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The foldable Galaxy Note might not appear until late 2019. (Source: Samsung)

Samsung dashes hopes of a foldable Galaxy Note smartphone for this year

Samsung's head of mobile has reneged on his promise to deliver a foldable Galaxy Note this year. Instead it may not now make an appearance until late 2019.
The Samsung Exynos 9810 SoC. (Source: Samsung)

CES 2018 | Samsung intros the Exynos 9 Series 9810 SoC aimed at richer multimedia and AI applications

Samsung has announced the new Exynos 9 Series 9810 SoC based on the 10nm fabrication process. The SoC's high performance cores can reach 2.9 GHz and has a 6CA LTE modem along with the capability for deep learning processing.
Samsung Headquarters. (Source: Social Barrel)

Samsung sets objective for 2018 at 320 million smartphone shipments, company to focus on higher profit margins

Samsung has reportedly set its target for smartphone shipments for the year at 320 million, just about the same figure the company achieved in 2017. This is said to be the first step in a transition to a business model focusing more on profit margins.
The Galaxy S8. (Source: Trusted Reviews)

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ set to receive Oreo in January 2018

A member of Samsung's UK Oreo beta team has confirmed that the S8 and S8+ will receive final, stable Oreo updates in January, with the Note 8 to follow immediately after.
The Samsung Galaxy Note 8. (Source: CNET)

Oreo for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 leaked

The Samsung Galaxy S8 received its Oreo beta weeks ago, so it's a bit surprising that Note 8 users have been left in the lurch. Only until now, though, as what looks like a stable internal Oreo build for the flagship has finally surfaced, with users testing it out and confirming its validity.
The S8+ will receive Oreo.

Samsung to release Oreo updates in Q1 2018

Samsung is set to release updates to Android Oreo by the start of 2018. Particular details of the company's plans are unknown at the moment but we expect the Galaxy Beta program to be re-opened soon.
The Galaxy S9 could feature a display notch to incorporate a fingerprint sensor. (Source: Samsung)

Galaxy S9 could get a front-facing finger print sensor

Samsung's Galaxy S9 could feature a display cut out to allow it to integrate a front facing fingerprint sensor. The move could be potentially controversial, but it would correct the odd location of the fingerprint sensor on the rear of the current Galaxy S8 line.
The Snapdragon X50 mobile modem will be shipped with the 2019 smartphones. (Source: Qualcomm)

Qualcomm is first to reach 5G speeds using the X50 mobile modem

The X50 modem provides downlink speeds of over 1 gbps in the 28 GHz mmWave spectrum. Qualcomm also presented the first 5G smartphone reference designs for OEMs. The 5G standard, together with supporting smartphones, is expected to be available by 2019.
An iPhone with a stylus could be a part of Apple's plans for 2019.

An iPhone with a stylus? It could materialize in 2019 if a new rumor is accurate

Apple could be set to launch a new iPhone model that will compete directly with the Samsung Galaxy Note. The new iPhone will use a supercapicitor stylus that offers a more pen-like feel according to a new rumor out of South Korea.
Dr. Kwon Oh-hyun has announced his resignation from Samsung. (Source: AP)

Samsung CEO resigns amid "unprecedented crisis"

One of Samsung's three CEO's has announced his resignation from the South Korean giant. Citing the "unprecedented crisis" facing the company, Kwon Oh-hyun, CEO of Samsung Electronics and Samsung Display will step down in March 2018.
The new image sensors will be featured in the 2018 mobile flagships from Samsung. (Source: Samsung)

Samsung Galaxy S9 to integrate the 12 MP ISOCELL Fast 2L9 and 24 MP Slim 2X7 Camera Sensors

The new sensors come with reduced pixel sizes, the ISOCELL Slim 2X7 being the world's first mobile image sensor with 0.9 μm per pixel. These allow for better results in low-light environments and provide improved details with increased resolution. Galaxy S9 and Note 9 are expected to feature both sensors.
Apple looks set to tap LG for its pOLED tech for a rumored foldable iPhone. (Source: LG)

Apple could release a foldable iPhone in 2020

Apple and LG are partnering on a foldable iPhone planned for 2020, if a report out of Korea is accurate. With the two companies have partnered on iPhone components in the past, it seems like a plausible response to Samsung's plans to launch a foldable Galaxy Note next year.
Galaxy Note 9 will likely have an onscreen fingerprint reader (Source: Samsung)

