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Huawei reportedly shipping Mate 9 and P10 models with slower eMMC storage

Huawei reportedly shipping Mate 9 and P10 models with slower eMMC storage

Huawei originally advertised the Mate 9 with UHS 2.1 storage, but some units are purportedly shipping with the slower eMMC 5.1 standard without any official statements from the manufacturer. Furthermore, sources say some advertisements have been silently changed to reflect the switch to eMMC 5.1.
QNAP TVS-873 NAS gets a Red Dot Award for its design

QNAP TVS-873 wins a Red Dot Award for design

Thanks to this award, the QNAP TVS-873 NAS will be shown for an entire year in the Red Dot Design Museum. This NAS is driven by a 3rd gen AMD R-Series APU and features up to 64 GB RAM, USB 3.1 Gen 2 connectivity, dual HDMI out, and more.
Legend 24K gold custom luxury Galaxy S8 and S8+ now available

Legend unveils 24K gold-plated Galaxy S8 and S8+

Thanks to a new plating method, Legend can cover the glass back of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ flagships with 24K gold, also adding VVS1-grade diamonds around the Samsung logo, all for around $3,000 USD.
V-Moda Forza Metallo Wireless ergonomic neckband headphones

V-Moda Forza Metallo Wireless headphones now official

Advertised as the first ergonomic neckband headphones to hit the market, the Forza Metallo Wireless is an accessory that comes with a titanium neckband, metal housing, sport fins, as well as 3D printing customization of in-ears.
MasterCard testing credit card with fingerprint reader in South Africa, other areas to follow soon

MasterCard now testing a credit card with fingerprint sensor

This new credit card is currently being tested in South Africa and combines the traditional chip technology with the convenience and security of a fingerprint reader. Europe and Asia Pacific are expected to join the trial in the coming months as well.
The HP ZBook Studio G4 combines killer specs with design. (Source: HP)

HP introduces updated ZBook mobile workstations

HP has revealed updates to its ZBook line of workstations, including the long-awaited ZBook Studio G4.
Lenovo ThinkPad L570 (7200U, Full HD) Laptop Review

87% Lenovo ThinkPad L570 (7200U, Full HD) Laptop Review

Kaby Lake upgrade. The ThinkPad L570 is first and foremost a Kaby Lake upgrade. The new CPU generation brings a slight improvement in performance and is responsible for the considerable increase in battery runtime. Our test unit is sold without an operating system.
Intel Core i5-7200U | Intel HD Graphics 620 | 15.6" | 2.4 kg
Microsoft to buy Intentional Software

Microsoft to buy Intentional Software

This new corporate acquisition aims to further improve Microsoft's capabilities and its ability to deliver new tools and services as a part of the company's productivity offering.
Android Pay new update April 2017, PayPal support to be added soon

Android Pay adds more banks, PayPal support coming soon

The latest update brings the number of Android Pay-supported banks and credit unions beyond the 600 barrier, but Google confirms that PayPal payments will also become supported in the coming weeks.
LeEco Le Max 3 Android phablet, EcoPass kills content subscriptions in the US

LeEco drops EcoPass content subscriptions

Although LeEco missed its sales forecast and dropped most of its plans for expansion in the US, the Chinese brand also dropped the EcoPass Beta program in the area, offering three months of DirecTV NOW for each phone and TV purchase instead.
Samsung Galaxy S5 flagship still most popular Samsung smartphone in the US

Samsung Galaxy S5 remains the most popular Samsung handset in the US

Although it arrived on the market three years ago, the Galaxy S5 controls almost 16 percent of the entire Samsung user base in the United States, followed by the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7, each with around 11.5 percent.
24K gold Samsung Gear S3 Classic by De Billas now available for purchase

Samsung Gear S3 Classic now available in 24K gold

This luxury gold variant of the Gear S3 Classic smartwatch comes for a lower price than expected - those interested can get the 24K gold-plated wearable for $599 USD thanks to De Billas.
Instead of repairing your iPad 4, service techs may replace it with an iPad Air 2. (Image source: iFixit)

