Apple iPhone 6s - Rumors, Facts and Dates

The case of the Apple iPhone 6s is similar to the predecessor (Picture: 9to5Mac)
The case of the Apple iPhone 6s is similar to the predecessor (Picture: 9to5Mac)
Apple's next iPhone generation is expected in autumn 2015. We summarize all the relevant rumors about the Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus and give a perspective on the upcoming flagship device from Apple.

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Specs & Features

  • 4.7-inch display with 1080p (iPhone 6s) and 5.5-inch with 2K touchscreen: According to reports from Chinese media, the new iPhones will be launched with the same display sizes that we know from the current generation, but there will be a resolution upgrade. Similar to previous updates to the version -s you can expect the same chassis/design. 
  • Apple A9 SoC: The central processing unit is supposed to be Apple's successor to the Apple A8, which is used in the current iPhones. Supposedly, it is a tri core chip clocked at 1.5 GHz. Alike the chip used in the iWatch, it is supposed to feature the "System in Package" (SiP) structure. Thus, the chip will be more efficient and 15 percent smaller than the Apple A8.
  • Benchmark results: According to preliminary results from Geekbench, the iPhone 6s achieves 1811 points in the single core test and 4577 points in the multi core test. Therewith, it outperforms the Galaxy S6 Edge (1492 points) in the single core test. However, the Samsung performs better in the multi core test, since its Exynos 7420 chip achieves 5077 points in this category.
  • 2 GB LPDDR4 RAM: Market analysts expect a memory increase to 2 GB (1 GB in the current models). It is supposed to be LPDDR4 RAM, which is faster and more frugal compared to conventional LPDDR3 modules. Other speculations, however, do not consider LPDDR4 RAM because of higher costs and the limited availability. A Geekbench listing confirms the assumption of 2 GB RAM.
  • iSight camera with 12 megapixels: The main camera of the new iPhone is supposed to have an increased resolution from 8 MP in the current devices (3264x2448 pixels) to 12 MP.
  • 5 MP front cam: According to hints in the code of iOS 9, Apple will support a 1080p FaceTime camera in the future. The iOS 9 Beta also indicates a 240 fps mode (Slow Motion), panoramas as well as a flash for the selfie camera. Leaked pictures of the alleged front panel on the other hand show that there is no opening for an LED flash.
  • ForceTouch: The technology that Apple uses for the current MacBook notebooks is supposed to be available in the new iPhone 6s as well. The technology can tell the difference between taps on the display and forceful clicks and then trigger different actions.
  • LTE-Advanced Cat. 6 Modem: The new LTE modem from Qualcomm is supposed to be twice as fast compared to the iPhone 6 at theoretical download rates of up to 300 Mbps. It is also supposed to save battery power.
  • New color "rose gold": In addition to the three available colors silver, gold and space gray, there could soon be another version according to rumors.
  • 32, 64, 128 GB: Sources inside the Taiwanese Apple manufacturer Foxconn are supposed to have said that Apple will waive its 16 GB entry-level version of its iPhone in the future . The smallest version will instead have 32 GB storage, so the iPhone 6s would be available with 32, 64 or 128 GB internal storage, which, as usual, should not be expandable.
  • 16, 64, 128 GB: According to alleged construction plans from China, the entry-level model might features 16 GB instead of 32 GB after all.

Release & Price

  • September 9th: According to BuzzFeed, Apple will announce the iPhone 6s on September 9th. Apple will supposedly show the new iPads as well.
  • September 2015: The upcoming iPhone 6s is certainly going to be shipped with Apple's new iOS 9, so analysts don't expect a launch before September 2015.
  • September 18th: According to sources around the manufacturer Foxconn, the iPhone 6s will be launched on September 18th.
  • Price: starting at €699 (~$780, 6s) and €799 (~$892, 6s Plus), respectively? The starting prices of new iPhones usually corresponded with their predecessors in the past. Apple will most likely keep this pricing for the upcoming iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.


There are the first pictures from the chassis of the iPhone 6s. The design is similar to the Apple iPhone 6 (here in review) and iPhone 6 Plus (here in review). There are also some first fake pictures from a pink iPhone 6s from Chinese social networks. None of the pictures are official – but the pictures from the case are probably real.