Galaxy Note 9 will likely have an onscreen fingerprint reader

Sources close to Asian supply chains say Samsung is already receiving production samples from multiple component manufacturers.
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Smartphone Review

90% Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Smartphone Review

Back to being best. The Note 8 shines with a big, superb Infinity screen, high performance and, for the first time, with a dual-camera. As usual, the S-Pen that can be inserted into the casing is included. Whether Samsung has developed the ideal phablet after the Note 7 disaster will be clarified in the test.
Update: new update improves security and adds new Wi-Fi features. Update: Information concerning PWM, display response times, temperatures and power consumption has been added.
Samsung Exynos 8895 Octa | ARM Mali-G71 MP20 | 6.3" | 195 g
The Mirabook will offer native PC-like support for the Huawei Mate 10. (Source: MirAxess)

Huawei Mate 10 to support Mirabook, have DeX-like functionality

The Huawei Mate 10 looks set to follow both Microsoft and Samsung in offering a dock that converts the device into something offering a PC-like experience. The tip comes from the maker of the Mirabook Android and Windows Continuum-compatible laptop dock.
A Samsung foldable smartphone concept. (Source: Samsung)

Samsung: Expect a foldable Galaxy Note in 2018, Bixby speaker too

Samsung's head of mobile Koh Dong-jin has revealed that the next Galaxy Note will be foldable. Although still facing some technical hurdles, Samsung believes that its foldable AMOLED display tech will make it to market in time for a 2018 launch.
The Galaxy Note 8 is now available for pre-order on Amazon India. (Source: Amazon)

Preorders for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 begin in India

Samsung India has officially unveiled the Galaxy Note 8 in India shortly after its global launch. The handset, which retails at ₹67,900 (US$ 1,060), will go on sale in the country starting September 22.
Image: iFixit

The Galaxy Note 8 is moderately repairable, according to iFixit

Scoring a 4 out of 10 in iFixit's most recent teardown, the Samsung Galaxy Note8 received positive praise for its modular internal components but was criticized for a heavy use in difficult to remove adhesive.
T-Mobile's offer makes purchasing more than one Note 8 much more affordable. (Source: T-Mobile)

T-Mobile's latest BOGO promotion gets you two Note 8 phones for the price of one

Buy a Note 8, get a second Note 8 for free (after rebate). T-Mobile's latest incentive offers the best deal yet on the upcoming handset, and is compatible with Samsung's Do Bigger Things promotion.
Samsung logo (Source: Samsung)

Judge gives Samsung heir five years in jail for bribery scandal

A judge has sentenced Lee Jae-jong, the Samsung heir, to five years jail time for his part in the bribery scandal with the administration of the former President of South Korea. He was also found guilty of giving false testimony in court and hiding overseas assets.
The Galaxy Note 8 packs Samsung's latest battery technology. (Source: Samsung)

Samsung claims the Note 8's battery will retain 95% capacity after two years

Samsung has made a huge stride in the battery technology behind its smartphones released this year, but has made little mention of it anywhere until now. According to its mobile chief, the new Note 8 will retain an impressive 95 percent of its capacity after two years.
It's a bit larger than the current Gear VR, but that's pretty much it. (Source: Samsung)

The Note 8 is too big for the Gear VR, so Samsung is making a new headset

If you recently purchased a Gear VR headset and were hoping it would work with the Note 8, you're fresh out of luck. The upcoming handset is too large to fit inside, but Samsung is launching a new version that will accommodate it and previous Samsung devices.
Get rid of it! they told you. It's worthless! they said. They were wrong. $425 worth of wrong.

