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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (SM-N970F) on Geekbench (Source: Ice universe on Twitter)

Exynos 9825-powered Galaxy Note 10 hits Geekbench

The next-gen Exynos 9825-powered Samsung Galaxy flagships are flooding Geekbench and the results definitely look good. Alongside the Galaxy Note 10 (SM-N970F), the Galaxy S10+ (SM-G975F) was also spotted on the website of the afor...
New renders suggest a hidden front-facing camera for the Honor 9X Pro. (Source: MySmartPrice)

Latest renders point to pop-up cameras for Honor 9X series

According to some new leaks, the Honor 9X and its Pro variant will have full-screen displays. This will allegedly be conferred by selfie cameras hidden in pop-up modules. One of these Huawei sub-brand phones may also have appeared...
The phone in a new leak looks a lot like this. (Source: Memeburn)

Samsung Galaxy Fold (in new revamped form) allegedly caught in live images on Indian transport system

A SamMobile source claims to have spotted a working unit of the Samsung Galaxy Fold in the hands of someone on the New Delhi metro recently. It is likely that this device has the updated design it needs to secure a re-do of its pl...
The LG G6 may be updated to Android Pie soon. (Source: GSMArena)

Android Pie for the LG G6 (European variant) allegedly surfaces in leaked beta form

The G6 is LG's flagship smartphone for 2017. Despite this, it is yet to be officially updated to the latest version of Android. A Redditor claims to have found a beta for this very upgrade - albeit for just 1 region-specific varia...
The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+. (Source: OnLeaks)

Opinion | The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 may be yet another step in the wrong direction for the smartphone industry

Every year, OEMs increase prices on their new devices. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 phones will be no different, as a new leak claims that the Note 10 could start at US$999. That's the same MSRP the Note 9 launched with but the main...
The Samsung Galaxy Note 10. (Source: Business Today)

Previously debunked feature now said to be coming with the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

Samsung will release the Note 10 and Note 10+ next month. As the date draws closers, leaks reveal more differences between the devices, and the latest is on the kind of fast-charge the devices will feature. The Note 10+ will featu...
Huawei seems to have no end of ideas for new OS names. (Source: Cnet)

Huawei allegedly trademarks yet another new OS name

Huawei is now linked to multiple different possible names for its well-publicized in-house OS, which may replace Android on its phones in the near future. A new possible leak has turned up another new such term for this system: Ha...
Some of the top 10 cities for 5G phone sales do not have the relevant cell services yet. (Source: Counterpoint Research)

5G phone sales are on the rise in numerous US cities, even those without coverage

Counterpoint Research's latest study of the 5G market in the US has found that sales of mobile devices that can use these new bands have been detected in more than 10 cities. However, some of the areas in question still do not hav...
EMUI 10 might be revealed in more detail at the Huawei Developer Conference. (Source: Huawei Central)

EMUI 10 based on Android Q will be unveiled at an August 2019 Huawei event

Huawei has released the schedule for its Developer Conference, which will take place in Dongguan, China, on August 9, 2019. The second talk in this event will concern EMUI 10, which is based on Android Q. It will be conducted by W...
The Galaxy Note 10 is scheduled for an August 7 official reveal. (Source: MSPowerUser)

Leak reveals Galaxy Note 10 launch prices

The Galaxy Note 10 is rumored to come in regular and Pro / Plus flavors, each with several storage options and 5G or non-5G variants. Leaked launch prices coming from German distributors reveal that the 256 GB version of the regul...
A Redditor claims his S10 5G has gone the way of many Note 7s. (Source: Samsung)

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G allegedly involved in catastrophic battery failure

A Reddit post describes an incident in which a user's phone, an "S10 5G", exhibited extreme overheating. When the owner in question examined this device, it was apparently non-functional and emitted a strong smell of chemicals. Th...
Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ (Source: UniverseIce on Twitter)

Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ got an update that locks users out randomly

The latest update for the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ locked its users out, requiring them to enter a PIN and restarting repeatedly no matter what they entered. Unfortunately, it looks like performing a Factory data reset i...
This may be an upcoming LG flagship phone's official trademark. (Source: LetsGoDigital)

LG trademarks its post-G9 flagship names in advance

A new leak indicates that LG has successfully attained trademarks for names that sound like flagship phones to be released after 2020. There is no G11 or G12, however: instead, they appear to fall in line with the Vx0 phablet line...
The X55 modem, alongside the QTM525 RFFE, are involved in next-gen 5G. (Source: Qualcomm)