The alleged front panel of the iPhone 6s does not have an opening for an LED flash (Picture:
The alleged front panel of the iPhone 6s does not have an opening for an LED flash (Picture:
This golden case is allegedly from the iPhone 6s (Picture:
This golden case is allegedly from the iPhone 6s (Picture:
The case of the iPhone 6s has similarities with the predecessor (Picture: 9to5Mac)
The case of the iPhone 6s has similarities with the predecessor (Picture: 9to5Mac)
Picture: 9to5Mac
Picture: 9to5Mac
Picture: 9to5Mac
Picture: 9to5Mac
Picture: 9to5Mac
Picture: 9to5Mac
Picture: 9to5Mac
Picture: 9to5Mac
Picture: 9to5Mac
Picture: 9to5Mac
Picture: 9to5Mac
Picture: 9to5Mac
Some fans in the Chinese social network Weibo share pictures of a pink iPhone 6s (Picture:
Some fans in the Chinese social network Weibo share pictures of a pink iPhone 6s (Picture:


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No, it's not Bendgate 3.0 - it's a render of a foldable iPhone. (Source: LetsGoDigital)

Foldable iPhone renders offer a glimpse into the future

Renders of a foldable iPhone have been created and published by LetsGoDigital. The images are based on a patent application Apple made with the USPTO. Unlike many recent foldable offerings, the smartphone does not turn into a tabl...
The PlusUs Xpad. (Source: PlusUs)

The world's thinnest wireless charging pad is now up for crowdfunding

PlusUs has introduced its Xpad, a charging pad that measures only 2.2 millimeters in depth. This spec leads the start-up to assert that it is the thinnest product of its kind worldwide. It is available as a reward as part of an In...
A new, larger, MacBook Pro with a display at least 16-inches across is in the cards for 2019. (Source: Apple)

Ming-Chi Kuo spills the beans on Apple's 2019 product plans

Ming-Chi Kuo, one of the most accurate analyst going around when it comes to Apple’s product plans, has spilled the beans on its entire 2019 product pipeline. Kuo’s latest investor note for TF International Securities includes det...
A fresh Apple patent shows it is still working hard on making a foldable smartphone. (Source: CNET/USPTO)

Fresh Apple foldable smartphone patents show it is working hard on the idea too

A fresh patent granted to Apple shows that the Cupertino giant is hard at work on its own foldable smartphone. Interestingly, there are several different types of options that Apple is looking at in terms of the way the screen fol...
A new leak alleges that iPhone XS and XS Max units in China will be sold in red soon. (Source: GadgetWear)

iPhones XS and XS Max rumored to be released in new color for the Chinese market

Apple will release red versions of the iPhone XS and XS Max, but only in China. At least, this is what a new post on Weibo claims. It cites the OEM's declining fortunes in the country in this apparent marketing decision.
The new sub-based video service will be integrated with Apple's TV box and app. (Source: Apple)

Apple ready to launch Netflix competitor

The new video streaming service will be officialized on March 25 and should be launched by summer. There will be some free content, some Apple-funded shows, the usual selection of movies and shows, plus the possibility to access c...
The iPad Mini 4's successor may not have many new features. (Source: Apple)

Apple will cut costs by re-using an old SoC in the new iPad Mini: new rumor

According to some recent leaks, Apple may resurrect the iPad Mini name this year. A new post on MacOtakara has suggested that this tablet may be even more budget-friendly than usual. It claims that the 5th generation of the device...
The eavesdropping bug only occurred when callers were using the Group feature. (Source: Apple)

Apple finally fixes eavesdropping Group FaceTime bug via iOS 12.1.4

Apple was supposed to completely fix the eavesdropping vulnerability triggered via the Group feature in the FaceTime app last week, but it looks like the company found a few more bugs and fixed them as well. One bug is related to ...
Some apps on Apple's Store have been found to be able to see screen-recordings of user behavior. (Source: Apple)

Apple tells developers to either get transparent about screen-recording in their apps or get out of the App Store

A recent report in TechCrunch has revealed that a number of companies use a service that allows 'session replay', which can effectively translate into recordings of what users do on their iOS apps. This data can include on-screen ...
VLC will get a new update soon. (Source: VLC)

VLC 4.0 will support uninterrupible music playback and Apple AirPlay, but also drop support for multiple older platforms

The latest update to the VLC media player (4.0) will bring more features, especially for iOS. However, it will also no longer support older versions of the same platform, along with some others (e.g. Windows XP). It also now offer...
The Samsung Exynos 9820 SoC performed well on Geekbench with a Galaxy S10+. (Source: TrustedReviews)