Have a Note 7? Trade it in for a big discount on the Note 8

You have a Note 7, but you want that sleek new Note 8. Samsung says: Send it to us, we'll give you a bit of cash, and you can apply that cash towards the purchase of our new, non-flammable device. That simple.
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in Midnight Black, with included S Pen. (Source: Samsung)

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is official, pre-orders start tomorrow

The latest entry in the Note line is finally here, and it's exactly as the recent leaks and rumors predicted. Inside and out, the Galaxy Note 8 resembles a fractionally-larger S8, but with a new camera setup, an added S Pen, and a few UI tweaks.
Recall issued for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 batteries

Recall issued for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 batteries

Replacement batteries shipped as part of AT&T's Insurance program have now been recalled due to concerns about the batteries overheating and creating a fire hazard. Samsung has placed blame squarely on FedEx Supply Chain.
The Note 8 could be available immediately following its announcement. (Source: GSMArena)

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 could launch as early as August 24 in the US

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is all set for an official unveiling on August 23 but if word on the street is to go by, the device could land up in shelves as early as the next day, at least in the US.
Official advertising material for the Note 8, according to Evan Blass. (Source: @evleaks | Twitter)

The Note 8's release is being delayed to build up consumer awareness

An intensified advertising campaign and ramped up production will delay the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 by a week. The upcoming phablet will now be available starting September 15 .
Look mom, no bezels! (Source: Slashleaks)

Live pictures of the Galaxy Note 8 surface, reveal dual cameras and a redesigned S-Pen

New pictures of the Galaxy Note 8 have just gone live and seem to corroborate earlier reports of a Galaxy S8-esque design with a squared-off look at the corners, along with the presence of dual rear cameras and a redesigned S-Pen.
Verizon releases security update for Samsung's flagship phones... from 2015

Verizon releases security update for Samsung's flagship phones... from 2015

A new update for the Verizon Galaxy S5, Note 4, and Note Edge will roll out over the next few weeks, patching a few security holes and fixing some call-related bugs.
A render of the Note 8 with its stylus. (Source: @evleaks | Twitter)

Details about the Galaxy Note 8's specs have been leaked

A list of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8's specs has been leaked ahead of the handset's launch. The leak confirms the use of a Snapdragon 835 or Exynos 8895 processor, depending on region, and the camera setup, amid other details.
Alleged image of the Galaxy Note 8. (Source: evleaks/twitter)

Newly leaked image shows what to expect from the Galaxy Note 8

Noted product leaker, Evan Blass, has posted an image of the Galaxy Note 8 on twitter. It shows front, back, and side profile in two colors. The fingerprint scanner is in the same troublesome location as the Galaxy S8, and there appears to be a dedicated Bixby button.
The Cat.18 6CA LTE modem will see mass production towards the end of 2017. (Source: Investopedia)

Samsung readies industry-first 1.2 Gbps downlink LTE mobile modem

With speeds of up to 1.2 Gbps, the new LTE modem allows users to download full-length HD movies in 10 seconds.
The two leaked SoCs will be integrated in mid-range and flagship models launching in 2018. (Source: Samsung)

Samsung Exynos 9610 and 7885 specs get leaked

Samsung's Exynos 7785 is a mid-range SoC that will be integrated in the 2018 Galaxy A7 model, while the 9610 model does not seem to be the flagship SoC, since the Galaxy S9 launching next year should integrate the un-leaked Exynos 9810 chip.
Look mom, no bezels. (Source: GSMArena)

Case-maker renders reveal Galaxy Note 8 design, dual cameras in tow

Leaked case renders for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8 phablet lend credence to earlier reports of a bezel-less Infinity display and presence of dual cameras in what could be Samsung's most impressive comeback in the phablet space after the Note 7 debacle.
A leaked photo showing a case for the Galaxy Note 8. (Source: Twitter)

The headphone jack survives on the Galaxy Note 8, leaked photo shows

A new smartphone case for Samsung's upcoming phablet all but confirms the existence of a 3.5 mm headphone jack on the device. The photo of the case was revealed yesterday, but has not been commented on by Samsung.
Samsung claimed to offer a generous rebate for those wanting to hop onto the S8 bandwagon (Source: Samsung)

Samsung's Galaxy S8 trade-in program leaves many customers in the lurch

Disparities in the manner in which Samsung is honoring its trade-in program for the Galaxy S is irking many customers who had sent genuine working devices in hopes of a US$200 rebate.
Samsung is re-launching the year-old Galaxy Note 7 as the Galaxy Note Fandom Edition for US$600. (Source: Samsung)

Two months before the launch of the Galaxy Note 8, Samsung re-launches the Note 7 in Korea

