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AMD 'Navi' might finally offer significant power-efficiency improvements. (Source: PCGamesN)

AMD 'Navi' could offer signficantly improved power-efficiency thanks to a new SMU framework

The upcoming 'Navi' GPUs from AMD could offer much better power-efficiency according to notes from AMD's recent Linux driver patches. The patches detail that 'future ASICS' could use a new sw SMU framework superceding the current ...
New AMD 7 nm CPUs and GPUs are expected to have a detailed announcement at Computex 2019. (Source: Guru3D)

AMD Ryzen 7 nm round-up — Ryzen 3000, X570, and Navi reportedly targeted for July 7, 12-core and 16-core CPUs expected

July 7 will see the launch of AMD's 7 nm parts including the Ryzen 3000 CPUs and Navi GPUs alongside the new X570 chipset. A detailed announcement is expected during Computex 2019 in June followed by wide availability in July. AMD...
The controllers are inspired by Valve's Steam controller design. (Source: Smach)

Smach Z handheld Windows gaming PC with Ryzen CPU almost ready for launch

2019 could be the year when the Smach Z handheld Windows gaming device finally becomes reality. Smach is still trying to hype things up, as it recently updated the official site with new prices and specs, plus it added a few video...
The chemical contamination could lead to decreased GPU supplies, which would artificially rise the MSRPs. (Source: ComputerBase)

TSMC incident may put AMD and Nvidia GPU supply at risk

TSMC confirmed that around 10,000 wafers were compromised, but the Taiwanese company has yet to make an official statement about the full extent of the damages and the exact circumstances of the incident. The unfortunate event cou...
The Ryzen 3000 CPU showcased at CES earlier this month seems to have room for additional cores, so mainstream 12-core models could actually be launched this year(Source: AMD's CES 2019 Keynote)

12-core / 24-thread Ryzen 3000 CPU spotted in UserBenchmark database

The engineering sample spotted by Tum Apisak in the UserBenchmark database has a designation that is consistent with previously leaked codenames. As far as specs go, the early sample can boost to 3.7 GHz on a 105 W TDP, and also f...
Gonzalo's naming scheme. Image via @TUM_APISAK on Twitter

The winner of the next console generation? AMD

A new leak has named the rumored AMD APU that will power the next generation consoles as Gonzalo. Many speculate that the Gonzalo APU will be used in both the PlayStation 5 (PS5) and next-generation Xbox (Xbox Scarlett). The APU w...
PCI-SIG is almost ready to release the finalized specs for the PCIe 5.0, even if there is no sign of any consumer-grade PCIe 4.0 devices at the moment. (Source: PCI-SIG)

Full PCIe 5.0 specs releasing Q1 2019, PCIe 4.0 to be a short-lived standard

Consumer PCs will finally benefit from PCIe 4.0 devices this year thanks to AMD's support via the Ryzen 3000 CPUs, but the high-end sector will also be getting a taste of the PCIe 5.0 some later in 2019, and the two standards are ...
The AMD Radeon VII will feature 16 GB of super-fast HBM2 memory. (Source: AMD)

AMD releases statement countering rumored limited availability of the Radeon VII

AMD has issued a statement in regard to the recent rumor that only 5,000 Radeon VII GPUs were going to be made available for sale at release time. However, the statement has not explicitly confirmed or refuted the claim of a limit...
Emdoor will be among the first OEMs to launch laptops powered by AMD's Ryzen 3000 mobility CPUs. (Source: Liliputing)

Emdoor to release AP618 laptop series featuring Ryzen 3000 ULV CPUs

Laptop OEMs like Emdoor are looking to get around the Intel 14 nm CPU shortage by adding AMD-powered lineups. Thus, for 2019, Emdoor will first release some entry-level SR218 models powered by the older Stoney Ridge CPUs. Later on...
Honor MagicBook is one of the few laptops that does AMD Ryzen right

Huawei Honor is one of the few OEMs doing AMD Ryzen right

The Honor MagicBook pairs the AMD Ryzen 5 2500U CPU with the same RAM and storage options as the Intel counterpart. In contrast, other OEMs often handicap their AMD SKUs with slow HDDs, cheap displays, and limited RAM. The result ...
AMD clearly believes it will be at the forefront of the server and cloud server game this year. (Source: YouTube)