Qualcomm & Ericsson announce world's first successful data call on the band intended for US-wide 5G

Qualcomm and Ericsson has announced that their technology has passed an important milestone in the roll-out of 5G across a country the size of the US on the same band. This 600-megahertz (MHz) frequency, one of the lowest to be as...
Huawei Mate 20 X 5G launch date for China set to July 26 (Source: Indiashopps)

Huawei Mate 20 X 5G to hit China on July 26

Recently made available for pre-order in UAE, the Huawei Mate 20 X 5G is now ready to launch in China. This massive phablet that sports a 7.2-inch OLED display with a waterdrop notch will debut in its home market on July 26 and is...
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 phablet facing camera failure bugs in Night mode, July 2019

Camera failed: Note 9 and Galaxy S9 users face a new software bug

The "Camera failure" error is not new to Samsung as its handsets were being hit by such camera-related bugs quite often in the past. Now, the time has come for those who own the high-end Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S9 to bump into th...
How eSIMs differ from conventional SIMs. (Source: Deutsche Telekom)

eSIM-enabled device shipments are now thought to approach 2 billion by 2025

The latest market analysis indicates that the volume of eSIM-enabled device shipments reached 384 million last year. The resulting projections suggest that this figure will grow to about 2 billion over the next 6 years. Smartphone...
The Nest Hello doorbell may gain the ability to protect against parcel theft soon. (Source:

Nest Hello doorbell to get delivery-monitoring update

The Nest Hello device is a smart doorbell with an inbuilt camera. A leak concerning a software update for this product has found that it may gain the ability to detect when a package has been delivered. This code may also allow fo...
Samsung Galaxy A90 5G variant hits Geekbench

5G variant of the Snapdragon 855-powered Samsung Galaxy A90 hits Geekbench

Confirming some earlier leaks, the Samsung device carrying the model number SM-A908N surfaced on Geekbench. This 5G variant of the Galaxy A90 sports a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor and 6 GB of memory, runs on Android 9.0 Pie-b...
Spotify Lite is far easier on a phone's memory compared to the regular vision. (Source: Spotify)

Spotify launches a Lite version of its app for Android

The ability to use Spotify on your phone may be restricted in terms of the storage it can take up. The new Lite version of this Android app, however, takes up about a tenth of the space compared to the regular download. It also ha...
OPPO introduced the shark-fin look in the Reno line. (Source: TechNave)

OPPO Reno's design allegedly copied in new smartphone patent

The lesser-spotted Chinese OEM Haipai has filed a patent for a new phone with a type of pop-up module for the selfie camera that rises from the top of the device as a wedge. Sound familiar? If so, you may be thinking of OPPO, who ...
OnePlus 7 Pro Android phablet gets OxygenOS 9.5.9 update with new camera features

OxygenOS 9.5.9 comes with new camera features for the OnePlus 7 Pro

In addition to the usual system optimizations and general bug fixes, the OxygenOS 9.5.9 OTA update for the OnePlus 7 Pro comes with new enhancements for the camera: improved back-to-front switching, faster autofocus, advanced Pano...
App names trademarked by Huawei, apparently for HongMeng OS (Source: Indiashopps)

Huawei trademarks new apps, most likely to be integrated into HongMeng OS

Although its relationship with the US has improved a lot and last month's troubles seem to be gone, Huawei is working hard on its own operating system. HongMeng OS will replace Android on a wide range of devices and some of its co...
A shot of the alleged upcoming Nokia device. (Source: XDA)

Nokia is rumored to have a new 48MP mid-range phone in the works

A new report includes images of a heretofore-unseen phone linked to Nokia with triple cameras in a single circular module. Some material allegedly posted alongside these photos asserts that the main lens has a 48MP resolution. How...
The OPPO A9x may have a new, more powerful variant. (Source: OPPO)

OPPO may make a new 8GB variant of the A9x available soon

The OPPO A9x is a mid-range smartphone based on the MediaTek Helio P70 SoC. It was released as a single 6GB RAM SKU in May 2019. Now, it has reportedly returned to the TENAA certification authority in a new, 8GB incarnation.
The Lenovo Z6 only comes in blue. (Source: Lenovo)

