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PowerVR GXA6850

The Imagination Technologies PowerVR GXA6850 is a fast mobile graphics solution (mainly) for tablets, which can be found in ARM SoCs such as the Apple A8X (iPad Air 2). The chip is available since Q3/2014 and of one of the fastest solutions in its class at the time of introduction.

Architecture and Performance

In contrast to previous speculations, the A8X integrates an 8-cluster PowerVR Series 6 (Rogue) GXA6850 consisting of two GX6450 GPUs (2x 4 clusters) instead of a single GX6650 (6 clusters). The name GXA6850 has been created by Anandtech, the design may also be called a GX6450MP2.

Each cluster offers four FP16 and two FP32 ALUs, leading to a compute power of about 230 GFLOPS FP32 at 450 MHz (clock rate estimated). The GXA6850 does not only beat the Qualcomm Adreno 420 (Snapdragon 805), but also the Nvidia Tegra K1 by a small margin. Thus, the GXA6850 is one of the fastest tablet GPUs as of 2014 and can handle even the most demanding mobile games in high resolutions. Among others, the GPU supports OpenGL 3.x/4.x, OpenGL ES 3.0 as well as DirectX 10.

Power Consumption

Thanks to the advanced 20-nanometer process and the relatively low clock rate, the GXA6850 implementation in Apple's A8X offers a very high energy efficiency. On the other hand, the GPU has a comparatively "wide" architecture requirering a lot of transistors and die size (about 38 mm² in 20 nm).

PowerVR Series 6XT (Rogue) Series

PowerVR GXA6850 256 @ 0.45 GHz128 Bit
PowerVR GX6450 compare 128 @ 0.45 GHz64 Bit
PowerVR GX6250 compare 64 @ 0.7 GHz64 Bit
ArchitecturePowerVR Rogue
Pipelines256 - unified
Core Speed450 (?) MHz
Memory Bus Width128 Bit
Shared Memoryno
APIDirectX 10, OpenGL 3.x, 4.x, OpenGL ES 3.0
technology20 nm
FeaturesOpenGL 3.x, 4.x, OpenGL ES 3.0
Date of Announcement09.09.2014
Link to Manufacturer


GFXBench 3.0 - GFXBench 3.0 Manhattan Offscreen
min: 32.4     avg: 35     median: 35 (2%)     max: 37.6 fps
GFXBench (DX / GLBenchmark) 2.7
GFXBench T-Rex HD Offscreen C24Z16 +
GFXBench (DX / GLBenchmark) 2.7 - GFXBench T-Rex HD Offscreen C24Z16
min: 70.4     avg: 70.4     median: 70.4 (1%)     max: 70.5 fps
- Range of benchmark values for this graphics card
- Average benchmark values for this graphics card
* Smaller numbers mean a higher performance

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