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The NVMe PCI-e Gen3X4 SSD is one of the special features of the GV62 7RC gaming notebook. (Source: MSI)

MSI introduces the GV62 7RC budget gaming notebook with MX150 GPU

The GV62 7RC will have several variants powered by Intel's I7-7700HQ / i5-7300HQ / i3-711 CPUs and Nvidia's MX150 GPU. The i7-7700HQ variant with 4 GB RAM costs US$749.
The Power-Mode slider allows users to select from four preset power modes for battery life or performance. (Source: Own)

UPDATE: Surface Pro 4 firmware update brings a Power-Mode slider

The latest firmware update for the Surface Pro 4 has enabled the Power-Mode slider, which was previously only available on the new Surface Pro 2017 and the Surface Book. The slider provides users with a quick and effortless way to adjust power settings on the fly.
The i7-7740X is one of two quad-core processors on X299. Ivybridge-E was the last time we had a quad core on the enthusiast platform, and it wasn't designated as an 'X' SKU. (Source: NotebookCheck)

Kaby Lake X i7-7740X overclockable to 5 Ghz on air

The i7-7740X has top of the line single core performance, but lags behind six and eight core processors in multi-threaded workloads. Anandtech have managed to push their CPU to 5.0 GHz stable on all cores. This could indicate better binning than the i7-7700K, but a quad core is still on odd choice on the enthusiast X-series platform.
 The i9-7920X features 16.5 MB of level 3 cache compared to i9-7900X’s 13.75 MB. (Source: Intel)

Intel quietly announces the i9-7920X CPU in response to AMD's Threadripper

Intel's latest CPU price list mentions the i9-7920X as a 12-core / 24-thread processor with a base clock of 2.9 GHz and an MSRP of US$1,189. The core count make it a direct competitor for AMD's Ryzen Threadripper 1920X, even though the AMD CPU costs US$799.
Even though the new models are part of the Asus ultrabook family, they come equipped with the desktop version of Nvidia's GTX 1050 GPU. (Source: Asus)

Asus releases the VivoBook Pro 15 ultrabooks with GeForce GTX 1050

Three new Asus ultrabook models come equipped with Nvidia's GTX 1050 GPU. Prices range from US$799 for the Intel's i5-7300HQ CPU version up to US$999 for the i7-7700HQ version.
The PL62 combines the power of the high-end 4-core i7-7700HQ CPU with the brand new Nvidia MX150 GPU. (Source: Amazon)

MSI launches $799 gaming laptop with Core i7-7700HQ and GeForce MX150

The MSI PL62 packs the high-end 4-core i7-7700HQ CPU together with Nvidia's latest MX150 GPU, making it the most affordable gaming laptop currently available.
More notebooks sporting Intel 8th generation CPUs spotted through benchmark listings

More notebooks sporting Intel 8th generation CPUs spotted through benchmark listings

In addition to the Acer Swift 3, we can now expect Lenovo, HP, and Asus to soon announce new Coffee Lake SKUs in their respective Yoga, Spectre, and Zenbook families of Ultrabooks.
AMD's Ryzen Threadripper CPUs will be available in early August. (Source: AMD)

AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X is 50% faster than Intel's direct competitor – the i9-7900X

Information on pricing and availability for two enthusiast Ryzen Threadripper CPUs, as well as for two of the entry-level Ryzen 3 CPUs was presented in AMD's latest product update video, along with some Cinebench R15 benchmark results that depict the Threadripper models as clear winners against Intel's direct competitors.
The Platinum 8180 CPU is part of the server-grade Xeon Processor Scalable Family. (Source: Intel)

Intel's latest server grade Xeon Platinum 8180 CPU has a ridiculous price tag

The Xeon Platinum 8180 is no doubt the most expensive CPU ever manufactured by Intel with its re-seller price tag of $13,000, but it's also the fastest mass-produced CPU to date.
With these 4 new models, Intel consolidates its leading position on the mobile SoCs market. (Source: Intel)

Intel reveales 4 new mobile SoCs in their latest Kaby Lake spec update

The Core i3-7007U, the i3-7110U, the i5-7210U, and the i7-7510U have a low TDP of 15W and only include 2 cores and 4 threads.
Spurred by AMD's Ryzen, Intel released a plethora of new CPUs at Computex 2017. (Source: Intel)

Are six cores better than four for gaming?

