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Liron Damir, the head of UX, has left Essential. (Image source: LinkedIn)

Lead designer of the Essential phone leaves the company

The head of UX for Essential, Liron Damir, has left the startup to work at Google in the Google Home division. This marks the third departure of a key employee at Essential in as many months.
BQ Aquaris X Pro Smartphone Review

85% BQ Aquaris X Pro Smartphone Review

Spanish middle class. With the Aquaris X Pro, BQ presents us with a 5.2-inch Android allrounder with no killer features on the one hand, but also no weaknesses worth mentioning on the other.
Qualcomm Snapdragon 626 | Qualcomm Adreno 506 | 5.2" | 158 g
The Meizu Pro 7 was released a few days ago. (Source: Android Authority)

The Helio X30 makes its first verified trip to AnTuTu

The Meizu Pro 7 was benchmarked on AnTuTu and while its scores are solid, they're still quite a bit off the scores we've gotten used to seeing on other flagships.
Sharp Aquos S2 premium Android smartphone with on-screen fingerprint reader

Sharp Aquos S2 leaks online

This upcoming premium Android handset is expected to offer a 5.5-inch 4K display, a dual-camera setup on the back, an on-screen fingerprint scanner, as well as a high screen-to-body ratio.
Nokia 6 Android smartphone coming in silver finish late July 2017

Nokia 6 finally available in silver

The black version has been up for purchase in the US for a while now, and now we see a silver color option on Amazon as well. Those not happy with black or silver can get this handset in blue or copper as well.
The W2017 reportedly sold for about $2900 USD.

The Samsung W2018 clamshell phone is expected to retail for over $2000

The Samsung W2018 will be Samsung's premium flip phone for the year and while that price tag may seem like a joke gone wrong, there's no doubt that the device itself is an incredible package.
OnePlus 5

89% OnePlus 5 Smartphone Review

Computation artist. The OnePlus 5 is a fast smartphone that is available for a good price - although it is not as cheap as it used to be and competition has increased. Can the smartphone with dual camera, AMOLED screen and a slim case still hold its ground among the high-end range? Find out in our review.
Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 (8998) | Qualcomm Adreno 540 | 5.5" | 153 g
Foxconn assembly line workers. (Image source: Foxconn)

Foxconn to open new LCD manufacturing plant in Wisconsin

Foxconn, the electronics manufacturer largely responsible for building components used in the iPhone, has announced their intention to construct an LCD manufacturing plant in Wisconsin. In return, the state of Wisconsin will pay the Taiwanese company US$3 billion in taxpayer subsidies.
Xiaomi Mi 5X launched

Xiaomi Mi 5X officially launched

The Mi 5X has been officially released and its final price of $220 is one that makes it a good buy for the features it offers. Snapdragon 625, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, 5.5" FHD display, dual rear cameras.
Props to Meizu for actually doing something different. (Source: Android Authority)

Meizu Pro 7 and Pro 7 Plus unveiled - First devices with MediaTek's Helio X30 SoC

The Meizu Pro 7 and Pro 7 Plus have finally been unveiled, with the flagships featuring MediaTek's new Helio X30 while boasting of an impressive spreadsheet of features.
BlackBerry KEYOne Black Edition spotted online, coming to China on August 8

BlackBerry KEYOne Black Edition spotted online

This flagship is currently available only in silver, but a Chinese website has just unveiled the unconfirmed information that a Black Edition is ready to launch locally on August 8.
Qualcomm and Apple have been locked in a legal battle since January. Now Intel has joined by throwing their support behind Apple. (Source:

Qualcomm hits back at Intel's claims of anti-competitive behavior

Qualcomm has responded to Intel's claims that they are an "anti-competitive bully," by asserting that they aren't specifically targeting Intel's products, just those that infringe on their patents.
Arrow Launcher running on one of our handsets, showing a homescreen with rotating wallpaper (left), extra options when swipping up on the bottom row shortcuts (middle), and the quick cards screen (right). (Source: Own)