The Lenovo Z6 is the latest phone to launch with a 120Hz display

Lenovo has unveiled its latest phone, the Z6, in China today (July 4, 2019). It has a 6.39-inch FHD+ OLED display with a waterdrop notch and a 120-hertz refresh rate. The Lenovo Z6 also has 3 rear cameras, a 4000mAh battery and th...
OxygenOS for the OnePlus 6 and 6T now inlcudes a screen recorder. (Source: OnePlus)

The OnePlus 6 and 6T get screen recorders in their latest software update

OnePlus has recently updated the 6 and 6T, its second-last generation of flagship phones. The upgrade confers the June 2019 security patch level on the devices. It also adds a native screen-recorder, which is now found in the seri...
Vivo iQOO Neo gaming phablet (Source: Vivo)

Qualcomm Snapdragon 845-powered Vivo iQOO Neo joins the gaming smartphone niche

While the regular Vivo iQOO features the top-of-the-line Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, the new iQOO Neo is only powered by the flagship processor of the previous generation, namely the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845. This new handse...
Samsung has ramped up silicon production with Synopsys' help. (Source: Samsung)

Synopsys contributes to accelerated 7nm production at Samsung

Synopsys has announced the successful implementation of its Yield Explorer platform at Samsung's fabricators. This reportedly results in a ramping-up of production in terms of 7 (as well as 10 and 8) nanometer (nm) architectures f...
Image via CNET

Samsung CEO admits the Galaxy Fold's launch was "embarrassing"

In an interview with a small group of media outlet, Samsung CEO D.J. Koh stated that the Galaxy Fold's flubbed launch was "embarrassing." However, Koh still sees foldable devices as the next logical step in the evolution of person...
OPPO claims that MeshTalk can work without any conventional form of data. (Source: OPPO)

OPPO premieres a new kind of connectivity independent of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or cell data

OPPO has announced a new technology at MWC Shanghai: MeshTalk. It is described as a way to talk or text without the need for a cellular, Bluetooth or online connection. MeshTalk apparently works when 2 compatible devices are withi...
3DMark for Android has an important new update. (Source: 3DMark)

The latest update to 3DMark for Android optimizes Sling Shot Extreme and makes the app 64-bit

The Android version of the 3DMark benchmarking suite is regarded as one of the best for non-iOS mobile devices. Its latest update has improved its compatibility with the ARM Mali-G72 and Mali-G76 chipsets. Then again, this fix may...
Smartphone market analysis chart June 2019 (Source: Canalys)

Canalys: 5G phone shipments will overtake 4G in 2023

According to Canalys mobile VP Nicole Peng, 5G smartphones will see a rapid adoption in China thanks to the strong government roadmap and the financial capabilities of the local operators. Global 5G phone shipments are expected to...
The Xiaomi CC 9e may have already completed some benchmarks. (Source: Xiaomi)

Xiaomi Mi CC 9e spotted on Geekbench

A device called the Xiaomi Mi CC 9e has appeared on the Geekbench 4 website. Its results in these tests depict it as a 6GB phone powered by the Snapdragon 660 SoC. The Mi CC 9e also apparently runs Android Pie, but that is all tha...
Samsung Galaxy A80 color choices (Source: Samsung)

Three months since its introduction, the Samsung Galaxy A80 finally hits the market

Samsung's first phablet without a notch and/or cutout — thanks to the sliding camera assembly — is finally going on sale both online and offline in select markets across the globe about three months since its debut. The Galaxy A80...
Fast Share may appear on Google Account-enabled devices soon. (Source: XDA)

Google is now reportedly piloting Fast Share, an AirDrop alternative

Google may be working on a new way to send files between devices without necessarily relying on the internet. This new feature, called Fast Share, may be intended to compete with Apple's AirDrop. Unlike Android Beam, it involves t...
The HTC U12+ Android Pie update is rolling out - in Taiwan, at least. (Source:

HTC U12+ reportedly updating to Android Pie in Taiwan

HTC has reportedly taken the next steps on its Android update roadmap for its older devices. A Twitter user located in Taiwan has posted the upgrade notification for version 9.0 (Pie) on their U12+. However, this has yet to be fol...
Xiaomi has opened a testing program for Android Q on the Pocophone F1. (Source: DirectD)