Apple may replace your broken iPad 4 with an iPad Air 2

Customers that bring in an iPad 4 for repairs to authorized Apple service centers or Apple stores may have their device replaced with an iPad Air 2.
This replica of the original Nintendo Entertainment System comes preloaded with 30 classic games. (Source: Nintendo)

Why Nintendo may have stopped making the NES Classic Edition

The NES Classic was a great deal for consumers, but Nintendo may have realized that it would be best to focus on the Switch for the moment and then produce an improved retro console experience down the line that could provide better long-term benefits.
Lenovo ThinkPad T570 (Core i5, Full HD) Laptop Review

86% Lenovo ThinkPad T570 (Core i5, Full HD) Laptop Review

More compact. Lenovo has equipped its 15-inch business classic with a new case and offers an attractive package in many areas. However, there are still some performance bugs, and the Chinese manufacturer is still using a mediocre Full HD panel.
Intel Core i5-7200U | Intel HD Graphics 620 | 15.6" | 2 kg
Customers Windows 7 and more recent versions of Windows or Exchange 2010 and newer versions of Exchange are not at risk. (Source: ZDNet)

Microsoft says they've patched NSA's hacking tools targeting devices running Windows

Microsoft engineers have examined the exploits released by the Shadow Brokers and have released patches to address the issue. The good news is that most of these vulnerabilities were patched in March.
HP EliteBook x360 1030 G2 (Core i5, Full HD) Convertible Review

88% HP EliteBook x360 1030 G2 (Core i5, Full HD) Convertible Review

A true favorite! HP’s EliteBook series stands for high-end business laptops. In this review, you will find out if HP can follow up on their promises with this EliteBook x360 1030 G2.
Intel Core i5-7300U | Intel HD Graphics 620 | 13.3" | 1.3 kg
LG G6 coming to Europe this April 24th for 750 Euros

LG G6 coming to Europe this April 24th

The 2:1 smartphone will retail for 750 Euros and is purportedly selling well in South Korea with initial two-day sales reaching over 30,000 units.
Turing Phone Appassionato luxury Android smartphone coming September 2017

Turing and TCL team up for the Appassionato smartphone

This premium handset is scheduled to hit the market in September starting at $1,099 USD. It is made using durable Liquidmorphium material and will come with an AI assistant known as Amplified Intelligence.
The NES Classic Edition will no longer be supplied to retailers after April. (Image source: Nintendo)

Nintendo discontinues NES Classic Edition console

Despite continuing high demand for the retro console, Nintendo of America announced that they will discontinue the NES Classic Edition by the end of this month.
Xbox Project Scorpio unveil event taking place on June 11

Xbox Project Scorpio to be unveiled in June

The long-awaited upgraded Xbox that promises to be the "first true 4K console for gamers" will be unveiled during a special press event that is scheduled for Sunday, June 11.
Huawei has sold 5 million Mate 9 Android phablets

Huawei Mate 9 sales hit 5 million

In addition to the P9 and P9 Plus, both selling very well since their launch, the Mate 9 phablet is also a hit for Huawei. In only four months of availability, Huawei managed to sell five million units.
Lenovo ThinkPad X270 (Core i5, Full HD) Laptop Review

85% Lenovo ThinkPad X270 (Core i5, Full HD) Laptop Review

A fiery temper within a compact design. If the largest PC manufacturer had it their way, the Lenovo X270 would become the ultimate mobile companion. In our detailed review, you will find out why there might be better alternatives after all, and why Lenovo should change a few things for the next ThinkPad X2xx.
Intel Core i5-7200U | Intel HD Graphics 620 | 12.5" | 1.4 kg
Canonical CEO Jane Silber steps down being replaced by Mark Shuttleworth

Canonical CEO Jane Silber to step down

Mark Shuttleworth returns at Canonical's helm 7 years after leaving this position and being replaced by Jane Silber. The switch is scheduled to take place in July 2017, Silber moving to the company's Board of Directors.
Facebook Messenger reaches 1.2 billion monthly active users

Facebook Messenger reaches 1.2 billion monthly active users

After breaking the one billion users barrier back in May, Facebook Messenger moves to a whole new level and leaves behind the 1.2 billion users mark, also increasing the number of messages sent per active user.
After installing the BIOS update, many users are unable to get past the Dell logo.

