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There is no telling how long Apple will continue to honor the internal policy. (Source: iFixit)

Some 2012-2013 MacBook Pro owners are getting new machines due to battery shortage

Owners of the 2012 or 2013 15-inch MacBook Pro who need their batteries replaced are in luck: due to a supply shortage of the battery parts, Apple is giving users the option to receive a new machine with "equivalent" specs instead of waiting until September for the parts. Users have reported getting 2015 or even 2017 15-inch MacBook Pros as replacements.
Lenovo may be planning an AMD-powered ThinkPad with Raven Ridge APUs

Lenovo may be planning an AMD ThinkPad lineup with Raven Ridge APUs

The rumored ThinkPad A275 and A475 could succeed or supplement the current ThinkPad E series by giving users more AMD processor options.
The leaked specs are rather exhaustive yet make no mention of hyper-threading. (Source: eTeknix)

Coffee Lake hexa-core desktop chip specs leaked

Specifications have leaked for three upcoming Coffee Lake desktop chips, which operate at 95-watt TDPs for the overclockable CPUs and 65 watts for the non-overclockable.
With the start-up and memory use improvement that "quantum flow" brings we could soon have a more agile fox. (Source: Mozilla)

Firefox 55 reduces startup time by 90 percent and memory usage by 75 percent

A Mozilla developer has tested multiple versions of the browser and found that the current beta version improves startup times by over 90% and reduces memory usage by 75% when compared to the latest stable version. While these results are specific to the extreme test profile and operating system used, they show that we can expect a positive performance impro...
Microsoft Surface Pro (2017)

90% Microsoft Surface Pro (2017) (i7, 512GB, 16GB) Convertible Review

Close, but not quite. We were happy to learn that the Iris graphics card is awake and alert despite SoC throttling. The Microsoft Suface Pro (2017) cannot be considered a "gamer" however, nor is it a full a laptop replacement: Just like in the i5 version, there is significant throttling.
Intel Core i7-7660U | Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640 | 12.3" | 1.1 kg
Image source: Fairphone

Fairphone will stop software and hardware support for its first device

The Fairphone, which was meant to be an easily repairable, long lasting smartphone, will no longer be supported. Fairphone, the company behind the device, will no longer sell replacement parts and has halted software development.
YouTube TV extends its reach to 10 new cities in the US, basic package has 48 channels

YouTube TV hits more US cities

Offering 48 channels in its basic package, this service is now available in ten new cities, those interested being able to take advantage of a one-month free trial. After the first payment, users also receive a free Chromecast.
Moto Z2 Force unoffcial render, this upcoming flagship to hit all US carriers

Moto Z2 Force allegedly coming to all US carriers

This Qualcomm Snapdragon 835-powered handset is expected to get an official launch very soon, and should also become the first Moto flagship in a while to hit all four major US carriers.
Acer Switch 5 SW512-52

84% Acer Switch 5 (7500U, 512 GB) Convertible Review

Hot worker. We are testing the Surface Pro rival and successor to Acer's Swift Alpha 12, and we will discover to what extent it can meet Windows standards. Acer tackles this feat with high performance at a low price.
Intel Core i7-7500U | Intel HD Graphics 620 | 12" | 1.3 kg
The new JioPhone is a feature phone boasting smart features. (Source: Neowin)

The Reliance JioPhone can be all yours effectively for $0

Indian telecom operator Reliance Jio has announced the launch of the JioPhone at an effective price of 'zero' coupled with affordable data plans to foster wider adoption of data and e-services across the Indian demographic.
The XiaoMi Mi Mix was the first phone with a full-body ceramic chassis, but it proved extremely fragile. (Source: ArsTechnica)

Poll shows metal still the preferred material for flagship phones

A GSMArena reader poll shows that aluminum is still the most desired material flagship phone material by far. But why? This article gives a brief overview of why metals are still preferred by users and manufacturers.
The Atari Speakerhat is a baseball style cap with stereo Bluetooth speakers sewn into the brim. (Source: Atari)