CES 2019 | 2019 launch for second-generation EPYC CPUs confirmed at AMD keynote

The CEO of AMD, Dr. Lisa Su, devoted much of the company’s CES 2019 keynote to unveiling and detailing the Radeon VII GPU. However, the presentation also turned to CPUs thereafter, whereupon the second-generation EPYC chipset for ...
The new TUF laptops feature AMD's Ryzen 5 3550H APU, which is based on a 12 nm manufacturing process. (Source: Asus)

CES 2019 | Asus reveals the TUF Gaming FX505DY and FX705DY laptops with AMD Ryzen 5 3550H and Radeon RX 560X

Asus has announced the TUF Gaming FX505DY and FX705DY laptops featuring AMD’s Ryzen 5 3550H APU and Radeon RX 560X GPU. If that isn’t enough to tempt prospective buyers, the Taiwanese manufacturer has also incorporated IPS-level F...
AMD's Zen 2 architecture has been highly anticipated due to promised increases in IPC, clock speed, and core count. (Source: AMD)

Tech journalists say Ryzen 3000 series will not use Rome's new chiplet design

Popular hardware review channel Hardware Unboxed is "fairly confident" that AMD's upcoming Ryzen 3000 series for the desktop will not be using AMD's chiplet design. Instead, AMD has allegedly opted for another traditional monolith...
AMD's highly anticipated show at CES is rumored to feature some sort of information on the company's upcoming 7nm CPUs, the Ryzen 3000 series. (Source: AMD)

Alleged codename for a 12 core Ryzen 3000 CPU leaks

Twitter user APISAK, a prolific leaker and data miner, has leaked an alleged codename for a Ryzen 3000 series engineering sample. According to speculation, this CPU will have 12 cores and a TDP of 105 watts, meaning the previously...
The new processors come with a CPU cooler included. (Source: AMD)

AMD reveals details of Athlon 220GE and 240GE CPUs with Radeon Vega 3 graphics

AMD has launched two more entries to its Athlon range: the 220GE and the 240GE. Both processors come with Radeon Vega 3 graphics and offer base clocks of 3.4 GHz (220GE) and 3.5 GHz (240GE), respectively. The 220GE has been priced...
AMD's upcoming Picasso APU is rumored  to power the streaming-only Xbox SKU. (Source: Thumbsticks)

Rumor | Upcoming streaming-only Xbox SKU to be powered by semi-custom AMD Picasso APU

We know very little about the upcoming iterations of the Xbox console apart from the fact that there will be a traditional as well as a cloud streaming-only version. A rumor is now doing the rounds that the streaming-only SKU will...
The leaked benchmarks show how the upcoming Ryzen 3000 mobility ULV CPUs are almost on par with Intel's mobile CPUs from 2-3 years ago. (Source: PCGamesN)

AMD's Ryzen 3000 Picasso laptop CPUs get leaked benchmarks

Previous Ryzen mobility solutions were not that great compared to the desktop counterparts, and it looks like the upcoming Ryzen 3000 Picasso mobility chips are still a bit slow compared to Intel's processors. The leaked Geekbench...
Zen 2 is a highly anticipated architecture, which promises massive performance enhancements over the current gen Zen+. (Source: Forbes)

A mobile Ryzen 3 3300X surfaces, but it's almost certainly fake

As one could expect, leaks and rumors, whether they're true or not, often times inspire people to manufacture leaks of their own for fun. This seems to be such a case where a Ryzen 3 3300X has surfaced on Userbenchmark; the circum...
This contest sparked rumors that Ryzen 3000 might be arriving sooner rather than later, perhaps as early as AMD's opening event as CES in January. (Source: VideoCardz)

South Korean Ryzen 3600X and 3700X contest is pulled after AMD is notified of its existence

Tech enthusiasts were intrigued by a contest hosted by a South Korean sales agency, the object of which was to guess the Cinebench scores for the as of yet unreleased Ryzen 3600X and 3700X. However, the contest has now been cancel...
Dr. Lisa Su, CEO of AMD, won the most prestigious award of the evening. (Source: AMD)

Nvidia, AMD, and Samsung all winners at the 2018 GSA Awards

The 2018 Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) Awards have been handed out, and companies like Nvidia, AMD, and Samsung have not gone home empty-handed. Dr. Lisa Su, who is the current CEO and president of AMD, was given the prestig...
AdoredTV's proposed Ryzen lineup looks quite optimistic, but keep in mind that the original Ryzen CPUs lowered the entry level for octa core CPUs from $1000 to just $300.