Techspot pits the i7-7700K against the slightly more expensive hexa-core i7-7800X, and the results are conclusive: the 7800X might give you more cores, but it's less (game) performance for more money.
Too fast but not furious: sofos1990's overclocking setup. (Source: HWBOT)

Beat this! Intel Core i9 7900X overclocked to 6.01GHz under LN2 cooling, breaks HWBOT benchmark

What do you get when you have a combination of Intel's latest HEDT processor, a specially crafted enthusiast Gigabyte motherboard and a can of liquid nitrogen? An overclock that shatters all records imaginable.
Acer Chromebook 14 for Work (i5 6200U, 8 GB) Review

83% Acer Chromebook 14 for Work (i5 6200U, 8 GB) Review

The Chrome Notebook. In the Acer Chromebook 14 for Work slumbers the hardware of a notebook. As an office companion it is a successful product. However, the components do not use their full potential.
Intel Core i5-6200U | Intel HD Graphics 520 | 14" | 1.4 kg
The Orwl is quite small but includes a plethora of security features. (Source: Crowd Supply)

"Self-destructing" PC will keep hackers at bay

The Orwl mini PC includes a plethora of security features including the protection against physical tempering, which triggers a "self-destruct" mechanism even if the device is unplugged.
The new microarchitecture is supposed to power the next-gen client and mobile platforms. (Source: Intel)

Intel intends to completely change their CPU microarchitecture, but not too soon

Intel is actively seeking to employ micro-architects and design experts "to build a revolutionary microprocessor core to power the next decade of computing and create experiences we have yet to dream up."
The G.Skill Quad-Channel DDR4-4200 RAM Kits come in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB capacities. (Source: G.Skill)

G.Skill readies Quad-Channel DDR4-4200 RAM Kit for Intel's latest Skylake-X CPUs

Latest Trident Z memory modules from G.Skill run at 4200 MHz, but latency specs are as high as CL19.
The bug affects all Kaby Lake and Skylake chips with Hyperthreading. (Source: Intel)

Serious Hyperthreading bug affects Intel Skylake and Kaby Lake architectures

A serious bug in the microcode for Intel's Kaby Lake and Skylake CPUs has been found. The bug can cause misbehavior of software and loss of data. It affects all 6th and 7th-gen CPUs with Hyperthreading enabled.
Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition with Ubuntu Linux

Dell now has 7 Ubuntu-driven premium laptops in its portfolio

Next to the seven different laptops with Ubuntu Linux on board, Dell also has a 27-inch all-in-one desktop PC that runs this well-known distro. The Kaby Lake-powered models come with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, while their Skylake-driven siblings run Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.
Intel confirms Core i9 series with SKUs up to 18 cores for $2000 USD

COMPUTEX 2017 | Intel confirms enthusiast Core i9 series with SKUs up to 18 cores for $2000 USD

The unlocked X-series will consist of processors spanning from the Core i5-7640X for $242 USD all the way up to the $2000 Core i9-7980XE.
Fujitsu Lifebook S936 (6600U, 512 GB) PalmSecure Laptop Review

86% Fujitsu Lifebook S936 (6600U, 512 GB) PalmSecure Laptop Review

Master of Mobility. With its new flagship, Fujitsu turns towards the traveling business user for whom a mobile all-around worry-free package is worth a lot of money. It does not change anything about its core competencies that the manufacturer messes up in some details and will not keep the target audience from buying this laptop.
Intel Core i7-6600U | Intel HD Graphics 520 | 13.3" | 1.4 kg
Samsung Chromebook Pro Chromebook with pen support

Samsung Chromebook Pro now available for pre-order on Amazon

This Intel Core m3-6Y30-powered Chromebook with pen support and a 360-degree rotating touchscreen can be finally pre-ordered for $549.99 USD, about $100 USD more than its ARM-driven sibling known as Samsung Chromebook Plus.
Intel Skylake-X could launch as the Core i9 series