Atari creates a new wearable called the SpeakerHat

Atari has announced the "Speakerhat", and it is just what you think it is... a Bluetooth hat with stereo speakers built into the brim. The Speakerhat has a retro appeal and the potential to become annoying in public.
TSMC will soley use DUV lithography in their first generation 7nm chips, possibly to ensure high throughput to remain the sole producer of the Apple A-series processors. (Source: TSMC)

TSMC's first generation 7nm process will be based on older printing technology

TSMC will be basing their first generation of 7nm chips on the DUV lithography, instead of the more advanced EUV lithography. This is likely due to production constraints associated with EUV.
The iPhone 7 uses an Intel modem for AT&T and T-Mobile variants, while the rest use a Qualcomm part. (Source: Extreme Tech)

Intel paints Qualcomm as anti-competitive bully in public statement to ITC

Intel has weighed in on the Qualcomm vs. Apple suit with a public statement in response to a request for comment by the ITC. In the statement, Intel alleges that Qualcomm is a bully, using the court system to crush competition. Intel claims that the move is orchestrated mainly to replace an Intel modem in the iPhone with a Qualcomm one. Intel has itself face...
Laptop sales in EMEA up 3.1 percent YoY as of Q2 2017

Laptop sales in EMEA up 3.1 percent YoY as of Q2 2017

Weak numbers from both Asus and the desktop sector drag down an otherwise healthy PC market.
Users found that using a proxy could triple their bandwidth on the affected sites. (Source: ArsTechnica)

Verizon allegedly throttling Netflix and Youtube

Verizon "unlimited" subscribers have complained about YouTube and Netflix being throttled to 10Mbps, resulting in decreased video quality in some situations. Verizon later admitted to testing"optimizations", but denied that they had throttled the connection.
Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2017 invite, Galaxy Note 8 launch confirmed for August 23

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2017 coming in August

The launch of the Galaxy Note 8 is scheduled to take place at Park Avenue Armory in New York City. Samsung has confirmed that the event is set to kick off at 11 AM EST on August 23.
Android market share rising at the expense of iOS

Android market share rising at the expense of iOS

Android has been chipping away at iOS in terms of smartphone activations as Apple fans patiently wait for the megaton iPhone refresh coming towards the end of the year.
Samsung to supply Apple with 7 nm A12 SoCs for next year's iPhone

Samsung may supply Apple with 7 nm A12 SoCs for next year's iPhone

The South Korean manufacturer has purportedly struck another deal with Apple to provide both OLED panels and A12 SoCs.
Get ready to bid farewell to the (somewhat) beloved gumdrop emojis. (Source: IDG)

Android 8.0 information revealed in Reddit AMA

The annual Reddit AMA by Google's Android engineering team has revealed some interesting information about the next version of Android and the future of the OS.
Yesterday's memes are now today's news. (Source: Know Your Meme)

Facebook to allow paywalled articles later this year

Facebook is reportedly working on a paywall system to access shared articles.
Huawei Honor 9 Android flagship's Premium variant coming to Europe

Honor 9 Premium heading for Europe

The Honor 9 flagship with 6 GB RAM and 128 GB internal storage is allegedly coming to Europe as Honor 9 Premium. The price depends on the market and retailer but is expected to fall in the $520-$580 USD range.
Remix OS on Jide Remix Pro tablet, Remix OS to be discontinued

Jide to drop Remix OS

Although Jide's Remix OS reached its third major build last year, when the Marshmallow-based version 3.0 arrived, the company was quite silent this year. Now, they reveal the intention to move away from the consumer market and to focus on the enterprise.
Google Glass wearable showing the heads up display. (Source: Google)

The return of Google Glass

Google has revealed that Glass has returned, but this time with a focus on the business and enterprise markets. Trial programs in factories have shown productivity increases, but the issue of privacy may rise to the surface again.
The Galaxy Note 7 has been estimated to have cost Samsung between US$5 and 10 billion. The Note FE and recycling initiative will help ameliorate that. (Source: Samsung)

Samsung will recycle remining Galaxy Note 7 devices, recovering 157 tons of precious metals