Samsung Galaxy S10+ with Exynos 9820 beats out Snapdragon 855 and Kirin 980 on Geekbench but trails behind Apple's A12 Bionic

A Samsung Galaxy S10+ variant with the model number SM-G975F has been spotted on Geekbench by MySmartPrice, and it has delivered some impressive scores. It managed 4,472 in the single-core test and scored 10,387 points in the mult...
The new Anker PowerLine II USB-C to Lightning cable. (Source: Anker)

Anker has launched its first MFi-certified USB type C cable for iPhones

Anker now has a USB type C-to-Lightning cable with MFi certifcation available for pre-order on its website. This cable is 3 feet in length and has TPE shielding for durability and longevity. Anker claims that it can charge an iPho...
The mobile wallet market is set to grow considerably over the next 7 years. (Source: flickr)

The mobile wallet market could be worth nearly US$10 trillion in 7 years

A new report by has indicated that the mobile wallet market value could reach as much as US$9,352.15 billion by 2026. This is particularly impressive as it was worth about $880 billion in 2017. This growth m...
Could this be the 2nd iPhone SE? (Source: SlashLeaks)

A new leak supports the possibility of a next-gen iPhone SE

With the release of the iPhone XR, the comparably 'budget' SE line seemed to have been killed off by Apple. Now, however, there are hints that it may be resurrected for this year or the next. A new post on SlashLeaks shows a phone...
The bug was introduced with the 12.1 version of iOS in November 2018. (Source: Apple)

Apple gets sued over FaceTime critical flaw

The legal procedures were initiated by attorney Larry Williams II who claims that key persons were able to eavesdrop on his sworn testimony given during a client deposition via the FaceTime bug. Apple appears to have known about t...
Apple has announced plans to cut the price of its iPhones to help boost sales. (Source: Apple)

iPhone revenue tanked 15% last quarter, plans to cut prices in response

Apple’s iPhone revenue plunged a precipitous 15 percent on a year-over-year basis for the holiday quarter, as it had indicated in a rare revenue warning to investors. Despite this, it remains the second largest quarter in Apple’s ...
Image via HowStuffWorks

Taiwanese manufacturers are expecting an increase in OLED production and demand

As the demand for OLED displays continues to grow, Taiwanese manufacturers are stepping up to the plate and adjusting their business structures for increased production. Many companies, such as AU Optronics and Novatek Microelectr...
Fortnite mentioned the Steelseries Stratus XL in relation to controller support on mobile. (Source: Steelseries)

Fortnite now supports Bluetooth controllers on Android and iOS

The mobile versions of Fortnite (those that work on the Android and Apple platforms) now allow the use of Bluetooth controllers rather than on-screen controls. This new level of support comes with the 7.30 patch update, which also...
Tim Cook introduces Group Face Time. (Source: Ars Technica)

Update | Group FaceGate: New iOS bug grants access to iPhone mic audio without its owner's knowledge

Some alarming reports of a serious error in Group FaceTime associated with iOS 12.1 or later, have emerged. This bug allows an iPhone user to activate the call microphone of a second iPhone, whether its own user is aware of this o...
Image via Charged

iOS 12.1.3 may break WiFi in addition to cellular connectivity

The iPhone has had a bumpy couple of months. iOS 12.1.2, released last month, broke cellular connectivity for some users. The problem got so bad that Sprint issued a warning to its customers to wait on updating. There doesn't seem...
Ming-Chi Kuo keeps revising his iPhone shipment projections downwards. (Source: Deccan Chronicle)

Things may get better for Apple with its 2nd-quarter iPhone sales: Ming-Chi Kuo

The widely respected Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has reduced his expectations for iPhone shipments in the first quarter of 2019 (1Q2019). However, he also projects that these numbers will pick up in 2Q2019. Kuo believes that up to ...
Apple iPhone XS night shot closeup (Source: Marvin Chow on Twitter)

Night shots battle: The iPhone XS has no chance against the Google Pixel 3

Although more images shot in various scenarios would be needed for a final decision, the image showing the same night scene as captured by the iPhone XS and the Pixel 3 that was posted on Twitter by Google's Marvin Chow has a clea...
Apple releases iPhone XS short movie The Bucket

Apple releases iPhone XS short movie The Bucket

In order to promote the capabilities of the iPhone XS camera Apple teamed up with Chinese filmmaker Jia Zhangke to make a film that was entirely shot on an iPhone XS. The result is the short film The Bucket, which was released tod...
Wireless headphones represent a robust and growing market. (Source: HSN)