Microsoft releases Arrow Launcher 3.8 beta on Android

Microsoft maintains a relatively rapid release schedule for their popular Arrow Launcher. Only two weeks after the release of version 3.7 they have released version 3.8 to beta testers.
The dual rear camera design is a nice, new take. (Source: Lenovo)

Moto Z2 Force announced, goes on sale in the US today

The Motorola Z2 Force has been officially launched and will be available for pre-order in the US starting today. Snapdragon 835, 5.5" QHD POLED display, dual rear cameras, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage.
The 128 GB HTC U11 is available exclusively in silver. (Source: HTC)

HTC U11 with 128 GB of storage is now available

The HTC U11 model with more RAM and storage that first released in China has made its way to the US. For $70 more than the standard 64 GB model, you now get double the storage and an increase in RAM to 6 GB. HTC is also discounting a few of its devices for a limited time.
Xiaomi Mi 5X Android smartphone official teaser now live

Xiaomi Mi 5X teaser video surfaces online

The video reveals that this new handset would hit the market in gold, pink, and black. Its list of features includes a fingerprint reader, MIUI 9 software, a 5.5-inch display, and more, all for a price between $250 USD and $400 USD.
HTC U11 Smartphone Review

89% HTC U11 Smartphone Review

Full steam ahead. HTC attempts to mix it up at the top with the new flagship smartphone U11. The company incorporates lots of high tech into an extraordinary case which not only looks different, but also features a unique and pressure-sensitive frame design.
Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 (8998) | Qualcomm Adreno 540 | 5.5" | 169 g
BLU R2 LTE Android smartphone in silver finish

BLU R2 and R2 LTE now official

These two new affordable handsets come with a MediaTek MT6737 processor inside, next to 1 GB memory and 8 GB storage (R2) or 2 GB RAM and 16 GB storage (R2 LTE), both running Android Nougat out of the box.
Nokia 8 with Snapdragon 835 to hit stores on July 31

UPDATE | Nokia 8 with Snapdragon 835 to hit stores on July 31

The Nokia 8 is billed to go on sale on July 31. It's also expected to have a price tag in the region of $675, which isn't a bad deal by any means.
UMIDIGI Crystal set for August 7 launch

UMIDIGI Crystal set for August 7 launch

UMIDIGI's new midranger, the Crystal, has been shrouded in mystery but we will finally be getting an official announcement on August 7.
SK Hynix is the second largest DRAM chip manufacturer, with a quarter of the worldwide market. (Source: SK Hynix)

DRAM chip manufacturer SK Hynix reports record profit

After recording a record profit in the first quarter of 2017, SK Hynix has broken that record by reporting a second consecutive record profit. Operating profit increased by 24% and net profit by 30% between the first and second quarters.
The MXene nanomaterial combines with the hydrogel to produce a "Swiss cheese" macroporous structure. (Source: Drexler University)

Improved nanomaterials could bring batteries that fully charge in a few seconds

Researchers from Drexler University claim that their MXene nanomaterial combined with a special hydrogel can improve the ionic flow and reduce battery charge times to mere seconds.
Snapdragon 836 may make its debut on the Google Pixel 2

Snapdragon 836 may launch first on the Google Pixel 2

The Snapdragon 836 should be a small bump in raw horsepower over the Snapdragon 835 to make it even faster than the North American Galaxy S8 and most other current flagships.
A possible design that Razer can adopt for the gaming smartphone. (Source:

Razer is working on a "hardcore gamer" smartphone

After acquiring Nextbit and Ouya, Razer plans to extend into the smartphone business with a device dedicated to "hardcore gamers."
Image source: Fairphone

Fairphone will stop software and hardware support for its first device

The Fairphone, which was meant to be an easily repairable, long lasting smartphone, will no longer be supported. Fairphone, the company behind the device, will no longer sell replacement parts and has halted software development.
Moto Z2 Force unoffcial render, this upcoming flagship to hit all US carriers