Samsung is launching the Galaxy Note 7 again as the Galaxy Note Fandom Edition (FE) in South Korea. While the launch of the Note FE is only two months ahead of the launch of the Note 8, it looks like the Note 8 will be twice the price of the FE, so there will not be much cannibalization of sales.
The Galaxy Note 8 has a lot to prove after the disastrous recall of the Note 7, but will a US$1000 price tag help its cause? (Source: Samsung)

Samsung Galaxy Note 8's US$1000 price tag shows the trend for future flagships

Apple's iPhone 8 was tipped to cost north of US$1000 for its highest-end configurations back in May. Now, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has been tipped for a late-September release at an impressive €999. We can expect flagships to cost more and more as companies realize the benefits of higher-margin devices.
The differences between the new Galaxy Note and the S8 line are much less dramatic this year. (Source: Samsung)

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 now tipped for September debut

Samsung's rumored phablet may be coming a month later than previously reported. When it finally launches in September, it will retail for almost 1,000 euros.
The ill-fated Samsung Galaxy Note 7. (Source: Samsung)

A Reuters report adds credibility to the Galaxy Note 8's rumored August launch

Summer is about to get a lot hotter with the upcoming launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. The premier phablet is expected to be slightly larger than the Galaxy S8 Plus and feature dual rear cameras.
Samsung and Apple cleaned house in the ACSI's 2017 Customer Satisfaction Survey. (Image: ACSI)

Apple and Samsung dominate 2017 American Customer Satisfaction Index

The two brands claimed every spot in the ACSI's top 20 smartphones ranked according to customer satisfaction.
The Galaxy Note 7, which was killed off last year, may be making a triumphant return (Source: Samsung)

Rising from the ashes: Samsung will sell refurbished Galaxy Note 7 devices

Samsung confirmed today that they will attempt to refurbish and sell recalled Galaxy Note 7 smartphones. Phones that are not qualified for refurbishment will be torn down and recycled.
The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 could be in for a refurbished return. (Source: Hankyung)

Note 7 resurrected: Samsung could begin to refurbish and sell Galaxy Note 7

According to a South Korean news outlet, Samsung may refurbished recalled Galaxy Note 7 units with smaller capacity batteries and new outer casings.
The Samsung Chromebook Plus is now available for $449 from select retailers. (Source: Samsung)

Samsung's Chromebook Plus now available for purchase

The Chromebook comes with a built-in stylus and support for Android apps via the Google Play Store for Chrome. Current retail price is $449.
The Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected to be completely redesigned. (Source: VentureBeat)

Samsung Galaxy S8 rumored to be announced on March 29th, will be redesigned

According to rumors, The Samsung Galaxy S8 will remove the physical home button and feature much larger displays. The phone is expected to be announced on March 29th.
Samsung posted year-over-year growth of about 50% for Q4 2016. (Source: Samsung)

Samsung posts major revenue and profit growth for Q4 and full-year 2016

One phone does not make a company. Despite setback with the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung recorded a massive jump in profits for FY 2016.
The Meizu PRO 6 Plus, powered by the Samsung Exynos 8890, is now available in China. (Source: Meizu)

Meizu unveils PRO 6 Plus powered by Samsung Exynos 8890 SoC

Meizu's new PRO 6 Plus is a followup to its PRO 6, released earlier this year. The PRO 6 Plus phablet is boasts impressive specs and could even be a suitable replacement for those missing the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.
Android 7.0 Beta for Samsung Galaxy phones breaks Gear VR

Android 7.0 Beta for Samsung Galaxy phones breaks Gear VR

Volunteers that downloaded the Android 7.0 Beta are unable to user their Samsung Gear VRs, as the headset only works on Samsung phones.
Montblanc and Swarovski accessories now available for Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge+

Montblanc and Swarovski accessories now available for Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge+

Samsung announces luxury leather covers with Swarovski crystals for both of its flagship smartphones.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Smartphone Review

88% Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ Smartphone Review

An edge in need of sharpening. Released almost half a year after the original S6 Edge, the S6 Edge+ brings a larger display and... unfortunately not much else. How does the new Edge compare against the Galaxy Note 5 and its siblings?
Samsung Exynos 7420 Octa | ARM Mali-T760 MP8 | 5.7" | 153 g

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