Intel Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X could launch as the Core i9 series

A rumored 12-core Kaby Lake-X CPU may come to market as the "Core i9-7920X" under the new naming convention instead of the "Core i7-7920X" to better differentiate the super high-end X-series from the high-end i7 series.
Quad-core Core i7-8650U CPU spotted on GFXBench

Quad-core Core i7-8650U CPU spotted on GFXBench

Intel may be bringing quad-core ULV CPUs to notebooks for the first time. The source has since taken down the listing on the unconfirmed processor page to add more fuel to the fire.
Microsoft Surface Book with Performance Base (GTX 965M) Convertible Review

87% Microsoft Surface Book with Performance Base (GTX 965M) Convertible Review

Pumped up. Is premium getting even better? Nvidia’s current Pascal GPU didn’t make it into the new Surface Book but Microsoft managed to fit a Maxwell chip under the hood that should offer plenty of performance. Or does it?
Intel Core i7-6600U | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 965M | 13.5" | 1.7 kg
Dell Latitude 14 7414 Rugged Extreme (6200U, HD) Laptop Review

87% Dell Latitude 14 7414 Rugged Extreme (6200U, HD) Laptop Review

Solid as a rock. Dell´s robust 14-inch withstands dust, liquids, drops and heat. Not only does this laptop offer tough looks, but also potent hardware, lots of ports and a laudable stamina.
Intel Core i5-6300U | Intel HD Graphics 520 | 14" | 3.7 kg
Lenovo E31-80 (6200U, HD) Laptop Review

80% Lenovo E31-80 (6200U, HD) Laptop Review

Mobile companion. Lenovo's 13.3-inch laptop delivers good battery runtimes, a solid-state disk and a quiet system noise. It uses Windows 10 Pro as the operating system. The incorporated display is not convincing.
Intel Core i5-6200U | Intel HD Graphics 520 | 13.3" | 1.6 kg
Intel axes IDF 2017 as a sign of the changing times

Intel axes IDF 2017 as a sign of the changing times

The yearly IDF keynotes and talks will come to a full stop in favor of smaller events and a shifting focus to automotive, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, cloud storage, and others.
Toshiba Satellite Pro R50-C (6006U, HD) Laptop Review

78% Toshiba Satellite Pro R50-C (6006U, HD) Laptop Review

Office worker. With its Satellite Pro R50-C-16V, Toshiba presents a quiet, 15.6-inch office device that hardly heats up. A Core i3 processor from the Skylake generation provides the necessary computing power. The Windows 10 Pro operating system boosts the laptop's price to almost 500 Euros (~$534).
Intel Core i3-6006U | Intel HD Graphics 520 | 15.6" | 2.1 kg
Asus Strix GL702VS (7700HQ, FHD, GTX 1070) Xotic PC Edition Notebook Review

84% Asus Strix GL702VS (7700HQ, FHD, GTX 1070) Xotic PC Edition Notebook Review

Hot stuff! The Asus GL702VS is one of many options for gamers hunting power in a portable package. Equipped with high-end components in a relatively thin and light chassis, the notebook brings high details in modern titles without breaking backs. Can the device keep its cool, or will it melt under pressure?
Intel Core i7-7700HQ | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 (Laptop) | 17.3" | 2.9 kg
Source: G.SKILL

Overclockers, start your engines! G.SKILL announces OC World Cup 2017

Overclockers can compete for a grand prize of $10,000. The first qualifying round opens from March 17 to April 18 on
Asus ROG Strix GL553VD (7700HQ, FHD, GTX 1050) Laptop Review

80% Asus ROG Strix GL553VD (7700HQ, FHD, GTX 1050) Laptop Review

Pricey budget gamer. Budget gaming notebooks are becoming increasingly popular thanks to GPUs like the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050, and Asus has decided to throw their hat into the budget ring with the GL553VD. The notebook packs modest hardware into a well-built chassis with some nice extras, but are these factors worth the additional cost?
Intel Core i7-7700HQ | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 (Notebook) | 15.6" | 2.5 kg
It's undeniable that the Surface Book has one of the most unique designs in mobile computing. (Source: Microsoft)

