PowerVR SGX554MP4

PowerVR SGX554MP4

The PowerVR SGX554MP4 (series 5XT) is an integrated graphics card usually used in ARM based SoCs. It is e.g. used in the Apple A6X (iPad 4) SoC. It offers 4 graphics cores with 8 SIMDs each and is able to reach 76.8 GLOPs at 300 MHz. The GPU itself supports OpenGL ES 2.0, DirectX9 and OpenCL 1.1. In the Apple A6X the GPU cores are positioned near the two 64 Bit memory controllers leading to a very good memory bandwidth at the time.

Sources: iPad 4 review, Anandtech

PowerVR SGX500 Series
SGX554MP4 32
SGX543MP4 compare 16
SGX543MP3 compare 12
SGX543MP2 compare 8
SGX545 compare 4/2 cores @ 533 MHz
SGX544MP2 compare 8/4 cores @ 300 - 533 MHz
SGX544 compare 4/2 cores @ 384 MHz
SGX540 compare 4/2 cores @ 200 MHz
SGX535 compare 2/2 cores @ 200 MHz
SGX531 compare 2/1 cores
SGX530 compare 2/1 cores
ArchitecturePowerVR SGX5
Pipelines32 - unified
Shared Memoryno
DirectXDirectX 9
technology32 nm
FeaturesOpenGL ES 2.0
Date of Announcement23.10.2012
InformationOpenCL 1.1


3DMark - 3DMark Ice Storm Extreme Graphics
min: 2707     avg: 4575     median: 4574.5 (1%)     max: 6442 Points
GFXBench (DX / GLBenchmark) 2.7
GLBench 2.7 T-Rex HD Offscreen C24Z16 +
GLBench 2.7 T-Rex HD Onscreen C24Z16 +
AnTuTu 3DRating - Antutu 3DRating Off-screen
min: 1425     avg: 1734     median: 1733.5 (60%)     max: 2042 Points
AnTuTu 3DRating - Antutu 3DRating Score
min: 2997     avg: 4728     median: 4727.5 (42%)     max: 6458 Points
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- Average benchmark values for this graphics card
* Smaller numbers mean a higher performance

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Mali-G57 MP5 *

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