The wireless headphone market could be worth US$34 billion in 5 years

A new report by indicates that the wireless headphone market will continue to show healthy growth into the year 2024. At that point, it could be worth as much as US$34 billion. The report indicates that this...
Microsoft Office 365 on a MacBook Pro, available via Mac App Store late January 2019 (Source: Apple Newsroom)

Microsoft Office 365 hits the Mac App Store

Thanks to its arrival on the Mac App Store, Microsoft Office 365 can now be downloaded and installed by Mac users with a single click. This cloud-connected office suite includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, and OneDr...
Apple's AirPods may or may not be getting an update soon. (Source: Apple)

2nd-gen Apple AirPods may get launch date in first half of 2019

Our last report on the Apple AirPods 2 covered rumors that they could have been released by now, at least. However, their maker failed to live up to this leak, and the 2nd generation of these wireless earbuds has yet to appear. A ...
The iPhone XR has an LCD display. (Source: Apple)

Apple's switch to OLED for iPhones results in apparent display-supplier woes

Apple released 3 iPhone models last year; however, the 2 more premium, OLED-equipped variants appear to have done better in some estimates. This impression was recently reinforced when the company's traditional LCD supplier, Japan...
Love it or hate it - this could be what the next-generation iPhone looks like. (Source: Hasan Kaymak Innovations)

Concept video for iPhone XI offers ideas for Apple to adopt or avoid

A concept video of the next-generation iPhone has been uploaded to YouTube by Hasan Kaymak. The clip shows a beautifully crafted smartphone that would either be the device of an Apple fan’s dreams, or a huge disappointment for tho...
The 32 GB gold and rose-gold iPhone SE smartphones are currently available. (Source: Apple)

Apple store lists iPhone SE from US$249 - stock clearance or making way for the SE 2?

Apple has surprisingly re-listed the iPhone SE on its online store. The popular smartphone, which was released in March 2016, was recently discontinued (September 2018), so its reappearance has created some speculation. Apple migh...
A reversal in fortunes could be on the cards for Apple Inc. (Source: The Mac Observer)

Apple strikes back at the stock market; Amazon tops Microsoft

Apple’s stock price has been experiencing an upturn over the last couple of weeks. After reaching a 52-week low of US$142, the Apple empire struck back, and the latest price for the Cupertino company currently stands at US$156.82....
A render for the iPhone XS Max's potential sucessor. (Source: Weibo)

2019 iPhones will stick with Lightning port: new leak

There have been some rumors suggesting that the next generation of iPhones would, like the iPad Pro 2018, switch to USB-C for their singular data/charging/audio connection. However, the latest leak on the subject contradicts them ...
Antutu has examined the Snapdragon 855 for itself. (Source: Twitter)

Antutu tweets its own official Snapdragon 855 benchmarks

It's the season of new Qualcomm flagship benchmarks, ahead of the processor's official release in the form of 2019 premium mobile devices. Some of them have claimed that it does better than the A12 Bionic found in the most recent ...
Microsoft has suggested that any remaining Windows Mobile users switch to another platform. (Source: The Windows Club)

Microsoft is putting an end to Windows Mobile support this year

The Windows Mobile platform is all but dead at this point. Microsoft will finally let it rest forever this year. The company will withdrawing support for the latest version of its OS, as well as the second-latest, by December 2019...
The wireless charging market may experience decent growth over the next few years. (Source: Adafruit Industries)

Wireless charging market set to be worth approximately U$21 billion by 2023

The worldwide market for wireless charging products was worth just over US$2 billion in 2017. However, this figure is projected to grow by about $19 billion in the next 4 years. The market research group BIS Research concludes tha...
The Apple Smart Battery Case for the iPhone XS Max. (Source: Apple)

Apple has discreetly launched its new Smart Battery Case line-up

Apple has posted sales pages for new Smart Battery Cases. These products have been designed for the iPhone XS, XS Max or XR, and are available in white or black. Apple claims that they can deliver up to 9 hours of additional activ...
The SD 855 has gone up against its competitors already. (Source: GizChina)

Snapdragon 855 benchmarks and comparisons with A12 Bionic & Kirin 980 surface online

The first benchmarks using a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 reference device have started to roll in. This new processor has done impressively well compared to its predecessor in two separate tests. It has also outdone devices with the K...
A new toggle to impose a traditional, temporal timeline view is being rolled out to Twitter users. (Source: YouTube)