In addition to releasing limited numbers of refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices as the "Galaxy Note FE", the Korea tech giant has reported it will be recycling remaining Note 7 stock to recover up to 157 tons of precious metals.
The device we're all waiting for just got a little further away. (Source: The Ledger Gazette)

Microsoft crushes hopes of current Windows Phone users — no full Windows 10 coming to existing handsets

A Microsoft exec has clarified that Windows 10 on ARM will not be coming to any existing Windows phones, as the OS is designed for a "desktop experience" rather than a phone one.
Fujitsu Celsius H970 (E3-1535M v6, P4000) Workstation Review

86% Fujitsu Celsius H970 (E3-1535M v6, P4000) Workstation Review

Strong CPU, weak cooling. The Celsius H970 might be Fujitsu's last 17.3-inch workstation. This should be reason enough for the manufacturer to do its best. But unfortunately, Fujitsu failed in two places. You can read in our detailed test review, where these places are.
Intel Xeon E3-1535M v6 | NVIDIA Quadro P4000 | 17.3" | 3 kg
Source: Atari

More features of the Ataribox surface

The console will focus on both old and new titles, possibly positioning Atari to capitalize on the retro-fueled success of the NES Classic Edition. New press renders show off some connectivity, but very little is known about the console at this point.
Source: Essential

Another key executive leaves Essential

Brian Wallace, former director of marketing for Essential, has left the startup. His departure follows that of Andy Fouché, former head of communications, last month. These departures will only add to Essential's recent problems.
Worldwide Smartphone OS Market Share. (Source: IDC, May 2017)

Android shipments touch 85% while Windows Phone relegates into the abyss

There's no stopping the Android juggernaut as the latest IDC numbers for Q1 2017 put it in a comfortable lead of 85% while the lack of new hardware or developer support has pushed Windows Phone into virtual extinction.
The OnePlus 5 has had a bug-filled launch. (Source: OnePlus)

Some users report OnePlus 5 crashes when dialing 911

There is new concern shown by OnePlus 5 owners as allegations appear on reddit of phones rebooting when dialing 911. The cause of the bug is currently unknown, however OnePlus is in contact with those experiencing the issue to try and solve the problem as soon as possible.
Qualcomm threatens to ban all Apple products in the US. (Source:

Qualcomm CEO thinks Apple will settle in latest lawsuit

Apple is expected to adhere to the contract and pay up the patent royalties it owes to Qualcomm, else the court expanses would be too high, says Qualcomm CEO.
Quantum computers are bulky and require extreme cooling temperatures. (Source: Google)

Google plans to make their quantum computers available through a cloud service

Scientific research will greatly benefit from quantum computers, which will process data millions of times faster than traditional supercomputers. Google now wants to help scientists everywhere access their quantum computers through a cloud service.
Samsung DeX MG950TBEGUS Docking Station Review

Samsung DeX MG950TBEGUS Docking Station Review

Continuum with Android. Samsung DeX with an Android-based desktop environment aims to replace desktop PCs and takes a similar approach as Microsoft with Continuum in 2015. Thus, the idea is not new - but perhaps better?
The Acer Swift 3's standout features are Nvidia's new efficiency-focused MX150 GPU and the 15W quad-core 8th generation CPU. (Source: Rue Du Commerce)

First Coffee Lake notebook leaked: a 15W quad-core?

The first laptop to use Intel's upcoming Coffee Lake platform has appeared on a French e-commerce site. The Acer Swift 3 appears to use a 15W i5-8250U CPU billed as "Quad-Core". If the i7's will be hyper-threaded as Intel's HQ-series are, this will be a major step forward for ultraportable computing power.
PayPal support now available for Samsung Pay users

Samsung Pay gets PayPal support in the US

PayPal is now a payment method available in-app, online, and in-store, in all locations where Samsung Pay is accepted. This starts with the United States, but other countries will receive the feature "soon" as well.
LinkedIn fully integrated in Windows 10, app now available via Windows Store

LinkedIn app for Windows 10 rolls out

The app rolls out already and should reach all markets by the end of the month. It provides a fully integrated LinkedIn experience, with real-time notifications, trending industry news, and more.
Moto E4 Plus Android smartphone sales hit 100,000 units in first day in India