Tech Analyst AdoredTV leaks alleged specs of the upcoming Ryzen 3000 series

AdoredTV is well known for his previous leaks on AMD's upcoming Rome server CPU and Nvidia's current gen Turing GPUs. It's not entirely surprising that he has come across some information which he once again recommends we take wit...
EPYC Naples has caused a shake-up in the server CPU space. (Source: TechPowerUp)

AMD's EPYC CPUs have already snatched server market share away from Intel

The EPYC CPU line, based on AMD's Zen 2 platform, was released recently in order to compete with Intel's x86-based processors for server-grade applications. DRAMeXchange has reported that the new alternative has already managed to...
As seen here, the 700 MHz overclock alleviates this GPU bottleneck and increases performance by more than 10%. (Source: TechEpiphany)

AMD's cheap Athlon 200GE can be overclocked on MSI's B350M Gaming Pro

It was discovered recently that AMD's Athlon 200GE processor, which is regarded as a great budget option, can actually be overclocked despite being officially a locked part. Overclocking enthusiasts discovered that MSI, perhaps by...
AMD's Rome CPU. (Image via Anandtech)

AMD's Zen 2 "Rome" EPYC CPUs may double L3 cache per CCX for a total of 256 MB

A recent entry in SiSoftware's SANDRA database lists AMD's upcoming "Rome" EPYC CPU with double the L3 cache as prior Zen CPUs. Detailed as "16 x 16 MB L3," this would put total L3 cache for Rome at 256 MB across its 64 cores, utt...
This latest leak from HKEPC shows that Rome may have a truly worthy competitor, if these scores are to be believed. (Source: HKEPC)

Update | Alleged Intel Xeon "Cascade Lake" Cinebench scores leak

Although there have been a couple of leaks on Rome's performance, AMD's newest server CPU has never been put head to head against Intel's immediate competition, the new Cascade Lake based Xeon server CPU. However, Wang Dang of HKE...
Intel's Core i9-9900K is currently the top-tier consumer CPU, but it may be supplanted with a 10-core Comet Lake-S CPU. (Image: Amazon)

Intel may be working on a 10-core Comet Lake-S desktop CPU

According to a Taiwanese forum thread that claims to have information from an inside partner meeting, Intel may be developing a 10-core consumer-grade CPU in the Comet Lake-S family. The CPU would be built on the 14 nm process and...
Image via AMD

AMD commits to better support for Ryzen Mobile graphics drivers in 2019, hands off responsibility to OEMs

AMD posted a response to a common complaint from Ryzen-based laptop users on Reddit earlier this week, stating that the company would better support graphics drivers for Ryzen laptops starting in 2019. However, AMD plans to work w...
Even though it does not have the highest core count, the new EPYC 7371 features the highest boost clocks set to 3.8 GHz. (Source: AMD)

AMD announces highest-clocked server-grade CPU - the EPYC 7371

The first wave of EPYC 7000 CPUs were able to reach only 3.2 GHz on boost clocks, but with the new EPYC 7371, AMD pushes the envelope up to 3.8 GHz, which is quite high for server-grade processors that don't usually benefit from c...
AMD Ryzen 7 3700U: Zen+ or Zen 2? (Source: Userbenchmark)

AMD Ryzen 7 3700U rears its head in first benchmarks, throws up the Zen+ or Zen 2 conundrum

References to a new AMD APU, the Ryzen 7 3700U, have been spotted online leading to speculation as to whether this could be a Zen+ or a Zen 2 part. The Ryzen 7 3700U sports the same clocks and core counts as the Ryzen 7 2700U and ...
DOE's Perlmutter supercomputer will use Cray's Shasta infrastructure that combines CPU nodes with GPU nodes. (Source: Cray)

Perlmutter supercomputer to combine AMD's EPYC Milan CPUs with Nvidia's "Volta-Next" GPUs

