics 630 (350 - 1150 MHz)
64 Bit64 Bit support
Starting Price$395 U.S.
Announcement Date04/02/2020
Product Link (external)Intel Comet Lake i7-10850H


Performance Rating - CB R15 + R20 + 7-Zip + X265 + Blender + 3DM11 CPU
36 pt (53%)
Cinebench R15 - Cinebench R15 CPU Multi 64 Bit
1232 Points (13%)
HWBOT x265 Benchmark v2.2 - HWBOT x265 4k Preset
8.4 fps (18%)
Super Pi Mod 1.5 XS 32M - Super Pi mod 1.5 XS 32M *
431.6 s (2%)
- Range of benchmark values for this graphics card
- Average benchmark values for this graphics card
* Smaller numbers mean a higher performance

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