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Fallout 76 hits Xbox One (Source: Xbox Wire)

Fallout 76 hits Xbox One

The award-winning creators of Skyrim and Fallout 4 are back with Fallout 76, an online prequel to the epic series of post-apocalyptic RPGs that was introduced by Interplay Entertainment back in 1997. Fallout 76 is now available vi...
Corsair has announced keyboard and mouse support for the Xbox One. (Source: Corsair)

Corsair's gaming keyboards and mice are now compatible with the Xbox One

Corsair has announced that its wide range of gaming keyboards and mice will support the Xbox One. Microsoft recently announced keyboard and mouse support for the Xbox One and developers can choose to support their game for such in...
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 gets most important update so far, November 13, 2018

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 gets the most important update so far

The latest update to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is a massive one and comes with a rather long list of changes, which includes Nuketown, Daily Tier Skip, Blackout with Nuketown Island zombies and the Bowie Knife, stability tweaks, a...
Image source: stock photo, Nintendo logo (w/ edits)

Nintendo wins $12 million from ROM site LoveRoms

Nintendo has won $12 million in a settlement with and, two ROM distribution sites it sued this past summer. The couple that operated the two sites admitted that they participated in copyright infringement...
PUBG is finally coming to the PS4. (Source: PUBG Corp)

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds gets PlayStation 4 release date

PlayStation 4 owners will soon be able to get their hands on the smash-hit battle royale game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). PUBG Corp and Sony have jointly announced that the title is now available for pre-order and will ...
Image source: Xbox, Razer (w/ edits)

The Xbox One is (finally) getting keyboard and mouse support for a few select titles

Microsoft is making good on their September promise to bring mouse-and-keyboard input support to the Xbox One. Starting this Wednesday, November 14, select titles will receive updates that will allow them to be played with a mouse...
Sony PlayStation Now is leading the video game subscription market. (Source: SuperData Research)

PlayStation Now is leading the game subscription market ahead of EA Access and Xbox Game Pass

Sony's PlayStation Now video game subscription service is leading the market by 52% followed by EA Access at 16% and Xbox Game Pass at 15%, according to a report by analyst firm SuperData. The firm also found that the price of sub...
Image via

Fallout 76 requires a 54 GB day-one patch, which is bigger than the actual game

Want to play Fallout 76 when it comes out later this week? Be prepared to stare at a loading bar. The game comes with a mandatory day-one patch that is a massive 56 GB in size. This is in addition to the 45 GB base game, meaning t...
Image via Pokemon Let's GO official site

You will be able to transfer Pokemon from Pokemon GO to Pokemon Let's GO on the Switch

A feature in the latest Pokemon game, Pokemon Let's GO, may get you to load up your game of Pokemon GO on your smartphone. Pokemon that trainers have captured in Pokemon GO can be transferred to Pokemon Let's GO on the Switch. The...
Save New Providence from the threat of Terra Nova. (Source: Microsoft)

Microsoft Studios announces release date for Crackdown 3

Microsoft Studios has revealed a release date for the much-delayed third installment in the Crackdown series. Crackdown 3 will be launched on February 15, 2019, and it is currently available to pre-order for Xbox One or PC gamers....
Image via Xbox

Microsoft will acquire Obisidian Entertainment, the minds behind Fallout: New Vegas

Microsoft announced that it would be acquiring both Obsidian Entertainment and inXile Entertainment today at X018, Microsoft's Xbox conference. Obsidian is perhaps best known for titles like Fallout: New Vegas and Star Wars: Knigh...
Image via Nintendo

YouTube comes to Nintendo Switch, but Nintendo continues bad history with video streaming

The Nintendo Switch finally got a YouTube app yesterday, bringing the world's most popular video streaming service to the console. However, Netflix and Amazon are still absent. The lack of video streaming services on the console i...
Image via Sony

The PlayStation Classic uses the PCSX ReARMed emulator

The upcoming PlayStation Classic has been found to use the open-source PCSX ReARMed emulator to run its games. The emulator has been developed by retro gaming enthusiasts, not Sony. It's curious that Sony opted to use an emulator ...
The newer Sony PS4 Pro CUH-7200 (bottom) has a new power input and a slightly tweaked port arrangement. (Source: Eurogamer)