Xiaomi invites Pocophone F1 users to test Android Q for their device

Xiaomi has announced that it has a build of Android Q for the Pocophone F1. However, it is still not ready for public release. Therefore, it has issued a call for testers who will install and run this OS on their device.
SwiftKey is a well-known keyboard app. (Source: PupilSpot)

SwiftKey may lose Gmail optimizations soon

Google has reached out to SwiftKey users, informing them that the app’s normal ability to predict text while typing based on Gmail data will be suspended soon. This measure is to come into effect starting from July 15, 2019. Then ...
Mobile payments are rapidly headed for a trillion-dollar industry. (Source: CMO)

The mobile payments market is now estimated to jump to over US$1 trillion in value by 2022

Mobile payments are now thought of as a market capable of vast growth over the next 3 years. The latest figures put its worth at US$348 billion now; however, this is thought to grow to $1.3 trillion in 2022. It is projected to gro...
The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is now available on T-Mobile. (Source: Samsung)

T-Mobile switches its 5G service on, now sells the Samsung Galaxy S10 version to go with it

The carrier T-Mobile has released the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G for sale today (June 28, 2019). This coincides with its inaugural 5G service debut. However, it currently only covers 6 cities in the US, and not much of any of them at t...
Messages for Android may look a little less plain soon. (Source: Google)

Google is trying out Instagram-esque effects for native Messages app in Android

An XDA developer has gained access to new features in Google's Messages app for Android phones. It is called "Effects", and adds a small number of cartoonish, 3D edits to a new photo or video to be added to a message. Therefore, i...
The Galaxy A10 may get a more powerful sibling soon. (Source: India Express)

Putative Samsung Galaxy A10s is now a Wi-Fi-certified device

A new Samsung device with the model number SM-A107F has surfaced in a number of new leaks recently. Now, the same has shown up on the Wi-Fi Alliance's website as a device cleared to use this technology. Therefore, this phone - whi...
The Honor 20 Pro. (Source: YouTube)

Update | Honor says some of its phones will get Android Q after all

Honor's UK division has released a statement reassuring users that its "most popular current devices" will be upgraded to Android Q. This pledge applies to the Honor 20 series (including its Lite and Pro versions). The brand also ...
The new setting in Google Location History. (Source: Google)

Auto-delete your Google Location History with this new setting

Google offers the option to store a timeline of places in which a user's location-enabled phone has been. The account-holder in question can also disable this ability and delete this information if they choose. The latest update t...
Tencent Instant Play enables 5G cloud gaming in China. (Source: Tencent)

Qualcomm and ZTE demo 5G cloud gaming in China

Qualcomm has partnered with ZTE at MWC Shanghai to expound on 5G and what it means for the future of mobile gaming. To that end, it has demonstrated cloud gaming - which is powered by Tencent Instant Play in China - on phones with...
The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G could launch later based on availability of 5G networks. (Source: LetsGoDigital)

New Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G renders point to a stunning flagship smartphone

Renders of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G have surfaced online indicating a design similar to the Galaxy Note 10 Pro. The Note 10 5G could have slightly higher battery than the regular Note 10 Pro and might also launch lat...
The Qualcomm Secure Processing Unit is part of the SD 855. (Source: Qualcomm)

The Snapdragon 855 is the first mobile processor certified to be as secure as a smart card

Qualcomm has announced that its latest flagship SoC, the Snapdragon 855, is the first CPU for mobile devices to attain the Smart Card Equivalent Security Certification. This means the processor can handle applications normally con...
HiSilicon Kirin 810 is faster than the Qualcomm Snapdragon 730, reveals AnTuTu

AnTuTu news: Huawei's Kirin 810 beats the Snapdragon 730 as expected

Only a few days after Huawei unveiled the 7 nm HiSilicon Kirin 810 mobile processor, the upcoming Nova 5 handset surfaced on AnTuTu with this new piece of silicon inside. Its score of no less than 237,437 places it well in front o...
OnePlus smartphones compared: OnePlus 7 Pro vs. OnePlus 7 vs. OnePlus 6T

All current OnePlus smartphones compared: OnePlus 7 Pro vs. OnePlus 7 vs. OnePlus 6T

Which is the best OnePlus phone? Is an upgrade from the OnePlus 6T to the OnePlus 7 worth it? How big are the differences between the OnePlus 7 smartphones? For whom is the OnePlus 7 Pro the better choice despite the price premium? In our in-depth comparison review, we'll explore the essential everyday-use differences between the OnePlus smartphones.


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