Microsoft cuts Surface Book prices with new no-dGPU options

Microsoft has cut the barrier of entry for the Surface Book by US$200 on both the high and low ends by offering i5/128GB/8GB as well as i7/1TB/16GB SKUs without dedicated GPUs. While the Surface Book is still running on Skylake and lacks Thunderbolt 3 or USB Type-C, it is still an attractive device due to its unique design, active stylus, and solid build qua...
Acer Spin 5 SP513-51 Convertible Review

80% Acer Spin 5 SP513-51 Convertible Review

Spinning. All big manufacturers offer devices in the competitive mainstream convertible segment. Acer wants to attract customers with the Acer Spin 5. How does the 360-degree convertible perform?
Intel Core i3-6100U | Intel HD Graphics 520 | 13.3" | 1.7 kg
Panasonic Toughbook CF-33 rugged Windows convertible tablet with Intel Skylake processor

MWC 2017 | Panasonic intros Toughbook CF-33 rugged convertible

This new Toughbook detachable hybrid is the first in its category with a 3:2 aspect ratio display and, just like its predecessors, targets professionals that have to face tough work conditions.
Asus Vivobook F556UQ-XO626D Notebook Review

77% Asus Vivobook F556UQ-XO626D Notebook Review

Stylish. With the Vivobook, Asus offers a 15.6-inch all-round device which immediately catches the eyes: The company uses a throughout white chassis. The feature set is alright, too: Core i5 processor, GeForce graphic card, ac Wi-Fi, Type-C USB. The bundle costs less than 500 Euros (~$528).
Intel Core i5-6198DU | NVIDIA GeForce 940MX | 15.6" | 2.3 kg
The lowest tier R7 1700's strong performance, fair price, and low TDP make it a compelling offering. (Source: AMD)

AMD Ryzen lineup officially released with full specs and pricing

The Ryzen lineup includes the 65W R7 1700, 95W 1700X, and 95W 1800X, which are priced at US$330, US$400, and US$500 respectively.
Acer's TravelMate P449 under review. (Source: Acer)

80% Acer TravelMate P449-M-7407 Notebook Review

Second best. The P449-M-7407 is the latest 14" notebook from Acer's TravelMate series. The device is aimed at business professionals looking for a portable and affordable notebook in the highly competitive business market. While it has its shortcomings, the P449 is a well-rounded device. Can this Jack of all trades best the competition, or is it merely the court fool?
Intel Core i7-6500U | Intel HD Graphics 520 | 14" | 2 kg
The Bonobo WS is the highest-tier notebook available from System76 and features the latest from Intel and NVIDIA. (Source: System76)

Linux on Kaby Lake: System76 now offers 7th generation Intel CPUs and NVIDIA GTX 10-series GPUs

System76 sells laptops running Ubuntu, an open-source Linux distribution. The company has recently started selling modern notebooks with Kaby Lake CPUs and the latest graphics cards from NVIDIA.
Apple MacBook Pro 15 (Late 2016, 2.7 GHz, 455) Notebook Review

88% Apple MacBook Pro 15 (Late 2016, 2.7 GHz, 455) Notebook Review

The perfect balance? We also review the mainstream configuration of the new MacBook Pro 15. The test model is faster than the entry-level spec thanks to the Core i7-6820HQ and the AMD Radeon Pro 455, but is it worth the additional price?
Intel Core i7-6820HQ | AMD Radeon Pro 455 | 15.4" | 1.8 kg
Dell Latitude 14 E5470 6440HQ Notebook Review

89% Dell Latitude 14 E5470 6440HQ Notebook Review

Workhorse with minor drawbacks. A business device for everyday use: This is where Dell comes in with its Latitude 14 E5470. Security features, strong processor, plenty of working memory, and a solid-state drive are installed. These are good prerequisites for a business laptop. However, not all that glitters is gold, and thus our review sample has to accept some criticism. Read just where these shortcomings are found in our in-depth report.
Intel Core i5-6440HQ | Intel HD Graphics 530 | 14" | 1.9 kg
Intel has been somewhat stalled on the "tock" for much longer than planned due to unexpected difficulties with the 10nm manufacturing process. (Source: CNET)