PSA: Latest XPS 9560 BIOS (1.2.4) may brick notebook

Dell's latest BIOS update for the XPS 9560 (1.2.4) is causing some users' laptops to be bricked after installing. There are two simple methods to make the system bootable again, however.
LeEco Le Pro3 Android phablet, LeEco to lay off more than a third of its US employees

LeEco might lay off more than a third of its US workforce

Although it managed to sell its Silicon Valley property already, Chinese company LeEco continues to have a tough time in the US. Although it entered the local market less than a year ago, the latest rumors claim LeEco plans to fire 175 of its 475 US employees.
Tizen Developer Conference 2017 taking place mid-May in San Francisco

Fifth Tizen Developer Conference confirmed for mid-May

Samsung has just unveiled that registration for TDC 2017 is now open, also unveiling that the event is scheduled to take place in San Francisco, between May 16 and May 17. The location chosen is the Hilton Union Square Hotel.
Fitbit's previous smartwatch, named Blaze. (Source: Fitbit)

Fitbit's upcoming smartwatch has been delayed until later this year

The fitness company has suffered a series of unfortunate setbacks, as it has been forced to delay the launch of its new smartwatch and earphones. Fitbit's stocks also fared badly on Tuesday morning.
Graphene is made from a hexagonal latticework of carbon atoms and can technically be considered a single aromatic molecule regardless of its size. (Source: WikiCommons)

What is graphene and why should you know about it?

Graphene, a unique form of carbon, is finding more and more applications in computer technology.
Samsung Galaxy S8 flagships customized by Truly Exquisite in 24K gold, 18K rose gold, and platinum

Truly Exquisite Gold and Platinum frame Galaxy S8 flagships now up for pre-order

For those who do not find the new Samsung flagships luxurious enough, the UK-based customizing specialists at Truly Exquisite can cover them in platinum, as well as 24K gold or 18K rose gold. The prices start at £2,250 GBP - around $2,791 USD.
Google Android usage graph for April 2017 shows that Marshmallow is close to gaining the crown

Android Marshmallow closing in on Lollipop

Google's latest data collected during the first days of this month show Nougat still struggling to reach the 5 percent barrier, while Android Lollipop's domination is finally approaching its end.
Toshiba BG1 NVMe SSD with TLC 3D NAND flash memory chips

SK Hynix develops 72-layer 3D NAND flash chip

The new technology allows SK Hynix to manufacture chips with a capacity of 32 GB, pushing the South Korean chip maker past Samsung and Toshiba, both still unable to supply 72-layer 3D NAND flash memory.
The Google Pixel has had trouble staying in stock due to display shortages. (Image source: Google)

Google invests $880 million in LG's OLED technology

The investment is meant to shore up supply of LG's flexible OLED displays that Google plans to use in their next flagship smartphone.
Lenovo is the best overall laptop brand, according to Laptop Mag. (Image Source: Lenovo)

Lenovo dethrones Apple in Laptop Mag's "Best & Worst Laptop Brands" list for 2017

Lenovo has claimed the top spot from Apple in Laptop Mag's annual brand ranking. The Cupertino giant fell to 5th place due to controversial design changes in its Macbook and Macbook Pro lines.
Sony's new tablet reads and writes just like real paper. (Source: Sony Japan)

Sony announces a new, business-focused digital paper tablet

Sony's new tablet features improved specs compared to its predecessor and aims for business costumers. The electronic ink device only works with PDF files and is not meant as general-purpose tablet.
Asus ASUSPRO P4540UQ (7200U, 940MX, Full-HD) Laptop Review

84% Asus ASUSPRO P4540UQ (7200U, 940MX, Full-HD) Laptop Review

Untiring. Asus is also active in the area of business notebooks. The well-equipped 15.6-inch model ASUSPRO P4540UQ challenges the established models of the competition. In terms of battery runtimes, Asus can score a victory.
Intel Core i5-7200U | NVIDIA GeForce 940MX | 15.6" | 2.4 kg
Notebookcheck's Top 10 Windows Tablets