A quieter Sony PlayStation 4 Pro is now available, but only with the Red Dead Redemption 2 bundle in the UK

Sony has discretely launched its quietest PlayStation 4 Pro yet with the CUH-7200 that is only available as part of the Red Dead Redemption 2 bundle (CUH-7216B). The CUH-7200 brings a revised power supply and better acoustics with...
Image via 8BitDo

New adapter from 8BitDo wirelessly connects a Gamecube controller to the Switch and Windows PCs

8BitDo has just released a wireless controller adapter for the Switch and Windows PCs. The GBros. Wireless Adapter for Switch allows gamers to connect Gamecube controllers, NES and SNES Classic controllers, and the Wii Classic con...
Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (2018, LTE, 256 GB) Tablet Review

92% Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (2018, LTE, 256 GB) Tablet Review

Live review - The release of the third generation of Apple’s huge tablet has coincided with a complete redesign that shares more design cues with the new iPhone XS series than classic iPhones. Apple has equipped its most expensive tablet with its most powerful ARM SoC, Face ID, high volume storage options, support for a new Apple Pencil and much more including a massive markup in price.
Update: Connectivity, Software and Games sections added. Battery life table updated.
Apple A12X Bionic | Apple A12X Bionic GPU | 12.9" | 633 g
Diablo 4 has been in the works for four years now, but developers still feel that the current state is not something they would reveal. (Source: Gameranx)

[Updated]Diablo 4 was supposed to be announced after Diablo Immortal at BlizzCon

The plan was to show a short video presentation on the state of the Diablo 4 project right after the Diablo Immortal unveil, but Blizzard feared that fans would be disappointed even more. Diablo 4 is said to have been in developme...
Path of Exile coming to PlayStation 4 in December 2018 (Source: Path of Exile on Twitter)

Path of Exile coming to PlayStation 4 next month

Available for Microsoft Windows since October 2013, Path of Exile finally became available on Xbox One consoles in August 2017. Now, the PlayStation 4 version is finally (almost) ready to roll out, as it should arrive — if everyth...
Red Dead Redemption 2. (Source: El Paisano)

Red Dead Redemption 2 smashes global sales records, has the biggest opening weekend of any entertainment product ever

Red Dead Redemption 2 has been the talk of the town since it was released last week. All of that talk translated into hard cash for Rockstar Games, though, as the game sold over US$725 million in retail over its first three days.
Image via Sony

Sony's PlayStation business vaults the company to a $1.5 billion profit in Q2

Despite continued losses in its mobile division, Sony enjoyed a massive $1.5 billion profit in Q2, thanks in large part to the success of the PlayStation 4. A mixture of excellent exclusive titles and strong console sales racked u...
Image via Sony

Sony unveils full list of games on the PlayStation Classic

The full games list for Sony's upcoming PlayStation Classic has been released. While several classics like Resident Evil, Final Fantasy VII, and Metal Gear Solid will be available, there are a few curious omissions. The full games...
Red Dead Redemption 2 hits Xbox One (Source: Xbox Wire)

Red Dead Redemption 2 hits Xbox One

The creators of Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar Games, are back with the second game in the Red Dead Redemption series. Red Dead Redemption 2 comes with access to Red Dead Online, and those who download it from the Microsoft Store by...
The original jailbreaking tool. (Image via CultOfMac)

U.S. Copyright Office may make circumventing DRM (jailbreaking) for repair purposes legal... sort of

A list of proposed rules put out by the U.S. Copyright Office would make jailbreaking devices like smartphones and smart speakers completely legal, if adopted. Jailbreaking, or circumventing DRM, is currently in a legally grey are...
Fallout 76 is based on the Creation Engine. (Source: Bethesda)

Bethesda reveals PC system requirements for Fallout 76

Bethesda has announced the minimum and recommended PC specifications for the upcoming title Fallout 76. PC gamers are advised to have at least the equivalent of an i7-4790 or Ryzen 3 1300X CPU, and when it comes to the GPU an Nvid...
War Thunder 1.83 "Masters of the Sea" update now available