The EPYC Rome server-grade CPUs have just been revealed to have 64 cores and 2.35 GHz clocks, but it looks like AMD is already working on the successor that will be based on the Zen 3 architecture. According to the U.S. Department...
Zen 2 is AMD's latest CPU architecture and its greatest boasts are its architectural revamps, chiplet technology, and 7nm node tech. (Source: Forbes)

AMD claims Zen 2 has 29% higher IPC than Zen 1 in certain workloads

Updated | Buried deep within the footnotes of AMD's announcement of Rome, it seems AMD is claiming an IPC improvement of about 29% when comparing Zen 2 to Zen 1. AMD did not disclose exactly how much more IPC Zen 2 had over Zen 1,...
TSMC's 7nm has been in the news recently thanks to AMD announcing new CPUs and GPUs based on the 7nm process to come out in 2018 and 2019. (Source: TSMC)

TSMC's new 7nm gains almost global adoption; semiconductor company optimistic about 2019

While TSMC's new 7nm is already quite popular, being the basis for several processors from companies AMD, Apple, and Huawei, even more are announcing that they too will be fabricating their products at TSMC using their new process...
AMD's Zen 4 microarchitecture is currently in development. (Source: Anandtech)

AMD's Zen 4 microarchitecture is currently under development

AMD hinted during its recently concluded Next Horizon Event that the Zen 4 microarchitecture is in the design phase. No further details were revealed but chances are that it will be using an advanced node for this architecture tha...
AMD finally revealed its Rome CPU, which confirmed rumors that it would feature 8 dies and a total of 64 Zen 2 cores. (Source: Anandtech)

AMD's Next Horizon Event: 7nm, Zen 2, Epyc, and Vega

AMD's Next Horizon event held yesterday was important for not only AMD's datacenter business but also for the company as a whole. AMD finally has revealed key information on Zen 2, Rome, the 7nm, new Vega GPUs, and what it means f...
AMD's GPU sector has taken a serious hit, but the CPU side is stronger than ever. (Source: Network World)

AMD's shares drop 24% after Q3 earnings report

AMD is now feeling the full hit of the GPU-based crypto mining decline that started back in Q1. Instead of a projected US$50 million downturn in GPU sales, the red team reported losses of US$150 million, thus triggering a share dr...
The jump form 12 nm to 7 nm should bring serious performance boosts for the Ryzen 3000 CPUs. (Source: AMD)

AMD's Ryzen 3000 CPUs to get outstanding performance bump over Ryzen 2000 models

The Ryzen 2000 series still delivered decent performance gains over the original Ryzen models, even if the shrinking process was minimal. With the jump from 12 nm to 7 nm, the IPC boost is expected to be almost 5 times greater, at...
While Intel's newest i9 9900k may be the "world's fastest gaming processor," few were denying it anyways. (Source: Digiworthy)

2700X gains ground on the 9900k in Principled Technologies's retests, Intel claims the 9900k is still the world's best gaming CPU

Following severe backlash over what has been described as "incompetent" benchmarking, Principled Technologies retested their AMD CPUs with creator mode. In their new results, the 2700X narrowed the gap between the 9900k down to ab...
8700k prices in the UK have skyrocketed to above £450 since August, which is about 40% higher than usual. (Source: PCPartPicker)

HP and Lenovo executives say Intel's CPU shortage will continue for 6 more months

The industry is one month into a shortage of 14nm CPUs from Intel, and according to HP CEO Dion Weisler and Lenovo COO Gianfranco Lanci this will continue for another 6 months. They have recommended AMD as an alternative thanks to...
Principled Technologies enabled "Game Mode" on its R7 2700X, which cuts down the 8 core processor to a 4 core processor, causing severe CPU bottlenecks in some cases. (Source: Hardware Unboxed)

Principled Technologies responds to criticism of its i9 9900k study

After scathing criticism coming from GamersNexus's Steve Burke and Hardware Unboxed's Steve Walton, Principled Technologies has made statements and defended its i9 9900k performance study. The company said "we are confident in ou...
Walton's frustration with Intel is even visible in the thumbnail of his video titled "Intel's New Low." (Source: Hardware Unboxed)

Update | Intel's commissioned 9900k benchmarks have serious flaws, says PC hardware reviewer

When Intel commissioned Principled Technologies to benchmark its as of yet unreleased i9 9900k CPU, many voices in the tech press spoke out against such a practice, such as Steve Walton, saying it "undermines what we do." Now, mor...
This is a photo taken by Gtx9 that shows Cinebench actually rendering the image with a 256 thread CPU. (Source: Chiphell)