Twitter is finally switching back to a fully chronological timeline

Recently, Twitter revamped its platform with the 'Interesting Tweets' feature. However, some users have asserted that the tweets chosen by its algorithm persisted in timelines regardless of whether they turned it off in Settings o...
Apple iPhone 8 and XR see price cuts of up to 20 percent in China

Apple cuts iPhone 8 and XR prices in China by 20 percent

Although Apple has recently asked its suppliers to cut the iPhone production by 10 percent in the second quarter, it looks like the brand's handsets are not doing well in China. In an unprecedented move, Apple authorized mid-cycle...
Apple introduced the concept of the AirPower nearly two years ago. (Source: Apple)

Apple AirPower charging pad production may have finally begun

Apple has been teasing the release of the AirPower since 2017. However, the company has let numerous subsequent relevant launches go by without mentioning it again. Nevertheless, a credible source now claims that a known supplier ...
A phone with your number can be approximated through its distance from a cell tower. (Source: Trulioo)

Motherboard report implicates major US carriers in a geolocation data-selling scandal

An article posted to the online outlet Motherboard has alleged that the carriers T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T have been selling their US customers' geolocation data to private companies, who then went on to sell it to other parties s...
The highest-end 2019 iPhone could look something like this. (Source: PocketNow)

WSJ report corroborates theory of triple-camera iPhones in 2019

A new article in the Wall Street Journal has lent further weight to speculation that Apple will jump on the triple-rear-camera bandwagon this year. According to the report, this feature will be found in the most premium model the ...
Apple's new iPhone production orders have dropped again. (Source: Apple)

Apple has reportedly reduced new iPhone production requests - again

Apple's hardware suppliers have been hit by a 10% decrease in the volume of new iPhone production requests for the first quarter of 2019. These claims have emanated from sources cited by a new report on Nikkei. It suggests that Ap...
source: ams

Apple supplier: Future iPhones could come with significantly smaller Notch

AMS, one of the suppliers of Apple, has published a light and IR sensor that can be placed under an OLED display. This could make the notch of the iPhone and other smartphones much smaller in the future.
The new Belkin USB-C to -A cable with DuraTek. (Source: Belkin)

CES 2019 | Belkin and its assorted brands are back

At one point, Belkin was the go-to brand for third-party Apple accessories, not to mention USB power banks and cables. However, it had gone quiet for a good while following its amalgamation with Foxconn. This year, Belkin and its ...
Part of Apple's billboard overlooking CES this year. (Source: Twitter)

Apple's initial contribution to CES is a giant billboard highlighting the company's privacy-related advantages

Apple may not be at CES this year; however, that hasn’t stopped them poking fun at other companies who are likely to present at the show. A billboard that was almost certainly commissioned by the Cupertino giant had appeared on an...
iOS 13 Software spotted in Google Analytics

Google Analytics exposes Apple: iOS 13 Software spotted

Thanks to Google Analytics, Macrumors has noticed that some of the devices visiting their website were running the beta version of iOS 13. Devices with iOS 13 installed have been spotted on the website as early as October 2018.
Donald Trump has been trying to convince Tim Cook to assemble iPhones in the USA. (Source: Sky News)

Donald Trump tells Tim Cook that Apple should make iPhones in the US

US President Donald Trump has been giving his opinion about Apple’s recent rollercoaster ride at the stock market. The POTUS stated that he had told Tim Cook, who is apparently one of Trump’s friends, that Apple should bring produ...
A Project Soli sensor. (Source: Google ATAP)

Google's Project Soli secures FCC approval

Project Soli is a Google initiative that wants to make in-air, screen-less gestures to control technology a reality. In other words, the user should be able to control their devices through certain hand gestures, which are convert...
A Huawei employee sent a New Year's Eve message via iPhone. (Source: Twitter)

Huawei employees reportedly fined for sending an official company tweet on an iPhone

An official Huawei Twitter account (@Huawei) has been caught sending its celebratory New Year's message from an iPhone. It was quickly picked up by the vlogger MKBHD on his own Twitter feed. A Reuters report claims that the employ...
The Mophie Powerstation PD XL is available now for US$80. (Source: Mophie)

Mophie launches new 18W Powerstation PD series for iPhone and Android

Mophie has launched new Powerstation PD and Powerstation PD XL battery packs that will fast charge both supported iPhone and Android smartphones. Compared with the standard 5W charger that Apple ships with its iPhones, the Mophie ...
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