War Thunder 1.83 "Masters of the Sea" takes naval battles into Open Beta

War Thunder 1.83 "Masters of the Sea" introduces the British Royal Navy tech tree (in Closed Beta), but also brings in new German, Soviet, and American vessels. The naval forces of these three nations can now be played by everyone...
The listing's image appears to refer to RDR2 for PC specifically. (Source: MediaMarkt)

Online listing for Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC posted, then yanked again

The second installment of Red Dead Redemption has been announced as launching soon. However, this news is not great for PC gamers, as the game is thought to be only available for consoles. A recent listing by an e-tailer appears t...
Soulcalibur VI now available for consoles, Windows, and arcade (Source: BANDAI NAMCO)

Soulcalibur VI now available for arcade, consoles, and Windows

Even available for old-school coin-operated machines, Soulcalibur VI is now out for Windows PCs, as well as Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles. With a roster of returning fighters and newcomers, this title is set in the 16th cent...
The N64 Classic mini console could be launched in December in order to counter Sony's PS Classic mini console release. (Source: Nintendo)

First pictures of the Nintendo N64 Classic Mini console emerge

The leaked closeups seem to have been captured from a promotional video, suggesting an imminent official announcement. Featuring the hide-away control ports also found on the NES and SNES Classic mini consoles, this appears to be ...
Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 now available for Xbox One (Source: Xbox Wire)

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 now available for Xbox One

The latest installment in the Black Ops series is finally available for Xbox One at US$59.99 (Standard and Digital Standard Edition), US$99.99 (Digital Deluxe Edition), and US$129.99 (Digital Deluxe Enhanced Edition). Call of Duty...
A big-budget Harry Potter RPG is rumored to be under development. (Source: Variety)

Images from rumored Harry Potter RPG leaked online

Footage of a new Harry Potter/Wizarding World game has been leaked online, appearing recently on Reddit. There have been many Harry Potter-related video games in the past, but images captured from the leaked clip seem to show that...
Fortnite - Disco Domination mode and quad rocket launcher now available as of mid-October 2018 (Source: Wccftech)

Fortnite gets Disco Domination mode, quad rocket launcher, and more

The patch 0.62 brings a new 50v50 battle mode to Fortnite, namely Disco Domination, as well as a quad rocket launcher. In the new mode, players fight to capture dance floors and raise disco balls. The new patch also brings back th...
Forza Horizon 4 gets 2 million players in first week after launch

Forza Horizon 4 hits 2 million players

Only one week since its release, Forza Horizon 4 is already — according to Metacritic — the highest-rated Xbox exclusive title of this console generation while the franchise remains the best-seller in the racing category. During t...
Image source: Chucklefish blog

Farmer in my Pocket: Stardew Valley is coming to iOS October 24, Android port will follow soon

The uber-popular indie farming simulator Stardew Valley is getting an iOS port this month. The title is up for pre-order on the Apple App Store now and will be available for download October 24 for US$7.99. An Android port will be...
Image: Amazon

The C64 Mini is (finally) available in the United States for US$80

While the C64 Mini has been widely available in Europe for some time, the U.S. has missed out on the console's retro computing goodness until today. The C64 Mini is now available Stateside for US$80 through Amazon, Walmart, and Ga...
Kenichiro Yoshida was made CEO of Sony in 2018. (Source: Fortune)

Sony finally confirms PlayStation 4 successor is in the works

In an interview with the Financial Times, Sony’s CEO Kenichiro Yoshida has admitted that the company is working on a new console, which is more than likely going to be the PlayStation 5 (although that name has yet to be confirmed)...
Backwards compatibility could be a key feature of the PlayStation 5. (Render source: VGR)

Patent hints at possible PlayStation 5 backwards compatibility

A patent has been unearthed that has led some media outlets to speculate that Sony could be planning on delivering a PlayStation 5 console offering backwards compatibility. The patent for “remastering by emulation” was filed on No...
Armored Warfare third anniversary festive garage (Source: Own)

Armored Warfare celebrates third anniversary of the unrestricted European and North American launch

Today, Armored Warfare celebrates the third anniversary since it became available for all those interested across Europe and North America. To bring back some of those who lost interest and to make everyone happy, the developer de...
The patent describes how the operation buttons could work through touchscreen conduction. (Source: BGR)