Moto Z2 Force allegedly coming to all US carriers

This Qualcomm Snapdragon 835-powered handset is expected to get an official launch very soon, and should also become the first Moto flagship in a while to hit all four major US carriers.
Virus infections are relatively rare on Android, but the risk increases when the user allows side loading of apk files. (Source: gfkDSGN/Pixabay)

Android antivirus software relatively easy to beat

Researchers at Georgia Tech were able to bypass the protection of 97% of the popular Android antivirus applications tested. The detection rules used by most of the programs appear to be relatively basic, and by presenting their results at the Black Hat USA 2017 conference, the researchers are hoping that developers can improve the performance of their scanne...
LG V10 premium phablet gets Android Nougat update on T-Mobile

T-Mobile LG V10 gets Android Nougat

Released with Android Lollipop on board back in October 2015, the LG V10 now receives its second major OS upgrade on T-Mobile, almost two months after the first units got Android 7 in South Korea.
Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017) Duos Smartphone Review

Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017) Duos Smartphone Review

Live testing. The Samsung Galaxy J7 is the larger version of the Galaxy J5. It has similar features, but a larger, 5.5-inch display. After the redesign of the entire series, the J7, too, now has a non-removable battery. To find out about other changes, take a look at our detailed review.
Samsung Exynos 7870 Octa | ARM Mali-T830 MP1 | 5.5" | 181 g
ClimateCase keeps your phone fully functional even in extreme temperatures

ClimateCase keeps your phone fully functional even in extreme temperatures

Ever had your phone give that annoying warning that comes with overheating? Sure, you have. The folks over at ClimateCase have designed something that keeps your phone functional even when in extreme atmospheric temperature conditions.
S8 Active live images and video leaked

Images and hands-on video of the Galaxy S8 Active leaked

The S8 Active is likely to be launched within the week but we've already had some of its more intimate details revealed.
The Nokia 8 is HMD's entry into the highly contested flagship space. (Source: VTech)

Latest leaks reveal Nokia 8's design and possible pricing

Images leaked on a Chinese website show the upcoming Nokia 8 in all its glory replete with a dual-camera layout and flagship specifications.
Lenovo boasts foldable tablets, AR headsets, and more at tech show

Tech World 2017 | Lenovo boasts foldable tablets, AR headsets, and more at tech show

This year's Tech World has even more prototypes on display from wearable smart glasses to fully autonomous electric vehicles.
The XiaoMi Mi Mix was the first phone with a full-body ceramic chassis, but it proved extremely fragile. (Source: ArsTechnica)

Poll shows metal still the preferred material for flagship phones

A GSMArena reader poll shows that aluminum is still the most desired material flagship phone material by far. But why? This article gives a brief overview of why metals are still preferred by users and manufacturers.
The Atari Speakerhat is a baseball style cap with stereo Bluetooth speakers sewn into the brim. (Source: Atari)

Atari creates a new wearable called the SpeakerHat

Atari has announced the "Speakerhat", and it is just what you think it is... a Bluetooth hat with stereo speakers built into the brim. The Speakerhat has a retro appeal and the potential to become annoying in public.
TSMC will soley use DUV lithography in their first generation 7nm chips, possibly to ensure high throughput to remain the sole producer of the Apple A-series processors. (Source: TSMC)

TSMC's first generation 7nm process will be based on older printing technology

TSMC will be basing their first generation of 7nm chips on the DUV lithography, instead of the more advanced EUV lithography. This is likely due to production constraints associated with EUV.
Chinese security forces in Xinjiang are reportedly checking residents for whether or not they have installed the spying app. Failure to have the app installed can lead to up to 10 days detention. (Source: Twitter/即时中国大陆映像)

Some Chinese residents forced to install government spyware on phones

The Chinese government has made the installation of surveillance software on phones mandatory in the north-western city of Urumqi. Urumqi is the capital of Xin Jiang province, which is home to most of China's Turkic Uighur minority.
The iPhone 7 uses an Intel modem for AT&T and T-Mobile variants, while the rest use a Qualcomm part. (Source: Extreme Tech)