Intel's 8th gen Cannonlake CPUs will still use 14 nm process

Intel has announced that their Cannonlake CPUs, slated for a late 2017 release, will be made on a 14nm process instead of 10nm as originally planned.
Lenovo Yoga 700-11ISK Convertible Review

81% Lenovo Yoga 700-11ISK Convertible Review

Weak cooling. The small Lenovo Yoga 700 is a portable and very versatile companion thanks to its 11.6-inch screen and different operating modes. However, there are problems in terms of input devices and the passive cooling solution, because the processor cannot utilize its full potential.
Intel Core m3-6Y30 | Intel HD Graphics 515 | 11.6" | 1.1 kg
Lenovo ThinkPad E570 (Core i5, GTX 950M) Notebook Review

84% Lenovo ThinkPad E570 (Core i5, GTX 950M) Notebook Review

Affordable ThinkPad pioneer. After the smaller E470 quite convinced us, we now have Lenovo's ThinkPad E570 as a 15.6-inch Kaby Lake pioneer in the test. Our in-depth report reveals whether the larger model from the E lineup is just as convincing.
Intel Core i5-7200U | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M | 15.6" | 2.3 kg
Ryzen could be priced unbelievably low. (Source:

Prices for AMD's Ryzen CPUs leaked

The pricing, if true, is incredibly aggressive and comes in at under half the cost of what could be the closest competitor from Intel.
Intel announced the release schedule for Coffee Lake via Twitter. (Source: Intel Twitter)

Coffee Lake's Coming: Intel's 8th gen chips will arrive in late 2017

The 8th generation of Intel chips, Coffee Lake, is slated for release in the second half of 2017. Intel states that the chips will bring a 15% performance boost, but will they be competitive with Ryzen?
Gigabyte P55W v6 Notebook Review

82% Gigabyte P55W v6 Notebook Review

Focused on the essentials. Gigabyte's newest version of ttheir P55W hasn't really changed that much. While the predecessor used a GeForce GTX 970M, the new model is equipped with a GTX 1060 - and that's a very noticeable difference.
Intel Core i7-6700HQ | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 (Laptop) | 15.6" | 2.7 kg
HP Omen 17 (GTX 1060) Notebook Review

82% HP Omen 17 (GTX 1060) Notebook Review

Well-balanced. At a purchase price of almost 1300 Euros (~$1390), the Omen 17 w100ng is presently the cheapest device within its lineup. This slightly lower-performance model also renders games smoothly on its matte Full HD panel. The Omen offers a very good battery life for a gaming laptop.
Intel Core i5-6300HQ | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 (Laptop) | 17.3" | 3.2 kg
Samsung Chromebook Plus convertible to offer up to 16 GB RAM

Samsung Chromebook Plus might have up to 16 GB RAM

While the Samsung Chromebook Plus is expected to arrive next week with 4 GB RAM on board, its Pro sibling is scheduled to arrive in April. While it is supposed to feature up to 8 GB RAM, the latest rumors claim the Chromebook Pro might get a 16 GB RAM variant after a while as well.
Apple MacBook Pro 15 (Late 2016 2.9 GHz, 460) Notebook Review

89% Apple MacBook Pro 15 (Late 2016 2.9 GHz, 460) Notebook Review

Top specification. We have already reviewed the entry-level of the new Apple MacBook Pro 15. Our test sample today is the high-end SKU, and the graphics card AMD Radeon Pro 460 is particularly interesting.
Intel Core i7-6920HQ | AMD Radeon Pro 460 | 15.4" | 1.8 kg
The KDE Slimbook can be configured with an Intel Core i5 or i7 processor and will run KDE's flavor of Linux. (Source: Slimbook)

Slimbook releases notebook running KDE Linux

KDE and Slimbook have partnered to released the KDE Slimbook, a thin-and-light notebook running either the KDE Neon or KED Plasma distro of Linux.

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