Notebookcheck's Top 10 Windows Tablets

April 2017 update. Here is the current list of Notebookcheck's top-ranked Windows tablets. This list is reviewed on a regular basis, checked by our editors and updated if needed. It is designed to help our readers with their purchase decisions.
NTT DoCoMo store in Japan, tablet sales dropped in Japan in 2016 for the first time

Tablet shipments finally drop in Japan

After more than a year of going against the global trend, the Japanese tablet market has finally dropped for the first time in 2016. Apple controls over 40 percent of the local market, followed by Huawei and NEC/Lenovo.
Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ Asiana Airlines Edition handsets coming a single batch of just 2,000 units

Samsung Galaxy S8 Asiana Airlines Edition coming this month

South Korea's second-largest commercial airline teamed up with Samsung to offer a special edition of both the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ to its customers. These exclusive handsets can only be purchased using mileage points.
Kobo acquires Shelfie ebook bundling platform

Kobo acquires Shelfie

Shelfie has been around for a few years already, offering its customers the chance to purchase low-cost titles they already own in hardcover/paperback editions. After announcing its demise back in January, the Shelfie ecosystem gets back thanks to Kobo.
Vivo V5 Plus Limited Edition Android handset with Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 and dual front camera setup

Vivo V5 Plus Limited Edition launches in India

This cricket-themed handset comes to mark the tenth IPL edition and has the same technical specs as the regular Vivo V5 Plus, being powered by the Snapdragon 625 processor and rocking a dual camera setup for selfies.
Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 370 (7200U, FHD) Convertible Review

87% Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 370 (7200U, FHD) Convertible Review

Getting the hang of it. The ThinkPad Yoga 370 is Lenovo’s first 13.3-inch laptop in its ThinkPad Yoga series and is an attempt to simplify the line-up. Our extensive review shows how Lenovo succeeded and why we liked the ThinkPad Yoga 370.
Intel Core i5-7200U | Intel HD Graphics 620 | 13.3" | 1.4 kg
Apple ahead of both Samsung and Huawei in smartphone race

Apple ahead of both Samsung and Huawei in smartphone race

Samsung is still king when it comes to combined worldwide shipments of smartphones and feature phones, but the South Korean manufacturer is now lagging behind Apple by a mere 0.1 percent in pure smartphone shipments.
LG preliminary Q1 2017 financials are looking up

LG preliminary Q1 2017 financials are looking up

Operating profits and revenue are up significantly from the year before, but it remains to be seen if the upcoming G6 flagship can turn the ailing LG smartphone business back to black.
Western Digital My Passport SSD portable drive now available in 1 TB, 512 GB and 256 GB capacities

Western Digital intros its first portable SSD

The portable drive known as My Passport SSD offers transfer speeds up to 515 MB per second, being compatible with USB 3.1 Type-C and also able to withstand falls up to 6.5 feet.
Game console emulators like Nesbox will no longer be available on the Windows Store. (Source: Nesbox)

The Windows Store has officially banned emulators

Microsoft's latest policy change for the official Windows Store bans emulators outright. However, the software can still be found and downloaded online.
Samsung Galaxy S8 camera shot, Samsung leaves the digital camera business

Samsung leaving the digital camera market

Although Samsung had a strong presence in the digital camera market until a few years ago, the decline of this sector and the increasing popularity of mobile photography made the company to drop this area for good.
QNAP TVS-1282T3 Thunderbolt 3 NAS now available with 7th gen Intel Core processors

QNAP launches TVS-1282T3 Thunderbolt 3 NAS

This new NAS comes with 7th generation Intel Core processors, four Thunderbolt 3 ports, three HDMI outputs, six LAN ports, also supporting up to 64 GB RAM and 12 storage drives.
The PX7 Pro SE is a notebook capable of server workloads. (Source: Eurocom)

Eurocom unveils lightweight PX7 Pro SE Mobile Server

The notebook is designed for heavy server loads and packs an Intel Xeon E3-1505M, up to 64 GB of ECC memory, and up to 16 GB of RAID 0/1/5 storage.

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