Intel paints Qualcomm as anti-competitive bully in public statement to ITC

Intel has weighed in on the Qualcomm vs. Apple suit with a public statement in response to a request for comment by the ITC. In the statement, Intel alleges that Qualcomm is a bully, using the court system to crush competition. Intel claims that the move is orchestrated mainly to replace an Intel modem in the iPhone with a Qualcomm one. Intel has itself face...
Users found that using a proxy could triple their bandwidth on the affected sites. (Source: ArsTechnica)

Verizon allegedly throttling Netflix and Youtube

Verizon "unlimited" subscribers have complained about YouTube and Netflix being throttled to 10Mbps, resulting in decreased video quality in some situations. Verizon later admitted to testing"optimizations", but denied that they had throttled the connection.
Images of the budget Nokia 2 surface

Images of the budget Nokia 2 surface

The Nokia 2 looks to be Nokia's first attempt at entering the extreme budget market space but images and leaked specifications aren't doing a good job of painting it in a good light.
It's beautiful, isn't it? (Source: Android Central)

Essential phone's release is just around the corner, says Andy Rubin

An email has been sent to early Essential phone buyers that states a new shipment date for the device. According to the message, the handset should start going out to customers in the coming weeks.
Facebook's modular device could incorporate phone, GPS, touchscreen and several other components. (

Facebook could be working on a modular smartphone

It looks like Facebook could be resurrecting Googlle's Project Ara, which was cancelled in 2016. It's still unclear how a modular device would fit into Facebook's business model, but the company certainly acquired key team members that worked for Google's Project Ara and also Amazon's Alexa speaker.
Asus Zenfone AR goes on sale in the UK

Asus Zenfone AR hits the UK

The Zenfone AR will go on sale in the UK today, and while it comes with an admittedly impressive price tag of about £800, you'll have a hard time finding a device with such features elsewhere.
Android market share rising at the expense of iOS

Android market share rising at the expense of iOS

Android has been chipping away at iOS in terms of smartphone activations as Apple fans patiently wait for the megaton iPhone refresh coming towards the end of the year.
New Nubia device spotted on Geekbench

New Nubia device spotted on Geekbench

A new Nubia mid-ranger has been spotted on Geekbench but we're having a hard time figuring out what SoC is listed. Sources claim it is the Snapdragon 617 but a number of factors make that rather unlikely.
LG G4 Android flagship finally gets Nougat update

LG G4 finally gets Android Nougat

After a long wait, LG G4 users can finally choose to upgrade to Android 7.0 Nougat. Strange enough, LG did not make any big announcement concerning this new firmware, but it looks like everything is on track, since the company promised this update since March.
LG V30/LG-H932PR specs on Geekbench show Snapdragon 835 processor and 4 GB RAM

Possible LG V30 surfaces on Geekbench

The handset that was spotted on Geekbench is known as LGE LG-H932PR, its list of specs including the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, 4 GB RAM, and Android 7.1.2 Nougat. Previous rumors also mentioned a variant with 6 GB RAM, but nothing is official yet.
Samsung to supply Apple with 7 nm A12 SoCs for next year's iPhone

Samsung may supply Apple with 7 nm A12 SoCs for next year's iPhone

The South Korean manufacturer has purportedly struck another deal with Apple to provide both OLED panels and A12 SoCs.
Get ready to bid farewell to the (somewhat) beloved gumdrop emojis. (Source: IDG)

Android 8.0 information revealed in Reddit AMA

The annual Reddit AMA by Google's Android engineering team has revealed some interesting information about the next version of Android and the future of the OS.
A preview of the new Coral Blue finish available on the S8 and S8 Plus. (Source: Samsung)

A coral blue Samsung Galaxy S8 is coming later this week

A new Galaxy S8 color is making the trip from South Korea and the UK to American shores. Coral Blue handsets will be available exclusively from Best Buy and Samsung's website starting July 21.

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