Chiphell leaks another apparent AMD "Rome" Cinebench score, this time with some proof

About a month ago, Chiphell user Gtx9 leaked what he alleged was a Cinebench score of AMD's "Rome" server architecture. As Cinebench scores are easily manipulated, the weight behind Chiphell's leak was very weak. However, Gtx9 has...
AMD should showcase the Ryzen 3000 CPUs together with the upcoming Threadripper 3000-series and the EPYC "Rome" server processors.  (Source: AMD)

AMD will showcase the first 7 nm Ryzen 3000 CPUs at CES 2019

AMD has a very favorable position on the CPU market, especially now that Intel is going through rougher times caused by shortages. The red team should be able to increase the market share with the release of its 7 nm Ryzen 3000, T...
The 7nm Zen 2 CPUs will be launched in 2019 under the Ryzen 3000-series moniker. (Source: AMD)

AMD Ryzen 3000-series 7 nm CPUs already tested internally

Sources claim that a few Ryzen 3000-series CPU samples have arrived at Radeon Technologies Group in order to tune the GPU drivers for the new interconnects. Tests have revealed that the upcoming CPUs are faster than the i7-8700K f...
The 14nm process is the basis for all of Intel's newest CPUs, and even all the way back to its 2015 Skylake based products. (Source: Digiworthy)

Prices for Intel's 8700k CPU have reached $399 on major retailers due to CPU shortage

While the 14nm CPU shortage did not initially affect US retailers, it has become clear that it finally has. Intel's flagship 8700k CPU has gone from $350 to $399 in under a month, which is nearly a 15% increase in price.
The teaser features just a flash of Gigabyte's upcoming premium motherboard. (Source: VideoCardz)

Gigabyte AORUS teases new motherboard for October 8; Z390 launch in October?

The official Gigabyte AORUS Twitter published a 10 second long teaser video advertising a new motherboard. The implication seems to be that the Z390 chipset (and perhaps 9th generation Intel CPUs) are coming in early October.
Image: AMD

AMD lists the new Ryzen 7 2800H and Ryzen 5 2600H mobile CPUs

AMD has listed a couple new CPUs, the Ryzen 5 2600H and Ryzen 7 2800H. Both chips are definite upgrades over the Ryzen 5 2500U and Ryzen 7 2700U, respectively, but their 45 W nominal TDP suggests that they will be used in gaming l...
The alleged CPU's score of 12587 in Cinebench R15 is the highest score ever recorded, assuming this leak is accurate. (Source: Chiphell)

Chiphell publishes alleged AMD "Rome" Cinebench score

Chiphell, a Chinese website well known for its tech rumors and speculation, has taken a screenshot of what is apparently the Cinebench score of AMD's upcoming "Rome" 64 core server CPU, which is based on the yet unreleased Zen 2 a...
The X processors have a higher TDP as they support overclocking, while the E processors have a lower TDP and have the Precision Boost Overdrive disabled. (Source: AMD)

AMD intros Ryzen 2700E, 2600E, 2500X and 2300X CPUs

The Ryzen 5 2500X and Ryzen 3 2300X were spoiled a few months ago and were known to have the frequency multiplier unlocked for overclocking. On the other hand, the Ryzen 7 2700E and Ryzen 5 2600E are totally new additions designed...
The X399 chipset now supports both the first and the second gen Threadripper CPUs, but it looks like the third gen may require a new chipset. (Source: PC Games)

AMD could announce X499 HEDT platform for upcoming Threadripper CPUs at CES 2019

AMD looks prepared to update each of its mainstream and HEDT CPU lineups annually, and the third gen processors coming next year will most likely need a new chipset, since the red team is making the jump to 10 nm and even 7 nm. Th...
Due to several inconsistencies in this screenshot, one may conclude that this is a faked benchmark result. (Source: El Chapuzas Informatico)

Spanish website leaks alleged R7 2800X, but it is almost certainly a fake

El Chapuzas Informatico has leaked what they claim is the Cinebench score of a Ryzen 7 2800X. However, several inconsistencies within the screenshot of the score and the idea of a 10 core Ryzen CPU reveal that this leak is almost ...

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