Moto E4 Plus launch day sales in India hit 100,000 units

The new Lenovo handset became a Flipkart hit, with 580 units sold per minute during the first 60 minutes after going live, and a total of 100,000 units sold in the first 24 hours.
Amazon Anytime messaging service might launch soon

Amazon Anytime messaging service apparently in the works

This app is expected to handle virtually anything that consumers need when it comes to messaging - SMS, video and voice calling, games, photos, stickers, and more. Message encryption is expected to be in the list of features as well.
Wacom Cintiq Pro tablets coming in 2018 with 24-inch and 32-inch screens

Wacom announces two large Cintiq Pro tablets

The new slates will join the existing Cintiq Pro tablets with 13-inch and 16-inch sizes by taking the size of this family up to 32 inches. They should hit the market in early 2018 for prices starting at $1,999 USD.
HP EliteBook 755 G4 (AMD PRO A12-9800B) Laptop Review

85% HP EliteBook 755 G4 (AMD PRO A12-9800B) Laptop Review

Appropriate performance? The EliteBook series from HP stands for business devices for the demanding customer. You will find out in this detailed review of the EliteBook 755 G4, whether this endeavor succeeds and the performance can do it justice.
AMD PRO A12-9800B | AMD Radeon R7 (Bristol Ridge) | 15.6" | 1.8 kg
HP remains ahead of Lenovo in worldwide PC sales

HP remains ahead of Lenovo in worldwide PC sales

Global shipments of desktop and notebook PCs have shrunk from 62.607 million units in Q2 2016 to 60.543 million as of Q2 2017.
Forbes has reported that the S8 is seeing deep discounts due to lackluster market penetration in the US. (Source: Samsung)

Deal: Galaxy S8 for US$575, S8+ for US$675

Samsung flagship S8 and S8+ smartphones are on sale for record-low amounts via Groupon until July 18. Last month, Forbes suggested that consumers in the States will be seeing deep discounts on the S8 due to lower than expected sales in the US.
Huawei has big plans with a whole new chip to launch in 2017

Huawei working on a whole new chip

The chip that is supposed to launch later this year allegedly combines CPU, GPU, and AI features and is expected to allow smartphones to be used as car keys for various brands such as BMW, Audi, or Porsche.
Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra Android phablet hits Amazon and Best Buy mid-July 2017

Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra hits Amazon and Best Buy

This 6-inch phablet with a MediaTek MT6757 processor under the hood can be acquired for $399.99 USD from Best Buy (a holder/stand included for free), while Amazon has listed it for a price of $409 USD.
Surface Pro 2017 plagued by hibernation bug, Microsoft working on it

Microsoft Surface Pro has a hibernation-related bug

The successor of the Surface Pro 4 is now facing a new bug, this time involving random entries in hibernation mode. Fortunately, it seems that Microsoft has already identified the issue and a fix should arrive soon.
Image source: Vertu

Vertu, the luxury smartphone maker, is shutting down its manufacturing arm

The uber-expensive smartphone brand has had to shutter its manufacturing business, leading to the loss of 200 jobs. The brand is now over $160 million in debt and may soon begin bankruptcy proceedings. Vertu phones may soon be a thing of the past.
Amazon Echo in black, successor in the works according to rumors

Amazon Echo successor apparently in the works

Although there is no official confirmation yet, insiders familiar with the matter claim that a successor for Amazon's two-year-old virtual assistant-powered speaker is already in the works.
BlackBerry KEYone Android smartphone available via Sprint starting July 14

BlackBerry KEYone hits Sprint tomorrow

Sprint subscribers will soon be able to enjoy this BlackBerry handset as the company has just confirmed its availability for online orders starting tomorrow, while those who plan to use other channels to purchase it will be able to do so starting two weeks later.
Eve V convertible tablet delayed, but promises to come out with an improved display

Crowdfunded Eve V tablet gets delayed

Since the Eve V is a crowdfunded project, it is not surprising to see it facing multiple delays. However, this time the manufacturer allows its backers to choose an improved display without paying anything extra.

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