Nintendo patents Game Boy cover for smart devices

A patent by Nintendo has been unearthed that appears to show a Game Boy cover for an electronic device, such as a smartphone. The patent was filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office in March 2018 and describes an a...
Shadow of the Tomb Raider was published by Square Enix. (Source: Square Enix)

DLC announced for Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Shadow of the Tomb Raider has only been on the shelves for a few weeks and Square Enix has already announced a new DLC adventure for Lara Croft. The Forge is scheduled for release on November 13 and will be available for the Xbox ...
Nintendo Switch handheld console to get a successor next summer

Nintendo could launch the Switch 2 next summer

After selling more than 20 million Switch units, Nintendo is on its way to the launch of this handheld gaming console's second iteration, which is expected to arrive next summer. Although it will probably not make the move to an O...
Sea of Thieves "Forsaken Shores" free update now live (Source: Xbox Wire)

Sea of Thieves gets "Forsaken Shores" free update

The new free content update for Sea of Thieves, dubbed "Forsaken Shores," comes with a new volcanic region. Suggestively called "The Devil’s Roar," the new area allows players to encounter volcano eruptions, terrifying earthquakes...
Image source: South Park (w/ edits)

You can now play your own NES ROMs on Nintendo Switch Online thanks to a new hack

Less than 24 hours after its launch, Nintendo's Switch Online service has already been hacked to allow gamers to load their own custom NES ROMs in to the NES library. The process, which seems to be simple, is possible because of N...
The PlayStation Classic is 45% smaller than the original console. (Source: Sony)

Sony announces PlayStation Classic mini console, available December 3 with 20 preloaded games

The PlayStation brand is celebrating 25 years of existence on December 3 this year, and Sony is launching the PlayStation Classic mini console to mark the special anniversary. Sony will preload the PlayStation Classic with 20 icon...
War Thunder 1.81 "The Walkyries" update now available September 2018, attack helicopters included

Update 1.81 "The Walkyries" brings helicopters to War Thunder

The most comprehensive War Thunder update to launch this month — 1.81 "The Walkyries" — introduces a few new ground vehicles, locations, and a new aircraft. However, the most important change involves the attack helicopters that h...
Image source: Nintendo (YouTube)

Nintendo releases trailer for SEGA Mega Drive & Genesis Classics for the Switch

The Sega Mega Drive & Genesis Collection, which bundles over 50 16-bit Sega games, is coming to the Nintendo Switch this winter. Nintendo just posted a trailer for the collection on YouTube. The Collection is further evidence of S...
The ZhongShan Subor Z+ sports a very capable Ryzen+Vega SoC. (Source: AMD)

Zhongshan Subor Z+'s custom Ryzen+Vega SoC has more GPU compute power than the Intel 'Kaby Lake-G' Core i7-8809G

Sporting a custom Ryzen SoC with integrated Vega graphics up to 24 CUs clocked at 1300 MHz, the Zhongshan Subor Z+ is a small form factor PC that tries to offer a console-like experience along with the flexibility of using a tradi...
Shadow of the Tomb Raider is now available. (Source: Softpedia)

Shadow of the Tomb Raider officially released

The latest installment in the Tomb Raider series is now globally available The game is the last in a line of Lara Croft origin-story portrayals. Eidos-Montréal is confident that it will showcase the studio's capabilities.
Luigi's Mansion 3, not to be confused with the Luigi's Mansion 3DS port, was one of many new titles announced. (Source: Nintendo)

Latest Nintendo Direct reveals a plethora of games coming to the Switch

The Nintendo Switch has been one of Nintendo's most successful consoles in history. While Nintendo has historically struggled with third party appeal, the Switch seems to have overcome its predecessors' struggles to date has recei...
Zotac opens new offices in Japan, promises wider availability in Asian markets (Source: Zotac)

Zotac opens new offices in Japan, promises wider availability in Asian markets

Based in Hong Kong, Zotac also has offices in Korea, Germany, and the United States for its international products. Japan will now be added to the list in an attempt to expand to even more territories.
Forza Horizon 4 (Source: Xbox Wire)

Forza Horizon 4 is ready to hit the market

Forza Horizon 4 has just gone gold and will be launching globally on October 2. This racing title will come with no less than 450 cars, but those eager to take it for a spin can play the official demo which is already available fo...

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